Official announcement on the Dubinsky signing


From the Rangers:


New York, July 21, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Brandon Dubinsky on a new contract.

Dubinsky, 25, skated in 77 games with the Rangers last season, registering 24 goals and 30 assists for 54 points, along with 100 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in goals, assists, points, power play assists (seven), power play points (11), and shots on goal (202).  Dubinsky led the Rangers in points, goals, assists, and road points (26), ranked second in shots, tied for first in road goals (14), third in power play goals (four) and power play points (11), fourth in power play assists (seven), and led all team forwards in average ice time (20:13).  He led the Blueshirts with a career-high, 13 multi-point performances, including a season-high, three-point effort (one goal, two assists) at Pittsburgh on March 20.  His goal in that contest, an empty-netter, was his 50th point of the season, marking the first time he reached that scoring plateau.  Dubinsky skated in his 300th career NHL game on March 3 vs. Minnesota, and recorded his 100th career NHL assist on February 1 vs. Pittsburgh.  In addition, Dubinsky led the Rangers with two playoff goals and tied for the team lead in scoring with three points in five postseason contests.

The 6-1, 210-pounder has skated in 316 career NHL contests with the Rangers, registering 71 goals and 108 assists for 179 points, along with 347 penalty minutes.  Dubinsky has reached the 40-point plateau in each of his four NHL seasons, and has notched 20 or more goals in each of the last two seasons.  In 2009-10, he established career-highs with a plus-nine rating and six power play goals.  Dubinsky led the Rangers in game-winning goals for two consecutive seasons in 2008-09 (seven) and 2009-10 (five), with 12 of his 33 goals counting as game-winners over the span.  His seven game-winning tallies in 2008-09 marked a career-high and tied for 14th among all NHL skaters.  Dubinsky was twice selected to skate in the NHL YoungStars Game at the NHL All-Star Weekend (2008, 2009), and was named MVP of the 2008 event after registering three points (two goals, one assist) in the contest.  In addition, Dubinsky has registered seven goals and eight assists for 15 points, along with 32 penalty minutes in 22 career NHL playoff games.  He established postseason career-highs in games played (10), goals (four), assists (four), and points (eight), while finishing fourth on the team in points and tying for second in goals during the 2008 playoffs.

As a rookie in 2007-08, Dubinsky ranked seventh in the NHL among first-year players in scoring with 40 points, and led all rookies and ranked 15th in the league overall with 196 hits.  He won the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award, voted by the fans as the player who performs “above and beyond the call of duty,” following his rookie season.  Dubinsky made his NHL debut on March 8, 2007 at Long Island, and recorded his first career NHL point with a power play assist on October 25, 2007 vs. New Jersey.  Dubinsky captured the 2006 Lars-Erik Sjoberg Award as the best rookie of the Rangers Training Camp as voted by select New York media.

Internationally, Dubinsky recently represented the United States at the 2010 World Championship in Germany, registering three goals and seven assists for 10 points, along with a plus-three rating in six contests.  He ranked second among all tournament skaters in assists and points.

The Anchorage, Alaska native was originally selected as the Rangers’ second round choice, 60th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Dubinsky was *not* under contract when he supposedly held out.


    Yesterday you said the Rangers had to get a split in Sweden, now the very first game is a must win? Do you have a degree in morbid pessimism or is it a natural talent?

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – the rangers need to split in sweden if they have any hopes of playing deep into May.

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Dubie Dubie Dooooooooooooooo (said like Fred Flinstone)

  4. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Wow they are getting things done today!!! Someone call me at work if
    Cally gets signed before 5 pm cst!!!

  5. I have a feeling they took the contract signing pen away from Slats last year after the Boogaard deal.

  6. Mister Delaware on

    “we are signing a healthy scratch for 3 years ?”

    If he’s cool with the pay and status of a 6/7 and injury fill-in, I love it.

    Q: Can you ever have too much jam?

    A: No. You can never have too much jam.

    TA: F*ck no. You can never have too much f*cking jam.

