Happy Fourth of July!


Happy Independence Day to all!

Have a fun and safe holiday.

First of all, does anybody know what the heck is up with some of these supposed top teams. I mean, what is Philadelphia doing? And now, what is San Jose thinking with this latest trade, Dany Heatley for Martin Havlat?


Something that came to mind in discussion yesterday, when somebody said that John Tortorella was impatient with Derek Stepan last year.

And I commented thusly:

I don’t see how you can say Torts was impatient with Stepan. He was anything but.

I love it how every time a guy misses a few shifts or gets scratched or, heaven forbid, demoted for his own development’s sake, Torts hates him or is impatient with him or doesn’t like him or doesn’t want him around.

This is the most nurturing coach the Rangers have had since… since … well, can anybody remember since when? I sure can’t.

So that’s my question today. Who was the last Rangers coach who came in and was good with the kids while trying to build a team with a young core. Because I can’t remember one. I mean, Roger Neilson has some youth on his team, and brought along kids like Troy Mallette, and actually won the Rangers only division title in decades back in ’90, I think it was.

But Neilson wasn’t doing what Tortorella is doing.



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  1. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Happy 4th to all.

    Agree Carp, Torts is doing something that was never done (or done right) in this organization.

    Is it a bit of ‘tough love’ sometimes? Sure, but this is the NHL, not pee-wee.

    They will be better players from it. And if their feelings are hurt so much by it, I would venture to say this is not the type of player you want on your team and going to battle with. For there will be greater challenges in their career than a few tough words from their coach.

  2. MD Ranger Fan on

    I agree that Torts has been terrific with the younger players. Just look at the defensemen. He let Sauer earn his minutes from the start of the season and did the same when McDonagh came in. There were some growing pains (although surprisingly few) and Torts accepted them and did not yank them. Same with Stepan. He may may pulled him back a bit here and there, but with it being the first time he was experiencing the grind of a full NHL season, that was probably to help his development.
    I seem to recall Herbie having some younger players, and he certainly could draw a lot out of younger plays, although perhaps better evidenced by another coaching gig he had.
    It may be hard to recall a nurturing coach of younger players because there has not been a commitment by management to nurture younger players, making it hard for the coach to do so.

  3. MD Ranger Fan on

    As for the top teams, I still can’t get over what McPhee did (or lucked into) in Washington. The Varlomov trade should net them elite talent in next year’s draft given where Colorado will end up and having Vokoun fall in his lap cheaply gives him a great haul. Goaltending has been a problem, although I have to think they still have problems in the room or with the coach. So much talent, but can’t harness it in the playoffs.

  4. Rod's Revenge on

    Jean Guy Talbot?

    I never minded the warmup suits behind the bench. Who cares?

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp….right and wrong…or better to be termed….agree and disagree

    First of all, I like Coach Torts, and think he is a terrific coach. That being said, while he was in fact patient and nuturing with respect to Stepan, he is not a patient and nuturing coach in general. So I agree with you, but only as it pertains to Derek Stepan ( and some others ).
    But I also disagree to refer to him as an overall patient and nuturing coach. I would say from the time he arrived the following players would not refer to him as patient and nuturing (Zherdev/Dawes/Korpokowski/Lisin/PA Parenteau/M Zucs-A and most of all M Del Zotto).

    More importantly, a coach needs to know which young players may require the patience and nuturing coach (Stepan/Sauer/McD/?)and which players need the “tough love” tyrant (MZA/MDZ ?). Perhaps coach Torts is a master at knowing which players need what and when. (Like John Wooden…if you read “They Call Me Coach”, he would treat his 12 players, 12 different ways. A double standard ? He believed in many different standards for many different personalities, but they all had to tie their sneakers the same exact way !)

    By the way, did you get the book “The Code” ? Did it make you change your mind about fighting’s place in the NHL game?

  6. Hi guys … The way Heatley played the playoffs, the big guys were not happy I guess.

  7. 4generations 4 cups on

    My thoughts are that a lot of other teams are becoming desperate trying to move high-paid, underperforming guys who have no heart for the game except that what they’ve been given by their mama. Heatley, in my opinion, makes no team better and to trade ANYONE for him, ever, is completely stupid.

  8. Carpinello's Grocer on

    Just contract James Dolan’s laughingstock Rags, no back-pages for Richards, not relevant, not viable.

    Games will not even be sellouts as usual.

    Time for this joke franchise since 1926 to go away forever. Richard wll live in complete obscurity in baseball city USA.

  9. Heatley is another problem like Gomez. He wont score 40 goals in a season again.

  10. Carpinello's Grocer on

    Did Richards read off the Durry, Gomez, Holik, Redden or ME-$$-I-er cue cards for what to say about James Dolan being stable?

    Or were these the Kasparaitis, Fleury, Stevens, Gretzky cue-cards?

    20m upfront/60 million overall and anyone will say anything. Maybe now Richards can flip flop about what he said about Avery when he was in Dallas.

    -Rag tradition-
    They pay us cash upfront for retirement, we ignore the NY Americans being the ONLY original NY team.

    One bought cup from Edmonton since 1940. Now get back in the closet, baseball’s town.

  11. Carpinello's Grocer on

    Brad RichardS: My thanks to Isiah Thomas for making me a rich man, retirement will be fun.

  12. Brooks def – Looks like the Rangers will be going away forever…sad to see but from a reliable source (Carp’s Grocer) it must be true!! I guess we will have to find a new team.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts is a great coach who gives young players a chance to play and either prove them self or not and get sent down. Not all the kids will grab this opportunity and be able to succeed right away.
    Some will have limited success ( mdz ) and some will take the ball and run with it ( step,mcd,sauer,aa) .

