Free agency weekend in review


1) This is mostly about Brad Richards, and though I had a whole bunch of reservations about the contract, and still do, and though I had a whole boatload of concerns about his melon, and still do, there isn’t even a hint of a question that the Rangers are much, much better today.

2) Away from Richards for a moment, Washington was as big a winner as there is. Got a first and second rounder for a goalie it wasn’t going to use anymore, added some grit, and stole one of the best goalies in the whole darn league in Tomas Vokoun for $1.5M.

3) Not sure what the heck Philly was (is) doing, or if it’s better or worse now. I think they upgraded the goalie position, but, my God, if they’d thought it out, maybe they could have gotten Vokoun who is miles better than Ilya Bryzgalov and like $49 million cheaper.

4) You can sqwauk all you want about the money Richards got, but there were a lot worse contracts signed: James Wisniewski. Ville Leino. Ed (older than dirt itself) Jovanovski.

5) Mike Rupp was a nice pickup for the Rangers. Expectations will be low. I think he will exceed them. How long before John Tortorella talks about his “bite” and “jam?”

6) Good job by Glen Sather getting his offer to Richards in there moments after noon, via conference call, and without the dog-and-pony show in Missisauga. And then telling everybody about it. Good for him.

7) Does anybody really expect that Jaromir Jagr has anything left at 39? And wasn’t Jagr just a beacon of etiquette the way he treated Pittsburgh and Detroit?

8) It sure became clear this weekend how bad the CBA is … for the owners. Remember what a victory everybody said it was for the owners’ side? Well, the cap brought everybody’s expenses way up, and the floor made it worse, and now you have teams that can’t afford to spend money spending silly money on mediocre players just to get to the mandated minimum. Idiotic. And now I worry that there might have to be another lockout as they try to fix it (and probably make it worse).

9) I’ll say this. Nobody on television anywhere on this continent covers any sport the way TSN covers hockey. Whatever network is second, in any sport, is not even close. Those guys get the goods and deliver them. And I’m not normally one to praise TV types.

10) I don’t normally do make-believe lines. But after seeing so many proposals this weekend, the ones I’d like to see for your NYR: Stepan-Richards-Gaborik, Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan, Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust, Avery-Rupp-Wolski/Zuccarello/other. That’s barring the acquisition of a legit first-line winger.

11) … Because, I don’t think Wolski or Erik Christensen is the answer there, I don’t think Vinny Prospal will be back, and I think Stepan has the hands, the skating, the nose for the net, and the defensive responsibility to get a shot there. And he won’t dog it like some others we won’t name (woof, woof).

12) That said, I think the Rangers now have enough legit top-9 or 10 forwards to make a deal, to trade some of their future for some now. I wonder if Sather will be looking to do that. And if he can find a way to make another big splash and fit a legit first-liner under the cap.

13) I’m sure I ticked off some people when I warned that this Richards contract could be Drury 2.0. I still think it could be on the back end, with the annual cap hit and the full no-move clause. Again, right now, the Rangers are better by a lot, and right now they don’t have cap issues. Come back in a few years.

14) One of the dumb questions on the Tortorella conference call was about whether Richards might be the captain. Hello? Ryan Callahan is the captain. He is. Guaranteed, signed, sealed, delivered, no-doubter. The only thing holding up the announcement, I’m sure, is that Tortorella wants to make it official in the room, with all of his guys present, before the season. And to tell the guys before he tells us.

15) Finally, as our friend Ria the Silent Bonehead said last night: Thanks to Sean Mayer, LoHud’s sports editor, for letting me blow off the Yankees-Mets game and stay here with all you nuts all day and night (not to mention the day before, the night before that, the day before that).

16) OK, one more thing. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but with all your patronage this weekend, RR went over 9 million views (since we started keeping count, whenever that was). So take a bow, Boneheads.


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  1. 17) Wayne Gretzky was a one-dimensional player and Bobby Orr was a terrible one-way player motivated only by padding his stats. No wonder they haven’t been signed yet.

  2. MD Ranger Fan on

    Carp – Read throughout the weekend since Friday, but could not stay on long enough to converse, but wanted to echo the thanks to you for the work on the blog (and your bosses for facilitating).

  3. MD Ranger Fan on

    Agree on TSN coverage. I kept tabs on and that was not bad either. ESPN lags far behind and that is because the network has no hockey coverage. Bettman continues to misunderstand how important it is to have ESPN have games because it means more play on Sports Center, more play on ESPN syndicated radio, and better website coverage. That, IMO, is how you help hockey reach more mainstream US audience.

  4. MD Ranger Fan on

    Not sure about Stepan on the first line for one reason, I am not sure he has the speed to keep up. He needs some time this summer with Boyle’s skating coach. Otherwise, he does have the attributes to be a contributor there. Dubinsky may be a better fit, but it does seem hard not to play him with AA and Cally given last year’s success.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Carp RULES !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Our team is better . Period.

    Man am I sleepy …time for bed ZzZzZz

  6. Ah well
    If the Canes don’t want Cole, and the Bruins no longer want Ryder, and the Flyers do want old 68, and and and…you get the idea…..Rangers could have done worse all things considered.

    But what do y’all think of this attack of the Panthers? They are bringing back voices from the crypt among some newbies, and act like they’re really serious about remaining in the NHL. Is Winnipeg in?
    Are they the Jets? And poor old beat up Sturm knocking on every door, Always room for one more used to be in all the rosters I guess.

  7. Congrats Carp!!!
    9 million views, good stuff!!!
    Happy I could chip in a few.
    I remember the early days with Sam this place seemed busy then but
    over a thousand posts on July 1…damn dog!!!

  8. Mazel tov and good morning, Carp! I’m off to Lake Ontario for festivities and sunshine.

    Hope all yous guys have a safe and wonderful 4th!

  9. carp

    you are the man. you boneheads all rock.. thanks again for all the text yesterday while i celebrated anniversary.

    96 days to opening night.

    rangers much improved but talk to me in year 4 of the contract.

    CAPS HUGE WINNERS THIS WEEEKEND. if caps win cup. the vokoun signing is the steal since the lockout

  10. “Hello? Ryan Callahan is the captain. He is. Guaranteed, signed, sealed, delivered, no-doubter. The only thing holding up the announcement, I’m sure, is that Tortorella wants to make it official in the room, with all of his guys present, before the season.”

    Preach it, Brother Carpie. I’d also like to see Dubinsky and Staal with the A’s (do they wear them already? It’s been so long since I saw a Rangers’ game…but it seems like Boston won the Cup yesterday).

  11. Carp as usual nothing but great stuff all weekend. You’re definitely sponge worthy! Seriously though thank you for the awesome coverage. Curious who you could see them trading for that top line lw spot

  12. Carp – Thank you!! I have to say I read this blog almost every day and all the comments and I only posted a couple of times but for some reason I felt compelled to post this weekend and really enjoyed it…even found out info on Andre Dore : ) Where else can I get that info?!?!

    I hope Richards works out. I’m hoping he has great chemistry with Gabby and that they both get together a lot in the next 96 days and work hard at it…If they dont work we could be in trouble!!

  13. LW –

    Alexander Frolov – I hear he is available maybe we can sign him to a one year 3 mil dollar deal?? : p

    All kidding aside looking at the list of LW’s any of the top guys are not going to be made available via trade…they are all big pieces to their teams…Maybe Semin but I doubt they would trade with us…Maybe somehow he can grab Marleau??? I know he plays Center but he does play LW as well…

  14. Great coverage, Carp, as always. Congratulations on being the blogfather of the best NYR blog anywhere.

    I do want to see Cally wear the C. He has definitely earned it.

    It’s good to see Fran. Hello, Fran.

  15. What the hell’s wrong with u guys? You say you want to hoist the cup and when the Rangers go and make an enormous move in that direction, you can’t even celebrate. “Too much money”, “Too many years”, “But he had a concussion”, “He’s too old”, etc., etc. My favorite is, “I’ll admit we’re now better, but talk to me in three or four years.” When someone congratulates you on the birth of your child do you say, “Thanks, but check with me in three or four years”. So cast off negativity and embrace the moment. Our time has arrived.

  16. True Blue Mike on

    True Blue Mike July 1st, 2011 at 4:06 pm
    Vokun to Caps? I think that would be smart.


    I called that one. One step at a time. Im now looking forward to Traverse City, then Camp, then Pre-season. Then finals cuts… then the season.

  17. Leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – I think you need to have a contest and prize for the 10 millionth viewer. A Ranger themed prize like game tix, a Richards jersey, etc. would be appropriate. Lohud can foot the bill.

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    GOOD MORNING BONEHEADS, or, after the blog receiving over 9 million total hits, should i say McBONEHEADS!?

    LW, great picture, as always. You = MONSTER! Also, great addition to the Honorary Greg ZZZZ wordtionary hall of fame


    Carp, I must have told you this 4.5 million times, but THANK YOU for all the time you spend here on this blog! Thanks to Sean (and the Mrs.) for letting us have you all day yesterday too!

  19. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    lmao Mazzo, when i was unemployed i think i contributed about a million to that total!

  20. Heady times for us Ranger fans. But the work isn’t done. IMO, Stepan should line up as the team’s 2nd line center – his vision and puck distributing talents belong there.

