Bye, bye, Vinny Prospal; Hello Mikhail Pashnin


Good guy, very good player, fun to watch.

Vinny Prospal wasn’t coming back to the Rangers, most likely, because his knees are shot, and because the Rangers have too many forwards who need the minutes.

So Prospal — who played golf with my dad a few weeks ago — went free agent, and signed yesterday with Columbus for one year, $1.75 million and incentives.

“Vinny Prospal is a proven top six forward in the National Hockey League and we look forward to him playing that role for our hockey club,” Columbus GM Scott Howson said. “We are very pleased to be able to add a player of his caliber to our team at this late date in the free agency process.”

Howson had tweeted that he hoped Prospal will fill the hole left by Kristian Huselius’ injury.

And we all know that Prospal, 36, will be a capable player, perhaps a top-6 forward, and that he will produce and energize and play in all situations, dependably … if his knees hold up. We also know that John Tortorella would have loved to have had him back … if there was reason to believe his knees will hold up.

Good luck to him.


In case you missed it, too, Rangers’ 2009 seventh-round pick Mikhail Pashnin (No. 200 overall, he was the KHL’s first overall pick in the ’09 draft shortly before the NHL’s entry draft) will play in North America this year.

Meaning Pashnin, 21, a smallish but rugged defenseman, will be at training camp and trying to make the team, which has a glut of young defensemen. He impressed at the team’s prospects camp earlier in the summer. Interesting.


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Prospal: AP Photo. Pashnin:

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Well, Pashnin’s arrival makes the D-men situation even more crowded. Good thing to have. And let’s not start trading them away yet. We should see what they have first. Patience.

    I think we should call the party a success- no one fell in the lake :-)
    Everybody is still sleeping btw. Should I wake the suckers up?

  2. Always liked Vinny. Good luck to him. He still wants to play, and the Rangers’ roster is getting much younger and too crowded. Again, good thing to have. Good luck, Vinny!

  3. Early morning hat trick!
    Gonna start making coffee for the gang. Trust me, they need it!

  4. You can never have too many D. With this much talent on D, especially the Erixon signing, a big trade could be on the horizon.

  5. The White Plains Batman on

    Hammer, maybe I’m wrong but Pashnin’s game is nothing like Zubov. He’s more like a Kasparitus; a slightly smaller DMan who will hit anything and everything in site. Let’s see what he got!

  6. YouveGotGold on

    Ilb – glad to hear the party was a success!

    On Prospal, I’ll certainly miss him on the team. He was an entertaining personality and a good guy, but I’m excited for the youth for sure.

    And the defense, seriously, wow. I wouldn’t be opposed to trading some of it for a top LW or highly touted LW prospect.

  7. Mama, Sally and Fuzzy will take care of highlights and pics, Carp…. I was too busy mixing drinks anyway :-)

  8. How hard is it to mix a PBR? Glad to hear the party was a success. We McMuffins took my dad out for his 66th birthday yesterday. He ordered two sixty six dollar bottles of wine. Nice. Yes we paid.

  9. First impressions, secondary report after party:
    Ilb . place – little paradise , his best half – absolutely tolerable to hockey and truly adorable.(what a lucky man). Both of them second to none, when comes to hospitality and organization. Their pets – cover full spectrum, from vicious to sweetest. …and of course no shortage of excellent food, including homemade, Irish pub’s palette of international drinks, as well as endless supply of sun, water and participant’s kindness. Spent the best day of my summer, so far and by far. That’s facts.
    Thoughts: Nothing can substitute live human communication – you can see 3 dimensional characters and personalities in a real life are much funnier, deeper and simple joy to interact.
    Pictures I will place only after Mama’s permission (I’ll send it to her first for censoring). Some of them just hilarious.
    My thanks to ilb. couple is much bigger and genuine than “sold out” MSG!
    Miss another gathering already. Love all of you guys.

  10. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Sunday ‘Heads!

    Glad to hear that the BoneheadBQ was a great success Ilbzo, and of course it would be with you and Mrs. ILBZO as the gracious, tremendously tremendous hosts.

    Sad to say goodbye to Fankist! Quite possibly THE BEST NICKNAME Mako and I came up with. Going to miss his character, his ‘stand up guy’ leadership and his most extreme, most awesome goal celebrations. With questionable knees, I thought he may not be back. Hope he has much success in Columbus. He was definitely a good Ranger.