    Just know this, that if Renney was still coach, mcd,step,sauer would still be in the minors today and the Todd White’s of the world would still be playing instead. Not to mention Wade Redden.

  14. Czechthemout!!! on

    Troll alert!!!

    Hey putz, why don’t you go post on the isles or devils blog where you belong?
    Oh that’s right, you can’t because you would be the only one posting there.

  15. Carpinello's Grocer on

    There is no more reliable source than the man who feeds Carpinello for a living. Time for this joke franchise to fold forever, during the last lockout the only media that was in NYC covering it was from Canada.

    Bruce Boudreau was right, Msg is a dump and the half filled building is corporate Knick fans, only time it’s close to sold out is when Islander, Flyer, Devils, Toronto, Pens or Canadians fans are there and it’s still rarely filled.

    Just close Msg until the Knicks come back, the only reason a renovation was done at all or the Rags would be out of business or KC where they belong.

  16. One large reason Heatley got jettisoned is that he’s scored something like 5 goals in 32 PO games for the Sharks, including a miserable 3 in 18 games this year.

    Nothing like coming up small when it really matters.

  17. Carpinello's Grocer on

    Brad Richards: What should I say about Avery after I ripped him in Dallas?
    Al Trautwig: Read off this….
    Brad Richards: Not even 20m is not worth lying this much.
    ME-$$-I-er: No one cares anyway, daddy Doug and I worked out this bit when I came back, we can bury another shovel.
    Brad Richards: And you never made another playoff
    ME-$$-I-er: But I got PAID and now I wait for Jimmy and Isiah to give me the title of GM and I got that phony leadership award for missing the most playoffs ever as captain of one team.
    Brian Leetch: Insert dumb clueless look and sigh.
    Mike Richter: Brad, you can use my concussion doctor.
    Brad Richards: Let’s get this sham over with, I got retirement to plan.
    John Tortarella: Two weeks before I signed here I said Avery does not belong in the NHL, the check cleared from Dolanvision.
    Sather: I said, if I had Cablevision’s game I would never lose a game, I never told them I meant a thousands games.
    Dolan/Isiah/Trautwig: Laughing.
    Donnie Walsh: Get out as fast as you can kid.

  18. Rod's Revenge on

    Sure it is, but less than half as insane as Wishnewski’s $33m.

    Unless you want to see Wojtek Wolski at the point again?

  19. The White Plains Batman on

    The Rangers get a bad rep because of a a ten year period where they went mostly veteran and it mostly failed. Bu the truth is that Emile Francis brought in a core (Gilbert, Rataelle, Tzachuk, Giacomon, Park, etc.) and before he got fired had collected talent like Greschner, Dave Maloney, Davidson, etc. to start the restock.

    Shero had a lot of kids on his team, Craig Patrick/Herb Brooks were excellent at drafting and developing, and heck, even Ted Sator and Michel Bergeron had youth. Neilson’s tenure had guys like Malette, King, Weight, Amonte, Nemchinov, etc.

    All of the core of today’s team (Henrik/Cally/Dubi/Staal/Girardi/ and even technically Artie) got their start under Renney.

    But yes, no one had been as patient as Torts who is doing the right thing.

  20. Will you ever look at the amount of new and newer Bonesters hopping aboard the old blog? Wow, has this grown!

    And they are all quite knowledgeable and have some very interesting items of input, and I’m still in the process of working my way thru them all. I also believe that some of them emanate from the Sunshine State down here in
    ( yessss) sunny Florida.

    Emigres perhaps from the old country ( NY, New England, and er ahem…very notably from Canada. There I’ve said it and I’m glad. there are a remarkable number of the “snowbirds” who show up at the last leaves of October and trickle back up “home” again in April.

    And none of the “voyageurs” are any more knowledgeable about Canada’s national sport than the long implanted
    original Bone Heads, and many of the newly arrived contributors. What do I learn? Well for one thing, I didn’t know about Heatly. I also was surprised that Canadiens didn’t try to keep Wisniewski, who in my humble opinion is one of the most under rated D men in the league.

    ( You know…my mind isn’t the steel trap that it was in my younger days,) and I find myself forgetful of names at crucial times. What is the name of that kid that played for the Devs that everyone is seeking. ( If I could remember what his Dad;s name was I’d recall him). Who got him?

    I was also very surprised at the Souray signing…..I’d have thought him retired.

  21. Does someone has emergency troll kit to spray bag killing dichlorvos on illiterate (can’t spell his own name) but very stinky crouch parasite – so called “Carpinello’s Grocer” ?
    Or, in spirit of 4th of July, put reserved firecracker in his assen and let him fly in his JerkLand in not to shine shinebox.

  22. Torts teaches these young guys how to be men, and makes sure the vets stay that way.

    Happy 4th!!!

  23. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Hey Carp Grocer…..OR
    Richards plays great, becomes an all time great Ranger for 4 to 5 years, has a great influence on alot of hot young prospects and we win a couple of championships during his 9,uh, I mean 6 year contract…just sayin…

  24. That’s how you know that all the rudimentary NHL franchises in the area, and their media, are fully closed for the summer- their jealous and disgruntled fans come here to join the discussion.


  25. And This One, sorry, I wasn’t sure who sent me the book. I mean, there’s a real name on the note, but not the screen name. Thank you. I haven’t had a chance to look through it yet.

