Ryan Callahan, you are on the clock


Here is the story by USA Today’s Kevin Allen and Mike Brehm about Brandon Dubinsky’s signing yesterday.

In it, they quote Ryan Callahan’s agent, Steve Bartlett, on where the negotiations stand.

I personally think Capt. Callahan will be signed before he gets to arbitration next Thursday, and that he will come in with a slightly higher dollar figure, and perhaps with an additional year, than did his linemate, Dubinsky, who signed for four years, $16.8 million Thursday.

Callahan is, after all, the face of the franchise, the player who dictates the way the Rangers play, coach John Tortorella’s favorite and most trustworthy player, and — unless I am wrong, which will be shocking in this case — the next captain.

The Rangers certainly have more than enough cap space to get Callahan signed before the hearing and to make both sides happy for a long time.


I am working on a pretty cool column about a former boxer, Michael Hogan, aka Shamus O’Brien, who fought in the early 1900s and passed away in 1959. He was buried in Yonkers — where his family had immigrated from Ireland — but without a headstone. Today a beautiful new stone will be dedicated at Hogan’s gravesite in a ceremony at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

I’ll put up the link once it appears on LoHud overnight or tomorrow.


AP Photo, above.

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  1. I was originally thinking he might come in under the Dubi figure, but given that he would be giving up more years as a UFA he might come in a little over.
    I think 5 years, $22.5m ($4.5m cap hit).

    Its going to be tight to fit Erixon & Eminger in under the cap if i’m close.

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Good Morning ‘Heads!

    Carpy, I hope you post up some good news about Cally by the time I go to lunch today! That would definitely add some extra ‘toasting’ to the weekend.

  3. Erixon is signed but no guarantee he makes the team yet.
    According to capgeek if we include erixon we’ve got $5.77m in cap space

    So we’d have to get Cally and 2 more d-men in (possibly DelZ and Eminger) – although MZA is down for $1.75m and i guess some bonuses are deferrable, are they? So is that $7.5m for Cally + 2 d-men?

  4. I believe bonuses were not deferred for this year due to the last year of the CBA.

  5. Pay the Captain! Sign Callahan! Build him his own hospital at MSG for all his broken bones!

  6. Given the way the team plays i’m surprised they havent employed a “padding specialist” to look at the players protection yet – or do some research into how Dan Girardi does it so well without breaking bones?

  7. Great POint UK. I think Cally’s broken hand inspired extra padding on their gloves but I am not sure about other padding. They should probably look into something. I might suggest chain mail.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Gorgeous weather upstate this morning….

    I think it’ll be a carbon copy of Dubinsky’s contract, with may be more money upfront in the form of bonuses to protect Ryan from possible roll back. But Carp could be right, he’s been right more often than not.

    UK- Erixon’s contract doesn’t count into their cap space until he makes the team. Hence, $5.77M is left for Callahan AND two more D-men. It’s probably a bit less since Redden’s contract is a tad more than 10% of $64.3M plus a few 100Ks from two way contracts played last year…It’ll be tight, but doable.
    CT- last year’s bonuses would have to paid this year anyway, it’s this year’s bonuses that can not be deferred until next season because of expiring CBA.

  9. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What a thrilling and special moment it will be when Cally and the Rangers take the ice for the first time with Cally wearing the “C.” It will mark the end of a dreadful, embarrassing lack of leadership era, and the beginning of positive, much brighter prospects for this organization, with possible Stanley Cup championship ramifications in the next two-three years. A lot can go wrong on the road to glory, of course, but regardless, this moment will mark the turning one of the biggest corners and pages in club history. Thank goodness the future has arrived. What a shady, abysmal immediate past.

  10. Boom Boom: what do you mean by a lack of leadership era? Drury may have not put up the numbers everyone wanted but his leadership was never questioned inside the locker room. He was very well respected as a leader. I’m sure Carp could give better insight on that.

  11. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Cally does not have to wear a “C” to be what he means to the team.

    If he gets the “C” that will be fine. If he does not, then I hope we don’t have an overreaction to it.

    Staal is worthy, hopefully Richards will be worthy, Dubie is worthy, and if goalies could be captains then King Henrik would also be worthy.

    Thrilling and special moments will come from this team…Can’t Wait

  12. cally 4 years 18 mil will be his contract. 4.5 cap hit.

    i would send mza down to hartford. i dont think he could play 5 on 5 consistently. his 1.75 mil could be taken away. he actually missed his last 5 shootout attempts after starting 5 for 5. again he has skill but lack of size and 5 on 5 play if i made the call he would go down to minors

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    My thinking is MZA starts the year in CT to save us the 1.75 million. That way, they don’t have to buy out Wolski. But if Wolski sucks, they will Whale him, and either MZA will get a call up or, knee permitting, they will bring in Prospal.

  14. eric- I would patient with MZA and give him opportunity on the big club…Same goes for Wolski…he may be tiny, but he’s elusive…I think a lot of Rangers fans have already forgot what this guy did for us and how he played when Cally went down…Sure he struggled towards the end of the year, (even though he assisted on Captain Dreary’s 1 clutch goal against the Devs) but people forget that the guy was a rookie and only played 42 NHL games…he is still a work in progress…not a bust..

    If anyone should be sent to Hartford out of the gate, it’s EC. What a dandy.

  15. Stepan was also a ghost for long stretches last year and we’re not whaling him, right?….Prust sayin’

  16. The question is whether MZA will be patient with the Rangers if they stick him in Hartford again.

  17. MZA’s shoot out success rate was probably attributed to the fact that very few of the goalies had faced him, particularly in the skills comp.

    Once the book was out on him he didn’t really make any adjustments and was predictable.

