Report: Rangers sign RFA Brian Boyle to a three-year contract


Andrew Gross is tweeting that the Rangers have avoided arbitration with restricted free agent Brian Boyle and signed him to a three-year contract worth $5.1 million or a cap hit of $1.7M per year.

More to follow. …


My take:

Though I’m sure the coach and the team and Boyle himself would like to see similar or more goal production, the fact of the matter is he’s become a good, solid hockey player and contributor on the ice and in the room.

So if he scores 14 and kills penalties well and checks the opponents’ top line and brings a physical presence, don’t go all nutso on him.

He might get more goals. He might not.

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  1. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Umm, so what’s with Eddie x3 going after Mickey? I called dibs!

  2. Great news on Boyler!

    Doodie – obviously I was playin’ around, but I think it’s funny that people know so definitively how things are going to shake out

    Orr- Regarding Boyle and the power play:

    Of the teams forwards he was tied for third in power play goals (4) with Dubi and EC. Cally and Gabby were #1 and #2.

    His PP goals per PP time were second only to Cally’s and it’s not really close after that.

    Although guys like Prospil, Frolov, MZA and EC only played 29, 43, 42 and 63 games respectively they still got roughly double the total PP time on the year.

    He had more PP goals than guys getting 4 and and 5 times the PP time per game.

    Boyle got :32 PP TOI per game

    Kolarik :44
    Feds :46
    Artie 1:47
    Wolski 2:05
    EC 2:07
    Frolov 2:16
    Stepan 2:22
    MZA 2:32
    Dubi 3:04
    Prospil 3:08
    Gabby 3:09
    Cally 3:23

  3. carped-

    boyles a beast. hes good locker room guy, much improved player and seems like he really wants to keep improving and i just think if he learns how to fight this year, hes gonna help this team s much. yea, some of his goals were weak, and he faded as teh season went on, but hes a big part of why we made the playoffs, scoring 21 goals was like 2ndor 3rd best i think. 1 below gabby? its also great that he stepped up. hope he does even better this year. not expecting more offense, just more fightin, hitting, and nastiness in general.

  4. Make that 1.7! Not a bad number at all especially if he maintains or continues to improve on his game

  5. I would like to see Boyle get time on the PP, but he needs to use his size. Hopefully Barbera Underwear can teach him that, as well as skating!!

    I knew Boyle wouldn’t get greedy, and take forever to sign! CC!!! :P

  6. So now we can continue the debate of whether they leave AA or Stepan at center and keep Boyle as the 3rd line center. Because if they’re paying him that much he should get top 9 minutes.

  7. I like Boyle but I hate how in sports if you have 1 good year you get a nice raise. I don’t know what he made last year but if he scores 4 goals and is average this year I am sure we will be screaming holy hell.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    $1.7 mil a season contract is a bust. Boyle will never live up to the expectations that come along with a salary like that.

    …. and in all seriousness, It’s a good signing, Boyle had a good year and i hope he keeps it up and can improve on it a bit. I’m glad to see Artie, Boyle, and Sauer back in the mix… now sign Cally and Dubie!

  9. Just a little bit overpaid, last season was all on adrenalin for him, IMO, which was absolutely great story nevertheless. How consistent it will be, has to be seen and I have my doubts. Saying that, I hope proved to be wrong. Very much so…

  10. Chopper,

    A big factor is that his arb rights necessitated a raise. Having a breakout year helped, but if last year he continued like his prior couple of seasons he would have gotten Gilroy’ed.

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    TSN article on who hit the net, and missed the net, the most last season.
    Interesting to see the names on the list, and the percentage of shots that miss the net.

    Interesting note, MDZ, Eminger, and Sauer all make the list of D men who missed the net the most, while McCabe and Gilroy hit the net at high percentages.

    Chris Drury missed the net 39.5% of the time.

    Now, unclear in this article is whether blocked shots factored in or not. I didn’t see anything about it.

  12. Good signing, no question…I think I predicted 2 year at $1.7-1.9M range. Don’t mind three years. Lock up your players. I don’t two year contract would make him hungrier than 3. He is only 26 and made $525K last year.

