Rangers preseason schedule … on this side of the pond


As reported here a while ago, the Rangers will play just three preseason games in the U.S. this year, then head directly from the third one to Europe where they will play three more exhibitions and start the regular season with a pair of games.

Adam Rotter at the SNY blog has nailed down the dates:

Sept. 21 — vs. the Devils in Albany.

Sept. 23 — vs. the Devils in Newark.

Sept. 26 — at Philadelphia.

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  1. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    to hit a few points after catching up on the last thread…

    be honest here, give me an example of a crease clearer/physical d man form the rangers past and then another current player in the NHL you would like to see on the rangers in that role….

    I’m not sure what i think what would be funnier to me, avery not making the team or avery succeeding as first line LW!

  2. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    thanks for the kudos on the name (I’ll leave it on the other computer)

  3. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Carp – I thought that maybe they were going to play at the arena that the Macon Whoopees were supposed to play in….. ;)

  4. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    thank you. I actually was curious about what LW thought because he scoffs at seemingly everyone that anyone (not just me) puts up to “fill” that role. I was just wondering if he might be on a slightly different page than the rest of us on this topic. I agree with all of those btw!

  5. Stan also thinks that Avery is a lock on the left wing with Richards and Gaborik….Or Mike Rupp.

  6. Fair question, wicky.

    My fandom doesn’t stretch far back enough to have many to pick from – only really Beukeboom and Samuelsson (Europansy) that I’m familiar enough with, and at the back end of their careers at that. Kasparaitis at a stretch, though not really a clease-clearer.

    Current NHLers in no particular order and not a comprehensive list: Chara, Pronger (spit), Bieksa (now OPB and still wouldn’t trade Staal for him straight up), Orpik (double spit), Murray, Poti…

    Again, not averse to the concept at all, just see little value in a #6/7 banging D-man other than him being a #6/7 banging D-man.

  7. Good evening all! Hey, Stan didn’t get what Carp said totally right! That column reads like a People mag item….puh-leease. Gabbo????

  8. Isn’t the whole Drury-Gomez-Holik-etc. thing that these are second-ling guys brought in to be first-liners? Then why would anybody want a third or fourth line guy playing in the first line? And by that I mean Avery, Rupp, Wolski, Christensen, heck, even Fedotenko?

    Put somebody up there with some skill, who doesn’t dog it.

  9. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    you might want to sit down, but I agree with you. The thing that is most telling to me (and why I push for it so strongly), the guys you bring up (ulfie and beuke) were the last time we made it far into the SC playoffs. We haven’t had a crease clearer since then (we have had scorers and goalies, but no true physical presence on the blueline since them) and I do not think it is just coincidence we have not been past the second round either.

    There hasn’t been a Stanley Cup winner that has not had a physical presence on the blue line that I am aware of (including the red wings). Until we have a legit physical presence back there that gets regular shifts every game, I don’t think we go far in the playoffs.

    Until we address that HUGE hole on our roster, we will be like avery on that t-shirt, cupless!

    btw, thanks for answering that question!

    playing in Russia I believe!

  10. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    yep, that is correct…semin has skill but dogs it (obviously). Who is the answer? Iggy? Guys like you describe are pretty hard to find, right?

    So who would you trade for or use there that fits your excellent criteria? If you don’t mind me asking?

  11. Ulf? He was pretty non descriptor when the pens were skating around him in 1996 after the rousing comeback versus the Hans. Then again as far as underachievers on that team goes my buddy still gives he annual robitaille award out for guys like gaborik this past season. That 95-96 team shouldn’t have flames out after the torrid start. Trading chicken pArm and ian laperierre for abag of pucks didnt help either

  12. Look, we live in a deficit ridden country. No wonder Rangers have deficit too. Now, it is #1 left winger. Yeah, in a desperation, for left winger we have to ask our buddy – Shanahan, or may be Bobby Hull, Ted Lindsay, Frank Mahovlich, Luc Robitaille. BTW, jokes aside, don’t you think it was always traditional shortage of really talented left wings compare to centers and rightwingers in whole NHL history? May be I’m wrong, but that’s my impression…

  13. Besides as much as I hate the current Stanley cup champs and a weekend in Newburyport only reinforces that hatred I will always remember ulf as the guy who ruined cam neelys career

  14. Carp = the wise one

    Wasn’t Kasparaitis brought in to be a crease clearer? Didn’t exactly work out. A big hitter is nice to have, but I don’t think it equates to a Cup.

    And LW3H, you were kidding about including Poti in that group I hope.

  15. Kasparitis wasn’t a crease-clearer. He was a bomb throwing open-ice hitter, mainly along the boards, as well as a pretty darn effective hip-checker (once a terrific part of the game but now a lost art which would probably result in the throw-ee getting a 5-minute major).