    And I think last year he was far from elusive. Nowhere close to the speed of someone like St. Louis or even Gomez. Hopefully the skating lessons help this summer.

  18. Anyone concerned that Cally could crumble under the weight of a deceivingly cumbersome piece of cloth?
    I mean he doesn’t have much experience guaranteeing victories or lifting entire cities.
    His entire game could be thrown off as he tries to score hat tricks with single shots.
    After all anything less than a 30 goal season would be unacceptable for anyone wearing the “C” and sporting a fat contract.

  19. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    I am…quite excited about the upcoming year.

    Is it October yet?

  20. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    If you look at the picture posted at the top of this blog entry, Cally looks like a hobbitt !

  21. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    you guys need to come my way..its 59 F….almost chilly

  22. Once again, jealous, Eddie… :)

    It’s brutal in Manhattan today….I lost power last night at like 11:20 (sigh) and that’s why I couldn’t blog..

  23. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – i gots what you need to be chilled to the bone…..you dig?

  24. My computer weather alert reads “93 F” which is usually wrong by about 10 degrees making it somewhere in the ‘hood of “103 F” outside.

  25. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    the weather here is pretty much in 50-60’s all year round….sept/oct warms up……but never too hot…never too cold…

  26. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    monterey….we grow a lot of grapes…our wine is better than napa valley imo….

  27. What is your favorite vineyard near you? I would like to try some and then write up some “tasting notes” for you on here.

  28. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    also good are Hahn, sterling, berlinger, BV coastal…..any of you watch golf?….the beach we walk on is under the 10th tee at pebble beach…..you can imagine the beauty…

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Monterey is my pick for CA Chardonnay, but I’m not a big fan of Chardonnays. If I’m going white, I like something less full bodied.


  30. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    schied had a 97-98 Cab that had a brilliant green pepper spicy taste…..incredibly delicious…

  31. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – we have some really nice buttery chards..especially good with chicken, scallops, lobster, halibut, or orange roughy

  32. Mister Delaware on

    If Callahan signs for $4.5MM, Eminger for $1MM and Del Zotto is up at his just over $1MM cap hit, just dumping Christensen and his $975K hit gets us under the cap. There’s absolutely zero wiggle room, but we’d be there.

  33. This blog just got Classy!

    I am a big fan of Reisling’s from the Alsace region. I had a terrific Weimbach (“Domaine Weinbach, Schlossberg, Cuvée Ste. Catherine 1999”) on my wedding day. Lordy, lordy. Oh and I should mention…..

    We began our meal with “Pouillon, Brut Vigneron, Brut, Premier Cru Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Vallée de la Marne.”

    If you have never eaten at 11 Madison Park…I highly recommend it as a once in a lifetime type experience (at least once for me because I cannot afford to live like that).

    *please note that I am almost embarrassed to post this.

  34. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    i am more of a Cab guy….but have been drinking quite a bit chardonnay of late…prolly cause of all of the seafood…

  35. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – schied makes an incredible Reisling for only $20/bottle…..very wet…and not too sweet

  36. “This blog just got Classy!”

    excuse me? it wasn’t classy enough for you before? all was missing is white wine? lol :P

  37. I loved Napa when I visited with my gf at the time. Felt like I was in another country. I was a huge fan of Domaine Carneros. Excellent sparkling varieties and Pinot Noir. The vintage sparkling Rose is amazing….

  38. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Sterling has been putting out some tremendous Cabs and syrahs in the last 3-4 yrs.

  39. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    napa is pretty…i used to live in Marin county…..book a reservation at the French Launderette …if you want a 7 course dining experience like no other…

  40. Food was amazing everywhere we ate…We stayed in Yountville…I must return one day…

  41. Also, French Laundry is a dream destination of mine. We are probably going there for our Honeymoon.

  42. I love that all us idiots that usually ruin this blog by talking about the most useless CRAP are currently engaged in a sophisticated wine discussion. What morons we are!

  43. Manny

    i kid i kid, bro! Im not big on white wine. I like red wine. Preferably Spanish.

    1996 Bodegas Monticello – Gran Reserva is my favorite.

  44. Mister Delaware on

    Echo French Laundry. We were out in SF last September but I just couldn’t find a way to justify the price tag at this point, hopefully Keller is still at it in 10 years or so when it wouldn’t hurt as much. Did get to hit up Incanto (and spoke with Cosentino for a bit, very nice, gracious guy) which was awesome. If you like trying weird stuff done well, its a great spot. Add in Russian River DIPAs and its pretty much reason enough to someday move there.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “I am a big fan of Reisling’s from the Alsace region.”

    I am as well. I’ve also had the bottle you mentioned.

    I would recommend the Paul Blanck Riesling from the Schlossberg Grand Cru. Very good from year to year.

  46. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – perhaps you can make the sharks.rangers road trip in 2 yrs….i will turn you on to the best seafood EVER…

  47. Carp is this a wine blog or hockey blog ?:)

    Last nigh I had a red rioja from Spain, which was amazing !!!!!

  48. Doodie I am sorry to rectify you..

    Its called Riesling instead of Reisling from Alsace region…Alsace region is not far from my place :)

    My apologies :)

  49. Good call @CCCP@ I love me some Spanish wines……Rioja baby. Gran Reserva. Bring it!

    Another Cali Vineyard I love is Ridge – they make such a delightful array of zin’s for those cold nights.

