And now we return to the off-season …


It’s been pretty hectic around here the last couple of weeks, and I’m not complaining. Had a lot of stuff to talk about and a lot of fun talking about it.

And now we go back to the off-season, at least for the moment. I still suspect your heroes might be making one more move, though I don’t know if it will be significant or not.

Glen Sather has to sign the Captain, and Brandon Dubinsky and the other RFAs — and they will, but they might take a while other than Artem Anisimov, who has been rumored to be relatively close.

Yesterday there was the news that Wade Redden will attend training camp. Well, duh, he kind of has to, or the Rangers can void his contract. Then we’ll see what his next move is.

There is also the Traverse City camp … and I’m sure other unforeseen stuff.

But for today, I’ve got nuthin. At least at the moment. We’ll see what the day brings.

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  1. Why do we need a vet d-man? Stall and Girardi have been around for a few years are they not vets by now??? Go with the kids…Hopefully MDZ will get back to playing the way he is capable…Erixon hopefully will come as advertised and Sauer and Mcd continue to improve…

  2. bull dog line on

    I don’t know that I want a vet Dman either, but, of the 6 you named there is 1 rookie and 3 2nd year guys. that is probably why they are looking for a vet Dman.

  3. I think they’ll bring back Emmy, he’ll spell Erixon when the rook needs a break or hits a rough patch (or needs a reminder he’s not guaranteed a spot) and possibly the same with MDZ.
    There is also the possibility that McIrath makes the team as well as, or instead of, Erixon or MDZ.

  4. Should have re upped Gilroy for some reason I think and always thought he will become more and more useful

  5. McIlrath will likely need a year playing for the Whale before he is NHL ready.

    The need we have is for an offensive defenseman with a shot from the point. Which I believe we may have to trade for.

  6. gilroy just startedto come around a little at teh end of season and playoffs too. but with all these good kids ready to earn a spot, he would be too expensive for just a fill in role like he would have most likely been. he wasnt really good on the pp either, so its not a big loss hes more like a forward than d man. i think he should go back to playing forward imo.

  7. i also think they will resign emminger. he was good last year and the rangers record with him in the line up was much better than without.

    he can be physical and has experience. he could be a good partner for erixon or any other rookie and should be cheaper than any alternative

  8. remember the avery record? lol he was like a god around here back then. just his presence in the lineup was like a garauntee for victory. now hes a pansy. HOCKEY PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE INTO FASHION AND MODELING!! what a sissy he became

  9. Tom Renney liked Avery and played the hell out of him. Plus, Jaromir Jagr was on that team.

  10. Only need a “veteran” defenseman to be able to sit at the seventh D most often and be prepared for the inevitable injury rather than bringing up another rookie.

    Won’t McIlrath be spending another year in juniors, too young to go to the AHL?

  11. We don’t necessarily need a “veteran” D-Man. Staal is a veteran D-Man at this point. We do need a 7th D-Man though in case Del Zotto decides he like Busch Light more than practice.

  12. Caber is still skating off the ice after the last game….No thanks.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  13. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Seeing a Jagr Flyers jersey confuses me. It just doesn’t look natural.

  14. DJK, I think half of that first sentence is accurate.

    Are we talking Caber?!

    Good morning, Sally! Are you back yet?

  15. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Not sure if you answered this previously, but with Richards coming to town…. Do you think he stays with #91, or does his ex and now current teammate Feds give up #19?

    I remember reading Torts though it was weird seeing 91 on Richards’ back.

  16. My guess, he gives Fedotenko a nice gift, and goes back to 19. Who wouldn’t want Scott Gomez’s old number?

    Maybe Fedotenko can take 23.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Good morning viettttttttttttttttnam…

    Ricardo – has Dave Maloney wieghed in on the king Richards II signing yet? I wonder what his thoughts are for this season…. I think rangers win at least 2 rounds this year barring serious injury….

    Richards -Avery – Gabby …. The RAG line…

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Caber needs to go thru the way back machine, circa 1999, and life will be good…. We can be heroes just for one day…..

  19. Carp: I think I can figure out which half :)

    I think the Rangers deal with Richards (just like the Sabres deal with Ehrhoff) comply with the CBA because of the use of signing bonuses in the structure of the contract.

  20. Hey Eddie – Welcome to the Working Week. I hope it don’t kill you, I know it won’t thrill you.

  21. Hey does anyone think that Stamkos will ultimately become available, and if so will the Rangers go after him, and who would they be willing to trade to get him? Carp, I would love to see this happen have you heard anything in paticular about him thru the Rangers eyes?

  22. i doubt he ever becomes available. if he does the list of who you wouldn’t offer would be less than who you would.

    i wouldn’t offer- hank obvious reasons, richards stamkos needs a center, cally again obviously dont trade the captain, Mcdonaugh i think he will #1 dman by end of this season, prust just because i wouldnt want him mad at me.

    take anyone else. how about- dubi, krieder, mcilrath and #1 pick?

  23. speaking of Dave Maloney…i remember watching Hockey Night Live few weeks back and Dave said that the Rangers will have very tough time fitting B. Rich in and most likely will not sign him. Definitely would love to hear what he’s got to say now…

  24. anyone but Hank and Cally for Stamkos. 4 1st rounders would work as well!! ; )

    I think the only way he gets traded is if he asks out of Tampa…Don’t think that will happen.

  25. I would resign Mrs. Eminger because I think Del Zotto is still a big question mark.

  26. I would trade ANYONE for Stamkos. Sorry Captain Callahan. Sorry Prust. Not Sorry Gaborik. Not Sorry Richards. Sorry Artie Partie… get the idea….

    That said – it isn’t happening. Florida is not going to resign him just to trade him.

    Also – remember – to get Stamkos under the Cap we would have to trade some larger contracts.

  27. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Well throw me right smack in the middle of the we DO need a vet D man crowd (I know, small crowd).

    And put me in the we DO NOT need an offencive D man crowd (a bit larger of a crowd).

    If mcilrath makes the roster (don’t think he will, I agree probably another year in the minors), then I will join the don’t need a vet d man crowd. Fact is on the big roster we still have one glaring need, that mean physical stay at home guy. Nothing close to it with the d corps most of you field here in the banter. So unless mcilrath makes the big club, we need a vet guy to fill that role for now.

    Everytime when i see these possible opening night d men staal, OPG, mcdonut, sauer, erixon, and mdz…OPG just makes me sick to my stomach. We should have vtank and his cannon from the point and physicality or pashnin and his kasparitisian hitting instead of a d man that spends most of the time on his stomach for 3.3mil a season!