  7. lw3h

    always a pessimist. always expecting the worst. but in reality though you have to agree that the frist seven on the road are a huge test. 500 record would be fine in my books. as for going to europe. it would suck going all the way there and coming back 0-2 especially in hanks home country.

    i just dont want to be 1-5-1 before we play a home game

  8. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Either sather had a full lobotomy, or there is a silent puppet master pulling the strings!!

  9. I’m not going to let this Eminger signing ruin my summer.

    Glad to have Dubi. but he better improvi on the consistenci

  10. Do you guys think that Brandon Dubinsky would have get more money in the new contract, when the arbitrator would have awarded it ????

    What do you guys think about Drury continuing his carreer somewhere ????

    Do you see him returning to the west coast where he is home during off season somewhere in the western conference ????

    And what about Vaclav Prospal ??? Do you guys think the Rangers are interested to bring him back to the Rangers ????

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, amazing how many people are taking Orr at his word when Waseka is right there to disprove him.

  12. Eminger at 3 years? No way. Given the depth at D in the org, that’s like signing Patrick Rissmiller and Aaron Voros on multiyear deals. What GM would ever do that?

  13. Doodie Machetto on


    I think he would have received less in arbitration. Probably somewhere in the 3.7 million range.

    Drury will likely continue his career somewhere as a depth player, but he has to prove that he is healthy first. I think the Islanders would actually be a really good fit for him, and have thought so for quite some time. I don’t know where you got the idea that Drury is in the West during the off-season. He is from Connecticut. But, if he signs out West, I would think that San Jose or Vancouver could be good fits for him. Both teams need successful playoff players. The big question is whether any team is willing to take the chance on him and his knee.

    I think with Richards signed, Prospal’s run with the Rangers is likely over. The only X factor is if they buy out Wolski. If they buy out Wolski, they may consider giving Prospal another one year deal, but again, subject to the condition of his knee. If they do bring Prospal back, I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited until the season was partially under way to sign him.

  14. Prospal, I would guess, might get a tryout at camp. If they need a body, and his knees are OK, they might sign him for one year. But I think his knees are more the issue than the roster spot or the money.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, it would be like letting your young awesome enforcer sign somewhere else for a very reasonable contract so you could sign an aging, nearly decomposed enforcer for more money while explaining that it is because he brings more puck possession skills to the table, then when he isn’t, trading for a guy that actually does fulfill that role, and instead of resigning him, signing a pure goon enforcer like the one you had to a crazy inflated contract, well-above the one you could have had your original enforcer for.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I don’t think they give Prospal a tryout. The Rangers and Prospal know each other very well by now. If Prospal says his knee can cut it, I think they take him at his word.

    I think the real hurdle (other than Prospal’s knee) is the dollars. They are going to be pressed pretty close to the cap unless they buy out (or demote) Wolski.

  17. LOL! Doodie, it’s amazing!

    Cluz, I’d like to think that he would have been awarded more money, and Dubi knew that, yet he still signed the deal he was offered, to save some room. That would make me happy!

  18. I dont know but I thought I read somewhere that Drury owns a beach house somewhere in California..

    ..or the Presidential Suite in the Beverley Wilshire Hotel in LA:)

    Well, anyway I heard you guys probably have the best pizza in town at Drury´s restaurant !!!!

  19. Mister Delaware on

    Eminger locked up allows the kids not to be rushed and possibly Girardi to be traded if something appealing comes along. 3 year cheap deal, 3 one year deals, whatevs. I’m an Eminger fan.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    It would be adismal if THE PRUST and Dubi are not made associate captains…

  21. so if Dubi didnt have a contract last time…then how can this be called a hold out? am i missing something?

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    cluzzia – that would be warren beatty’s getaway pad at the wilshire…

  23. Wolski is one of those fair weather player, one big one the other night diarrhea….

    If Prospal´s knee is okay. I would take over him because he showed most talent in centering Gaborik, when Richards is sitting for maintenance:)

  24. does anyone want to see dubi and his new 4 yr contract.

    thurs 11/3 anaheim
    friday 11/11 carolina
    thurs 12/8 tampa
    tues 12/13 dallas
    tues 1/10 phoenix
    tues 1/17 nashville( ryan suter will be a ranger)
    tues 3/13 carolina

    section 330 aisle seats face value $120 for pair. parking $15 dollars off if you drive
    email me

    cant make most tues weeknight games

  25. I think a tryout is appropriate to see if his knee can withstand a Tortorella camp, and with all the exhibitions it would give him a chance to earn a spot. No risk on the Rangers’ part if the knee goes again.