  50. I dont know CCCP I like the raisiny herb and plum tinges, and the oak as well. Still, I find it too green around the edges

  51. I was sitting in the world famous restaurant of one our best cooks in Munich/Germany Alfons Schuhbeck and recommended me the Rioja because he had served it very often to the former coach of Bayern München Louis van Gaal…Man bavarian food is so delicious :)

    A fantastic wine…:)

  52. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    spiral wines – out of napa makes some really good inexpensive cabs…

  53. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my fav B&B episode was when they worked at the fast food place..hahahahhahah he said fries hahhhahhhah

  54. Carp your blog is the best all over the place..People do not only have knowledge about hockey, they know a lot about the real important things in live :)

  55. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    carputha – who was threatening you?…I didnt see any flame post

  56. Hey look, he’s wearin’ a drive-thru headset! Maybe he works at BurgerWorld!

    (picks up phone) Uhh, hello? I’ll take a quarter pounder and a dozen chicks
    in tight shorts to go, please.

    Heh hehehehhehehheheheh heheheh.

    (simultaneously) huh huh huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh huhuh.

  57. I’m not as big expert or even amateur, when it comes to wines, so I trust this short, mustached Georgian guy – Josef Dzhugashvilli (a.k.a. Stalin) and drink his all time favorite, georgian red wine – “Khvanchkara”.

  58. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    stalin would have made a good PK man…he could kill off anything…

  59. Schnakenbeuer on

    You guys have tried the red Chianti or Valpolicella for a perfect italian dinner, starting with insalata mista, spaghetti bolognese as first course and saltimboca with french fries as main course !!!

    Delicious :)

  60. Schnakenbeuer on

    CCCP, you probably have the Borscht soup with the blini afterwards and wonderful black caviar !!!!

  61. @dchesnokov: Yashin’s agent Mark Gandler to SovSport: “At this time we are negotiating with the #Islanders…and are seriously considering their offer.”

    Wow! So, the Isles will offer him a new contract, while still paying his old contract? LOL!

  62. Schnakenbeuer on

    insalata mista, spaghetti bolognese, and saltimboca vino bianco is like

    Brandon Dubinsky – Brad Richards- Marion Gaborik :)

  63. So Pashnin is another guy that will compete with Erixon and MDZ for D spot….was announced that he will play in the America this year…

  64. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ok lads and lassies…off for a walk thru an enchanted forrest…see youse later…

  65. So Doodie I need to apologize again ….

    How could I believe, that you would have made an mistakes when it comes to wines :)

  66. Good news! He’s better off playing in North America. Who knows, maybe he can beat out Erixon or V-Tank!

    I just love our defense! Aside from Eminger, if re-signed, are pretty much all home grown prospects. Stahl, Del Z, Girardi, Sour, then there’s McDonagh, and potentially Erixon, who were not drafted by us, but they haven’t played for another team, so I consider them on that list.

    Pretty cool! Only problem is, with all this depth on defense, and all these kids making the team, there’s not much room for guys like Pashnin, V-Tank, Kundratek, McIlrath, Redden, and one of our top prospects, Nightingale.

    Trades or injuries will open up a spot!

  67. Also, ORR. GREAT POINT. There are going to be injuries. Probably more than we expect even. So people are going to be driving a lot between Hartford and New York City to fill in from time to time.

  68. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!!

    I would be more concerned about dubi crumbling under the weight of a letter than cally.

    Yep, that stuff is Oslo is cracy, been watching BBC all morning about it…

    I read on twitter (take it for what it’s worth) that the canadiens might be interested in EC???? Just passing it on…BBForums_NYR BB Forums
    #Canadiens interested in #NYRangers Erik Christensen? goo.gl/NLKAw

    following the link, it came from eklund though, so guess I’m just adding filler. It would make the dollar sense that some of you had talked about to fit all under the cap though.

  69. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I believe chianti’s are rather dry

  70. I know Wicky he can barely stay on his skates as it is.

    The whole letter thing is over blown. They should have an American Idol-like competition so the fans can vote. I’m sure it’s a great honor to wear a letter but it should change very little what is expected of anyone on the team.

  71. Hey All,

    First let hope the attack in Oslo is not as bad as it looks…:(

    Back to hockey…anyone hear the rumor that the Canadians are desperately trying to get Eric Christensen from us. Of course if this were true I can’t imagine it taking to much to move him.

    I’m glad Dubi is signed, but I thought it was a little expensive, so now Calli’s contract will be that much more exp. I heard someone mention before, how about same contract, but with more incentives, and a higher signing bonus.

  72. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I’d love to see pashnin on the roster, and vtank as well this season, but I’m not sure where they would fit…unless it becomes a $$$$ issue with MDZ cap hit vs them or erixon falters, not sure I see a spot for them.

    This is one of the reasons I wish we would trade OPG!!

  73. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I wonder when cally signs if he will get a new car? Remember him and avery going to the doc together in callys car and avery tweeting about it, pretty funny!

  74. Left handed


    Del Z
    Right handed



  75. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    the sabres are 3.6 mil over the cap…THE SABRES!!! Sally needs to step away from her checkbook!

  76. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Not trying to be funny here, but what is (other than speed) mcdonut’s “style”? He didn’t seem overly physical to me last season, showed more of an all around game…vanilla type d man to me? Is he supposedly “better” at one part of his game than another?

  77. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on


    Did I miss something?

  78. Scott is right in the sense that the players and teammates and coaches viewed Drury a lot — A LOT! — different than he was viewed here. And really that’s what matters, right?

  79. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    isn’t having on bottle of Khvanchkara mandatory at the gatherings? If you don’t have it, straight to the gulag right?

  80. Who is Scott? Why is Sally spending so much money and where is she getting this money to spend?

  81. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I also agree with carp about drury. None of us liked the salary he had, but I don’t think he ever quit on his team or teammates. I do think cally will be the best captain we have had since the lockout. drury wasn’t bad, and was better than that other guy, but cally will be the best IMHO.

