Rangers lead the league … in arbitrations


Don’t read anything into it. Repeat: Do not read anything into this.

It’s part of the process. They will all be re-signed. The good thing is that these filings for arbitration A) get rid of the possibility of an offer sheet being tendered and B) open a second window for potential buyouts should the Rangers choose to rid themselves of other contracts.

Hearings are scheduled to begin July 20. Some of these will sign before hearings.

From the NHLPA:


TORONTO (July 5, 2011) – Twenty-three players have elected Salary Arbitration:

Anaheim Ducks: Dan Sexton.
Buffalo Sabres: Andrej Sekera.
Carolina Hurricanes: Derek Joslin.
Chicago Blackhawks: Chris Campoli, Viktor Stalberg.
Colorado Avalanche: Kevin Porter, Ryan Wilson.
Columbus Blue Jackets: Marc Methot.
Edmonton Oilers: Andrew Cogliano.
Los Angeles Kings: Alec Martinez, Brad Richardson.
Montreal Canadiens: Josh Gorges.
Nashville Predators: Sergei Kostitsyn.
New Jersey Devils: Mark Fraser.
New York Islanders: Blake Comeau.
New York Rangers: Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky,Michael Sauer.
Phoenix Coyotes: Lauri Korpikoski.
Tampa Bay Lightning: Teddy Purcell.
Vancouver Canucks: Jannik Hansen.
Winnipeg Jets: Blake Wheeler.
The deadline for Club-Elected Salary Arbitration notification is July 6, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Hearings will be held in Toronto from July 20 to August 4, 2011.


Also, here is an excellent free-agent tracker from USA Today.

The new savior, Brad Richards, is going to be available to the beat guys after a Garden of Dreams event at the practice facility today. So this afternoon youse might want to scan the Tweet widget or the other blogs for any interesting comments from B. Rich. … or is it Richie?

Our buddy Jim Cerny on Blueshirts United will have an interview with Richards, and in it, he says, his uniform number will be revealed. That should pop up in the Twit widget over on the right this afternoon.

Then come back here and discuss, as always.

I gotta go see a friend I haven’t seen nearly enough this summer.

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  1. Segundo!

    Good, Callahan and Dubinsky filed for arbitration. Now, maybe there won’t be a long, drawn out negotiating session like what happened with Dubi in the last contract.

  2. I was in Lake George Monday, wearing my NY Rangers shirt and some doofus with his young sons walks up to me and says,”Did you hear about the big trade today?” Now I am hooked to twitter so I should know better, but the guy says,”Tell him son.” The kid says,”The NYR traded Gaborik for Heatley!” Now I am thinking,” This can’t be true, but what kind of Dad would let his kid make a fool of himself in front of a knowledgeable NYR fan like myself?” So, I twitter away. No evidence of any trade. In today’s world, the father can’t even walk away fast enough before I have the truth in front of me on my cell phone. So, I am faced with the dilemma of calling this kid a liar and his dad a fool for interrupting my leisurely day away from the internet. Anyway, I said,”I’ll keep my eye on this one.” and walked away…

    …did I just meet Eklund?!?

  3. I’d still like to know what happened to Gilroy……..I hear occasional mentions but no details.

    I agree that I’ve operating behind the power curve, but being so far away from NY news it takes a while to reach us here.
    And what has Phil Esposito had to say about his situation. No news there either. And y’all know what a talker Phil is.

    Should they take a stab at STamkos (i hope I got that spelled right)?

  4. Gilroy signed with Tampa Bay, I think one year. DOn’t remember the dollars

  5. Thank god Heatley isn’t a Ranger. His performance in the playoffs was epic, and I don’t mean that in a good way. From a 50-goal scorer to getting traded for Havlat. Yikes.

    fran – There’s not much to tell about the Gilroy story. He got $1 million from Tampa where he’ll have a lot better chance of making the team than he would in NY, where there will be no less than five defensemen(Kundratek, Del Zotto, Erixon, Pashnin, and Valentenko) trying out for two spots. That’s before you consider the unlikely darkhorses(Redden, McIlrath, or Neimi). He might have been able to beat out a couple of those guys, but was basically looking at another season as the seventh defenseman and an even better chance that he wasn’t going to make the team at all. I do remember reading somewhere that the Rangers were interested in keeping him, but Gilroy saw the writing on the wall. He’s going to have to fight for ice in Tampa too(they’ve got eight defensemen under contract), but they don’t have nearly the depth that the Rangers do at defense. Even if he played to the top of his ability in NY, chances are pretty good that he’d get moved eventually to make room for younger players.

  6. Sorry, looked it up: $1m, 1 year

    Could be a great deal for Tampa, but he’s not guaranteed a spot looking at their depth chart:
    Kubina, Ohlund, Hedman, Brewer, MA Bergeron, Gervais, Brett Clark + Gilroy

    I think the acquisition of Erixon and the return of MDZ, plus Torts preference for some veteran presence in there too, meant he would have had little chance of making the team anyway.

  7. On the other note, saw the case of imported malaria over the weekend. The child is doing just fine. But he would not make it if they stayed in Africa any longer. It’s still THE biggest child killer in Africa. Please help, if you can:


  8. Larry Brooks has a nice article today as to what the Rangers might do next- probably nothing for awhile, then look for a defenseman. It’ll probably be a trade.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey boneheads. Been busy with a friend from out of town that’s been staying with me. Allow me to belatedly weigh in on the Rangers’ FA period:

    1) I hate the Richards contract. We could have had Kovalchuk last summer for the exact same cap hit and age of player at the end of the contract. Complete mismanagement on the part of Sather to not even try and land an actual elite player and instead grossly overpay (in years) for a very good one.

    Judging the contract in a vacuum, I still am not pleased with it. It’s just way too many years. I can’t support giving a guy with a mushy melon a contract until he’s 40. The worst part is that based on the salary structure, under the current buyout rules, a buyout will not be feasible at any point during the contract.

    Furthermore, it blocks the development of Stepan and Anisimov. Do we really want one of them playing 3rd line center? I think Anisimov will be traded as a result of this contract.

    As for the player, I think there will be a lot of wait and see. I don’t buy the “he will get Gaborik going” idea. That tells me that you weren’t watching Gaborik last year. Gaborik didn’t score last year because his release was awful. He could have sent the goaltender a telegram telling the goaltender he was about to shoot. He scored 40 two years ago when he had the quick and deceptive release. And he did that with Prospal/Christensen as his center. In other words, a good center isn’t necessary for him to have his fast release.

    Another thing was that Gaborik scored a lot of his goals on the rush after being sprung with a good lead pass from MDZ. No good lead passes from MDZ last year meant fewer opportunities to score on the rush.

    The PP QB aspect is nice, but it is diminished by the fact that our PP will then be without a #1 center.

    Bottom line: I would have rather we signed Kovalchuk last year and stood pat this year. Even without Kovalchuk, I would have rather we stood pat. Let our kids play and develop into the players we need. When we determine their ceilings, then you fill in from outside the organization.

    I give this signing a D.

    2) I’m kind of meh on Rupp. First of all, it means at least one of our centers is being converted to the wing or just moved out of town. Richards, Stepan, Anisimov, Christensen, Boyle, and Rupp. This reinforces my belief that Anisimov will be traded, so Stepan will be the 2nd line center, Boyle the 3rd, Rupp the 4th.

    His contract is OK, basically the remainder of the Boogaard contract, although at 31, I can’t imagine his year three will be any good since his whole game is based on physicality. I like that Rupp is good on faceoffs. And, at the very least, our team’s goal differential will drop by the 6 goals he would have otherwise scored against us.

    I give this signing a B.

    3) I liked the Fedotenko signing. Good depth player, good locker room guy, good playoff performer, pretty small contract. Also, he looks like the Lord of the Dance.