  13. Higgins didn’t make the list? I guess there is no room for someone who manages to miss it more than 100% :-)

  14. boyles only about 26 or 27 right? so hes a late bloomer. i dont think last season was a fluke. maybe he scoresaout 15 or so, but he wont go back down to 4 goals!!

  15. Dublowsky wants his one year deal, so he can get overpaid by the Panthers, Avs, or some team wanting to spend!!

    Chopper, it’s not that big of a deal. He didn’t get a NMC, or NTC, so if he doesn’t exceed expectations, then he’s Dredden bound.

  16. its only 1.7 mill guys. he scored 1 gol less than our 7.5 mill sperstar!! its not a big deal. really. what did u think hes get a 10 cent raise? its not burger king

  17. I think Dubinsky signs next- he is the first one scheduled for arbitration. Callahan and Dubinsky, same contracts, 4-5 years at $4-$4.25M per.

  18. dublowsky!!!! god i hope one day he does get traded and then when hes having 70 point seasons with another team you finally have some respect for duby orr!!.

  19. Though I’m sure the coach and the team and Boyle himself would like to see similar or more goal production, the fact of the matter is he’s become a good, solid hockey player and contributor on the ice and in the room. So if he scores 14 and kills penalties well and checks the opponents’ top line and brings a physical presence, don’t go all nutso on him.

    He might get more goals. He might not.

  20. I think it’s a very good deal, considering he was arbitration eligible. If AA was arbitration eligible, we would be looking at $2.5M per. So far, so good, Slats. Keep fishing, let your assistants continue…

  21. u guys hear that we supposedly have interest in sami lepisto? i sawit on waseka i think. another phoenix player??

  22. i think a few of boyls goals were tricky shots like off speed shots or backhanders that caught goalies by surprise. but healso had a fewnic ones. hes one of the few that actually scored a one timer last season

  23. i meant, he had a few nice goals last year. sorry for typos.

    orr, im just bustin balls

  24. would like 1.4 for boyle. could live with 1.7 mil per.

    it sounds worse when you say he tripled his salary from a year ago.

  25. wasnt it awesome watchin duby fight richards and ovie and kicking their assens orr? he also had his best offensive season and he keeps improving yearly. i loved the clutch tandem work by him and cally to tie the game vs boston. that was moment of season for me. i love both him n cally. dont know why cally is so loved but duby isnt, or as much anyway.

  26. yea it sounds worse. but he also scored 5x more goals. he better not be onhe 4th line for that money though.

  27. Are you guys serious? $1.7 is too much? May I remind you that a few years ago this organization was paying Prucha $1.8M so he can afford a new Hugo Boss suit for every game he was sitting in the press box. Or, another reminder ( eric, stay away from the wall)- Michal Rozsival’s cap hit is still second highest in Phoenix, half a mil higher than Shane Doan’s, and just $250K lower than Yandle’s.

  28. Boyle (Flavah) was the most improved player in the NHL last season.

    Also, you could make the argument that Boyle was the one of the BEST two-way players in the dang League for the first half of last season…He was a beast…

    He deserved his raise and the Rangers aren’t overpaying…there is no reason not to be happy with this contract unless you simply don’t like Boyle and think last season was a fluke.

  29. Brad Richards is tweeting that his account was hacked. I hope we don’t find that Anthony Weiner is behind it and using it to send more pictures of his junk.

  30. And it’s only a tick higher than Boogaard’s deal was, which a surprising number of people on here thought was an acceptable number.

    Feels like a slight overpay based on only one solid year. Chances are that he will plateau at best offensively, but if he stays a decent 3rd line contributor and can stay around 15 goals, 30 points, I’m fine with it.

  31. ilb, how much did Kotalik get? Or Frolov? Or anybody else they signed over the years?

    But, I do expect that Boyle will get third-line minutes, those minutes and opportunities might be lessened with Richards’ arrival. I’d almost expect his goal total to go down.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the dollar amount is a little high, but I’m not going to quibble over .2. I don’t like that it’s a three year deal. It’s no surprise that he made this tremendous leap in a contract year. I’d rather keep him hungry.