  82. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I will tell those of you who may not know, as regards the rationale behind the Oslo bombing. Norway has strict immigration laws and has not allowed its country to be overrun with a certain frenzied element which is taking over world demographics at a frightening rate. Norway’s sister country, Sweden, by contrast, has politicians, much like our own, who are more “P.C.” and who have allowed this threatening element to infiltrate Sweden, against the will of the people who put them in office (sound familiar?) to where entire urban areas, starting with the coastal Swedish town, near Copenhagen, of Malmo, are now occupied territory with the native Swedish residents fearful just to walk down the street in their own home town.

    My guess, subject to confirmation, is that this Oslo business was a foray launched from a Swedish base, as their are not that many middle eastern maniacs based in Norway. But this is just a guess on my part and we will learn more as the days pass. Hockey is as nice a diversion as anything else, from a civilized world society that is crumbling before our eyes. So that the hostile element wants to destroy us all, either from within or without. It’s called “A mission from Allah.” Oh, joy.

  83. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Getting back to the more important subject of hockey – Carp, Scott, and anyone else, hell, I did the stats, and that Drury fraud DID NOT TAKE THE BODY, and he DID NOT block shots. And of course he did not score, and he did not muck it up in the corners. This means that his “game” was to stay as far away from the puck as he could This parlays into respected leadership in the locker room? Who’s locker room is that? It sure as hell is not that of our New York Rangers, unless we have players on the team looking for free slices of pizza.

    This sourpuss was a total ZERO, except at the bank where they always kiss his butt because he has so much money for nothing the Rangers gave him.

  84. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    thanks. It is a very interesting situation and I will be very curious to see how our D corps shakes out over the next couple of seasons. It is soft on the big club now, but if (and it is a big IF)most of these guys pan out, there is some physicality. Mcilrath is mean and can hit, pashnin is a hitter as well as vtank. I believe ktek is also physical. OPG seems to be the most expendable at first glance, but then who??

  85. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I responded, CT, I did not initiate the political subject here, and you know that. BUG OUT!

  86. Not only are the two topics CT mentioned very controversial, but they bring me back to the real world. The entire reason I come here is to escape the real world!

  87. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The qualitative difference between team player Dan Girardi and “Me Player” Chris Drury is like the difference between the our solar system sun and a AA battery flashlight.

  88. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    boom boom
    they are both overpaid???

  89. Boom Boom

    I’ll give your political agenda a wide berth (I’ll just say I’ve been to Malmo and I don’t recognise the description).

    But still with the Drury DID NOT BLOCK SHOTS thing? Again, I’m no Drury fan and the MSG scorers are more than a little innumerate, but look at the stats on NHL.com for forwards between 2007 and 2010.

  90. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I must admit though, call drury a “me player” seems very against the “perception” of not only many int he rangers organization, but across the hockey world as a whole. If he is indeed a “me player” like you say, you should play the lottery IMMEDIATELY and drury has the ability to create world peace through his jedi mind trick at any moment!

  91. how can isles sign yashin if they still paying him. would he have to take the contract he has or tear it up and start over

  92. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    calling and in the….sorry for the typos

  93. Manny, we’ve got an underground chicken wing trafficking ring going here, very profitable. Don’t tell anyone.

  94. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    BS on orr’s lunch point, I protest!

  95. The only politics that are allowed to be discussed on this blog are Seinfeld quotes!

    “What is his stand on abortion?”
    “Well, I’m sure he’s pro-choice.”
    “How do you know?”
    “Because he, well, he’s just so good-looking.”

  96. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I knew a girl named ginger once!

  97. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    and the ducks had the worst rating apparently…one of the reasons listed…

    “Cam Fowler was an 18 year old rookie who isn’t defensively strong enough for the NHL. His opponents had little trouble exploiting him”

    just saying

  98. And the Rangers would have been further down the list if they didn’t block as many shots.

  99. Sally, are you going to ilb’s?

    Boom Boom, the only perception that matters, though, is that of his teammates and coaches. They completely disagree with you and many of us.

  100. Islanders bought out Yashin back in 2007 and have a cap hit of 2.2 mil still until the 2014-2015 season which means if they want they could bring him back with a new contract and other fans of other teams talk about the rangers and there signings, pretty dumb, maybe desperate.

  101. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    they have to pay him twice I believe

  102. Mister Delaware on

    “And the Rangers would have been further down the list if they didn’t block as many shots.”

    Its team attempts minus opponent attempts to measure possession. Blocks are included.

  103. that list shows the more talented teams on the top of the list but it’s ironic that the Bruins won the cup. There is hope for the rangers to win a cup, sometimes anything can happen in the playoffs especially when a team finds there game.

  104. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I do believe blocking so many shots is why they are further down on the list. If they would stay on their feet, hit someone, then take possession of he puck, they would be a lot higher on the list.

  105. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    the rangers were physical d men away from being the bruins…

  106. Mister Delaware on

    “I do believe blocking so many shots is why they are further down on the list. If they would stay on their feet, hit someone, then take possession of he puck, they would be a lot higher on the list.”

    Or … we need more sliding into the passing lanes???

  107. Mister DE,

    I’ve seen in some instances that Corsi strips out blocked shots and keep that as a separate category.

  108. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    but i would prefer for us to do it my way, wears on the other team more

  109. Mister Delaware on

    Might wear on the other team more, but its also less fun for Girardi. Pros and cons.

  110. There are actually people in my office complaining that “it’s too cold in here”. Go outside for a sec and see if you’re still cold…dopes…

  111. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    that isn’t cold, that is the foreboding wind coming prior to an eminger resigning…stay away from the ledges please!!

  112. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    is it me but does ibob just seem like such a bouche??

