Need a hockey fix on July 26?


MSG Network has some hockey tonight. An all-new episode of “MSG Countdown,” MSG ranks Mike Richter’s 10 Greatest Moments, including his sprawling save against Gretzky in ’90 and the barehanded save against the Devils in ’97. The tip I got didn’t mention a certain Mr. Bure, but I imagine he will be involved in there somewhere.

The show premieres at 8:30 p.m.

Just before the Richter tribute, at 8 p.m., an all-new episode of “10 to One” runs down the Greatest Games ever from the Rangers, Devils and Islanders. Three Rangers games made the top 10…and they’re all from the same year.

Want to guess which year?


Over at his Howlings blog (and as advertised in the Twitter widget ——>) Mitch Beck has an update story on Michael Del Zotto.

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  1. Well it’s official :( Slow the NHL talk to almost nothing, because the juggernaut of all American sports has returned. The NFL is back, and the NHL is going to the back of the line. Why is it that a sport like the NFL, with players who are killers, coke heads, and just about any other law you can think of, which they broke, can be so popular. Billionaires, against millionaires, that’s the line for the NFL lockout, and those millionaires care so little about the fans. Don’t get me wrong it can be like that in every sport, but the NFL players seem to hold themselves in a much higher light then most other sports. Playing football doesn’t give you more rights or the right to be arrogant sob’s. Just my thought, I like the game, but more NFL player’s are a**h**** then most other sports.

  2. Several things really impress me here yesterday. First and foremost is how someone can either call the ball on Zucarello or believe something that was posted on a Swedish website that translates into a bunch of barely legible gibberish. But for the record and as someone who saw some of MZA as he was starting to break out in Hartford, trading him or keeping him in Hartford all season would both be mistakes. He certainly struggled his first few months in the AHL. But by December, he was averaging at least a point per game. Then for some reason, people take a look at his NHL stats and say he’s nothing more than a specialist. Really? Average his pace out over an 82-game season and he finishes with 12 goals and 33 assist, which is good enough for fourth on the team or tied with Stepan. Also remember that in the 10 games or so prior to his demotion, Tortorella barely played him. Zucc was getting 10 minutes or less a game. He’s an extremely talented kid who plays a very tough game for his size. Is he Marty St. Louis? No. Will he every be? Who knows. But to question his skill or size means you really haven’t watched him play very much.

    Next, show of hands: Who really thinks Erik Christensen should play on the roster as anything more than a 14th forward, much less on a top line with Gaborik? I’m hoping that was just some more slow-news-day good-natured ribbing, unless someone out there knows something about Christensen that the rest of the world doesn’t. Like he’s had a DNA transplant from Ovechkin or that he’s training 14 hours a day and undergoing intense psychological counseling. Putting him in the lineup made some sense(not much) when the Rangers were bereft of talent in the center. But now? Come on people. The best place for Christensen is on the bench or in the AHL waiting for an injury.

  3. phil…there was a web site saying that Montreal was trying to pry Christensen from the Rangers. LOL I posted it here, but I’m not a usual poster, so it went by the wayside. Anyway if Montreal was trying to pry him away, wouldn’t a bag of pucks due. I wouldn’t be looking for much, you can have him.

  4. One other note, even thou it’s not Ranger stuff, how can the Islanders be considered an NHL team anymore. Garth Snow is your GM, probably because you were paying him so much that now he actually own’s part of the team. They can’t get a building, probably because the town see’s the building being empty very soon, even if the Islanders stay. I mean they’ve made a joke of a legendary franchise, and you wonder why the people don’t want to give the a light house, or a building, or even a parking lot. Would love to see the rivalry continue but if I was living there I wouldn’t want to spend money on that team either. Of course keeping right in line with the insanity of a franchise they are now trying to bring Yashin back Wow!! How messed up is this franchise.

  5. Game 6: The Guarantee

    Game 7: Matteau Matteau Matteau

    Opening night 1993 ( When Joby Messier had more points than Mark Messier and Rangers fans wondered who was the better Messier

  6. Great post, phil. Totally agree with everything you said on Zucc. Some here are quick to put players in “bust” status after only 42 games. Glad we’re on the same page with MZA.

    and, EC really has no place on the 2011-12 Rangers…

  7. Wow Joby Messier actually had a 2 point game in the NHL? I can’t say I remember that one. Wasn’t he a distant cousin of Mark? Anyone remember Barry Richter (no relation to Mike)?

  8. Yes, Joby was a cousin. Barry Richter was actually on the ice for the Cup celebration as one of the Black Aces.

    Good morning, Sally!

  9. I can just imagine some of the posts that would have been on here following that game:

    “I can’t believe they kept Richter and traded Beezer”
    “Messier = fraud, can’t win without being surrounded by 10 HOF players”
    “The players have already tuned Keenan out”
    “Amonte is totally a flash in the pan”

  10. Is it just my PC but 40% of the time when I click to enter the comments section my browser screen gets hung up waiting for the add from double click. I then close the screen and re enter the site and it’s fine???