  11. So we got yet another D-Man and lost a great leader and hard-nosed player.

    Am I the only one severely upset to see Vinny Prospal leave? That guy played hard and celebrated goals like a champ!

  12. That’s right! Thanks for the invite, ilb! Sorry I didn’t make it up. I am sure I missed a fantastic weekend with some of the best people on the earth. Youse boneheads.

  13. Manny,

    I wasn’t there, so you didn’t miss much.

    Just kidding. Glad you all enjoyed.

  14. Linda! Agree on Fankist … though I think it’s close with Pillow Hands (tennis ball feet) and Asshat. Wherezerman the byfuglien is Mako???

    Will second the notion that ilb and the Mrs. are first-class people. Might have to make ilb an alternate associate assistant captain. Though I didn’t know there would be adult beverages at this shindig.

    Get me a couple of the censored pics and I’ll post them tomorrow or whenever.

    Thanks for “liking” everybody.

  15. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Pillow hands was good also! As for Mako, he’s kind of disappeared again, havent heard from him in a lil bit. Hope he doesnt punk out on my in October!!

    As for Ilb, with you being the Blogfather, Ilbzo needs to be your right hand man lol!

  16. Carp:

    Do you have any knowledge of Valentenko’s status? I had read a little while back that he would go to the KHL if he didn’t think he had a chance of making the Rangers this year. And that was before the acquisition of Erixon. I’m not sure if what I was read was anything official from his agent or just speculation from someone posting. I know I haven’t seen that he went to the KHL but just wondering what you know about him. I know we all loved what we saw of him last training camp but I’m sure he has only an outside chance at best of making the team this year. Thanks for your thoughts.

  17. “Alternate Associate Assistant” Captain might have some Copyright issues, Carp……or maybe it could lead to a great sponsor partnership for this blog.

    “AAA” –

    PS – Latona… might not have been there….but was your appendix?

  18. Manny: I think everyone liked what Prospal did for the team and I was sad to see the headline that he signed with Columbus but not sure where he would have fit in this year. There are a lot of forwards now and who’s minutes do you take away to fit in an older player with a bum knee? His salary really is money better spent somewhere else.

  19. You’re probably right Scott. I just like the guys “jam.” (and his necklace collection)

  20. Manny – and to answer my own question, it probably would be Stepan that would have suffered the most by bringing back Prospal because that would have moved Stepan to #7 on the forward depth chart. Prospal’s only place could be on the one of the top two lines. That makes the top six: Richards – Gaborik – Prospal, Callahan – Dubinsky – Anisimov. Stepan’s continued growth on one of the top two lines is infinitely more important than having a gimpy Prospal here.

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s insane. A 36-year old whose knees are shot gets a contract for nearly two million dollars. This makes two million dollars sound so cheap its like you can buy a bag of Nachos with that amount of money, if you don’t sign a washed-up hockey player with it.

    When virtually useless players are overpaid, or even signed, at all, that, to me, provides proof that there are too many teams and too few quality players to populate the existing teams. I have always felt that the NHL racing beyond expansion from six to 16 teams would be detrimental to the quality of the games and the league. Hockey in Sun Belt locales in May and June is a travesty. Same as in October through April. And to think, the money is so good these formerly talented athletes are willing to FAKE that they have something left in the tank. People watching the games are not fooled, even if the owners are.

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    One more point – o.k., suppose his knees DO hold up for another year. Cela ne fait rien – it doesn’t matter – it is TIME to turn him out to pasture, it is TIME, to bring in a 22 or 23-year old replacement part. Geeeezzzz!

  23. Thank you ilb and Mrs. ilb for the party yesterday. We had the greatest time! Everything was perfect and you were the best hosts. It was nice to meet everybody in person. Hope to do it again soon!

  24. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Branch Rickey, unquestionably the greatest (and most courageous) General Manager and baseball executive of all time (he promoted Jackie Robinson to Brooklyn), said it best: “It is better to get rid of a player a year too soon, than a year too late.”