  113. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    and I’m only going if Sally is…

  114. And I cant because I am a little bit far away and nobody want to pick me up from JFK and I have a date with Kim Wilde tomorrow :)

  115. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp – Good point as regards “insider opinion.” However, much of what insiders disseminate to us trailer trash honkies on the outside is just so much pat “don’t make waves, safety first” mumbo-jumbo. Insiders do not really talk to outsiders like they are insiders. This goes for athletes, politicians, music and movie stars, etc. They cannot serve up enough pablum, fast enough.

    We will know more as regards the truth as to how Drury was really perceived on the inside by the way the team responds, to Callahan’s captaincy, if it comes about. It they are psyched up and over-achieve this coming season, I think we will have the verdict that the change has been perceived as postive, on the inside. On the other hand, if the team does not seem inspired by the change, I will certainly recant my position, and being an outsider, I have been wrong on these conjectural matters, many times before.

  116. Orr..its speculation over here but they say its terror attack from Al Khaida !!!!

  117. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    and I agree 1000%

  118. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I wonder if Kansas City will like Yashin or vice versa?

  119. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    well, vacation over…off to work assens!


  120. Right now I am watching the Darts World Matchplay from Blackpool England quarterfinals between Raymond van Barneveld vs. James Wade

    Anyonei interested in those kind of follies ?:)

  121. Cant remember that MSG staged ever a darts event ????

    Is it popular as well over there in the U.S. ?????

  122. You guys heard about that Maxim Afinogenow married Elena Dementieva the former tennis player last Saturday in Moscow as Alexej Yashin was a guest there ?????

  123. I hope these al qaeda animals pay for this! Tragic what’s happening in Norway!!!

  124. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    To all my fellow Boneheads:

    I am going off the grid for 8 or 9 days as I will be in the Green Mountains in “Mont Ver”.

    By the time I return, I expect Cally to be signed at a cap hit of $4.2, Wolski to be bought out, Prospal to be signed or officially invited to camp, MZA and/or EC to be t, raded, and Carp to bag a hole in one.

    See youse in August….I Am A Ranger

  125. We will know more as regards the truth as to how Drury was really perceived on the inside by the way the team responds, to Callahan’s captaincy

    That is high fuggin larious

  126. Manny,

    What are you doing, what are you doing, what, what, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


  127. I was just wondering if Al Qaeda had a petting zoo because NYR said they were animals. I thought they were people! So maybe al qaeda owns like a goat farm or something?

  128. Very surprised anyone would think Drury is in anyway a “Me” player. I understand why Jagr was considered a me player but I would have never put Drury in that light.

    As far as Callahan, it has been talked to death about him being the next Captain. With that being said, unless Carp can tell us otherwise (Insider info) Callahan is expected to be an outstanding Captain, and a leader by example. Not sure what there is to question there. Like I said it’s been talked about so much, that I think people are thinking it’s already so. (little confusing)

    Personally I’m looking forward to the Rangers having an outstanding year. I think they are better then last year, but my only thing I’m concerned about, “Is Richards the answer to most of the Rangers problems.” I still think Richards, Gaborick, Jagr Power Play could have been one of the best. Just wondering if the Rangers should have passed on Jagr considering he’s got to be worth at least 20 goals.


  129. Manny,

    I can’t even believe it. In your attempt to be “funny,” you spew forth more hate! Are you stereotyping the Middle East as having large goat populations? Bigot!

  130. i recommend going to islanderspointblank.com and read the article by chris botta about yashing and the timing

    good read

  131. I think the best solution to the Norway issue would be arming the populace with axes and sending them off on a longboat expedition to rid themselves of the terrorists. Proving to them that the Norsemen are polytheistic barbarians will really quell their zeal!

  132. Amen Latona. They need to bring the Viking back. Those that burned down most (all) of Ireland by sailing up the Liffey which is about 2 feet deep.

    Vikings were awesome. They sailed across the flippin’ Atlantic in Longboats! Exposed to the conditions for days. Those were tough men. Also, good dairy farmers.

  133. That’s more like it!

    If Vikings bled Prust no wonder the Native Americans had a tough time fighting them!

  134. Sally,

    I did! I did! I was hoping someone would catch that.

    In exchange for my awesome point, you get 400 more lunch points. That increases your lead over Jimbo by, well, 400. Your lead is at 401.

  135. I hope you guys know I am totally serious. This is really funny and I really do hope it never ends.

  136. Do Vikings like big butts? If you guys haven’t gone to that website yet I would encourage you to do so. Not at work of course. It’s good for a laugh or 6. I won’t post the link because I don’t want to get Carp into any hot-water. Which reminds me of a butt-man feature I saw at a subway magazine stand.

  137. “A complaint filed Friday in Minneapolis says Aaron Boogaard, 24, gave his brother an Oxycodone pill the day of his death. Authorities said earlier that Derek Boogaard died of a mix of alcohol and Oxycodone”

    “Aaron Boogaard is charged with unlawful sale of a controlled substance. He’s also charged with interfering with the scene of a death for allegedly trying to mislead or conceal evidence”


  138. “Aaron Boogaard found his brother’s body when he returned home after picking up another brother at the airport. He called 911, then destroyed the remaining Percocet and Oxycontin pills by flushing them down a toilet, according to the complaint”

  139. That’s really upsetting. I feel very badly for his brother if that is the case – he probably had nothing but good intentions towards Derek. He probably worshiped him because he was a pro hockey player.

  140. Mister Delaware on

    Orr, that just doesn’t read right, right? “A pill”? I was told by my dentist that a percoset and a beer or two is fine, just “don’t leave the house”. And I didn’t.

    This whole thing just sucks. Unless he was running some insane ring or robbing pharmacies, don’t you just cut the middleman who I imagine feels pretty damn responsible for his brother’s death a break?