  11. If Christian Thomas makes the roster, EC will almost assuredly find himself on training camp waivers.

  12. Mozilla basically gave up on me a few weeks ago (I use a Macbook). I still use Mozilla on my work computer (HP) and it runs fine. My alternate browser is Google Chrome.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I think MZA has a tough shot at making the roster purely as a cap casualty. 1.75 is a lot for a guy that will struggle to see top 6 ice time. I think they want to give Wolski a shot first, and if he flounders, they will whale him (or trade him if anybody wants him), at which point MZA can be brought back up.

  14. The lastest Firefox release was trash. It constantly crashed on me. Switched to Chrome 2 weeks ago, and been it’s been fine….

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Barring injuries or a trade, Christensen is going to be spending this season in the AHL. Just too many guys above him in the depth chart.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, I never upgraded to it. Just been running the final version of the prior release.

  17. “Also remember that in the 10 games or so prior to his demotion, Tortorella barely played him. Zucc was getting 10 minutes or less a game”

    Here we go again! Blame Torts for a players lack of ice time.

    When Torts isn’t playing someone, it’s because +THEY”RE NOT PLAYING GOOD ENOUGH+! Not because he has a personal vendetta against that player.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    The big thing that hurts Christensen is that he sucks defensively. Hard to make a roster spot for him with that liability.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, Stop it. We all know that Torts hates Avery. Why else wouldn’t he utilize him and his team worst (among players that actually scored) 2.2 shooting percentage?

    Prust got even less ice time per game than MZA! Clearly he hates Prust and doesn’t trust Prust at all!


  20. Even the dearly departed Captain and his 1 goal had a higher shooting percentage? Ouch.

  21. Maybe you’re right Doodie. He also didn’t allow Shoeny to be the assistant coach! He hates him too!

    And he said NYR is his team, not Slats. So he hates him also, but I wont hold that against him!

  22. From another link on SNY. Puck Daddy’s Top 25 Center rankings….looks like someone doesn’t deserve to be paid $37M:

    5. Steven Stamkos(notes), Tampa Bay Lightning: When he’s on, he joins Crosby, Ovechkin and Co. in the conversation as the game’s best player. The kid just needs to be more *consistent*, more of a factor in every game, to reach the highest level.

  23. LOL! I was playing along with Doodie & Orr, Manny. I don’t really think he hates anybody!!

    Everybody loves Biron!

  24. Damn! That’s a tough one, but I think I might have to go with Jordan Stahl. Although, he doesn’t fit on this team, since we have aboot nine centers. Unless he’s willing to play wing, which he wasn’t that great at.

    I think the Pens, at some point, will trade him. He’s not as good as Malkin, and Crosby, but he’s a good player, and I think a team needing a center would consider moving a good scoring winger for him.

    That’s always been the Pens problem, finding someone to play with the baby.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky. I think he brings more to the table.

    I think Jordan Staal is one of the most overrated players in the NHL. The fact that someone considers him to be a top 25 center is laughable. He had his shot last season at the Pens’ #1 center job and he wilted under the pressure.

    He had that great rookie campaign, but has been pretty average ever since.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, that person ranked Mike Richards ahead of Anze Kopitar. Also laughable. See who is the #1 center in LA next year. SPOILER ALERT: It’s won’t be Richards.

  27. Jordan Staal sort of had his best season last season, statistically.

    He averages aboot 40 points, 20 goals, a season, excluding his sophomore slump, but this season, coming back from injury, he had 11 goals, 30 points, in 42 games. If he played a full season, he’d hit career highs in assists, and points, and have another 20 goal season.

  28. Torts hated his hip and his knee, that?s why they both got replaced.


    I think he hated Drury’s knee, and Prospal’s knee, as well. That’s why they’re also getting replaced. :P

  29. A lot of Western Conference players don’t get a lot of respect. Kopitar is one of the most underrated players in the NHL. You don’t hear aboot him enough.

    Even Rick Nash is underrated, outside of Canada.

  30. Hm, I was always under the impression that Staal got short changed for ice time because obviously Crosby and Malkin deserved the bulk of the minutes at center. But his taking out this past season where he was bumped to 1C and his rookie season, he’s consistently gotten nearly 20 minutes of ice time. When you consider that he’s probably facing the weakest competition of the Pens big 3 centers, yeah his production isn’t that good. And the Pens could have had Backstrom or Toews over him.

  31. Gift of GAB-orik on

    It’s gotta burn Marc Staal that Eric and Jordan have cups and he doesn’t.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Hopefully that burn gives him a fire to win one for us.

