Rangers re-sign Callahan; avoid arbitration (updated)


Ryan Callahan and the Rangers have agreed to a three-year deal. According to Nick Kypreos, the deal is worth $12.825 million, or a $4.275 million aav.

The breakdown: $4M in 2011-12; $4M in 2012-13; $4.825M in 2013-14. There is not a no-move or no-trade clause.


The cap hit is $4.275M per year, and Callahan is giving up a couple of years of unrestricted free agency. He’d be a UFA at a time when the Rangers should have some cap space opening up.

And let’s not forget that in 48 hours the Rangers will have another buyout period coming up. Somebody could be headed out the door.

Don’t know if this closes the roster moves for the off-season, or if a buyout might make room for another move or two. But the Rangers now have all their desired free agents under contract for the coming season.


Here’s the official announcement from the Rangers:


New York, July 27, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Ryan Callahan on a new contract.

Callahan, 26, captured a silver medal with Team USA at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, and is a two-time Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner (2008-09 and 2009-10).  The Rochester, New York native has served as the Rangers’ Alternate Captain for the last two seasons.

Callahan skated in 60 games with the Rangers last season, registering 23 goals and 25 assists for 48 points, along with 46 penalty minutes.  He captured the Players’ Player Award, as voted by his teammates, and the John Halligan Good Guy Award, selected by the NY chapter of the PHWA, which recognizes players’ cooperation with the media.  Callahan established career-highs in goals, assists and points despite missing 22 games due to injury.  He led the team with career-highs in power play goals (10) and game-winning goals (five), ranked second in goals and power play points (15), and tied for second in points.  He also ranked second on the team and 15th in the NHL with 224 hits, and fifth among league forwards with 77 blocked shots.  The Rangers posted a record of 14-3-1 when he tallied a goal and were 24-7-1 when he registered a point.

Callahan led the Blueshirts in scoring with 13 goals and 25 points in 28 games following his return from injury on February 1, after missing the previous 19 games due to a broken hand suffered on December 15 at Pittsburgh.  At the time of his injury, Callahan ranked second in the NHL with 128 hits and first among forwards with 40 blocked shots.  He ranked second on the team with a career-high, 11 multi-point performances, including his first career hat trick with four goals and a career-high, five points in a 7-0 win vs. Philadelphia on March 6.  On November 15 at Pittsburgh, Callahan posted a Gordie Howe Hat Trick with his first career overtime goal, a shorthanded assist and a fighting major.  He recorded a career-high, seven-game scoring streak from October 21 at Toronto to November 1 vs. Chicago (four goals, seven assists over the span), including a career-high, four-game goal streak from October 24 vs. New Jersey to October 30 at Toronto (four goals).  Callahan notched his first career penalty shot goal on October 30 at Toronto, and registered his 100th career point with an assist on the game-winning goal on October 23 at Boston.

The 5-10, 190-pounder has skated in 284 career NHL contests with the Rangers, registering 76 goals and 68 assists for 144 points, along with 179 penalty minutes.  Callahan has reached the 40-point plateau and surpassed the 20-goal mark in two of the last three seasons.  He was originally named Alternate Captain on October 2, 2009.  Callahan has registered 200-plus hits in each of the last three seasons, and ranked third in the NHL in 2009-10 with a career-high, 285 hits and fourth in 2008-09 with 265 hits.  He made his NHL debut on December 1, 2006 at Buffalo, and tallied his first career NHL point with a two-goal performance on March 17, 2007 vs. Boston.  In addition, Callahan has registered six goals and three assists for nine points, along with 20 penalty minutes in 27 career playoff contests.  He notched his first career NHL playoff point with a pair of goals on April 17, 2007 vs. Atlanta.

Callahan was originally selected as the Rangers’ fourth round choice, 127th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.


Our friend Andrew Gross has quotes from Callahan at his Rangers Rants blog.


AP Photo, above.

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  1. repost This is probably going to cost them more in the long run. in 3 years he’ll be 29 and probably have a couple of 30 goal seasons under his belt. Depending on what the FA pool looks like at that point in time he may be then what Richards was this July 1.