    And with Richards manning the first line and therefore, the oppositions’ top checkers, Stepan will have more room to work with.

    Gabbie with Richards is obvious – put a hard working leftwinger who can skate on that line. Definitely in pre-season try putting Dubinsky there and see if it works- if not, why not Feds?

    Stepan with Cally and??

    And where does AA fit in if BB is the 3rd line center? Imagine what a package of AA and Girardi would fetch??

  21. BRichards Del Headzo on

    How in holy hell did you get 9 million hits carp? Was linda responsible for 1 million of those? Or was it AZ Tony’s multiple refreshes?!
    Congrats on doing a great job this weekend. Between you, TSN, & Twitter, i’m not sure there was a better way to stay informed.
    Agreed that our boys are much better now. And the thought of that first like makes me giddy like George with Elaine’s boyfriend!

  22. All hail Carp for his awesome work, not only this week(end), but for everyday. All hail Sean and Mrs Carp for sharing Carp with us and letting him hang out wth us and give us all the good stuff. All hail the Boneheads- 9 MILLION! We ALL rock.

    Stepan on LW for the first line sounds like an excellent first choice. He was horrific on faceoffs last year and to those who worry about his skating, 1)he will do less of it on the wing and B) not everyone on a line has to skate at the exact same speed, in fact I would argue that having someone slightly behind is an advantage as they will always be the trailer on a play and potentially missed by a checker.

    I really dont’t see Torts breaking up Dubi-AA-Cally or Feds-Boyle-Prust. They were 2 lines that were effective 95 percent of the time they were together last year and it would be nice to have some line consistency from season to season for the first time in a long time. Two set liines and 2 set D pairs is GOOD thing, imo.

  23. The Rangers have a few spare forwards. Count me in the camp that thinks Slats may have a trade in the works…EC, Avery, Wolski, Boyle…hmmm?

    I don’t think AA is in the trade conversations…

    No, thank you, CCCP…

  24. The White Plains Batman on

    I think Hagelin is going to be a very capable LWer. Not sure which line. I’m sure he gets a chance to play with Richards-Gabby at some point or I’m sure we’ll see Dubi up there with him and Hagelin with Artie and Cally.

    Too bad there’s too many 3rd or 4th liners as Mietennen would be a nice 1 year addition.

  25. Feds-Richie-Gaby

    1st PP: MZA, Step, Gaby Richards & MDZ at the points….

  26. It’s a longshot, but I’d rather Hagelin at LW over Wolski….we’ll see how it turns out…

    I’m supposed to see Mr. T today and get some fresh air. It’s not looking to good weather-wise. I’m hoping to still get 18 in…

  27. I still don’t get why Jagr signed with Flyers…

    I also don’t get “talk to me in 4-5 years about B. Rich contract” stuff…as if at 36 he’ll suddenly lose all his ability to play hockey! At 36 you can still play! Honestly, I don’t get. Aren’t you gonna enjoy these next 5 years watching your team do some damage and succeed? Or are you planing to be miserable for the next 5-6 years waiting for the “aha, I told you so” moment?

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    Headzo, maybe 1.5 million, i think the one million came from my 7 months on the OOW list

  29. True Blue Mike on

    So the Caps signed Vokun and now have 524k in cap space. They still have Alzner and Brouwer as RFA’s. The Rangers should take advantage of that. Perhaps try and trade for Semin or Green. Or make an offer sheet for Alzner?

  30. Hey Carp! Long time reader, first time commenter here. I was refreshing the RR like a banshee all weekend. Excited to become a part of the community and for the season to get rolling. Happy 4th!!

  31. MD Rangerfan – my understanding is that Stepan is probably the Rangers fastest player. Depending on what is being drilled into his head about defense, he may not be given the green light to hit the burners.

  32. bull dog line on

    don’t like your lines at all. Fedotenko is not a first line winger. they are going to have to do better than that. if you are going to keep Wolski ( I would), you are going to have to put him in a position to succeed. the 3rd line is not it.

  33. If Wolski is still here, he has to get the first shot on that line because of how good he was up until last season. He’s proven with Colorado and Phoenix that he is better offensively than anyone on our roster not named Brad Richards or Marian Gaborik.

    Just two years ago (at age 23) he had a season of 23 goals 42 assists. If playing with those two isn’t enough to motivate him then, by all means, stick him in Prucha land but you have to see if he can be that player again.

  34. bull dog & oleo,

    I also think Wolski will get a shot there. Who knows? Dubi maybe? Maybe MZA does too?

    I think Feds had a career high of 27 goals playing on a line with Richards in TB… and I believe they played together on a line in the playoffs during the Cup run…just saying.

    Gaby should easily have 40-50 goals if he plays 75 games all season…

  35. bull dog line on

    without trades my lines would look something like this.
    Dubi, Richards, Gabby.
    AA, Stepan, Cally.
    Feds, Boyle, Prust.
    Avery (yes Avery) Rupp, and ?

  36. True Blue Mike on

    I think the Rangers should trade Wolski, MDZ and a 4th rounder for Alexander Semin. We would be taking back about 2.5m in cap space. We could still sign all our RFA’s and have about 1.5m-2m for another vet D-man. Im not giving up on MDZ but we have such an abundance of defenseman that someone has to be traded eventually.


  37. bull dog line on

    I also do not see where Zuccarello would fit on this team right now. I think for him to succeed he would have to get top 6 minutes. I think the top 6 does not include him right now.

  38. You know, I’m not sure that I’m over the moon about the Richards signing. It’s too long and too expensive, but I think we’re losing sight of one thing: If he helps us win a Cup two or three years from now, we’re not going to care what his contract looks like five years from now. If we don’t win the Cup, well, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Also, while I’m glad we didn’t sign Jagr, don’t you think he’s going to be a Ranger killer everytime we play Philly? I hated to see him go to the Flyers of all teams.

  39. Thanks, all.

    I think Stepan is a good skater. That’s just me.

    Leetch, maybe we could afford to take a photo of a ticket with our cellphone and present that as a prize.

    Glad we has such good attendance from the old Boneheads this week, and also recruited some new ones.

    Lowell, and CCCP, I’m just trying to warn you that if this doesn’t turn out to be all peaches and cream with Richards, the contract is going to look a lot like Drury’s. And remember all the “this team is better today” talk the day after the Drury-Gomez signings?

  40. Mister Delaware on

    Echo Wolski on the 1st line. Don’t want to break up the 2nd and WW is the only guy skilled enough to not drag the line (ignoring Stepan who I want to see stay in the middle). One thing I wonder is if you almost have to tie Sauer (and McDonagh assuming they stay paired) to that line to avoid having them get roughed up.

    Great work this weekend Carp. Enjoy the rest of it.

  41. bull dog line on

    you could also place a rookie on the 3rd line ( Thomas or Haglin), and bump Prust to the 4th line.
    Avery, Rupp, and Prust. that would be a tough line to play against.

  42. There is now officially a glut of forwards on this team. People like MZA are out in the cold. People like Hagelin who are NHL ready are lacking a spot. This Richards signing is going to create some trades. Goodbye Avery. No need for you anymore. Hagelin would have been a perfect compliment on the 3rd line. Now what? If Wolski is playing on the 1st line, and Dubi/Artie/Cally are on the 2nd, with Feds/Prust/Boyle are on the 3rd, where are MZA/Stepan playing? I assume that Prust and Boyle are 4th line with Rupp, with Feds/Stepan/Hagelin or MZA on the thrid. That seems fairly solid up and down. EC should be gone. He has had more than a few years to prove he is more than what he has shown. If Wolski doesn’t do anything this year regardless of where he plays, he is gone.

    Too much to speculate on. My head hurts.

  43. Good morning, boneheads and hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

    For myself, I’m celebrating getting engaged yesterday and therefore not having any clue about the Richards’ signing til last night.

    I don’t mind saying, forget the money…it’s a good move. We didn’t overspend on some guy who had inflated stats last season (cough-cough-Drury). We didn’t run for a “star” player who hasn’t done squat in years (Jagr). We filled a hole we couldn’t fill any other way, with a guy who seems to be one of the more understated players in the league.

    I love what Richards had to say. I love that there was more money for the taking elsewhere (nobody wants to play in Toronto, do they?) and I love that we might have someone who welcomes the challenge of playing in NY.

    I’m not predicting anything, but I’m very happy with the signing.

    And now, back to the fiance….damn, that’s weird to say.

    Hope she knows i’m not throwing out my Rangers collectibles. ;-)

  44. Avery should play on the first line all by himself because he is THAT good!

    But in all seriousness, I think Avery will have to bust his behind this upcoming season harder than he ever had to in his career if he wants to stay in NHL.

  45. do you want Semin after that playoff non-performance last year, or are you better off with (gulp) Wolski?

  46. Rod's Revenge on

    For the first time since around 1995, the Rangers don’t need to scramble to fill a vital spot.

    Hard to believe but they’re really in an enviable position with so many assets to trade, but Sather said Torts thinks they might have the answer in house.

    Wolski and Stephan are common sense options, but you could even see Rupp there P/T to add some bite, or they may well find a surprising chemistry during camp from someone like Hagelin (or just maybe Christian Thomas).