  141. LOL! I shouldn’t laugh at Intervention but it’s a very entertaining show…it’s unreal how these people live before an intervention even takes place!

  142. The show is meant to be a trainwreck. If it was about normal people that easily came to grips with their problems it wouldn’t be much of a show.

  143. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Tony – the next time you swing by the central coast…let me know….its a comfortable 70F as I type….

  144. JimboWoodside on

    Manny, you’re learning a lot of weird things at those “subway stands”……… ;-D

  145. There was another show on A&E, that was similar. I think it had to do with OCD, but I’m convinced it was fake.

    The guy in the first episode was a hardcore germaphobe, yet he was dating a male porn star. It just made no sense.

    Then there’s “Hoarders” which I heard is hilarious.

  146. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie, stop rubbing it in, or we’ll come out there and steal your weather for real!!

  147. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Those oxys are not to be played with…..and drinking with them can be fatal…as was the case here…

  148. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …unless of course, it’s someone that I don’t care for…then it’s a little funny….

  149. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – yeah….in about a million years, SF will be south of LA…..due to seismic shifting….the ’89 earthquake, game 2 of the WS…..that was crazy….

  150. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – i am a Gman fan….Jets?….aren’t they flying machines?

  151. I like the Jets logo. But i still don’t get why would anyone want to keep a name of a loser franchise and jump for joy about it? i don’t get it…

  152. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr – if matt cooke were skating in a game and he spontaneously combusted….I would literally lol

  153. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …or if Crosby inadvertently skated head first into anything…i would feel kinda bad…..but I would quickly get over it…

  154. JimboWoodside on

    I’m sure I would, Eddie – but I’d really like to stay alive so I could enjoy the climate, too! ;-)

  155. JimboWoodside on

    Somebody made a great point a few days ago – can you imagine how much that the league will be protecting The Skid when he returns to the ice!? Anyone even giving him a *dirty look* will be getting a five-minute major…

  156. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – the new skid rule will likely prohibit even thinking about the lil whiner….

  157. Paul in sunrise on

    I am late to the discussion. But Del Dotto wines caves were great. And Botegas in Yuntville was fantastic food. Short ribs were awesome.

  158. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just saw the new Winnipeg Jets logo, nice design, in my opinion, a CF-18 Hornet silhouette superimposed over a red Canadian maple leaf. Looks modern and streamlined and the new Jets ownership and their fans can be proud of it.

  159. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Re Crosby: I could see one of his own players bumping into him…2 minutes….

  160. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Jimbo – the doc and edzo with the call……”and crosby moves in for the draw….ALONE….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  161. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    For those interested…tonight’s meal will be simple but incredible…Lobster Tails boiled in boiled in butter, salt, and an inexpensive chard……. an assortment of vegetables stir fried in olive oil, jasmine rice with a hint of lemon…and some sterling chardonnay……

  162. JimboWoodside on

    Hahahaha!!! Yeah, Eddie – maybe the league will institute a “free shot” from the faceoff dot (*only* for the Skid) sorta like they have in soccer…..

  163. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – ever see the lil rascals episode when stymie is asked if he would like an artichoke and he says “it may have choked artie, but it aint gonna choke stymie!!”

  164. LOL! Nope. Funny though! Never really got into the show. I know it’s a classic but kind of before my time, I’m 28…er, i mean 26. My dad had always told me what a funny show it is!

  165. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    28?….errr 26?……wow, i have lint in my naval older than that….

  166. Its so hot…how hot is it?

    It’s so hot, today I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

  167. It was so hot in Palm Springs the Betty Ford Center said, “Screw it, open the bar. Drinks for everybody”

  168. Its so hot that lawyers are killing themselves because they know its cooler in Hell.

  169. It’s so hot…
    the retirement center is having a wet t-shirt contest — and ORR!! really doesn’t approve!

  170. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    it’s so hot I turned on the oven and stood in front of it to cool down

  171. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jeff – ugggg bad visual…..gouge my eyes , please, if i am forced to look at that…

  172. Its so hot, You cancel your Hotmail account because you didn’t like the name of it.

  173. JimboWoodside on


    They have the new Winnipeg logo on the tsn.ca/nhl page.

    It will probably annoy some Canadian folks who will call it too “militaristic”….that does look like a military jet in the logo…..

  174. I’d go with a Cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, CC.

    I had one last night! Friigin aww-some!

    And earlier we discussed how awesome October will be, well, I forgot, not only is there new South Park, and Beavis & Butt-Head, as well as NYR hockey, but “The Walking Dead” returns. Probably even Dexter, as well as other shows.

    Love October! Weeee! I just saw the trailer for the new Dexter season. Shwaaay!

  175. I hate B&B, but there is one episode that makes it all worth it: the one where Beavis/Butthead gets a nose bleed. Absolutely hysterical.

  176. What does this mean? “Sally crushes the Jimbo”

    Ooo I love Dexter! And B&B, duh. Thank you drive through.

  177. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    It’s 14 degrees C right now, what are you guys talking about?

  178. JimboWoodside on


    I did! I did! I was hoping someone would catch that.

    In exchange for my awesome point, you get 400 more lunch points. That increases your lead over Jimbo by, well, 400. Your lead is at 401.”

    This was what I was referring to, Sally! You’re crushing me in the lunch point battle, which I’m not actually competing in! ;-D

  179. Paul in sunrise on

    Jets logo cool. Big fan of logos without team names. Except tried and true diagonal rangers.

  180. Jimbo, thanks for explaining! I am sorry for crushing you!

    ORR, that show ruled. I’m glad it was such an influential part of your life.