    I give this signing an A.

    4) Jeff Gorton as the new assistant GM: what does that mean for Schoenfeld, and to a lesser extent, Messier? I like the hire, I just don’t like it if it means Schoeny will walk away from the team.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “Brooks mentions Doughty. what would you be willing to give up to get him.”

    Absolutely nothing. If we were going to pitch an offer sheet, it should’ve been to Stamkos.

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  12. I believe that Richards will be a better signing than Kovulchuk. Kovy signs, and the first thing that happens is that he doesn’t fit the system. He gets all pissy and the coach gets fired. The Devils missed the playoffs. They had a decent run, but Kovy’s signing hurt that team. Richards is a known commodity. I DO NOT BELIEVE that he will automatically ignite Gaborik. But I do believe that he will fit into Tort’s system (Cup is proof). Gomez and Drury were just guys who happened to be available. This is a signing where the NYR know how he will mesh. Never happened before. Not saying he is the best, not saying he is a better player than Kovy, I am saying he is a better signing.

  13. ilb – thanks for that malaria link. Malaria does indeed kill more children in Africa ($1M/Year) than any other disease. It’s a really sad situation since Malaria is so curable in the Western world.

  14. Wrapping in usual nice wording and hockey attributes, otherwise ridiculously wrong analyzes… IMHO, (to my astonishment ). Usually, I more often than not agree with wise Doodie, …sorry. Gotta go…
    Advice: read your own posts of the last year’s Kovy saga.

  15. And another thing: This contract is only a 2 year $20 mil deal. Disguised as a 9 year deal. The current CBA is no better than what they had before. Just look at FLA buying stiffs to reach the cap floor!!! I don’t believe the spirit of the current CBA was to watch Dave Tallon sign Campbell, Jovo, and Theodore.

    In two years, you will see the NHL move franchises back to where they belong (Quebec City, Hamilton, etc.), you will probably see contraction, and you will see that Brad Richards’ deal will be used as toilet paper at MGS.

  16. Doodie,
    I agree with you 100% on the richards signing but 100% disagree with you about the rangers “should have signed” Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk is a me player, one dimensional and it shows because his teams he plays on has never gone anywhere. Kovalchuk had hossa and other good players to play with and only made the playoffs once. I’m glad the rangers didn’t sign Kovalchuk. I hope your wrong about the rangers trading Anisimov.

  17. Doodie, Gorton is promoted to replace Cam Hope, who was the other assistant GM and is leaving the organization. It has no bearing on Schoenfeld at all.

    Gotta go.

  18. Brian Boyle will be the guy to go if anyone does. EC is already gone in my mind (his too).

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Time will tell ….I think the rangers win 2 rounds this year and are competitive in the CF. Next year, 2012-2013 – Gary Buttplug – on MSG ice will say “congratulations to Jim dolan, glen sather, coach Johnny T, and the entire ranger organization… Captain Ryan callahan – come get the Stanley Cup – HUGE APPLAUSE

  20. “Furthermore, it blocks the development of Stepan and Anisimov. Do we really want one of them playing 3rd line center? I think Anisimov will be traded as a result of this contract.”

    Who says either one of them or Boyle can’t play wing? I think Richards will be a good mentor to those guys…

    I agree that the lengthy terms of the B. Rich contract will detrimental down the road..the Rangers window to win and become a contender is in the next 3-4 years…this contract has benefits in the short term but will eventually hamstring the team when Richards is 35+. Hopefully, he is that rare breed of player that can play effectively at that age. With his style of play, I don’t see that happening.

    I never wanted to sign this guy (because of the long term contract he commanded) but now we have him for 9 years…hopefully, he makes the best of it…

  21. I highly doubt Richards plays all 9 years. 6 maybe 7 and then pulls a Naslund.

  22. Doodie- I’ll try to respond to your post. First, I’d leave Kovalchuk and his last year’s signing in the past. No reason to even debate about it. It’s all in the past, he isn’t available.

    On Richards. What choices did they have? This team has structure, hard working, never give up personality. They have a very good, albeit young core on defense. And plenty of promising, perhaps ready to step up, forwards. The supporting cast up front is one of the better in the league. They have an elite goal scorer. And they have one of the best goaltenders in the world. The team is ready for the next step. They need to start playing within the winning environment that usually promotes faster development. How long can they wait to get an elite playmaker? Waiting until the next year, or year after is utopia. First of all, there is no guarantee that any of them (Sharp, Malkin etc.) even comes on the market. Teams tend to sign their marquee players. The only reason Richards became available is because of unsteady ownership situation in Dallas. Second- there is no guarantee any of those signings would work. So, again, what choices did they have?
    In terms of his contract. Respectfully disagree. I think it is a very well designed contract, considering circumstances. Actually the buy out is very feasible after 5 years. That $7M number is a clue. Buying him out at that point, if need to, saves $6.16M of cap space that year. After that, a year or so, the new CBA would have to be ironed out with possible amnesty.

    Anisimov or Stepan can move to the wing, and rotate with Richards once they’re ready. Rupp played more wing than center. His career FO % is just above 50.

    And Carp answered about Jeff Gorton. He has been assistant to Gordie Clark for some time, he is now replacing Cam Hope.

  23. CCCP, there are plenty of players who lose their legs as they get older. Of course, there are rare breeds like Lidstrom, Selanne, Hamrilik, Recchi, Knuble, Holmstrom, etc…. who stay on top of their game(s) and continue to produce…

    It’s far from a guarantee that Richards will play at an elite level throughout the duration of the contract…just sayin’

  24. exactly… for the next 5-6 years we should have a great team with Richards leading the way. After that… who knows what could happen. Who knows who will be coaching this team or how the NHL will look.

  25. 3 years is even a long time for a team in the cap era. Significant players can and will be moved during that time frame. In 3 years there’s a chance that even Henrik will no longer be with the team.

  26. I’m not crazy about the Richards contract, but I think the Rangers are heading in the right direction. I don’t understand what happened to Sather that all of a sudden he knows what he’s doing….well kinda! How did we go from sign anyone who WAS good, to were we are now? Anyone think Schoenfeld had something to do with it, and now he’s leaving or at least no longer assistant GM. One other note, I really think something is going on with Stamkos, and we could see one of those trades that everyone wants the player involved, and Tampa could walk away with enough young talents for years to come. It’s the type of trade that changes the look of a whole conference it one swoop. Enjoy the heat today, or at least stay cool if you can!!! Glad there’s no sand around here except for the beach. LOL

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    “First, I’d leave Kovalchuk and his last year’s signing in the past. No reason to even debate about it. It’s all in the past, he isn’t available.”

    I brought it up as an indictment of Sather. For the same price he could have had an elite player as opposed to a very good one.

    “What choices did they have? This team has structure, hard working, never give up personality. They have a very good, albeit young core on defense. And plenty of promising, perhaps ready to step up, forwards.”

    They have the choice to wait, to allow the defense to mature, to allow the forwards to step up a little bit. Say that takes two or three years. Richards will have declined in that time. Why not keep options open? They are not going to be a Cup team in the next two years, and Richards is not going to be that good for that much longer after that point.

    “Teams tend to sign their marquee players.”

    While true, some of those players inevitably come to market. Even the ones that do not can be traded for. But by signing Richards, we have foreclosed all possibilities of acquiring such a player for at least the remainder of Gaborik’s contract.

    “Actually the buy out is very feasible after 5 years.”

    Not even close, unless you like 6.5 million in dead cap space for three years. Here is the breakdown from CapGeek after 5 years:

    * 2016-17: $500,000
    * 2017-18: $6,500,000
    * 2018-19: $6,500,000
    * 2019-20: $6,500,000
    * 2020-21: $833,333
    * 2021-22: $833,333
    * 2022-23: $833,333
    * 2023-24: $833,333

    That’s just not acceptable.