    Trading for stamkos, anyone not named erixon, mcilrath, prust, rupp, feds, richards, callahan, boyle, biron, and henke (I may have added a few names just to be the “grating” type).

  28. A 19-year-old out of junior can apparently play in the AHL if he turns 20 before 31 December or has completed four years of junor eligibility already.

    Neither appear to apply for McIlrath, so it’s juniors again or the NHL for him.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The PRUST isn’t available for anyone !!!!!!!!!

    Manny – everybody working for the weekend, everybody needs a second chance… want a piece of my heart – get it right from the start….. Greaest band ever to plug in an amp – loverboy….gayer than a 7 dollar bill….but real rockers…

  30. Down Goes Brown usually brings the funny.

    Dubinsky filing for arbitration could be a good thing, since it give the Rangers another chance to buy out some players. And, of course, no offer sheet.

  31. Loverboy RULES. How can you beat an album cover of just a white guy’s bum in red leather pants. Now That’s macho!!!!

  32. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Random topics….

    Does anyone know if Richards and Avery have problems getting along going back to the Dallas banishment of Avery ? If this is true…Avery is gone…buyout or cut or whatever

    Cally not necessarily the Captain anymore…could very well be Richards

    Flyer’s Holmgren…genius or complete idiot ? I’m guessing idiot

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….and not to mention their lead singer’s hot pink leather ensemble…..makes me hot just thinking about it….

  34. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    actually one of the few guys that got along with avery there. probably had a little bit to do with richards signing here. Probably helped avery with staying around this season.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – great minds think about hot pink leather garb…. You want a piece of my heart? You gotta get it right from the start….

    Richards Avery Gabby – the RAG line.

  36. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    LW doesn’t like something I posted? really?

    eddie x 3?

  37. They will need two players scheduled for arbitration in order to trigger second buyout period in August, not one. My guess is both Dubinsky and Callahan will file. Nothing to start going crazy about, just a procedural thing. Doesn’t mean they can’t be signed before arbitration.

  38. “Jeff Gorton hired as Rangers’ assistant GM, Post has learned. Gorton signed Chara as FA as interim GM of B’s, dealt Raycroft for Rask.” – @Brooksie@

    Good hire!

  39. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    This is just a musing here, but didn’t avery have his “best” seasons as a ranger with jagr? Wouldn’t it be interesting if playing with richards brought that out in avery again? I seem to remember avery having a pretty good shot from the slot a few years ago. I mean passing wise richards is pretty on par with jagr, so interesting thought perhaps.

  40. @AGrossRecord:@ Brian Boyle also to file for arbitration, along with Dubinsky and most likely Callahan.

  41. and that goes for any negotiating within the process, or anything that is leaked. it’s all part of it. don’t get nuts over anything that happens. They will all be signed in due time.

  42. I think Callahan is an untouchable…I think his work ethic is exactly what you want all the kids coming up to mold themselves after. He is someone that gets it! Can’t trade Hank because goalies are tough to come by. If I HAD to, gun to my head, trade Cally for Stamkos, yes I would!

  43. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    wow we signed gorton as asst. gm and konopka to sens

  44. Gorton was already in the org. I guess this was just a promotion, perhaps re: Cam Hope departure. I don’t think he actually leapfrogged Schoenfeld, do you?

  45. I wouldn’t be _shocked_ if Richards got an “A”.

    @Loverboy@ : One *HOT* band.

  46. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    so the wild hired JOHN TORCHETTI as their head coach…really?

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky? My brutha – whisper words of wisdom, what it be?

    Yo yo ma played the chello, I like to eat ice cold jello, my favorite color be yellow, my mind be really mellow, I like to read Longfellow….to all of youse I say hello…..

  48. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I’d love to see shcoeny on the bench during gmes

  49. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    They should have torchetti and torts fight each other with wet tortellini somewhere!

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery had his moments with the gabbinator too

    Richards Avery Gabby – the RAG line…

  51. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    my bad, wild named him coach of their minor league team

  52. Carp it’s kind of depressing (and insulting to our former captain) that when you said “maybe Tenko can wear number 23” the first thought that went through my head is “wow no one’s worn that since Beukboom….oh wait”…

  53. czechthemout!!!! on

    No ” vet” dman please. They have Staal and Girardi who are both vets. As for a number 7 dman, you can call up vtank,Kondratek, or even Pashnin who will most likely start in Hartford. I fully expect Erixon and Mdz to fully seize the 5 and 6 th spots on the defense. And if Mcilrath does enough to make the team, than he will and they will find a way to get him into the lineup. This team finally has a coach who let’s people play not based on seniority or contract size or because he is afraid to tell his gm that the guy he brought in of the scrap heap is not needed. Torts determines playing time based on merit. That is very refreshing.

  54. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I agree with giving Prust an “A” or give the A a Prust. If I am not mistaken you are allowed to give out 3 A’s, so C to cally and A’s to Prust, staal, and richards.

    I thought malakhov was 25


  55. Malakhov did wear 23 Carp. And the fact that I remember that is a big step for doctors who study traumatic memory repression!

  56. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Didn’t malakhov beat the crap out of nathan horton in 03 04?

  57. i don’t think there’s a limit on the A’s. but only two per game. in ’94, they rotated four — leetch. graves, lowe, larmer. home and away.

  58. RE: The A’s…in my best Torts voice: I’m not going to discuss that. we’ll see in camp.

  59. Q – What do Jan Erixon and Don Mattingly have in common?

    A – Both retired one year too soon!!

  60. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    as much as I like you, you really do not understand D men at all do you?

  61. Ladd is a possible Dubi comparable, so will be interesting to see the terms of his deal.

    The country of Jordan was so-named after a public vote, after the country’s ruler vetoed the name Kukoc.

  62. AAV of $4.4m for Ladd then. Should be something a bit lower for Dubi.

    Rachunek taught Chara everything he knows, wicky.

  63. Richards: “I’m not going to let the decision about the A’s ruin my training camp”

  64. I hear Dubinsky’s agent is going to go into arbitration and cite Dubinsky as a big reason Richards chose the Rangers actually. Apparently he called B Rich and said “listen you want the rangers and they want you let’s not waste each other’s time”

  65. Animal Lover on

    Verdict is in on the Casey Anthony case. 2:15 pm on any major news channel. This trial was played out in the media long before the courtroom; she didn’t get a fair trial. Really, there wasn’t enough evidence to convince a reasonable person beyond a reasonable doubt that she was guilty of 1st degree or felony murder. But she’s getting convicted, no doubt. In the end, I just hope that justice is done, that if she did murder Caylee, she gets convicted, and if she didnt, she gets acquitted.