    CCCP, it’s not a holdout if you are unsigned.


  26. Gift of GAB-orik on


    that’s where my confusion comes in. Some say he had a contract, some say he didn’t.

    But i guess, if you are a RFA, then you’re not technically under contract, though you can’t negotiate with any team but the one who holds your rights.

    So by that regard, he was NOT under contract, the NYR had his negotiating rights, thus it’s *technically* not a hold out.

    But we’re splitting hairs here.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik on

    and there it is… thanks Carp!

    Take @that@ Dubi haters! no hold out!

    4 more years of the Dubi-stache!!

  28. so if it is not a hold out if you’re unsigned then all this time Dubi was unjustly picked on and labeled all sorts of words? lol


  29. Eddie, wasn´it Richard Gere at the Beverley ????

    I once entered the Beverley Wilshire hotel and asked for Pretty Woman, but I always got the answer, you are running late for a quite a while :)

    Even the Bernie the concierge was still not there any more !!!

  30. Mister Delaware on

    “so if it is not a hold out if you’re unsigned then all this time Dubi was unjustly picked on and labeled all sorts of words? lol”

    No more than a player is being “locked out” if he’s being lowballed. He’s just not there, unsigned.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    cluzzia – in real life that was beatty’s bachelor pad….i know 2 babes that shagged the lothario back in the day…

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, it’s semantics. Carp is saying it wasn’t a hold out because he didn’t have a signed contract. However, I think it was a hold out because he was “holding out” for a better deal than the Rangers were offering him. If the deal never came, Dubinsky’s only option would have been to sit out the entire season. If that’s not holding-out, I don’t know what is.

  33. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Mara, Prucha, Hollweg, Jessiman, Dawes, Strudwick, Sjoostrom…are all listed in the Cap Geek UFA finder…didn’t they all play at the same time on the NYR ? how bad that team should have been!

    There are other former Rangers listed, but I don’t think they played at that time

    (Kovalev, McCabe, Prospal, White, Drury, Voros, Eminger, Zherdev, Williams)

  34. Gab, CCCP –

    In addition to Dubi NOT having a contract, there’s also the question of whether Dubi was the primary cause of the negotiating impasse.
    Given that he was originally offered less money than he made the previous year – I would say no, he wasn’t.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “didn’t they all play at the same time on the NY?”

    Almost! Jessiman never played for the team.

  36. That may be splitting hairs, but the player isn’t holding out if the team refuses to sign him. Both parties have to agree to a contract. It isn’t and shouldn’t be all on the player. Holdout has a negative connotation, that the player is being greedy. Holdout really comes from the old days when players had no leverage and thus they wouldn’t play until the owners came across with a little more money. Or when players with contracts wanted to renegotiate.

    But if you’re unsigned, it really is unfair to completely blame the player … unless, for example, Dubinsky was demanding $10 million a year and refusing to report unless he got it.

  37. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I guess when you have Jagr, Nylander and Straka, you can have a dozen crappy players and make the playoffs anyway

  38. It’s not splitting hairs. It’s an important point. Just like it’s business for the Rangers, it’s business for the player (and the player’s agent). Like you said – it’s all just negotiating.

  39. Doodie: Drury has a house on the beach in the Los Angeles area and lives there in the off-season. I even recall there was speculation that he was going to sign with the Kings when he was a UFA and signed with us.

  40. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    the term holdout is used mostly when you are contractually liable and you refuse to participate

  41. ?I high have expectations for myself and for the team. The last couple of years we?ve talked about being contenders. Now I truly believe we have the team to do it, not just talk about it.?

    Strong words from Dubi. I hope he backs up that talk with an even better season this year…

  42. Mister Delaware on

    “the term holdout is used mostly when you are contractually liable and you refuse to participate”

    But you aren’t contractually liable because there is no contract. Your rights are owned by the team. Big distinction.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Scott, until he signed with us and re-established roots in CT, most notably his pizzeria.