  28. Kovalchuk is a great offensive player. No doubt. And a game breaker. He is only 3 years younger than Richards. He won exactly 1 playoff game in his career. With a team that acquired him by the end of that season. Not a single playoff game won by his team if he played for them the whole season. Richards, by 28, had a SC and Con Smythe on his resume.

  29. Doodie, that 2016-2017 saves them $6.16M in cap space. After that, in a year or so, the new CBA will have be ironed out….

  30. Doodie Machetto June 20th, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Jagr is going to stay in Russia. All of this NHL talk is just a negotiating ploy. He’s not actually considering a return to North America.


    so… i guess you have been wrong before :P

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, Richards also played for a much better team. Atlanta was awful for their entire existence. The only time they made the playoffs it was because they played in one of the historically weakest divisions of all time. Last year, the Devils made the mistake of hiring John McClean. When Lemaire took the team over, he remarked how undisciplined and out of shape they were. They then were the hottest team in the NHL after the all star break, but were just too deep into the hole to make the playoffs.

    I assure you, Kovalchuk will win many playoff games throughout his career.

    Further, if you think one player, especially a forward, wins a playoff series by himself, you are mistaken.

  32. One player doesn’t win a playoff series. Kovalchuk at this point, however, has to prove that he can help win any playoff series. He surely didn’t look great against the Rangers and the Flyers.

  33. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    the keeper of the comments…becareful what you type, CCCP is watching!!!

    I like the richards signing.

    according to wolowitz —–> mcilrath has impressed even more

    so why not sign shane obrien?

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    actually, I thought he looked pretty good against Philly. I thought it was the rest of the Devils that were atrocious. 2-4-6 in 5 games is pretty good.

    He was terrible against the Rangers, no question.

  35. Who’s wolowitz? Did you mean waseka, lol?

    Wicky, didn’t O’Brien have some serious discipline issues and was suspended by his team?

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards’ 19 will look great next to Gomez’s 19 in about 4 years, give or take a year.

  37. Good afternoon all! Holy carcillo Tony, it’s Armageddon!

    So what number does Feds get now?

    Hope your friend is treating you well today Carp.

  38. what number will fedetenko wear? he was 26 before but that is chrsitensen’s for now

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    He should wear something outlandish, like 68 or 88. Or the greatest ever: #87.

  40. Kovy? Anyone who can be completely broken down and owned by Sean Avery isn’t worth that $$$$ anyway.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    you’re right cw, no 24 year old could ever possibly make a mistake and not be better for it in the future.

  42. bull dog line on

    I was all for signing Richards, and I was one of the few here that wanted Kovalchuk. I do not see the big deal about the Richards contract. over and over teams are able to move players with big contracts.
    Gomez became McDonagh, Kotalik, became Prust, Roszival became Wolski. if you can’t trade them then you can buy them out(drury). Richards is well worth the risk. the Rangers needed to add to there core, and he was the best player out there. he fits them very well. number 1 center, playmaker, and can run the PP.

  43. I have a feeling EC would be Hartford bound since even if they place him on waivers he’d probably go unclaimed. Although maybe someone would take him for a cheap cap hit and shootout prowess. If he does make it to Hartford I’d say they’d keep his number open.

  44. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    no, we don’t have a #26

    Might have been, I have no prob getting a guy that may miss a few games here or there (give young guys a chance to step in and gain some experience) as long as the price is right. I just think he has the right mentality on the ice and one that this team sorely lacks at this time.

  45. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    did you see the rolex when he got out of his brand new porsche with the license plate that had 19=$$$$

    I think he should take #91 or #26

    Does anyone think someone else will get bought out in the second buyout period?

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, Gomez, Kotalik, and Rozsival all did not have full NMCs. Drury had one and was bought out, but as I explained earlier, Richards’ contract is buyout prohibitive under the current CBA because of its salary structure.

    Also, he can’t be the #1 center and the PP QB at the same time. When he is the PP QB, we again do not have a #1 center.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, if it’s anyone, it’s Wolski.

    but I don’t see anyone getting bought out unless there is a UFA (presumably a defenseman) signing beforehand.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, without the full NMC, I wouldn’t be too worried about his contract. 6.67 million cap hit to $1 million salary=Cap floor team’s dream.

  49. Wicky- Wolski is a possible buy out candidate because his buy out is very friendly. But I doubt they want to do it. However, it’s nice to have that option in case something goes wrong with their RFAs, or, more importantly, some interesting trade becomes possible.

  50. bull dog line on

    I think you need to hold on to Wolski. to much skill to give up on. plus it is a contract year. the Rangers need the kind of skill Wolski brings. if he does not work out it is only one year.

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    King Richards II will be the PP QB, as for the center on the PP, I hope Boyle is allowed to park his big butt in the crease to create screens…

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think you need to hold on to Wolski. to much skill to give up on. plus it is a contract year. the Rangers need the kind of skill Wolski brings. if he does not work out it is only one year.”

    I’m with you.

    “I hope Boyle is allowed to park his big butt in the crease to create screens…”

    You can’t just be a big body in front. That’s why Chara in front doesn’t work. You need to have hands. That’s why Holmstrom all 6′ and 198 lbs of him, is one of the all time greats in front of the net. It’s not about size. It’s about strength and hands.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, EC doesn’t care because he will have to make sure whatever number he wears is available in the AHL as well.

  54. I wouldn’t mind Rupp on the 2nd PP unit. Pop him in front of the net. BOOM! Cause chaos.

    I like Boyle there as well, but he’s a bit weak on his skates. He needs to go through the “Sjostrom tree trunk legs workout”, then he’ll be good to go.

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    richards to wear 19, fedtank 26, ec will wear one-fifth…the first player to wear a fraction on their jersey…

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    when asked why he chose 1/5, ec said “every five games i play, i try KINDA hard in one of them…it just made sense….

  57. How about this one:

    thenyrangers profile

    thenyrangers Richards says he speaks often with “good friend” Sean Avery and expects “a lot of advice” on living in NYC from Sean!

    Uh oh!

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie i disagree re: chara – chara is far more valuable on the point for several reasons…the big shot…and he is a Dman….

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    …moreover, boyle doesnt have hands of stone…..he isnt John McEnroe, agreed…but he would be fine parked in the crease…

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    “thenyrangers Richards says he speaks often with “good friend” Sean Avery and expects “a lot of advice” on living in NYC from Sean! ”

    My brother is a cop and Avery/Lundqvist’s new spot is in his beat. He said that he saw Richards and Avery at the restaurant two months ago.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    “chara – chara is far more valuable on the point for several reasons…the big shot…and he is a Dman….”

    I agree with you on that. I’m just saying he also sucks in front of the net because he is too big and clumsy to make deflections or react quickly to rebounds.

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    creating a good screen takes size and strength…the good hands people on the PP…remember, there are 2 other forwards on the PP can aid in the rebounds/tips…..the more congested the crease is the better, especially if the PP has a good QB running it and it is in the O zone….

  63. +Avery+ Hey, B.Rich
    +Richards+ Hey, Sean! How’s it going?
    +Avery+ Never mind that. Look, I know you’re probably busy preparing for the upcoming season, but there is this fashion show, you have to go to. It’s going to be spectacular.
    +Richards+ I don’t know if Torts, and Slats want me to, but, oh well! Hey, It’s nine years, I could always try harder next year, right?
    +Avery+ That’s what I always say! How ironic. Haha!

    Nice one, Tony. Hey, did you get hit with that dust storm, yesterday?

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, I find all of this Richards/Avery stuff surprising. I thought everyone in Dallas hated Avery’s guts. Is Richards the exception to the rule?

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    eddie, you show me one team with a good PP where they have a big doof with no hands in front. Further, show me one where the big doof has no strength on his skates.

