Special post for the early birds


Well, not so special.

But since I have absolutely nothing I figured I’d better get a morning post up for youse guys anyway.

So here it is.

Almost literally nothing.

Maybe we’ll have something to discuss later. Maybe not.

But this is better than not posting, right?

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    This is why you’re the best, Carp! You always find something substantial to talk about. Always! :-)

  2. Johnny LaRue on

    It’s a blog about nothing. Everybody’s doing something, we’ll do nothing.

  3. time for more signings and player moves!
    Carp – a couple of prospect questions:
    i haven’t seen mention of a Thuresson signing, while all (or almost all) of the other Predator possible-non-tenders, along with Brodie Dupont, have re-upped with Nash. whats with that?
    Also I’d have thought that if Pashnin was gonna sign, it would have happened while he was here a couple weeks back
    BTW – this hockey fan is really enjoying a July that is dominated by excessive NFL training camp coverage

  4. broadway roe on

    Carp- this is turning into the Seinfeld of blogs… a blog about nothing!

    You are the best!

  5. what a win by the rangers last night. the cally goal was a thing of beauty. this team is hot now.

    oh wait that game was played on nov 15th 2010.

    anytime you beat the pens and hot dog lips its a goodnight.

  6. Where does everyone think most of our scoring is going to come from? Anyone think any of our Defense man, have and offensive talent?

    Just some thoughts that might provoke some more thinking or thoughts.

    See everyone later.


  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Classic Larry Brooks today. Purely shows why he is the worst:

    1) Can’t resist a jab at Tortorella
    2) Has inaccuracies (says Richards is being paid 90 million when it is actually only 60)
    3) Demonstrates his man-love for Sean Avery

  8. You can add a number 4 to that list doodie. He also states that Gaborik is 31 when he’s 29.

  9. It is tough to find good people who cover the Rangers that’s for sure!!!

    Hey Carp, any inaccuracies, or out right blunders you would like to report about the Rangers??

    How about the Rangers have made Stamkos an offer sheet, or start some kind of rumor. Maybe if we all got together we could write some colunum, that is very inaccurate, and full of personal feelings.

  10. Johnny, why don’t they have salsa on the tables?

    Cynar, I live in a glass house, if you know what I mean.

    Good morning, Sally!

  11. Glasses Houses!!! I get ya…..my previous career had some of those, plus regularly involved politics, and the law.


  12. Really enjoyed the replay of that Rangers/Pens game last night. I even heard Frolov’s name mentioned once or twice!

  13. It’s a show about nothing…

    I have nothing to post either. Except this:

    WHY IS IVAN BARANKA STILL ON THE RANGERS WEBSITE?!?!? Makes me angry since I still have my Baranka jersey at home. Is he still our property after all this time?

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, yes, he is our property. But he ain’t never coming back.

    And dude, seriously? you bought a Baranka jersey for his 1 NHL game?

  15. Okay, who will be the positive surprise of the Ranger season and who will be the frustrating disappointment?

  16. There will be plenty to talk about in the coming weeks, can’t you feel it coming. I noticed one of the folks bringing up the name of that Armenian kid ( is it Bogosian? Not too good on those names),…..what I do know is that I’ve seen him in action a couple of times and he looked like the real deal to me. I might even say, spectacular in all levels of the game…fast, hard hitting, great puck control, passing, whew……how did Atlanta get him?

  17. 1st round draft pick, fairly high. Top 5 pick I think. He’s RFA, so I don’t think the Rangers have any shot of getting him.

  18. his great-grandfather, Stephen Bogosian, left modern Armenia in 1923 at the age of 16.

  19. Hearing things.

    Usually wouldn’t worry too much about throwing names out there,
    Most rumors turn out to be nothing.

    Given how critical these next 1-2 big moves are towards finally finally finally completing what has become a 16 year puzzle, Ill exhibit caution till I hear something is dead.

    Rangers looking at cheaper options than Semin, whom Sather tried to snag while in the KHL.

    Shouldn’t take too much work to figure, and should tell you a lot .

    Who needs a center?

  20. really slow day…, feel like start counting or alfabetting, or naming existing and created colors

  21. @ Chris F.

    My choice for positive surprise(s) of the season will be Zuccarello & Christian Thomas.

    Big disappointment will be (once again) MDZ.

  22. In theory there are just about 1,240,000² combination to discuss. So it will keep us busy for a while.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Big surprise will be MDZ. Biggest disappointment, wow, so many to choose from. I’ll say Gaborik.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Rod, the only player in the KHL that is worth a damn to the Rangers is Radulov. But seeing as how not only we would have to trade for his rights, but then convince him to come play for us for only 2 million bucks (about all of the cap space remaining after Cally, Dubi, and Boyle resign), I’m guessing the KHL isn’t really the answer.

