Big golf, soccer, baseball day today … not much hockey


So I give you your blank canvas.

Have at it.

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  1. hey Carp, that could be an alternate name for this place instead of instead of Rangers Report…

    Not Much Hockey LOL!!!!!! (uh-oh, I feel banning/suspension No. 5 coming :)

    Larry Brooks today saying Brett Burns was the one who got away, a Ranger target before he was dealt to SJ.

    If only you’d known that!!! – Except you did, because a month ago I wrote 15 posts on it, including the price being sky high and Burns having 400 reptiles living in his basement.

    I know, no one remembers…..

    Wicky, CCCP and all the other cheapshot wiseasses can take it from here and keep you clued in.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. Good morning Carp spent a few days at Villa Roma this week.What a beautiful course they have up there.I played as single (twilight golf after2pm).Eighteen holes in 3 hours no groups in front of me or behind me.What a great afternoon just me and Mr T.Have you played there before?If not I strongly recommend you give it a go.

  3. bull dog line on

    for the most part its hockey here. you just have a few guys with nothing to add to the hockey conversation so they try comedy.

  4. Rod, bull dog line and the rest of the (pretend) know it all hockey geniuses wiseasses…I would love to tell you exactly what I think about you but my comments would get deleted…so why post at all, right Carp? :)

    Have a good summer.

  5. Sorry carp thought you would have heard of it.Its a resort in the town of Callicoon NY.Its near Monticello.A lot of people from New York City go there.They have web site I just don’t know how to link it.Great Great golf course definitely worth the trip.

  6. There is hockey today. My street hockey league team is playing back-to-back games this evening. Everybody is invited to come to Raleigh, NC to watch.

    Right now I don’t see a need for a trade except, maybe, for a left wing to put on the top line. Everybody is getting into the Rangers need a vet d-man discussion and what’s wrong with Staal and Girardi? They may be young, but they’ve been around a few years. They sure aren’t rookies. If they do pick up a d-man then I hope it’s to serve as the 6th/7th d-man.

  7. bull dog line on

    never claimed to know it all. just get tired of your attacks on anybody who has the nerve to say something you don’t agree with. it is always you CCCP, and Carp often looks the other way.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    In hockey news… I scored a goal and had an assist last night, but my team got crushed. So it’s hard to feel good about my game. I’m a team first guy.

  9. No, Carp. Happy enough watching on TV and not getting soaked. I don’t live anywhere near any of the Open (British/English Open golf tournament) courses apart from Lytham anyway.

    Made the amusing mistake of looking at a couple of Devils articles from the NY Post. Apparently the blockbuster signing of Cam Janssen is being viewed as a “coup” across the river. If signing one of the worst players in the league is all they have to look forward to (let’s ignore the continuing cap problems, no coach and potential loss of Parise within a year…), bring on the new season.

  10. Rod – I would have liked Burns too, but at what cost? I doubt many of us would be willing to trade Kreider, J.T. Miller and Callahan for him. That’s in essence what the Sharks gave up for him.

    On the rest. Admittedly, I get somewhat perplexed by the extraneous banter here. But to thumb your nose at it and Carp certainly ain’t going to win you any friends. My suggestion is to read the hockey posts and interact with those who talk hockey. No need to get into a flame war.

  11. bull dog line on

    that would have been a heck of a price to pay for Burns. don’t think I would have done that.

  12. Rod if your sooo connected to the Rangers moves etc., you must be Neil Smith in disguise. Lighten up dude!!!!

    What r you like 10??

    It’s just someone writing in a blog, you don’t plan on having dinner with the guys or anything do you?

    Just a quick side note: I’m Italian and to have someone over for dinner is in fact a big deal, so that would be the reference in the above sentence, just info for anyone who is not of the Italian descent.

    It’s Sunday and a roni day….and no I do not put cheese on my ronni’s :)

  13. LB wrote one sentence about Burns, and that means what exactly? That he _almost_ was a Ranger. Please…

    I don’t believe we were ever in the running for the guy!