  66. Tony once told me awesome stories about the St. George hotel and now every time I look out my window at that hotel I think of Tony. Weird?

  67. There sometimes are people with no pants, LW! It’s a college dorm now so there are always stupid kids not closing the shades. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just downright gross.

    Tony you should let me know when their anniversary is and I will throw a bottle of Champagne at the building for them!

    I don’t wanna get banned!

  68. Animal Lover on

    Life is too short, and people don’t value life. This wasnt released by media in FL, but my friend let me know. Some guy was driving his motorcycle, flew off of it, and got decapitated under a moving RV. Instead of seeing the gravity of the situation, a life lost, the sheriff’s office fought with the highway patrol about who was going to clean up – they have people specially trained for different cleanups. Just blood, or limbs, etc.

    And then there’s the idiot NY motorcyclist protesting helmet laws – designed for safety – while riding his motorcyle without a helmet – when a helmet would have saved him.

  69. Konapka signs with the Sens. Haven’t heard much about them at all this offseason.

  70. Manny Mania on

    Pickles were AWESOME, Jimbo! So easy to make.

    I will make some for the next Boneheads picnic!

  71. Animal Lover on

    I dont believe it! The jury got it right! NOT GUILTY! I never expected it! Jeff Ashton, aka the Laughing Guy, you AINT laughin’ now! BOOM!

  72. Manny Mania on

    Yea I made pickles flavored with Jalapeno, Cumin Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds and Coriander seeds. Bangin’..

    Next Project = Drunken Pickles (Pickles soaked in Gin)

  73. JimboWoodside on

    Sounds good, Manny, with the possible exception of the jalapeno (for me, anyway).

    Did you make any kosher dills, or is it not worth it to make those?

  74. JimboWoodside on

    I had some pretty good half-sours at the Mill Basin Deli on Free-Agent Day……

  75. Animal Lover on

    Everyone mocked Jose Baez. But he asked all the right questions; poked holes in prosecution’s lack of a case. Well done, Jose!

  76. Manny Mania on

    I actually just made them because we were having company and I wanted something else cold for an appetizer when they got there (the other thing was balsamic tomatoes which are just tomatoes cooked in ridiculously hot balsamic vinegar and then sprinkled with sea salt).

    I quickly did this pickle thing without thinking. Just grabbing. I will try to make some actual classic flavors though. I am really excited to be able to pickle things for Banh Mi sandwiches and toppings for scallops and other seafoods.

  77. He’s probably extended coupons to the jurors, offering them buy one pizza, get one ridiculous contract free!

  78. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Manny – they’re way down in Mill Basin, as you can probably tell from the name of the place… ;-D

    Do you have a favorite Kosher Deli in Brooklyn? Actually, I don’t know if you eat deli foods, but I’m always looking for a good pastrami sandwich without going to Manhattan….

  79. Manny Mania on

    he might have used the infamous “painted pony” defense…….(get it?)

  80. Manny Mania on

    @CCCP@ – there are lots of lawyers around here. Sadly, none of us do criminal defense.

    I would assume though, lying to the police would get you a charge of obstruction. That can’t carry a very heavy sentence. Probably just community service.

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Sounds like the Boneheads have a budding Pickle Master! Go, Manny, Go!

  82. Animal Lover on

    CCCP – She’ll probably get time served for the lying to the cops. She’s already spent 3 years in prison, which will count towards whatever the sentence is.

    People on twitter are saying Caylee died, somebody needs to pay. Well how about having the person who actually killed Caylee pay, and not just whoever you as a person want to pay. Or it was just an accidental death, tragic, terrible, but nobody is to blame.

  83. Manny Mania on

    Jimbo – I get my sandwiches all in Brooklyn Heights. (I am lazy). As long as you don’t keep kosher….I would recommend Mile End. It’s a Canadian/Jewish Deli that smokes all it’s own meets. The sandwiches are insanely delicious. Some of the best I have ever had.

    I love delis. LOVE I tell you.

  84. CCCP; I heard the max is on year per count, and the judge could make her serve each count consecutively or let her go…time already served.

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    it seems to me that if you are lying, you are not telling the truth…..but if you arent telling the truth, then you are lying…..manny help me with this

  86. Manny Mania on

    Eddie that’s a great point. You have two options….to lie, in which case you would NOT be telling the truth or to tell the truth in which case you wouldn’t be lying. It’s a double edged sword really. Even when you bend the truth then you aren’t telling the truth.

  87. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve read about Mile End on Chowhound, Manny – I have not visited there yet, because I’ve read that they run out of the smoked meat pretty early in the day and that they don’t make any more after the day’s supply runs out.

    So, you recommend it? If so, I’ll give it a shot.

    I don’t keep Kosher, Manny – I’m Catholic, but I’ve always loved deli food, and my GF is Jewish….

  88. Manny Mania on

    I don’t keep kosher either. But man do I love Kosher Style Deli places..

    Mile End does run out but maybe they aren’t as busy as they used to be? It’s like insanely worth getting up early though….

  89. eddie eddie eddie on

    oj was innocent…..the jury got that one correct……..the forensic evidence was such that there was a 9 billion to one chance that the DNA found at the crime scene was his……there arent even that many pee-po on earth……therefore, impossible……..his blood was stolen from him and poured all over LA in an attempt to frame him while the real killers escaped the long arm of the law….

  90. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve heard pretty good reports on Adelmans’s, 3CP – I’ve yet to try them out. Upon your recommendation, I will….as I will try Mile End.

    Thanks to both of you guys!

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – the thing that is interesting about a double-edged sword is when there is a third edge…..a lot of people spontaneously combust each year…just not widely reported….

  92. Animal Lover on

    That was hilarious by Orr!

    Im a fan of criminal law, and this is national news, but I cant discuss it. I cant stand Nancy Grace, or Vinnie Politan.

  93. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – as i mentioned after the SJ/ranger game march 12, as heatly pulled into the garage outside the tank, he nearly ran into 2 kids hoping to get his autograph……the utter lack of irony as hilarious…..thus, you are not too far off…

  94. eddie eddie eddie on

    nancy grace is a babe……almost as babalicious as “gretta van face lift and total reconstructive surgery”

  95. Animal Lover on

    Where is Mama bear?! She was so against Casey, we had so many discussions about this, and I maintained to her all along that there just wasn’t any evidence.