    Still, can’t really complain.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Ales Kotalik, he of the contract that Carp thought would be a good signing? 3 years, 2.33 per.

    Alex Frolov, he of the contract that Doodie Machetto thought would be a good signing? 1 year, 3 million.

  34. Exactly, Carp. Kotalik was $3M per, Doodie, LW is right.
    Mike Rupp is going to get less minutes than Boyle, he is getting $1.5 for three.

  35. Yay for BB!!!! Phew! It’s a great deal, and I think we got him cheap, relatively speaking. Can he renegotiate based on performance I wonder?

    All, gonna be off line til Wednesday (blissfully so, though I’ll miss here and you all) so be good!!! TA!!!

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    You’re right LW, I thought it was 3 but I went to Capgeek to double check…except I looked at his previous contract instead of his current one.

  37. They now stand at $11.15M cap space, that includes only 5 D-men. After signing Dubinsky and Callahan, they will have around $2.5-2.7M left. They are done, barring a trade or buy out. They need to leave some room for Erixon and another Dman.

  38. This is a bush-league signing and so was the Brad Richards one … don’t these clowns ever learn?:)

  39. JimboWoodside on

    Have a great extended weekend, Mama-San!

    Who’s in charge of the newspaper while you’re gone!? ;-D

  40. Tough to think of comparables for Boyle, but Martin Hanzal of Phoenix had similar numbers last year (though after three other years putting up similar numbers, unlike Boyle) and is also a big center. His current deal is two years, cap hit of $1.8m.

  41. I’m making millions off that site

    But, really, everything is good … just living the dream.

  42. The more I think about it, the more I like the longer deal. If Boyle continues to improve even at 1/4the jump he made from 09-10 to 10-11 (although I don’t see that happening), he would require more money after one or two years.

  43. Gotta love the optimism of some fans that comment on the signing news on FB. Someone describes Boyle as “a possible next Phil Esposito”.

    I’m willing to bet that Boyle falls just shy of Esposito’s career goal total. Greg, are you there?

  44. How aboot trying Boyle on the wing?

    Avery could play 3rd line center. He’s actually pretty good on faceoffs, one of the only things he’s consistently good at :P

    Rupp can play 4th line center. BOOM!

    Or maybe a prospect that plays center has a good camp, and makes the team. Bourque, Yogan?

    Here we go, lines! Weee!

    Dublowsky – Richards – Butt-Chin
    Wolski – Step-On – Callaman
    Prust – Artie – Boyle
    Feds – Rupp – Avery/MZA

    I feel like I’m missing someone…..

  45. Orr, You’re missing Hagelin and Thomas

    Thomas – Richards- Gabby
    Dubi -Stepan -Cally
    Hagelin-Artie -Boyle

    Stepan ,Boyle and Artie do a volleyball like clockwise rotation:

    2 line center goes to 3 line RW
    3 line RW moves to 3 line C
    3 line C jumps up to 2 line C

    Thomas and Dubi rotate on first line every 3rd home game

  46. Hah-guh-LEEN

    In Sweden, the name is pronounced “Hah-guh-LEEN”. At Michigan, he got used to the pronunciation as “HAG-eh-lin”, which is what he expects it to be in the pros, too.

  47. I don’t think they use a rookie on a line that will surely face the opposition’s top D and checking unit (on the road) on a nightly basis.

    What happens with MZA if Hagelin and Thomas make the team?

  48. LW, maybe they think Boyle will get the Rangers to do a really cheesy music video.

  49. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Shots on net get stopped, cold. Shots slightly off net get deflected into the goal, often enough. Bogus discussion and argument, this shots on net verbiage. Shots IN THE NET is the game. Shots on net that get stopped with no rebound have about zero value. Shots off net that get deflected into the goal have about infinity value.

