Anniversary of a bizarre day in Rangers history


Not sure why I always remember this day.

July 15, 1994. That was the shocking day that Mike Keenan, on a Toronto TV station, announced he was leaving the Rangers because of a breach in his contract. The Rangers were late with a bonus check, so Keenan, a month and a day after winning the Stanley Cup, was bolting.

The Garden, of course, was furious. Though some of it was fake as it came out later that Keenan and Neil Smith — who had battled all year long and who probably couldn’t have lasted another week together, much less than another season — had cooked up the whole missed-check scenario so Keenan could leave.

And Keenan, who had been negotiating with Detroit throughout the Stanley Cup run, ultimately went to St. Louis … and the NHL handed out punishment that included the compensation trade of Esa Tikkanan for Petr Nedved (a pair of No. 10s swapping uniforms).

What a crazy chapter in franchise history.


AP Photo, above.

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  1. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    It was hard to be mad at Keenan….he coached us to the Stanley Cup championship. Gets a pass in my book.

  2. I have a feeling that Keenan couldn’t get along with many GMs. I wonder how he’d get along with Sather. I can envision them duking it out over something trivial.

  3. In retrospect, I wonder if both sides wish they kissed and made up and stayed together one more year. What could have been???

  4. Crosby is resuming on ice workouts, per TSN!

    This is serious! Not like one of my pranks! I’m serious! I just thought you would all want a Crosby update. I know it’s early, so I hope nobody lost their appetite because of this. Breakfast is important!

    Have some peaches!!

  5. The best part about this blog is that once you get to 26 you stay that age!

    Good morning, all!

  6. I always get busy whenever new posts come out. So to respond to Doodie asking why I got a Baranka jersey, it’s because I wanted someone random. I got a Nigel Dawes jersey the year before since he was a good young prospect coming up and one of my favorite players. So the next year the guy I liked the most in Hartford was Ivan (his game was pretty awesome IMO) so I wanted to get that.

    I thought I was the only one that had one. But this little girl who sat in the section below me had an Ivan Wolfpack Jersey. Apparently he was her favorite player too haha.

  7. hey LW,

    Just spotted your post from yesterday. I know you say you’re saying it the nice way (which is appreciated), but it comes off like a bit of an unnecesaary lecture.

    I have neither the time nor patience to get into it right now, but the question is not that difficult to answer (I think you referred to it as an obtuse hint).

    Gimme a break. It was like a major news story around here the past few weeks.

    Who need s a center? duh.

  8. That’s dangerous money you’re spending!

    I had a Jed Ortmeyer jersey.

    I really hope he cracks the Wild’s lineup, and stays healthy. Seems like ever since his blood clot, he’s been injured non-stop.

  9. The guy at Cosby’s was like “uh, 21, you don’t want to get Zubov?” I told him since it was a new jersey that I didn’t, but I’d bring back one of my old ones from awhile ago and get Zubov on it.

    It’s actually my favorite jersey, it’s the home Edge one and I stitched the Graves and Leetch Night patches on there. Unfortunately I moved to Boston for work, but if I was still in NYC I’d tell you guys to stop in section 343 to check it out haha.

  10. And btw LW, I also took the time in that post to explain why I was being a bit more careful than simply throwing names out there.

    Sorry that rubs you the wrong way but I think it’s proper.

    I’m pretty sure most Ranger fans want the team to acquire what they need & do well.

    You should go back n read it – or not.

  11. Happy Birthday, Grabby (For real this time)!

    WOW!! Tom Watson had a Hole in One today at the Open Championship!! The guy continues to amaze at his age!

  12. No some old yarn and staples…lol. Actually I think it cost about $160 at Cosbys. (of course I had to have it made)

  13. Leetchhalloffame on

    I had a Dan Blackburn jersey – goalie of the future now goalie of the way past.

  14. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Let’s see, we win the Cup this coming season, and a month later Sather bolts to the Islanders. I could live with that.