  66. Serious question…is Christensen actually making the team this year?

    If so…uhh…how?

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – boyle doesnt have hands of stone…..he is big, young, and can get stronger….he seems committed to getting better..surely, you see that?

  68. yes modano and turco led the charge against avery. even ott didnt mind avery i heard.

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    i remember a few…not many…nice deflections netting Boyle some goals….

  70. EC only plays, if we lose Boyle. We have too many centers. Even Rupp can play center.

    I wonder how Artie would look on the wing. I just hate to see him stuck on the 3rd line this season, despite the fact that, in Rangers land, lines never stay the same.

  71. Avery is capable of mashing good with good players. Remember Jagr and Avery line? That was fun to watch for few games before Renney broke them apart.

    Gomez or Drury couldn’t click with Jagr…Avery could. Kind of says a lot about Avery :)

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    His last goal against Montreal came on a 3 on 1. He took a shot from the slot. No deflection.

    CCCP, Marcel Hossa and Brad Isbister clicked with him too. So did Kip Miller in DC. I think it says more about Jagr than any of those guys.

  73. CTBlueshirt on

    Didn’t Richards play the point and QB the PP in Dallas while being their #1 center? From a highlight video on youtube (don’t have the link but search for a user named Loffen that’s put together a number of great Ranger compilations) he seems to be the Stars point man.

    I wouldn’t use Boyle in a Holmstrom type role per se, but he did score a number of goals from close in last year. He’s got a very good backhand. I’d put him me off to the side to collect bad angle rebounds or short side stuff in attempts.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    The guy probably has a couple of deflections to his credit, but so do most players. All players in the NHL are good enough to deflect a shot every now and then. That doesn’t mean I would stake my PP on it.

  75. Washington, after signing Brouwer, is almost $2M above the cap. They still need to resign Alzner.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I just don’t think he is tough or agile enough to be in front of the net on the PP.

  77. Ok Doodie, but how come Gomez and Drury didn’t click with Jagr?

    Brad Isbister couldn’t score on open net even playing with Jagr. Hossa had few good games with Jagr but not as good as Avery.

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    Doodie – Nevertheless, it couldnt hurt to try…..but then the rangers PP has been soooo effective the last few years…maybe the status quo should be maintained….maybe not even play richards on the pp…it has been that good…why breakup the amazing chemistry and performance?

  79. Doodie – several things: First, Kovalchuk would have been a miserable fit on the Rangers, even worse than his fit on the Devils. He’s not the type of player who would have meshed well with Tortorella’s attitude or his so-called system. Also, he’s a similar type of sniper as Gaborik. Having them on the same team would have been redundant, and it would have eaten up cap space.

    Also disagree on the notion that Richards won’t help Gaborik’s game. He’s 10 times the forward as Christensen or Prospal. Having them on the same line will create a lot of offense, simply because it doubles the threat. Richards is also a passer with very good speed and vision, which is something that will work well with Gaborik.

    I do agree with you on Del Zotto. His passing really made Gaborik dangerous, and guess what? He’s still on the team. No one is saying Del Zotto is automatically Hartford-bound. Also, you seem to ignore the notion that Gaborik was playing injured. I’m not sure if that contributed to his diminished release, but you can expect that to be different.

    Lasty on this notion of Stepan and Anisimov being stunted. What makes you so certain they won’t return to the exact spaces they were last year? Namely Anisimov centering second line and Stepan centering third? And what’s to say that’s not a good game plan? To me, Richards, Anisimov, Stepan and Boyle down the middle sounds like a damn good plan.

    The only way Anisimov is moved is if his contract demands are nuts or an arbitrator decides he’s worth $4 million. I don’t see either happening.

    You want the odd man out? Christensen. No way he makes the team.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, yes, Richards was their PPQB, but I think you’re missing what I’m saying. When he is on the point, he is not playing center. Thus, our PP is left without a #1 center.

    And for all of the Richards QB talk, everyone seems to ignore the fact that Dallas’ PP has been only marginally better than ours over the past 3 seasons.

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Didn’t Avery, Richards, and another Ranger go off on some Caribbean junket where Richards came back looking totally blitzed? I don’t think Richards would attend something like that if he hated Avery……

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    “Also, he’s a similar type of sniper as Gaborik.”

    He’s actually a very different type of sniper, but that’s besides the point. Richards would help Kovalchuk way more than he would help Gaborik.

    Also, I’m not saying Gaborik won’t be better next year. I was just explaining that a lot of what made him average last year was not related to not having a true #1 center.

    As for Anisimov and Stepan, Stepan is an offensive player. Burying him on the third line will hurt him. I thought he clearly looked his best last season when centering Gaborik. But let’s assume his growth won’t be hurt by playing on the third line. At what point can he take over the first line when Richards is there?

    As for Anisimov, it’s just a gut feeling.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying he hates Avery. It’s just that the picture that was painted during his Dallas meltdown was that everyone in the locker room hated him.

    As I said earlier, I know they hang out and are pals now. I just was pointing out how some of the stuff that we were told then was blown out of proportion.

  84. I thought it was only the older guys that disliked him, like Turco, Modano, Morrow.

    Eriksson, Ott, Richards, Alladdin, and the other guys all liked him apparently. They were all laughing when asked aboot their opinions on “sloppy seconds”, if I remember correctly.

    Maybe he hated Aves, but now he’s using him to get into NYC clubs? He doesn’t want to be blacklisted, like PAP.

  85. JimboWoodside on

    I wasn’t voicing a criticism of what you said, Doodie – and I agree that the Dallas situation was made to look a LOT worse than it probably was.

    The (Canadian) media made the “sloppy” comments seem like Avery was a mass-murderer – that episode was so blown out of proportion that it was hard to understand.

  86. Haha!!! “I’ll make a few phone calls. That guy will never get into a club in Manhattan.”

  87. CTBlueshirt on


    I’m not as concerned with having the number 1 center get cemented into that role on the special teams play. Dubi can fill in as the traditional down low center and use Richards up high. Or still have Richards take the draws on the PP but eventually rotate with whomever is set up at the point (this would usually entail using a 4 forward/1 D PP). I think some of the onus is on the coaching staff to figure out a scheme that utilizes the skills on the first unit. Tampa has Stamkos set up on the left point, St. Louis is basically their PP QB off the right boards. There’s a number if different set ups they can try.

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I also would keep WW. He has shown physical elements to his game and has the ability to score. I think richards makes him better.

    The deciding factor to me is torts, if he gives WW the top 6 minutes like he should, then I keep him. If torts is going to use him in the bottom 6 (where he doesn’t belong) then trade him or buy him out.

  89. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I am in a debate with some people about the final roster spots for this upcoming year.
    I say Wolski is gone…buyout…I say EC and Zucs both make the team and the 14 forwards (cap geek 23 players…14 forwards, 7 def, 2 goalies will be : (in no particular order)

    BR, Gabby, Stepan, AA, Dubie, Cally, Rupp, Prust, Boyle, Feds, Avery, MZA, EC, (last spot Hagelin or Prospal)…scratches = EC, Avery, MZA,

    Staal, Girardi, McD, Sauer, Erixon, MDZ and either Eminger or someone we don’t know

    I think we need to buyout Wolski to get under the cap after the 5 arbitration/RFA’s are signed

  90. JimboWoodside on

    “Yeah, this “another Ranger” was Voros.lol.”

    Right!! Ex-Ranger, but I think he really bonded with a lot of his team members when he was here.

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    I am likely in the minority, but i just dont think MZA is anything special…

  92. I like Wojtek Wolski. Please keep him. Callahan as Capt. (instead of Pizza Pants) will maybe be helpful to him motivation wise. When he is on, he’s as good as any 2nd line winger in the game.