    Though I disagree with you, respectfully, on Torts’ handling of Del Zotto and Zuccarello. I think he’s done it absolutely correctly.

    tomg and Paul, I was thinking Herb Brooks — Ruotsalainen, Pavelich, James Patrick, etc. Should have mentioned him, too. And Renney. And Neilson had a bunch, as stated — Turcotte, Mallette, a still young Leetch and Richter.

    But those guys were never in a position like this, where they were rebuilding from youth. And none ever had six young D on the ice in the same game. … on the other hand, in the old days you never had teenagers coming into the league.

    Forgot Muckler, too. He handled Malhotra very well.

  26. Johnny LaRue on

    I guess they give the inmates one free hour of internet time on Independence Day.

    Give my best to Hinckley.

  27. John Ferguson was good with the kids, he yelled at them as much as the veterans. Happy 4th everybody. Drink up and be merry!

  28. Do you send Muckler Christmas cards, Carp? Or does he still think you’re dead?

  29. Um, the coach that was behind the bench before Tortorella gave a lot of the young guys their chance to play.


  30. MD Ranger Fan on

    I agree also on the handling of Del Z and MZA. As to Del Zotto, I think this year will be an important one with respect to how the organization handles him, as I do not see him easily coming back from a second year in the minors. Should be interesting.

  31. do you think Tortorella would have had Lundqvist on the bench during the playoffs when he was a kid. Not saying I disagree with the Renney omission. He was good with the kids, mostly.

    22! Where ya been.

    Johnny, shouldn’t he be out on a ledge somewhere?

  32. No comment, ilb. I’m not going to tear down a Stanley Cup-winning coach who did such a good job in all his jobs since winning that Cup.

  33. The last time they COULD have been in position like this was around the time they won the Cupm they had guys like Weight Amonte Marchant Zubov etc and the win it now attiude by the organization caused all of them to have terrific careers elsewhere while we beefed up on veterans. Obviously it won a Cup but its still fun to imagine what they would have done if they kept that core in tact with the other more obvious guys who stayed

    And as for Torts he def does it right. He’s patient but he doesn’t coddle. He treats these guys like adults/pros and thus there is tough love involved. Obviously if a player struggles or hurts the team they’re going to hear about it. Part of his no bs attitude

  34. Torts pedagogic method is simple and was declared proudly by him many times: “I will force absolutely the best of you whether you like it or not, for the sake of the team and my concept, or find another team/coach. …and we know he succeed in it greatly in the past, with really talented players, to absolutely MAX. of their abilities. But operational word here is – “really talented”. As for the patience for not so promising players or more mediocre guys and their role in a team strategy and game to game operation, I’m not so sure. Honestly, it’s annoyed me, – his overused, constant line shuffling and emotion based, impulsive reaction on players mistakes.

  35. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    HAPPY 4th of July BONEHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carp, when you mentioned this last night, my first thought was Herb Brooks.

    Muckler Christmas cards! LMAO, Jacob Marley rattling his chains!

  36. Lol, Carp.

    I want to say this about Torts. I think it says volumes about him as a coach when his former team ( with core players intact) plays their hearts out in the last game of the season that means nothing to them. Just to make sure his current team gets in. It says volumes about him when his former player(Prospal), who, all of us knew, had a few run ins with him, comes back and wants to play for him again. Ditto Fedotenko. And, lastly, let’s not fool ourselves, if Tortorella wasn’t here, does anyone think Richards would leave $10M on the table just to come to NY? Richards was a young man when Torts was his first coach.

  37. MD Ranger Fan on

    Very well said, ilb. I think “in the room” is very big in hockey. Look at the Stanley Cup champs. Perhaps not the most talented group, but it came together for them. Probably a good bit of that was how they were a team in all respects. It is great having a coach that fosters that, evidenced by the points ilb raised.

  38. Happy Birthday America!

    Less than 3 hours to ‘1776’ on AMC. I love that show, been singing it all week.

    I love the way Torts is handling this. Does his attitude grate on me sometimes? Yeah, but then again so does my 5 year old nephews. No one is perfect, but I think Torts is perfect for this team. He’s ID’d the ones that need the tough love (MDZ is a perfect example) and given a bit of rope to those that can figure it out themselves given time and a wee bit of teaching (Stepan). Add in that he’s still teaching the young vets how to be the best players/leaders they can be (Dubinsky comes to mind), and well, I think he’s doing a fabulous job.

  39. One more thing. I have to admit how wrong I was. When he was hired in NY, I said that he was a great coach, the best available at the moment, but I didn’t think he would be good, or patient enough with the kids. Boy, was I wrong….

  40. MD Ranger Fan on

    I was thinking that there were a number of people that were not happy with the Torts hiring and he did not get off to a great start the first year. It seemed like he learned a lot about the situation after a spotty first year with the media, changed things a bit, and that made a difference, at least perceptually. As a media member, is that fair, Carp?
    Anyways, I think we are better set in the coaching department than we have been in a while.

  41. Very fair, MD. He made some mistakes that first year, trying to establish his Mr. Tough Guy image. He’s tough, for sure, but underneath he’s a good guy and a good teacher; he has a sense of humor, he actually enjoys the give-and-take with the media guys/gals he knows.

    And, I should have added, he certainly isn’t and hasn’t been perfect. The Washington incident for which he didn’t take accountability until it was too late; and, IMO, the way he’s constantly and publicly on Gaborik hasn’t been good for Gaborik’s head.

    But with the kids, and with the plan, he’s been terrific.

  42. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    MD, i think that hip replacement surgery helped too. ;-)

    I wonder if Prospal is going to be back. He did pretty well when he came back from his injury, and could be pretty serviceable. Plus, he has the greatest goal celebrations in hockey.