    You also have guys no one is talking about like Mitchell, who’s been an injury-prone borderline NHLer to this point, make the team as a 4th line center and thusly force a shift of someone like AA to wing. There’s really no telling with so many possibilities.

    Nor can you ever discount a Sather special, a training camp invite (just as an example) like a 37-yr old former Lightning like Freddy Modin or even Vinny Prospal.
    Looks like they’ll give it a 40-game looksie; at this point I actually have confidence they’ll find an answer.

    Priority one now is adding a quality offensive d-man, preferably a heavy right-handed shot.
    Then hope Calgary collapses and we can add Iginla at the deadline ;)

  47. Congrats, CJP!

    My point with Stepan on the first line: I don’t want two stars and a clown who’s going to dog it every other game, every other shift. Stepan won’t dog it.

    I think Avery knows the deal now, and should be motivated by having his boy No. 91 (or 19) around. Nobody else is going to give him his shot, nobody is going to trade for him. He needs to make this year count big-time.

  48. True Blue Mike on

    Well i think with Semin we would have a complete No. 1 line. I don’t know if it would pan out but maybe Torts could get a consitent effort out of him?

  49. I don’t think Washington trades Semin.

    I am not sure who is out there that is available right now as far as a 1st line LW. I think we may have to start the season with Thomas or Hagelin or someone else in that spot and look to make a deal a the deadline.

    Alex Kovalev is a UFA but I don’t think ANY of us wants to go there (I sure don’t)…

  50. I want to know why the word “enimatic” is so often tied to talented Russian forwards? Kovalev, Zherdev, Semin, Filatov… I would so no to Semin. I think you just get more of the same from him.

  51. Richards > Drury, Redden, Gomez, Rozi, Brashear, Shelley, Kotalik, Higgins, Frolov… Though, having Frolov on the left wing with Richie Rich and Gabby could have been something interesting.

  52. also need to remember that Sather isn’t done yet. The Rangers are still in the market for a defenseman and I expect it to be someone better than Eminger…

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    Congrats CJP.

    Just say no to Semin, he kinda quit in the playoffs, and he slaps like a girl

  54. Rod's Revenge on

    Ideally you’d want Clark Gillies with BR & Gabby, but I’m pretty sure he’s retired.

    Maybe all those minor deals with Phoenix were Sather’s way of setting him up to take Shane Doan off their hands. He’s not young (35) and would have to shift sides, but that’s what you want, a big, tough right-handed winger.

    Had they only drafted Dustin Brown instead of Hugh Jessiman, this wouldn’t even be an issue!

  55. Unless the defenseman is a MAJOR upgrade, what do the Rangers need a new defenseman for? Sauer and McD played very well last year and are only going to get better. Staal and Girardi are who they are (wish they would stay on their feet more) MDZ should have a come-back season. Emminger will be a good 7th. Why not fill in with a guy in the system if you can? Like I said, if the player won’t be a major upgrade, why bother? If he would be a major upgrade, then of course.

  56. Rod's Revenge on

    No, it’s just another way the LW situation ‘could’ be complicated.

    Impossible to predict at this point what happens.

    Btw, if anyone listened to what Richards said yesterday, for all the talk of where he would/wouldn’t play, he said his 93-yr old grandfather watches his every game and wouldn’t have been happy having to stay up late to catch west coast games.

  57. I feel like I am taking crazy pills..

    BRIAN BOUCHER GOT $1.9M to backup CAM WARD – MORE THAN VOKOUN!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!

  58. dshea19

    there is no guarantees that McDonagh and Sauer will not have a sophomore slump or that Erixon is ready or that Del Zotto has turned a corner. I’m not saying they will have one either but there is a chance.

    It would not surprise me if the Rangers put an offer for Kaberle at 1 year 5 mil and then traded Wolski to a team that needs to reach the cap floor.

  59. Rod, you mean Hall of Famer Clark Gillies (ugh). Also, ironic that Richards’ grandfather will have to see his boy open the season in Europe and Western Canada.

    CCCP, not peaches and cream: Richards puts up 60 points. Richards doesn’t mesh with Gaborik. The power play still needs somebody who can shoot it, and somebody who can stand in front. Richards goes in and out of the lineup with head issues. Richards is good, but the Rangers are .500 anyway. The Rangers still lose all those 2-1 games. Richards stinks in the shootout. I could go on.

  60. agree with almost everything Carp posted.

    I think the rangers are in good shape. this team can win and compete…the good news is if Sather does not screw things up they should compete for the next 5 years..

    the things is cally, dubi, and aa are a good 2nd line.. it is not the first line that helps you figure out if a team is good or not but the 2nd line…….stepan is a smart, skilled player, 1st line. I say give it a shot…

    rupp at $1.5 a year, boogard got double that. how can that be a bad signing………

  61. Rod's Revenge on

    Yeah Carp, pained me to cite Gillies, but if you’re looking for the ideal guy to protect two concussion-ites, he’d be it!

    Then again he couldn’t one-time a cross-ice pass on the PP, which is what Richards will need.

  62. Manny

    Brian Bouchleague’s deal was $1.9m over two years, i.e. $950k per.

    Still, Theodore got $1.5m per to replace Vokoun, Mike Smith got $2m from Phoenix, Garon got $1.3m from the apparently faultless GM Whyzerman to be a backup and Michael Leighton will get $1.55m to play in the minors (at least until Game 2 of the Flyers’ first round series), so the point still stands.

  63. the forward stewart who signed with carolina for $900k per year. he is big and young and fairly skilled. good under the radar move by the hurricanes…

    mcdonagh, sauer, girardi, staal, mdz, erixon, and some young guys like valetenko make this group fine. a vet is not out of the question as long as he is cheap and short term deal… emminger is ok but offensively very limited….

  64. based on the goalie deals after bryzgalov he obviously is grossly overpaid………………

    i think the only 1 in bryzgalovs neighborhood preformance wise is vokoun.

    the avalanche have turned into a bad organization………

  65. bull dog line on

    veteran defenseman to sign is Jonathan Ericcsson. he is still pretty young, and he comes from a strong team (Detroit).

  66. Vokoun took a huge discount to play in Washington. He wants to win a cup after being in florida for so long. I don’t think he takes that deal from any other team.

  67. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I though boogey only got 1.6 per year!

    nice to see you back. Sorry your boy valabik signed with the pens!

    #7 was right on! Love the review. Congrats on all the hits and a great job always on the blog. And thank you!


    Looks like komisarek is the 7th D in toronto at this point with the trade with nashville…WOW!!

  68. i thought boogeys deal was more if I am wrong I apologize. I think the boogey deal was also for 4 years.

    anyway rupp’s deal is not a biggie either way. he can skate better then most tough guys. with some luck he can net 7 goals or so….

    rangers have nice core but need more depth to deal with the inevitable injuries…i keep wolski and EC. they are pains and soft but have skill and sh-t happens. they can for short periods of time be prodcutive………..

  69. if the Rangers move Wolski they will have around 6.5 mil in cap space after all the RFAs are resigned.

    Even though Kaberle is overrated there is no debating that he makes our team better and on a one year deal, its a smart move.

  70. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    We DO NOT need an offencive blue liner more than we need a physical one. With the exception of sauer, all of last year’s blue line has more offencive tendencies than physical ones.

    I wouldn’t touch kaberle with carp’s 50ft gagne pole.

  71. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    you have to think the leaves are going to buy out or trade komisarek

  72. bull dog line on

    are you saying Staal’s not physical? he’s not an offensive defenceman, so what the Hartnell is he.

  73. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    It also wouldn’t shock me to see slats go with physicality at this point if he does add a vet d man.

  74. Let’s leave Stepan at Center. He can be elite there. At the Worlds he was the first line Center and arguably the best player on the US team. Scott Gordon, the coach, said he had no idea how good a player Stepan was and the analyst, Mike Johnson, said he’d Stepan play numerous times but he never realized how talented he is. He talked about his vision and excellent decision making. I expect a bulkier Stepan with an improved shot to give us a second great Center this year.

  75. bull dog line on

    haven’t you been reading? it has already been decided here. AA is going to be the number 2 center. despite all the facts about Stepan you just said. you see AA is bigger, and he was the center with Dubi, and Cally. so this blog has decided that the better center should move to wing, and AA should continue on the doughnut line.

  76. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    OK, let me clarify this a bit…When I talk physical D men, I am talking guys that think clear the crease, hit, get in people’s face first. It is their M O if you will. I do not, other than sauer, think we have any guy like that on our team from last years blue line.

    Staal isn’t like that. He can throw a big hit when he decides to (ask stajan), he can lean on guys, but isn’t overly mean or physical (unless he is playing OV). Girardi isn’t, mcdonut’s not.

    I mean staal lost a fight to semin…SEMIN. If staal loses a fight to parros, not a big deal. Buek lost a lot of fights, but not to guys like semin. But then staal isn’t buek and that is exactly my point, we need a guy like buek on the blue line and do not have one …yet.

  77. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    bull dog
    sorry, my last post was meant to go to you and forgot your name at the beginning

  78. Good afternoon all! Congrats CJP!

    Thanks for leaving he who shall not be named in the line-up Carp :) I think he knows more than anybody what this year means for his future. Sigh.