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Orr, still watching True Blood? I stopped after the 2nd season. Not for any real reason other than there was no longer an available viewing partner…lost interest and stopped altogether. That show’s gotta be even more ridiculous by now.

    How dare anyone discuss hockey here. Tsk, tsk.

  15. If Rod said we almost had Burns than it MUST be true! Rod is the Rangers guru! The Messiah!

    How dare Carp banned Rod FOUR times?! Oh yeah, that’s right…it was ALL because of me!

  16. billybleedsblue on

    CCCP, take it easy, that guy is clearly an insider. There’s no telling what else he knows! If you get him banned again, we’ll never hear his secrets!

    Go USA!

  17. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    OK, big fat no to Campoli…bull dog said it best…SOFT!! Not what we need. Nor do we need puck movers, what is with you guys? Must be the heat!

    anyone have a link to the brooks article handy?

    cheapshot artist? fou braque!

  18. Rod –

    If you (or a friend) is in a position where confidentiality is expected maybe you/they should just live up to it.

    If you’ve got something you can share then tell us, if not don’t – but the “deep throat” game is for the birds. Just my opinion, others may like to play along.

    Otherwise, your posts are fine.

  19. Another NFL player arrested!!

    “Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury to a family member early Sunday morning in Central Texas”

    LOL! I love this! Every week it’s a new NFL player getting arrested!

  20. ORR

    Stop attacking NFL players! Bull dog line does not approve!

    Seems like he is the only one who has any problem with me. From the first day he appeared on this blog he’s been attacking me any chance he get! Is it because I like Avery? :)

  21. Carp, are you watching the american girlies today ??????

    its starting at 2.45pm and last two periods 45 minutes with an extra time when its not decided and maybe a penalty shootout after 120 minutes…

    It will be played in a packed 51250 seater arena called Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt/Germany…

    You are not allowed to miss it :)

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Cross Check: As Yogi said to Phil The Mick, and everyone else in the world: “Most putts that are short don’t go in.”

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Congratulations to Darren Clarke for winning the British Open Golf Tournament without hitting a sand trap (just a few “bunkers”) along the way.

    Hitler bought “the big casino” in a sand trap, by the way, not in a “bunker” as has been widely reported. Bet if you tell the P.C.’s down at the network that A-Dolf boughtt it in a bunker, they go back to “sand trap,” real fast. lol

  24. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    No truth to the rumor that Wally Bunker, the late Baltimore Orioles pitcher, died in a sand trap.

  25. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Things to come: Saw a couple pix of Canadian Football League players and that stupid league has devolved into having the players wear FOUR advertising billboards – one to deface the front of the helmet, of course, and three right across the chest. I give the “NASCAR LITE” award to the CFL, until the NFL joins ” the advertising chase,” in earnest, of course.

    Lets just have all sports uniforms display 15 banner ads and get it over with. That way, hey – the just over broke players can earn a little extra spending trash and be able to feed their families during the off season, you know, that six week period, annually when they are not in camp or playing for real. Got to love those sweeties down at Riddell for being the first to make football helmets look like a floating Burger King ad.

  26. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The Claret Jug looks like a tin cup compared with the Stanley Cup. Why don’t they just let the British Open Golf Tournament winner hold the Stanley Cup, for the media photo session, and quietly sneak out with the Claret Jug in hand?

  27. ORR

    Soccer only has two periods lol

    And this game isn’t one of those snoozy ones! Japan just tied it up! Darn it!!

  28. Dantherangerfan on

    MAke love not war people…Btw I have a friend that skates with gilroy and sometimes higgins here on Long island and from what I understand Gilroy and torts hated each other and thats the biggest reason he is not a ranger. The team still was pretty high on him but he let it be known he would not play for Torts… Very interesting because ive heard torts is a love or hate kind of guy.