    I think the way I’d rank the Staal brothers is Eric 1, Marc 2, Jordan 3, with pretty significant distance between all three ranks. Although, not nearly as significant as the gap between Jordan 3 and Jared 4.

  33. I get what you’re saying though, and partially agree. Mr. Stahl’s juice has decreased with each child.

    It’s scary to think that the Pens could have had the 1st overall pick in 2004, and would have drafted Ovechcant.

    If they drafted Johnathan Toes, that would be absolutely horrific.

    Ovechcant and Crosby together, and Toes centering the second line. That team would have won a lot of Cups.

  34. Staal’s problem seems to be that he doesn’t generate enough shots. He’s got a decent enough shooting %, but he’s never gotten 200 SOG. And his rookie year shooting % is definitely an aberration.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I’m hoping Grabner has the drop off from his rookie year that Staal had. Both made their name with shorthanded goals.

  36. Orr,

    Malkin wasn’t a bad consolation prize. He was pretty beastly for them in the back to back finals appearances. At least that was back when some people considered Malkin, not Crosby to be the best player on the Pens.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Toews is world’s better than Backstrom. Backstrom is all offense. Toews is a complete package. To me, as Datsyuk slows down, Toews will be the 2nd best center in the league for a long time (assuming Crosby doesn’t have further concussion issues).

  38. anze kopitar= mosnter. one of the reasons why i have the center ice package is to watch the kings late night. kopitar when healthy is a beast.

    with mza his contract is what will cause him to play for the whale. also again i dont like him 5 on 5.

    jordan staal gets too much credit because he plays on the pens.

  39. toews in a heartbeat over backstrom.

    backstrom main reason why caps have been no shows in the postseason

  40. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    while I agree with orr you need to play well to play, not a single person here can say that the coach is “consistent” or “even handed” with discipline across the board!

    Phil is a bust!!

  41. Doodie,

    Agree. I told an Isles friend of mine that Grabner is definitely a prime candidate for regression. He won’t get as many SHG and he’ll definitely be a target of other team’s shut down D or checking lines. Although a reason why he might come close to 30 goals again is if Okposo returns and turns into a legit threat. If I remember correctly, Okposo primarily skates with Tavares. A Moulson/Tavares/Okposo line actually has a chance of becoming a pretty good top line.

  42. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    carp 03 04 right? Loved that year!

  43. Up until this recent playoffs, Backstrom was a point per game player in the playoffs. I have to imagine his wrist injury slowed him down this year. He does have a little to prove that he can be more like the player he was 2 and 3 seasons ago rather than last year’s disappointing campaign.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Wicky, that’s what I suggested.

    In all honesty, before I started splitting season tickets a couple of years ago, I had never been to so many Rangers games than I had in 03-04. I was buying 200 level seats on game day for like 15 bucks a pop on EBay, even games like Rangers-Islanders.

  45. I’d definitely take Toes over Backstrom. Regardless of who they drafted, they’d still be a scary team.

    Malkin was their best offensive player that year, and obviously in the playoffs, winning the Conn Smythe. But, I can’t even imagine Crosby and Ovechcant together. It’s too scary.

    Jordan Stahl is still really young though. Only 22. He could potentially become a better offensive player, playing on a team that doesn’t have so many superstar centers in front of him.

    If I were the Pens, I’d get that done.

  46. Great line from Puckdaddy:

    “Are the Islanders actively trying to be the worst-run franchise in the league?”

    (Apologies if someone already posted it)

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    No. I’ll ask my brother and my father about it. They usually do the lottery and split, then give us (myself and the fourth person) the results.

  48. I dunno, the Isles have been pretty bad but they at least won a playoff game in the past decade. That’s more than the Atlantapeg Thrashjets or Florida Puddy Cats can say.

  49. And I’d probably take the Isles top 6 forwards over a bunch of other teams in the league.

  50. I feel bad for Rick Nash. I admire his loyalty, but he’s never winning a Cup in Columbus. I mean, anything can happen, but I just can’t see it.

    If he were smart, he’d ask to be traded. I assume he has a NTC, so he’d have his choice, and I’m sure every team in the NHL would be interested.

    The Pens could put together a package involving Malkin, and get him. Then they finally have a real superstar winger to play with Crosby. Stahl would then get a promotion, and wouldn’t have that excuse of too many centers, to hide behind.

  51. Nice discussion i sparked up with my Stahl or Dubinky question!

    I think, out of the Stahl bros, anyone not named Eric is slightly overrated. Out of all the players in the league, i thought Stowl vs Dubi would be a fair comparison since they both play similar styles, and have almost identical stats (aside from Staul’s rookie year) but people around the league think Jordan is an amazing player and Dubinsky is not. Just because he has a “famous” last name, he gets picked before everyone else? BS!

    Dubi is a much better player (60th overall) than Stall (2nd overall), IMHO.