    And great, great write-up! 9 mill!!! whoo-hooo!

  79. bull dog line on

    I have always agreed with you on the need for a physical Dman on the Rangers. the fact that after 5 years Staal still has not developed a mean streak has hurt the Rangers. to me a number 1 Dman has to have 1 of 2 things. he has to be a top offensive Dman with solid D, or he has to be a mean nasty Dman to play against. Staal is neither. he is a solid player, who while taking a step forward this season, still needs to take a major step forward this season. he needs to become mean and nasty. Staal lack of nastiness, to me, is the reason the Rangers drafted McIlrath.

  80. Carp Again, fantastic coverage. We are a better team with Richards although I agree with you on the melon concern. Line combinations spot on. Stepon on the top line will help them defensively even though he is slow. Rupp was a steal. He can do many things. Re: cally, no brainer as captain.

  81. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    bull dog
    kinda figured we were on the same page and I agree with you on. I just think most of the d men we have show more of a propensity to be “offencive minded” than “mean and physical”. Just don’t think any of them have that “edge” to their game.

  82. Stepan is a much better puck distributor than AA. Not even close. I think Tortz was a bit impatient with Steps but Steps was given more freedom at the Worlds and showed his stuff.

  83. Good afternoon, ‘heads!
    I can finally join in for some comments. So, where are we here? :-)

  84. Oh yz folks …been away for a while. Had to leave tbw here in FLA due to a bug she picked up. We were going north to graduate a couple of grand daughters, but she insisted I go alone. I flipped between two daughters and #1 son’s place for pop ins, but I’m not gonna do that again. I felt uneasy about her all the time up here in CT, and although it was great to see my girls ( God how they;ve grown)…the McGill grad is now ensconced in an Advertising agency with a bright future ( heading for NYC of course and it gives me the chills)… her sister is gonna be a radio and TV producer and writing and is with the Longhorns at Texas U, and the babe ( all with one daughter btw) has won a full scholarship at Pratt school of art and design ..what a talented kid she is, and the oldest daughter of MY youngest daughter, is a soph at Pace Univ in NY, and her younger sister just completed a 1 mile swim in open water in LI Sound, and completed it in 25 minutes.She;s my little strawberry blonde and a real sweetheart. How I love em all.

    But I was glad to be back with tbw because we’ve never been separated before…only a little over a week away and I was so uneasy missing her. It won;t happen again. ..more than 56 years together and it feels great to be back in FLA with her. I had other things on my mind than hockey
    ( which is rare), but that’s how it broke down. It’s good to read all you folks again, I’,m going over everything that you write cause I’m in a fog when it comes to the up coming season. I’m relying on y’all to keep me informed.

    Do they really have Richards or is it still in the works?
    have they picked up anyone else…I saw some mentions of Stavos and the other kid whose name I forgot who used to play for the Devils…begins with a D.

  85. The guy can’t fill every role. He is a PP specialist, and fills the role of playmaker/leader for the young guys. I can see richie and gaborik not having instant chemistry, but ya can’t force the guys to get it. Gabby’s going to actually have to believe someone can dish him the puck now, because it seemedhe was trying to do it all himself last yr.

    I remember the same thing happened with Gomez and Jagr. 2 players who are so different in playstyles were hyped up to be a pair.

    Everyone knows torts is going try all the possible line combinations. Richards will find his spot.

  86. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Everyone is musing about who the LW (not that one) will be with richards…carp is being his awesome self…boneheads are rocking with hits on the blog…jagr is all about the jagr…and some guy named wicky keeps posting about how none of our current d men really have a mean streak and that our club could use a guy like that…

  87. Bull dog, this is how I see AA/Stepan debate. AA is groomed by the organization to become one of the better two-way second line centers in the league for years to come. And he’s already shown he can. He has an excellent sense of positioning and Torts trusts him to play in many situations. He’s shown flashes of it already, and it will get better with age. Stepan, on the other hand, is envisioned as a future first line center. Both of them are young and will have to show that they can, or can not do it. That’s why, coupled with his success with Dubinsky and Callahan, it makes sense to keep AA as a 2nd line center.

    CJP- congrats!

    Fran- nice to see you back! We started to worry until I recalled that you said you’d go to see your kids. Hope your wife feels better. And, do you open your email once in 7 years, or more often?

  88. That Toronto deal could be a steal for them. Nashville clearly needed to free money up for Shea Weber. Lombardi was signed to a big contract last summer by NSH and got hurt.

  89. Rod's Revenge on

    Just a thought; Don’t be surprised if Fedotenko is the guy Torts has in mind to at least temporarily play with Richards and Gaborik.

    Seemingly not the sexiest choice but he’s had a 26-goal season (in TB, though I don’t remember if he was on Richard’s line; maybe someone here will?), and buried 15 or more 7 times in his career. So there’s some upside there, despite his 10-goal output last year.

    Obviously he’s a very good defensive safety valve for two offensive players as well, and he’s strong on the boards and can pass a bit.

    Rupp may well supplant Fedotenko on the line with Boyle & Prust, so could be what Torts is thinking.

  90. Wooohooo over 9 million served!! Go Carp!! And thank you.

    Jagr’s coocoo crazy. This is going to be hilarious.

    Welcome, Richards and Rupp!!!!

  91. Rod- agree. I don’t remember whether it was with Richards, either. But he brings much more- he is great at retrieving the puck, cycling and keeping it alive in the corners and half boards- something that both BR and Gaborik shouldn’t be doing..

  92. In other words, Richards left more millions on the table than the amount of views this blog had! We need to take it up a notch! :-)

  93. While I agree that some of the “approved” front-loaded contracts are farcical, Brian Burke’s moral opposition to such cap-based shenanigans becomes a bit flimsy when he repeatedly acquires long-term injured players on contracts the other team wishes to unload just to acquire picks or players as a sweetener.

  94. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on


    residents finding the restrooms pretty easily eh!?
    Banj is making meatball parms for all

    WOW, we have R2 again, albeit very different!

  95. Hey, Linda! Yes, today is the first day at work I didn’t have to stay until after dinner. Seems to be a good group.

  96. Rod's Revenge on


    Feds also had the huge playoffs for TB in ’04, 12 goals and 14 pts in 22 games, then was strong for PITT with 7 goals and 14 pts in -09.
    And he was one of the Rangers best players in our (brief) playoffs last year.

    So he rises to ocassions and in addition to what else he brings along the walls & away from the puck, he can score in the right situation.

  97. 9 million, congrats!

    Jagr might pop a few goals in on us, but overall he can only cause trouble for the Flyers…

    Richards came for less money, so that already sets him apart from Gomez and Drury. Of course 9 years seems like an awful long time. But hey, all and all a good signing, let’s hope he stays healthy and productive.

  98. I don’t see how you can say Torts was impatient with Stepan. He was anything but. I love it how every time a guy misses a few shifts or gets scratched or, heaven forbid, demoted for his own development’s sake, Torts hates him or is impatient with him or doesn’t like him or doesn’t want him around. This is the most nurturing coach the Rangers have had since… since … well, can anybody remember since when? I sure can’t.

    And if you don’t think Anisimov will start with the Captain and Dubinsky, did you watch the first half of last season before the two wingers got hurt?

    I’d rather have Stepan getting 18 minutes a game than Wolski, Christensen (Prospal). I don’t think a move to the wing hurts him. I think he produces with two world-class players. I think he’s better than the other woof-woofs.

  99. and now I’m getting out of this convo, because I really don’t like line combo talk — especially since it can change shift to shift — but I will say, I agree Fedotenko could play first-line minutes better than the woof-woofs. But I think Stepan will score a lot more than Fedotenko there. And don’t you want a lethal first line rather than a good center on the fourth line?

    The end.

  100. I don’t. Sorry. This is a purely wild guess which didn’t receive any thought at all, because I don’t know the guy at all, never spoke to him, never said hello to him. … but maybe he sees the GM For Life, Schoenfeld, Clark and Messier way, way, way ahead of him on the managerial depth chart and he wants to be a GM? I honestly have no idea.

  101. if you guys aren’t getting my drift, my hints … I think Wolski and Christensen need walking papers. No room for guys like that anymore.

  102. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp making make believe lines ? Where are we, in Jerry’s bizzaro world ?

    Although we have loads of centers some of which will be wings…I think Stepan will center his own 2nd or 3rd line. Because we do not have a wold class winger to skate with BR and Gabby, we might see a corner man on the wing here (Avery/Feds/Wolski/Dubie/Cally).

    Why am I talking lines?…. like Carp…I hate that !

  103. OK, you suckered me back in.

    Remember that the Rangers’ fourth line, if that’s what you call it, with Prust and Boyle, is going to get more minutes than the third line, if that’s what you call it. They play against opponents’ top lines sometimes. They kill penalties. So they’re not really a fourth line. Do you want Stepan getting 6 minutes a night? I sure don’t.

