Do you want Fishsticks, or don’t you?


I think we’ve discussed this before, when the Islanders and Kansas City were mentioned in the same sentences.

But now, with an Aug. 1 referendum looming for a new Nassau County arena for the Islanders, I’m just wondering how youse guys feel.

I mean, the rivalry sure isn’t what it once was … not nearly that, and part of the reason is that both teams have been so lousy for so long (the Islanders lousier for longer, I grant you).

But, would you rather see the Islanders fall off the face of the Earth, or at least the face of Long Island, and move somewhere far away, maybe into a different division in a different conference?

Or would you want them to stay around and be the Rangers’ rival, to whatever level the rivalry remains or increases? Do you want to see Rangers-Islanders several times a season, or once or twice?

Just wondering. Also, new poll right over there ——>

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  1. bull dog line on

    surprised at you for under valuing Dubi. STATS do not tell the whole story with Dubi. he brings a lot more to the table than just STATS.

  2. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I don’t care about Wang or the players… they get paid . The unfortunate part are the part time jobs that will be lost EG, ticket vendors , concession workers etc.

    But.. these glorified pie in the sky projects should be privately financed AND you know it will affect traffic .As long as they meet certain criteria and don’t get huge tax breaks which the homeowners eventually get the brunt of ,Maybe.

    Look at the brooklyn rail yards fiasco,, who cares about the nets ?

  3. Thanks Carp.

    Oh, and bull dog, you are right-stats do not tell the whole story with “Dubi”. Because if it were ever calculated, he may just lead the league in how many times he falls down without contact and how many times he miss the net with his shot.

    $4 million per? Eh……

  4. Seeing them go would be tragic. Of course, seeing them in their perpetually pathetic state hasn’t been that great either. The Ranger-Islander rivalry is one of the best in the northeast, even though its a relatively young one. I’m surprised the NHL is taking such a passive approach to the whole deal at this point, especially after Bettman did everything but nail the Coyotes into the ground with railroad spikes to prevent them from uprooting.

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    nothing is forever….goodbye NY Islanders, hello KC Scouts…

    nope, won’t miss em

    winning 4 str8 cups is byfuglien amazin

  6. Interesting discussion on Jagr too. Someone brought up Messier’s departure from the Rangers. Personally, I think that was worse than anything Jagr did to the Pens’ fans, and I’ve never forgiven the so-called Captain for chasing the dollars. I wasn’t happy when he came back, and a didn’t give a damn about his ‘tearful’ display when they retired his number. I won’t boo Messier, but I gave up thanking him for the cup after his greed propelled him to another coast. He left the team that he basically created, leaving it rudderless and devoid of talent. Maybe its overly harsh, but I also fault him in large part for the failure of the Rangers from the time he left, through his bogus ‘comeback’ and up to the lockout.

    Jagr was far different. He was a player going into his prime when Pittsburgh, despite winning two cups, were so destitute that they couldn’t afford to pay him what he truly deserved. Keep in mind, he was 28 when they moved him. Yet the childish impish Pens fans decided to boo him mercilessly from that moment right up until Shero realized he’d be an ideal(and cheap) way to get Crosby the winger he’s desperately needed. Seven years of them serenading him with boos and Pens fans think he’s going to comeback? And at a discount? Can you say delusional? They got exactly what they deserved, which was dumped on their asses with a washed up Steve Sullivan for the pennies they were throwing at Jagr. I sure don’t want to see him as a Flyer, but it sure beats watching him and Crosby abuse the Rangers.

    As for the ‘what if Crosby was a Ranger’ idea, I don’t know. I do know that the disdain I have for that kid is as bad or even worse than the contempt I had for Lemieux and Jagr. I couldn’t stand Jagr as a Pen, and that hatred carried over to his career in Washington. And when he was finally traded here, I freaked out. The only reason I didn’t dismiss the Rangers altogether was that they traded one of my least favorite players of all time for him. But he did win me over with that performance in 2005-2006, so maybe there’s hope for Crosby…

  7. Wicky – If the Rangers’ ceiling on Dubinsky is as low as you’re setting it, he’ll be a UFA in a couple of days. Also, comparing him to Wheeler is fine on paper, but a really flawed comparison when you look at the two on the ice. If you offered Dubes for Wheeler straight up, you wouldn’t even get those words off the tip of your tongue before the Jets would have Wheels’ packed and on a plane for New York. Bruins fans were thrilled when Wheels was finally traded because he’s one of those guys who has the complete package, but can never seem to put it together for more than a couple minutes a game, every fifth game or so. Dubinsky’s consistency is far greater, and that’s not saying consistency is one of his strong points as it is a commentary on how inconsistent Wheeler is. As for numbers along, you’ve got to realize Dubi’s point totals have increased every season despite missing games in both the past two seasons. He’s a 60-plus point player capable of scoring 30 goals and his intangibles make him an even more valuable player. If the Rangers lock him up for $4 million over four years, we’ll be very lucky as fans.

  8. Phil, how can you say that Dubinsky is capable of netting 30 when the closest he’s come is 24?

    And consistency? Dubinsky scored 5 goals in the last 24 games of the season!

    I cant seem to figure out the hype over this guy, I cant.

  9. Paul in sunrise on

    As bad as the rivalry has been lately. I would like for the fishsticks to stay. Plus it’s not like I will have to pay for it in Florida. Not in my back yard. I have another franchise destined for relocation. Can you say the Quebec Panthers

  10. Barry – Because the guy gets better every year. Maybe he plateaus this year, I don’t know. The reason I get excited about him is that he’s the best young Ranger talent I’ve seen in years, and like I said, he keeps getting better. The only question I ask is how good is he going to get. I can agree with the argument that he’s not worth $4 million right now. But are you going to lowball the guy and come to regret it four years down the road? Lock him up for four years. Even if he is producing at the clip he is now, he’ll be worth the money by then. My worst fear is that this does go to arbitration he gets the more reasonable $3 million, signs and then becomes a UFA next season. That’s when you could end up seeing him command an even greater salary.

  11. Phil- I’m sure Carp will have much better description of that event when he wakes up, but I think you’re oversimplifying the events in 1997. Messier didn’t just leave for money. They were low-balling him to am extent where it was getting humiliating. He felt unwanted even though he had all intentions to stay with the club.

  12. I think they will lock him up with before Thursday. But if the arbitration goes as scheduled, and he signs one year contract- knowing Sather, Dubinsky will be traded during the season.

  13. Phil, also keep in mind about Messier is that the Garden just gave Patrick Ewing a HUGE contract and as ilb2001 just mentioned, they low-balled Messier and he felt unwanted.

  14. it would be an awful thing if the Isles left for many reasons.
    1 the Rivalry is one of the best in sports still.
    2 the Isles have a really good young team and are about to turn the corner which is fun to watch on off nights,
    3 The more Hockey that is around me the better as i can’t stand Baseball and Basketball and i am down to my last straw with Football. The latter is so over commercialized that it is almost unwatchable now.

  15. Guys, you might be right about Messier. Those were the college years for me, at the dawn of the internet. I didn’t get any of the New York rags and spent more time with a pitcher of beer than following the transgressions of the Rangers, so my recollections might be a bit off. I just remember feeling like he ripped off the jersey and wiped his ass with it. Never forgave him for it to this day.

  16. My first live game was vs. the Islanders. Even thought for me the bigger rivalry is with NJ I would like to see them stay.

  17. Phil- then I think we should ask Carp to recap those events for you and everyone who feels that Messier’s legacy was tainted by what transpired in 1997. I do not remember all the details, nor I fully knew it. Carp probably does.

  18. Short Term: *GO!*

    Long Term: Stay

    I think it would be fun to have the Islandorks take off for KC and have a miserable life. But in the long term the New York Area would be losing a sports franchise and that would be sad. More sports in New York are equals more awesome.

  19. Did anybody happen to catch Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris in Central Park last night?

  20. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Dubisnky by the numbers is quite an over-rated player

    Dubinsky by watching him play night in and night out , is really a solid player and quite versatile.

    He can play center or wing. He can play in all sitiuations (ES, PP, PK). He can throw down with anyone (he fought Ovechkin). He is durable, tough, and a great teammate.

    His numbers (points, goals, PIM, +/-) will/should cost him some money. His “intangibles” should earn him a bit.

    He will get $3.8 mio. Less than Staal. More than everyone else except Gabby/Richards/Lundqvist.
    (actually same as Wolski, but that wasn’t our deal)

  21. Carp
    Great discussion but did you have to throw that dirty logo up there? Almost spewed my coffee! Islanders have to stay on Long Island. Maybe the rivalry is not what it used to be, but its still great going to the coliseum to watch our Rangers play. I enjoy the extra home games at the coliseum.

    Plus the Islanders relocating would just mean more failure for the NHL and not from some sun belt state, but in NY. I know thats not gonna look good.

  22. Carp – I’ll echo that request. I remember doing some research on the net about Messier’s situation, but couldn’t find much that helped support my disdain or debunk it either.

    And this One – Totally agree. Like I said, I’d give Dubinsky more if we could lock him into a long-term deal. But $3.8 million is easily fair.

    One more note on the Islanders. I’d happily see them go and will even help them pack, provided they leave Taveras behind for us!

  23. I’d like to see the Islanders stay, and I don’t think a losing vote will cause them to move to Kansas City. More likely, Wang sells the team and they end up in Brooklyn or next to Citi Field.

  24. I like the take the BSB guys have on Dubinsky/Callahan’s valuations. They’re pretty indifferent on who gets more, just as long as the total cost for those two falls somewhere between $8-$9M.

    Callahan is one year closer to UFA status, but Dubinsky has been more durable and produced more total points during their overlapping careers.