  29. Dan

    Hope Solo is cute…in a women’s soccer kind of way ;)


    Funny thing is that they are playing fourth period right now…two regular ones and two extra ones! So in a way you were kind of right

  30. Dantherangerfan on

    Haha ya theres something about a woman that plays soccer.This game is crazy

  31. ORR

    Its for the referees to differentiate between regular players and the goalie. Especially when there is a play inside the goalie box…otherwise everyone would play the ball with their hands if they all wore the same uni :)

  32. speechless!! Heartbreaking loss for the US team.

    Congrats to Japan! That country needed something to cheer about.

  33. Godzilla originated in Japan. The Japanese are very passionate aboot Godzilla.

    I remember seeing the American Godzilla movie. Ferris Bueller was in it. It was a horrific movie. I remember just eating popcorn, loaded with butter, and just daydreaming the entire time.

  34. its like when the Rangers lost to Washington in the playoffs this year. You blow a 3-0 lead in one period and its hard to feel bad when they lose

  35. Still off topic (Hi, Rod!), but Brazil’s men’s team just lost a shootout to Paraguay in the Copa America by missing four penalties out of four.

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I detest this “shootout” nonsense so much, whatever the sport, I have to say a tie, and declaring the two teams co-champions, would be o.k. and a nice sporting sharing of good skill and fortune.

    Ties are no fun, but shootouts are cheaper than plastic utensils service in Buckingham Palace for Chateaubriand and Dom Perignon with the Queen.

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see at Wiki that Hope Solo remained close with her father, over the years, who was a somewhat disoriented Viet Nam War veteran, and who passed suddenly in 2007. I like her a lot on many levels. What a woman (29).

  38. bull dog line on

    ah, soccer is your game. maybe you can get Carp to change the blog to a soccer blog. then you can be funny, and knowledgeable.

  39. Another stupid sport that uses an unrelated contest of skill and luck to decide a game. Idiots.

    Well, at least your NHL doesn’t go to the skills competition in the playoffs.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Baseball should end extra innings play and go to a HR derby to determine outcomes…. Especially come playoff and world series.

  41. Talk about hockey? What’s hockey? ;)

    bull dog line

    Don’t be hurt, please. Avery and I need you! ;)

    { [cough cough] passes peace pipe to bull dog line}

  42. Really – we have to go thru this bull again?!?!? Are people actually attacking Carp for blogging all summer when the other sites basically shut down? Get real….this guy goes above and beyond with this blog, plus all the news available is right on this page on the widget! Show the guy some respect or go somewhere else more to your liking.

    Friends here can talk about whatever they want, even if they don’t want to rehash the same hockey stuff for the whole summer. Skip the stuff that doesn’t interest you! It ain’t that hard.

    Just be thankful we have this place, the guy who provides it for us, and some damned comic relief during the hockey-less dog days of summer, and expect to get some grief if you insist on attacking people who are here every single day or especially if you mess with the Carpinator. Just post your info and chill out.

  43. Carp – you’re welcome – this bull pisses me off. Hope you enjoyed your day off…bet you wish you’d taken 2 !

  44. Bull Carcillo, you trouble maker – lol. – thank god CarBomb oozed his way out west

  45. It always happens over the summer! We have a couple of interesting days around draft time and the opening of silly season (July 1st) then the dull 2 months before training camp starts.
    This is why i’ve been fairly absent for a few months – i’ve been dropping in to read a few posts but no time to post myself.
    Hope everyone is having a good summer?

  46. bull dog line on

    I’m here everyday too. if someone doe not battle CCCP every once in a while he will erupt. I do it for the sake of the blog. keeps it a safer place.

  47. bull dog – I know you are, I’m here every day too even if i don’t post all the time. Not everybody gets along, some get on each other and then move on, some just like to poke some fun, but when some people come here and repeatedly Crosbiatch about Carp and the job he does — no need or excuse for that.
    I enjoy your posts, and almost everyone else’s – we’re all gonna disagree sometimes, but jeez the last couple days…ah well like UK said, it happens every summer.
    So, how do you really feel about Mr. Avery : )

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