  96. Manny Mania on

    I heard David Klein will be there, ilb. He announced it on the blog though…so…..

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    no one has mentioned that casey anthony’s middle name is carmello

  98. eddie eddie eddie on

    if i go to your shindig ILB, i will be the one wearing a flesh tuxedo

  99. I’ll drive him up upstate myself, Manny…Guest of honor. And send pictures to Carp.

  100. JimboWoodside on

    “I find the fact that Takeru Kobayashi ate 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes yesterday, is much more interesting than anything else that’s going on in the news”

    Orr, and what is even more incredible is that he staged a “counter-event” to the Nathan’s Hot-Dog eating contest…….he has some kind of vendetta against the sponsors of the Nathan’s event…

  101. JimboWoodside on

    “how can i leave this behind?”

    That sounds like the punch-line of a very politically incorrect joke……

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    THE PRUST should investigate any unsolved crime…..if he cant solve it, no one can….

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – i met her on monday, it was my lucky bunday, you know what i mean?….i love her each weekday, each velvety cheekday, you know what i mean?….big bottom, big bottom, talk about mudflaps, my girl’s gottem, big bottom big bottom…how can i leave this behind?

  104. Gift of GAB-orik on

    What do you say to Matt Cooke when he has two black eyes?

    Nothing. Prust already told him twice.

  105. I do not, for one, think that the problem was that the band was down. I think that the problem *may* have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being *crushed* by a *dwarf*. Alright? That tended to understate the hugeness of the object.

  106. eddie eddie eddie on

    there is a new cereal in stores…PRUST CHEX, open the box and you are immediately smashed in the face…

  107. Tiki, I have no idea about this trial. But I’d like you to sit on one of those child accidental/non-accidental trials for a couple of days and listen to it….

  108. Ian Faith: I really think you’re just making much too big a thing out of it.
    Derek Smalls: Making a big thing out of it would have been a good idea.

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ian – for every one thing that goes wrong, a thousand things go right…

  110. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Lady Justice wears that blindfold because she doesn’t want to see what Prust does to violators.

  111. JimboWoodside on

    “jimbo – i met her on monday,”

    Eddie, I’m not familiar with those lyrics, but it sounds like quite a tune – mudflaps, eh? Who performed this little ditty!? ;-D

  112. David St. Hubbins: He died in a bizarre gardening accident…

    Nigel Tufnel: Authorities said… best leave it… unsolved.

  113. JimboWoodside on

    DJK, that was me (Mill Basin) – I like the place a lot, though it is pretty tough to get to unless you have a car or take a taxi….

  114. JimboWoodside on

    I may be the only person on earth that has never viewed “This is Spinal Tap”, even though I have been admonished many times by friends to do so……

  115. Animal Lover on

    Not that I really care all that much, but what’s disgusting is that Casey is going to profit, and profit big time, off of the tragic death of her daughter. If she has any integrity whatsoever and she wants to prove she is innocent, she wont attempt to profit.

  116. Jimbo – sorry for basically ruining the movie for you along with the help of eddie. After you watch it we can go back to pointlessly quoting it forever and ever.

    I actually wish more people would quote Step Brothers with me……

  117. Bet you we all know the president, LW. Does he have a part time job as a hockey goaltender in the area?

  118. eddie eddie eddie on

    Eddie eddie eddie – “bartender – i will order a PRUST…..”

    bartender – “a what”

    eddie eddie eddie – “a prust – you know….6 shots – on ice”

  119. JimboWoodside on

    No problem, Manny! I have had friends feed me details about the movie for years – and it sounds like something I would like, but I’ve never managed to catch it.

  120. JimboWoodside on

    “Bet you we all know the president, LW. Does he have a part time job as a hockey goaltender in the area?”


  121. JimboWoodside on

    “Luca Brasi is italian for THE PRUST”

    Another award-winning quote! We may need to take up a collection to cover the postage for Carp to send out pictures of the awards……

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty – so spinal tap used to play in 12,000, 15,000 seat arenas…now they are playing in 1200 seat arenas…does this mean their popularity is waning?

    Ian – oh no no no no no no… means their appeal is becoming more selective

  123. eddie eddie eddie on

    casey carmello anthony and OJ have a child…it makes rosemary’s baby look like an angel…

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    a great visual is THE PRUST squeezing Cooke’s head, until 2 turds pop out of his ears

  125. Any slim chance you can keep it together, bozos? Don’t know why I even ask….

  126. Manny a/k/a Viv Savage on

    I heard that the Tap used to use their band in “A Mighty Wind” to open up for Spinal Tap at concerts and people would boo them off the stage without knowing it was the same guys.

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    Asked by a reporter if this is the end of Spinal Tap]
    David St. Hubbins: Well, I don’t really think that the end can be assessed as of itself as being the end because what does the end feel like? It’s like saying when you try to extrapolate the end of the universe, you say, if the universe is indeed infinite, then how – what does that mean? How far is all the way, and then if it stops, what’s stopping it, and what’s behind what’s stopping it? So, what’s the end, you know, is my question to you.

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    THE PRUST stays fit by knocking out mountains with a right-left-right

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    i ask any of you…….any army in the world vs THE PRUST….who wins……?…….i say THE PRUST

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    second question…..any girls glee club vs ec – who wins?……i say go with the glee club

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    do any of youse believe in daily affirmations?……i do and recently came up with this one….

    my reality is the existence of my belief that distinguishes itself from what could be and the essence from within that externalizes all that is profoundly ensconced in the dualism of now and then….

  132. Bacon Burgers are amazing, btw! I saw Orr’s post last night…. Almost forgot to mention that I had 3 sliders yesterday stuffed with bacon and cheddar…oh boy was that heavenly!!!

    Jimbo, looking for a good Kosher Deli in NYC area? Ben’s Best on Queens Blvd in Rego Park, Queens. “The Best” pastrami and corned beef in the city and it’s an original, been there since 1945…they don’t disappoint…Make sure you go there hungry….

    Eddie – Any chance I can sample your special homegrown blend when I visit Cali? LOL!

  133. 1 year – $700k for Konopka? That’s waaaaaaaaay cheaper than I thought he would be….

  134. That’s pretty impressive that he got off Twitter. It’s an early good sign about how seriously he takes this.

  135. Didn’t the Canes have the other Kaberle?

    Exqueeze me, Kaber-La, I believe he went by.

    Poor Canes fans.

    That is cheap, NYR. I would have loved to have him. Hopefully Rupp doesn’t lose his balls, like most guys like that do, when we sign them.