    And here are some guys that were within 5 points of Dubinsky’s production this past year with a similar amount of games played:
    Grabovski, Dustin Brown, Stastny, Bergeron, Plekanec, Tuomo Ruutu, Morrow, Couture, Franzen.

    So assuming they’re giving him a deal that buys out a couple of UFA years, he’s going to get a contract with an AAV of $4M.

  25. CTB- if they sign them both close to $9M, the Rangers will have to buy out WW. They will only have $2.11M left with only 5 D-men counted against the cap. Assuming Erixon makes the team, it leaves only $400K to sign 7th d-man. They can not do anything with other contracts (EC, Avery etc.) until training camp starts.

  26. ilb,

    If they’re signing someone that will play the role of 7th D then I’m sure they can wait until September to sign them when they can make the necessary cap moves to free up space. They can do what they did with Semenov or what they did with Fedotenko and sign him right before the season starts. There should be plenty of guys without jobs come the start of training camp.

  27. It’s just my gut opinion but I think Cally definitely deserves more than Dubinsky and that has to be stated in their negotiations. Not vocally but with the pen. I think Dubi realistically deserves a bit over $3M maybe about $3.2M? Cally has to get more. Somewhere close to $4M.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Would love to see them go. I absolutely hate Islanders fans. Biggest bunch of know-nothing jerks on the planet.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, Eminger will likely be one of those guys. Wouldn’t mind him being our 7th.

  30. If there are no Isles, can we still chant Potvin sucks? It’s one thing that he hasn’t played in decades, and another that we chant it against other teams, but if the Isles cease to exist…. ?

  31. Didn’t Messier threaten to hold out the 1994-95 season if he did get a new contract?
    Didn’t Messier persuade Wayne Gretzky to move his wife and children from LA to NY so they could retire together?
    Didn’t Messier say in spring of 1997, I don’t need the big money, let the young guys Leetch and Richter get the big bucks?
    Didn’t Messier whine and pout that he needed Kurri on the team?
    Didn’t Messier get Roger Neilson – Ron Smith fired?

  32. Roger Podacter?


    “This is double-paned sound-proof glass. There is no way that neighbor could’ve heard *Roger Podacter* scream on the way down with that door shut. The scream she heard came from inside the apartment before he was thrown over the balcony and the murderer closed the door before he left. Yes. Yes. Oh, yeah. Can ya feel that, buddy? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

  33. Phil & Tyree

    I’m with you on the Isles. I think that the rivalry is good no matter who’s on top at the moment. They have some pretty good players on the club now, but ownership has been deplorable, and I think that as long as they keep DiPietro on as a sub goalie ( didn’t he get a 15 year guarantee?), they won;t go far. I was a fan of theirs when they had the Nighthawks in New Haven ( btw NH was THE hockey city in the AHL for years and now they don’t even have an arena.)Gary Howatt, Nylander, all all those guys from the champion years who all grew old together, but it’s a totally different game now.( I’m from NH originally born and grew up there and graduated from Hillhouse HS.)

  34. Islander talk is not getting much here. I hope the Icelanders stay. Like the rivalry. Like having a team real close. It’s good for area hockey talk. It would be a better rivalary if the Islanders were relevant again, but that does not look like it is going to happen.

    As for Dubi, think he is more valuable than people are giving him credit for. He may never score 30, but he does a lot, great heart – great forechecker and the kind os player you want on your team.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like Dubi. He hasn’t maxed out on his potential yet…I believe he will score 30+ this year and kO’s mike Richards at least one more time this season.

  36. when i was in high school i used to take abuse cause the islanders had a better team and just won 4 cups everyone knew i was a ranger fan.

    the history of that dynasty should be preserved on long island NY

    i would think if it was in Canada it wouldnt be an isue

  37. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Islanders need to stay, and they need a new arena. It will be good for Long Island, Nassau county, and the towns around the arena.

    Islander/Ranger games are great fun each year, and i would hate to see that rivalry die with the Islanders moving somewhere else.

  38. Having the Islanders & Devils in the metro area takes the pressure off to subscribe to Center Ice & gives us more hockey to watch on TV. Agree though that the Islander fans are among the most obnoxious and ill-informed hockey fans around. Agree that they will probably wind up in Queens or Brooklyn.

  39. Screw the Isles. Go to Kansas. Who cares aboot the “rivalry”. If it’s a real rivalry, going to Kansas wont change that.

    Like I’ve been saying, I’m sick of multiple teams in NY. It’s stupid! There should only be one NY team in each sport.

    Phil, offensively, Dublowsky gets better each year, but his overall game, he’s still as inconsistent as he’s always been.

    That’s the big difference between Dublowsky and Callahan. When Callahan isn’t providing offense, he’s doing something useful. I know, I know, Dublowsky’s been injured, yada, yada, yada. What ever!

    I expect him to have a career year this season. As long as he’s healthy. I just hope he shows up for each game, especially in the playoffs.

  40. Realistically, both players are somewhere in the $3.5-4m range so i dont see any cap issues for Slats. One of them might sneak over $4m per but i doubt both will.
    Darth should have $1-1.5m to pick up a vet d-man, which shouldnt be any more than $800k really therefore leaving a little wiggle room for the trade deadline.

  41. Why are they sending a team to Kansas? Apparently Canada could support 12 NHL teams with TV coverage, ticket sales etc., so why not Quebec City or Hamilton? or if it stays in US, Salt Lake City ? (what would they call the team then the Missionaries? the Polygamists?)
    Kansas will just be another Atlanta or Phoenix – doomed to eventual failure after being propped up for years be the rest of the league.

  42. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    my overly simplistic cap math:

    Currently…4 players left to sign or include in cap and $11.16 million left


    Dubie/Cally say take $8

    Erixon makes team and takes $1.75

    That leaves us with $1.41 mio left to sign a 7th D man


    At $8 mio for Cally and Dubie we will make it under the cap

    At $9 mio for Cally and Dubie we would have to buyout Wolski

    something like that, just sayin,

  43. A NY team leaving for kansas? does that sound as ridiculous to anyone else as it does to me? Kansas?! The whole state has a population of under 3 mil its in the middle of nowhere and I doubt there are many hockey fans living in kansas. Long Island on the other hand has a population of around 7.5 mil, even though a fraction of those maybe islander fans that fraction is still a larger number then the amount of fans they would harness in Kansas. The rivalry may not be what it once was but the games played between the 2 teams are still tense and hostile and exciting to watch no matter who’s been the better team at that time. Not to mention any team being re-located out of NY is just bad. Plain and simple.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Hockey is the only sport that has three teams in the NY metro area even though hockey is the fourth most popular sport. Why haven’t the Isles been moved yet?

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “That leaves us with $1.41 mio left to sign a 7th D man”

    So? What’s the problem? Why would Wolski have to be bought out? 7th D will cost 1 mil. We can always Whale Christensen or even Wolski if we need a little extra cap relief.

    They won’t buy out Wolski unless they won’t be able to fit under the cap to start the season.

  46. Isles22- you’re one of the reasons why your team should move to KC. The farther the better, in fact.

  47. phil and Stall, and others: Dave Checketts and Neil Smith pretty much asked Messier to leave. It had almost nothing to do with money. They made it very clear to him that they didn’t want him around — though they were smart enough to orchestrate it in a low-ball offer that made it look, to some, like he was leaving by his choice and not theirs. And Messier’s friends on the team could tell you the same thing. They were dumbfounded as to why the Rangers didn’t want Messier even before the dollars eventually crept into the conversation. Messier wasn’t going to stay where he wasn’t wanted for any amount of money.

    And, yes, Stall, all those other things were pockmarks on his Rangers resume. No doubt about it. But some helped win the Cup, and the ’94-95 negotiation was kicked in by a clause in his original Rangers contract, where the team gave him the right to renegotiate if he won the Cup. They pretty much asked him to hold them up once he delivered. And he did.

  48. Everyone does it. It’s called ‘the business of sports.” It’s the number one reason people own sports teams. Business. Money.

  49. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp – Kansas City? You mean that Buttface and the league would be ok with adding the latest deadhead franchise in the best Phoenix, Atlanta, Nashville, Columbus, Tampa Bay, Miami tradition? You mean that Buttface and the league would be ok with killing one of the few truly natural and passionate rivalries the league has to stimulate interest beyond merely the win-loss competition? Because if the league is indifferent to this rivalry, why not just move the Maples to Saskatoon so we can kill the Toronto-Montreal rivalry?

    I know it’s a referendum and out of the league’s hands in that regard, but a pro-active league would step in and find the best bottom-line solution to continuing an intense natural rivalry. And don’t forget, the Islanders have one hell of a successful history, albeit not lately. Another FACELESS franchise this league doesn’t need. Again, rumors abound that the league will be contracting to 28 teams in a couple years, and hopefully the Islanders are not part of that blueprint, also.

    I see a big leverage buy-out team from New York just bought the Philly 76ers. Surely, in the NYC metro area a Mark Cuban or a Donald Trumps looms to save the day and keep hockey vibrant in the city. The Rangers see little of the Canadiens and the Maples and the Red Wings and the Bruins, any more. To lose the Isles of top of that would further increase the already bland nature of MSG games with the glut of Podunk teams coming in here. I say the Rangers, too, have a strong stake in the outcome, here. But when did this league ever do the right thing, with such poor economics and structural management to go with the default/ short-sighted representation at the top?

    All Kansas City has is an arena, dammit, sports tradition in Cowtown is crap. They lost a baseball team, the A’s, an NBA team, the Kings, and a hockey team, the Scouts, and for that they get anoher NHL team. Atlanta got to strike out twice with NHL franchises, too. Only in Buttface’s little pansy, make-believe world could this be happening. Other than that I am neutral, here.