  2. Paul in sunrise on

    Called compromise. Like it. Lots of money off the books in three years. Gabby is one.

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thank you baby Jesus!!!!!! I am a happy bonehead! And sather has had a pretty decent off season

  4. Not too long ago someone in the know – with a Hartford affinity- why there would never be another Whalers team in the NHL in Hartford.

    I can give them two reasons right off hand”

    New York and Boston.

  5. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    So Cally and Dubi got very similar deals. That makes me smile.

    Is it October yet?!

  6. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Slats took off the asshat this summer Carpy !


    Thanks for making my day guys!!!!!

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    fran, reasoning like that is why Hamilton won’t get a team. Too close to Toronto and Buffalo.

  8. He ruined the season. Trade Cash-in-hand! Greeeeeeeed kills!

    how did Dubi get a better deal!? Are there serious injury concerns that we should know about? What is going on her?

  9. always, I don’t know why I continue this discussion, but by your reasoning, then, a team should give the “C” to a player who isn’t the team leader so that when things go bad it doesn’t reflect badly on him?


  10. Here’s the most critical piece of information now that Ryan Callahan won’t be in an arbitration hearing tomorrow, and we won’t be waiting around for that outcome:

    Fore, right!

  11. Only 3 years? How can we be expected to give the C to a guy who won’t be around in 2014?

    On a serious note, it looks like both Dubi and Cally gave up 2 years of UFA but not more, and I think that’s what Staal also gave up. Pretty much would seem to be par for the course if you’re not a franchise player like Crosby, Malkin, etc. I don’t blame them – for all they know, they could have awesome years and be worth a ton more by then, they’ll only be about 28 or so, and can get a nice big contract from the Rangers or someone else if they so choose.

  12. always right on

    Carp, Huh? By your reasoning, the Rangers’ play follows Callahan’s lead. When the Rangers refused to quit in games last year, did they take after Callahan’s lead? When the Rangers looked lifeless in losses last year from beginning to final horn, did they also take Callahan’s lead?

  13. Ervin Santana threw a no hitter. He is now 6-8 on the season

    Wasn’t a shutout though (walk, wild pitch and an error scored a run for the Tribe). I think it shouldn’t count if you give up a freakin’ run!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    While I’m disappointed by the short term, I understand it. Just as with Dubi, the Rangers have bought the first two years of Callahan’s UFA eligibility.

  15. Sorry to be debbie downer, but anybody worried about the length? Less than Dubi?! I would have hoped for five years. Anyway, glad the deal is done before arbitration!

  16. So that leaves the Rangers with approx. $650k in cap space… I’m guessing that EC will be sent down so that puts them just over 1.5 million… not too bad

  17. I wouldn’t put too much worry into the length of the deal. If the money was going to be in that range, maybe Callahan and his agent decided it would be best if he becomes a UFA sooner. Then he can cash in on that (though the Rangers will re-sign him).

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think they were trying to mirror Dubinsky. Except, instead of mirroring length of contract, they mirrored number of UFA years under contract.

  19. In 3 years Cally will hold out for Holik money… cause thats all he is… a 3rd liner at best

  20. Leetchhalloffame on

    Good job getting Cally signed. Dump Wolski & EC and continue bringing up our yutes.

  21. always right on

    The overall performance of the team over the course of the @entire@ season will reflect on him as a captain, as per @your@ reasoning. You cannot have one without the other i.e. the good without the bad

  22. Oh, great, I step away for a few and everything changes. I was predicting exact contract as Dubinsky’s, but I understand 3 years. Not worried, they will resign him.

  23. Carp, I do not know why you are continuing that conversation either. You should realize by now you would not be able to reach a common ground no matter what you say. Can’t you smell a troll? And hello, Stephen. It’s been a couple of months…

    I do not think they will buy out Wolski unless something (trade) is in the works. There is no cap issues at the moment.