    “Holdout really comes from the old days when players had no leverage and thus they wouldn’t play until the owners came across with a little more money.”

    How was that not the exact situation Dubinsky was in two years ago? He didn’t have any arbitration rights and he had been tendered his qualifying offer. His options were to take what the team was offering or sit out until the Rangers came across with a little more money.

    I’m not saying he was wrong for holding out, but the fact is, a hold out is a hold out, regardless of who is to blame.

  44. Mister Delaware on

    (Unless you were just clarifying that point. In which case change what I wrote to “I agree”.)

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “I guess when you have Jagr, Nylander and Straka, you can have a dozen crappy players and make the playoffs anyway”

    Don’t forget Lundqvist.

  46. It probably helped that the Pens/Flyers/Caps weren’t nearly as good as how they are now.

  47. That’s why LA needs to sign him. They need better pizza, and Papa Drury is the man to get the job done.

    Better Pizza, Chewy Mouth Pieces, Papa Drury’s!

    I wonder if Kobe, and Gretzky are putting together a “Come To LA” DVD for him?

  48. Dubinsky.. a hold out is a hold out and I can remember that the Rangers fan wanted to tar and feather him two years ago for holding out and missing parts of training camp :)

  49. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    There must be a contract somewhere if your rights are owned ?

  50. I disagree, Doodie. He is without a contract. He is negotiating a new contract. He doesn’t play without one. That’s not a holdout.

    A holdout is Rickey Henderson no longer being one of the five highest paid players in baseball sitting out despite his contract. Or if, for example, Gaborik decided he wasn’t going to play next year because Brad Richards is making more money.

  51. Mister Delaware on

    “There must be a contract somewhere if your rights are owned ?”

    The collective bargaining agreement. But had he just gone home, he wouldn’t be breaching a contract because he had none with the Rangers at the time.

  52. Or Jose Reyes not getting Carl Crawford money…oh wait that’s the owner being an idiot.

  53. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    When a player gets drafted and then does not report to camp…is he a hold out ? (even though he has no contract)

  54. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Mr. De:

    he may not have breached any contract, but he was still a holdout

    (BTW, Can’t wait for my Delaware summer vacation next month!)

  55. Damn, just got some time to chime in. Great deal, on both parts. And exactly what most of us have been predicting for weeks.

    No way, I’m catching up with all day posts, but what’s with the holdout?

  56. I got it, I scrolled up a bit.

    QO to RFA only means that team decided to retain the player’s right. He still remains a FA without SPC until the one is ironed out. Since we don’t know what exactly was offered by the team and back by the player, we can say that the team was holding out as much as the player was. Is Eminger holding out now? He has no contract…Semantics, agree…

    By the way, I fully expect Callahan get exactly the same deal, money and length wise. There could a bit of a difference in signing bonuses over the next two summers because he is one year closer to UFA…And I think it’ll be done fairly fast.

    Eminger? 1 year at just below $1M. Or 2 at $850K

  57. Mister Delaware on

    “he may not have breached any contract, but he was still a holdout”

    Because, like Carp said, that’s how he was labeled, not because that’s what he was. Difference.

    “(BTW, Can’t wait for my Delaware summer vacation next month!)”


  58. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    We actually have a full 23 man roster (minus Cally but you know he WILL be signed) and once Eminger signing is official

    How do all you guys and gals feel if even after camp we went into the season with the roster below? No idea who would be sitting or not, but the roster as constructed:


    Del Z


  59. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The reason the player is called the hold out and not the team is because the player is the party that is withholding services.

    Yes, Dewey Beach for a week

  60. I’m exhausted on this holdout topic. if you want to call him a holdout, go ahead.

    or if you want to call a guy an assistant captain or an associate captain, go ahead.

  61. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    So from last year…you subtract Drury and Prospal and add Brad Richards and Rupp

    Forwards overall improved and PP improved

    you subtract McCabe and add Erixon from the Defense (add MDZ subtract Gilroy)

    D about the same only older and wiser and improving

    I like the continuity….I like the direction….