    I think MDZ brought some of Torts wrath upon himself with possibly not listening to what the coaches were telling him. Hopefully he has his head screwed on right, because he could be a huge part of what’s being built.

  43. Happy Fourth to all!!!

    America…Hell Yeah!!! (Nice, Lin!)

    Torts is outstanding. Anyone who ever played for him pretty much loves him. Even Gomez is on record saying that “Torts is by far far the best coach he’s ever had.” The Rangers have never had a coach like him. He helped shape Brad Richards, Vinny L., St. Louis, Dan Boyle, etc… into the players they are today…

    If he stays for the long run, imagine what he does with Dubi, Cally, Boyle, Zuke, Step, Sauer etc…

  44. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hate the ties, love the coach. Good morning and happy 4th all!

  45. Prospal is done, folks. Not to mention, he is still being by Tampa $1.167M through 2014-2015.

  46. A lot of good stuff here today. A few mentioned it already, but yea just look at the way his past players respect him.

    Boyle is a huge example of flourishing under Torts. The guy took a huge step ahead, and while Boyle does deserve most of the credit for that. You know Torts lit a fire under his behind. If Boyle signs a descent deal which I hope he does. I will get a jersey with his name.

  47. MD Ranger Fan on

    It is true that Torts is not perfect, has made mistakes, and will make mistakes, no different than the rest of us. We would do well to keep that in mind as the season progresses, keeping in mind the big picture.

  48. Happy 4th, all!

    Going to leave the house for the first time since surgery.. don’t miss me too much, since I know you won’t.

    Torts rocks!

  49. Happy 4th Carp!
    Yeah Roger Neilson comes to mind but Torts is different.
    In lots of ways Torts is different from his time in Tampa.
    He’s mellowing a little!

    Loved Troy Mallette!

  50. Really good point made by MD at 11:31. Torts came in like a firecracker that first year, probably knowing he needed to be Mr Not-so-Nice-Guy to get his players attention and figure out who he could work with and who he couldn’t. He figured that out, saw what was going on, and changed philosophies to fit. He’s never going to be ‘Mr Sunshine and Bunnies, Everything is beautiful’, but to see how nuturing he is with the team is refreshing and gives me great hope.

  51. Clearly, MDZ has the talent…. but he lacked the maturity. What MDZ went through last season is not your garden-variety ups and downs of life. As a young hockey player/athlete, he has a lot of hurdles to cross this up-coming season. As far as I’m concerned….he took two steps back in his development. He had a rough go of it last year, and perhaps he was a little too over-confident heading into training camp. Not all hockey players have the wherewithal to overcome such difficulties at such an early stage in their career. That’s why most organization like to take their time with prospects because you can lose them to the process, if you rush them.

    This coming year, is make or break for a kid like MDZ, especially a defenseman. He needs to bring a balance of maturity…. mentally & physically. I’m hoping he has the confidence and the capacity for self-assertion to over-come the obstacles placed in front of him….because the talent is clearly there.

  52. Ok, this made me LOL:

    Conan O’Brien July 4, 1776: the day that we “unfollowed” King George.

  53. Hey, a lady won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest. Sonya Thomas is her name. You go girl!

    Now I want a Nathan’s hot dog.. yummm.

  54. ilb

    that was a GREAT post at 11:20 a.m. in regards to Torts and the respect that he has developed with younger players in the past that it is worth noting in one long, non-haiku-like sentence!!!

  55. so, did Richards make a decision yet?

    been another crazy week with pup being a puppy and
    shredding up any idea of a home sweet home and sleep

    as far as bicep tear. not doing too badly. felt it more in my elbow the next
    day, especially if turned my arm. interesting how you don’t notice how much
    things are connected til something like this happens. less elbow pain today
    and some lingering in bicep. just need to keep reminding myself not to lift things!

  56. hot dog eating contest live on espn.

    that they show but we cant get a hockey highlight.

  57. Torts makes players better? I’m sure you’re talking about Gilroy, Wolski, Christensen, Avery, MDZ, Frolov, Boogaard, Gaborik. What about all those guys they brought up from the Whale who did absolutely nothing. Torts didn’t make one of them any better. Grachev played 8 games and had a total of three shots. Weise who has some talent, is young, willing, drops the gloves… how did Torts make him better? By benching him as soon as he made a mistake. Boyle? Torts was the first to admit that he was heading for Reddenville until Boyle’s light went on in training camp. Boyle turned himself around. I like Torts, but his insertion of MDZ instead of Eminger over a long period of time was just awful; should have cost them the playoffs.

    And to say that Tampa’s whipping of the Canes in the final game is testimony to their love for Torts is preposterous. Every year, in every sport, you see teams who have nothing to play for knock off a playoff contender in the final game of the season.

  58. WOW, jpg without a haiku post. That’s like a hot dog without mustard. Something you don’t see everyday.

  59. LMAO! Renney was Pruchs worst nightmare.

    Prucha’s rookie year was a fluke, that much is pretty clear by now, but still, the kid played with a lot of heart, and was not a liability on the ice. Maybe Pruchs was eying Mrs. Renney, because the guy couldn’t catch a break while playing for Renney.

  60. Most of Prucha’s goals were on the PP that year too. The year that Jagr set the Rangers record for PPG’s I believe. Pru was just picking up the rebounds and potting them from the slot, as I recall.

  61. Yeah, I tried not to believe that, Mickey, but clearly, like Nylander, and Straka, Pruchs was riding Jagr’s coattails.

    Still loved the energy he played with. Always willing to get to the dirty areas, and be physical. He didn’t have the size, but his heart was as big as Chara.