  52. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I think it’s hilarious you spelled Staal 4 different ways in that last post.

  53. Orr,

    The Pens would not do that trade. When healthy, Malkin is the better player. And I thought the idea was to move Malkin to the wing and have him centered by Staal. They never really got a chance to test that idea because Staal came back for the Winter Classic and Crosby went down shortly thereafter.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    eric is right. Cally only gets a 1 year deal. The Rangers had the option of making Dubi’s 2 instead of 1, but do not have that option with Callahan.

  55. Didn’t they try both Stahl, and Malkin on the wing, Stahl with Malkin, then Malkin with Crosby, and they both struggled??

    Seems like a trade Shero would consider, since he’s always trying to find the right winger for Crosby.

  56. I’m using the latest version of Firefox and I have no troubles. Then again, I’m awesome.

    Those games from ’55 really were pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see them tonight!

    Agree with Doodie on Jordan Staal and Kopitar > Richards (M). Doodie also mentioned Christensen being a defensive fail, which I agree with. The one positive thing that I will say about Frolov is that he was never a liability on the ice, and I’m really not that upset with the risk Glen took there. Honestly, I’m really very impressed with Sather lately.

    In my opinion, most of it’s Dolan’s fault for keeping Sather around and not giving one iota about the Rangers. My opinion on Glennie Glen though is that, you know, we’ve suffered through our (and his) worst days with him as GM, and now he, and the team, have finally seemed to turn the corner and are on the upswing, on the right track. So I really don’t get what good firing him would do now. First half of the 2000’s, absolutely, without a doubt, and then more recently, sure. But it’s not gonna do any good now.

    Off-topic: All 90’s Nickelodeon lovers with DVRs, check out Teen Nick at midnight and record! They’re playing a two hour block of Nick classics; last night, I had All That!, Doug, Kenan and Kel, and Clarissa Explains It All recorded. The child side of me absolutely cannot wait to watch.

  57. Well positionally, centers are more valuable players. Even if Malkin is pretty weak at faceoffs he’s been the more productive player. Granted Nash hasn’t had a lot to work with in Columbus, but I think they’d rather trade Staal than Malkin. We’ll get to see how Nash does this year with having another bona fide scoring threat on his team.

  58. carp

    any chance we could cut down on the tweets from jesse spector. the guy is killing me with his time at yankee stadium and now jets camp. i mean he tweets every freaking sec about non hockey crap.

  59. I just can’t see the Jackets giving up Nash for Stahl, regardless of who else is involved.

    They need a player who can replace that production, and Malkin is the only guy. Obviously they’d take into consideration, the fact that Nash hasn’t had any top line players to play with.

    I think it would be a good deal.

  60. It would seem to me that the Islanders should be the best team for the Rangers to explore for talent. They always manage to come up with some pretty good players ( you all know who they are) and then they get trade ants in their pants and give away some really good talent ( Not just Campoli) for not much of anything else…their motto seems to be ” lets trade this guy…he’s good.
    I don’t have to go back to the Chara trade or Luongo, it keeps appearing right down thru the ages.

  61. i could take him out until hockey season, I suppose. but i can’t filter his non-hockey tweets from his hockey tweets. this is when I despise twitter. who gives a B?

    Orr, are you saying Nash and Prospal can’t win a Cup together?

    I’m watching the ’88 final on NHL Network. It’s getting nasty. Crowder and Messier jousting. Next shift, McSorley pays Crowder a visit. Also, I think wickster might like Gord Kluzak.

  62. Ahhhhh. Pre-pansification hockey. No hit-from-behind calls. No cheesy hooking calls. All sorts of stuff after the whistle. Guys had to fight through stuff.

  63. Malkinstein is the underrated of the 2 or 3 franchise players on the Pens (IMO) and he is the primary reason why the Pens won the Cup in ’09…and made it there in ’08…

    I’d let Crosby go before Malkin, but that’s just me…

  64. also, always amazes me how many of these 80s Oilers passed through (or stayed) at MSG:

    Sather, Muckler, Messier, Gretzky, Graves, Lowe, Anderson, Tikkanen, Beukeboom, Huddy, Acton, Kurri, McSorley … am I missing somebody?

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  66. No way! I would +not+ trade Crosby over Malkin. He seems like he gets better each year.

    And, In my opinion, I don’t think he’s underrated at all.

    Carp, they can tan together, but they wont win a Cup together!!

  67. The fat pigeon has finally delivered my prize, so thanks Carp and ilb. But more importantly, thank you, CCCP.

  68. Orr, just for reference Stamkos was on pace for 61 goals given his pre and post All Star Game splits.

  69. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Ahh just revisiting video from the Oilers/Rangers infamous ‘Avery ko’s Smid’ game.

    Prust then fights Stortini, Boyle is damn near choking someone out…. mayhem on the ice.