    Good evening, Carp!

  181. JimboWoodside on

    No problem, Sally! If I have to be crushed, it might as well be you who does it! :)

  182. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Tony, I remember a September I was in Phoenix, that was 1992, when it was 112 degrees in the shade. No humidity though. That would really have been a killer. Just clean heat.

  183. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s so hot, I put one of my feet in an ice bucket and the other in an oven on “low” and the average temperature was Fahrenheit 451.

  184. Boom Boom, you’re riot.lol. You should curl like an old cheese in this case from the temperature difference.

  185. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    To see the Jets new logo, go to http://www.tsn.ca and click on “NHL.” Surprise to me, just 60 per cent of the respondents to their poll, like the logo, which raises the questions, what the hell do they want, and how could THEY have done better?

  186. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s so hot in Phoenix in August, the cops pay to get into the air conditioned donut shops.

  187. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s so coldin Phoenix, right now, the Coyotes are playing shinny on an outdoor frozen pond.

  188. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Speaking of The little Rascals, Orr, I bumped into Jackie Coogan, making a movie in Hollywood, in 1975. He was taking a lunch break and eating a sandwich while sitting on the curb. Rather pathetic-looking fall from childhood stardom, his was. But he was really nice and signed some autographs, which proves being a “has been” beats being a “never was.” Sort of like Chris Drury’s situation, today. lol

  189. Callahan hasn’t signed? Making us wait?!? Fire Callahan!!! Trade everybody! Defending the core!

  190. You want hot? How bout FOUR straight days of 100 plus temps. It’s not hot, it’s just gross by this point in tiime.

    I’m so sad, though. First time I’ve ever missed the dulcet voice of Tom Durkin announcing “Aaaaand they’re off at Saratoga” :(

  191. giantsNYrangers on

    Hey Rick, this is John from Airmont Eats…….Im out here on your blog now!! Im really gonna enjoy this site I think……..

  192. JimboWoodside on

    Jackie Coogan! He was a cast member in The Munsters, wasn’t he? Or was it The Addams Family? Yeah, Addams, I think….

  193. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    hello peeps….mickey – you like the ponies?……i love the daily racing form…

  194. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – even chilled, it went into the freezer for 20 minutes…..smooth as glass….

  195. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …pours 4ever a nice sized goblet of the softest chardonnay I know….

  196. Love the ponies, eddie. Especially Saratoga. Home is only 30 minutes away from the track, so I’ve been there plenty of times.

  197. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    tried to warn you about the weather there, but of course you dumped me for a guy with a stammer when he types his name!!

  198. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    can’t believe no one else here drinks mead….????

  199. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    know what else I miss, black russian bread, can’t find it anywhere around here!!

  200. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    pumpernickel everyone says is the closest thing they have…HA!!

  201. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – i am carrying mickey’s baby…so be nice……Mick – i was a fixture at Del Mar (where the surf meets the turf) outside of san diego……and of course hollywood park…which is right across the street from the forum where the LA Kings used to play…..my fav jockeys were Chris McCarron, Patrick Valenzuela, and whenever Willie shoemaker rode for charlie Wittingham……..good god that combo made me a ton of money in $5 boxed exactas….

  202. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    sorry, i have baby envy!!

  203. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – like CA sourdough? it is the only bread out here that compares to the breads of the city….I miss hard rolls, good rye bread, and real bagels and pizza….

  204. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ..at the track, I never made a total killing…but i was good for a profit of $300 or so a day…..of course, i was up all night studying the racing form so it left not much time for other things….

  205. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …and one more thing wicky…my stutter is a direct result of a terrible paper cut i got on my tongue licking the back of an envelope….

  206. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    sourdough is ok, I dated a girl from latvia for quite a while and got addicted to black russian bread and now………………..can’t find it anywhere!!

  207. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I hope they were not envelopes from george costanza!!

  208. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    back to work!!

    later assens

  209. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    hello laddie…..dude —-too bad you aren’t here…..sweet as shuga…

  210. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …did you see that menu?…..pretty cool eh?…that is where i shop…

  211. Everybody say Hi to John from Airmont Eats (screen name giantsNYrangers). He’s new here. He made me an awesome chicken parm panini the other day.

    Bring some friends, John. We can always use new Boneheads (that’s a compliment, by the way).

  212. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    OIL….toil…….soil…and ….boil…know what i am sayin?

  213. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    carputha – i have a tasty, yet simple, recipe for chicken parm……one of my fave things to eat…eggplant parm aka moohnam (sp) parm….is also the bomb….

  214. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo…you had your grocer posting a week or so ago……but i think that was more about the mets being 5-12 than anything else….

  215. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    yo john…great blog…welcome, laddie……..i am a2e3

  216. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha, we could conceivably arrange a tutoring session with you, me, and tony should the stars align…..yikes…..danger….

  217. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    john – i may be adding alternative to my title too….that is, if counselor Noah signs off as he has a copyright…

  218. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – howdy…..did you know that bulldog plays right wing? :)

  219. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    otay eddiebody….i be goin…see youse on the flip side….peace out…

  220. Sorry wicky, but you just weren’t swift enough. ;)

    eddie, I’m more of a ‘look at the program and see what jockey/trainer’ is hot this summer and pick’em that way. I never spent more than $60 and normally lost, lol. I have a soft spot for Angel Cordero, Jr and Julie Krone, two jockeys who were beloved at the Spa. The best part, its still only $3 for General Admission, except on Travers Day. Ahhh, ‘Toga…

  221. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Associate Assistant Eddie Eddie Eddie – Best jockey colony of all time = So. Calif. circuit in mid 70’s to early 80s = Shoemaker, Pincay, Hawley, McCarron, McHarge, and a young Delahoussey.