  24. The one thing about signing before the arbritration is that now Wolski cannot be bought out… i guess he is being pencilled in on the first line

  25. Carp,

    I was JUST typing a post about the photo, but I decided I’d hit refresh before I did to see if anyone mentioned it.

  26. Crazy- why not? Sure he can be bought out. The CBA states that the second buy out window starts on the third day after the last scheduled arbitration case has been *resolved* either way- by signing or by the arbitrator’s ruling. 48 hours after the league registers Callahan’s contract, Wolski can be bought out. Doubt they will do it though.

  27. I was at that game, game 1 vs the Devils in 2008. Gomez floated a shot on goal (as if there were any other type of Gomez shot) and Marty just let the puck sit there for what seemed like an eternity. Cally swooped around the net and banged it in. It was a shorty too.

    Probably Eating and Distracted

  28. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Can we please trade EC for a coupon to the Gap? Please?

  29. Are you sure, Carp? The goalie looks almost emaciated comparing to Marty…..LW3H should have a better idea….

  30. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    That series against the Devils in 2008 had so many crazy moments. That Callahan SHG, the Devils OT win off Staal’s skate, the wild Game 4 with the late GWG by Staal, and the crazy Game 5 where the Rangers were up 4-1 and had to hang on for dear life until Dubi potted an ENG.

    Oh…and the handshake line (Marty’s snub of Avery, Chico’s whining after the Rangers were celebrating the win, etc.).

    Fun times!

  31. I was at Game 5 in ’08. It was funny how during the handshakes, the building was entirely Rangers fans, as the so-called “fans” of the Devils has left when Dubinsky hit the empty net. There were plenty of hats laying around, too. I thought about grabbing as many as I could carry and e-Baying them. Didn’t Lundqvist stop John “Beady Eyes” Madden on a PS in that game?

  32. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Yes he did, Latona. Girardi took the penalty I remember.

    That team was definitely the best team we had post-lockout. If only a few more breaks went their way against the Penguins.

  33. Nice story Latona.

    I went to game 1 with my dad, who probably isn’t really a hockey fan but got into it years ago when I did. I guess he watches some games on his own and knows some of the big players on the team but hardly enough to keep up with the day to day ongoings.

    Anyway, we’re on the line waiting to get in and the Pebble staff is handing out rally towels. My dad doesn’t wear any team apparel, so I suppose it’s hard to tell if he was a Ranger or Devils fan. So he asks the staffer, “are these rally towels or crying towels, Let’s Go Rangers!”.

  34. I think, length of this contract is determined more by management willingness to spread contract’s endings and UFA, for most significant (core) players – Gabby, Duby, Staal, Cally on different years to ease new signing burden in future.
    Give Sather credit where it’s due – solid, methodical job this offseason.

  35. Noah,

    Ryan Hollweg blew that entire series for us. I understand that in Game 1, we probably shouldn’t have blown the lead, and coupled with that phantom holding penalty on Straka on none other than Cindy, it may have gone to overtime. But that boarding penalty he took absolutely cost us Game 3. I believe it was Gomez, Callahan, and Jagr who scored three consecutive goals and not only were we back in that game, we were absolutely dominating. Lundqvist, after a sub-par start, was in his groove. If we had taken that game, won game 4 like we did, and the linesmen decided not to let Dupuis hang out in the offensive zone, that could have been an entirely different series.

  36. Latona – I remember Dreary getting high sticked in the face during the third period of game 5 and bleeding profusely from his nose…there was no call…classic Rangers-Pens

    That was atrocious…

  37. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Totally agree re: Hollweg. But it had been 3-1 in that game I believe.

    And when Jagr tied the game, with the crowd going absolutely bonkers, you thought the series was turning. But then the 5-minute major happened. And that was it.

    Also don’t forget about the late goal Nylander scored in Game 2 that would’ve tied the game but was called back because the whistle allegedly blew before it went in.

  38. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    I meant 3-1 had been the deficit they came back from.

  39. That’s a decent contract for Callahan and while it means he’ll be an UFA at the end of the 2014 season, that may not be such a big deal because by then he’ll be 29 and given the way he plays, it’s quite possible his effectiveness will either already be compromised or soon will be because of his style of play.