  15. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Let’s see, we use to have The British Open, now we get “The Open Championship.” We used to have sand traps, now we get “bunkers.” We used to have golf tournaments, now we get “golf championships.” Christ, TV loves it little syntax manipulations, right down to having robots, instead of human beings, ape this tripe in the broadcasting booth. It wasn’t broken so they just had to fix it. “The Open Championship” ranks up there with: “The Fiesta Bowl brought to you by Tostados,” or whatever the hell it is. These media people are so verbally constipated it’s a wonder they can get out of their own bathrooms, by 12 noon, daily.

  16. Boom Boom,

    The British Open has ALWAYS been “The Open Championship.” Sand traps have ALWAYS been “bunkers.” I don’t know if you’re serious or trying to be funny, but those are both the official names.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Boom Boom, in fairness, the actual name of the tournament is “The Open Championship.” It has always been The Open Championship. Americans dubbed it “The British Open” so as to differentiate it from the US Open.

  18. Doodie,

    I was just thinking the same thing. I can’t stand golf either.

    Anyway, I hope you didn’t watch yourself eat the peach in the mirror. You would have had serious problems.

  19. Maybe the Rangers can pick up a spare D-man on their Euro trip. And leave Redden behind.

  20. thanks everyone! u guys rock! all i want is for cccp to buy me a bagel. u broke yet buddy?

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    So why, Doodie, did the media here, which ALWAYS called it The British Open, revert to” Open Championship” fudge. Look, it has everything to do the England, and the other British Isle countries, becoming “U.K. Usage of England and British names are being phased out. It is sad. England, not U.K. ruled the waves at one time, “and the sun never set on the British Empire.” They have faded into ecilpse faster than our nation has.

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boom Boom – same thing in tennis…Wimbledon is called “The Championships” perhaps a tad obnoxious….

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Latona – Sand traps have not “always” been bunkers. And tournaments have not always been “championships.” Stick to the facts, not to the P.R. hogwash you read or heard somewhere.

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    And This One – Anson Carter is arguably the greatest Ranger to ever don the sweater…

  25. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If Keenan had remained as coach for another year, the gloomy-persona Colin Campbell would probably have been peeling onions and potatoes in a salsa joint and the Rangers would have had a shot at repeating as champions. He was one wet-noodle coach who brought zero charisma and inspiration to the game. Oh, right, the Charlie Manuel of hockey – it fits.

  26. actually, im 30. it kinda sucks though. i loved when i turned 21, but 30? who cares, youre getting older, get outta the way. at least i’l probably be alive for the rangers 2038 stanley cup!

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    When Keenan announced he was leaving I was blown away…..How do you leave a team that just won the cup and barring the follow-up bizarre trades was poised to win at least one more?

  28. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It’s ok, Latona, I had some malice and tomatoes for supper, last night. It wasn’t bad.

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    Boom Boom – agreed, but compared to the corpse, John Muckler, Campbell was Mr. Personality

  30. this waseka thing is awesome. thanks cap. i love reading the stuff from other ranger bloggers. especially adam rotter. hes on the horn everyday with new stuff

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    Malice – starring Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman is a great movie…lots of twists and turns…

  32. mean carp. not cap. anyway, i hate golf. i tried to play it few times. im not good at it. i like mini golf though. if they had mini golf tourneys id watch it probably. i guess cause i suck at it, is the main reason i dont like playing, but watching? jeez its so boring.

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    Speaking of good movies…watched a great one last night “An Education” – Highly recommended….

  34. Boom Boom

    What fudge? It’s been called the Open Championship for 140 years. It’s you Americans who have felt the need to call it something else. And we call them bunkers, you call them sand traps.

    If usage of the word England is being phased out, nobody has told me. And most times the British Open Golf Tournament is held, it’s in Scotland anyway. I’ll leave the discussion about devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments for another time.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grabby – any big plans on this monumental day? One turns 30 only a few times in one’s life….

  36. eddie- im gonna take my daughter to adventurelan and the waterpark. so its more a day for her to have fun. but after, im getting together with some hick friends and goin bar hopping. in des moines. not in my town. im banned from the bars in town.

    i want those bagels imported from russia ccp!!

  37. i shouldnt say hick friends. their actually really down to earth cool people here in iowa.