    Sorry I haven’t been around and keeping up. Kind of busy today (I know).

  93. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Put Wolski on the first line, and with him in a contract year, his true talent will show…bank on it!

  94. I think Wolski will play himself onto the first line and then play himself off of it. But ride it out. Overall I think he will have a good year with Richards around and Callahan taking over the reigns.

  95. CTBlueshirt on

    Wasn’t Frolov on a contract year or at least “this is your last shot to prove you can play in the NHL” contract year? How about Zherdev?

  96. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    someone here brought up avery playing well with skill players the other day, who was it???

    I’d trade girardi to the wings for holmstrom right now, just saying. I think the jagr is about even!

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i agree with you…i wouldnt mind being dead wrong….but if boyle qualifies as not strong on his skates…what does that make MZA?…..he is off-balance more often than not…

  98. I love the ^hobbit wizard^ . I think everybody knows that (Me and NYR). I am, however, starting to see him as the odd man out.

  99. billybleedsblue on

    Well, somebody’s not gonna make it to the lineup… I too like Zuccarello Aasen. It’s going to be interesting to see which pieces fit into the puzzle that is the NY Rangers.

  100. I said it before the start of last season, I wasn’t impressed with him, and he needed time. Maybe he still needs some time.

    I’d just hate for him to turn out like Ilka Heiniken, and get all girly because he needs time in the AHL, and bolt for some random league, the first chance he gets.

  101. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    man, feds is awesome. love this quote

    “What do you mean, cash in?” Fedotenko said. “We won the Cup together, and he was 19. He really wanted it. We have good guys in the locker room – if you start bargaining and selling, what’s next? Every time I give you a pass, you’re going to give me $500 for it? Come on. It’s hockey, it’s a team sport.”

  102. LOL! MZA is one of a few players on the team (pre-Richie) that actually has hands and plays a heady game…

    He’s already exceeded my expectations….If he played a full season in NHL last year, he would have be in the running for the Calder, easily…maybe, I’m crazy…maybe, I actually know what I’m talking about. I l

    If he’s not on the team next year, I will be very sad…I want to see our kids develop…not ship ’em out after a good season….

  103. billybleedsblue on

    “But, MZA should make the lineup over EC. That’s all there is to it.”

    Orr, I’ll buy that for a dollar.

  104. Numbers 2nd or/and 3rd on lines are pure nominal and given, the lines are equally productive, sticks to the game(s) plan, and considering Torts perfect sense of distributing TOI, (and his lust for shuffling) there is no reason, IMO, to believe that centers on this lines will suffer from lack of TOI, regardless is it 2nd or 3rd.
    AA will not go anywhere, as sure, as his every season improvement, Stepan will turn gradually to BR type and class of player, and with diverse and complete group of centers, Rangers are totally OK in this department.
    I still believe WW just wasn’t ready on a move in last season to integrate his skill set and game understanding to the team concept and hopefully will be ready coming season to exceed everybody expectations.
    If not, before next year February deadline, Rangers must have a plan to get “power wing” Iginla/Nash type and I can die in peace.

  105. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I was not saying Wolski isn’t a pretty good player…it is a salary cap issue.

    EC and MZA are much more friendly cap salaries, they are not necessarily better players.

    We need 7 more salaries to count against the cap and we have $15 mil.

    Cally and Dubie will together eat up around $7 mio
    AA, Boyle and Sauer together will eat up at least $5 mio
    Erixon will make the team and that is close to $ 2 mio

    Cap total is going to be close

    Basically will we need to add another salary (Prospal ? Hagelin ?) and we might as well buyout Wolski and pick up some cap room

  106. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    please tell me you are kidding about this..”considering Torts perfect sense of distributing TOI”

  107. Sadly, I think Torts really likes Christensen for some reason. Maybe he’s drunk?

  108. i think dubi will end up on the first line with gabby and b rich

    that would leave LW on second line open to whoever steps up and takes the leap.

    i would like to see

    dubi richards gabby
    wolski stepan cally
    MZA AA rupp
    prust boyle fedetenko


  109. I really can’t see what buying out Wolski accomplishes. Who’s going to take his spot?

    After the RFA’s are signed, there will still be some wiggle room in the cap should another move be necessary. If Wolski isn’t panning out, Sather will surely be able to find a trade partner (he always finds a way somehow).

    And ORR, I share in your doubt about MZA. He certainly has skills, but I am not sure they translate into a substantial NHL career.

  110. wicky’
    Wonderful quote. Where did you read that? I follow Fed very closely for long time and really like him not only as a hockey workhorse, but also as a person, teammate and simply very classy guy.
    …and never was shy to express my opinion for it, since we get him.

  111. nyr13: I think you might be surprised to see Avery get some time on that first line. Dubi and Cally play well together so they might both hit the second line centered by Stepan.

  112. wicky,
    but of course,… in the same sentence with “shuffling”. soft sarcasm, so to speak…

  113. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    nYR13…that works, if it fits under the cap…you would have to add EC to Avery for cap purposes, if my limited understanding of the cap is correct (need to have 23 players count against it)

    Noah…after the RFA’a are signed, their still needs to be 2 more players added to the amount counting against the cap…I am not thinking there is wiggle room

  114. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    If it is me, and it ISN’T, I give some guys (callahan for example) a bit less ice time even strength, because he is used on the PP and PK as well. He seems to be injury prone a bit (style of play related I’m sure). I have no problem with cally being on the “3rd” line. If a guy like avery, not used in any “specialty” situation proves to be a fit on the top line, then fine play him there, minutes must be distributed way more efficiently this upcoming season than last year. I hope none of our forwards play less than 8-10 minutes a night and d men are not lower than 10 (benchings not withstanding)

    I do not see the need to keep the AA dubi cally line together for any reason.

  115. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    thanks, I thought you were drunk along with torts or EC

  116. Happy Birthday! For former Rangers – Ron Duguay (Hope Avery gives him his “How to dress for Dummies” book as a gift) and Brad Park.

  117. Wicky – as I said above…I think Avery sees time on that first line. Dubi and Cally should play together.

  118. Since we have three months until the season, and even though I never ever do this, here’s what I would like to see!

    (Scratches: MZA, Christensen)


  119. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    it was either in a post from either gross or cerney on wildebeest—>


  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery Richards Gabby

    dubi AA cally

    WW step rupp

    THE PRUST BB Fedtank

    ww and step seemed to have good chemistry… Roll 4 lines the entire season…

  121. Dublowsky – Richards – Butt Chin

    Wolfski – Step-On – Callaman

    Prust – Ar-Tea Time – Mats Baggins

    Ruppelstiltskin – Flavah – Fedotinky

    Physically Healthy/Mentally Insane scratches – Avery, EC

  122. Also ORR, I haven’t been around much this summer, but are you still planning on keeping your promise to stop calling Dubinsky “Dublowsky” after he re-signs? Or have the terms changed?

  123. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    he had one of the two best hits from all of last season by a d man, that is why!

  124. These *WILL* BE the lines!

    Avery – Richards – Gaborik
    Dubi – Stepan – Capt. Callahan
    Prust – Boyle – Fedotenko
    Wolski – Anisimov – Rupp

    Staal – McMonster
    Sauer – Girardi
    Del Zotto – Erixon

    *Scratches – Christensen (drunk) and ^Hobbit Wizard – Lord of the Rink^

  125. Noah – I also like Mrs. Eminger. I think he should stick around for when Del Zotto inevitably knocks up some girl that is underage and has to “take some time off.”

  126. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Manny, that line up is for the playoffs

    For the regular season we need EC and Froto to win the skills competitions

  127. Doodie – No offense, but we didn’t need you to dissect how to get rid of Richards. We were already doing it this weekend as soon as the ink was dry! We’re getting ahead of ourselves to the extreme.