    What a game! Didn’t Gaborik get a hat trick in that game?

  70. Gift of GAB-orik on

    As much as I hate Crosby’s whiny, crybaby, diving, slewfooting antics… and the ridiculous protection he seemingly gets from the NHL and the refs…. the guy does put tons of points up. He was having a beast of a season prior to his injury.

    That being said… Crosby spelled backwards is still Diver. Weird.

  71. Three players who played games for the Oilers during the 1987/88 regular season ended up playing for my hometown team. Not Gretzky, Messier and Kurri.

  72. What game did Frolov *not* get into the action of? He was a perennial goal scorer last year!

  73. Even Avery scored in 2010 and 2011. Now he’s a perennial goal scorer. I bet he even gets one in 2012.

  74. All part of the joke, CT.

    I bet Avery gets one and I be Pizza Pants gets one wherever he decides to play.

  75. Captain Clutch’s goal will definitely count (mostly because I’ve never seen a goal that was ruled to be a good goal not count).

  76. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CYNAR – Years ago the now defunct Los Angeles Herald Examiner ran a story about how an estimated three billion dollars is illegally bet each year on the Super Bowl, and of course that figure is exponentially higher today, and does not even include the unfathomable amount bet legally in Las Vegas on the SB and regular season and playoffs professional football, plus the college games.

    So that, in answer to your question as the why the National Cokehead League is so popular, it is the ultimate BETTING sport in America, today, with only state lotteries remotely in the same ballpark. In the days before point spread lines and TV coverage, both the NFL and the NBA were operating on a shoestring, and the NBA, in fact, almost went under in the early 60’s. It’s all about the money and about the “marriage” between TV and Las Vegas. You have a bet on a football game, you tend to watch it on TV.

  77. This is why our government should legalize gambling and then run it! That would save our debt situation!

    Even better….there is *no* way that could ever become corrupt! It’s failproof!

  78. Football occupies mostly one day a week, and that day is during the weekend. There are only 16 games per team so virtually every game has significance. The parity of the league also makes the majority of games competitive (margin of victory in the NFL is pretty tight). It’s a sport that can be played in warm weather and in cold weather and has built in stoppages for commercials. I’m not saying it’s the greatest sport, but for the TV age the NFL has pretty good business model.

  79. Manny, they can’t even spend/save our tax dollars wisely…let alone, agree to increase the “artificial” debt limit…

    How are they supposed be good bookies?

  80. Yeah Avery got a few. I was at two of the games where he scored too (vs Atlantapeg and Minny). The former game also featured Todd White’s only goal as a Ranger. I also was at Boogaard’s goal vs the Caps, as well as CCCP.

  81. Haha more good points!

    I can’t imagine how corrupt that would become. It would sink our entire country in like 2 seasons flat.

  82. Stamkos is a hell of a player, but he wasn’t as dominant as Crosby was last season.

    Great player though.

    Speaking of the All Star game, I really wish they’d just end it already. Such a dumb game.

  83. Yeah, Manny, because a Craps player had the balls to do something everyone was afraid to do :P

    You’re right, Carp. I’d be a fan of the game if their were some relevance to it. They should do what the MLB does. Then maybe players would actually play hockey, instead of smiling, laughing, and slapping each others asses after someone successfully dumps the puck in deep.

  84. I think it’s absolutely ludicrous the way MLB decides home-field advantage through the all-star game. It might motivate the players to play, but if I were in the World Series and didn’t have home field because of a game decided almost wholly by players not on my team, even though I had a better record and performed better than the opposition, I’d be pissed.

  85. Orr, Crosby was a little better, but at the way both those players were playing their first 41 games it’s splitting hairs.

    Stamkos: 31 G, 56 points, goals in 23 of 41 games, points in 29 of 41 games
    Crosby: 32 G, 66 points, goals in 22 of 41 games, points in 35 of 41 games

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone remind me that when I want to retire, to murder someone in Norway.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB: you ignored the thing that makes the NFL so successful for American fans: it is the ultimate highlight sport. We Americans have pretty short attention spans. We like our sports in highlight form (which is why SportsCenter has become so enormous). Football is an entire game of highlights. Some are better than others, but every single snap is a perfect highlight portion.

  88. I do think it motivates the bat-ball-base-strike-home run players, ORR. To a certain degree.

    I don’t think the all-star game, even in that format, would work in hockey. There’s just something about it that I don’t perceive ever happening successfully.

  89. Cynar – So with you on football. It’s a horrendous sport in my estimation. As for Christensen, if the Habs want him, I personally rent the moving van and private limo to deliver him north. Such a shame that a player with that kind of talent can’t put his heart into the game.