  50. Dubinsky-Richards-Gaborik

    I would love to see Hagelin and MZA battle it out for that 2nd line LW spot…

  51. billybleedsblue on

    “What happens with MZA if Hagelin and Thomas make the team?”

    He will star in the new motion picture, Tolkien’s The Quest of Erebor.

  52. CTB – tongue in cheek, although Adam Graves,Clark and Gorton speak very highly of Thomas the ’20 Prospects’ article

    Graves suspects Thomas’ play might force the Rangers coaching staff into giving him the sort of long look that Stepan enjoyed during last year’s training camp.

    “He’s a big man in the way he plays — taking it wide even if he knows he’s going to get pinched off,” said Graves, who has watched Thomas as part of his Hockey and Business Operations role that includes working with Rangers prospects. “He already looks like he’s getting thicker and getting man-strength.

    “His shot is as good a shot as I have seen in a long, long time,” said Graves.

    “When you have to go get a puck against some pretty big boys, there are a lot of guys that just aren’t willing to pay that price,” said Clark. “There were a lot of times when he just beat the people to the puck, but there were also times when it was going to be even, and he knew he was going to get cranked. In those situations, he just went straight ahead and he took the big hit to make the play.

  53. I have a funny feeling MZA might be packaged for someone, along with Wolski possibly getting moved.

    Obviously it would be a guy who will potentially play on that top line. We have a lot of forwards, and I don’t see where some of these guys fit in.

  54. am i the only one on here who thinks MZA is not an nhl caliber player. yes has some skill but i think he shouldnt be here not for 1.75 mil either

  55. bull dog line on

    he has NHL caliber skill. he does not have NHL caliber speed, or size. the lack of speed is the problem.

  56. bull dog line on

    those are the 3 guys the Rangers are trading for a first line left wing. maybe Anaheim will want them for Clowe.

  57. bull dog, I agree that he has NHL skills. I think he has pretty good speed. I just think his footwork can be better…meaning, staying on his feet, maneuvering better and not flailing around…that would improve him drastically as a player…

    ddeb, yes…hopefully Underhill is improving that footwork!

  58. My question about Kotalik and Frolov was sarcastic and rehetorical. sorry. And thanks, Doodie, for reminding everybody that I thought the Kotalik signing was a good one. But at least you owned up to Frolov :)


    Good evening, Sally!

  59. lol bulldog

    MZA tried too much Leonard as in Leonard–Duran I
    He needs to be Leonard as in Leonard–Duran II

  60. bull dog line on

    he does not have that neutral zone explosion that smaller players need. without speed he will probably just be PP specialist.

  61. Bull Dog, I never said MZA straight up. I said “packaged” +packaged+ *PACKAGED* @PACKAGED@ -straight up- ^PACKAGED^


    That can mean, a top prospect included and/or a first round pick, etc.

    The fact is, there’s a lot of 3rd liners on this team, and Slats might be willing to make a significant deal to clear up some room, and bring in a 1st/2nd line player.

    Now, who that player could be, who the hell knows. I’m just “Rod’ing” it up, over here.

  62. His skating was holding him back last season, no question. I think he knows that and that’s why he’s working with Underwear er.. I mean _Underhill_…

  63. bull dog line on

    maybe someone like, oh say, Anisimov may get you what you are looking for in a package.

  64. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    J.T. Miller has no road to the NHL, in my opinion. He looks like a flop. The worst draft pick since we all know who.

  65. Definitely, but he’s going nowhere.

    But, there are teams that are willing to give up a solid top line player for the right package. It’s been done before! It doesn’t always have to be the usual suspects.

    Roster player, 1st/2nd rounder, prospect, BOOM!

    I’m not saying we’re going to get one of the top players in the league. I’m saying, possibly a guy who can fit in nicely on that top line, and have some chemistry with Brad “Mr. One Expression” Richards, and Butt-Chin.

    I’m not talking Bobby Ryan, Alex Semin, Jerome Iginla, etc.

    Honestly I don’t know who I’m talking aboot, but I’m talking aboot someone!!