    I remember Pruchs had a few good games, after being a healthy scratch, and he played in Montreal, played a good game, fought LaPierre, then he was scratched the next game.

    Typical Renney.

  62. Lowell, I guess you didn’t follow what was going on behind the scenes around the time when that last game was played. And how Guy Boucher wanted to sit all his star players for this game…

    As far as the rest of your post- we will have to agree to disagree..

  63. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I feel just a bit misunderstood….I do not think Torts handled MDZ or MZA wrongly, I was just saying I would not describe it as patient and nurturing…thats all…

    Let Freedom Ring today boneheads…God Bless America

  64. Rod's Revenge on

    Prospal’s probably done here, we need that spot for one of Hagelin, now Rupp’s here, etc.
    But if his knee will allow him, he’s not done, done.

    He was almost a PPG player when he came back last year, and people recognize his value (and enthusiasm).

    Already saw where Calgary might be considering him, so I’m sure he’ll get a shot somewhere if he wants.

    BTW, someone was asking what Ranger UFA’s have ever worked out (Carp?), and I listed a few including Gretz. Thought of another one that wasn’t half bad last year…. Biron.

  65. wow looks like some psycho blogged earlier today.

    yep the rangers do not sell out and have no fans..

    rangers are the most popular team in the states clown……….

  66. wyshynski Heatley on playoff performance: “You always want another chance to prove people wrong.”

    Correction, you always want another chance to prove the “change of scenery” scenario will never bring you back to your glory days.

    No Cup for you!

  67. Rod, Gretz is always in a different class … the Immortal Division, I guess. I was talking about human being free agents. And yes, Biron was a great one.

    They should have a hot-dog eating contest at Walter’s. I’d train hard for that one, and I think I’d have a shot. Especially if they made it a marathon instead of a sprint.

    Lowell: Dubinsky. Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Sauer, Anisimov, Stepan, Boyle, Prust, Eminger, Fedotenko, Prospal. … Lecavalier, St. Louis, Richards, Boyle, etc.

    Wait, did Renney prucha Prucha?

    Staal, I loved Mallette, too. Remember how we all thought they were making a huge mistake by signing Graves because it might cost them Mallette (and it did)?

    Remember the line brawl in the playoffs with the Islanders, Neilson vs. Arbour, LaFontaine, Vukota-Bloemberg, etc?

    Well Mallette wasn’t on the ice. Neilson had him by the back of the shirt and said you could hear him whimpering like a puppy at the door because he wanted to go over the boards. Then, if I’m not mistaken, he did something excessively stupid in the next game.

  68. It’s 4th of July and i still can’t understand why Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger yet! ;)

    Happy Independence day! And Happy BBQ Day!

  69. I sense a big trade coming from the Caps…

    They only have $544k in cap space (according to CapGeek) and they still have to sign Alzer & Brouwer…

    They are rumored to shopping Green and/or Semin…

    What do you guys think about a _hypothetical_ Dan Girardi for Mike Green trade? We might have to give up a little more than that. It is interesting to me because it seems to fill needs for both teams…I don’t want to trade Girardi but, maybe under that scenario I would…

  70. Orr, it’s hard NOT to believe that is what happened, but upon retrospect, it’s exactly what did happen. I’m not knocking Prucha, I loved watching the guy play with the heart of someone twice his size. And yeah, Renney for some reason did not give him a fair shake. Then again, he wasn’t exactly lighting it up in Phoenix either, so…. He’s not the first player in any sport to have a fluke season.

  71. With the Carlson and Alzner on the rise, they don’t need Green all that much. Trading him would be a smart idea.

    They should also trade Semen. Only problem is, he’s a UFA after this season, so the return wouldn’t be as good as it would have been a year ago, at least.

    Trading Green is inevitable, in my opinion, but I don’t see Semen +sticking+ around either.

  72. While I like Green’s skillset, I can’t see him flourishing under Torts. I think he might go backwards, in fact.

  73. 4generations 4 cups on

    ORR theres no reason to intentionally misspell a players name other than for s**ts and giggles. Semin, is one of those others. Carry on.

  74. 4generations 4 cups on

    MickeyM did you see him complaining on the 24/7 broadcast? Green would cry his way back to Saskatchewan..

  75. Rod's Revenge on

    Eminger wasn’t a terrible UFA either.

    I think if you look back you’ll find most of the UFA’s signed that were asked to play to their career roles did so rather well. Mike Keane’s another guy.
    It’s when they’re expected to perform outside their norm – and when they don’t have the right guys around them – that the trouble starts.

    Let the record reflect I’ve again ignored 2-3 punkass remarks from the usual suspects here.

    That won’t last forever, so my banishment can’t be far off.

  76. True Blue Mike on

    Lmfao Orr. Im literally loling. I was also saying yesterday how the Capitals are going to have to do something because of their cap issues.

    Staal, Dubinksy, MDZ and a 1st rounder for Alex Ovechkin. Do you think that would even be enough? I would love to ask Shero what would be the cost to trade for Crosby.

  77. 4gen, my point exactly.

    Ok, gang gotta go, ‘1776’ is one. This show needs my full attention even though I can quote it from memory.

  78. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    If anyone is interested “old time hockey ” is on msg right now lord how I loved the game back then thats the hockey I fell in lov with not

  79. Carp July 4th, 2011 at 1:35 pm
    I’m not going to let the buyout ruin my 4th of July barbecue.
    I read this and threw up my hotdog!

  80. True Blue Mike on

    You never know, he may come to camp and be amazing. Then make the team and be our number one D-Man scoring 78 points and being a +54. But that wont happen.