    A very decent comparison is Darcy Tucker – Tucker was more of an agitator but he threw his body around like Callahan does and by the time he hit 30 years of age, his effectiveness was drastically reduced. Even the bigger players that play physically slow down when they hit 30 – it’s worse for average sized guys like Callahan and Tucker.

  40. Manny, Associate Assistant to the Alternative Captain on

    Hey Noah – when are you getting promoted?

  41. Manny, Associate Assistant to the Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    This might be better (More Dwight Schrute-ish)

  42. FiveFootZero on

    I was at game 5 too…we walked from the train and the Ranger’s van was throwing towels at Ranger’s fans! Woo Hoo caught one. Put it in my purse, went to the pepple. Lady searched my purse, pulled out the towel, and said “you can’t bring that in here” and proceeded to throw it in the garbage. I was incensed!!!!!! So we ride up the escalators after I calm down and the Devils dudes are handing out their own towels and I yanked one out of the guys hand and threw it back in his face. My dear husband told me in no uncertain terms that if I get thrown out, he is STILL going to watch the game.

  43. It is amazing isn´it with Cally…..As closer they came to the date with the arbitrator, they start to deal like at an arabic bazar…..I am sure I dont want to be an arbitrator these days, as you cant really earn a lot of money with that kind of job…:)

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I was at Game 1. I got the Devils towel. I was also pretty drunk and had designs on setting it on fire or wiping my Aasen with it. It ended up cleaning up my vomit later in the evening.

  45. NYR,

    You’re right! I forgot about that. And didn’t Drury high-stick Malone in that game and get a 4 minute minor?


    Was it Nylander? I thought he left the team after 06-07. Who did Pittsburgh play that year in the conference finals, Philly? I think we might have been able to beat them, although I’m sure Detroit would have manhandled us.

  46. Manny, Associate Assistant to the Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Party-trap. Evade me, Dave. Detartrated. (palindromes)

  47. It ended up cleaning up my vomit later in the evening.


    What happened, did you walk by the Devils lockerroom and see Marty without his equipment on?

  48. Manny, Associate Assistant to the Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Gross, CT. Party Foul!

  49. What is it? Like $4.3M against the cap? $3.0M for scoring and $1.3M for intangibles? Captan’s duty for free honor.

  50. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    cally should not be captain..he is a 5th line player at best…THE PRUST for Captain


  51. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    I hurled on the alter during a rehearsal for my first communion…..i had to say a lot of prayers after that one….

  52. E^3…. chillin brutha….just anotha day and anotha dolla….you know what I be sayin’?

  53. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – i am contemplating a legal name change to……. > just the symbol…it ’bout says it all know what i be holla-in at yo di-rection?

  54. The last time I threw up was while I was watching the movie “Rachel Getting Married.” I drank WAY too much. Threw up a lot. Woke up. Got trapped in an elevator. Put together an Ikea Dining room table. It was the worst.

  55. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now give him the “C” and lets get this thing going!!!

  56. Being slightly flippant, Manny, since I have mentioned it several times before.

    In summary, I puked all over a bathroom floor during the Sabres-Devils Kovalchoke penalty shot game last year. One of my proudest moments.

  57. I meant I was being flippant. It’s not really any more interesting than that.

    Marty is demonstrating some Prostrate Elephantine Despair in that picture.

  58. billybleedsblue on

    I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa — and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life.

  59. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – that just made me throw up…now you have to guess what i had for breakfast….

  60. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp – hmmm…yes…lil pieces of corn…what else?

  61. question–

    someone mentioned something about Islanders arena fiasco the other day… what happened? anyone knows?

  62. Let’s just say the last time I threw up, I was with a women, after drinking several bottles of wine. Haha!!

  63. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …cccp….i was really hungry….hence the glass and screws….

  64. Mission accomplished Slats & team. well done.
    Now for 8 weeks of complete boredom, waiting for hockey pre-season!