  66. I like getting John Fogarty with our #2 pick “put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today”

  67. Dd, straight up? I’d say possibly Exploding Bonbons, Blood Lollipop, Cockroach Cluster, or Toothflossing Stringmints.

    Seriously though, for MZA, all you can get is a 3rd liner, of equal talent. All MZA has is potential, he hasn’t proven enough, which is why you’d have to sweeten the pot.

    What ever we get straight up for MZA, wouldn’t really solve the problem, you know?

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just figured a way for the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup next June: deliberately shoot the puck OFF net. Deflections, deflections, deflections. Anyone know how John Wooden coached all those NCAA BB championship teams? He coached something no other coach taught his players, and that was, except with a layup, of course, NOT to shoot the ball at the basket or rim, but rather, to shoot for the glass and bank the ball in. Simple, higher shooting percentage tactic no rivals or broadcasters ever picked up on, during his tenure. Every time a shot sank into the basket off the glass they thought it was an errant shot with a lucky bounce.

    So a hockey team, taking a cue from that enormously successful strategy, could do the same thing, not shoot directly at the net and at the goaltender blocking the net. Instead, shoot off-net and catch the goalie and the D out of position, because of course they are looking for direct shots on net. Hey, New York Rangers, Stanley Cup Champions 2012 – I like it!

  69. I hear MZA hasn’t taken his Heelys off all summer- maybe he hits the ice screaming like a banshee.

  70. LOL!!

    @BRichards_1991 Hey buddy!No need to change everything Ya just left the hotel signed in!! Don’t know ur password etc and I logged OUT for ya

  71. Evening gang.

    Three down, the big two to go. I like this deal, gives a solid player for the team some security at a decent rate.

  72. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    OK, so based on boyle’s cap hit dubi should either get…

    2.6 mil per season (points)

    1.7 mil per season (fights)

    1 mil per season (hits)

  73. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    4 mil is too high IMHO for dubi and on the border of being too high for cally!!

  74. Frolov’s deal turned out (very) bad. But it wasn’t a bad deal at the time. he’d scored in the 20’s, scored in the teens. No one knew which Frolov we’d get, but the market for top-flight guys was $5m & up. So Frolov got $3, and busted. Literally. So what?

    I’ll never understand the (internet, not just here obviously) fascination with salaries versus what guys can actually do on the ice, talk about the game(s), etc.

    Twice I asked who needs a center out there?, because it’s telling as to the very specific name I was given last night (not that I’d post it up, as I explained) the Rangers might be after.
    and it wasn’t even hard to figure, but nobody cared to even guess.

    What can you do?

  75. Motely Crue is at Hersheypark, PA. Please don’t tell me Richards is hanging out with them at their hotel.
    Say it ain’t so!!

  76. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    couldn’t we trade for backes somehow to be the LW on richards line?

  77. Frolov scored in the 30’s, should have said.

    Carp, any chance for an edit feature?

    I screw up constantly and it just hangs there forever LOL.

  78. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    columbus needs something I think…not sure what is going due to my work schedule lately!

  79. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    wait, eddie isn’t around and mickey disappeared…..DAMN!!

  80. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    thought we had something special and I hear through the grapevine (read last thread) you are emailing eddie x 3?!?!

    It’s because he has three names isn’t it??

  81. We did. I mean, we do. I mean.. you confuse me :(

    Yes, its the three names… I LOVE a man with three names. Sounds so regal.

  82. billybleedsblue on

    lol, what happened to that counting guy today, no signs of his obsession…


  83. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on



    So basically you just used me as a tour guide and no…ENDZO!!???

  84. I wish best of luck in the next season to boiling Boyle – former “sleeping Dragon”, jet in aasen, basketball size figure skater, with unpredictable(for himself)shot and doubled heart. Time to move on next thirsty in signing line – most articulate combination of hockey everything in team – Duby and very serious little mule with lion’s heart – Cally, our next “A” and “C” respectively.

  85. billybleedsblue on

    My fortune cookie just told me, “There is something seeing and there is something being seen.”

    Lame. But, good chicken with garlic sauce.