  81. LOL! The guy wont give up!

    In a trade for OvechCANT, obviously it starts with Lundqvist.

    As for Crosby. They already have Fleury, so I don’t know if they would want to swap goalie.

    I’d say…

    Three 1st Round picks + Stahl, Dublowsky, Kreider, maybe even Callaman?

  82. no to mike green. hes one of the most over rated dmen in the league and is a nightmare defensively. yes he could help pp but i have always thought less of him then most people do.

  83. Rod's Revenge on

    Just watched a bit on Brad Park & Bobby Orr on MSG. Since I’m in offensive dman mode I couldn’t help noticing some of Orr’s numbers, which I’d forgotten.

    (1969-70) 33- 87-120
    (1970-71) 37-102-139
    (1973-74) 32- 90-122

    Wow. Now that’s an offensive defenseman.

  84. JimboWoodside on

    Happy Birthday, America, and have a great (and *safe*) holiday, Boneheads!

  85. Rod, yet some will tell you that’s all he cared about, piling up those points. LOL.

    10-foot-pole Green. Another one with a mushy melon and very bad recent history with said melon. Plus he did those Caveman commercials, so he’s out.

  86. also, wonder what the record for points by a defenseman was before Orr put up those numbers … 40, 60?

  87. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Happy 4th ILB and all!!

    I’d pass on green, but an OPG for semin trade would be worth a shot for this season

    As far as torts goes, well with the youth he is a jack Adams award winner IMHO, but some of his line up decisions make me want to give him the jack wagon award.

    Brian Boyle turned himself around, even torts said he wasn’t planning on him being on the roster.

  88. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I didn’t think Colton Orr scored that many points? I thought he was a forward?

  89. Semin is your classic +Europansy+. Yeah, he has a ridiculous shot. So does EC. I don’t think he would mesh with Torts well at all. Talk about a guy who dogs it…woof woof

    LOL! 10-foot-pole Green!

  90. Of course Redden will attend the camp. If he doesn’t, they can void his contract right there. He has a one-way NHL contract. He has to be put on waivers before they send him to AHL again this year.

  91. Hah. He usually didn’t have to pass it because he could carry it anywhere he wanted to, and nobody could stop him. Seemed all those Rangers-Bruins playoff series were games of “keepaway” until Orr wanted to score or assist on a goal.

  92. LW – best first passer in the game isn’t a statistical data. Why would he care?

  93. JimboWoodside on

    I saw Bobby Orr (in person) destroy the Rangers almost single-handedly in many of those playoff games – there was simply *NO* other player that had the effect on the game that he did.

    He was a good passer, but as Carp said, Orr would wind up behind his own net and weave his way down the ice at high speed, deke’ing his way to the opposition blueline, and depositing the puck behind the goalie, *or* forcing the goalie to make a save and leave a big rebound for one of Orr’s teammates.

    Unfortunately, he got his knees injured rather early-on, and did not have as long a career as he should have – with today’s orthopedic medicine, he might have been able to last a lot longer.

  94. is Willie Mitchell a good first passer? If he is, then we should get him!

    Redden is too cheap to give up on his contract! He will report and he will spend another year at the AHL.

  95. if im not mistaken, Redden could void his contract if he doesn’t make the team out of camp. That is the likely scenario no?

  96. Doug Wilson, who played in Ottawa in juniors, still thinks it is 2003 in Ottawa, as he attempts to reunite the old Sens teams of years ago. first he tries Heatley, then he tries Havlat. maybe Alfredsson will go there next. the Sharks key players are getting old, they will be a shell of this team in a few years as the Thornton Marleau window closes as those guys become mid-30’s and slow down even more.

  97. Dantherangerfan on

    happy 4th of july..I was reading another blogg and they mentioned that EC, Woj, and MZA were our three best shootout guys on the rangers last year. None of them are a lock to make the team this year. If none do who do you put in the shootouts as your three

  98. I think one of them will make the team … and Richards was pretty good in SOs. And Anisimov. Or you could just let Prust stare at the goalie until he leaves.

  99. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nice tribute to the coach’s patient, ultimately winning philosophy, Carp. Just think, as recently as this time last year we had a multitude of people here who wanted this coach’s head. They are nowhere to be found, now.

    And to think, this coach has put a winning nucleus in place while all the while having to work with a GM with exactly the opposite philosophy. It appears Torts is getting his way with the GM. We know this because if the opposite were true we would have 10+ Vinny Prospal types on the roster at any given time, as used to be the case. Thank you Coach Torts for knowing what you are doing and having the courage of your convictions to get it done. Ok, Tom Renney fans, you can chime in, now. lol.

  100. Boom, I think they wanted his head with that little slump late last season, too … and those people will want him out at the first three-game losing streak next season. No doubt about it.

    I think if it had not been for Tortorella, the Rangers would have had Heatley and Richards last year, and the young core/prospects would have been depleted by now.

  101. Animal Lover on

    Happy 4th!!!!

    I dont understand how youre able to get yourself unbanned each time, Rod, but I hope the next time you trash someone like the blogfather, ilb, or CCCP, you get banned for the final time.

    If Casey Anthony really didn’t kill her daughter and she ends up getting convicted, Im going to feel horrible. Because I DVR’ed a lot of the trial and I used to study and enjoy criminal law, and I feel there’s something just not right about the grandfather to Caylee, George Anthony.

  102. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    JIMBO: I wonder if Bobby Orr’s overly aggressive style of play impacted his extensive injury vulnerability?