    Orr/Doodie – I never said anything about Tortorella, but you’re right. He did lose his confidence in Zuccarello. While I didn’t agree with his choice of reducing his minutes,I’m not going to call him out on it. The kid was going through a dry spell and the games were getting a lot more physical. Had he not gotten a freak injury in Hartford, I would have been fine with the demotion. Then again, I think Zucc’s talent was sorely missed in the playoffs. The kid is good. Mad good. And we’ve only seen a fraction of his goal scoring ability. I would wait to see what happens in the fall. But if he’s showing the same promise he was back in the winter, I’d have no problem ushering Wolski off the team. The kid plays with the type of fire I wish Wolski would display game in and game out.

  90. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    no kidding!! I told mrs wicky if we ever move to norway to stay away from me and a wood chipper!!

    Carp July 26th, 2011 at 12:58 pm
    Ahhhhh. Pre-pansification hockey. No hit-from-behind calls. No cheesy hooking calls. All sorts of stuff after the whistle. Guys had to fight through stuff.

    The awesome old days!!!!!
    No cooke crap! Still loved what goddard did coming off the bench last season!

  91. I supposed it’s a pointless argument, since Crosby missed the last half of the season. Maybe he would have slowed down, maybe not.

    Latona, I’d prefer to have the Olympic tourney every year, instead of the ASG. Shame it’s every five years. I can’t wait for the next!


  92. MZA’s problem, and I mentioned this a while back, he got too caught up in the physicality of the game. It took him away from what his game needs to be. He doesn’t need to be a spark plug, like Cally. Just stick to your game, which is playmaking, for the most part.

    I’m not giving up on the kid. Like I said, he has a lot of talent, but I don’t see him being a major contributor, like most NYR fans do. But, that’s just me. Time will tell if I’m right, but it seems like I’ve been right when it comes to everything MZA related.

    In fact, I’m predicting, MZA is having Swedish Meatballs right now. Lunch points for MZA!

  93. Yeah, ORR, the Olympics were really an awesome hockey experience. I’d love for them to roll around more than once every few seasons.

  94. I will award MZA a lunch point. He gets two if they’re IKEA brand, or Lundqvist’s family recipe, which I have on the back of a beverage coaster somewhere.

    I don’t really expect too much from MZA either, ORR. All I see from him is a solid third line guy and a PP contributor.

  95. Even better, if they were Mrs. Kasparitus Swedish Meatballs. I heard she makes a mean Swedish Meatball!

    The NHL should have their own mini tourney with a few countries involved. That would be pretty cool. Not as cool as the Olympics though.

  96. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    quick question, did ulfie’s other kid get drafted by anyone??

  97. Do they have Ikea in Sweden? I always kind of thought it was just an export only type deal…

  98. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    damn, williams signed with the pens

  99. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    so the pens drafted both of them?

  100. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    that was last year, I thought the younger one was draft eligible this year

  101. Gift of GAB-orik on

    It takes talent to get concussed from diving. If he was chewing his mouth guard, it never would have happened.

  102. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I bet Crosby is a wuss his first game this season. The head injury will be in the back of his mind until the first time he gets a taste of real contact.

  103. Actually Manny, since you wanted to be a wise aasen and all, they’d be called “köttbullar” if you were in Sweden.

  104. Gift of GAB-orik on


    If they don’t call them sweedish meatballs in Sweden…

    THen how do the French tell the difference between toast and french toast? Or is it like a toss up ordering toast, and wondering which version you’ll get? I don’t mind surprises when it comes to breakfast!

  105. That’s a funny idea….ordering Toast and getting French Toast. Also funny because French Toast is made of Texas Toast turned French…imagine!

  106. Gift of GAB-orik on

    A French texan? Weird. C’est la cowboy? ( for those who may not know, C’est is pronounced ‘say’ )

  107. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    my fault, henrik isn’t eligible until next year

  108. It’s Jason Williams, wicky. Not the slightly more truculent Jeremy Williams.

    Ikea is known as “National Moderately-Priced Furniture Store” in Sweden.

  109. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    this one!

    yes, I know…I just for got the “sarcasm” sign at the bottom of my original post!

  110. It’s probably the appropriate sized helmet to adequately protect the guys from a head injury. But just like hockey, the macho culture usually dictates the equipment (or lack thereof) based on it’s “coolness” or “toughness” rather than protectiveness.

  111. Yea, CT. I think those helmets can protect against a 103 mph fastball. So, save for Strasburg or Aroldis Chapman you should be safe. Many players were interviewed about it and said they didn’t care about the extra protection they weren’t going to wear something that dorky.

    Remember Jon Olerud? He had to wear a helmet in the field because of a head injury.


    That was the “helmet hat” I was talking about….he was the only position player (other than any catchers) in the majors to wear a helmet on the field. He didn’t wear a baseball cap…

  113. Bobby Holik’s helmets were specially made by using a medicine ball as a cast. And by padding it with $100 bills.

  114. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    woo hoo we resigned stu bickel

  115. Bwahahahaha….good one Orr!

    That stuff was hilarious in Game of Shadows. The list of crap that happened to Bonds like back acne (Bacne), tiny testicles, anger fits, hair in unwanted places, huge head (smaller other head). Why!?