  136. eddie eddie eddie on

    Mill Basin has a new sandwich called THE PRUST… bite into it and it breaks all of your teeth…

  137. All good signings for Rangers – the less is shrinking field of FA, the less is probability of something stupid could happened in organization LaLa head. So far, so good.

  138. thank god kaberle signed. hes making same salary as last year.

    4.25 mil. he def didnt warrant a raise. hes lucky hes getting same salary.

  139. …unless we are talking again Stamkos. But of course…
    All this daydreams talks about Stamkos are nothing but moving an air. Unfortunate, but true.
    Rangers overspent their limit of real superstars with Great One and Lindros time ago…
    As for another, always “heated” topic – Avery, IMO (sorry, Mama) he become a ballast for team, non-factor even in entertainment department, much less in hockey sense. It’s about time to part ways.

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    4everanger – #1 line next year is Richards-Avery-Gabby…..the RAG LINE…you heard it here first…

  141. carolina now trades joe corvo to boston for 4th round pick.

    so essentially

    boston traded kaberle for corvo and saved themselves 2 mil this year and 2 less years because corvo will be a ufa next summer.

    smart move by bruins gm chilarelli

  142. JimboWoodside on

    “Jimbo, looking for a good Kosher Deli in NYC area? Ben’s Best on Queens Blvd in Rego Park, Queens. “The Best” pastrami and corned beef in the city and it’s an original, been there since 1945…they don’t disappoint…Make sure you go there hungry….”

    NYR, I’ve eaten Ben’s Best, and I like them, too – I’ve never had a bad meal there! They aren’t very far from my home, as the crow flies…(boy, that’s an old one!)

    I like to have a good deli available to me in several different neighborhoods – my gf lives in Brooklyn in a neighborhood that used to have several Kosher-style delis, but the bulk of the Jewish folks moved away from there, and the delis all closed – now they have Bangla restaurants everywhere (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)… :-D

  143. clarke mcarthur stays in toronto avoids arbitration. 2 yrs 6.5 mil 3.25 per year

  144. yeah, BR will play so needed left wing, Avs – playmaking center, and Gabby as usual. I agree, we can expect like 180-220 pnts. from them.

  145. JimboWoodside on

    For 700K, we could have signed Konopka to take the major load of fighting from Prust (it would have been nice to see him beat the crap out of the Icelanders) – saving him for better things…..but I’m glad Uncle Glennie passed on Kaberle…

  146. JimboWoodside on

    RAG line is definitely a no-no – too close to the idiots’ nickname for our beloved team…

  147. Jimbo’
    No, I think Rupp is better signing than Konopka, for few cents more we got more versatile and diversified player and I expect(from what I read) good teammate.

  148. Konopka is essentially a middleweight, like Prust. Except Prust beat the crap out if him last year. Rupp can handle much bigger guys, that’s where we need him. He can also cycle and score an odd goal. I like him better than Konopka. Forget tge face offs, Konopka would play 6 min, how many face-offs would he take anyway?

  149. Besides, our hero(Prust) already humilliate Konopka with jabs and given arrogance. It would be a problem for his phsyce to play along.

  150. stevezipay Unsigned free agent as of today RT @cfinn21: @stevezipay what’s going on with Mccabe?


  151. corvo to the bruins. another under the radar small good move for the burins. i think corvo is better then kaberle as is…kaberle is a classic carolina d man, soft……………

    gleason is the only sandpaper player on the backline for the hurricanes.

    pouliet for a mill for 1 year to the bruins. another good move, he stinks who cares. he is 26 and has had some flashes of skill….

  152. caps big winners so far this off season

    ward 4 yr for 12 mil 3 per. great playoff last year
    hamilik 2yr 7 mil 3.5 per. heard the reason they signed him is he shuts down ovy
    trade varlamov for a 1st and 2nd


    at some point there team will get over hump. i think 2012 they do

  153. 10-foot pole Kaberle!

    Carolina? I thought they moved to Winnipeg. Or was there another team in that part of the country?


  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – nice :) how about the pairing of Sauer and Neil Broten

  155. I doubt we sign Arnott. He will likely retire.

    I’m glad we didn’t get Kaberle. We just have to pray we don’t sign Kovalev now.

  156. Carp,

    What about MacArthur’s Park? And what happens if it melts in the dark?

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    a good line….Henrik Zetterberg, Anders Hedberg, and Bill Berg…….its a berg, its a plane….no….its THE PRUST

  158. JimboWoodside on

    “No, I think Rupp is better signing than Konopka, for few cents more we got more versatile and diversified player and I expect(from what I read) good teammate.”

    I don’t disagree! I wouldn’t trade Rupp for Konopka – but I wouldn’t mind having the both of them, if we had room on the bench – but we have a lot of prospects to bring along, so I guess we don’t have a roster spot for him..

  159. eddie eddie eddie on

    cage match – Congressman Anthony’s Weiner vs former dallas cowboy coach Jimmy’s Johnson

    Weiner vs Johnson……..lets get it on

  160. ORR,LOL.
    In this pic. BR really looks like a 6 grader left after classes and incidentally walked in Jacuzzi room.

  161. Weiner (Wiener?)keep playing his backyard hockey in a goal, collecting and hiding stiff, frozen pucks in his underwear, to brag later in intermission using smartphone pictures on the tweeter.

  162. eddie eddie eddie on

    the winner of Weiner vs Johnson….set to face off against comedian andy dick in the finals…

    who would you rather see weiner vs dick?


    johnson vs dick?

  163. Reading that TSN story about why Talbot’s contract may violate the CBA makes me realize why the crazy signing bonuses for players like Ehrhoff and Richards. According to the article, you can’t make less than half of either of your first two years salary in either of the last two years. So Richards gets $2 million salary in the first year, but a $10 million bonus, to allow for $1 million in each of the last two seasons.

    OT: This is a funny website. People believing The Onion articles:

  164. eddie eddie eddie on

    i had a student named long dong…..i cracked up every time i looked at him….

  165. Drury’s going to be filing for Arby’s soon, too, as his next entrepreneurial endeavor. The pizza and roast beef empire!

  166. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – i feel bad for Drury…i really do……he was a clutch player in his day…just too bad, he didnt have many of those days as a ranger…

  167. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So have I missed anything?

    Has miettinen signed anywhere yet?

  168. eddie,

    I agree with you. He was at one point a great clutch player. But alas, all good things must come to an end. How’s everything going?