  128. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    EC picks 40, hilarious. It is obviously because he drinks some “OE” prior to every interview!!

    you watching all the hotties in the women’s world cup?

  129. Lol, Spider, I remember that. There is a good chance he wil work out just fine and still continue to be of value at the end of his contract. Stay positive, my friends.

  130. I know, I know. Skills competition can make or break our season. So we need them around. But we can swap them in and out based on injuries and tired players, right?

  131. I think it is a good thing we lead the league in a weird sort of way. It finally means we have young people that we want/need to keep lol

  132. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    yes, yes it is…too bad, some worthy looks (sweden USA on now)

  133. Forget the skills competition. We need to win games in OT. Clearly these guys need to learn how to play in OT so they can learn to win OT games in the playoffs.

    Both OT games, they were lost. I blame the shootout for that. I thought after Renney was gone, we’d see less shootouts, but that’s not the case.

    Shootouts don’t help us as much anymore, because of the rules. I want OT wins!

  134. CTBlueshirt on

    If I recall, they haven’t won an OT game in the playoffs since Rozsival won it in 20T against the Sabres in 2007.

    Since then:
    Lost to Sabres in game 5 2007
    Lost to Devils in game 3 2008
    Lost to Penguins in game 5 2008
    Lost to Capitals in game 1 2011
    Lost to Capitals in game 4 2011

  135. I don’t know what u guys see in Wolski. The guy is so soft and doesn’t seem to fit the Torts style. I’d be surprised if he dodges a buyout and makes the team.

    I’d love to see Boyle on the LW next to Richards. That line needs a defensive player/forechecker and Boyle will score plenty, I believe, with Richards feeding him. You can’t bury Boyle on the fourth line. He’s got to get major minutes.

  136. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I honestly don’t think WW is soft. He threw some pretty good hits last year when given time (or earning time, however you want to look at it)

  137. CTBlueshirt on

    Orr, one problem is that OT in the regular season is 4 on 4. Also, losing the game in the regular season but still garnering one point is a lot different than losing a playoff game. Can’t really compare regular season and playoff OT.

  138. Wicky. I think WW is soft in that he doesn’t play with passion most shifts. When he hits someone, it’s like he’s going through the motions. He’s like EC in that way. The Bruins and the Lightning showed that really good things happen when all your guys empty themselves each shift.

  139. CTBlueshirt on

    There’s a route 84 that goes through Hartford or a route 91 that comes up from I-95 that goes up to Hartford.

  140. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I see what you are saying, I just think WW is one of those guys that is good along the boards and plays with physicaliyt with minutes (good or bad, bit of a headcase in that way IMHO).

    Off to work, later assens!!

  141. I know NYR. It’s sad! I think he is the odd man out until someone inevitably gets injured or just doesn’t skate hard.

    ^Long Live the Hobbit Wizard for he is Lord of the Rink^

  142. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Rozival…5 years ago ?

    Thanks Nutmeg guy for such an interesting and depressing stat !

  143. “Nutmeg Guy”


    LMAO. I love when people remember all the motto’s and names for Connecticut!

  144. Orr the shootouts actually weren’t happening as much until mid- late in the season when they started to struggle. Before that they had managed to win a couple of big games by close scores in regulation and win at least one OT game down in Pittsburgh in that game that everyone said was the best all season. But I agree. We shouldn’t be sitting here discussions their best options for the next season on the nights that they can’t win in regulation or OT. They need to get the job done before it comes down to that.

  145. Dantherangerfan on

    I still think were going to add a veteran dman and a winger for the first line. I just think there are to many what ifs on the table and slats record and thought pattern back this. But who do you go after? It will def be through trade because we have a stockpile of players that could fit teams needs…

  146. Gift of GAB-orik on

    EC will wear #40, and 40 may represent how many days he has left in his Ranger career, and then it will represent how many seconds it will take us to forget about him altogether.

  147. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hope, no matter what the lines turn out to be, that Torts really rolls 4 lines equitably…..the rangers top 6 had NOTHING in the tank in Game 4/5 (especially in OT and 2OT) against the caps. And it was only the first round. The TOI needs to be distributed evenly as there is talent across the board with each line bringing something unique to the table.

  148. Lowell’
    No, but there are Rt.44. Can it substitute? I can explain him direction for free…

  149. eddie great point that no one’s brought up. The fourth line shouldn’t be a throw away line that plays 6 minutes a night. We all know he’s going to ride Richards a bit the way he did in TB. and we know the usual guys he’ll lean on as well but it can’t be a constant thing.

    Slaughter me if you want but for the right price I would have liked Eric Cole on this team for LW.

  150. Ha! NYR! Even Lloyd and Harry know that the French are europansies!

    “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp! Lloyd!”

  151. James’
    I brought this topic about equal lines contribution. You ‘re wright, but will never happened.
    Oh and Eric Cole is signed by Montreal for 4 years, so dream is unwarranted, sorry.

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    JamesG – agreed….riding some lines may seem the right thing to do in OCT and NOV, but the rabbits rarely win the big races….keeping all 4 lines active and engaged is smart hockey because the entire team has ownership, not to mention it equals fresh legs come April and May. I was shocked how worn out the rangers were in that Craps series especially the Game 4 2OT game…..they were burnt even in the third period that whole series save game 3….

  153. CT! That is hilarious. He even has a bald head and dumb facial hair like Christensen. Wow.

  154. I know he signed with the Habs. Wouldn’t have minded if they made him an offer though. I just don’t trust Wolski from what we saw from him last season

  155. CTBlueshirt on

    Oddly enough of the 6 teams Samsonov has played for, he’s never played for an Atlantic division team.

    Samsonov was Wolski before Wolski was Wolski.

  156. CT,
    LOL, Can you imagine, how many Erics Christensens could you find just in dedicated yellow books of Norway and Sweeden?

  157. CTBlueshirt on

    Does Montreal realize you can sign players that are taller than 5’9″?

    Gionta, Gomez, Camalleri, Samsonov

  158. Dantherangerfan on

    samsonov richards gabby
    cally step dubi
    fed boyle prust
    zucc rupp avery

    girardi staal
    mcd sauer
    erix emmy del z if good camp

  159. Samsonov has teriffic hands, fast and unpredictable skater, but is soft, moody and never has any consitency, as well as orientation on “team first” concept. KHL ready.

  160. Dantherangerfan on

    I believe AA wont be back. step will be the better theres no room for him. He will prob be in a trade for a dman. No matter what torts said still cant see where he fits

  161. Dantherangerfan on

    4everander I agree. yet i think him and gab will look good together then richards down the middle. you got a nice line there. Reason i say is i dont think samsonov would cost much. I dont want to see anymore of wolski

  162. LOL! No MZA! No AA! No Wolski!

    Let’s bring in Samsonov and EC from State Farm…and Caber…

  163. CTBlueshirt on


    Respectfully and vehemently disagree. AA is under team control for the next 3 seasons, particularly this season as he’s not arb eligible. Torts promoted him from the 4th line his rookie year into a top 6/9 role last year and he increased his points by more than 50% while facing tougher competition. He also gave him plenty of defensive responsibilities. And if you believe the beat writers, there were numerous trade offers involving AA and the Rangers turned them down. Ideally he’s getting shaped to play a similar role as Patrice Bergeron played for the Bruins. There is certainly room for AA on the team next year and for the next several years going forward.

  164. Dantherangerfan on

    so where do you see AA. we tied up out first line center and im pretty positive step will be second line. Do you keep AA on 3rd line.

  165. Dantherangerfan on

    ok so why did we pick up rupp and now you break up fed boyle prust line which was most consistant all year

  166. Dan, the thing with Torts, if you’re playing well, then you get more time.

    It’s not as if Artie is stuck on the 3rd line, and he’s going to get Booger minutes. He’s going to play, and if he plays well enough, he’ll earn some more time.