    To those who defend Bobby Orr’s style of play, let’s look at the record of dominant, dynastic teams. In the late 50’s Montreal won five straight Cups with Doug Harvey and Tom Johnson – stay at home D’s, as their primary leaders on the blue line.

    The Toronto Maple Leaves, who won three straight Cups from 1962-1964, featured FOUR stay at home D’s, Tim Horton, Allan Stanley, Carl Brewer and Bobby Baun.

    The Montreal Canadiens, champions from 1976-1979, featured stay at home D’s Larry Robinson and Bob Gainey.

    So that, by contrast, the Boston Bruins, featuring the reckless, out of control Bobby Orr, who essentially gave them an alignment of four forwards and one D – while at even strength, have no such record of dynastic proportions, despite the indisputable evidence that for 6-7 years they featured the most talent of any team in the NHL, including the stellar Gerry Cheevers in goal They had it all, yet never even won two consecutive Cups.

    And they lucked out in winning the Cup in 1972 over a Ranger team which could not overcome the albatross of having a hobbled Jean Ratelle in the finals. Had Ratelle been healthy and Espo been the one who was hobbled, there is a good chance the Rangers would have won that Final Series and the Orr-led Bruins would then be down to ONE Stanley Cup to show for all those otherwise dominant seasons they enjoyed.

  103. Animal Lover

    there is no way the mother is innocent. Even if she didn’t do it herself, there is no way she wasn’t involved.

  104. And Paul Coffey beat some of Orr’s scoring records, I believe, and was part of a dominant, dynastic team. Meaning what exactly? That one player doesn’t make a team?

  105. for those anton babchuk lovers out there

    2 yrs 5 mil. 2.5 cap hit

    sure glad the rangers arent paying that contract. nice shot but thats all. terrible in his own end

  106. Animal Lover on

    The prosecution offered no evidence that Caylee was actually killed, and the only circumstantial evidence was that Casey was purportedly a slutty partyer who wanted the party life. But from all accounts, she loved Caylee. And while the defense offered no proof that Caylee actually drowned – as they contend – the burden of proof is on the prosecution and they certainly did not prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she’s guilty.

    The biggest hole in George Anthony’s story is that he went to the junkyard, he “smelled the smell of human decomposition” – being a former cop – and then opened the trunk and the smell of human decomposition was confirmed upon the opening of the trunk *BUT* he then goes to work and doesn’t call 911 or the cops or anything. He just goes to work. He says he feared that it was Caylee’s body in the trunk, that it was clear the smell was of human decomposition, and *THEN* he just goes to work, doesnt call 911.

  107. Milan Hejduk pretends to dive into water and swim after a goal #63 hot dog

    Sean Avery push-ups after a goal with the Kings #65

    Teemu Selanne throwing his glove in the air and using his stick to “shoot” at it #67

    Never seen these before and love them, besides Avery who was not too funny.

  108. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    My error – meant to list Serge Savard on D, with Larry Robinson, not Bob Gainey, who, as we know was a terrific, award-winning defensive forward. My point remains that teams which stress defense and position play seem to play up to their potential and sometimes way beyond that level in the post-season.

    Important point: Your strengths in the regular season can sometimes work against you in the post season, so you can take impressive offensive numbers in the regular season with a grain of salt at show-down time.

  109. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Yep, a lot of people under value physical mean stay at home d men. You don’t go far in the Stanley cup playoffs without them.

  110. Nope I wouldn’t sign Babchuk to a 2 year deal, and not for a $2.5M per cap hit. Let him stay in Calgary. I like what he could do, but only enough to give him a 1 year deal.

    I don’t think we’ll be bringing McCabe or Eminger back. And I hope we don’t sign Kaberle.

    I think if we add a veteran offensive D-Man at this point it’ll be via trade. The UFA market for defensemen was insane this year. Wisniewski and Ehrhoff are far from Norris Trophy candidates but look at the $$$ they got.

  111. never heard one teammate or coach say a bad thing about Orr. I think that matters more than one disgruntled poster.

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Canada Day "...says Greg L. on

    Happy Canada day to meeeee , four dayyysss agaooo ,Happy Canada day to meeeee!!!!

    No one wishes me Happy Canada’s day on an international blog , even though half our team is Canadian. Brad Richards expecially!!


  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy Canada Day "...says Greg L. on

    Paul Coffey was in Sathers dog house alot back then. Coffey would get caught up ice alot and thats where Grant Fuhr had to be his best. Coffey Learned to pick his spots with him and Gretzky were running around like frick and frack , they rode wild over the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Final. Coffey’ s arrogance made him and Sather feud alot . Some sports writers would say Coffey couldn’t play defense but when all said and done he scores more goals one year then Bobby Orr.

    Bobby Orr was a beast and I was only maybe 6-7 years old and I remember him quite well. I loved watching him with Phil Esposito . Bobby ORR would handle that puck with pure power and a certain flash that other teams could not handle. His no care attitude got him hurt most of the time kinda like Eric Lindros running around hitting everything that moved until he finally got concussed.

    Both players had smooths strides and they both glided down the ice with beutiful skating.

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Wohooooooo!! TYTY Mickey . my favorite mouse : )

    Happy 4th to you!!!!!

  115. carp- congrats on gettin 9 mill views!! whatever it was they should have an award for best beat reporter/blogger/blogfather/and just a great man in general. and you sir, would win!! 9 million votes n then some. you are the byfuglien man!!!

  116. Animal Lover on

    Happy Birthday Mr. George M. Steinbrenner III. Thank you for all your dedication to the greatest organization in sports history. R.I.P. I had a terrible life-altering experience on this day 9 years ago, so this will always be a special and bittersweet day for me.