  50. Messier’s original deal in ’91 was 5-years, $13 million. That contract contained a clause that allowed him to renegotiate if the Rangers won the Cup. He exercised it after ’94, and prior to the ’95 season (quite literally prior to the season…as in, like an hour before they raised the banner, and yes, it is known he threatened to sit that ceremony out), signed a three-year, $18 million deal…which was the exact deal he signed in the summer of ’97 with Vancouver. The Rangers offered him, at best 2 years and between $10-12 million that summer. The Knicks, by contrast, gave Ewing roughly $60 million over four years on July 2, 1997. When Messier re-signed with the Rangers in 2000, it was a 2-year, $11 million deal (which really puts the ’97 “offer” in perspective. He then signed one-year deals in ’02 and ’03, though I don’t know how much those were.

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Buttface could run for President of the United States, since there are no qualifications other than wanting the job and belching more verbal gas than a hot air balloon.

  52. Larry Brooks
    Rangers zoning in on re-signing Eminger…should be done relatively soon…

  53. Manny, No way they let Dublowsky walk for nothing. If anything, sign and trade him. I’m sure some of these crappy teams with cap room will gladly take him.

    Also, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think we can trade Wolski without having to buy him out. There’s probably a few teams willing to trade a “Dane Byers” for him, straight up. It’s only one year, ad they’re not giving up a decent prospect.

    I don’t care either way.

  54. Thanks, Carp…I remember at the beginning of 1997 season Leetch was interviewed and asked about Messier. All he said quietly was: “Yeah, he should’ve been here.”

  55. and I believe it was Checketts who asked rhetorically that summer: “How much longer do we have to pay for that Cup,” which REALLY puts things in perspective.

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    When did Kansas City, Missouri move to Kansas? Kansas Islanders, ohhh, got to love it!

  57. Larry Brooks
    Unless theres dramatic shift, Dubinsky headed to arb on Thur, sides not close enough yet on longterm. Talks continue with Callahan, arb 7/28

  58. AdamZ-I believe their offer that summer (1997) to Messier was 2 year at around $4M per…..

  59. I believe it was “that damn Cup” actually.

    Brooksie tweeting that Rangers closing in on re-signing Eminger.——>

    Good morning, Sally!

  60. I would rather have Caber than Eminger….but I won’t cry about it…I’ll leave the crying to Messier…

  61. How much was MSG allowing Messier to leave influenced by their decision to offer Sakic the front loaded offer sheet?

  62. Dubinsky, even if he goes to arbitration, is entitled to two year decision. Callahan- one year.

  63. If Dubi goes to arbitration, he most likely won’t be Ranger this time next year…

  64. CTB, I don’t have total recollection, but the entire plan was that: Messier out, Sakic in. And when Sakic failed, they didn’t have a Plan B, and lucked out to get LaFontaine, even though his tenure was as brief as should have been expected.

    … er, afternoon, Sally!

  65. CTB- you’re probably right about Sakic…

    NYR_FAN- not even our famous Underarm lady can help Caber with his skating….

  66. If he gets a 1 year deal they can also work out an extension and sign it after the calender year. Like they did with Lundqvist.

  67. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Right on, Tyree re football being over-commercialized. Did you know that the contract with the networks calls for FOUR “There’s a timeout on the field” commercial breaks, per quarter? This to go with all the pre-game truck, tires, and beer commericials they dump on us, plus the halftime sales pitches. I rarely watch football anymore for this reason, I just am not willing to trade 3 hours and 15 minutes of my life for a 60 minute game which has about five actual minutes of action, with the clock just counting down the rest of the time. And the penalty calls and officiating in general are disgusting. Plus the trash-talking, criminal element sub-human vermin that populates the National Felon League I can live without. There is a breaking point and they hit mine about 15 years ago.

    Let’s be honest, if there were no point spread listings, no one would watch this crap. Other than that I am essentially neutral.

  68. Gift of GAB-orik on

    We need some Godfather style negotiations to happen here. Forget arbitration… get the deals done.

  69. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Where’s Luca Brasi when you need him?

    ” My father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract “

  70. NYR_FAN- The club decides whether to apply for 1 or 2 year of arbitration. It depends on when RFA will attain his UFA status.

  71. Gift of GAB-orik on

    ” A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than 100 men with guns ”

    I could go all day… love the Godfather movies. 1 and 2 more than the third.

  72. Can’t stand the Dubi haters…this guy is a pretty darn good hockey player…and he’s only gotten better each season…I seriously think nothing would make some here, happy.

    As far as Messier and the money…everyone here would have done the same thing…don’t forget in both Messier’s case and now in Dubi, Cally etc’s case…one injury, one concussion etc can end your career…just ask Cam Neely.

  73. You found paradise in New York, you had a good season, you made a good living. The Rangers fans protected you and there were courts of law. And you didn’t need a friend like me. But, uh, now you come to me, and you say: “Don Sather, give me money.” But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Godsather. Instead, you come into my house on the day Colony Grill delivers my pizza pie, and you ask me to give you money.

  74. I agree with Doodie’s point about the three NHL NYC metro teams. It’s too much. The Islanders and Devils have had great, successful stretches on the ice, but off the ice, and with fan population, they can’t really compete with the Rangers. It’d be nice to see the Islanders stick around, but realistically, I think it’s better for the league if they put them in a more stable market that could generate a profit. And even if they leave the division, the rivalry can still live on. Detroit and Colorado have had some pretty rough games in their history, and there’s still some animosity when they play; they aren’t in the same division, so why do the Rangers and Islanders franchise have to be? It’ll be sad that jobs are lost, yes, but Nassau County isn’t exactly the rundown, backwater county of NY. I think it has the highest median income. Different than if you took a team away from Detroit or St. Louis. Also, the Islanders look to be heading in the right direction, and within a few years should be pretty competitive. Less direct competition for the Rangers, barring realignment, is never a bad thing.

  75. Gift of GAB-orik on

    “Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But uh, until that day, accept this contract as a gift on my scheduled arbitration day.”

  76. I’m with you, Staal. He’s a very good player who does a lot of things for his team and has a lot of qualities you can’t teach. But he does need to learn to do it every night, every shift, if he’s going to reach his full potential. I think that potential is pretty high.

    And Gift, you know where Luca is … he sleeps with the fishes.

  77. Welp back to the Isles, I understand why it’s not getting much action on these boards because this isn’t a Long Island-based publication, but I live five minutes from the Coliseum here in Nassau and the area would be devastated if the Islanders leave.
    Remember, it’s not just the Islanders, but also concerts, car and boat shows, children’s events, craft beer tastings and JOBS. Aug. 1 represents a very significant date for me (although there are still some hoops through which to jump if residents approve the bond) because I know a ton of people who work for the Islanders — one of whom is Sparky the Dragon — and I attend around 20 games every year with my family and friends.
    Onecupin72years — there are almost too many uncertainties to sway residents one way or the other. Private investors are shying away because Nassau County owns the Coliseum property site. Many residents are uncertain because the studies conducted vary significantly in how the taxes will inevitably ascend and if residents will just end up on the hook because the arena can’t generate enough revenue. Early nay-sayers appear to be thinking generally short-sighted, as in, how much extra will my taxes be right now (initial studies cited an annual increase of $58 per household, although I’ve heard rumblings of only $23 from some Islanders sources). They’re likely fed up being one of the highest-taxed counties in the U.S. and having nothing to show for it aside from a deficit and more potentially wasteful spending within the county. Don’t forget, the Aquatic Center, which Nassau County constructed 10 years ago for around $30 million, ALREADY needs $25 million in repairs. Yes, traffic will increase slightly (particularly if the Isles start winning) but not to the point where it will be a deal-breaker, as it would’ve been in Wang’s original Lighthouse Project. I went to a handful of games last year where I sat three rows from ice-level and paid no more than $20; tickets were practically given away so traffic getting to and from games was never a problem.
    Not sure if everyone is up to speed on the issue, but Wang and the County (Ed Mangano is the executive) also proposed a $50 million minor league baseball stadium across the street at Mitchell Field, which Suffolk County’s Long Island Ducks’ owner said he will run. In a less populated area, the Ducks sell out every game, so imagine what sort of revenue that could generate here in Nassau County, not to mention if the Isles are putting out a decent product on the ice. The fans are here (and perhaps more importantly, fans with money), but it’s clear they are tired of the circus on the ice and in the front office. Their prospects game drew around 5,000 in attendance, which is more than some of their home games, so that’s an encouraging step in the right direction. The Isles can compete, especially with Mark Streit healthy and continued production from Tavares, Moulson, Grabner, etc.
    The most preposterous idea I came across so far was from Newsday, where some professor (of underwater basket-weaving at Nassau Community College, most likely) said that the same people who were spending their money at Isles games would just spend it elsewhere in Nassau if the team moves. So given that logic, die-hard season ticket holders, instead of the putting the $10G toward seeing their favorite hockey team play, are going to instead spend that money on what, Chipotle and IMax movies? They’ll take their money and see hockey and concerts in Manhattan, Newark and at the Jones Beach theater, a state-owned facility.
    I will be voting yes when the time comes because I don’t want to see my friends lose their jobs and I don’t want to travel 45+ minutes to see hockey and live music. Nassau County will lose out on a PREMIER site for entertainment (while other venues are being rebuilt or renovated) in addition to thousands of jobs if the Isles move. Some reports are saying that the $400 million Wang/Mangano asked to borrow for construction could end at almost double the cost and in that case, NC residents will be asked to make up the difference. The county comptroller, George Maragos, wants the Islanders to provide “performance guarantees” to protect the taxpayers, which would likely quell some of the uncertainty.
    Wang has been keeping the Isles afloat for the past decade and has been putting $20 million of his own money basically into the toilet to keep the Isles here, so it’s clear he is a dedicated owner. But without guarantees, it’s going to be difficult to convince skeptical voters to approve a tax increase given the following: the state of the economy, the financial disarray of the county and the dire straits of the franchise it houses.