    Also, it’s not impossible for a center to switch to the wing. Dublowsky went through that, and he’s a better player now.

    +Artie’s going nowhere+

  167. Dantherangerfan on

    your right samsonov is prob not the way to go. but we have to many pieces yet no solid left winger.

  168. Dantherangerfan on

    Alright believe me I like AA but i seee him as perfect trade bait for a lucic or another top winger

  169. Artie will go nowhere except up. He gets this year to prove himself. If he can get a little more physical and score (like he did the season before last) he will be around for a long time. The kid has got skills. Believe in him a bit.

    No offense but I believe in Artie over Boyle.

  170. CTBlueshirt on

    If they don’t slot Dubinsky onto the first line LW and keep the Pack line (Dubi-AA-Cally) intact then I see that as the 2nd line. Stepan could center a 3rd line. While it’s understandable that many fans are high on Stepan’s potential, I’d rather see AA that has a year more experience at the NHL level get a shot at the 2nd line.

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    AA works for some people…..let me pour a drink and reflect for a moment….

  172. CTBlueshirt on

    Top winger? As in a 30+ goal guy? You’ll need to trade more than AA to get a winger of that caliber. Look at what the Blues did to trade for Chris Stewart from the Avs. In that case you’re then starting to make “robbing Peter to pay Paul” type trades.

  173. Boyle *can* be a 20 goal scorer. I don’t think last year was a fluke. But, with Artie, the sky is the limit. He’s still young. He’s still growing up, and he hasn’t even gotten his man muscle yet.

    He’s great trade bait. But, he’s not worth trading, just because we have two other centers.

    Like I said before, Staal has been the 3rd line center on the Pens for four years or so. The difference between he and Artie is, he’s stuck there. He’s not outplaying Crosby and Malkin, as opposed to Richards, and Step-On who will struggle at times, and he’ll fill in if he’s playing well. He’s played his best hockey at center, and struggled on the wing, for what ever reason

    Speaking of Jordan Staal, I’m surprised the Pens haven’t traded him for that reason. I imagine the return would be worth it.

  174. bull dog line on

    I see that the lines are being put together, and it did not take long for Jaromir Avery, and his 1 goal, to be put on the top line. and you guys wonder why I hate him so much.

  175. CTBlueshirt on


    I will definitely take the player that is 4 years younger and had 9 more points last year and had more points in his sheltered rookie year than the other guy in his first 3 years combined.

  176. eddie eddie eddie on

    MD – bite your tongue….THE PRUST has no one that compares to him, much less a girl soccer player….THE PRUST is a nuclear weapon, a ticking time bomb, an AK47 on roids, 1million tons of TNT…..in fact, he isnt even human…..he is from another planet…

  177. Dantherangerfan on

    it will cost more then AA. Say you trade AA defense prospect Ec for a guy like lucic… Your telling me you wouldnt be in

  178. eddie eddie eddie on

    give Avery an A and a C…..then a D and another C…..given his stance on equal rights for all…of which i say – right on…

  179. CTBlueshirt on

    Well, I don’t think the Bruins trade Lucic for AA because the Bruins already have Bergeron.

    Who else would you trade him for?

  180. the problem with the rangers in ot is they NEVER have the puck. this game is about puck possesion. maybe richards will help us carry the play some more and not constantly counter attack every freaking game

  181. Dantherangerfan on

    NYR FAn your crazy if you wouldnt do that lucic was just an example. I know it wouldnt happen but there are teams that may part with a solid LW for right price. AA a prospect and a pick. we have plenty to make a deal happen without hurting our system to much.

  182. Prust? Is he an illegal alien? (…from another planet) The last one was Superman.

  183. Speaking of aliens. Do you know that Victor Kamensky, the son of (bad memories) Valery Kamensky was invited by Rangers in June Camp. Deja-vu?

  184. radek martinek leaves isles signs in columbus. if healthy he could have been a cheap 7th dmen for us

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – THE PRUST has no birth certificate that anyone has ever seen…..there is no record of him attending any school anywhere ever……he showed up on the Flames one day with intergalactic orders to somehow get to NY where he will save civilization from ruin and help the rangers win the cup….one goal and TKO at a time….

  186. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric – do you have a problem with the rangers past strategy of flailing around passing the puck aimlessly – seemingly to open space where no ranger happens to be? how dare you!!!!

  187. I like Lucic, but I don’t think I’d trade Artie for him either. Lucic has a lot more talent surrounding him, so you have to take that into consideration.

    Another thing, Lucic had a breakout year *this* year, but it doesn’t mean he’s better than Artie. Artie has more talent, Lucic has more strength, that’s the big difference between the two.

    I wasn’t a Rangers fan at the time, but Marc Savard had his best years *after* he was traded by the Rangers.

    Point being, +patience is key+

  188. Again, I would not trade Artie, Dan. Too much upside to gamble…

    Maybe as part of a package for an elite player….but, def no on Lucic…

  189. CTBlueshirt on


    The right price for teams trading a 30 goal winger is higher than just AA and a prospect (EC gets you nothing and teams probably won’t want to waste an NHL roster space for him). You also have to factor in what the other team might need.

  190. Some Korpedo stats from last season…

    79 games – 19 goals – 21 assists – 40 points – +17 – 2 SH goals – 4 GW goals

    Not bad. He was pretty good in the shootout for them.

    And Lisin, well, who knows what he’s up to….

  191. Dantherangerfan on

    ya now put him on with gabby and richards bet hed add another 8-10 goals. I wonder what it would take to get korpedo back. I wouldnt give up much. But I liked him and was so pissed when they traded him

  192. eddie eddie eddie on

    7.8 earthquake off the coast of New Zealand….the pacific rim is heating up….hopefully CA doesn’t shake, rattle, and hum anytime soon….

  193. Hi kids. Haven’t had time to read through all the boneheaded comments yet … but I see a lot of youse are back on the lines.

    So I ask that you remember two things:

    1) You can call it whatever you want, and put whomever you want on the left wing, but Boyle-Prust will get the third-most minutes. so remember that whichever line you put down as the third line ahead of them is in actuality going to be the fourth line, playing fourth-line minutes.

    2) And this is most important. Don’t forget that “prucha” is the proper substitute for “scratch.”

    See yas.

  194. Yeah, Carp, but I immidiately find some inner russian scouts about him – not a particular good player, hence prospect. So, we are not will see him, probably ever again…

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am happy with Boyle/THE PRUST/Fedtank getting 3rd most minutes…THE PRUST may get 20 SH this season alone…..50 isn’t far away…..If a gordie howe hattie is G/A/fight…..maybe we can call 30 goals 30 TKO’s …THE PRUST-Trick

  196. BTW, looking for some info, read the most ridiculous Jagr interview to russian sport magazine. Big and full of not so interesting details, but what really tick me off and make LMFAO, was his Jesuit’s, pathetic explanation, when asked if his decision was based on money seek. He, of course said “Not at all” and then went technical, explaining that centers Malkin and Crosby in Pitts and Datsyuk and Holmgren in Wings all are LEFTHOLDING players and that would create certain difficulties for him, playing right side 17 years and on PP. THAT’S why he choose Philthy???, knowing BTW very little (he said before himself) about their players? I couldn’t believe, reading that shameless demagoguery and now I’m pissed even more.

  197. From the same article, I learned (I didn’t remember) that after he left Rangers 3 years ago, he told publically to Mike Milbury to kiss his aasen (which is not necessary a bad thing in my book), but also for a 3 years in Omsk Avangard, my former idol was his Primadona self – constantly involved in coaches coup-De-tats for (Wayne Fleming) or against (Raimo Summannen) , creating permanent scandals and controversy, and converted to Russian orthodox . Really, he is one of a kind. No judgment here, – just interesting facts.