  62. Does sitting in one of the renovated luxury suites count as being near the active roster?

  63. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    well of course there are 14 forwards listed so EC/MZA/WW….are being traded, Prucha-ed, bought out, scratched, spindled, folded, mutilated, yada, yada, yada

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    ec = electro-cution (as in what he does to the ranger’s offense when on the ice)

  65. Healthy scratches should be forced to watch from the bridge when it’s completed.

  66. Mister Delaware on

    AtOWLaL: Dewey is an awesome place to enjoy a night and loathe the next morning.

  67. Mister Delaware on

    “I will be furious if EC is anywhere near the active roster come opening night.”

    Unless he skates by our active roster on his way to the Kings bench.

  68. associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    and that’s a hattie for the recently promoted triple eddies….

  69. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I don’t think I want to be an associate

    I think you can refer to me as an…..architect

  70. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    How about just using all the “A” definitions and rolling them into one title?

    I think Dubi should get an “AAA” along with Staal.

  71. associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ….Sather’s brain would be a good moniker….but it wont be easy to find…

  72. Maybe I should name some associate blogfathers, assistant blogfathers and alternate blogfathers.

    Any nominees?

  73. associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    THE PRUST’s sweater could read “A TKO”…..but that sounds like some exotic sushi roll

  74. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    What’s the hierarchy?

    Associate > Assistant > Alternative?

  75. associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my Carputha – i nominate dave klein for one of those positions….btw – are the mets still 5-12?

  76. Assoc. Manny on

    That sounds right Noah…but you forgot the higher ones!

    Principal, partner, junior partner….etc.

    What should we call our law firm?

  77. associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Noah – i see that you too have earned a promotion..congrats…

  78. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – i have always been partial to the law firm Stall, Stall, Stahl, Stawll, Staull & associates and assistants…especially if you have, or know someone, with mesothelioma

  79. Mikey in NJ, re: your roster. Not good,I see the same group with a good addition in Richards despite his age and injury history. Rupp is a fourth liner one of many whom in the past the Sather has overpaid and over rated. Think Voros,Rissmiller etc… There is still to littrle in season toughness to protect a smallish group of forwards and no big hitter/clear out D or fighter on the defense. Question,given a very nice financial committment to Dubinsky is he the wing with Gabby and Richards?

  80. Assoc. Manny Fingers, Esq. on

    That is freaking hilarious, Eddie. Good one.

    The Professional offices of Stall, Stall, Stahl, Stawll, Staull & Associates, P.C.

  81. Assoc. Manny Fingers, Esq. on

    The Professional offices of *Stall, Staal, Stahl, Staul, Stawll, Staull, Stohl Brothers & Associates, P.C.*

  82. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    comnsnse – i like you already…you spell as badly as me :)

  83. By the way, according to capgeek, they have $5.777M left. The Redden’s *HOLDOUT* before he gets reddened again subtracts another $70K ($6.5M-$6.43M), plus a few hundred K for two way contracts played in NHL last year, prorated. My guess is that they have about $5.3-5.4M left. If Callahan signs the same deal, they will have around $1.1-1.2M. That only counts 5 D-men. But the good news is that they don’t need to buy WW out.

  84. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – good one….that is one monster firm…especially if you have, or know someone with, mesothelioma.

  85. MZA just made “associate” at Little Dreary’s! He still needs a stool to get a pizza in the oven. But, nevertheless…Congrats, little guy!

  86. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    IlB – put it to bed…we are talking law firms…not hockey…

  87. Sorry, eddie….I know carcillo about law firms. Where I work we go with Tenured-Professor-Associate-Assistant-Instructor…No holdouts, law doesn’t allow…Damn lawyers :-)

  88. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – dont forget lecturer….which sits above instructor….

  89. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    maybe in honor of THE PRUST, we should be giving out P’s

  90. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    I don’t want this to be like a law firm…I get enough of that life during the day.

    But if we were to do that, Carp would obviously be the Principal/Managing Partner.

  91. Assoc. Manny Fingers, Esq. on

    Ilb – In reference to your previous and aforementioned post I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any malfeasance, or nonfeasance, of attorney’s in the past that made you discourteous to the profession as a whole. I can assure you that here at The Law Offices of Stall, Staal, Stahl, Staul, Stawll, Staull, Stohl Brothers & Associates, P.C. we maintain the utmost standards of credibility and honesty. Please accept our sincerest apologies. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned at your convenience.