  38. as for right now im at my 2nd fave spot!. RR baby!. i have to come here for some sanity. i know, thats ironic, but i turn my tv on this mornin and its on court tv or tru tv, and all i hear is more casey anthony crap and other peopl killing peopl,e. im sick of this world. what is wrong wth people? if only they were sports(hockey) fans, they could come here and get crazy. its what keeps me sane! lol

  39. im afraid i cant tell u what my first fave spot is without getting banned. and my gf would slap me. congrats on your engagement cccp. whens the big day?

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grabby – i agree, this world has gone mad…that poor little boy in Brooklyn, Kalee Anthony,….when will this insanity stop….?

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grabby – your fav spot sounds like my fav spot…you are a dirty birdie….

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – One of the biggest travesties in all of sports is that THE HORACE’s number wasnt retired…not just from the yankees…not just MLB……but all of sports…..

  43. If The Horace had been a golfer, he would have won all the Open Championships and never once hit a ball into a bunker.

  44. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I used to love to mimic the Horace Clark batting stance

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – THE HORACE once shot an 18 at Augusta….Every Hole…..An ace….

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    And this one – i loved THE HORACE pigeon toed stance…… part it explains his incredible .256 lifetime BA….

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    kevin weeks is tweeting about the beauty of Niagara falls……funny, when i see Niagara, i think Viagra….

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – derive a nice formula with one, or two (much harder) variable(s) to find an infinite number of these triples….

  49. billybleedsblue on

    a=m^2 + n^2, b=2mn, c=m^2+n^2, where m and n are coprime and one of them is even, produces primitive triples. Thanks Euclid!

    Holy math blog batman. It’s going to be a very long off-season.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    here is a cute problem, not too bad,…. the time on the west coast is 11:16…what is the angle on the clock between the little hand and the big hand?

  51. billybleedsblue on

    my notation just got butchered there Eddie x3.

    m^2 – n^2 , 2mn, m^2 + n^2

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – do you mean….. (x^2 – y^2)^2 + (2xy)^2 = (x^2 + y^2)^2 ?

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – my notation turned out bad too :)…what i liked most about non-eucliean geometry is that he showed straight lines can actually be curved…….Holy Transversal batman

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – i had a graduate class in elliptic curves long time ago……….and we had to derive a relation for the above…..we had 15 minutes……i came up with same, and i thought i was the cat’s meow…then found out that Euclid beat me to it by 2000 yrs – give or take a few months….

  55. billybleedsblue on

    wait, I will try one more time…

    a = m^2^ – n^2^ , b = 2mn , c = m^2^ + n^2^

    where m and n are coprime and one is an even number.

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    Billy – did you see Wiles’ proof of fermat’s last theorem?…..200 pages of pure insanity….

  57. eddie, so the little hand is at 338 degrees and the big hand is at 96 degrees?

  58. YOu all know of course that there are a ration of really idiotic people living down here. You did hear about the nuts that kept a pet Python in the house and didn;t get around to feeding it so it went prowling, found their infant child in it;s crib, grabbed it by the head and strangled it,
    parents are facing 45 years in prison for murder and child abuse. Calee? Nah…not even child abuse charged here. If you park your car in
    a shopping lot, lock your youngster in the car and run into the store for a quick purchase
    ( wrong I know), but you’ll get a harsher punishment than the Anthony kid got.

    To believe that Casey wasn’t guilty you’d almost have to believe that the little one committed suicide.

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – what is the angle between the lil and big hand at 11:16…that is the question…

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    Fran – she didnt report her daughter missing until one month later……that says it all…

  61. So I’m looking at it that:

    each hour = 30 degrees, thus 11 would be 330
    each minute = 6 degrees, thus 16 would be 96 degrees

    but…you have to move the small hand in conjunction with the big hand, thus would you take the proportion of 96/360 and multiply that by 30 in order to figure out the number of degrees the small hand would move after 16 minutes?

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – in a sense..there are 360 degrees in a circle and as the minute moves the hour hand moves as well…..

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    CT – 118 is also how many goals I expect THE PRUST to score this year :)

  64. 330 + ((96/360)*30) = 338

    Since 360 and 0 are basically the same, 360-338 = 22, plus 96.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    here is another gentle cutie….. 1.5 hens can lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days….how many eggs can 9 hens lay in 9 days?