  78. Sorry, I wasn’t talking about this thread specifically…haha!
    Over the course of last season and at the end of the playoffs, people here were saying stupid stuff all the time. I’m not the biggest Dubi fan, but I recognize him as a pretty damn good player.

  79. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    New York City once supported three baseball teams, the Yankees, the Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers. New York City once supported three NFL teams, the Giants, The Brooklyn Dodgers, and the New York Bulldogs/Yanks. Economic decline, changing inner-city demagraphics, and WWII all had an impact on teams relocating from here. The Islanders should be able to survive locally if that hockey team in Jersey can stay viable, but that is a question, too.

  80. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I still don’t understand how the NHL battled to keep the ‘Yotes in Pheonix for the better part of 2 years, yet, seemingly in a months time, Atlanta was sold and shipped to Canada without much of an argument (exception being the ATL fans).

    Phoenix and the Islanders had the two worst attendance numbers in the league, yet ATL was sold and shipped that quick?

    It still baffles me that the NHL didn’t want to sell the ‘Yotes to a guy who was gonna move the team to Canada, but moved ATL to Canada.


  81. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Nassau Coliseum is a dump. It was once a rocking hockey arena… way back in the early and mid 80’s, but now is a mere shell of it’s former self, and players on the team were born the years the Isles were winning cups.

    But the arena is important to Long Island, and Nassau county. If a new arena is built, with modern advances and such, it will be a huge income generator… with even more concerts and events to be held there. I’ve been to just as many Isles/Ranger games at the Coliseum as i’ve been to at the Garden.

    the NY market is big enough to support multiple teams, we’ve seen it in every sport. Buffalo is way upstate, and is often forgotten as a ‘NY’ team, but their attendance numbers are impressive.

  82. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I would venture to guess, with high confidence, if most people on this blog were shown a blank outline of the United States, that for a million bucks most of us could not point to the general spot on the map that Missouri should be.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Inside reports are that the st.Louis blues are looking to add more experience….looking closely at Peter mcnab and wayne cashman

  84. Gift of GAB-orik on

    which reminds me of a funny story… I was speaking to a customer service rep who was located in Texas. We were making small talk while she was looking up my account and we got to talking about the weather. This woman asked me where I was from, and i said Long Island. She said “Where is that, is that in California?”

    I said no, Long Beach was in california, long island is part of NY.

  85. Cory- the dedicated owner should start with making sure he hires people who know hockey. Not the clowns who give out long term, idiotic contracts and trade away young, promising players. His hockey knowledge is limited, to say the least….

  86. These local rivalries benefit those other teams more so than an established franchise like the Rangers. Both Devils and Islanders can disappear for all I care.

  87. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Islanders should rig the attendance records like the Rangers do. Every game i’ve ever gone to was announced as a sell out… yet it’s weird how many people wore empty seat jerseys to the game.

  88. >>It still baffles me that the NHL didn’t want to sell the ‘Yotes to a guy who was gonna move the
    >>team to Canada, but moved ATL to Canada.

    I think it had something to do with their disdain for Mr. BlackBerry.

  89. Gift of GAB-orik on


    i’m sure that was part of it, but the guy has money, and had a viable hockey market. From a business stand point it doesn’t make sense to keep PHX there, and have them lose money year after year.

  90. Joe Pavelski last 43 games – 11 goals and 8 goals in last 24. (somewhat similar to Dubi, and supposed ‘super star’ as everyone around the league says)

    John Tavares last 43 games – 18 goals and 8 goals in last 24 (Number ONE pick from few years back)

    Kovalchuk last 43 games – 12 goals ( and only FOUR ‘one last than Dubi in the same amount of games’ in last 24 games!!)

    Mike Richards last 43 games 12 goals and 9 goals in last 24

    i can go on…but i guess you get what im trying to say. I cant seem to figure out the hype over those guys, I cant.

    *Brandon Dubinsky* last 43 games – 15 goals and 5 goals in last 24 (playing on one leg)

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Devils to name a coach at 3:30. Favorite is Michel Therrien. Overwhelming favorites after him are all former players for the Canadiens.

  92. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Morning/afternoon ILB and all!! This drive sucks!

    I’ve read so many old posts already I forgot who to respond to.

    I think max he should get is OPG money and minimum should be wheeler money. I was kidding around when I was basing his salary on boyle’s stats. That being said there are probably 6 out of the 9 guys (CTB I think) listed that I would rather have than dubi. He is a nice player with some serious potential, but has to work on his consistency and D zone coverage for sure. Needs to play with a lot more edge instead of talking a lot of crap from the box and the having bull dog’s boy cleaning up his messes.

    re the fishies …as long as they DO NOT move to QC, I am fine with them leaving. It just creates way too big of a moral dilemma for me if they move there!

    Bull Dog
    I am guessing you were kidding about paying by STATS earlier because I am probably the last person on here that you have to worry about stats as a pay scale from…

  93. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    I think dubi deserves joey crabb money!

    Anyone think they are using dubi’s arb #s to figure out cally. I would not be shocked to see dubi at arb, I would be very shocked to see cally there.

  94. czechthemout!!!! on

    Some of the snarky Dubi comments on here are puzzling. He was the teams leading scorer and missed a bunch of games that would have padded his stats even higher. He protects his teamates and is also very versatile. He was the best or second best player on the team last year. And he is not yet 25. If a piece turf like Lieno got the money he did for one season mediocre play, why shouldn’t Dubi get say a 4,000,000 per year deal?

  95. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Ok, I am definitely in orr’s camp on dubi!!

    no way the guy deserves a letter IMHO!

  96. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Devils next coach…

    -Lou Lamoriello-
    -John Mclean-
    -Jacque Lemaire-
    -Lou Lamoriello-
    -did we try Lou again?-

    Lou Lamoriello- “oh hell just put someone behind the bench. Worst case i’ll just fire him if we’re gonna make the playoffs and take over and steal the glory”

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    Give Callahan and Dubi matching 4.25 million deals and be done with it. Yeah, it might be a little high, but treat them well and they will treat us well.

  98. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    As bull dog said earlier, there is more than stats to base a guy’s salary on. It isn’t like he scored 102pts being the team’s leading scorer (he had 54). He isn’t good defenciely, and not sure where this standing up for teammates thing comes from..he fought ovi, mike green, and has a running feud with mrich…

    No arguing about his potential and I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM saying trade him for a bag of used pucks or a game worn roman ndur jersey, I am just not drinking the kool aid on this guy yet.

  99. I never said he deserved a letter…but I don’t neccessarily think he doesn’t either…

    I’m not a Dubi hater, I’m a realist. He has real talent and potential. He has to learn to play the same way every night!!!

    If Dubi is leading your team in scoring with 54 points, your team has problems…

  100. If Dubi is leading your team in scoring with 54 points, your team has problems…



  101. Gift of GAB-orik on

    New Devils coach – ” Ilya, we’re gonna play a team game now”

    Kovalchuk- ” I shoot puck?”

    Coach- “Um… yes… but only if you have a good shot”

    Kovy- ” I have good shot.”

    Coach- ” Yes i know… but we need to work on our team effort…”

    Kovy. ” I SHOOT PUCK. “

  102. Just because a team wants to pay an overrated player like Leino money he doesn’t deserve, doesn’t mean Slats should pay Dublowsky the money he +thinks+ he deserves.

    “He was the teams leading scorer and missed a bunch of games”

    Yeah, that’s not a good sign. That needs to change next season, obviously.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    ““oh hell just put someone behind the bench. Worst case i’ll just fire him if we’re gonna make the playoffs and take over and steal the glory” ”

    Steal the glory of an early playoff exit?

  104. Every game Dubi throws his body around, makes good plays and sticks up for teammates…but if Dubi doesn’t score a goal every game that means he’s inconsistent? wtf?

  105. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    So the mrs and I are talking about the rangers and she says maybe OPG thinks he is a penguin the way he slides on his stomach all the time, I’m LMFAO about that and then she says maybe they would trade for him, seems like the perfect fit…LMFAOx2!!

  106. I agree with @CCCP@ – Dubi plays hard, *talks to the refs* , sticks up for his teammates, fights bigger guys, scores when we need it. That’s impressive. He isn’t Grezky by any means. He isn’t Stamkos. But he’s a hard nosed player with a lot of potential is he ever is surrounded by guys that can net more goals than him.

  107. Gift of GAB-orik on

    haha… great minds think alike…

    wyshynski The new NJ Devils coach is … likely to be fired before the playoffs. (Just playing the percentages here.)
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  108. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    ’m not a Dubi hater, I’m a realist. He has real talent and potential. He has to learn to play the same way every night!!!

    If Dubi is leading your team in scoring with 54 points, your team has problems…

    my feelings exactly on dubi.

    like I said, not drinking the dubi kool aid yet.

    I apologize about the letter thing, I though you said he should have one. My bad!!

  109. We shouldn’t pay him the money he wants based on his potential. Doesn’t the NFL do that? These kids get drafted, and get a shyte load of money, when they haven’t played a single game.

    I watched that Hard Knocks show, and the losers have the balls to hold out for the entire camp, despite the fact that a month or two earlier, they were waiting to be drafted. Unbelievable!

    He has a good shot at having a great year, playing with guys like Richards, and Butt-Chin, if they have a healthy season. But, he needs show up every game, playoffs included.

    He’s been a ghost in the playoffs! Only shows up for a game or two, and is completely invisible for the rest.