    Check out the record of Rickey’s St. Louis Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers teams, plus half the roster of the Pittsburgh Pirates 1960 world championship team Rickey put into place, so that you could say here was a man who knew what he was talking about. By contrast with Rickey, the Columbus Blue Jackets G.M. is an idiot.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boom boom agreed on Vinny. He looked slow as mud at times though his hands are still super soft…glad everyone had fun, ilb…. Most gracious indeed…

  26. Branch Rickey!? Alright! I heard that the Brooklyn Historical society is going to put something up (something new) in the spot where his office was on Montague street. He was a nut, in that he refused to drink and prohibited all those around him from drinking, but he was a brave and completely amazing man. A true standout out of how religion can help you. He used his religious beliefs to justify his integration and the way he turned people’s views by convincing them that it was a good business move was brilliant. What a politician and a hero!

  27. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Renaissance man, Rickey was, Manny. He built the first extensive farm system in St. Louis, the major leagues had ever seen. He brought in Jackie, and Campy and Newk a dozen years before the Boston Red Sox even integrated their team. Had Boston had Rickey as GM, Ted Williams would have won about six world series rings.

    I am a great admirer of Branch Rickey. He changed baseball history. Consider, in 1946 the all-white Cardinals beat the all-white Dodgers in a playoff for the National League pennant. In 1949, opposite result, the now-integrated Dodgers narrowly beat the still all-white Cardinals. This was the Branch Rickey effect, at work. Religion aside, he was one the the smartest business men ever to grace this country, and always two jumps ahead of the competition.

  28. I’m awarding myself a lunch point for my brunch? this morning.

    Hebrew National Hot Dogs baked in croissants with brown mustard and white Land o’ Lakes American cheese.

  29. LAtona – I think brunch points should be worth 2 points because they combine 2 meals. Also – sounds delicious.

  30. Totally spot on Boom Boom! I also love Branch Rickey. (Just pointed out religion in light of the recent Norway incidents. Sorry!)

  31. how can you say that Prospal has nothing left? Sure he has a bum knee and lost a step but the guy is still productive.

    It obviously made no sense for us to bring him back but he had 23 points in 29 games last season.

    Over the course of an 82 game season Prospal was on pace for 25 goals and 40 assists. Just because someone is over a certain age doesn’t make them “washed up”

  32. I’ll never have a bad thing to say about Vinny. Solid guy. Great tan. Soft hands…

    Hope he has a nice finish to his career with the BJs.

  33. LOL! Manny, hence the name “Fankist”. Love his goal celebrations and his personality…

    Sadly, at times last season, he looked very slow…when knees go in any sport (even golf) the possibility of full rehab is nearly zero…

    But he still had a solid season and is still a weapon when he has talent around him…great leader in the room…good luck

  34. don’t think he’s washed up, oleo, but definitely declining, and he had nothing left at the end of last season after the surgery and rehab.

  35. It didn’t really make sense to bring Prospal back and maybe another season will prove he doesn’t have much left, but to call a guy who clearly bust his ass to come back from knee surgery a faker is a ludicrously low blow, Boom Boom.

  36. I don’t quite understand the need to kick a guy in the assen on their way out the door.
    Especially when they’ve shown nothing but class their whole time here.

    Rickey’s voice rose. ‘Suppose I’m a player. . . in the heat of an important ball game.’ He drew back as if to charge at Robinson. ‘Suppose I collide with you at second base. When I get up, I yell, ‘You dirty, black son of a -‘ ‘He finished the castigation and added calmly, ‘What do you do?’

    Robinson blinked. He licked his lips and swallowed.

    ‘Mr. Rickey,’ he murmured, ‘do you want a ballplayer who’s afraid to fight back?’

    ‘I want a ballplayer with guts enough not to fight back!’ Rickey exclaimed almost savagely. He paced across the floor and returned with finger pointing. ‘You’ve got to do this job with base hits and stolen bases and fielding ground balls, Jackie. Nothing else!’

  37. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Interesting to have that pic of George Hamilton and EC.

    One guy i’m sad to see go, but understand, and one guy i’m sad to see still on the team, and don’t understand.

    That picture is a paradox in it’s own right.

  38. Gift of GAB-orik on

    While I was bored yesterday, i found myself reading about Bruce Lee. Lots of interesting things about him and his family… his suspicious death, and then the odd death of his son Brandon.