    Oh and, that’s really a shame about the Islanders. I really really truly hope that they figure it all out and can again be a viable franchise in this NHL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA. Forget Kansas City or Quebec, just eliminate them entirely along with a team from the West. Time to strengthen the league with a contraction. HAHAHAhahahahahaaaaaa.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  86. I’d love to see the Isles end up in Kansas. Put them somewhere really boring, with no fans!

    Forget the “rivalry”! I’m tired of sharing NY. It’s stupid! There should only be one NY team, for crying out loud!

  87. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, Billy – are you referring to an article on the Islanders somewhere? I’d like to read it.

    Yeah, Mickey – it’s the three names, eh!? Well, that’s how it goes, I guess…….

  88. JimboWoodside on

    You got it, Orr!! If it wasn’t for the WHA, we may never have had to endure an Islanders franchise in this great metropolitan area!

  89. billybleedsblue on

    Those Rangers had some great things to say, but who knows if that will make any difference come August 1st. The end may be near for the Coliseum…

  90. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Billy – I had forgotten about that August referendum vote – I really don’t think that most Nassau residents want another tax increase to pay for an arena for a sport that they could care less about, but I don’t live there, so I don’t know!

    Mickey, what can I say? Wicky and I tried to get you a local pastrami fix, and this is how you show your gratitude!? :-(

  91. Goals, Goals, Goals
    At the Mausoleum in Uniondale
    Goals, Goals. Goals
    Rocking in -Atlanta- Winnepeg with frozen tails
    Goals, Goals. Goals

  92. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    OUCH!! I’m so crushed, I guess I’m off to bed…thanks for haveing my back Jimbo!


    Night assens!

  93. JimboWoodside on

    You’re welcome, Wicky – although my efforts were perhaps *not* the most honorable – Eddie3 beat us both to the punch, somehow, what with his three names and all…..drat!!

  94. Late to the party…been celebrating mom’s bday!

    Good for Boyle! I guess no greedy nicknames for him…right, ORR?:P

  95. Graves really said “He already looks like he’s getting thicker and getting man-strength.” about Thomas? Is he pushing for Joe Mich’s job?

    Boom Boom

    While I don’t place any stock in that article about missed shots (some of the sample sizes were microscopic), I think you’re overvaluing missed shots ever so slightly. Unless I slept through Chris Higgins’ Hart Trophy-winning season of 2009/10.

    And what exactly is your apocalyptic view of Miller’s NHL prospects based on?


    I’ll do this the nice way…You can’t on one hand openly revel in the fact that you supposedly know information that us outsiders don’t, then on the other bitch at us for failing to interpret pretty obtuse hints about that information correctly (and more than person actually did speculate on who you were talking about). It’s exactly this that rubbed people up the wrong way on your previous visits.

  96. JimboWoodside on

    Friends!? After the way you dumped us!? ;-D

    3CP, are you a bagel purveyor? I’ll take one – with poppy seeds – buttered!

  97. JimboWoodside on

    “Graves really said “He already looks like he’s getting thicker and getting man-strength.” about Thomas? Is he pushing for Joe Mich’s job?”

    Hahahaha!!!! Please, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  98. JimboWoodside on

    3CP, how do you feel aboot (TM-Orr) cinnamon-raisin bagels? I like them, but I’m not Jewish, and they certainly don’t seem to be “traditional”…is that a factor for you?

  99. Thank you, Jimbo! July is a pretty expensive month for me! I have three birthday girls! Sister on July 12, mom on 14 and fiancé on 18! I’m going broke! ;)

  100. billybleedsblue on

    How about a Bagel centering Avery and Godzilla? The BAG line! Avery can draw the defense behind the net while Godzilla smears them against the glass giving Avery a wrap-around and we can have a schmear of our own!

    ok, that was awful.

  101. I’ve got a month like that. February. Worst month of the year.

    Brother’s b-day, Mothers b-day, Grandpa’s b-day, Grandma’s b-day, Great Grandma’s b-day! It’s just too much! I don’t like birthday parties with old people.