  198. Carp , we’re still sweeping the dust off the streets. Cars were completely covered in dust/sand from the desert.
    Power lines are down & my Direct TV dish moved !!!

  199. Thanks, Tony’
    I figured it out within 2 min. after asked. Just lazy SOG. ..and it is not even 115F here in N.Y., not to mention a sand storm. So, double thanks for effort

  200. Tony, my brother,
    Oh, my God! I just saw on TV video of your sand storm taken from helicopter in dynamic. It is The Monster!!! It is a PRUST of all storms! Where Mother Nature got so much dust? Hold tight, bro. I’m with you…virtually and spiritually.

  201. Please for the love of god steal Zach Bogosian away from the AtlanPeg ThrasJets

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tony – could you have used a zoom lens from under the bed? I hope you had your pants on…. Dust storms are not good for the frank and beans.

  203. Yeah, give us inside story with illustrations, Tony. I’m so fasinated by visual of it. With my vivid imagination, it reminded me, almost existentialistically – “Women in the Dunes” by Kobo Abe, with insurmountable, ever-shifting and overwhelmingly penetrating everything and everybody, sand and dust. Brrr.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – I might be back east over Christmas… No date certain, but I would be interested in some of those games if they coincide with our visit…

  205. Manny “The land of steady habits”/ and of course you know the story of how CT got it’s name of Nutmeg state.

    I am in favor of having someone on Rangers park in the opponent goal mouth this season ( foreign as that will be to Ranger practice).

  206. I’d love to have Bogosian, but we have so much depth on defense.

    The only guy I can see being replaced is Girardi, but he’s a big part of this team, in my opinion.

    Say what you want aboot him, but he was our +best+ d-man in the playoffs. You can’t deny that.

    Now, I think Girardi could be pretty good trade bait to bring in a solid winger, if need be.

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The PRUST can be used as a verb, noun, adverb, adjective, preposition, and dangling participle… One if the most versatile words in the English language.

  208. Yeah, with the Block-Ness Monster, it seems NYR fans *need* a D-man to whine aboot, every season. He’s that guy, which I don’t agree with.

    He makes a few bad plays here and there, but so does Lidstrom, Chara, etc. Nobody’s perfect. His positives outweigh his negatives by a whole Oprah.

    My biggest worry on D going into this season is Del Frisco. I hope he got his act together this summer. He needs to have a bounce-back/breakout year.

  209. del zotto needs a kick in the butt. the kid needs to get his head out of his rear end and play. hit the gym watch tape and play hard.

    all i see of him is hes tweeting every 2 mins doing radio shows on xm nhl home ice. etc

  210. bull dog line on

    i would trade AA for Lucic, in a new york minute. now boston, on the other hand, would laugh at the proposal.

  211. bull dog line on

    AA is a nice player, but there seems to be a belief that AA is going to turn into a star and that he should be untouchable. he is the 4th best center on the Rangers. if you can turn AA into a good winger, or offensive Dman, you do it.

  212. bull dog line on

    what do I usually do Orr? I think I am a lot more realistic about Ranger players than most. AA is a nice player, not a star. Stall is a real good player, not as good as everybody here thinks he is. Hank is top 5 to 7 in the league, but if I could make the Rangers better by trading him I would.

  213. You usually wait one or two seasons before you come to the conclusion that a player isn’t going to be any better, and he should be traded.

    You’re like a kid who gets sick of his toy after playing with it a few times, and wants another one.

  214. Wow, ORR’
    You really sound like a mature, if not a wise grown up. Almost old man. Very different from your gleeful, sarcastic pattern. I’m all for diversity.

  215. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I’m on my late late lunch break and I know of a good deli in the lou

  216. A. Gross confirms Fedotenko & Richards played on same line in TB.

    Couldnt remember.

    Barring a trade, they probably start there, see where it goes.

  217. I wanna see Stepan on LW with Richards and Gabby. Can’t hurt in the preseason, right? And helps alleviate the logjam at center that has people trading AA.

  218. Don’t disagree Mickey, getting a RH shot for Richards – especially on the PP – is key.
    And like most, I love what I’ve seen from Stephan for the most part.

    At same time, adding Rupp and m-a-y-b-e Hagelin to the left side crowds things, and they certainly re-signed Feds to play.

    Listed Fedotenko’s #’s the other day, pretty impressive actually.

    Topped out at 26 goals (I’ll assume that was on Richards line, not 100%), and has basically been 15+ every year. Feds does what the coaches ask.
    Remember, even with a pretty good resume, he was a FA last year, then came to camp on a promise of a $1m deal if he made the team.

    Truth is though, Rangers are now entering a phase where regular season scoring isn’t the most important thing. If we all agree they’re a playoff team (and they could still struggle to get there without adding what else they need), then the focus shifts to post season production.

  219. PEI, where Richards is from, has a population of 400 people. Must be nice.

    Richards also told reporters he’d ‘mediate’ for Torts, as he’s known to have confrontations with players.


  220. I think he would better on draws this coming year if he was at center. But I think he would fit in very well with Richards and Gaborik. 3 players with true offensive instincts. Stepan would be the defensive conscience that line needs and he’s not awful in the corners.

    Rod, I love Feds. He knows his role and plays it well. He can even move up for a little bit if needed. Doesn’t hurt that he knows Torts so well. Proved to be a great fit last year and will continue to do so this coming season.

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rod – I am happy as a clam the rangers have Richards on their team. Why so many are not pleased escapes me….. This year they go yo the CF, next year they win it all…

  222. Would love to have a 24-year old Owen Nolan with Richards, but we are where we are!

    I dont agree, btw, that there’s a logjam at center. Torts rolled 4 lines in a very fair way last year, and they’ll be even stronger now with Richards in and (hopefully) Christensen out.
    However it plays out, Richards-AA-Steph-Boyle is pretty darn solid to start.

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Feds is the type of player teams need to win the cup…ala draper/maltby types… Tough, works hard, finishes checks, can take a hit and bounce back…hi mishka…

  224. Ok, I had to laugh at this and wonder if we ever made it a Prust-ism:

    DPLennon David Lennon
    Superman wears Lucas Duda pajamas to bed

  225. Is it sad that I knew you were referring to me with that ‘mishka’, eddie?

    Mouska.,, mooshka..

  226. Vin Scully is awesome btw. I’m getting the Dodgers feed tonight and listening to him call the game has been a joy.

  227. I’m not pissed they signed Richards. I’m not crazy aboot the years, but I’m willing to give Richards the benefit of the doubt before whining aboot him.

    I’m hopeful, yet pessimistic, for obvious reasons.

    Speaking of his contract, is nine years the longest contract given out by NYR?

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – i will always try to give you the o’toodle shout out…and i know that you knew…

  229. I think it is, Orr. Too lazy to do the research, but I can’t recall anything over 6 years.

  230. eddie eddie eddie on

    my pleasure my dear…..is mickey your fav?…..i am partial to donald…

  231. eddie eddie eddie on

    somehow, it feels like i am talking to myself…not that i mind…..i do it a lot……i just dont usually type to myself….

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    i wonder if carp would ever consider a chat room…a place where we can go real time to converse with one another….

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We could also ask for a # 2. Det would want to gives us a #2, as the player they are getting IS # 2!!

  234. Greetings, ORR. I haven’t really read through today’s thread too carefully; did you own any trolls, infidels, nymphs, etc?

  235. eddie. my fav is Winnie the Pooh, but I do love Mickey to death. Never been to Disneyland, but have been to Disney World like 10 times. One of my favorite places in the world, even with the aching legs it gives me from all the walking.

  236. Mickey

    Vin scully learned at the elbow of the great Red barber during the old Brooklyn days’

    btw Name the pitcher that once pitched both games of a double header and won them.

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