  92. CT

    there is a reason why i am not answering your question about why i haven’t posted in more than an hour. I am holding out on my answer.

  93. Assoc. Manny Fingers, Esq. on

    Great point Noah. Let’s do something way more fun….like a sports agent firm.

  94. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    to all lawyers on RR – Is it still true that when you have the law on your side, you are argue THE PRUST, and when you have the facts on your side, you also argue THE PRUST…either way, it seems THE PRUST is essential to winning your case

  95. Manny- apologies accepted. You’re still full of cooke :-)

    I took a day off tomorrow, btw, and will driving up in a few hours when mrs comes home. Got to make sure the place is ready for Saturday.
    If someone is still @HOLDING OUT@ for whatever reasons, it’s not too late. You can email me anytime until Saturday morning at and I’ll give you the address.

  96. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    I would love to attend Ilb…how long does it take to get to your place from CA?

  97. billybleedsblue on

    Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, an honest lawyer and an old drunk are walking down the street together when they simultaneously spot a hundred dollar bill. Who gets it?

    The old drunk, of course, the other three are mythological creatures.

  98. A couple of things that may change your mind if you’re still *holding out*- I will have 5 (-one-, @five@) different kinds of vodka. If that doesn’t do it for you, someone is bringing lots and lots (their description) of homemade Italian cookies!

  99. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – you dont even WANT to know what i would bring…

  100. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    Someone needs to talk NYR in from the ledge if Eminger does re-sign….

    Cally should get the C and Prust and Staal the A’s

  101. I would like to apply as associate blogfather, as I have the talent to rip into posters all the time :)

  102. CCCP,

    Your inconsistent posting is going to keep you from getting an associate-assistant tag.

  103. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    in Ohio, should be in early tomorrow

  104. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR fan – the dream queen, herself….trust me……it will destroy you

  105. Anybody hear aboot the guy that flew an aircraft into his mothers house, in an apparent murder-suicide attempt? The mom was in the basement so she survived without a scratch, and is being treated for shock.

    They say he flew over the house two or three times before flying into it. Apparently he was *holding out*

  106. Mister Delaware on

    Let me throw something out here since I’m in a great mood after the Dubinsky signing: Wolski + Avery + MZA + Drury take up 4 spots on our 2011-12 salary cap but maybe 2 active roster spots at most. Assuming all are coming off the books next year, the Rangers gain $9.6MM without losing anything from their core. Everyone that does matter on the current roster, minus Prust, has a locked in salary for next year. Which means, if Parise does make it to unrestricted free agency, we could actually have the money to pursue him without having to dump anyone out of the core. It would make us crazy top-heavy in terms of over 70% of our cap being tied up in 8* players, but … man … that would be awesome.

    (Dubinsky/Richards/Gaborik/Callahan/”Parise”/Girardi/Staal/King, if you slot Parise at $8MM and Callahan at $4.5MM, would be $45MM of a $64.3MM cap. 70%. And I imagine you could easily move Girardi if another kid defenseman was ready and some money had to be cleared out.)

  107. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    MD – what about his knee?….it takes a year to really come back from that…

  108. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Mister Delaware, that idea just made me hyperventilate.

    I’ve always said that I would LOVE to have Parise on the team…this team specifically. He would fit the culture perfectly.

  109. Latona, VinceA's Assistant/Alternate Holdout on

    Sally is probably holding out, you’re right.

  110. Mister Delaware on

    “MD – what about his knee?….it takes a year to really come back from that…”

    Back channel messages to tell him to just rest it for another season, we’ll be there for him? Agreed.

  111. LOL! MZA has no chance to be a “core” guy….right?

    Obviously, if we had a shot at Zach, I would be the first to jump on that bandwagon!

  112. The Wild will have about $18M in cap space next year. You think they could lure Parise back home?

  113. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Prospal’s knees this, Prospal’s money that – how about Prospal’s AGE? No good. F grade, academically. Damn, these old guys are addicted to making money they don’t earn or deserve, just because owners and GM’s are stupid enough to put value on them when they are at career brick wall time.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’m fine. I’m just listing the letters I know I could qualify for.