    If I may get into this discussion without getting ridiculed, taunted, or threatened to be banned…

    I like Boom Boom adding a different perspective to the 2nd best NHL player of all time. I say that because…

    In an attempt to tarnish Lawrence Taylor’s playing career – he’s certainly had no problem tarnishing his own reputation with poor decisions off the field – so called experts say that Taylor was reckless and out of control always trying to sack the Quarterback, leaving the Giants susceptible to the run. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. In addition to being the best linebacker of all time with regards to the pass rush, he also defended well against the run. Throughout his career, the Giants were always a top 10 team in run defense. If Taylor was reckless trying to sack the QB and left his team susceptible to the run, his team wouldn’t consistently have a top 5 run defense.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Muckler was the greatest coach the NHL has ever seen. Amazing, really, as he died in 1978. That was a lot of wins for a living coach, much less a dead one.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    …. It was only recently, that I learned that muckler and phil donohue were the same person….

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Stanley cup was in pebble beach this afternoon… I nearly wandered over there to check it out….guess I should have… Oh well…

  120. tiki- ya know i love ya man, but why do u provoke carp? u know he gets annoyed with the pro ny- anti boston thing constantly. i dont speak for him, or anyone else, but it seems like you have an obsession with 1(either pissing carp off, or 2)pissing carp off!!! lol. ya know its a ranger blog right? i like ya man, but why bother bringing this stuff up again? i really dont care what u post about, but u know once u start down this road, it always get heated.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LT was a great great player on the field… But certainly no citizen of the year trophys are on in his trophy case…

  122. ok, i know u didnt say anything that would cause an argument, but i dont anna see ya gt into another fight with carp or ayone else. lets talk hockey, and not jagr!!! i know u love him!!! lol but hesa a flyer now. a philthy one!!!

  123. i am going to get drunk and go party!! watch firworks!! catch ya had later. oh and i love u too eddie!

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mishka mooshka mickkkkkkkkey mouse….. come inside, Have fun inside…

  125. oh n btw, i love grand marni, the best orange liquore ever! couldnt afford it though. payday is on the 7th. just mixing mikes hard raspberry margarita with cuervo

  126. yea eddio, love the lil precious. she makes it all worth it. the crap job, the ex wife from hell, living in the midwest with the childdren of the corn, all of it.

  127. JimboWoodside on

    Happy Canada Day, Greg! Canada and I were founded on the same day! ;-D

  128. Thanks, Grab. Same to you.

    Belated Happy Canada Day, Greg. We were all kinda busy with, you know, it being July 1 and all.

  129. I’m having my own BBQ. Steak, corn on the cob, pasta salad and some Sam Adams Summer Ale. Yum.

  130. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    so let me guess its about 95 degrees and 95% humidity?

  131. Rod Revenge on

    I don’t put a lot of weight on plus/minus, but how hideous
    can Babxchuk be at ÷18 on a mediocre team?

    I also have faith in Torts ansd the xcoaches on the D side of the puck.
    Got to have a righty point shot. Gotta have it.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – try dicing an apple to go inside your bacon burger… Sounds weird but seriously delicious…

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We are having great weather on the left coast.. A comfortable 66 F, and the ocean breeze starting to pick up..

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers rule!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    yeah Carp it was a pritty busy day so I excuse everyone. This time.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – how is your summer going so far? Anxiously awaiting the fall into winter season? I am having a good one myself….

  136. The sharks made the right decision. First off, they have talent but needed a guy that is a playoff producer. Heatley has yet to prove he can produce in the post season. Second, the sharks not.only get a player they need because clearly heatley wasn’t their man, they save roughly $2.5 million in cap space. I have not disagreed with many if any of your thoughts, but this I have to.

  137. You’re good man with a damn, non-existant nick name, which make you almost like a fantom (dont confuse with Fantomas).

  138. Sharks make a right desision only when they bite a serfer’s leg instead of serfer’s board.

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers Rule!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Brad Richards baby!!!!! YEAH man wesa got our man!! All those suckers courting him when he was comming here all along. Tampa bay wanted him , Montreal , Calgary …ect and nope nodda chance.
    If they took a poll on what team ya wanna goto , our team , my team gets the top choice all the time. Why would greats like Gretzky ,Messier ,Guy Lafluer ,Micheal Dionne ,Jagr ,Jari Kurri ,Lafontaine amoung others all want to end there carreer with us ? Because we Rule . The dork at the top of this thread is a moron ( not to mention any names) his garbage about the Rangers was sickning to see and im sorry he feels that way .

  140. I ♥ sharks,… the fish,of course (if they are fish???). Nice soup from sharks fins.

  141. ORR,
    Can you see bro, what you did – ininentionally opened Pandora’s box. Now I will used it left and right. Before I was too shy to say ♥ Good night to you all and hello to Mr. Hangover. Oy!

  142. 4everanger

    Thanks man! I love my screen name too ;)

    btw, Fantomas with Louis de Funes is one of the funniest movie ever!

  143. Rod's Revenge on

    Babchuk resigns w/Calgary, 2yrs, $5m.

    Surprised; Rangers should have grabbed him.

    If they end up with Kaberle, you’ll wish they had too.

    Unless Slats can bamboozle Maloney into parting with Yandle (and Doan? he’d look great with MG & BR), I’m not sure where the offensive dman they need comes from.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – sorry to hear…. To be honest, I have had more stress than normal as well. However, as with all things, perhaps in regards to OUR anguish, this too shall pass. I would me up for a guest blog spot inside the next week if that helps you at all…. Do let me know, mate…

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