  66. All this, silly pseudo-math just shows, how big and open is field for fruitless, but sometimes interesting and, more important, never ending discussions in “off season” – proverbial “feeding ground” for RR.

  67. 1.5 hens can lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days….how many eggs can 9 hens lay in 9 days?


    ZERO! Cuz i will kill all nine hens! :)

  68. eddie eddie eddie on could also say the answer is 242 degrees…that is the big anle measuring the other way….

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever…..this isnt silly pseudo-math…….its quasi silly pseudo-math…..

  70. Wow! Did anyone know Anson Carter has 202 Goals, 421 points in 674 games?

    I thought he was a crappy player!

    He had one 30 goal season in 05-06, with the Blue Jackets, of all teams.

    Maybe he can play on our top line?

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    A man entered an orchard through 7 gates, and took a certain number of apples. When he left the orchard he gave the first guard half the apples that he had and one apple more. To the second guard he gave half his remaining apples and one apple more. He did the same to each of the remaining 5 guards, and left the orchard with one apple. how many apples did he gather in the orchard?

  72. so the fdny is driving in their golf cart on the beach looking to give tickets to smokers while they are smoking..unbelievable!!

  73. I did 11 to 3 = 4 x 30 degrees = 120


    1 minute = 6 degrees

    less hour hand 1/60 th of 30 degrees = .5 degree (1/2)
    (60 minutes for hour hand to move 30 degrees)

    120+6 – .5 = 125.5

    where am I getting jerky?

  74. As any stringent minimax, this constant isotropic sequence of Ε quasistable* bullcarsillo* ³ is logarithmically and asymptotically tends to infinity ∞

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    DDe – remember that as the minute hand moves, the hour hand moves too…when its 11:30, as example, the hour hand is half-way between the 11 and the 12…

  76. billybleedsblue on

    Eddie, I love that hens one, it’s tricky if you don’t really think about it. 9 hens can lay 1.5 eggs in 6 hours, sooooooo, it is in fact 54 eggs in 9 days (216 hours).

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    Two wine merchants enetr Paris, one of them with 64 casks of wine, the other with 20. Since they have not enough money to pay the customs duties, the first pays 5 casks of wine and 40 francs, and the second pays 2 casks of wine and receives 40 francs in change. what is the price of each cask of wine and the duty tax on it?

  78. 6 degrees per minute. But then you have to scale it so what proportion of movement the hour hand makes after the minute hands goes around 16/60. For example, if it was 11:30, the hour hand would have moved halfway between the 11 and 12, 345 degrees.

  79. billybleedsblue on

    lol Latona.

    Back to hockey for a second, I always thought there was something to do with the impending lockout that led Keenan away from the Rangers… just imagine what would have been if Iron Mike didn’t leave and there was no lockout. The Rangers would have had a chance to defend the Cup properly. Oh well!

  80. LOL! Anson Carter was pretty good in his day. Slats traded him @straight up@ -in a package- for Jagr. Maybe the best trade Slats ever made….

  81. doh – I was just doing 1 minute of hour hand movement

    1/2 x 16 = 8

    126 – 8 = 118

  82. billybleedsblue on

    There is a hallway filled with closed lockers, numbered 1 to 1000. There are 1000 Rangers fans going to a BBQ. They must walk down the hallway to the end to go through a door that leads to the BBQ. On their way down the hall, each Rangers fan manipulates certain lockers, either opening or closing them. The 1st Rangers fan opens all of the lockers on his way down the hall (all lockers started in the closed position). The 2nd Rangers fan closes all lockers that are multiples of 2 (2,4,6, etc) and exits to the BBQ. The 3rd Rangers fan manipulates every 3rd locker, either closing or opening depending on their position (he would close the 3rd, but open the 6th and so on…). This goes on until all 1000 Rangers fans are at the BBQ.

    What lockers are left open at the end of this mess?

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – at 16 minutes after the hour, the hour hand has moved 8 degrees from the 11….

  84. JimboWoodside on

    I was totally flabbergasted when it was announced that Keenan had left the NYR for St. Louis – I still was in the post-Cup “glow”, and it caught me completely by surprise. Bad day…….