    But I assure you, with or without a letter, I will still be an Abdelkader full of Carcillo!

  115. Boom Boom- Prospal is being paid $1.67M through 2014-2015 by TB regardless whether he plays or not. He made a good amount already, and at 36 I’m sure if he plays, it’ll be because he still has a desire and able to play…

  116. Latona, VinceA's Assistant/Alternate Holdout on

    All the boneheads going to the shindig this weekend, have a blast. Wish I could be there.

  117. Internet connection? Are you kidding me? Of course! In fact, I plan to set up a special wi-fi guest network with the password….Well, you’ll have to guess. And camera? It’s 2011, Carp. Everyone is driving an iPhone….

  118. Doodie, I hope i didn’t offend anyone with my lawyer’s comment. I happen to deal with a lot of them and most are very honest and honorable guys. So is my nephew.

  119. Latona, VinceA's Assistant/Alternate Holdout on


    It’s really generous of you to be lending your home to these nutcases. I meant to send you an e-mail, but I forgot and then couldn’t find it. So I just wanted to thank you kindly, and even though I can’t attend, I’ll be there in spirit, as will all non-partygoers.

  120. And Latona, @I WOULD NOT@ lend my house to these nutcases. I’m lending my *alternate* house.

  121. Which reminds me, was Orr able to spell Brandon’s name right, as he promised he would? :-)

  122. LW3H- what is this ugly symbol at the end of my favo(u)rite hickey player’s name?

  123. Gift of GAB-orik on

    RFA’s to sign:

    Callahan a.k.a. Calla-hand me more money a.k.a. Calla-hand me as much as Dubi a.k.a. Calla-holdout a.k.a. Callahan-dle this arbitration hearing

    Ok so i obviously don’t dislike Callahan…. just having fun with the names while i can!

  124. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    (changing my resume to say that I am “Associate Assistant Alternative to the Traveling Secretary”)

  125. billybleedsblue on

    What do we have when a lawyer is buried up to his neck in sand?

    Not enough sand.

  126. OK, I’m out. Because if mrs comes home and sees how much I packed, I’m afraid my Maltese will have to host tge party, while my Yorkie mixes the drinks.

  127. on defense –

    I don’t believe either MDZ or Erixon will be NHL players early in the season, unless MDZ went through some major transformation over the summer. Put it this way, he’ll need to bust his butt in camp if he wants a roster spot. Because right now Staal, Girardi, McD, Sauer, Eminger are ahead of him.

    MDZ should get 20 minutes of ice a night, and he won’t if he’s not top 4, which he isn’t.

    Erixon will start the year in Hartford, he’s still too young to make the team right out of camp.

    Upfront they are “stuck” with Wolski ad his $4 million per, who didn’t fit into Torts’ system last season, but could after a year and a camp possibly, but still could be dealt to make room for the right deal or draft pick.

    I’d rather have Weiss in the lineup playing 4th line minutes and getting in on the forecheck and killing penalties.

  128. and there is certainly room upfront after next season for Thomas, Hagelin and Kreider once EC, Wolski and Avery’s contracts are up.

    Could be a good “Kid Line” 3rd line with top six of Gabby, Dubs, Cally, Richards, Stepan and Arti. 4th line of Boyle, Prust and Rupp.

    And room on defense for McIlyrath as well.

  129. JimboWoodside on

    Very glad to hear that Dubi is locked in for four years – I hope he develops into a great player for the NYR – next, Cally!

  130. “this is a really good hockey player, a cornerstone player, a guy who does a lot of everything for his team. He’s a guy other teams would love to take off the Rangers’ hands. He’s a keeper.”

    Absolutely agree Carp!
    It was nice coming home and seeing Dubi has signed.
    Great job Sather

  131. bull dog line on

    by all accounts the Rangers feel Erixon is NHL ready. Weise, I saw enough last season to know what he is. he is an AHL player, and if there are a lot injuries he can come up and take a few 4th line shifts. I think MDZ is helped more than anybody by the Richards signing. he does not have the responsibility of running the PP. Richards will be running the PP, MDZ can be a secondary point man on the PP.