  169. eddie eddie eddie on

    Latona – things are well for the most part…you?… is your soccer player whose dad passed untimely? :(

  170. So what did they do with Gilroy? Trade him, kick him out, give him away, what happened, and where did he windup?

    I thought he showed a lot of promise with the few times he got on the ice. And he showed more offensive prowess than many of their forwards.

  171. Slats should have traded him at the deadline. I’m sure we could have gotten +something+ for him. Even if it’s a 5th round pick.

    Something is better than nothing. With our depth on defense, and especially after acquiring Erixon, it was obvious that his days as a Ranger were over.

    He just didn’t show enough in his time here. Oh well! Not a big loss.

  172. Fran, I agree. Apparently, the Rangers made an offer but still let him became a free agent. Even though I kinda saw it coming, I don’t like how they let him go for nothing…promising young player…future is bright for him…

  173. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Teams want a vet D-man because they always seem to confuse experience for ability. Some of the worst D’s in the NHL have considerable experience. Redden had experience, Backman, Strudwick, Rozy, Malik, McCabe – boy that deal was a fast track to a Rangers Stanley Cup championship. etc.

    Wow, let’s get another experienced D-man in here, so we can kick some kid with a promising upside, back down to the bushes where he belongs.Why suffer MDZ’s growing pains when a washed-up plug like McCabe is available? Plus we get to ship out a draft choice or two, in the bargain. Go for it, Glennie.

  174. Animal Lover on

    Mama bear – I told you that the prosecution’s case was circumstantial and severely lacking!

  175. Oh, no Tiki’
    Your name changing random appearance here is “circumstantial and severely lacking” common sense and good manners. Be tactful with Mama, please, wil you, bears (Boston bears it is) lover.

  176. Mrs. Eminger on

    Manny: Thank you for the vote of confidence early in the day!

    Everyone knows our record was much better with my Steven in the lineup every night. :)

  177. Animal Lover on

    4ever – When I address Mama bear, I always do it with respect. We’ve discussed the case numerous times and Im on the phone talking with her about it now. Would you please mind your own business in the future? Thanks

  178. Ohh yeah, I forgot aboot dopey Stewie, and Erskine’s “great shot”


    Step-On and Artie are not ready for prime time!

    It’s all coming back to me!!!

    I can’t wait until next season. A whole year of Stewie magic. Ricky Retardo!

  179. eddie,

    Sorry, didn’t realize I never got back to you. Things are going okay. I haven’t personally seen her since the wake, soccer’s been over for a while now, but there have been plenty of benefits and fundraisers in town for the family, and I’ve heard that she’s doing good. I keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

  180. eric,

    I think he’s pretty slow; I wouldn’t go for him. I don’t know that we need a veteran d-man, but, it wouldn’t be him. We should probably re-sign Eminger to a contract similar to the one you proposed.

  181. how remarkable would he have to be, wut?

    On the other hand, if had a great camp and the Rangers had a ton of cap space … why not him as the No. 7 veteran guy?

  182. ha redden. god i remember that day we gave him 6.5 per season. i broke my hand punching a wall

  183. What if Redden is remarkable in camp?

    What if I wasn’t balding?


  184. Geez, eric…I hope you wore a helmet in 2008 when they signed Rozsival to 4 year, $20M….

  185. i will have games to sell.

    the following are available for sure

    thurs 11/3 vs anaheim
    friday 11/11 vs carolina
    thurs 12/8 vs tampa
    tues 12/13 vs dallas
    tues 1/10 vs phoenix
    tues 1/17 vs nashville
    tues 3/13 vs carolina

    section 330 aisle seats face value $120 for pair.

    email me

  186. ilb

    the rozi signing i needed a shrink for. the shrink ended up being my father who i cursed out for making me fall in love with this organization.

    truth is besides having great love for your family and there accomplishments nothing would make me happier then to see the rangers win a cup again.

    we all need to move on from 94. its time

  187. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    so apparently I didn’t miss anything today!?

    Uh Oh, orr’s in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got sent to the principal’s email!!!!!


  188. Rod's Revenge on

    See how quick the offensive d-men went?

    Why in the world Sather couldn’t sign a guy who took a 2-yr, $5m contract, when Babchuk’s 27 yrs old, registered a 103.2 MPH point shot in the skills competition, who was +18 last year and – despite what many on the internets believe to be defensive weaknesses, his coach said the following, “. . . his responsibilities defensively have certainly improved,” says Sutter. “and he’s been a very dependable guy for us defensively. Babs has worked extremely hard” – and who, if you ever watched him, joins the play, pinches well, will even try going end-to end (think Marc Staal had the last Ranger end-to-ender 2 years ago), is a strong outlet passer, and is 6-foot 5 and shoots right-handed is beyond me.

    Sather had better have a good alternative. Someone other than myself today said how Richards was just the requisitie signing, the d-man and eventual scoring forward the missing pieces, is exactly right.

    Live blocks from the Mill Basin Deli guys.

    One word. K-A-T-Z’S.

    One other word in the event Katz’s is too mobbed. Sarge’s. 36th n 3rd. 24 hrs.

  189. ORR – Big issue with that list of athlete names. No Angel Pagan?! The greatest paradox in sports!

    wut/Carp – I think there’s a better chance of Redden voiding his contract this season once he is sent down, so I wouldn’t try to keep him. Maybe Phoenix, Colorado, or Winnipeg could use him to reach the floor.

  190. Rod's Revenge on

    No, but I kept seeing comments on pastrami and I’ve been on a major kick.

    Not easy being addicted to $18 sandwiches.

    But they’re that good and now nothing else supplies the fix.

  191. Up North of the city, Rye Ridge Deli. Not quite as expensive, but not cheap either.

    Did somebody mention Caber?

  192. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So what is the next big ranger date? Arbitration hearings?

  193. Yeah, Carp. I brought up Caber today because I was watching the replays of Games 1 & 2 of Rangers versus the Caps this weekend…man, he’s slow…

    I believe the Rangers are firmly committed to their kids when it comes to defense. MDZ, Sauer, McD, Erixon are the future and I don’t think they intend to bring in any veteran d-man right now. Maybe an Eminger or a Mara but def no PP QB…

    And, if by the small chance they do bring in a well known vet, it will be at the 2012 trade deadline…

  194. Mmm, delis. There are like NONE of them here. Or diners. And the Italian food isn’t so great either. I would kill for some good veal and peppers.


  195. JimboWoodside on

    “Not easy being addicted to $18 sandwiches.

    But they’re that good and now nothing else supplies the fix.”