  104. The reason I’m asking is because I think the contract is extremely well designed. And I think it might be Cam Hope’s last creation. While it’s obvious that it is essentially a 6 year, not 9 year contract, I think the best part of it is that $7M year. The first two years are designed to protect BR. He gets $10M upfront plus $2M salary. The next year he gets $8M upfront, before the new CBA kicks in- he is getting $20M rollback protected money. So during his second year only $4M is affected by the potential rollback, no matter what that would be ($20). But the year number 6 of the deal ($7M) is to protect both the team and him. That would be the year after which the next CBA could expire. So if the Rangers need to buy him out, he would still get $6.67M ( he knows he isn’t getting the last $3M either way). The team, on the other hand, can buy him out at $833K per year of cap hit. And that doesn’t take into account potential rollback, so could less. Considering the next CBA may come with buy out amnesty, it is nothing to worry about

  105. Carp

    lets say the Rangers do get rid of Wolski and Christensen. That leaves the Rangers with around 6-7 mil of cap space.

    We all know Sather wont leave that much space so does that mean we see Prospal again? or Kaberle. What do you see them spending on?

  106. Explain to me, ilb, or somebody, all the benefits of the last three years being $1M, $1M, $1M. Because, as I understand it, the $6.667 cap hit stays if he plays. Can they buy him out for 2/3 of $1M or 2/3 of $6.667M? Or does the $1M give him incentive to retire or go away if it’s not working out?

    Sorry, I have been too lazy these last three years to even attempt to understand the “new” CBA.

  107. Please, no to Kaberle….The moment anyone mentions him, I hear “Todd White” instead…

  108. my point is the Rangers aren’t going to get rid of Wolski unless they are going to use that money elsewhere.

  109. bull dog line on

    I think Fedotenko on the top line would be great, the 2004 fedotenko. this is going to be 2011- 12 season. Fedotenko is perfect for the role he plays now. Stepan is a better player than AA right now. he, not AA deserves to be the number 2 center.

  110. Cap hit is $6.67 every year, Carp. When the buy him out, it’s 2/3 of his remaining salary (not cap hit). For example, if they buy him out after 5 years: he has 4 years remaining on his contract- 7,1,1,1. Total $10M. They buy him out at 2/3 of it- which is $6.67, spread over 8 years (twice the length)- $883K.

  111. As far as I understand it (sure I’ll be corrected by ilb or CTB…), the primary reason for the “bogus” years is to reduce the cap hit (AAV). Circumvention in all but name.

    Buyout after the real years is based on remaining salary not AAV, so it becomes a cheap option at that point. Retirement is more likely and has no cap consequences, so long as the contract is not an over-35 deal.

  112. bull dog line on

    you have to answer the first line left wing question. if it is Dubi, then that other line does not exist. if it is wolski, are you going to have Stepan center a 3rd or 4th line? if the first line left wing is somebody not currently on the roster, then you have to answer how that player is going to get here. a trade more than likely. the position that was once a weakness, is now a strength. you can deal from strength. if AA in a package can bring you that number 1 winger you have to do it. I would not trade Stepan.

  113. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    Torts has been making this team into his image for the past year and a half. He seems to be frustrated quite frequently with WoWo, Judas and Avery. Two of the 3 will most likely NOT be here once the season starts, and we’ve known this since probably March.

  114. Not to add gas to ridiculous discussion, but I would agree with Carp’s castling Stepan on left wing of 1st line, except a tiny thought. Having on the 1 line two expensive pansies – Euro (Swarovski glass) and Canadian (this one with a past concussion already), I think they’ll need more protection then Step’s 185 lb. in terms of keeping opposition busy with physical presence and eliminating any thoughts of liberties with our vulnerable pansies while on the ice. Even fearless working horse Fedotenko (out of existing roster) better fits for this role. No?

  115. are you guys sure? I tried doing a buyout on capgeek on 6/29/2017 and it gave me this:

    2017-18: $6,000,000
    2018-19: $6,000,000
    2019-20: $6,000,000
    2020-21: $333,333
    2021-22: $333,333
    2022-23: $333,333

  116. You’re right LW, it is essentially a circumvention. But it is often designed so that the team can get rid of a huge cap hit.

  117. I wonder if Avery would be the most valuable trade piece of the three, since Torts has shown the ability to reign in his stupidity and actually have him play with tenacity and speed to his advantage. They are all inconsistent, but with Avery, it is mostly due to the time on ice he is given, and a couple misconducts along the way because he is Sean Avery.

  118. i tried buying out Richards after year 6 on gapceek and what it said was the cap hit was 6 mil for 3 years and 333K for 3 years.

  119. And a high AAV, low actual salary combination is theoretically good trade bait for cap floor teams later in the deal, but I can’t imagine the current system for the cap floor will be maintained in the next CBA.

  120. oleo is right. That’s why Drury’s cap hit is different from this year to next. In the years of the contract that are still remaining, the cap hit after buyout will be closer to the cap hit without a buy out. So it doesn’t really do the Rangers any favors to buy him out with three years remaining, which is probably why this contract is not considered CBA circumvention. It looks bad against the CBA if the Rangers try to Redden him, he retires, or they trade him to a cap floor team.

  121. Oleo, you are going to confuse everyone. I was talking about buying him out after 5 years, when he’ll have $10M left. Of course there will still be a cap hit. Salary minus buy out amount equals cap savings. Cap hit minus cap savings equals remaining cap hit.

  122. LW3H – Even if there is no cap floor or a lower cap floor, it’s still good trade bait for teams who want a player that is worth more than his $1M salary but not worth as much as his cap hit, which would be why a cap ceiling team would want to make a trade.

  123. They can’t Redden him if the reports of him getting a NMC for the duration of the deal are correct.

  124. Besides, I have a feeling, Slats is not done yet and may surprise us with a trade/buy combo.
    It’s look too easy for him so far, he have to work harder for his cigars in terms of transactions volume. He had a rest (paid vacations) last year.

  125. Spider

    True, though probably more likely that the actual salary is more reflective of that player’s ability at that point in his career. McCabe wasn’t a $5m+ player last year, for example (a bad example as not a front-loaded deal that one, I think, but you get the picture).

  126. ilb

    gotcha. i thought u meant his cap hit would be 2/3 of remaining salary. I don’t see why it would ever make sense to buy him out then since cap hit is virtually unaffected and thats all the Rangers care about.

  127. Spider- I think we are talking different things…Of course there will be a cap hit! That’s the year when the potential new CBA needs to be iron out- watch after the next CBA many of buy out cap hits go away by means of amnesty.

  128. I understand what you are saying but why would the Rangers buy him out then if they don’t save any significant cap room?

  129. Oleo- they save $6.17M the first year after they buy him out. After that- CBA will expire again.

  130. Now, buying him out the last three years doesn’t make any sense, but do you really think he will be playing than for $1M per year, not counting a rollback?

  131. ilb

    this is the Rangers we are talking about not the Florida Panthers. They are not going to take a 6.5 mil cap penalty for 2 seasons just to save money.

  132. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Fran that is great news about your Granddaughter getting a full scholarship to Pratt. My sister worked in admissions for over 25 years until she suffered an aneurysm a few years ago. Was very impressed to hear as they don’t give out many full scholarships .Best of luck to her.

  133. Bull dog, sorry, didn’t mean to ignore you. I think Stepan should be on the LW with Richards. Less defensive responsibilities and less face off taking. That way he could learn. Let’s say 3 years from now, they can start switching.

  134. Lol, wicky! I tend to think that he will last much longer than most of people think. And we need to stop comparing him to Drury and Gomez. Gomez had a lot of game, but his heart and his head weren’t there. Drury had, and still has heart, but he had no game left. But most importantly, the mistake wasn’t signing Drury or Gomez. The mistake was signing them both.

  135. Manny, apparently there’s an NMC. or was it NTC? Carcillo, I forget. Either way, he’s an NC :)

  136. ilb,

    As resident blog-doctor, is it common to not have an appetite after appendix removal, or after any surgery? I’ve been eating some, but I’m not craving anything, and I never really get hungry.

  137. Manny- I had no doubts even before they were talking about his contract. He would not sign a double amount here. One word- Redden.

  138. wick, I’m just trying to understand the contract … so if they buy him out after year six, it’s basically no cap hit at all for six years, right?

    and as far as buying out Wolski or Christensen, can’t they just Redden them and expunge them from the books instead of paying 2/3 cap hit?

    I am not comparing him to Drury or Gomez. I’m saying his contract could be Drury 2.0 if he doesn’t play well at that cost.

  139. I’m with Mama. Cap stuff makes my head hurt.

    Wouldn’t mind Eminger back as a 7th D.

  140. Latona, surgery is the world’s best diet plan. I’m thinking of going back and skipping the gym :) Totally normal, and no, I’m not a doc nor do I play one TV, but I’ve had surgery and my mom is a nurse, so that counts for something…..

  141. Carp- if they buy him out after year six, cap hit will be $6M for three more years, then $333K for three years after, that doesn’t make sense.

  142. I said it yesterday (first!) that I think the NMC had a lot do with him coming here despite the “loss” of money. Others may not have offered that.

    Latona, LMAO at resident blog doctor! But he’s not a resident, he’s a doctor…..:)

  143. Blogmama,

    He’s a resident of the blog!


    Nope, everything else has been fine. No pain, no fever, no nothing. Just no appetite!

  144. Manny Mania on

    I understood you Latona.