  110. Dubinsky has 15 points in 22 playoff games.
    Callahan has 9 points in 27 playoff games.

  111. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    What games are you guys watching?? fights bigger guys?? salary wise, he fights bigger guys!! I mean he did stand up and fight shelley that time (lost, but fought him) standing up for a teammmate, oh wait that was boyle…

    Hits?? I not huge into stats and it so depends on the statistician, but someone pull up his ATOI, games played, and hits and tell me he hits all the time?? Are you guys nuts?? Just look at him compared to boyle, I did the salary math for you guys on that one…

    throws the body and stands up for teammates??? We are talking about prust then correct?

  112. I also wanted to add something about Jagr (Hi, wicky!)

    i found this article:

    Most of all, though, Jagr examined the Flyers’ roster enough to know that he could play alongside centers Danny Briere and Claude Giroux, who are both right-handed.

    Jagr said – ““I like to play power play on the right side, and I think because they’re right-handed, they like to play on the other side,” Jagr said. “I think it would be a problem if I would play in Pittsburgh with [Sidney] Crosby or [Evgeni] Malkin, left handed, and have to play on the other side, when I’ve played all my life on the right side. I don’t think I would be able to play there. Or if I go to Detroit, with [Pavel] Datsyuk and [Henrik] Zetterberg, they’re left-handed and they play on the boards where I used to play at.”

    By choosing the best situation that fits his style of play and can help the team best…how the fork is that selfish?!?! Why would he go to Detroit or Penguins? To see limited minutes?? He obviously just wants to play hockey and be in the NHL. Selfish?? hardly…

    Also from that article: For that, Jagr didn’t seem worried about damaging the relationship he had with Penguins owner and former teammate Mario Lemieux, despite reports that he had promised Lemieux to play in Pittsburgh.

    Jagr’s agent, former Flyers defenseman Petr Svoboda, even went as far as saying early on Friday morning that his client’s “heart belonged in Pittsburgh.”

    Both Detroit and Pittsburgh dropped their offers early on Friday when they sensed there was another team in the mix.

    “I didn’t promise anybody anything, that I was going back. The Penguins seemed like I did something wrong or something bad, and I don’t think I did something bad. If they feel like that, I cannot change their minds. I was a free agent, and I had my chance to pick wherever I think is best for me. I have the option to pick.

    “If I hurt somebody, I apologize, I didn’t mean it, but *this is my life and I want to make the choice* ”

    see wicky, he didnt promise ANYTHING to ANYBODY! Dont know where you got your “scoop” from saying that Jagr promised something to someone? At 39, a player like Jagr, deserves to make the best decision that suits his life.

    Read more:
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

  113. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Rangers have a history of crapping on guys who led the team in scoring.

  114. oh yeah, forgot to add this, from the same article: “If I play bad and people criticize me, that’s fine,” Jagr said. “If the things were only about myself, I’m not worried about it.”

    Instead, Jagr said he didn’t want fans to “criticize the people who brought me to Philadelphia.” Jagr doesn’t want to “let somebody down” who believed in him.

    “I have only one goal, and that’s making people happy,” Jagr said. “To make them happy, to those people who believe I can be good. That’s my goal. If I make them happy, I’ll be happy.”

    he’s thinking of other people before he thinks of himself… so selfish! ;)

  115. Doodie Machetto on


    I love Jagr, but, c;mon dude. Don’t believe all of the spin after the fact. He went for the place that is paying him the most. How about I punch you in the face, but afterwards tell you that I was just swinging my arm and your face just happened to get in the way.

    Don’t be so gullible. He took the money.

  116. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    his heart belonged in pitt, his wallet just didn’t. It’s ok though, one side of the story is always great and whatever works for everyone’s rationale is fine. Bottom line, his loafing butt isn’t on the rangers so that is good.

    I love how back in the “dark years” years everyone complains about how they are sick of these overpaid non producing along career point total players that don’t give 100% all the time all over the ice being on the rangers. And just want players that go out every shift, every period, in every zone and play as hard as possible. So now, a bunch of you try to defend that exact type of player. I love you all, but don’t you think it is just a tad hypocritical?

  117. Gab – Balsillie went behind the NHL to try to get a team. So he didn’t piss off Bettman (who doesn’t really have a say in the relocation talks other than suggestions). He pissed off the 29 other owners.

    First he wanted the Pittsburgh Penguins, he promised he’d “try” to keep them there. Then when rumor got out that he was moving them to Hamilton ASAP, Lemieux and his crew stepping in to save them.

    Next was his attempt on Nashville, when he openly stated “yeah I’ll buy the team, but I’m moving them to Hamilton immediately”, which the NHL and other owners clearly didn’t want to hear. So they passed him up for that ownership.

    Then he went after the Coyotes behind the NHLs back by secretly agreeing to take over the team from Jerry Moyes once he filed for bankruptcy (it’s more specific than that but that’s the basics).

    So pretty much Balsillie doesn’t own an NHL team because instead of playing by the rules, he thought he could just shell out a ton of money and do whatever he wanted to. Had he actually kept his mouth shut and just played ball, the majority of NHL owners wouldn’t have rejected his proposals. The other owners know Hamilton/2nd Toronto Team would be a goldmine for expansion fees, so they don’t want to miss out on that.

  118. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    I would hate to punch CCCP in the face, tiki loves his face!!

  119. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The NHL is just another version of an entitled high rollers club.

    Personal feelings get in the way of business. You know who loses? The current owner of the PHX franchise, who now has to lose millions more dollars because the frat boys didn’t want him to get a team, and move it to where it would make money.

    I say again… purely from a business side, this doesn’t make sense.

  120. The bulk of his points came in 08, when he played with Jagr. Ever since then, what has he done?

    One goal in 7 games.

    Two goals in five games.

    Like I said, he’s been a ghost in the playoffs.

    Yeah, everyone has. I’m not saying he’s the only one. That’s a huge problem.

  121. Come on guys. Jagr got offered $5 mil from Edmonton to go there this year. Detroit was offering him more than the Flyers did as well. Svoboda screwed the Pens by telling them things without actually confirming them with Jagr. He would say “yes he’s coming to meet with you” when Svoboda really had no idea where Jagr was. He was his North American agent who was just trying to stir up the hype about Jagr coming back so he could collect the most on his cut of Jags’ salary.

    As for Jagr leaving Pittsburgh, so many people have that story wrong. He never wanted to leave, he was forced out. First, the media threw him under the bus and tried to make Jagr look like the bad guy because when Mario came back, Mario wanted Jagr to keep the C since he said “it’s his team now”. This made people hate Jagr even though he had nothing to do with it.

    Then Jagr knew the team was in financial trouble, so he asked to be traded not because he didn’t want to play there, but because he knew they couldn’t realistically afford his salary (he had a few more years left on his deal) and didn’t want to be blamed for the team being forced to move or playing with a crap team where he was the only star.

    Is Jagr about the money? Sure, so is everyone who works a job. However he’s probably the most misunderstood athlete in the history of the NHL and possibly all of sports.

  122. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Not to mention Glendale, and the state of Arizona… don’t know if your team is gonna be around in a few years. It’s a shame.

  123. Dubi is a great young talent. He hasn’t even hit his prime yet. he is a very important 2nd line center or winger if needed. Great speed, kills penalties, and has the best hands next to gaborik.

    Sure he is inconsistent sometimes but who isn’t. Himself next to callahan showed the most heart out of all the rangers. The guy is only 25 and he hasn’t even filled up his frame yet. The Rangers and all the fans will regret letting him go and watch him 3 yrs down the line become a bonafied 1st liner.

    I say give him a 4 or 5 yr contract front loaded. Then we got him till he is 30. I would give him 4 per though. He knows the system, works well with torts, and knows and sticks up for his teamates. Those guys arent always easy to find. Thats why Boyle is a steal too. I haven’t seen the rangers stick up for eachother like them since the mess, gravy, leetch era.

  124. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    don’t your two post kind of contradict themselves?? On one hand he “goes” to the team where he is the best fit and where he personally does the “research” to find the place he likes the best where HE feels is best for HIM…”At 39, a player like Jagr, deserves to make the best decision that suits his life”.

    Then the next post it is all about others, I mean you know, he had all those obligations to those flyers fans from years past to make them happy???

    You really expect him or his agent to come out and say “yep, we had an agreement with the pens, but it was only a verbal one, so no big deal?”

  125. Yeah, to say Jagr “went for the money” is BS. He could have had a whole lot of cash to return to the KHL. Like Jonny said, he could have had more with the Wings, and Oilers.

    If anything, maybe the Pens tried to take advantage of him, and get him for a major discount. What, is he supposed to play for peanuts just because he won two Cups with the Pens?

    I can’t wait to see him play. I’m really curious to see if he still has what it takes to play in the NHL. I think he’ll have a good year. Not like 05-06, but he’ll have a solid year.

  126. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    boo hoo poor jagr and all his jagr!!

    I wish tony was here for the “inside” scoop on the coyotes situation!

    (an F5 wouldn’t be bad either)

  127. I don’t think AZ is really going to miss the Yotes Gab. Except for maybe the snowbirds that like seeing their former cities’ teams come.

  128. If Jagr can do for the Flyers, what he did for NYR, in the playoffs, that would be huge for them.

    Jags may have “loafed” it at times, but he still put up good numbers, and even better numbers in the playoffs.

    Excluding 06, when he was injured, obviously.

    07 – 5 goals, 11 points in 10 games
    08 – 5 goals, 15 points in 10 games

    Not too shabby!

  129. Who are we going to trade him for that has his potential. I don’t think too many gm’s would trade there up and coming talent for dubi, or callahan for that matter.