    Absolutely so! I’m not addicted, but I love me a good pastrami sandwich – I’ve done Katz’s, and I love their pastrami, but there are too many tourists there – it’s a nuthouse.

    I’ve heard good things about Sarge’s, but I’ve never been there – I’ll make time to get there, and with a 24 hour operation, that shouldn’t be a big problem!

    My cardiologist won’t like me getting pastrami tips from my fellow boneheads, but I don’t indulge often!

  196. JimboWoodside on

    Poor Mickey!! Another casualty of living down in Missouri – how about ribs? Don’t they have good barbecue & ribs down there?

    I remember Yogi Berra and some other guy talking about an Italian section of St. Louis called “The Hill” (I think)…have you ever gone there, Mickey? Supposed to have good food there..

  197. NYR,

    I was just thinking about Mara. I wouldn’t mind having him back, I always liked him when he was here. Plus, he is the champion of beards.

  198. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks for the tip on Rye Ridge Deli, Carp – never been anywhere near there – maybe someday, though.

    NO deli food is inexpensive anymore – you’re lucky to find it at all nowadays, and when you do, you kinda have to just dig deep and pay for your “jones”…..

  199. I’d love to have Mara back, as a 7th d-man.

    I don’t know if Torts has something against him or not, but he was pretty quick to give him the boot, both in Tampa, and NY.

    Not that Mara is anything special. The guy is the king of holding penalties, but like I said, I’d take him back if he’s willing to be the 7th d-man.

    He is a UFA. I don’t know if the Habs are bringing him back or not.

  200. Jimbo, yes, they have excellent BBQ down here. Pappy’s is supposedly the best, but I have yet to get there.

    Yeah, the Italian part of STL is ‘The Hill’. I’ve driven through there, but never stopped for dinner. Kinda depressing to go for a fancy Italian dinner all by your lonesome ya know.

    I miss Verdiles. Place in North Troy, NY that has been around since the 30s in the same family. A little old fashioned in its decor, but the food is soooooo good.

  201. JimboWoodside on

    I think NYR_Fan is right – it looks like they’re going to go with the young prospects this coming season, in addition to Staal and Girardi, the “journeymen”….and hopefully MDZ, if he can make a comeback…

  202. I vote for Eminger to come back at the 7th D. As much as I loved Mara, he can’t skate. Granted, Eminger isn’t the best skater, but he’s better than Mara.

  203. Dantherangerfan on

    Not sure if anyone brought this up…didint see it anywhere on comments. But richards deal was excepted by the league today. I didnt even realize there were questions about it not being ok.

  204. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey, you’ve just gotta drag a friend along with you – or a date or a best bud or something…

    I’d like to try some of that BBQ – that’s what that region of the country is known for.

  205. Jimbo,

    He is old and slow, but he’s a Jersey boy! And he was always well-liked, and could provide some leadership. I would only want him as a 7th.

  206. JimboWoodside on

    Well, given a choice of Jersey boys, I’d rather have Van Riemsdyk (sp?), but Philly didn’t include him in the nutty roster dump that they did this past few weeks, and I don’t think they’ll deal with us!

  207. I’m pretty sure on this, but not positive, that the Rangers and Devils have never made a trade over the course of their history.

  208. NYR, I might have to use that photo for the contest next year … hopefully we’ll have more entries … hopefully the Rangers will last more than five games … hopefully I’ll actually mail out the prizes (sorry folks, I really am).

    Good night, Caber.

    Good night, Sally!

  209. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t recall them dealing with each other directly, but (unfortunately) we’ve wound up with a lot of ex-Devils, aside from Shanahan and Verbeek….

    I was referring to Van Riemsdyk with Philthy – he’s from Jersey, but plays for the Flyers…

  210. JimboWoodside on

    Good night, Carp! – I wish the playoff beard would disappear from the scene for good, but I guess it won’t happen..

  211. Yes, I know, I was just going off that last line of “I don’t think they’ll deal with us!”

    If we could somehow get van Riemsdyk, we should probably convert him into a winger. He would be a nice power forward for us.

  212. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Latona – I didn’t understand what you were saying there – thanks for the explanation.

    JvR looks like he’s going to be a real good player – doggoned Flyers!! :(

  213. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – you did mention some time ago that she was doing ok…i was hoping that was still true….good to hear….

  214. eddie,

    It was Saint Patrick.


    You never have to thank me! We’re RR blood brothers. JVR does look like he’ll turn out to be the real deal, though. Especially after the PHI-BUF series this year.

  215. I meant it was Saint Patrick who said Brian McCabe. And thanks for your concern about Brooke, eddie.

  216. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Latona!

    Philly annoys me – they really didn’t spend too much time being a sucky, out-of-the-playoffs team, but in those years, they amassed a lot of really good players and draft choices – they traded many of them away recently, but they drafted and traded well to get them in the first place.

    They were so close to winning it all, and they blew up that team – hard to figure out…

  217. eddie eddie eddie on

    Latona – what do you think about the rangers this year?….I am quite pleased with this team…on paper…..I sense a deep cup run….

  218. Rod's Revenge on

    Rangers / Devs never made a trade.

    But – in one of the worst misjudgements in hockey history – when Neil Smith somehow figured an UFA Bruce Driver would be an okay replacement for Sergei Zubov – Lamoriello just smiled to himself and said ok.

    Sarge’s is my backup; traditional jewish style, thin-sliced and piled high. Goes for about $14. It’s the WHA to Katz’s NHL, which is sliced thick (and piled high) and just ridiculously insanely finger-licking good. But it is a madhouse and the filthy one at that.

  219. It really is hard to figure out. At first I thought maybe there was somehow, someway a financial issue? But they’re right back up against the cap. I don’t really but the “locker room” crap; if a player is a problem in the locker room, have the coach straighten him out. Whatever Richards/Carter did in the locker room certainly didn’t show on the ice. It really is an enigma.

  220. eddie,

    I don’t know about a deep cup run, but I definitely think, injuries aside, we’ll get out of the first round. Richards and even Rupp should give us some more puck possession and allow us to conserve some energy; with some of the dogs out of the line up, and some more youth infusion, I think we’ll even be more physical and energetic. Wherever we’re going, it’s the right direction.

  221. eddie eddie eddie on

    Latona – if the rumors are true as to what Carter did, and how Richards (theirs, not ours) didnt do anything as a person in leadership, it makes long terms sense to give them another place to play…..

  222. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey, forgive me, but I don’t know what I said that is so “out there” – maybe I haven’t been here long enough to know…?

