Horrible story unfolding around Aaron Boogaard


We were too tied up in all the Brandon Dubinsky/Ryan Callahan arbitration/free agency stuff Thursday to pay much attention to the heart-breaking story coming out of the Twin Cities.

Aaron Boogaard, the brother of Derek, has been arrested for alleged drug possession in connection with the investigation into Derek’s death on May 13.

You can read the Star Tribune story here.

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  1. As for the days other news, I’m beyond thrilled at the deal Dubi signed. Good for him, good for the or-gan-EYE-zation. Even better than they got it down before the hearing. Kudos all around.

  2. Holy Hartnell. I really hope this is just a horrible coincidence and not really connected. Criminey.

  3. Oh, no….Was such a good day. I’m almost afraid to think how this story may unfold….One thing is for sure- somewhere, at some point, there was a dirty doctor involved. Someone had to write the prescriptions. Stories like that are becoming more and more common in NY….

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    sad indeed…..his dad thinks aaron wqas trying to moderate derek’s usage…..poor family :(

  5. Good night, Carp. Sad news about the Boogaards, but very, VERY happy news about my favorite little man. I would like to celebrate this wonderful signing this weekend… anyone know of any good parties to crash? Saturday night?

  6. anyone down in florida ????????
    im moving down to orlando next month and wondering which is the best way to watch NYR
    i just called brighthouse and asked about the NHL package

  7. ORR

    You should check out “Wilfred” …I thought it was pretty funny. Frodo is in it :)

    Do you watch “Louie”?

  8. one of his lawyers is John Lundquist
    is that another brother of Hank
    is Lundquist like the Smith of Sweden?

  9. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Isn’t the other brother a mountie??

  10. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    that’s what Id thought, weird for the mountie bro probably…

  11. Never underestimate the power of addiction…

    Didn’t this guy announce the NYR draft pick at the podium at the draft?

  12. Anyone care to predict what Cally’s deal is gonna be?

    I say white-out Dubinsky’s name on a copy of his deal and fill in Callahan where applicable.

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