  130. Remember when the Phlyers signed Bryzgalov to ridiculous contract and then Cam Ward went for basically nothing?

  131. Slats has a knack for making good trades. I actually trust him when it comes to trading. Signing players, not so much.

    He could probably pull off something. Package him for someone relevant. For who? Who knows?

  132. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    You know what, maybe you guys are right, it’s not about the jagr, it’s about the ego. It is the ME ME ME. I mean he choses a place he has no historical ties or emotional ties to, but gives him the self declared “best chance to succeed”. He leaves the KHL to go back to the NHL (best league in the world). Not in his homeland for his dad’s team, not back to his stanley cup winning team/first team, not even back to the team where the majority of the fans worship him (for a reason I am still unclear on), but to the team where he can get the most points/personal glory…hmmm

    either way, jagr or ego, I wouldn’t want that guy within a mile of my lockerroom or organization, what a bouche!

  133. I don’t hate or dislike the islanders (team), it’s the fans that I can’t stand and ironically most islander fans are yankee fans, that tells it all.

  134. Orr do you not like dubi? or you just have no faith in the kid.

    He is a staple in our core. Is he not?

  135. I thought most of the Isles fanbase were Mets fans? The tri-state area typically is Mets-Islanders-Jets on LI. Yankees-Giants-Rangers in Westchester & Conn and Yankees-Giants/Jets-Rangers/Devils in NJ.

  136. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    chooses, not choses…sorry for the typo folks

  137. Yea I am manny. The Rangers have never developed this well since never really. I don’t want them to take a step back with that. The hardest part is patient, and that is what is needed with them. Especially because there so young.

  138. I don’t not like him, I’ve made that perfectly clear. I just doubt his long term commitment to this team, and don’t expect him to be a Ranger for any long than a year or two.

    It is what it is. I’ve said it many times, I want him to prove me wrong.

  139. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Are the results of the arb hearing given the same day of the hearing?

  140. Then it depends where in CT, Fairfield county is more NY leaning, the rest of the state you’re starting to get into Boston territory.

  141. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    does it smell different?

  142. wicky, the distribution of sports fans and their respective allegiances in the NY/NJ/CT suburbs.

  143. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    How about those raiders fans?

  144. That would be interesting to see how many Raiders fans there are in LA vs the Bay Area. I’m sure a bunch were disgruntled in each city when they moved the first and second times.

  145. JimboWoodside on

    The Fishsticks can relocate to the surface of the Sun for all I care – and they can take their few obnoxious fans along with them, too!

  146. I’m not being gullible…I just remember Jagr always talked about how much he hates lettng people down and how important it is for him to justify the trust people put in him. He always talked about it as a Ranger. I just can’t see how is this selfish?

    He found the best possible situation that fits him and the team…how is that a contradiction? And to ask why he did this and not that just because you it makes sense to YOU? Not smart…

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, can we get the official NYR twitter feed moved to the players, since it mostly posts retweets of the players anyway?

  148. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Just an FYI, but dubi had 3rd highest time on ice per game of the skaters and was tied with staal for 8/9 in avg hits per game…I hardly think he is a hitting machine

    He fought, ovi, green, mrich, and jack hillen…he fights bigger salaries and….hillen

    I think dubi will get paid more than he should at this point and that his salary will be more like what most of you say around 4 mil per than what I think he should get, but I hope he scores 60 goals for us and throws 300 hits and has 10 fights.

    I just think some of you drink way too much kool aid here and are unrealistic at times, but like I said before, I love ya and there is no place I would rather blog than with you wankers!

  149. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    yep, I think it would be like a 50/50 split. Sadly, along with me, I think NYR is also a raiders fan!

    truthfully, I see you (and other jagr apologists) spinning things your way, but that is fine. To me, if he wasn’t all about himself he would be giving the fans of his hometown, his first franchise or his last franchise the “privilege” of playing for them anything else is just selfish to me, but obviously you are correct and I am wrong. I’m sure he needs the jagr though, he might be behind on his bills!

  150. #NHL news. Confirming Peter DeBoer will named the next coach of the #Devils this afternoon.


  151. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    according to whackamole —> prust had a broken AC?

  152. I just see Dubinsky leaving, and we end up regretting it. He may not be the 1st line player some think he is, but he has gotten better, and unless we are all scouts we really don’t know what the ceiling is.

    Doodie I’m with you, wish we could have a little different way of doing this, but oh well.


  153. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    the devils have a new coach? Aren’t they the team with the fat goalie?

  154. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Honest to God I heard the Raiders are looking at moving to L.A. again. Maybe some others here heard that. That Al Davis is one psychopathic little puppy, from Brooklyn, of course. He could have played “Norman Bates” in a certain Hitchcock movie, with no sacrifice of style.

  155. wicky’s cool aid – consists of under-minding important team contributors like Dubi, Dany G, Jagr and so on… but is very high on guys like Witt, O’Byrne and such

  156. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Boom Boom
    I swear he died like 10 yrs ago and the raiders use some hologram of him at pressers

  157. CCCP,

    The Kool Aid drinkers should sue Wicky for copyright infringement. Wicky’s Cool Aid©, that’s pretty blatant.

  158. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    wow, way to take things WAAAAAAY out of context bro, but what ever!

    So we are soft as hell on the blueline so I bring up the names of players that not soft on the blueline and I under mine team contributers?

    What has jagr contributed to the team lately? Did I say dump dubi for nothing? Are you ok? I mean are you, well YOU?

    We may have a troll here posting as CCCP, he is making zero sense!

    Rod, is that you?

  159. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    Not like I EVER said our top 6 should be…

    Witt, obyrne, obrien, purinton, pilon, and cairns

    and if you really do think that is what I mean then you either A) Read only what you want to read in posts and spew things just to start trouble or B) really have ZERO idea of what you are talking about!!

  160. C’mon Wicky, Ulfie and Beuk would obviously be your top pairing. And 2nd pair would have included Willie Mitchell if the universe was properly aligned last summer.

  161. Good afternoon, Carp! I got my prize in the mail yesterday. Awesome! Thank you so much! You are my favorite!

  162. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    RE “Bettman doesn’t have a say in relocation talks.” First, we know he has a say in expansion talks, the Atlanta Thrashers deal was due to his lobbying. Second, he is the pucking Commissioner of the National Hockey League, he usually gets the bad rules he wants from the Competition Committee, and to say that he has no input or position as regards franchises relocating is to assume that he is not a powerful voice behind closed doors, which is assuming a lot. Anything smacking of a downward spiral for the NHL, Bettman is behind it. He does not have the guts to publicly lobby for the relocation of a Metropolitan NY NHL franchise. That is why his middle name is “Worm.”

  163. ORR!!: Tuesday night is good for 3 hours of the Office on TBS! It’s as long as a Hockey Match!

  164. just pushing your buttons, wicky :)

    you know i gots nada but luv for ya!

    cool aid LOL

    sigh…i need a drink

  165. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Chanting “Kansas City, Kansas City” would be the ultimate rebuking of “1940.” If the Isles move, the chant “1983” as the years go by, might resonate.

  166. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    I would absolutely take ulfie and beuk on my team at the same time. so what if a d corps had willie mitchell and staal, mcdonut, sauer, erixon, and vtank or mdz…not really a problem IMHO

    I mean seriously, we need mean physicality on the blueline, would I rather have mcilrath than mitchell hell yes, would I take mitchell for 6 mil per season, HELL NO!!.. You just have these posters that think because you say a guy LIKE witt and his snarl, all of a sudden that is what your whole d corps has to look like, again very UNREALISTIC, and that is my whole point!

    Ideally, to me, a d corps should have two offencive minded guys, two mean physical guys, and two all around guys that can get their noses dirty but have some offencive potential.

  167. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be a cheapshot artist and a wiseassen (according to rod)

  168. oh and i would like for the Ize-landers to stay on Long Island. They have plenty of good young players and we have plenty on the way too… would be great to see in few years how they all develop. I think this could reheat the rivalry again.

  169. wicky,

    You forgot Per Djoos on your defense.

    There I used up the daily Djoos quota again.

  170. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    GAB-orik –

    I lust the Godfather movies too. My favorite line is when Sonny (James Caan) says to Michael (Al Pacino): “Your country is not your blood, people who die for their country are saps.”

    I would like to see our military men and women abroad just turn around and come home. What could anyone do to stop them? Enough with the dying for defense contractors, bankers, and politicians on the take from these commercial interests to prolong this insanity. We have met the enemy and they look a hell of a lot like politicos and trough-feeding bureaucrats on Capitol Hill.

  171. When did wicky become Wicky?

    “Not like I EVER said our top 6 should be…

    Witt, obyrne, obrien, purinton, pilon, and cairns”

    Course you didn’t. It was Exelby in place of O’Byrne…

  172. CTB, I agree (again). I think it’s mostly Isles-Mets-Jets; Rangers-Yankees-Giants.

    Good afternoon, Sally! Did that take long enough to reach you?

  173. O’Byrne was the dude who put the puck in his own net when he was on Montreal. They sarcastically chanted his name until he cried.

  174. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Wicky: Why couldn’t Bill King (TOUCHDOWN – R A I D E R SSSSSSSSS!) have taken Al Davis with him, when he bought “The Big Casino?”

  175. Carp, I too got my gift a few days ago. Thanks again!

    How is the Bonehead universe doing in these slowwww days?

  176. Gab – actually the person who loses is the taxpayer in Glendale. That whole Coyotes situation is a huge mess only because of their move to that arena. There is so much about that move that most people don’t even know about.

    The Yotes lease with the City of Glendale is “the worst in all of professional sports” according to the people who were looking at the financials when they were filing for bankruptcy. Pretty much Glendale wanted to open the new state-of-the-art arena and was hoping that the Yotes would produce enough money off the bat that they could charge them a ton for use of the parking lot, concessions, and other things. This was all for a team that wasn’t a decade old yet and didn’t have a chance to build a fanbase.