  25. Good afternoon all! Carp, this may be your most outrageous, thought-provoking post ever! :)

  26. Doodie,

    I wouldn’t even want to go after Radulov, knowing he so willingly abandoned Nashville (I know Nashville isn’t exactly Montreal or even NY) and the NHL for the frozen wastelands of Siberia.

  27. He’s a talented hockey player, Doodie, no doubt (ft. Gwen Stefani), but I personally wouldn’t want to take that risk.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d love to take the risk (at the right price). If it doesn’t work out, he bolts for the KHL again. Big deal.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, trade possibilities are technically infinite since you could always trade future draft picks.

  30. Christian Thomas will be very good. He’ll score at least 20G as a rookie like Stepan did.

  31. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The biggest surprise (positive) of the season ? my guess is Brad Richards. I think he will have a great year, at least as good as his last two years, maybe better. (and that will surprise many fans that were not sure this was a good move)

    Biggest disappointment ? my guess is Dan Girardi. (for no particular reason except we are counting on him to be half of our top pair of D, and that may be beyond his capabilities). EC is by definition that favorite here every year. Some games the guy snipes an elite players goal and makes plays, and then other games he is invisible and shys away from the action.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think he will have a great year, at least as good as his last two years, maybe better. (and that will surprise many fans that were not sure this was a good move)”

    He could win the Hart this year and it still could be a bad move because of the other 8 years on his contract. Unless he wins a Cup in year 1, it will be far too early to tell if this was a good signing or not.

  33. Combinations of all numbers of nhl and ahl players, ascending factorial + all numbers of future drafts ascending factorial = asymptotically tends to infinity.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Right Carp, and that’s what I’m saying.

    A couple of scenarios:

    1) He breaks all of Gretzky’s single season records in year 1, we lose in the Stanley Cup Final, and then he sucks it up for the next 8 years. Contract=fail.

    2) He does nothing and we win a Cup. Contract=win.

    You just don’t question cups.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, arbitrations coming up. Once they start, there will be a lot to talk about, even if it’s not about our guys.

    But it will be a slow week until then.

  36. Probably a much better chance for multiple Cups than there is of Richards going anywhere near any of Gretzky’s records.

    Probably a better chance of me winning multiple Cups than anybody going anywhere near any of Gretzky’s records.

    Probably a better chance of getting run over by an elephant twice, escaping a pack of crocodiles and then hitting the lottery … twice.

  37. Did anyone notice the picture in Brooks’ column from Sunday I believe and did you notice that Richards looked very uncomfortable with Gilbert in his face or was that me? I know Gilbert loves the Rangers but is anyone else afraid of him??? : O

  38. I jsut mentioned Sather showed prior interest in Semin because it stands to reason he’d look into it again, with Semin on the block.

    Who needs a center?

  39. I could be wrong, I guess, but I don’t think Stumpy Jr. will make the Rangers this season…unless we get rid of some of the dead weight (woof woof)….

    Btw, Slats should have inquired about Brock Beukeboom when he traded Grachev to St. Louis…I still don’t like what we got back in that trade…Grach was worth more than a 3rd round pick, IMO…

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “Probably a better chance of me winning multiple Cups than anybody going anywhere near any of Gretzky’s records. ”

    I thought Crosby broke them all already. I just used Gretzky’s records as a more attainable goal than Crosby’s.

  41. How does anyone feel about the “cheap UFA vet” talk out there ?? I’m not opposed to it since we are EXTREMELY YOUNG on the blue-line but, If we are gonna bring another Dman in he automatically should be a right handed shot. Our top Dman prospects all shoot left handed (MDZ, Erixon, McI, Vtank, Ktek).

    I think maybe we should pick up Anton Strahlman. He’s kinda crappy on Defense but paired with McD or maybe fellow countryman Tim Erixon he would probably be okay, esp since he’ll likely be a 3rd pair guy anyway. However, he is a damn fine PP specialist though, putting up 10 of his 18 pts/51 games on the PP last year and 22 of his 34 pts the year before that, all the while playing on a crappy, crappy Columbus team

    Most importantly he shoots righty and is Swedish (which seems to be a big deal lately with this organ-eye-zation)

  42. I doubt Christian Thomas makes the team as it is currently constructed. Where is he going to play, and how much?

  43. NYR,

    If Filatov went for a third round pick at the draft, I doubt we could have gotten much more then that for Grachev.