  85. You guys are deep today … I can’t even comment on most of the comments … except to say that it has always been The Open Championship.

    And that the wet noodle Colin Campbell coached in seven playoff series in three years as head coach, and without him the Rangers don’t win the Cup in ’94. And he was 1000 times better than the next four coaches after him.

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    Billy – i have seen that problem before…i am out the door in about 10 minutes…but will play with it later…..nerd problems are totally fun :)

  87. Make that nine years…

    The currency of France is now the Bunker, of course, following the signing of the Declaration of Jim Nantz.

  88. billy – I don’t have a clue but I found myself a couple of sweet jerseys while trying. :)

  89. LW, 9 or 12 years is the correct answer. Depends on whether you’re looking at as the official currency on the FX markets or the paper currency that people use everyday.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Grabby , Mike n ia ..its your day today bro , today is your day bro….

    Happy Birthday to Mike!!!! wow you really can’t go into the bars in your town? Whoa man ease up on the trouble , hahaha .


    Keenan left and we never won the cup again ….

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We win the cup and then lose our coach!!!!!! That suck Carp , really bad. We lose Tikkanen too , I loved him . I hated Tik gone and we ended up with a “soft” Nedved. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Rangers were robbed man. Talk about dumb? ..the following year we wanted to REPEAT as Champions but NO WAY MAN , The idiotical Lock out then strike made the following season a shorten one!!! That was dumb man cuz the Devil had an easy path to take our CUP!!!

    I WANT OUR CUP BACK!!! This year!!!! thats right , this year baby!!!!! Any takers?

    BTW MIke , I won the Brad Richards sweepstakes bet and you have to say nice thing about meeeee!!!

  92. Oh, and Happy 26th Birthday to Mike Grab!!!! Enjoy life, like we enjoying you posts.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LW3H , Umm you got me wrong there , I said …and we never won a cup again ..BUT when I said never it was a fact that we haven’t BUT , there a big “but” in there. BUT with all we have accopmplished and the patience we have shown through free agency and the trade deadline , we are positioning our selves to be a true contender year after year. YOU WILL NEVER see us at the bottom of the league feeding off the bottom like Pissy Pittsburgh and Philthy Philly .

  94. billybleedsblue on

    The ’94-’95 season was a joke, and it was on us. Why wouldn’t the NHL want the largest market and top valued franchise to have the chance to legit chance to defend the title? What a dumb move. Nothing we can do to change that now…

    Iron Mike was awesome. Some other coach may have coddled a guy like Kovalev but not Keenan! If Alex had him as coach his whole career, he might be HOF material.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Carp !! BIGTIME!!! We got Richards now and lots of rookies to make us younger, faster and stronger . We can build it , we can make the world first bionic man !!! …ok they have already done that and yes we made a few player really really rich. We have alot to look forward too and the most exciting thing is Gaborik playing with a real center. EXCITEMENT IS BACK!!

    Hey TY 4everanger , I appreciate that .

  96. Ok so, I’m trying to decide on which players jersey I’m going to get. I’m big on staal and dubinsky, but am open to hear suggestions and reasoning.

  97. Zzz nyr.. I’m so excited to see gaborik play with a legitimately first line center. First time in his career!

    Truly you cannot be serious. No memory of that last dreadful season prior to the shutdown, when Carter wafted arudn the ice pretending to be play, but always a few inches short of receiving a pass, or not quite getting to an errant puck, and never moving at more than a glie whenever he was on the ice. Anmd Tom Poti stood at the blue line and flipped pt=ot shots at thenet if and when the puck ever came near him, and Barnaby was the sole player who really busted a gut trying to cover for everyone else. His legsw never stopped pumping, but he wqs

    Truly you cannot be serious. No memory of that last dreadful season prior to the shutdown, when Carter wafted around the ice pretending to be player, but always a few inches short of receiving a pass, or not quite getting to an errant puck, and never moving at more than a glide whenever he was on the ice. And Tom Poti stood at the blue line and flipped pot shots at the net if and when the puck ever came near him, and Barnaby was the sole player who really busted a gut trying to cover for everyone else. His legs never stopped pumping, but he was A L O N E on that hideous excuse for a team. Anson Carter indeed.