  65. billybleedsblue on

    hehehe, that was from the movie Goonies. I don’t want anyone to think that I did something like that! Very funny part of the movie, when Chunk is being interrogated by the Fratellis.

    Oh, and,


  66. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    i thought everyone on this blog was sofa king gay….hmmmm

  67. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    big hairy men all oiled up…..now that makes me want to vomit….

  68. you mean happy, AAEEE?

    CCCP, some politician supposedly went on Mike Francesa’s show and carcillo’d all over himself as a totally unprepared foof in his opposition to the Islanders new rink.

  69. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    cally will be sent to down to the whale…THE PRUST for C

  70. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my carputha – yes….happier than a clam…we all are…..well, me personally….

  71. 3 eddie,
    “throwing up is a great way…”
    throwing (something) up, don’t forget to catch it on the way down. (old Japanese proverb).

  72. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    By torts not playing cally 60 minutes each game, you can read between the lines that Cally wont be captain….

  73. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – when you throw up, you get to taste for the second time what you ate in the first place…if it was a good meal, why not go for “seconds”

  74. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – when i was getting ready for my first Loverboy concert, i noticed that my hot pink leather pants were a little too tight…so i threw up for an hour or so…then they fit fine…..it is a great way to diet

    Note : i have never seen loverboy for real……

  75. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    i ask any of you…given a choice between dieting, eating sensibly, and exercise………..and eating like a cow and then throwing up……how is the latter not duh, winning?

  76. Eddie you have a great potential to be quintessential first international Pansy.

  77. Wolski? Wolski? Kawolski? The Rangers should make Wolski & Christensen Co-captains and then cut them just as soon as this upcoming buyout period opens up… This way management makes the statement that if they’ll cut the captain(s), then they’ll have no problem cutting anyone on the team! :)

  78. I like the length and terms… by then Kreider, Thomas, Stephan, Hagelin will be hitting their stride as well.

    Add Duby, Cally, Prust, Boyle, Richards, Gabby and AA upfront and the Rangers have the makings of a real nice squad.

  79. I want the Isles to stick around, too.

    I’ve said it before, if that arena doesn’t get buillt/redone, nobody is a winner…I don’t understand the opposition agrument…

    The project will generate so much revenue and more jobs for Nassau….can’t these people think long term about benefit to the county instead about getting re-elected? Sickening.

  80. NYR_FAN

    the article i posted says that the issue is more political now then anything else. Some a-hole politicians are using it to gain political round. It also says that even if the Islanders never sell another ticket or sell another beer, Wang is still obligated to pay the County back for the investment. So i can’t see how this isn’t a win win situation for the County.

  81. Did I miss an enchanting discussion about vomiting? Do you want my opinion on that?

  82. Yeah, C3, that’s a good article. Helped shed some light about what’s going on.

    I agree with your saying, too. It’s a shame if they move because of this. It will be bad for the Islanders and Nassau. Politics is the dirtiest game out there…

  83. There’s a lot of Chinese food places that are named “Long Wang”

    I wonder how business is.

    Speaking of funny names, I saw a store that had a sign saying “Monster Cheese”. LOL! Isn’t it muenster, or munster?

  84. speaking of funny names…

    a customer called in to place an order over the phone today and i asked him to spell out his last name for me… one of the letters in his name was a letter “N” so the guy goes “N for knife”


  85. how come every time i step away from computer for 2-3 hours is a time when something major happens with the team.

    i was away from computer when richards signed anniversary day

    last week missed dubi signing by about 3 hours

    now today sitting in meetings all afternoon not the morning i miss cally

    i for one LOVE THIS DEAL.

    3 YRS 13 MIL.

  86. The islanders should only move if they get an owner and GM who are actually qualified to be an owner and GM. Can’t keep hanging onto the idea that they were once good just so they can stay. Hartford would work, still keep local rivalries alive. If they bring back Yashin, the league definitely needs to step in and force them to sell!

  87. and why can’t the isles just build an arena? why does it have to be “The Lighthouse Project” or some other massive scale arena/baseball field/shopping center/Xanadu2?

