“The Decision” … Brad Richards chooses the Rangers (updated)


According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the official announcement is coming. Deal still has to be signed/sealed.

Deal reportedly is nine years, annual average salary of $6.5 million.

(UPDATE: the deal is now being reported as nine years, $60 million, or an average of $6.67 per).

Reports are he left money on the table, with at least Calgary having an offer for more $$.

Got to believe that the tipping point in the decision was coach John Tortorella. You know the Cup-winning teammates creed to “walk together forever.”

More to come …


So now, if Richards lives up to what he’s supposed to be, or what he’s always been, the Rangers have two-thirds of a legit No. 1 line, a very legit second line, and more than six players who can make up legit third and fourth lines. Plus a world-class goalie and a very good young defense. In other words, if Richards produces and gets Gaborik and the PP going, they are maybe a No. 1 winger away from being a dangerous team in the Least. Right?

And, with Richards and all the youth on the team, and more assets coming, they might be able to make a trade at some point for that one more piece.


Tampa Bay signs Matt Gilroy to a one-year contract. Not an enormous loss, but a loss for the Rangers, nonetheless. I think he’s going to be a good player. Don’t know how good, though.


Rangers traded minor-leaguer Brodie Dupont to Predators for RFA RW Andreas Thuresson.

Carolina signed Rangers minor leaguer Justin Soryal to a one-year, two-way contract, worth $525,000 at the NHL level, or $80,000 at the minor-league level.

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  1. I am gonna pull my lobster pots today in honor of Brad Richards. Fort Pond, here I come. I am officially BACK on the Brad Richards bandwagon!!!

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    9 years…………..thats a long time

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Larry Brooks NYP_Brooksie

    Rangers did exactly what they said they wouldn’t do, get into a bidding war and give an excessive deal

  4. wow. where is the parade. they just signed a difference maker, stud, who can lead the rangers to the promise land.


    they signed a very nice complimentary player who does all things well but does not dominate a game.

    well so they overpaid about 4 years and $2 mill per year.. no big deal ….it may be a big deal time will tell…

  5. Gift of GAB-orik on

    You can always count on Brooks to put his usual negative nancy spin on things!

  6. If there’s a clause not moving, trading, sitting and standing, I will be annoyed. But hey, welcome to NY Brad.

  7. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    9 years.. really!? eeesh, he’ll be 40 at the end of the contract.. who does this guy think he is.. Chris Chelios? :-)

  8. gabby richards wolski?
    dubi anisimov cally
    rupp boyle prust
    avery fedotenko ec?

    staal girardi
    saur mcd
    del zotto / erixon

    sound aboot right??

  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Rangers should have approx $3.5M of space after signing their Group II’s..

  10. brooks is a writer that is what they do. watch from the sidelines and question all matters. often they are for something before they are against it and think you cannot remember when they were for it……..

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    exactly Gerry, except for the flames

  12. we can definitely get 5-6 years out of Brad… that’s 5-6 years of all kinds of possibilities with relatively low cap hit! Lower than Drury’s or Gomez’s and we got a much better player than those two! what’s so bad about that?

  13. Carp July 2nd, 2011 at 11:05 am

    That 6.5 cap hit is going to be around longer than Brad Richards.

    hopefully it wont be….bc hopefully Sather didn’t think it was drury 2.0 and give him a NMC……

  14. if after signing all rfa’s the rangers had $3 mill left I would be ecstatic.. IF>>>>>>>>

  15. Ok, well, there you go. The rangers again spend a cap hit of 6.5 a year (sound familiar) on a player who is decent (sound familiar) that is 31 (sound familiar) to a long term deal (sound familiar). This might not hurt right now but down the road this could be another disaster. This guy is a concussion away from a dirty hit. I hope it works out, fingers crossed.

  16. Carp, thanks for the coverage. “Boneheads”, thanks for the up-to-the-minute rumors – I read every post, and I have to say, this place has more extensive coverage than any other site out there, hands-down.

    6.5/year is awesome. 9 years, not so much. This one will only be worth it for the first 4 years, 6 years at most. But who knows what will happen in the future? Any word on NMC?

  17. flames are old and not that talented. rangers better oppty to win for bradley over the next 4 years…

  18. Gift of GAB-orik on

    No doubt 9 years is crazy. But given what’s been going on recently with ‘high end’ FA’s… Kovalchuk, Ehrhoff, Bryzgalov… did we really expect anything different?

    Until a new CBA kills the possibility of these deals, agents are going to do whatever they can to get their clients money, and GM’s to keep the cap hit lower.

  19. it was a 7 year deal originally its believed. they added 2 years and brought the cap hit down. i dont like the length but im happy w/ the cap hit. it could have been way worse.

  20. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    another gem from brooks

    Larry Brooks NYP_Brooksie
    For a a very good player who has never quite been in the spotlight, the heat will be on Brad Richards in NY, that’s for sure…

  21. honestly, goin to bed last night, i was fearful of way worse than 9 years 6.5 per…..i thought it woud be outrageous like 10 yrs 80 mil or somethin…..and if he did leave money on the table to come here, that shows he somewhat really wanted to be a Ranger

  22. Cup winning teammates say they “will walk together forever.” Got to believe Torts was the tipping point in this decision.