    Just like you are our resident arbitrator of lunch points.

  145. Here’s what I miss from olden days (when I was 25). You got paid what you’re “worth.” You either earn it, or don’t, and then you’re gone/traded/moved etc. It seems to me the CBA has gone from evening the playing field for teams (sorry for mixed sports metaphor) and protecting players’ salaries when warranted, to an over wrought, over complicated dealio that protects the rich, hurts teams and…..oh I don’t know…..I’m just ranting.


  146. Then no worries Latona. After my last surgery, I ate very small, simple meals, and lost weight in a positive way :) The app will come back and you’ll be wanting lunch again! If you’re concerned about nutrition, have a protein shake…..unless ilb says I’m wrong :)

  147. Mama, I don’t recall when someone called me a resident last time, but I remember it was very flattering, lol

  148. ilb, I am willing to stand corrected. If what this all ultimately means is he really wants to be in NY and play for Torts again, then I say, welcome with open arms Richie and what a breath of fresh air!!!

  149. I’ve been eating three small meals a day, drinking plenty of fluids, taking vitamins, so I’m not so worried about the nutrition. I just want to like food again!

  150. ilb,

    Consider yourself flattered, then!


    I’m glad to have someone in this world who understands me. Thank you for showing me what we have is real.

  151. ilb, LOL!! Hey, we are very lucky to have someone who gives free, helpful health advice here. What other blog has a resident doctor! Nobody!

  152. If it was Nashville who signed Bergfors, then, they always seem to do these sorts of things. Stay out of the craziness of July 1st, let pieces go, and then they seemingly replace them later in free agency with spare parts that fulfill their needs, and solid prospects coming up through the system.

  153. Latona, I’m with mama….I remember last time not agreeing with her…I can still smell lead from newspaper ink…

  154. Latona, LOL, too! You’re good then. And you will, trust me. It hasn’t been that long since your surgery.

    Latona and Manny, so cute :)

  155. Tonight’s RR Debate:

    The salary cap – Device to promote competitive balance and financial responsibility or evil, un-American desecration of the free market

    VinceA, the floor is yours…

  156. Newspaper ink is made from Lead???? But i have been eating newspaper!

    What about people that wrap their fish in newspaper?

    Re: Food – I just had a horrible breakfast. I mean it was delicious but…..

    Peppercorn skirt steak, two poached eggs, roasted red potatoes, 2 sausage links, 2 strips of bacon, 1 slice of bread, 1 Naragansett Lager Beet and a Coffee.

  157. Manny, that’s deserving of double lunch points even though it was breakfast. But I think that menu might also make Latona boudreau!

  158. Manny, I’ll come back to this page whenever my appetite is back, and read through your post. I shall award points then.

  159. Actually Latona…interesting story.

    Yesterday I made pickles for the first time. I kind of have an obsession with pickling things. Anywho, I realized that if you boil the solution, then pour it over your vegetable (or whatever you are pickling) then add some gin……you can make drunken pickled _anything_ . Pretty exciting, no?

  160. thanks for the quick CBA lesson … so, just to be sure I understand, the whole idea behind the last three years being $1M per is so the hit would be only $6.667 per. Other than that, there’s no advantage to the team. … and why would he want to play for $1M per the last three years?

  161. speaking of Spider (not you, spider), I absolutely love that commercial where the guy has a tarantula on his phone and the woman screams and the guy beats the phone with his shoe. The woman has an absolutely wonderful, bloody-murder scream.

  162. And he walks away from the last 3 years- the whole cap hit is off because his contract is obviously signed before he turns 35.

  163. It is essentially a 6 year deal that protects both the team and a player- very well designed. I hope Messier, or whoever else is coming, knows cap as well as Cam Hope.

  164. so, would you guess that he already understands — and the team understands — that after year 6 he’s going to say, “I quit.” … otherwise, if he’s playing at a high level, they will renegotiate?

  165. i think NMC has nothing to do with him taking less money to come to the Rangers. you think guys like Stamkos, Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, etc will sign contracts that dont have NMCs? these guys are stars and want to have 100% reassurance that they wont be moved against their will, i dont really think you can blame them for that.

  166. Hope (pun intended) they know it better than I do.

    Maybe one of you guys should apply for “Capologist, New York Rangers.”

  167. agree, Lev. I think the NMC protects them from being Brasheared and sent to Reddenville. Those guys might otherwise approve a trade, but don’t want to be banished.

  168. *ilb2001* July 3rd, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    And he walks away from the last 3 years- the whole cap hit is off because his contract is obviously signed before he turns 35.


    What do you mean when you say “he walks away from the last 3 years”?

  169. Carp at 4:48. yes, that’s what I think. And I agree with everyone who said this is, essentially, a 6-year deal.

    Now, can we let him lace up once before we figure out how he’s gone?

  170. Um, “Those guys might otherwise approve a trade, but don’t want to be banished.”

    That’s my whole point against this carcillo! I can feel for the player and his career, but at that amount of money cry me a river! It doesn’t help the team, any team, at all…..oy, this convo is making me thirstier and headachier…..and that’s not even a real word.

  171. Mister Delaware on


    Erixon/Del Zotto/Eminger***

    * If he can’t get up for those two guys, he’s a lost cause. But there were times last year where he looked so good I’d hold out hope that he was frustrated with less talented / poorly fit linemates. Not that its a decent excuse, but he’s got better odds at 30 goals than anyone else we’re finding on the cheap.

    ** Avery will still get plenty of time as the 13th forward as an injury fill in / Prust rester (he needs regular time off next season just to keep him fresh) / guy who plays over Hagelin or Wolski in the rougher games.

    *** Would love Eminger back for one more year as the 7th defenseman, same idea as Avery dressing him if its expected to be dirty.

  172. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    LMAO Laurel! i thought the same thing ! weird!

    Judas/Fredo/Pee Wee is EC

  173. LW, I know you agree with me!!/@LW3H: I presume the blatant stashing of injured players with large contracts is on the “good” side of Brian Burke’s moral compass.

  174. Mister Delaware on

    MZA is pretty much gone on my Rangers. Just don’t see him as a fit on this team.

  175. Lin, LOL! I knew one person would like that clip. Think I’ll go back and watch again :)

  176. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    oh damn i hate that commercial!!

    that one and the for those plastic lines for the weed whackers, and the Bruins History will be made.. yea, NHL Network really needs to expand their commercials AND programming.

  177. I only watched the Gaga once, for her clip with Clarence. Otherwise, over played, over rated over everything. Great marketer though.

  178. Madonna was great at nothing other than marketing herself. Kind of like Brian Burke.

  179. Ouch! You guys are super harsh. My wife would certainly disagree. I enjoy dancing to both of them after I have had too many Lager Beets.

  180. Latona, I almost made that comparison, and chose not to, but I knew someone would!…. I am a semi-liker and respector, not fan of Madonna, but Gaga is Madonna way lite. M paved the way in an earlier day. G is just, well, dime o dozen.

    hahaha, why I love this blog. we go from Richie to Gaga in 2 seconds…..

  181. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    i do have to say, Mako sent me a youtube link of her, it was just her and a piano, and i hate to admit it, but that wacko can sing. lol I was pretty shocked.

  182. Thanks. I must have missed that whole thing. How did you guys come up with that one?

  183. On Richards,

    We’ll just have to wait and see! But I am not expecting this to be Gomez 101.

  184. Carp, the current CBA doesn’t allow the contracts to be renegotiated. So if he is playing at any level- he is still getting $1M per. Imagine?

  185. Madonna can “sing” in the studio too….Live, a crock. To me, a true talent is when I see/hear them live and it’s what I fell in love with on LP/CD :) You shouldn’t need a studio/production team to accentuate your talent. It’s real or it’s not.

    Oy, rant two for me…

  186. Delaware,

    I like those line combinations, but what about MZA? I may be missing something, I apologize if I do.

  187. My point exactly!!!

    from ilb: Carp, the current CBA doesn’t allow the contracts to be renegotiated.

  188. Lin – Same to you! ;)

    Carp – Can’t renegogiate under the current CBA, but who knows in the next one (or two).

    ilb – Again, what makes you think that the next CBA will be exactly four years?

  189. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    this wasnt a studio clip though, it was live, on some weird show.

    Davymax, Friday I christened Richards “THE POPE”.

    Hell, i still have the nickname list from 2 seasons ago… Brashear had about 8 names.

  190. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    EC was named Judas/Fredo for throwing Aves under the bus in a post game interview.

  191. While I may have been under a rock, I’ve enjoyed listening in on the various points of view on a daily basis.

    Congrats to Carp and everyone here on reaching 9 million reads. I’ve added a few by setting Firefox to automatically refresh every five minutes.

    Question: Given the strong possibility of EC’s departure and the still to be determined status of MZA, what consideration should the SO be given when determining our line-up? It played a pretty important role in our making the PO’s last season. Even if it’s not as crucial a role as last season those can valuable points to lose.

  192. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    how would you tell where the dress ended and brian burke began?

  193. Mister Delaware on

    “Can’t. Shift. Disturbing. Image. Of. Brian. Burke. In. Meat. Dress.”

    Is that linguica … no … OH MY!!!