  88. Crazy I saw this earlier today I beleive you are wrong!

    Lyle Richardson | Wednesday, 27 July 2011 at 1:56 pm

    If a team or a player files for salary arbitration, the team gets a 48 hour buyout window once all their arbitration cases are settled, be it via arbiter or negotiation.

  89. couldn’t even get 4 years? was crossing my fingers for 5.

    little risk/reward out of signing him for only three. glad he’s a Ranger for the next 3 years but not too happy about this deal. he’ll be peaking at around 29 the way he plays and this will cost them more in the long run.

  90. exactly, dubiiii. it’s because the owner of the team is trying to parlay the team into a big, huge, real estate deal for himself … just like the clown who originally bought the Nets and thought he was going to get half of Brooklyn if he built the arena there.

  91. I don’t know if you guys know this but….”Thin Red Line” is a REALLY long movie.

  92. JimboWoodside on

    Carp, so based on what you said above, the citizens of Nassau County (who are already being taxed to death!) and their political leaders in *both parties* have a reasonable point when they say that they oppose the latest plan to fund the new arena, don’t they?

  93. JimboWoodside on

    In Kansas City, Eric!

    But seriously, if you are a resident of Nassau County, your regular polling place should be set up for a vote on the referendum.

  94. Per Gross:
    “But not only is there no buyout of Wolski coming over the next couple of days, it’s almost a near certainty he will not be traded between now and the start of training.”

  95. Why would they buy him out? There is no cap issues for the summer at the moment. They can all start the camp and if anyone doesn’t work out- they will be assisting Wade Redden. The only player who can’t be demoted is Richards. Avery has full NTC until August 14th, after that he can list 10 teams. Gaborik has full NTC. Anyone else is a fair game.

  96. Paul in sunrise on

    I think IMO those starring the year in Hartford would be those not in jeopardy of dealing with waivers. So MZA starts there just like last year. Torts likes to go with few spares.


    EC is the spare until an offer for a 2020 7th rounder is offered.

    With MZA in Hartford lots of cap space for MDZ and Erixon as far as my math tells me.

    Just a thought. Sather hates to lose an asset for nothing. EC or Woof will not be waived.

  97. JimboWoodside on

    “just like the clown who originally bought the Nets and thought he was going to get half of Brooklyn if he built the arena there.”

    He may be a total clown, but unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe that he asked the city or state for an obligation to fund his new arena – I think that the Atlantic Center is being privately funded.

    What does that make Wang?

  98. JimboWoodside on

    I sure seem to have the ability to bring “life” the blog. (crickets……….) :)

    I think that Cynar made a pretty good point the other day.

  99. billybleedsblue on

    uhm, the Isles vote is open to residents of Nassau, not hockey fans from anywhere. It really will be a shame to see the Isles go…LOLOLOL.

  100. Paul, I really like your lines…although, I think Zuccarello is going to force himself onto the lineup, kind of like last year…can’t wait to see what the final lineup is Sweden when we face the Kings!! I think it would be cool to see Step and MZA alternating on that top line…maybe you sit Aves/Woof for a night here and there….

    LOL! I never tire defending the little Italian kid from Norway. MZA has a lot of talent and as a Ranger fan you simply don’t see that type of talent come around often in a young player. I am not talking about his shootout (skills comp) ability. I am talking about his ability to see the ice well and read plays during a game. He is an excellent passer and seems to be able to find open ice. And, although he doesn’t have a very hard shot, he has a very quick release and good backhand. There is, of course, no reason for him to play 10 minutes a night in the NHL. He needs to play. So, I have to think that it’s either Top-6-like minutes or CT.

    I could definitely be wrong aboot Hobbit Wizard. He may be too small for prime time :P

    I think EC deserves Hartford…he could be BFFs with Dredden!!

  101. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Glad we got cally signed!!

    What is a vogs and why does it equal me??? (from last thread)

    I don’t mind going with the youth on D as long as some of the grit is used (vtank, pahnin, mcilrath….who probably will need a year or two yet).