    Been bugging some friends for some info on who the 6th & 7th d-men might possibly be.
    All I’ve heard is McIllrath so impressed everyone with his mini-camp, to the point where the always understated Gordie Clark actually uttered the words, “I couldn’t believe my eyes”, with regard to DM’s improvement over last year.

    The catch is, unless Im mistaken, though McIlrath played 2 AHL games at the end of last year, he must return for a 4th junior year if he doesn’t make the Rangers.
    He can of course stay up for the first (I believe) 10 games before the NYR must decide.

    The only worse news would be for Christian Thomas, who would have to return for a 5th OHL season. That is a hideous clause in the rules that really robs in-between players who have little or nothing left to prove in juniors from playing against men in the ‘A’.

    I asked if that would change anytime soon and one person told me it’s a deal where these high-profile kids draw crowds in small towns that the owners rely on. There was more to it, but doesnt sound like it’ll change.

    Rangers still need a RH shot down low on the left hash marks on the PP, and utilized right with some spot duty and PP time, Thomas could be it.

    I always though spending a half year just getting acclimated to the travel and (practice & game) pace is worth it, never mind the ice time.

  16. Thomas could go to the minors if he had played four years of junior, but he’s only played three. Traded in his first year, so he has four lines of OHL stats.

  17. should read, “bomb throwing body-checker”. Duh.

    Anyway, Kaspar actually was a pretty clean hitter who rocked people.

    If I remember right, he put the first real bad one on Lindros.

  18. Oh, that’s very correct LW! Good one.

    I still don’t think he has anything to learn with 99 pts in 66 games, and he was a PPG guy the year before.

    Just guessing but perhaps any chance he has of making the big team rests on one of Wolski or Avery (who’s hanging onto Brad Richards for dear life) being bought out or moved, which no one knows at this point.

    Everyone says Hagelin is the most ready, plus now Rupp’s here.

  19. True Blue Mike on

    I would love for Thomas to make the team out of camp. Unfortunately i don’t think it will happen but i am pushing for him.

  20. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I agree about kaspar, big hitter not necessarily a crease clearer. I honestly think we lack both on this team. In juniors I believe mcilrath was known for both. staal can throw big hits (ask stajan), but he doesn’t have that mentality to do it consistently.

  21. Point I was trying to make about d-men and McIlrath is the Rangers might – and right now certainly appear – willing to wait to fill their depth defensive roles.

    There are barely any UFA’s left, aside from guys who were here last year. So it may not come until the fall housecleaning after camp when things usually get tweaked.

    And this might not affect McIlrath as much as an Eminger or McCabe as possibilities to come back, but a name to watch could be Filip Kuba, who has been linked to them going back to the trade deadline.

    He’d be another of Torts’ guys, having been with him for two years in TB.
    He’s 34, 6-4, and though he’s a lefty shot, it’s a heavy one, and he did have one of his best offensive seasons (15 goals and 37 pts) under Tortorella.

    And while his 3.7m salary looks like a big hit, it could be more than offset if they cut ties with Wolski ($4m), either by trading him or buying him out.

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Klinkhammer? LMAO If he was a Ranger his nickname would be Colonel! That is probably way out of your time Orr…

  23. Bob Porter: We’re gonna be getting rid of these people here… First, Mr. Samir Naga… Naga… Naga… Not gonna work here anymore, anyway.

  24. Rod

    How have you been? Whats the latest “scoop”? Should I be buying Willie Mitchell’s jersey or what? :)

  25. Don’t worry Carp, Im hitting the rack.

    How about banning the nimrod who can’t stop himself from typing a freakin number every other post?

  26. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – i could see Avery on the first line. He has speed, he doesnt dog it, and while he certainly isnt the toughest guy in the league he will provide some protection for #’s 10 and 19…….and a hello to my new girlfriend…

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    rod – i find your posts knowledgeable and interesting…..not sure what others gripe about….

  28. K then, sorry CC.

    Deadest time of year, obviously. Posted a bit on Dmen (above).

    Only thing I heard today was we were never really in it on Babchuk, who gave Calgary what appears to have been a hometown discount (2yrs/$5m) to return.

    It’s actually quite stunning if you compare two of the better point-producing UFA D-men;

    Wishniewski basically has 150 pts in 3 seasons and signs for $33m.

    Babchuk basically has 100 pts in 3 seasons and only signs for that?

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    rod – no worries mate….a little scrum now and then gets the blood flowing i guess….

  30. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Happy “26th” Birthday Linda Have a great day celebrate till you drop lol

  31. and that’s a mistake on my part.

    Wishniewski has played closer to 5 full seasons.

    Though it kinda emphasises the point, as Babchuk has only played 50+ games in 3 seasons.

    So his agent? Kinda suckin’…..

  32. CBJ just threw bunch of cash at Wishniewski so he couldn’t say no…otherwise, who wants to play in Columbus? I think he makes that team better…their PP has been at the bottom of the league for years now. Wishniewski can help them.

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – i am most well…sipping a nice Sterling Cab, eating some cheese, and thinking of you….

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