  194. Mister Delaware on

    Shootout lineup: Wolski, Anisimov, Richards to pass one to the back of the net via the 5 hole

  195. Mister Delaware on

    I’m not. The joke backfired because I thought about it rather than just thinking of the concept.

  196. Someone needs to attend the home opener against the Leafs in a meat dress and Burke mask, near the penalty box, green men style.

    Where is CCCP tonight?

  197. Spider- 5 years. Starts in 12, expires in 17. My point was to do it one year prior where they can still save $6.1M next year and wait and see what happens with the remainder of cap hit after the new CBA. Ala Drury. They bought him out one year before the expiration of current CBA. There is a good chance his $1.67M cap hit goes away next year- amnesty.

  198. LOL! OK, I’m not adept at this, but I know someone can photoshop LW’s image :)

    ilb? Now I’m lost, not serious about what?

  199. If some of you all don’t get the nicknames, contact Linda. She creates them all…..:)

  200. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    I do have to give ORR props on FLAVAH though,he brough that to my attention since i don’t get the pregame stuff until a day later when about 8 of you post it on my fb! LOL

  201. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So we bought out Richards? I’m so confused!

    Not sure why eminger would be wanted back by the organization. I liked the way he played and felt like he was under utilized by torts. We needed physicality on the blue line in the playoffs and torts didn’t let him near the ice, instead playing gilroy who we then did not resign and was only able to get roughly half the salary (1mil) that we payed him. What good is a 7th d if you won’t play him when you need to? So why keep him?

  202. Happy 4th all! I gotta run…This has been grand, as usual. Don’t text, talk, drink and drive….Til tomorrow….TA!

  203. BigBadVinny on

    Very disappointed in this signing. For all those saying that people shouldn’t expect Richards to score >30 goals and >90 points, I say then that the Rangers should not have given him that contract. Regardless of what many may think, he is being paid to play as a superstar, not as a mediocre, slightly-above average type of player — there are plenty of those in the league that would’ve come at a much less expensive price tag. Forget the 6.67 mil cap talk for a moment, he will be paid $12 million for each of the next two years. If I’m his teammate, he better be bringing me to the promised land (i.e. Stanley Cup) ’cause his paycheque surely dictates to me that he will.

    And, no to Kaberle — he was not instrumental in any of the Bruins’ success.

  204. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    Mr. Delaware, i thought it was hilarious

    Have a great one Laurel! Don’t text and tan

  205. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on


    Basically Richards didn’t base his final decision on the jagr!

  206. ilb

    You think the (potential) amnesty would extend to contracts that have already been bought out? Would seem overly generous to teams that screwed up and have already bitten the buyout bullet. Though I suppose the NHLPA would have little reason to oppose it, if it allows more cap space to splurge on “real” contracts.

  207. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    wicky, i explained it twice on the blog and sent you a FB message! LOL CHECK YOUR MESSAGES!

  208. LW- if the league is trying to bring the cap down they have to account for some sort of amnesty otherwise there will be very little room to work with..

  209. Rod Revenge on

    I amazed how some write off Zuc.

    At one point he was in on over 30% of all scoring chances, before ran out of gas.

    He’s working with Underhill now, and if he picks up 1/2 step he’s going to be one dangerous little bastid.


  210. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    no worries Wick, thought you were giving my post the localfan treatment lol

  211. I’m still confused on the CBA.

    But I like Gaga. I really do. Think she’s got awesome talent.

    So sue me.

  212. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    LMAO Carp, freakin Mako drives me crazy with that nut! But I still love him lol

  213. JimboWoodside on

    Hi, Folks!

    Latona, I’m glad that you’re feeling a bit better, and eating again, even if you aren’t enjoying it yet – I’m sure that your “regular” appetite will return soon.

    A Happy Independence Day to all the Boneheads out there – we’re independent of all those lousy contracts of the past, so now onto the *NEW* New York Rangers team!

    Carp, you have a phenomenon going on here with the RR Blog – so many hits, it’s incredible!

  214. Jimbo,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you last night, I needed some rest. Thanks for your kind words – you get lunch points for them!

  215. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    lol Lev, i figured him for a Paparazzi fan myself ;-) I guess he’s poker face when dealing with Torts!

  216. Rod Revenge on

    I’m with you Carp, Gaga’s got it goin on.

    Everything she writes is catchy as hell, and I’m a rocknroller.

    Shake your booty LOL

  217. Hi gang! Congrats Carp on the 9 million hits this weekend! You do such an awesome job with this blog and you are greatly appreciated. I’m feeling a bit better with the Richards signing. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Happy early 4th to everybody!

  218. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    First lmao @ ladybribur
    Second seriously contemplating becoming a vegetarian after that photo

  219. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    lmao Spider, that would have been totally insane
    oh, and i have been shaking my fist at you all day!

  220. On Cam Hope- he’s a lawyer in addition to everything else he has done with the Rangers and his wife works in Sather’s office as well. I’ve sat and talked with him and he’s a terrific guy and pretty brilliant when it comes to understanding the CBA. Whatever he does next I wish him the best.

  221. Oh man, Gaga can sing. I’ve seen her HBO Special and when it was just her and the piano, she has a really nice set of pipes.

  222. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    Orr, that guy is smoking something pretty powerful!

  223. That guy is bogarting whatever he’s smoking.

    Love Bad Romance … but Telephone, with Beyonce, knocks my socks off. New Gaga’s good, too.

    Was watching a special on Carol Burnett. When she was young, she looked like Gaga.

  224. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    Carp, i do not think that is a compliment ;-)

    Bogarting lmfao

  225. You guys jinxed me with the Madonna talk. I don’t really like her. Me and Mrs. Carp went to dinner and they were playing a whole best-of Madonna CD during dinner. Wanted to hurl.

  226. No, not really a compliment. Just an observation.

    ps, I like Adam Rotter. He likes RR. Always links to us and refers to us … but next Messier?

  227. JimboWoodside on

    Manny!! How’s the pickles!?

    I had some pretty good half-sours at the Mill Basin Deli a few nights ago – what kind are you making?

  228. OK, just checked. Adam didn’t compare Richards to Messier. One of his blog’s readers/tweeps did.

  229. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    LMAO Carpy, whoever said it is smoking something powerful!

  230. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    the recession hit Mickeys name! it certainly hasn’t hit mine yet lol

  231. Your name is recession-proof. It was just Linda back when you didn’t have a job.

    Did you mention Mako earlier? Haven’t seen that name in a long while.

  232. LinCalPrustBoylahan©openly covets Shea Weber, and yes I am aware i am breaking a commandment! on

    lmao Carpy! And yes, I did mention Mako. We talk about 4 times a week. Looking forward to hangin out with him while I’m in NY!

  233. quiet day around the league besides leafs deal.

    man im bored. baby sleeping wife about to fall asleep. no hockey what to do

  234. I think the Rangers like Anton Babchuk and have for awhile. I suspect they sign him if the price is right.

    Kaberle may yet end up in the KHL. Nobody lined up to throw big money at him on July 1. GM’s know what happened to Sergei Gonchar in Ottawa.

  235. Those couple of day have been pretty crazy so far…Caps have made themselves much, much better. But now they have cap issues and yet to sign a few important FAs. The Rangers got the best player available. Anyone else- oy vey. Buffalo is looking like 2000 NYR. They let Connolly go (rightfully so). And he was promptly signed by Toronto ( the biggest losers this off seeason so far, IMO, Florida is the second closest) for 2 years at $4.75M per. Then Buffalo goes ahead and signs Leino for 4 years at the same price….

  236. The Rangers have about $16M left. It may take between $12 to $14M to resign their RFAs. I do not think they’re doing anything until they sort at least some of that. Someone reported AA signed, but I haven’t seen the numbers, nor an official announcement for that matter.

  237. Florida and Buffalo followed the Neil Smith method. The last time a team tried something like that it was Montreal when they got Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri, and a defenseman or 2 in like a 5 minute span.

    Not sure what the Flyers are doing except building a weird team with a lot of Euros and that never goes down well in that place.

    Devils and Boston did nothing. Pittsburgh lost people and got Steve Sullivan.

    Tampa will be good next year. Montreal got Erik Cole who was only ever good for Carolina.

    Only Washington really did anything to get better. I think we have good chances for next season.

  238. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I wonder with RFAs like brouwer or simmonds what will happen. Wouldn’t mind seeing either one with the rangers!

  239. Paul in sunrise on

    I am a ranger fan in Florida. I like what the panthers did because they are now an NHL franchise again. So maybe they overpaid a lot. But they are skating an NHL team not ahl. Last thing I want is for the panthers to move because then I lose 2 live rangers games a year.

  240. Flyers is the biggest mystery to me. There is something strange….I don’t believe they got better at all. I believe it’s a step back. I do not know the issues Richards an Carter had in the locker room, but those are two cornerstones of your franchise. Pronger is a valuable player, but he is at the end of his career, you do not build around that player. Giroux is a great player, but a bit immature to step up and become a leader. And their goalie situation? It surely became more expensive. But better? Remains to be seen..

  241. I bet the Flyers will sign Konopka. They need someone to stick up for all of those Euro pansy’s!

    Pissburgh might have lost people, but as long as they have that core, Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fluery, Letang, Orpik, etc, they’ll be contenders. Also have some decent depth with guys like Neal, Kunitz, Salty Dupuis, ManBearPig, Cooke, Sullivan.