  132. bull dog line on

    by the way, is it me, or have the Rangers become a well run organization. 1 more signing to go, and we can call it a summer.

  133. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog – it has been a very good year so far..agreed

  134. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    is it legal to say she/it here?

  135. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    Not sure, you didn’t get your post removed so I would have to say she/it yes!!!!

  136. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    it is more about the enunciation of the combination that makes it, well, so I thought a bit funny….

  137. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – that is some crazy she/it you are posting…

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubi doobie done!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    speaking of Olga… where is he/she/it/ that thing/badger poker?

  139. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (Our D is soft like PLAY DOH!!!) on

    sofa king….LMFAO & no worries, I still love ya


  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Dubi doobie done!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    Yeah man , we got Dubinsky signed sealed and he will deliver. Mays well make him Captain . Cally is good but if I were to choose , Dubi or Cally….I say Dubi!!!!

    Dubi is stronger , faster , more talented and much smarter .( he doesn’t block crazy shots like Cally)

  141. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ….treat me like you did the night before…..when i held you near, you were so sincere….treat me like you did the night before……..were you telling lies the night before, were you so unwise the night before….god i love that song…

    wicky – that was some funny she/it you were telling cccp=brooklyn pimp

  142. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    sofa king tired – hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah lololololololol

  143. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    This place just gets better and better

  144. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    greg – dont forget about THE PRUST…he warrants consideration for an alphabet letter

  145. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan…..sweeter than shuga……it wakes you up…i saw the DQ about 11pm last night……4am and i am still crawling up the walls…

  146. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    allow me to try and help the situation a bit…

  147. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – google herbal cruz…and check out the DQ…

  148. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    is it a coincidence that vote and veto are so similar??

  149. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – i must have cleaned them out on sunday…DQ is off the menu…

  150. Greg, I disagree on Dubi being “C”. Cally is the Captain, it’s almost guaranteed…Cally brings the same energy, every single shift. You always notice Cally when he’s on the ice.

    Not a knock on Dubi…Dubi needs to be a leader even if he doesn’t get a letter…

  151. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – you must have the dream queen….the white frosting brownies could actually kill someone if not careful…you must be professional….

  152. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp = brooklyn pimp – great to see you are a member of the club :)

  153. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    dude – you have an open invite….bring your A game….and we will do some wild Fourier analysis.

  154. David Cone said (during the Yankees Pregame) that CC Sabathia can really “variate the break on his slider.”

    What a JR moment. That was seriously Adysmal reporting.

  155. cant believe boogey bro being busted on drug charges. i dont want to speculate but who knows where derek got his from

  156. unless there’s another move to be made during the summer, I’d hang onto Woof, I mean Wolski, and see what happens. You can always Redden him and remove him from the books at the end of camp, right?

  157. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – JR is a profit…a sooth-say-er…..and clear-voyant

  158. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    miked – not sure…but likely not with the NYR’s

  159. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my carputha – consider me in the camp that wants to keep ww……he may be more jelly than jam, but i feel he will breakout this year…

  160. Yeah, Carp. I agree. Even before you Redden him, you could probably even trade him, like Orr said…he only has this one year left on his deal…

  161. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ok lads and lassies…i am off to pontificate more on Laplace transforms….later gators…

  162. Orr

    “The police record listing Aaron Boogaard’s arrest says that the date and time of his alleged crime is May 13, the same day that family members found Derek..”

  163. billybleedsblue on


    I guess the success of this site means there are now auto-playing ads. Lame.

  164. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, under the twitter widgets and above the poll — that ad is the culprit. It doesn’t show an ad that autoplays every time, but with the amount of “refreshing” that I typically do, I now somehow want to go to the store and buy lysol and resolve. LoL. The interweb knows that I am a messy and smelly hockey fan. Well, not really, but, ugh. I did happen to have my speakers cranked up pretty high. I haven’t jumped out of my chair like that in a while!!!

  165. billybleedsblue on

    And now a creepy Woolite ad. Apparently, I need to do laundry, remove stains, and disinfect…

  166. vote and veto alike….hmmmm I had to wonder about that for a while………..then I figured if that;s the case it makes it a slam dunk for breath and death. Itch and bitch, sleep and creep…you know the drill.

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