    But one thing i read blows my mind.

    ” Bruce Lee’s striking speed from 3 feet away with his hands at his side reached five hundreths of a second. ”

    Think about that. 3 feet away, hands by his side, and he can hit you in .05 of a second. To put that in perspective, a full blink of an eye takes between 3 and 4 tenths of a second.

    That’s insane fast. And proof Bruce Lee was a BAMF.

  39. But Brandon Dubinsky’s entire body can hit the ice within 0.04 seconds without contact from any other object. Beat that, dead kung fu man.

  40. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Bruce Lee died from brain swelling, and a possible reaction to medication, and Brandon Lee died when someone put live rounds in a gun used during the making of the Crow.

  41. Gift of GAB-orik on

    EC’s foot can reach his mouth in .7 seconds. That’s pretty impressive.

  42. Gift of GAB-orik on

    agreed ddeb,

    While a player was winding up for a shot, Bruce Lee would pounce, disarm the player, and beat him with his own stick.

  43. With all due respect, Prust could have Bruce Lee for lean snack in intermission between periods.

  44. Gift of GAB-orik on

    ” Lee performed one-hand push-ups using only the thumb and index finger.”
    ” In a speed demonstration, Lee could snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind ”

    ” In 1962, Lee knocked out Uechi, a Japanese black belt Karateka, in 11 seconds in a 1962 Full-Contact match in Seattle. The karate man arrived in his gi (uniform), complete with black belt, while Bruce showed up in his street clothes and simply took off his shoes. The fight lasted exactly 11 seconds – I know because I was the time keeper – and Bruce had hit the guy something like 15 times and kicked him once. I thought he’d killed him”.

    Lee’s eventual celebrity put him in the path of a number of men who sought to make a name for themselves by causing a confrontation with Lee. A challenger had invaded Lee’s private home in Hong Kong by trespassing into the backyard to incite Lee in combat. Lee finished the challenger violently with a kick, infuriated over the home invasion. Describing the incident, Herb Jackson states,

    ” One time one fellow got over that wall, got into his yard and challenged him and he says ‘how good are you?’ And Bruce was poppin mad. He [Bruce] says ‘he gets the idea, this guy, to come and invade my home, my own private home, invade it and challenge me.’ He said he got so mad that he gave the hardest kick he ever gave anyone in his life. ”

    That’s just awesome stuff.

  45. Bruce because of “secret martial arts” that were not supposed to be filmed. Brandon because of his mother.

    Could be true, could be false! Makes for an interesting movie. Richard Park could play Bruce Lee!

  46. LOL!

    I might be the only person who has never seen The Crow. I hear they’re remaking it.

    I’m sure Channing Tatum will get the role. I can’t stand that guy!

  47. Gift of GAB-orik on

    some say it was a delayed reaction to a Dim Mak strike, others say triads…. ahh the mysteries and conspiracies that surround celebrity deaths!

  48. Just because someone is over a certain age doesn’t make them “washed up”


    Unless your name is Brad Richards. (;

  49. Thanks for your kind words, everyone..Glad you enjoyed it. Mrs and I will be happy to do it again. Is everyone back home safe?

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bruce Lee might be fast… But he would lose in a flash to the PRUST…

  51. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I thin my favorite is the obviously photoshopped street sign that says ‘good luck’.

    I’m a big fan of visual humor.

  52. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Upon Brandon Prust’s birth, Bruce Lee realized the prophecy had come to be, and died as a result.

    Brandon Prust killed Bruce Lee.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If THE PRUST held a dime in his palm and Bruce Lee tried to grab it, The PRUST would snap Bruce Lee’s arm off at the thought of it….down goes lee, down goes lee….

  54. hello and hope everyone up
    at ilb’s place
    is having a GREAT TIME!!

    wish i was there!