    If Crosby, and Malkin were healthy, the Lightning wouldn’t have went to the Conference Finals, I’m sure of that.

  242. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EC for captain… I see a big year ahead for him.. 7 goals 12 assists… Nearly a 20 pt man this season… Could be our MVP

  243. An NHL team? They have Campbell and Jovanovski on defense- combined for over $11M per year. Theodore as their starting goalie. If they go in overtime once against Washington, I’ll be very impessed.

  244. rangers caps eastern conf finals. unless crosby and the nhl intervene. so yes it will prob be

    pens caps

  245. I’m sure many of you have seen the tragedy in NYC with Marilyn Dershowitz being hit and killed by a postal truck yesterday while she was riding her bike. I sat a few seats from Nate Dershowitz, her husband, for about 20 years in section 408 (the old blue seats). Nate and Marilyn were two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I shared many happy and fun moments (including winning the Cup) with Nate and just want to share my condolences to a great guy and big Ranger fan.

  246. Impressed…sheesh. Time to retire.

    Eric- I’d like to see Crosby back to normal and Malkin skating fully first. Those were two serious injuries. Crosby’s two back-to-back concussions with subsequent PCS is very worrisome.

  247. ilb – it’s been on the NY local news and in the NY papers for the last two days.

  248. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp – Re any talk of Richards being the captain, while he brings a much better attitude, work ethic, and surely production here than Pizza Face, he got here via the mercenary stigma of Free Agency. I reiterate, the Rangers organization, and all organizations should have an unstated policy of always selecting a system-developed player as the team’s captain. If Richards were a Rangers system product and Cally were not, I would be for Richards to wear the “C.” But Cally has paid his dues, made a substantial contribution here, and would be highly offended, if not incensed if he is passed over for what he has earned and rightly deserves. Surely Sather learned something, as regards the Pizza Face contract and captaincy disaster.

  249. eddie eddie eddie on

    i live in CA…not in touch……not a fan of death, myself….cruelest of all ironies… condolences…

  250. eddie eddie eddie on

    ..and all of EC’s goals were SO winners…..the only 7 games he played….

  251. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Since they will never jettison the shootout, why don’t they make it more exciting and less time consuming than a 16 inning baseball game by having a two-man breakaway in on the goalie, instead of one shooter skating in on the goaltender?

  252. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I get these ideas. My best basketball idea is instead of a player shooting two foul shots each worth one point, just shoot ONE foul shot worth TWO POINTS; or, when applicable, shoot one foul shot worth THREE POINTS. Saves time, for sure, there were 80(!) foul shots in a Nets game on the road, last fall. 80! Is that what people pay good money to see?

  253. eddie eddie eddie on

    first, there was The captain……then, The PRUST….soon, in a breakout year, we…will…..have…..The EC…..aka The enigma continues…..

  254. HAHAHAHA! “Per @GmillerTSN, Flyers have violated the CBA with Max Talbot’s contract. Team will need to edit yearly numbers for it to go official.” – @PhilaBright

  255. eddie eddie eddie on

    Spider……all of CA will have to stay off the roads tonight after that trade

  256. Rod's Revenge on

    Babchuk’s the name I kept hearing too after Burns was dealt.

    Hardly anyone talked about it, but supposedly the Rangers went hard after Burns
    (who, if you saw HockeyNight live, apparently has 400! reptiles living in his house, WTF?!).

    Ultimately SJ paid quite a price, Setogucchi + a former No. 1 + this year’s No. 1 (28th overall).

    A few days later the NYDN ran a strange story out of the blue, “sources saying” how Anisimov was staying a Ranger, as if anyone was seriously questioning it at the time.

    That’s because as I heard it, AA has become the new “it” player. Everyone who talks trade with the NYR wants him due to his age, size, he’s still on his ELC, he scored 18 goals on a so-so team (at least their record said they were) in an almost P/T role, and maybe most importantly he expressed a real disappointment with his production, which people took note of. It’s just what player personnel directors look for.

    Anyway, point is the prices on offensive d-men are ridiculous. Just look what Wishneiwski signed for (33m).

    So he may be imperfect, but Babchuk is 27, 6-5 w/a cannon and is a UFA.
    He had 27 pts in 65 games, was a +18, mostly averaging about 15:00 toi.

    Feaster sure sounds like he likes him & wants him back:

    Unrestricted free agent Anton Babchuk remains in the picture, although he’s clearly looking for a raise on his salary of $1.4 million.

    “We’ve always been interested in him,” Feaster said. “We tried to sign him. We like him. We think he’s a guy who can do a heck of a job for us on the point on the power play.
    “He’s a defenceman we think is capable of scoring 50 points in a season. So we like him a lot. We made an offer. “We’re continuing to talk to his people, and we’ll see where it goes.”

    Read more:

  257. That’s a very odd trade. Not that Heatley has been the superstar scorer he was years ago, you’d think they’d be able to get a bit more than Havlat, who’s like the bionic man.

    Jeez! Flyers get rid of Richards, and Carter. The Sharks get rid of Setoguchi, and Heatley.

    Interesting summer!

  258. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    a bit early, but I’m sure just about all of you will be busy tomorrow:

    HAPPY 4th of July Boneheads!!!! Hope all youse guys have an awesome, safe day,

  259. Rod's Revenge on

    Setoguchi in back-to-back, basically unrelated posts?

    Bet that never happened before…..

  260. eddie eddie eddie on

    i like Avery playing with gabby and King Richards II, the RAG line……

  261. eddie eddie eddie on

    I live in shark-land….Setoguchi is special…clutch too….I dont know why SJ let him go….

  262. No, Carp, I didn’t lose. I just misplaced it in the mess of receipts on my desk. :)

    It was only 92 here today. A cool down(even though it felt like 105 again)

  263. eddie eddie eddie on

    In an unrelated topic, does anyone know if Tike suffered a massive MI after the Bruins won the cup….?

  264. Heatley was traded? What in the blue hell is going on with these teams making crazy assen moves this off-season. Makes no sense.

  265. Ahhh Ha….


    Heatley has a modified no-trade. Had to submit a list of 10 teams he wouldn’t go to before July 1. obviously Minny wasn’t on that list.

  266. I wonder if Edmonton was on that list :P

    Probably something like this…






    All Edmonton Oilers, and no play make Dany Heatley a bad driver!

  267. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I thought havlat had a NTC, but must have waived it(obviously)

  268. This Heatley for Havlat thing seems like its the 2nd half of the Brent Burns / Setoguchi trade that was delayed until now for some reason. This is further proof that Heatley is a Gomez-style albatross.

  269. Something must have happened with Heatley in SJ for them to make that trade. Havlat’s a billion years old and always hurt.

  270. Wasn’t ilb saying earlier this week that players who are traded get their NMC voided or is that only for players like Richards and Carter who had one that was starting in the future?

  271. who is this character on twitter???

    CarpRick Rick Carpiniello
    I am hearing Wolski and Christensen might be gone #Rangers #NYR #NHL

  272. So the MIN-SJ deal really looks like:

    Havlat, Burns, and a 2nd for Setoguchi, Heatley, Coyle, and a 1st.

  273. Blaze – It would be funny if that person actually stated that he is not really Carp, and just repeated stuff he says. It’s gotta be a bonehead!

  274. Stranger Nation on

    Heatley is a cancer – total loser I hear – addition by subtraction

    Wolski and EC should be gone.

    NYR need 1st line LW and physical top4 D-man

    forget about counting on MZA and the young guns on top 2 lines – have them prove it in camp and hartford

  275. Now I’ve gone and stirred some hartnell up, telling everyone that @carprick is fake

    Carp – You would have told us if you went out and got a Twitter account, right? Tell the people.

  276. no to babchuck. cannon on the PP but a soft and bad d man.


    rangers should sign rfa’s and then hold tight for a while… ec makes $900k why trade him??lst year of his deal i keep him and see what happens…

    wolski same thing, but makes about $3.5, give him a shot……….if he is wolski sit him and try someone else……..

  277. Maybe the Wild would be up for flipping Heatley to the Rangers?? I mean since they traded Burns away, their Defense is pretty lousy and that just so happens to be one of our strengths

    I’m thinking Girardi and maybe a prospect/pick could do it

    Since Heater can play both wings, we would have our Top Line LW now

    … Just a thought … Nobody shoot me !!!

  278. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks, Eddie. Actually I am with the legion of fans who want o.t. and 3-point games and s.o. garbage dumped, permanently, but there is a “Little Napolean” in the league offices standing small in the way.

  279. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Eddie – The great thing about Humphrey Bogart was that he really wasn’t acting, he was just playing his private life on screen. Hell of a man, Frank Sinatra’s size with the Duke’s heart.

  280. holy christ

    fall asleep early and see this trade.

    so essentially its havlat burns for heatley setogucci coyle. the 2 draft picks exchanged were 28th overall for 38th overall in this past draft.

    sharks save 2.5 per. i still think wild win this one. coyle is x factor

  281. Good Report. What legit 1st line LW’s do you think Sather could go and trade for?

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