  100. I bought a gaborik jersey the day we signed him.. I don’t think I’m going to get a Richards jersey.

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – not sure if anyone posted an answer to your riddle….but lockers 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, etc etc ….the perfect squares up to 1000…

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    ..that is by intuition…i can give you a formal proof on its factorization in a bit….

  103. billybleedsblue on

    eddie x3 you are correct sir. squares have an ‘odd’ number of factors because one of them is used twice. 4 is 1,2(2),4. 16 is 1,2,4(4),8,16. Etc. Those odd factors leave the ‘locker’ open. Well done. Far beneath you apparently. I’m assuming you have a doctorate? Is that accurate? Hmm. Good stuff. I gotta run.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    Billy – re: your riddle….if you consider all of the factors of a particular locker number, including the locker number itself, it can be shown that if the locker number is a perfect square, it has an even number of switches, i.e. it stays on in the end…..however, if it is not a perfect square, the number of factors is odd, which means that the locker will be closed….

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Anson Carter , haha what a name. I can’t believe someone mentioned him. The only reason I like him is that he scored a flukey goal to help Canada win. Carter was kinda “clutch” for scoring the goal and he soaked up as much as he could from that goal. I had a figure of him in a Boston jersey so when he came here I thought it was cool to own a Ranger. Odd seeing a figurine of a black hockey player, quite a stantout at the time. He did have strength but as Fran point out , he alway missed passes ..He was ALMOST there…he was a tease . He had to be out of shape for being almost a step away from a great play. Kinda like Higgins/Piggins.

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    …billy, i was starting with the lockers open after ranger #1 opened them…thus my odd is your even and vice versa….

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Brad makes us Richards!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Av , you need to get a jersey …get a Gaborik one . Around here you can’t find too many Ranger jerseys that have the players name on it already. Lunqvist . Thats it .Maybe Gaborik in some places . The fact is Ranger players that are ALL STARS are the ones to get. I know I know , I dont want a Richards jersey either BUT , hes the thing. He got alot of years to put in here , He is an all star , He has a no trade clause and he will be our #1 center. Brad Richards is the new kid on the block and he does NOT come cheap!! THat my freind is the jersey to get. Brad Richards #19 jersey will become synomis with NEW YORK and in 3 years you will wishing you had bought it this year.

  108. Great! So the psycho is back with NJ. Just perfect!

    Shame Booger isn’t around to take care of business!

    Wasn’t Carter more interested in his rapping career, than hockey? I remember people telling me that

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    if i had a nickel for every time i heard Higgins shoots wide….i would have a lot of nickels

  110. eddie eddie eddie on

    Orr- wait till olga hears of your news re: Candy Cane…..he will not be happy….

  111. Math on a Friday? You are all crazy.

    Thank god this week is over. It was insanely long.

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    my lil mousekateer….what made your week so crazy?…….could it have anything to do with the Jay-OH-Bee?

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha from anutha…you gots to be knowin how i be feelin…know what i’m sayin?

  114. hit the nail on the head, eddie… the job, which was dead all week and then its was crazy sales people the last 2 days..

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    i would rather be a hammer than a nail, yes i would, if i could, i surely would…..

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey….my pain threshold is pretty low…..when you get right to it, i dont think the nail or the hammer escapes completely….that said, i would rather be a forrest than a street, yes i would, if i could, i surely would….

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    for i have got another girl, another girl who love me till the end, thru thick and thin she will always be my friend……i dont want to say i have been unhappy with you…..The Beatles rock…..

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha from anutha….i be hearing what you be sayin to my assen…..

  119. eddie eddie eddie on

    or go to and type in whatever genre you want….if the beatles…simply type it in and listen away…..

  120. Nasty, no, thank you.

    You know what would be really cool in a typically stupid Boneheads way. If we got jerseys that said 18-Stahl, Stall, Stohl, Stawl …

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – also one of the best law firms in helping those with mesothelioma

  122. Best thing about the Beatles is not only their music and how great it was, but also that it appeals to so many generations.