  44. I also don’t get the veteran-D man talk. Unless you are getting somebody better than the six you have, what’s the point? I mean, they could bring back Caber. He’s a veteran. But he’s worse than what they have.

  45. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Doodie and Carp ganging up on me…jeeezsch.

    I was just playing Chris F.’s guessing game..

    Now I know I made a really really good guess…yup, Brad Richards will lead the team in assists and points and PP points, and he will love being a Ranger, and Carp and Doodie will posting kudos to ATOWLAL. (and before today I was not sure I like the move)

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m with you. Thomas isn’t making the team. I don’t see any new (NHL debut) forwards making the team next year, especially not out of camp. Maybe if someone does really well in CT they might come up for a cup of coffee, or possibly more if they impress, but I highly doubt any of the CT guys getting more than 10 games, barring large amounts of injuries,

    The only guy who will potentially be making his NHL debut out of camp is Erixon.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s a safety precaution. MDZ had a sophomore slump. What happens if McD and Sauer have them? Or if Erixon isn’t as good as advertised? Or if MDZ continues to struggle?

  48. Well, I could see Hagelin making the team because he can be sent to/from Hartford without waivers throughout the season…I think he has the best shot out of the bunch…

    I also could see EC and Avery starting the season in Hartford…Larry Brooks wouldn’t like that…

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, I agree that Hagelin has the best shot, but I just don’t see them using him out of the gate. Better for him to get heavy minutes in CT to start.

  50. I do think if anyone should be called up as an injury fill-in, it should be Hagelin. This is of course after people like Christensen and Avery and others in that boat have been inserted into the line-up.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, part of it depends on the role. If it’s a checking line role, I expect Newbury will get the first call. If they need someone to fill in a top-six role, I expect Kolarik will probably get first dibs.

  52. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Barring a trade of any of our top 10 forwards in no particular order (Gabby/BR/Stepan/Cally/Dubie/AA/Boyle/Feds/Prust/Rupp), then there are 4 guys for 2 spots.

    I guess Avery and Wolski are in. So not only is Thomas not making the team this camp, EC and MZA are not either. Not Hagelin either. There is no room. EC can make the team and be a scratch and go in and out of the lineup. The others will all stay ready playing in the A

    I think there is some trades a comin…which will change the aforementioned roster of forwards

  53. I’m always for bringing in guys (esp Dman) who I think probably werent developed properly.

    Columbus seems to either really suck at drafting or really suck at developing since Zherdev, Filatov, Dan Fritche (2nd rder), Pascal Leclaire, Tollefson, Brule, Voracek, and now Strahlman have all been let go.

    Strahlman, at 24 years old could be a good pick up, esp with his PP abilities

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, I have a hard time picturing what our team will look like.

    Guys that can play LW:

    Woof Woof
    Stepan (he did it a little last year)

    Guys that can play center:


    Guys that can play RW:


    It’s just kind of hard to see how the lines will actually come together.

  55. I really dont see a trade coming tho, because like “And This One Will Last A Lifetime ” just posted, our Top 10 Forwards are set. There are 4 spots open with EC, Avery, Wolski, and MZA all with NHL experience.

    I just dont see anyone trading for the 4 “odd-man-out” players we have. Best case scenario is they will all be shuffled in and out of the lineup or they get demoted to the AHL.

    MZA either will win a spot or will be in the AHL, i dont see him as a 13th/14th forward.

    If everyone stays healthy though, EC, Avery, and Wolski are looking at 20-30 games a piece this year with their contracts expiring next year

  56. Doodie what would you have said if the Rangers signed Kovalchuk and he put up the same season as he did with the Devils, 60 points or his worst season since his rookie year?

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Depends how he put up the 60. If he put it up like he did with the Devils, where he and the entire team sucked all through the beginning of the season, but then everyone, especially him, turned it on at the end? I’d be OK with it.

    If he had a Gaborik season of just sucking consistently, I’d be upset, but confident that as one of the game’s truly elite players, he would turn it around.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Please note that I have far less confidence in Gaborik’s ability to get back to 40 goals than Kovalchuk’s.

  59. You guys probably saw that JT Miller has changed his mind, reportedly, and will play for Plymouth (OHL) instead of college at North Dakota.

    And that Andreas Thuresson, acquired from Nashville for Brodie Dupont, has signed a one-year deal. I’ll put this in a separate post in a minute.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    JT Miller said today he is going to turn pro and play for OHL in Plymouth.

  61. Doodie

    Tell us what I should know about Kolarik..the name is strange to me, and I’m way behind the curve of you folks.

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