    A friend, then!?

    Eddie3, I’m happy with our team right now (on paper) – we’ve definitely improved the team, but we still need to get some more scoring into the mix – I’d love to see Dubi and Cally really have a breakout year, offensively.

    Richards should help Gabby get it going, if he (Gabby) isn’t “shot out”……Rupp is an improvement, too.

  223. If anything, I’d say the problem probably stems from Pronger. He probably clashed with Richards and Carter, who before him, were the leaders of the team. Philly probably figured Pronger couldn’t be moved, so move his opposition. I don’t know, though. I really don’t.

  224. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Latona – if you have a “locker room” problem, you either straighten it out, or get rid of the troublemaker – but both Richards AND Carter!? What were they doing in there, sacrificing children!?

    Rumors? What was Carter accused of? Boinking a teammate’s wife?

  225. If the children were unbaptized, Jimbo, it’s okay. Otherwise, that was probably the issue.

    I think several of the Flyers were accused of the boinking, as you put it. Yikes.

  226. JimboWoodside on

    Pronger – I forgot about him – but he seems to be a cancer, since he is good, but gets moved around an awful lot….

  227. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha, Latona – OK, whatever you say! ;-D

    I’ve gotta read more about this “boinking” situation – sounds like quite a story! Where do you guys hear this stuff!?

  228. I think that was a couple of seasons ago, Jimbo. I’m sure ORR or someone dug it up, and I read it here.

  229. Nothing to forgive, Jimbo. And nothing to understand. I was simply making a lame joke at my own expense. :)

    Yeah, I should drag someone down there…

    Me thinks Pronger has some dirty pics of Holmgren and well, Pronger always get his way so…

  230. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Eddie – maybe it’s just Karma – maybe they’re still paying for the “Broad Street Bullies” influence they’ve had on the league….

  231. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hate the flyers more than any other team…any sport…always have, always will…

  232. JimboWoodside on

    Don’t underestimate yourself, Mickey! Let others make that mistake!

    Dirty pics!! Hmmm…that sounds plausible…..he must have some pics of referees, too – they sure let him get away with a lot of junk in front of his goalie..

  233. Carter apparently had a fling with Hartnell’s wife. And both of them were a little too party hearty, from what I hear.

  234. eddie eddie eddie on

    flyers – rangers’ games have a certain energy about them….especially in the playoffs….

  235. eddie, flyers and the phillies are on the same level for me. Hate both teams. With the Pens and the Braves not far behind.

  236. JimboWoodside on

    I do remember hearing something about Hartnell’s wife getting boinked – but it takes two to tango – yes, that was a few years ago, though.

    Hahahaha! It couldn’t happen to a better group of players! ;-D

  237. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey is conflating her Mets & Rangers rival hatreds! believe it or not, Mickey, once upon a time the Pirates were a major tormentor of the boys from Flushing, too! And so was the Cardinals team.

  238. Jimbo, I’m keeping you around for whenever I need a ‘pick me up’ :) Thanks!

  239. JimboWoodside on

    The Philadelphia and St. Louis baseball franchises have been classic tormentors of the National League teams in New York – going back to the 1930’s, and probably even before then, too…..

  240. I vaguely remember the Bucs being Mets nemesis in the early 90s, but the Cards.. I know about that, but I’m too young to remember it.

  241. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey, the Bucs were Met tormentors earlier on, in the 70’s, when Willie Stargell was on the team, and Jim Leyland was their manager….they regularly murdered the Mets….

  242. eddie eddie eddie on

    as a yankees fan…..i say buy the NL all-star team….that is how you win titles……with a payroll nearly infinity…’s easy to win…

  243. I am SO holding you to that, Jimbo.

    OK, yeah, the 70s. I wasn’t born them so I don’t remember that at all.

    eddie with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. I love it! And now I want to go back to Disney World :(

  244. JimboWoodside on

    I used to DESPISE the Bruins, dating back to the Bobby Orr days…that rivalry has died down, due to lack of playoff matchups and constant league realignments….

    Philly, it goes without saying…total disgust….but since the Icelanders and the Debbies were forced upon our territorial zone, they have been a most hateful pair to deal with, too….

  245. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – heavens no……i never get mad over the rangers….sad and depressed yes….but never mad…

  246. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, and I forgot the Habs! – I have respect for the franchise, but I always have hated how they have handled the Rangers, right from the start of my “fan-dom”…..

  247. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Mickey – did they beat those carpetbagging Dodgers again, I hope? Goodnight!

  248. eddie eddie eddie on

    yes – on the islanders too….but given that they have sucked royally over the last 20 years…..hard to hate them like I used to…but that rivalry is deep and long too…..the devils, for me, not a great rivalry….we have had great success against them in the playoffs…and the 94 series, we won….

  249. Yeah, you’re right, eddie; they just frustrate me. Being a Rangers fan is agonizing, but there are those moments that make it very well worth being.

  250. eddie eddie eddie on

    yes..those 70’s boston teams were easy to despise…the division changes really watered that rivalry down….

  251. JimboWoodside on

    I hear you, Eddie – but I resent them (and more so the league) for putting TWO teams into our so-called “protected zone” – can you imagine the howls that would go up in Montreal or Toronto if the league allowed two rival franchises just several miles away from the Bell Centre or the Air Canada Arena?

    Or another franchise in the outskirts of Philly? Chicago? It will never happen – that was a great sign of disrespect to the Ranger franchise…

  252. eddie eddie eddie on

    the league has always screwed the rangers….can you imagine montreal being told, say, in 1950, that all 7 of their playoff games were going to be played om
    n the road?

  253. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Eddie – but in fairness, that wasn’t the league’s fault – it was the Garden’s own management that gave preference to the circus over their own team!! Can you imagine that happening in any of the other “original six” teams!? Well, maybe Chicago, who were also treated like a orphan franchise by their owners…

  254. Rod's Revenge on

    Do I sense a deep Cup run Eddie?

    if they add a point and power forward, I think they become not just a contender but a favorite, one of them.

    Have to see how it all meshes, they’ll be turning over atleast 15% of their roster when all’s said n done, and you never know.

    But maybe most importantly, I expect that good feeling from last year to carry over.
    Should it intensify, and everyone plays their part (front office included), absolutely no reason why not.

    Division’s has been wide open for so long. Just took about 8 years for Sather to get his act together.

  255. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I know of a pretty good deli shop there

  256. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rod – I agree… I think conference finals at least this year… Next year they win it all. … PRUST saying..

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