Are the Rangers done signing … or not?


I’m not sure there is anybody, unrestricted, still out there worth the Rangers signing. Other than, you know, their own FAs, like Steve Eminger.

Just wondering if any of youse see anybody still available who’d be worth even a little consideration. Here’s the free agent tracker from USA Today, also listing those signed and those lost.


We’re in the process of changing our Twitter widget, and adding another. The one we have now, I’m going to remove some people — like Kevin Weekes. Heckuva a nice guy, and I really like him as a broadcaster, but I really don’t give a rodent’s petunia about his vacation, etc. Nothing personal, just business.

So if there’s anybody else you think I should whack, or anybody I should add, let me know. I think the widget is really useful for breaking news, so I don’t want to fill it up with idle chatterers.

Also, we’re discussing adding a second widget for Rangers’ players tweets.  I have addresses for Richards, Prust, Rupp, Stepan, McDonagh, Biron, Gaborik, Kreider, Hagelin. There are some imposters out there, too. Do you guys know of any others we should have in the widget?


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  1. a vet D is not a terrible idea, but totally NO urgency.
    In fact, the best choices may be available at the end of Training Camp
    when other teams are cutting down!
    And I believe the NYR may have a benefit here, as in the past, I recall that teams beginning overseas could carry a larger roster later – is that true in 2011?

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Remove Kenny Albert. Most of his tweets are pictures of him at baseball stadiums.

  3. I don’t see anybody worth picking up. In fact, that’s why getting Richards was so important because there really was nobody else worth picking up and they needed a skilled center. Now Eric Christensen can find his rightful place in the AHL.

  4. Also, remember the numbers. Salary cap of $64.3M allows to go up 10% during summer. That’s $70.73M. Redden’s contract plus a couple of 100Ks for players who played for the big team last year, prorated (Newbury etc.) counts against. So they can’t go above $60M in real numbers during the summer. As I mentioned before, I believe Dubinsky and Callahan will get similar contracts. Probably long term at around $4M, maybe a bit more. Boyle will get something around $1.5-1.9M. So there is no room to sign anybody at the moment. The second buy out window will not be available until 48 hours after their last arbitration is resolved. They are not doing anything right now.

  5. I think now that we have our #1C and PP point man – all we need is a #6/7D-man (Eminger probably) and let the battle commence.
    No more signings please Slats, just get those RFA boys locked up for a few years!!

    I would love nothing more than a home grown player to slot LW on the top line with Gaborichards, Kreider or Hagelin maybe, what wing does Christian Thomas play? he’s being touted as one of our top kids right now.

  6. I follow The New York Rangers Blog on Twitter: @thenyrblog. Great resource for Rangers news.

  7. Ugh, does it have to be morning already?

    Gonna be 101 here today, with a heat index of 115. I considered doing a ‘Tony’ and going pantless, but I doubt work would appreciate that. Thank goodness for skirts, lol.

    Rangers gotta sign Callahan, Dubinsky and Boyle before doing anything else. I would really like to see them all sign before their arbitration hearings, but I think at least one of them will go there.

    Off to work, see you laters, gang!

  8. Boyle is the one who might go to arbitration. And I doubt he wants to, knowing Slats’ prior history…I think they all sign before their arbitration dates.

  9. Love the idea of a second widget. We can’t have Waseka getting too crowded. We need Latona to come up with a name for the second Widget. Waseka, Jr. just won’t do!

  10. Whack Del Zotto’s tweets.

    Unless people need to hear about his barbecues & haircuts.

  11. Here are other Rangers players/prospects on Twitter (all legit)

    Andyogs (Andrew Yogan)
    cpt27 (Christian Thomas)
    imseanavery (Sean Avery)
    MichaelDelZotto (Michael Del Zotto)

  12. When will the Rangers put Mike Rupp on their website roster…. everyone is on except for him.

  13. Good list EB.
    I did a quick search on LW and its safe to say there is no-one out there so lets hope its an audition in training camp between Dubi, Feds and WW (maybe even Sean Avery too) to see who’s got the best chemistry. Ideally Wolski steps up and finally fulfils his potential and we can leave Feds with Boyle & Prust and Dubi with AA and Captain Cally – otherwise its the turn of a younger player like Stepan, Kreider, Thomas or Hagelin to prove they are worth it.

  14. I think they’re done signing, but I don’t think they’re done making moves.

    Indeed, looking at the roster, with as many as 10 players angling for four or five spots, with a surplus of young D, I don’t see how they don’t make a 3 for 1 deal… not for a veteran D but for another physical winger. Depending on who or what you include in the offer, we’ve got the pieces in place to make a pretty nice offer.

  15. Doodie Machetto on


    Why haven’t the Rangers traded for Willie Mitchell yet?”

    I’m not saying that they will. I’m just saying I think Sather trades for a veteran defenseman and Mitchell makes sense in terms of contract and LA needing forwards (of which we have a surplus, even if they suck). Likewise for a couple of the guys in Montreal and Sean O’Donnell in Chicago.