    Steve Cauthen and Angel Cordero came out from New York to try their hand there, and gave up. Cauthen, the darling of New York, at one point had 105 consecutive losing mounts at Santa Anita. Here was one of the greatest jockeys of all time who could not dent So. Calif. racing at the peak of his career.

    Those were great times, I liked Neil Drysdale and in particular his fine colt, Forceten. Bobby Frankel was a hot walker in NY, and went west and graduated from claiming trainer to internationally trainer of renown.

  222. giantsNYrangers on

    hey thanx guys , im sure im gonna like it here cuz ur talking about my fav topic………the Rangers and oh yeah the Giants…….(although not one of my fav topics right now…..ughhh!!)……..cant wait for the season to start…….havent been this psyched during the Rangers off-season in many,many years! We just might have a deep team this year with 3 legit scoring lines and FINALLY maybe a PP to be excited about to go along w a very good PK and defense in general…….uhhhh is it october yet?!!!!……..and hey Rick…….how was the heat all day at your golf outing?…..lol

  223. Hey John! Hey ex-captain Drury! Its midnight in New York and it’s still 90 degrees!!

  224. Oh yea. And my Internet is out. Good thing 3G was invented. And I am out of whisky. At least good ones. I’m down to moonshine. Help. More Jeffersons 18 year please.

  225. giantsNYrangers, you’re going to fit right in here. Soon you’ll learn all the nutso language (we have all kinds of substitutes for swear words, like byfuglien, carcillo, cooke, bryzgalov, clutterbuck, etc. And that everybody’s 26 years old here.

    Oh, and you can call me Rick, but everybody else calls me Carp for some reason.

    See you next time I’m in the neighborhood. Hopefully it will be a little cooler.

  226. eddie,

    Sorry I never responded before. I left the computer after I welcomed John aboard.

  227. JimboWoodside on

    Welcome to the nuthouse, John!! I’ll take a sausage & pepper hero, or a panini, or whatever it was that you made for Carp!

  228. Oh, welcome, John. You’re going to love it here even more around December, when we discuss the pros and cons of trading Lungfist.

    It’ll be new to you, but to most here, it’ll be the same things said the last three seasons :P

  229. I like the logo but hopefully thats not the design they put on the front of the jersey. I think the bottom right logo (the one that simply says Winnipeg Jets) would look nice on the front with the logo used as a shoulder patch.

  230. Seinfeld, Beavis & Butthead, holdouts, movie quotes, wine, Willie Mitchell, weather, PS3 vs Xbox, coat-checks, defending the core….and oh yeah, the New York Rangers…

    The Giants? we talk about Giants? ;)

  231. Dubi: “Ready to Take That Step”
    July 22

    One day after agreeing to terms on his new contract with the Rangers, Brandon Dubinsky was working out at the MSG Training Center, preparing for the 2011-12 season, on Friday. Of the responsibility that comes with a new big contract, Dubinsky said today, “There’s a lot of weight that comes with the contract I just signed, and a lot of expectations that come with it, but I think I am ready to take that step and make sure that I play up to those expectations. I think I am improving and getting better each and every year, and I don’t think this year will be any different. I look forward to build off the success I had last year. But to take that next step, personally, I need that consistency every night, the consistency in the level of my play. With the responsibility I have to the team, consistency is a big part of it for me.”

  232. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Dubi’s nice little speech sounds like he is lobbying for the captaincy. Public figures sure like to blow smoke rings in our faces.

  233. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s what people don’t say that reveals their thinking, not what they do say.

  234. Good morning, boneheads!
    I’m ready for the party, but no one is here yet. WTB? :-) It looks like the weather will cooperate too. 

    There is another article in NY Post about Boogaard and his brother, and how he was addicted, and how Aaron didn’t help him by giving him pills and blah, blah, blah…BC! Do not judge the person or his brother. *IT’S A DISEASE!* Disease that this country doesn’t pay enough attention to. As devastating to humans’ lives as any other, if not more. 
    My wife and I are both doctors.  And I’m here to say that I want to condemn any and every dirty, greedy doctor who’s ever written an illegal prescription to someone who suffers from that illness. We are here to cure, not to cause the illness. These “doctors” need to be jailed and stripped off their licences. 

    And I’m wearing Boogaard’s T made for his charity today for our Boeheads Party. RIP Derek. 

  235. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Welcome John! You will soon be indoctrinated into our particular brand of crazy :)

    Has Captain Calla-holdout signed yet??

    I walked outside today and my sweat cursed me out. Then pulled a Matt Cooke cheap shot followed by a P.K. Slewfoot. Weird.

  236. all the boneheads enjoy the day at ilb.

    indoors for the baby and i today. too freaking hot.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boom boom – yes the sc jockey circuit was really something… You named sone great ones…one jock, Corey Black, had an amazing apprentice year somewhere around 85 or so…Laffit Pincay – a great rider…. Eddie D – yes….Did you ever make it down to Del Mar? It was only a short season, but what a gorgeous track. I got to to sit atop one of Spectactular Bid’s sons one time… A beautiful horse but he never ran.

  238. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Have fun at the ilb residence all! Wish I could be there… but alas i’m working all day.

  239. I happened to grab ‘Requiem for a Dream’ from the library and watched it last night.
    Definitely an uplifting, feel good movie.

  240. 4ever is here. Everyone else is on their. Whoever isn’t coming- eat your heart out! :-)

  241. ilb very nice of you, I’m sure boneheads will have a blast – stay thirsty my friend

  242. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I hope everyone has a great time at the most interesting man in the world’s house!! Wish we were there!!

    If you want an “uplifting” movie to watch, try the boy in the striped pajamas…sheesh!

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