  23. Welcome to the club of delirious souls with a high sticker price.
    Now, dig a trench…For this money it should be from this fence to a dinner. And give me something to see your job done, I don’t know should it be a binocular or microscope…Oh, and don’t call me crazy, please…

  24. brooks does what most of the NY media do.

    build things up to knock them down…

    really signing richards to this type of deal is a big risk!!!!no way.

    man cherapanov’s loss on the hockey front has haunted the ranges for years.. he could have been the cheap front line skilled forward………..

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    now, do they get rid of Judas and WoWo?

  26. All of you talking about how he better have no NMC are hilarious — you really think any team is going to be dumb enough to take him off our hands in 4 years?

    I hope this turns out great, but Carp’s right on this one — nothing’s guaranteed, he’s good not elite, and this doesn’t automatically mean our PP works.

  27. thanks, mike. these Boneheads make it what it is. I just open the door in the morning.

    Johnny, do you have one of those fur coats?

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    yea, we still need a freakin PLAN on the power play! Wasn’t redden touted as the answer? Oy vey


  29. Chris F. July 2nd, 2011 at 11:12 am

    All of you talking about how he better have no NMC are hilarious—you really think any team is going to be dumb enough to take him off our hands in 4 years?


  30. great point, Doodie. Except with Drury and Rozsival around, they couldn’t afford him at that point. probably.

    but Kovalchuk is way higher on the elite ladder.

  31. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    now for the really important stuff:

    GET CALLY, SAUER, ANI, BOYLE AND DUBI SIGNED DAMNIT!!!!!!!! and then say bye bye bye to Fredo

  32. Doodie

    Two minutes ago you cried that 9 years is too much and now you want Kovalchuk and his *15-year* $100 million deal? OK…

  33. Somebody please text eric at the number he provided earlier. so he can enjoy his anniversary and not crash his car on the way.

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Calgary Flames offered 9 years and roughly $65 schmil.

  35. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    i would carp but i’m out of minutes on my phone lol

  36. Rod's Revenge on


    You’re dead right but remember, NYR were never interested in Kovalchuk ;)

    It’s time I should be going!

    It would be nice if someone pointed out what Richards will do on the ice instead of this contract nonsense. The guy is a total rinkrat, world-class hands, maybe a 1/2 step from the blur of a skater he was in TB but still has plenty of giddyup.

    Totally professional (and clutch!) player. Quiet toughness.

    Rangers are much better than 10 minutes ago!

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    i like you’re guarantee Carp! I just want Cally signed on my birthday so i have more to celebrate lol

  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    he left about 7 million samolians on the table, good for him

  39. I agree Rod. If we don’t think about the back end of the deal, this is a great signing. And if he stays healthy.

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Rod said CLUTCH!! nice

  41. Well at least we didn’t have to part with Dubie, Arty etc. to get him. Well until Sather decides to get on Signing those Group II’s anyway…..

  42. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    July 12 Carpy, and that would be fantastic. He signed his most recent contract on July 13th lol!

  43. I know one thing… my Rangers just got WHOLE lot better! I won’t let negative crap ruin my “Welcome to the Rangers, Brad” day!

  44. iDoodie machetto on

    Cccp, kovalchucks deal ends when he is 41, aka, one year older than Richards. And he’s going to make 90 million by the time he’s 36. What incentive would he have for 10 million over five years when he can retire to Russia and make 5 million tax free.

  45. love the cap hit…dont love the 9 years so much.

    whoever thinks kovalchuk would be better doesnt know hockey. Richards is a team leader, team player, heart and soul, put it all on the line player. Kovalchuk is a me first, give me the puck so I can try to score a highlight goal, and if it doesnt work then I wont try for the rest of the game kinda player.

    I’ll take a team full of B. Richards over a team of Kovalchuks any day.

    welcome to New York Brad!!

  46. I would love for the rangers to sign Konopka, he’s excellent on face off, he is a physical player and can drop the gloves when need be.

  47. I’m sure his agent prepared a package analyzing how much more residual money he could make in NY than in Calgary. He probably didn’t leave money on the table so much as realize there were more marketing and brand dollars to be gotten in NY.

    Which is fine. Hope Gabby likes him.

    How is he on faceoffs?

  48. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Sooooo more money for a vet.. and none to little for the home grown talent…

    And how many games are they really better ??

  49. He said he would have signed with Calgary but he really wants to play with Tim Erixon. :)

  50. the video that i linked showed pashnin fire a laser in a scrimmage….and two goals each by lindberg and hagelin….for what its worth

  51. gotta see how much the breakdown is too. Even though its 9 years, he might be paid half of his contract in 2 seasons!!!!

  52. 9 years is a necessary evil if it means putting someone with gaborik that can get him to a 40-50 goal plateau which in turn means more scoring for the team and less pressure on hank.