  116. You wonder if Calla-hand me-the money is considering taking steroids.


  117. I wonder if ‘roids are even a problem in hockey. I say that because I am not completely against players taking them for recovery purposes.

  118. Yea – that’s the point. I can’t see it doing a lot of beneficial things for them.

  119. Plus – the fact that the sport is somewhat self-policing has got to help in that regard. Nobody wants to get found out for cheating in Hockey and then beat up every single night.

    Thus, they should fix baseball by stopping this euro-pansification of the game and letting people throw at people’s heads again.

  120. (Village People) Gillies certainly comes to mind…he looks like he’s roid rager…

  121. Wasn’t there a rumor a couple of years ago the a roids supplier who got busted had links to a lot of DC athletes, including the Caps?

  122. Marty Brodeur shows up for each training camp suspiciously 30lbs heavier than the last. Can’t think how he can do that without PEDs.

  123. It makes perfect sense NYR. I mean usually the guy wants nothing to do with physical contact. Suddenly he goes all incredible hulk?

  124. Beck mentions Bobby Orr being MDZ’s childhood idol. MDZ wears 4 in honor of Bobby Orr. How can a kid have an idol who hung up his skates 10+ years before the kid was born? I know, I know…his dad showed him video tapes of Bobby Orr games and MDZ fell in love with him. I guess its possible, just seems highly unusual and a cute marketing ploy….hate to see him compared to Orr, we’re only going to be disappointed.

  125. If it’s his dad’s favorite player then it makes sense. Kid wants to impress his dad.

  126. @StanFischler: The #Rangers defense figures to have Eminger and Del Zotto as the sixth pair. Look for DZ to have a breakout year.

    Oh no! Now that Fischler said it, Del Z will have a horrible year.

  127. The sixth pair? Is Fischler doing the Whale depth chart too or has the NHL roster size expanded on the quiet? Or is Fischler slightly senile?

  128. Thanks Manny, Dad’s favorite player is all I could think of, lets hope MDZ can think on his own now.

  129. Vinny Lecav wears 4 to honor Beliveau, who retired 10 years before Vinny was born.

  130. billybleedsblue on

    I dunno why this didn’t post, I will try it again though…

    Practically Everything Deepfried

  131. We had a “Kripsy Kreme” donut party for my boss because she loves krispy kreme. It was freakin’ delicious. Best.Birthday party.Ever

  132. Carp,

    I think the eggs would provide way too much nutritional value. He’d probably eat around them.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    This McCaig guy at Yahoo is a complete buffoon. On the heels of his laughable top 25 center rankings, he has done a top 25 RW rankings, which include several players that are not RWs: Kovalchuk, Nash, and Eriksson. As for the ranks themselves? He has Gaborik and Kane ahead of St. Louis (you know, the guy who was nominated for the Hart and Lindsay awards and finished 2nd in scoring), and somehow ranked a sight-unseen Jagr as #25.

    What a joke.

  134. I can just HEAR Doc in the bedroom being pleasured..


  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, for a whole 10 games. The guy is a LW and has been one for his entire career, including most of last season.

  136. We’ll know how closely he pays attention if he ranks Kovalchuk on the LW list too.

  137. billybleedsblue on

    LOL GUYS, especially the Emrick one !!!

    Pringles, Enchiladas, Dumplings…

  138. Pork Rinds. Entenmann’s Raspberry Strudel. Devil’s Food Cake (Little Debbie’s).

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Perpetually Expanding De-rierre

    Had to put the hyphen in because it wouldn’t post it otherwise for some reason.

  140. Did someone mention that Hartnell had left the
    Phils? That means both he and Carcillo who takes their place? Or is this the beginning of the “gentlifying” of the Phils…………..or are there other hidden or sinister reasons? Perhaps the Bruins punishing them forced them to turn over a new leaf?What can they now be called… the nice guy Flyers? Odd stuff happening. And what are Canadiens gonna look like this season?

  141. Man… guys are getting a lot of mileage out of P.E.D.’s

    Pepperoni. Everytime Double.

  142. Fran,

    I don’t think Hartnell left the Flyers. In the abject chaos that this blog embodies, however, there may be a post to that affect.

  143. I don’t remember Hartnell leaving but it’s true that the Phylers are going to have to plug some holes. And repair their ego after missing out on Vokoun in favor of Byfuglien-Bryzgalov.

  144. Somebody (Rod? iBob?) said a while back that Hartnell would be traded the next day, but it amazingly didn’t happen.

    Playoffs Early Departure
    Parise Exits December

  145. GI Joe sequel?? DOUBLE FAIL!

    You should see Transformers esp. in 3D… action parts will blow your mind!