    Many believe that if they stayed in Pheonix, where all of the people are (and it’s easier to access from Scottsdale, where all the money is), the team would’ve been much more successful. Instead they got dragged into a terrible lease that was just stealing money from them pretty much, and now the citizens of Glendale will pay because the city of Glendale will lose a ton of money on that arena without a permanent tenant. The Yotes were set to fail as soon as they moved to that new arena.

  177. Tony, did youse have another dust storm this week? Geez.

    LW, I tied it to a really big pigeon.

    Shocker about Stamkos. I thought somebody would tender an offer sheet (NOT).

  178. And I love that I left my desk and forgot to post that comment from an hour and a half ago. haha

  179. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    damn you!

    You know you are the man, hank may have his bus, but you will always have your porta potty up here!!

    Speaking of up here, Carp was I getting something? The dog sleds must be slow! JK!!

  180. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (A cheapshot artist and wiseassen...) on

    you don’t like the “W” capitalized?

  181. Smart move by Stamkos, he can test FA at 26 years old. Makes him destined to become a Ranger so the we can indoctrinate him in the ways of the RR.

  182. JimboWoodside on

    “The rivalry can heat up when they’re in KC.”

    Orr! He says it all! ;-D

    No other NHL franchise has ever had a rival team dropped essentially into its own back-yard like what happened with the Islanders – would the Maple Leafs or the Habs or the Bruins ever allow their territory to be poached by “fiat” from the league office?

    It was a big sign of the league’s disrespect for the NYR franchise – even if the Ranger ownership went along with it – that doesn’t make it right.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Carp, should I have received my prize yet? I have a very Newman-esque mail carrier.

  184. 4generations 4 cups on

    I love the Islanders because they’re our closest rival. There is a super thin line between love and hate. I really don’t want to see the Isles go. I’m registering to vote just to vote for this.

  185. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe Jim Dolan should buy the Islanders and use them as the NYR farm team, like the Norris family did with their “main” team, the Detroit Red Wings, and their “farm” team, the Chicago Blackhawks…

  186. JimboWoodside on

    They likely did have to pay such a fee, CT – but again, that didn’t make it a *good* decision to accept another franchise in a geographical area where a ton of Ranger fans already reside.

  187. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    ah, thanks

    oh. ok?

  188. Note that the list is a bit stupid, because some guys aren’t really goons (Lucic and Horton come to mind) and are just good players that are more physical than others. But the list is still a fun conversation-starter.

  189. busy at work all day to see big day in hockey.

    stamkos sigining

    devs shock me choosing deboer.

    finally dubinksy days are numbered. the rift btwn him and sather will continue to grow. i am getting real sick and tired of dubi crap. sign the contract already.

  190. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I’ll have to check out that list later, but I’m sure hard hitting, standing up for your teammates, prolific scorer dubi is in the top five on the list…

  191. eric,

    I think it’s the Rangers that aren’t matching Dubi’s demands. And with player elected arb there will be a contract issued, whether it’s on the player’s terms or the team’s.

  192. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The holdup on the Dubi contract is the length? So if the money is agreed on, and the player wants a long term deal, this is a problem?

    That doesn’t sit right with me. Unless Dubi wants like a 12 year contract… then i’ll understand the impasse.

  193. I’d imagine Dublowsky probably wants a short term deal, and Slats wants a long term deal, so he doesn’t have to deal with this same issue for a third, and likely final, time, with the end result not going his way.

  194. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Re: The Devils and the coaching carousel…

    From FoxSports:

    “The coaching change is the ninth for the Devils since the late Pat Burns stepped down after being diagnosed with cancer in 2005.”

    9 coaching changes in 6 years. Wow.

  195. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Devils juggle coaches like Torts juggles lines.

    DeBoer spelled backwards is borrowed time. Weird.

  196. eddie eddie eddie on

    …must lay down….seeing sound and hearing colors…….must crawl under the bed and get safe….

  197. A deal will get done before arbitration. I’m sure this news will prompt the Dubi haters to pounce full throttle.

  198. That’s interesting, CT. But, I don’t believe it. It just doesn’t make sense. If it’s not aboot the money, then why does Slats not want a long term deal, especially after dishing out a 9 year deal to a guy who’s 31.

  199. Why would Dubinsky want a long term deal? Doesn’t he want to increase his pay as soon as possible?

  200. My only guess is that Sather is willing to pay him for a couple of years at market rate, but if Dubi is demanding a deal that spans most of his prime UFA years he can ask for money overall.

  201. And the 9 year deal was to lower the cap hit. I doubt Richards plays for all 9 years. That deal is structured to end in 6.

  202. That’s what I’m thinking, Manny.

    One or two year deal, then he is a UFA at the end of the deal, and teams like the Cats, Avs, etc, all can boost up his price, and he gets that big contract he thinks he’s entitled to.

    Maybe he might actually earn it, depending on how he plays, and if he can really take his game to the next level.

  203. The Stamkos deal is $8m, $8m, $8m, $8m, $5.5m. Shame to discover that he’s going to retire in four years time.

  204. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Dubi wanted a longer term deal shows his commitment to the team. If he’s willing to give the Rangers the prime of his career, i don’t see a problem with that.

    It will be interesting to see what the Rangers offer was in terms of years, versus what Dubi is looking for.

    For once it’s not about $$ per year… refreshing.

  205. It sounds like Dubi is making this decision based on some floozie! He probably wants to stay in NY forever for some girl….maybe “show his dedication” or something. Seems like a bad financial move!

  206. I also think that not wanting to give Dubi a longer deal makes them more flexible down the road. If some of the prospects in the system start to pan out they’ll be coming off their ELCs in 3 or 4 years. Getting weighted down with too many long term deals, especially if they contain NTC or NMCs will put them in a Flyers type situation.

  207. I agree, Manny.

    Honestly, you shouldn’t be able to get a NTC, unless you have kids!

    That would be funny if that were the case, and all the young players were so desperate for a NTC, that they adopt babies!

    Sounds like a good Rom-Com!

  208. That’s an AWESOME stipulation, ORR. It is like getting bumped in the draft lottery. If you have kids you get preference. If not – off you go!

  209. Also, ORR – what if someone had kids and a NMC and then their kid died (god forbid) – or they got divorced and their wife got custody (a little less sad). They would then *lose* that NMC because they no longer have kids!

  210. Technically the Bolts massively overpay Stamkos for the next 3 years, but they do buy out a couple of years of UFA.

    He’s gone after his contract is up though. He will test the FA market.

  211. Carp, it’s timing was perfect!

    CCCP, I got an autographed copy of Carp’s book! It will live in a place of honor – right next to my Dubinsky gloves!

    Speaking of Dubinsky, I would like to see the Rangers offer him a 20-year contract with a no-trade clause (except to Buffalo, of course). It could happen.

  212. Um I love Rupp already.

    Rupper17 Mike Rupp
    Great day in NY!… Now on my way home with a smooth 4+ hrs to kill in Philly (gross)!

  213. If the problem is the length that Dubi is asking for, maybe he is looking for 6/7/8 years maybe. Slats would be mad to go over 5 years unless he is certain Dubi is going to be a top 6 forward all that time – especially when you look at maybe getting Kreider, Thomas and maybe JT Miller coming through during that contract duration, not to mention Richards and Gaborik still here together for 2 more years minimum.

  214. bull dog line on

    not only were you talking about hockey, I agree with you on Dubi . I talked aboot soccer yesterday, what is this place coming to.

  215. I agree with Sally…20 years, NMC for Princess Dubinsky….

    Get ‘er done, Slats :P

  216. Manny, it would be great, because normally when a couple splits, the Mother gets custody.

    Now, Father’s all over the NHL would go to war with their ex-wives so they can keep the kid, but more importantly, keep their NTC/NMC!

    I love it!

  217. Also, did I mention here that there is a very NSFW magazine called “Butt Man.” I saw it in a subway newsstand. It made me laugh pretty hard thinking about Gary Buttman and what was on the cover.

  218. Orr

    I think the kids/no-trade thing is what’s holding up the NFL labour deal. Antonio Cromartie is arguing he deserves a guaranteed, lifetime contract and a 25% stake in every franchise.

  219. I agree with Doodie about moving the NY RangersRT Twitter feed to the Players box because it just retweets player comments.

  220. Hahahaha I KNEW somebody would say that LW! You don’t know my wife. If that was anywhere other than the Subway Newsstand, Manny would be no more!

  221. I think Cromartie’s first born, was a more human looking Gizmo, and he fed him after midnight, spilled water on him, etc, and now his baby multiplied, which is why he has so many kids now.

    Can you imagine if Cromartie had an affair with the Octomom, or Kate + 8? Madonna mia! End of the world!

  222. Mister Delaware on

    “If the problem is the length that Dubi is asking for, maybe he is looking for 6/7/8 years maybe.”

    Depends on the cap hit here, no? Asking for $4MM over 6 years is hardly offensive, especially since they’re giving Richards nearly that entire amount in cash over the next 16 months or so.

  223. LW – Double Burn! Good one. I always knew the Brits were funny when I saw Monty Python all those years ago.

  224. how about the isles moving to hartford(with new arena,which they want up there)…good hockey area….rivalry with bruins and rangers…isle fans can make a few weekend trips to games there…three teams are too many for the fourth most popular sport,and i’m a number one hockey fan…..better yet,move the devils to(fill in the blank) and the nets to newark,where they’d be loved

  225. JimboWoodside on

    Well, at least the Debbies new coach has a surname that perfectly matches the franchise.