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – timeless indeed……like js bach, mozart, beethovan, bob marley, the grateful dead ….and many others…their music will live till the end of time….

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    hmmmmmm, marc anthony and j. Lo split…didnt see that one coming…but then, if cleopatra could keep marc anthony ….no reason to think jennifer lopez would fare any better….

  125. I want a No. 8 Monster shirt. …

    though I think this season I’m going to change that to Beast, because Pierre McGuire uses Monster. Dammit.

  126. But Beast has more negative connotations, Carp. We can sublet Monster from Pierre. Or come up with a new term..

  127. NYR_fan,

    Since I see you were on recently and because I think it was you (my memory is really shot!) kind of questioning me as to why I didnt post any rumoured names, Ill thank you for trying to be a gentleman and try and show you what I was going for;

    Who needs a center? Well, most obviously, we just signed Brad Richards leaving his former team with a major hole. I didn’t think that was too difficult, if anyone wanted to play along.

    Now who might the NYR want from BR’s former team, assuming we’d be willing to provide them the center they seek? Take a guess – or not….

    Supposedly it was just someone they were looking into, the normal due diligence for when they are ready to make their moves. What I was told today was they’re in stand pat mode, until training camp resolves several questions, the big ones revolving around Hagelin, Thomas, and McIllrath.

    On the latter, people can write of DM by simply saying they think he’ll go back to juniors,
    and that may well be the case. But it was Gordie Clark who said he couldn’t believe his eyes after prospect camp with how much he’d improved.

  128. Eddie,

    Yes. But the grill can’t really get hot enough for Murdoch.

    BTW, was this twitter business between Richards and Tommy Lee mentioned here?

    I dont have time to go back thru the thread, but jeez, is there anyone you’d want near your new $60m acquisition less than Tommy Lee

    And Im a big Crue fan, before I get savaged.

  129. LOL! Seriously though, McIlrath would have to beat the carp out of one of Sauer/McDonagh/MDZ/Erixon in camp…I don’t see that happening…slim to none

    I see the Rangers being careful with him and taking time with his development.

    Hagelin is the only guy (as far as a prospect) I see with any real chance at a roster spot…and he’s better off in CT anyway for a while…he’ll get called up eventually, like MZA did last year…

  130. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!!

    Did we decide on a name for the whackamole—>?

    cam is back with the devils??


  131. Wicky,

    I don’t think we decided on a name yet, but, you’re Wicky, and that’s reason enough for me, the name/lunch guru, to accept whackamole.

    Night, NYR!

  132. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    interesting point

    as in mcguire?

    Got my boogey t shirt in the mail today…pretty sweet!

  133. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    on that note, someone wake me if Wasabi—> has anything good overnight.

    Night assens!!

  134. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    quit taking all the blankets…(JK eddie x 3)

  135. D?

    Cmon man. Sure we need a d-man, but that’s not what they’re looking at.

    Btw, it sure didn’t take Neil Smith long after the Cup to begin the dismantling (which isn’t to say he was at all wrong in the Keenan fiasco), the rebuilding of which has taken until..well…..maybe right now.

    17 F-ing years. Unreal.

    That’s why it’s never a sure, even when all the pieces are in place.

    Look at the Mets, who were 2 maybe 3 players away just a few years ago.

  136. Rod

    Oh so by asking who needs a center you were talking about the Stars? But of course! DUH! sooo obvious! Shame on all of us for not playing your game well enough!

    Do us all a favorite…next time when you talk, try actually saying something instead of just blowing bubbles.

    Who needs a chicken drum?

  137. See Carp, this is what Ive endured time & again here.

    you see the garbage CCCP posts?

    yet he’s ever banned and yet I’ve been I dont know how many times.

    CCP, youre a know-nothing and punk. Period.

  138. You see Rod, strangely enough I’m not connected enough to have figured out that Dallas are apparently the only team in the league that needs a center. Clearly I now unreservedly withdraw my “unnecessary lecture”.

    So the Rangers are kicking the tires on acquiring Loui Eriksson or Jamie Benn, I presume? Leaving us with an exciting game of “Who (Dallas again) needs a LW?” to look forward to soon…

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