  55. somebody brought up the oddities of the old Dodgers, and they had some indeed. I remember some of those old timers …saw them play …a lot..
    Billy Loes ( now there was a character) they asked one day about winning 20 games and he said he wasn’t gonna try. His reason” ” because if he did it once they’d expect it all the time”…he also misplayed a groundball to the mound and it was an easy grab but he botched it. Complained that he’d lost it in the sun. Billy Cox ( great hands and third baseman, good hitter too. Duke Snider in Center Hodges at first, Reese at short, Jackie at 2nd, Carl {scoonge Furillo) RF with the awesome arm,Don Newcomb once pitched both ends of a double header and won both. ( think it was
    Charlie Dressen the Mgr…imagine letting a
    pitcher do that today? And don’t forget preacher Roe…

    Mets should be told about the old “Dodgers sym fony’ …….A raggedy band with horns and drums, marching up and down the stands…what fun years. ( I think that bleacher seats were about .85 cents)

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks, Fran. Another aspect about old-time baseball I liked then and miss now, is daytime games. I enjoy baseball in the warmth of the sunshine. Don’t care for it at all at night and in the cold, especially when it comes to attending night games in urban areas. No thank you.

    Every Saturday the Phillies played at home, almost always in the afternoon, at Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium they would treat about 5,000 Boy Scouts to the game, seating them upstairs in the left field bleachers. Great way to culitivate the next generation of fans, it was. Today, how many parents take their kids to Saturday night games? Sunshine, peanuts, hot dogs, hamburgers, the aroma of beer, somehow it all came together. And then we kids would surround the visiting club’s bus after the game and get autographs. I got autographs from players such as Scooter Rizzuto, Jackie Robinson, Vinegar Bend Mizell, Larry Jackson, Von and Lindy McDaniel, Hoyt Wilhelm, Sad Sam Jones, Wally Moon, Eddie Lopat, and the incredibly nice, to me, Alex Grammas.

    The sad sacks who wouldn’t sign included Pee Wee Reese, Gil McDougald (who was sulking after a Yankees double-header sweep of the A’s because he got just two hits against Philadelphia pitching), and the worst of all, Cardinals pitcher Murray Dickson. What an insular, robotic personality he was, starting with the scowl on his face. Creepy. How can you be so distant with kids who idolize you and have stars in their eyes?

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Gift-of-GAB-orik – Did you ever hear of a karate champion, not the retired ballplayer, not the retired basketball player, by the name of Bill Russell? Wonderful friend of mine in France, years ago. Lost track of him, never have stopped trying to find him, again. He had a good karate friend in California by the name of Bill Yoder.

  58. Boom Boom….

    Connie Mack…Cornelius McGillicuddy

    I was watching a game on TV one day and my wife could care less about sports, but I heard the announcers make mention of Connie Mac, and she perked up… ” Oh…he used to live across the street from us in South Meriden CT when I was just a little kid. My mother would borrow from him from time to time ( sugar, flour etc. they did that in those days,) and I believe he might also have been on her paper route( she used to deliver newspapers in a horse drawn sleigh around town when she was a kid, her and her sister.

  59. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, Boneheads!

    Sounds like everyone had a fun time at ilb’s shindig – sounded like a real good time!

    Reading the old baseball stuff with some interest – got a soft spot for the old Brooklyn Dodgers, since my dad and his family were big fans – they left Brooklyn when I was just a little guy, so I don’t remember watching them, but I lament their loss anyway…

    McGillicuddy!! Up the Irish!!!

  60. JimboWoodside on

    “sounded”!? Is that even a word? Well, I hope everyone knows what I meant…..

  61. If it’s the same person, he passed 11 years ago.

    William Scott Russell, Martial Arts Instructor
    January 23, 2000|The Morning Call

    William Scott Russell, 51, of 25 N. 18th St., Allentown, died Friday, Jan. 14, in Allentown.

    He was a martial arts instructor of Tae Kwan Do, Aikido Karate and the system of T’ai-Chi Kung Fu. He owned and operated The Studio, a martial arts school in Allentown. He also worked at Isshin Kempo, Summit, N.J., and The Kyodan, New Hope.

    Born in Orange, N.J., he was a son of the late James D. and Helen (Maguire) Russell.

    He produced a number of recovery therapy tapes for children, including, `The Little Bear` and `The Magic Store.` He also wrote `Karate: The Energy Connection.`

    He is listed in the 1970 edition of “Who’s Who’s in the World.”

    He was a senior member of the Order of DeMolay.

    Survivors: Two sisters, a brother and nephews.

    Services: private. Arrangements, David J. Boyko Funeral Home, Macungie.