  102. We always hate our players for giveaways. Here is amazing and fundamentally encouraging statistic: There are NO Rangers players at all among 25 worth in League (which lead Joe Thornton). What’s more there are 2 Rangers: Fedotenko and MZA in noble group of fewest giveaways in NHL per 60 minutes of even strength play (minimum 25 games). Icing on the cake: In 25 best passers for after using giveaways – Fedotenko and Anisimov.
    Now, that is tremendously tremendous!

  103. 4ever, one caveat. You have to have the puck to turn it over.

    Thanks, Lin. Like the name change.

    Jimbo, Ratner was sure getting a lot of promises from the Brooklyn politicians, though. A lot.

    Where’s Greg. Just want to ask him if he’s pumped. Or what?

  104. 4ever, to take it a step further, one reason the Rangers do tend to lead the league, or be among the leaders, in hits, blocked shots and takeaways is that they don’t have the puck very much.

  105. Thanks Carpy, it also works for Metallindaca. So creative eh!? LOL

    NYR, no way too early! The countdown begins!!

  106. LOL! That’s a good point, Carp…although, those two guys (Feds & MZA) seem to make things happen with the puck, don’t they? I always notice them on the ice…

  107. Can we be more positive about beloved team in offseason, at least? I try to find some, for SCS!(Saint Carp’s Sake).

  108. Thanks NYR! and i think i ‘saw’ Chopper here earlier.. if so.. HEY CHOPPER!!

  109. Linda: Might I Suggest “CALLindAHANDmeTHEmoney” to honor that greedy bastard captain callahan!


  110. BTW, actually I’m positively positive this season, for all right reasons. So far everything goes by doctor prescription. *Start the season for this reason!* already, will ya..?

  111. Manny, I know he does. He has talent. But, I think he’s a bit of a headcase.

    The name “Woof” is just so fitting to how he completely dogged it in NYR sweater for more than a handful of nights…

    But, I want to be positive!!

  112. Haha. That is a funny nickname. He scored a playoff goal though…..and man can he pass! Don’t give up on Wolski. He’s a child!

  113. It is Lin. That’s true. But we have to keep these no-good-high-falooting-greedy-self-obsessed-athletes in their place!

  114. JimboWoodside on

    You’re right, Carp – initially, Ratner got a lot of support from the local pols…..but almost all of them (except for Marty Markowitz, the Borough President, who has little power to promise anything to anyone!) were persuaded to finally oppose the plan, because there were people’s homes (in a racially-mixed neighborhood) being appropriated by the use of Eminent Domain in order for the project to move forward.

  115. LMFAO @ YOU 2!!! Hilarious!!! Hagelindahan is too close to ‘hag’ and I’m hoping to not be one of those for a long time lol!!

    Manny ‘ noone puts Cally in a corner’


    Youse guys have a great night!! And september cannot get here soon enough!!

  116. Speaking of barf, when is Erik Christensen getting traded to the Habs? Knowing their track record, we could land Louie LeBlanc.

    Great signing today. Great team for tomorrow. Good times. I’ll make this statement: The Rangers are now among the top-four teams in the east. Tawlk amongst ya’selvez.

  117. Nah, I still think they’re bottom four [5-8]

    Unless Step-On, Artie, Del Z, among others, really have breakout years, and obviously the usual suspects need to have better years, like Butt-Chin, Dubinky, Cally, etc. Also, Richards needs to prove us wrong, and show that he’s worth every penny, and Hank needs to be Hank.

    That’s probably too much to hope for though.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Phil – I am on record stating this year conference finals, next year the Cup.

  119. Mister Delaware on

    Next year, with Parise, just aiming for the Cup might be undershooting. 150 points, no playoff losses.

  120. Mister Delaware on

    It would save real money. Obviously that means little to us but I imagine it atleast factors into the Rangers decision.

  121. You know, I’m starting to really dig Avery’s supermodel girlfriend. I always thought she was cute, but she doesn’t have “pizaz”, or “spunk” as Joe Mich would creepily say.

    Not in my top ten, but I’m starting to dig her! He better not blow that.

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