  226. If Dubinsky wants years, give it too him! Jeeze. It’s clear the kid wants to stay in NY. The longer you lock him up, the better. And this talk about ‘consistency’ is just ridiculous when taken into context of team as a whole.

  227. Carp, I had to shave it off cause it’s too darn hot. I been keeping busy, you know. How are you?

    Ilb, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  228. I’m here all week…

    …said Peter DeBoer when asked how long he expected to stay behind the bench in New Jersey.

  229. I’m good Sally. Barely hanging onto a job with all the layoffs we’ve had. And dealing with all these nuts daily (most of them really cool nuts, a few of them driving me nuts).

  230. Phil, so what you’re saying is, it’s ridiculous to ask him to show up for 82 games, just because the majority of the team doesn’t??

    I know the fans are in love with Dublowsky, and he can do no wrong, but you need to be more realistic.

    And, in my opinion, it’s not “clear” that he wants to be a Ranger. If it were, we wouldn’t be going through this for the second time.

  231. Voice, that’s the business of pro sports. this is part of it. it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be a Ranger. Leetch and Richter went through this, too. Callahan’s going through it.

  232. You have to think that there is an offer on the table for Dubinsky by Sather…I would guess…like a 3 year deal for $11.5m…if that’s not good enough for him, I really can’t defend him…

    All signs are pointing to the the idea that Dubinsky is _choosing_ to go to arbitration. I really don’t know why Sather would elect for a 2 year deal, as ilb & I were discussing earlier.

    Likely scenario: I see the arbiter awarding Dubi a 1 year, $4m deal…and we trade him by the deadline or he signs an extension with NYR…he won’t walk away for nothing next year…

  233. I know, Carp, but that’s the odd part, I don’t have this same feeling with anyone else +but+ him.

    And it’s not like this has anything to do with me being biased. I’ve always been a fan of his. If it were Butt-Chin, Blowmez, Dreary, etc, obviously it’s a different story.

    I’m normally pretty spot on when it comes to these types of predictions, and I’m predicting that he wont be around for a long time, and we’ll lose him for nothing.

    I hope I’m wrong! I want to be!

  234. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp. Hole in one on the wrong hole is talent.
    Keep the islanders the enemy closer.
    Keep dubi. He is a solid second liner. Good minutes.
    Keep Cally. He is a solid second liner. Good minutes.

  235. eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – well, now that i have returned to planet earth…i must go and deliver a scintillating lecture on Laplace Transforms…..wish me luck….

  236. Ok…so I slightly misunderstood, Dubinsky is entitled to a 2 year decision…

    You’re correct, eric…2 yr/$8 mill is sounds right…

  237. billybleedsblue on

    ORR, this is how I know I’m getting ‘old’ … this planking things just makes no sense to me. crazy kids of today, I tell ya!

    I’ve said it before, the NHL should just get rid of these lousy teams like the Isles. Then I think about it, and I think I would kind of miss them…nah! hahaha.

  238. is anybody going to try to help Mike Rupp with a new mug shot? He’s asking for help in the widget (whackamole?).

  239. Planking has to be the dumbest idea ever.

    As for the Isles, whatever legit fans they have will follow them wherever they move to.

  240. MSG is showing the Rangers-Wings game when Kocur fought Probert. I don’t think they’ve dropped the gloves yet.

  241. Pete DeBoer is actually an interesting guy. He was a lawyer that somehow quit the practice after a little while and became a junior coach then got an NHL job. He grew up with Adam Graves and Paul Maurice.

  242. Like I said earlier, DJK. He’s only taking the job as a favor to Graves. He’s going to spend the entire time there planting the idea of Parise winning a Cup with NYR in his head, Inception style.

    Get it done! Don’t lose yourself!! But, if you do, I wont lose any sleep over it :P

  243. When is Callahan’s arbitration hearing?

    I think we should start throwing some ideas around who can we trade him for.

  244. Kocur said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done. He and Probert lived together, and they were like brothers, and Probert’s mother scolded both of them after the game.

  245. that game is a classic…that Red Wings team was great…

    Funny…Rangers lost that game because Osgood was standing on his head

  246. That Red Wings team was awesome. Might have been the best team in the league that year and the next, and when the Wings got knocked out by the eighth-seed Sharks, it really got people here thinking the Rangers might be able to win the Cup. And Pittsburgh went out early, too. Wings, of course, went to final the next year and lost to Devils. That was the start of their dynasty.

  247. Yeah, they had so many great players: Dino, Fedorov, Primeau, Whyzerman, Lidstrom, etc…

    Sam and JD were commenting during that broadcast about how great and wild a series it would be if the Rangers and Detroit met for final….

    Rangers were fortunate Detroit went out early, to some extent. It would have been a totally different series against Detroit. Although, they still went 7 games against the Canucks…

  248. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    So we are moving the rangers twitter from the wombat to the whackamole?? Seems reasonable!

    Isn’t rupp the guy who gave the fan a ten dollar bill taped to an autographed puck for shooting a puck into the stands and knocking the guys beer out of his hand or something?

  249. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    Not trying to be funny here at all, but I looked over the posted link earlier and didn’t see dubi, did I miss him? Honest question!

  250. anyone who wants the Islanders to move out are not true Rangers fans. It would be horrible if we lost such a great rivalry.

    Im sure they will eventually move to a new stadium next to Citi field but to have them move out of NY would really suck…

  251. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I also like Orr’s idea about if the fishies stay, we get 3 more home games!!

  252. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    speaking of which, where is mama?

  253. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    anyone seen transformers 3 yet?

  254. I want them gone. How does that make me a fake Rangers fan? I don’t understand the logic behind that.

    If anything, it makes me +more+ of a fan. I want them out of NY, and I want to bathe in the tears of their fans!!

  255. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    ummm, chunnel trick?

  256. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on


    what about the new chick? She was pretty hot!!

  257. Wick, did the pigeon arrive?

    No, thank you, wicky.

    I’m not moving the Rangers twitter because during the season, and when there is news, it is a lot more than players’ tweets. so it’s staying in the hockey/news widget.

    I’ll tell you this, though. I love both widgets, but plain old tweeting of non-news info is really dumber than a box of hammers.

  258. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    WOW, the bruins had 4 of the top 8 on that list

  259. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    oh, I guess rosie is the one

    Not yet carp, and no no, thank you!

  260. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I was pissed in the movie the way ironhide died,

  261. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    he was my favorite autobot

  262. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    how do you like this 4ever?

  263. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    how about the chick in I am number 4?

  264. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I think she played 6?

  265. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    ahem…ahem ahem….CCCP?

  266. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    all work and no play make jack a dull boy

  267. Wicky, are you talking aboot the chick from Glee? Dianna Agron? +Babe!+

    They’ll definitely reboot the Transformers movies, for sure, and I’m hoping for less humans.

    Waaaay too many humans in the movies. They’re not even interesting.

  268. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    wow, thanks!

    Yep I think she was the one riding the crotch rocket (insert innuendo here), the other chick wasn’t bad, but she was well hot!

  269. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    “was, well, hot”

  270. Wicky©Hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    and rosie is def a hottie!!

  271. The background on my computer is on a continuous loop of Victoria’s Secret model pictures.

    Candice is still the best! She gained a little weight, because everyone was freaking out that she was too skinny. South African babe!

  272. Wicky©?????????! on

    can’t remember which vicky secret model is my fave, but I think she is the most popular one…

  273. Mister Delaware on

    You know what’s hot? Brandon Dubinsky in a blue, red and white sweater. OMG!

  274. I like the new breed of chicks. Erin Heatherton, and Lindsey Ellingson. Two blonde American up & comers.

    Then you have the “mommy Vets” like Miranda Kerr, Alasandra Ambrosia, Karolína Kurková, Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, etc.

    Must be a fun job, choosing who makes the cut! Now, that’s a real team, full of consistent players!

  275. Lima! She’s a Brazilian babe! She used to be nicknamed “The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin”

    Her accent is a bit horrific though!

    Of the Brazilian VS supermodels, my favorite is probably Ana Beatriz Barros! Although, she doesn’t work for them anymore, I think.

  276. All this talk about Kansas….anyone here ever been to Wichita? I went there one season when I was young back in l951, because me and a friend who was formerly with the Cleveland Barons were actually scouted!, by a guy from Wichita. He was looking for players for his little local league to play, and two of the teams were sponsored by the aircraft companies
    ( Beechcraft “Flyers,”)and Boeing “Bombers”. they needed a forward and a goalie. – I volunteered for goal.
    Almost the worse mistake of my life. I didn’t know that one of the teams in the league were from Tulsa..the “Oilers”……….I didn’t know that they had several former pros playing for them
    ( Jud McAtee ( I was told he’d been with Rangers, and Clare Dillon Bruins.) They killed us. And it was a long drive down there in the hellish cold.
    Tiny western town ( Wichita) where the snow never got shoveled and the wind never stopped blowing at about 40 mph. You couldn’t wear enough clothes to stay warm. No building in the town, more than 4 stories and wide western streets with diagonal parking both sides of the street and four traffic lanes. One lousy little movie in the whole town, and NOTHING to do.

    They told us they’d get us a job at one of the A/C places………..btw …no masks in those days …..
    first game I played was against the Flyers and they were good. a fast winger from Detroit broke down his right wing, and came right at me.
    I came out a bit to cut his angle down and first thing I knew he was right on me. I did the two pad slide stack and he had to leap over me, and his skate caught me right in the forehead between the eyes. Out cold. didn’t recall anything.
    I had three stitches taken on the tiny cut where the toe of his blade hit, but it was deep. Also the goalie equipment was too big for me, and I told my friend Doug that I,d had it. He did too. So we boarded a bus back to Chicago and that was the end of my hockey career. What a miserable little town that was back then.

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