  146. Hey *DJK* – ORR!! hasn’t seen the film yet. He is probably going to wait two weeks to avoid crowds.

  147. according to snyrangers

    rangers sign stu bickel. 600k if he makes team 75k in ahl. who is this guy

  148. Good evening all! And a very belated Hello!
    I see by the above the thread I don’t need to ask for any updates on any gibberish I’ve missed the past week. I get it :)

    A way belated thanks and huzzah to ilb for hosting the party of the year. It was beyond tremendously tremendous! 4ever, if you’re out there tonight….xoxox!

    So my weekend parties are over and the guests all gone. Now it’s mega laundry time. OY.

    Pickle eating dip.

  149. btw, finally watched Net Worth. Best part was the Ted Lindsay interview at the end, but it was cool. Thanks to fran for passing it down the bonesheads line and to BANJ for sending it to me. Anyone want it next?

  150. got him from Anaheim for Nigel Williams. He’s 6-4. Has a bunch of fights on don’t think you’ll be seeing him after the preseason.

  151. Hi Carp! Hey, did ilb send you pics from the fest yet? If not, I will, but you can only post here what I say you can!

  152. That Nigel Williams guy (who we got for Fahey) is a bouche. Apparently, he constantly complained that he wasn’t getting a fair shot at making the big club and was a cancer in the Whale locker room. He asked to be traded and we got this Bickel guy.

  153. ok, but be sure to tell me which ones are OK’d. i don’t want to get anybody in trouble. You know, what happens at ilb’s stays at ilb’s.

  154. No kidding, and thank heavens for that :) Really, I’m mainly editing to keep the ones where I look like a cow out :) 4ever gave mama that prerogative, bless him. And nobody boated while iPhoning, fyi.

  155. ORR,

    With Kris Draper retiring from Detroit, I have the feeling that he might end up there, for less than $1 mil. And, of course, he’ll have 20 goals and 20 assists and be leading the team in FO% and blocked shots and forwards in PKTOI. Just because we’re Ranger fans.

  156. WTB? Are you folks nuts? Almost 400 posts on a day where the biggest news was signing Stu Bickel? There is no way I’m going back to read it. Besides, mama has pretty much summarized it for me….
    Pictures, mama? Apparently I only took one, lol….Guess I was too busy mixing drinks. Thank you, 4ever for sending me yours.

  157. Great Dubi quote from that article:

    “The best thing about (Zuccarello) is he’s just a sponge,” Dubinsky said. “He’s willing to soak in and he’s always wondering what he should’ve done. Sometimes I have to tell him to just relax and play his game rather than worry about what I think or what Steps thinks. But I think that just shows that he wants to get better and that he wants to be a big part and be something special for this team. He’s going to be.”

  158. ilb, LOL!!!

    But remember, I may be laid off, but I still get to be the editor…..p.s. love the pic of me and you on boat :)

  159. I wish there was a like button here like on FB, but then again, that might deny Carp his $1.50 a post :)

    Off to finish laundry and other chores. Good to be back. But later all!

  160. ilb, if you get a chance, look at some of the zany stuff about Brodeur and PEDs late afternoon/early evening.

    so where are the photos?

    mama, it’s only $1.25 per during the off-season.

  161. Sabathia perfect through six innings, despite a half-hour rain delay. David Cone had a half-hour rain delay when he pitched his perfect game. Cone is at the game.

  162. Mama is responsible for sending you those photos, Carp…I want nothing to do with that part….I don’t know if you remember, but my nose isn’t the smallest in the world as it is….

    I guess I’m going back to check the g(j)ibberish after all….

  163. ilb, mama love….:) and yes, just the PEDS gibberish is worth the look. Start with LW at 3:39

    finished laundry, waiting on a call from the west coast…ta! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  164. I really thought CC was actually going to throw a perfect game. I was pacing starting in the 2nd. Probably my fault that he lost it.

  165. i’m very surprised there has been no talk of the Islanders and their stadium fiasco today

  166. Mister Delaware on

    I imagine you could get one of Carp’s old Mets jerseys for a pretty nice discount.

  167. ilb, Laurel, you are more than welcome.
    BTW, when I slideshowed pictures on computer, my wife (not a big hockey fan) passing by, looked over the shoulder and murmured something like: “I always knew, all you, fans, are crazy if not drunk”. I replied: “Yeah, we are both, so what?” It comes with status. It was the shortest party review.
    What can I tell you: Drunk will be OK next morning, people without any passion – never!

  168. ORR

    that show only gets better! This is the best show on TV, IMHO. Glad you finally got around to watch it.

    I dont remember the first episode…whose boobs did they show?

  169. Hey, guys between boobs and man assens, it’s a dream bedtime for me. Good night

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