  62. leetchhalloffame on

    I’ve heard the old adage that, like pitching you can never have enough defensemen. We have enough defensemen.

  63. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks, ddebened. I will check the source to see if it is the same Bill Russell. I remember his birthdate so it should be easy enough. He was married to a wonderful French woman, they lived in Villefrance, just outside Nice. They became my best friends during my extended stay in that part of the world. They broke up after I returned to the states. Strange ending to the story is that Bill’s wife, Jeannine, moved to North Carolina and contacted me in L.A. Shortly afterward, her family wrote to me from France and told me she had disappeard and the police could not trace her. Whatever the final chapter is to that bizarred story, I guess I will never know, although I do remember the family address in Villefranche so if I ever get back there, I will knock on their door. Thanks again.

  64. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just realized the age doesn’t match. The Bill Russell I knew turned 26 on Feb. 8, 1972. So in Feb. 2000 he would have been 54, not 51 as listed in the obit. Quite a relief to me, one of my most cherished friendships my lifetime.

  65. Did my good deed for the day. Saved a morning dove from oncoming nyc traffic. The bird is now in good hands. They promised to rehabilitate the bird and if they can’t they will have to put it down, I hope the former!

  66. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Fran thanks for your interesting close-up of Connie Mack story. I saw him in persone one time, and quite ironically. With two family members I attended the Phillies – NY Giants Labor Day double-header at Connie Mack Stadium in 1954. BUT, the game was SRO, as the Giants were just a month away from winning the World Series, and a big gate attraction. There were so many standees blocking our vision of the field, in disgust, we left in the second inning of the first game, quite a disappointment. However as we were walking on the sidewalk outside the ballpark, headed back to our car, a shuffling elderly man with an attendant approached us and passed us. It was Connie Mack and at one point I was within arm’s length of him, as we passed on the sidewalk. I remember his eyes were blurred, he looked like he was about out of time, and he did pass 17 months later.

    It was all so sad, because two months later the A’s franchise was officially transferred to Kansas City. But as least I got to see the man who built two of the greatest baseball dynasties in history, and the lifeblood of the team and franchise I miss so much, to this day. Dodgers and Giants fans of old can relate to that.

  67. Boom and all old Phillys, Brooklyn and all old timers who were around in those years. I was born and brought up in New Haven and used to follow them all to varying degrees at the time,

    I had actually close following of the NY Giants, with Al Dark, Stanky, Bobby Thompson, Whitey Lockman, Sal the Barber Magli,, Jim Hearn, Hoyt Wilhelm, and wouldn;t you know, that when Thompson hit his magic homer for the series, I was in Chicago, driving a cab and attending school, Watched it on land lady;s TV.
    early on was a Boston Braves fan, but when they moved to Milwaukee and I sort of rooted for them for a while, but when Lew Burdette beat the Yanks in the 57 WS I was stationed in Panama and there was no TV …only radio.

    But when I got discharged I reverted back to the Giants, but then the Dodgers and Giants went west, and I ditched them for good. That exact date is beyond my memory, and I can;t recall which came first…but I do have that record photo
    of the last game in Polo grounds

    YOu know that park was shaped like a Cricket Bat, with a Looong center field.

    Among my pet souvenirs: .
    is a B&W p photo of me, tbw, and my parents taken in Coogans Bluff, last Giants game in NY and people were cutting chunks of sod from the field for souvenirs.Yeah….I was a sort of fair weather fan, with divided loyalties.

  68. Where are everybody? One post in an 1 hour and a half…What a shame! Common guys and gals.

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting common threat, here. I attended the final Giants – Dodgers game played in Brooklyn, that was 9-1-57. Giants won, 7-5. Final out was Roy Campanella being called out on strikes with two runners on base, a hotly disputed call, and he had a case, as the pitch appeared to be no more than a foot outside the strike zone. Then, that off-season he had his accident, which really put baseball matters into perspective.

    I had the priviledge of attending the rededication of UCLA’s baseball stadium, from Sawtelle Field to Jackie Robinson Stadium, in 1986. Campy and Don Newcombe were honored guests on the field for the ceremony, and Newk gave a speech promoting a Jackie Robinson Day for this country. Later that year I spoke with Newk on the phone in a business context. Amazing connections we have with these larger than life men, it seems.

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