    I just don’t like seeing them eat! Watching old people eating is just disturbing to me.

  102. Happy natal day to your Mom, CCCP.

    Hey, I can do the friends with ex’s thing easily, Jimbo. Even after I reject their proposal then break up with them :D

  103. JimboWoodside on

    3CP, I feel for you – I had a month like that (May) myself – it does strain the budget, for sure! Rapid-fire spending hurts!

  104. Cinnamo-raisin bagel = MONSTER!

    My absolute favorite! I put everything and anything on it! There is a great bagel place on Ave X and East 1st in Brooklyn called “Bagel and beyond”, I think… they make these big ass delicious bagels! The best cinnamon-raisin bagel in New York! Bar none!

  105. JimboWoodside on

    “Hey, I can do the friends with ex’s thing easily, Jimbo. Even after I reject their proposal then break up with them :D”

    Is that like “Friends with Privileges”? ;-D


    Thanks for the shout-out … it’s good to be back.

    Bush-leaguery has returned.

  107. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks for that bagel tip, 3CP! Another place for me to try out – my waistline is suffering, but my taste buds are happy!

    I love cinnamon-raisin bagels, too – traditional or not!

  108. You guys are making me hungry with all this talk of bagels.

    Erm, no, Jimbo. Just friends. Sorry.

  109. Thanks, Mickey!

    So I’m not the only lucky one with multiple birthdays in one month!

    ORR, I agree! Watching old people eat is creepy! lol

  110. billybleedsblue on

    Well well well, if it isn’t the Miami Pimp. I trust your summer has so far been bush league?

  111. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Mickey – you’re breaking our hearts here, but if that’s the way it has to be……… :-(

    Yeah, 3CP! You got it!

  112. ORR,

    Watching people eat peaches is the creepiest thing ever. I can’t watch it. It truly disturbs me to the point where I can’t even focus. It’s abhorrent.

    This mostly stems from the way my aunt ate a peach.

  113. LOL! For me, it started when I saw some old guy eating chinese food, when I was a kid, and his dentures fell out onto the plate, and he just picked it up, put it back in, and went to town with his noodles.

    The problem is, I can’t ever stop looking at someone eat. It’s morbid curiosity!

  114. You’re exactly right! It’s so bad, you have to watch!

    Those peaches are really terrible though. Everything about them. I’m talking about the whole variety, not canned or otherwise prepared. Straight off the tree. Disgusting! Check it out sometime.

  115. JimboWoodside on

    “Awww, don’t cry Jimbo. Tis just the way things work out..”

    Sniff, sniff……. :-(

  116. JimboWoodside on

    Most of the peaches you see at fruit markets here in the city have to be eaten with a hammer and a chisel……they’re hard as rocks…

  117. The peaches are horrific. My Grandpa grows a peach tree in his backyard. Never ending horror. When I visit, I hope he finished eating.

    Ugh! Then the smell of his breath when he chomps on pretzels and beer!!

    This is too much! I have to go to sleep, or else I’ll be up all night thinking aboot the horror!


  118. I could see one of the Seinfeld regulars breaking up with a partner for the way they eat a peach. Then again, if it wasn’t my aunt with the atrocious peach-habits, I’d probably have disowned the person!

    Later, ORR.

  119. Later, Mick.

    Stay away from those peaches! Or, even better, start a peach-eating revolution!

  120. JimboWoodside on

    ‘Night, all! Mickey, thanks for the hugs…..(sniff, sniff….waaaah!)

    Orr, you have peach “issues”! Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  121. As long as he plays like a Wrecking Boyle and not Susan Boyle and chips in with 10-15 goals a year then thats a good deal for me, and a very good deal for Brian!
    Time to get down the Jagg-war dealership Bri!

  122. If Tommy Lee is in Hershey last night and Uncasville tonight, why was he in NYC hacking BR’s Twitter account?

  123. By the way, in that photo on top, that’s Keenan’s daughter taking the picture, and on the left is Rob Campbell, Keenan’s agent, who had all the dirty back-room deals going during the Cup run and after.

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