    I can also see them signing Brent Sopel.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Good morning to everyone…. Peace on earth, good will toward men ( and women)

  17. Glad I was not the only one fed up of Kevin Weeke’s advertising.

    Does Slats have a twitter feed? Cause if he doesn’t, I may have to start a fake one.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Lowell, you just look at it and scroll up and down. It updates automatically.

  19. Lowell, I am the least-tech-minded person in this hemisphere. Well, maybe not… but you don’t really use the widget except to see the tweet and click on the link if it interests you.

    does anybody know the real Avery twitter address, because I’m not putting up an imposter.

  20. Barnaby hasn’t really been Tweeting since his little domestic dust-up a little while ago.

  21. Good morning all! How about Akesaw?

    I don’t think Aves is tweeting anymore, but I could be wrong.

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp – If you want to “whack” Glen Sather, some of us could live with that.

  23. So I figured it out today:

    When I add a “website” to my posts the post won’t show up unless the website link is made “tiny” using the “” thing.

    Just some advice. Maybe everybody but me already knows this.

  24. UK Ranger – Kreider is staying in college. He is not going to play for the Rangers this season.

    Does anyone know if Stepan has played on the wing? If he can take the LW slot on the first line then the centers can be Richards, Artie, Boyle and Rupp.

  25. Stepan on the wing is not a bad idea. As I remember it he was pretty bad at faceoffs and I think a lot of his goals came from the LW area.

  26. is it october yet. god this is awful. once cally dubi and boyle sign then its even longer wait.


    thurs 11/3 vs anaheim
    thurs 12/8 vs tampa
    tues 12/13 dallas
    tues 1/10 vs phoenix
    tues 1/17 vs nashville
    tues 3/13 vs carolina

    section 330 aisle seats $120 for pair.

    email me

  27. Cross Check, that’s what I’ve been saying since they signed Richards. If Stepan doesn’t play first-line wing, then he plays fourth-line center. I think he has the skill, skating ability, nose for the net, enough grit, and defensive conscience to play on the first line. If he can play the wing. I’d rather have him get those prime minutes than some other woof-woof.

    Manny, I don’t think you need to use the tiny.url thing to post a link in a comment. I don’t use it.

  28. I’ve been saying the same, Carp. He is a right handed shot from the left wing. He should play with them and learn how to distribute the puck from Richards. Take occasional draws. Once he is ready to take over (a few years), he and Richards can switch.

  29. Blue, I’ve gone to that imseanavery site a hundred times and I am not convinced that’s really him. … I mean, he had nothing to say about Brad Richards?

    does anybody know for sure that that’s Avery tweeting?

  30. If Mitchell was coming, Doodie, I think it would’ve happened last year. And we’ll never know why it didn’t happen…

    Gill and O’Donnell have only just signed new deals (the latter for a new team), so I doubt they’re obvious trade bait at this point.

    eric – Enjoy the summer. You’ll only feel worse once the games start.

  31. “I?ve gone to that imseanavery site a hundred times…”

    Cue another bull dog post about fawning Avery fan-boys…

  32. Am I needed to name our new, upcoming twitter widget?

    Don’t worry, I’m on it. Research, interviews, the works.

  33. Since everyone here seems to like Levon Helm I will let everybody know that he is apparently playing Mainstage, Central park with Emmylou Harris on July 18th!

  34. Yes, Latona. We can’t launch it until you name it.

    “Bless this ship, and all who sail on her. I christen thee The Flying WASP.”

  35. CARP – It’s linked to his website and his girlfriend’s twitter refers to him and brad richards by twitter names and posted a picture, so I’m pretty sure its legit but who knows

  36. the only positive i see without hockey over the summer is i go to bed by 900 and hope to get 8 hrs sleep until 500 am when my 5 month old wakes up.

    once season starts though the center ice package is my pride and joy besides my son

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nice to see that “one a day” is taking a rest. Perhaps if he took several a day, we would see less of that human counting machine.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sad to see Kevin weeks off the widget. Last week he described a jogger scratching himself at a red light. My life will never be the same.

  39. Carp – Nope, pretty boring.

    The rangers twitter is reposting the list of twitter accounts today – they had it up but missed a few if I read it right.

  40. eddie

    usually sleep from 730 to 430 500. hes teething early so hes been getting up screaming in middle of night

  41. Yeah, I know. Cerny got the idea from me, when I asked him for players’ accounts.

    Tony, Arizona is in this hemisphere?

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – I read somewhere that NO adult could deal with the pain associated from teething….Very painful. Orthogel helps. A little whiskey on the gums too.

  43. Eddie- I hope you didn’t use Orthogel for your child’s teething. Did you mean Orajel?

  44. Carp – jeez he just stole your idea!?!? No worries – you still the man Blogfather

  45. Carp,
    No UFA’s out there strike me as a player we’d want or need…maybe if it was 5 years ago…lol
    Is it hockey season yet? Summer sucks…

  46. billybleedsblue on

    lol whatzerman the heck is with the counting…

    Carp the new twitter feed’s a great idea… let’s call it… Kisio.

  47. Carp, I am a computer illiterate, probably older than anyone on this site–but I still have my own clackers!! How do I write a comment without using my real name? How’s about grandma?
    And where do you guys go during the intermissions to drink beer? Great fun to read this blog.

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