  53. If those figures are correct, and he’s getting 50 million of the contract in the first five years, he’d be sitting around 2 million per for the remaining four years of the deal, which, I guess, makes him movable. To me, this move is nearly identical to the Drury and Redden signings, except it’s for more years and you’ve got a guy with a history of concussions. I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere near the kind of production out of Brad Richards that will make anyone love this move.

    I dunno…hard to justify going on the hook for 9 years for a 20+ goal guy who’s really only had two seasons better than the last two albatross forward signings (Gomez and Drury).

  54. Joke July 2nd, 2011 at 11:23 am

    love the cap hit…dont love the 9 years so much.

    whoever thinks kovalchuk would be better doesnt know hockey. Richards is a team leader, team player, heart and soul, put it all on the line player. Kovalchuk is a me first, give me the puck so I can try to score a highlight goal, and if it doesnt work then I wont try for the rest of the game kinda player.

    I’ll take a team full of B. Richards over a team of Kovalchuks any day.

    welcome to New York Brad!!



  55. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    And down the stretch run when they need a d or a fwd who becomes available , they won’t have cap space to sign .

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Ya know what is GOOD about this signing….. Stepan and Ani can learn A LOT from this guy. It took me this long to say that he will be a great influence on our young guys.

  57. that should say, greg finally won a bet, and its against me. i love u greg. damn it

  58. mao...ahhh sooo!™ on

    WOW! that seems cheap for Richards! I’ll worry about the backend of that deal when it happens..we’re talking a good 4-5 years from now with plenty of young Rangers in the cupboard to act like natural gas will for the USA, a bridge fuel. My concern was the lofty numbers being bandied about. Now Gabby has a player that can rival his talent, and the PP just went up a notch. BOth players with concussions so that always a concern, but nothing is without risk. GOOOO RANGERS!! GOOOO RICHARDS!!! GOOO BONEHEADS!

  59. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on


  60. Wow, when will Ranger fans realize heart and soul don’t mean goals? Which this teams needs in a bad way. Blueshirts’ve got a ton of heart guys — and had one as a Captain until a few days ago.

    I hope being here somehow makes him an even more explosive player. You know, like Kovy.

  61. 6.5 cap hit is not bad at all. Sather did not make the same mistake and splurge the first day. He played it patiently and still got a decent contract.

  62. He’ll never rival Gabby’s talent. Hopefully he helps Gabby become even more potent.

  63. loveee it .. i have a question… will dubinsky and callahan still be around after this deal? my friend says we gonna lose one of them because of cap space is that true?

  64. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    wehre did his phone number go???

  65. oleosmirf,

    as I said in my post, he’s only had two season with better points than Drury or Gomez, the rest of his years are very comparable to the numbers they put up before coming here. my issue with this move is that to sign a “playmaker,” you’ve got to have guys who can consistently finish. Rangers haven’t proven they have anyone who can do that. Gaborik obviously should be able to, but he really looked like a shot player last year. It would be nice if one of the younger players emerged, but I get nervous when they bring in these gritty team leader-types who aren’t really going to score much and are heavily reliant on scorers to make them look better. We just got down with two players of a very similar mold who were absolute nightmares.

  66. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    i jsut texted him carpy

  67. quick, somebody link that funny ass video where torts sings! carp, u had it or linda did right?

  68. NEWS: Artem Anisimov Will Re-Sign

    By Adam Rotter on July 02, 2011, 10:49AM

    Andy Strickland tweets that Artem Anisimov will re-sign with the Rangers after Brad Richards makes his decision.

    that is good news

  69. Gotta love all the bitter comments on the TSN article about how the Rangers outbid everyone all the time. Not on this one, suckers. Or, should I say, Flames fans.

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    ok, erics not happy! if i am not around later, can someone text him when the actually yearly numbers come out?

  71. Not too bad of a signing as long as he doesn’t forget how to play, like so many over paid Ranger free agents before him. He has in the past made others around him look better as well, so hopefully that will continue. Now if only we could get a shut down D man, then I would be infinitely happy… :)

  72. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    lmao Carpy.. nope not slatsageddon! And yes, unfortunately, no incredibly awesome dude in his early 20’s is coming here now lol!!!

    but alas, we do have the Pope, and I’m sure he’ll be a good influence/mentor for our young guys. Looking forward to seeing what this guy can do, and if he can help ignite a healthy gabby

  73. iDoodie machetto on

    I’m interested to see the contract breakdown so I can go on capgeek and figure out when a buyout would be effective.

  74. NYP_Brooksie This deal does not destroy 2011-12 cap…NYR have space to sign all their Group II’s plus a UFA defenseman. Also 2d buyout round in Aug

    didnt we have $24.6 mil yes?? so now if it is 6.5 we woud have 18.1 mil left….anyone know if thats correct or accurate?

  75. Andy Strickland writes for Eklund and has his own website called truehockey.com

  76. Carp: That cap hit goes away if Richards retires and yes it’s a long ways away and lots can change between now and then (ie new CBA with new rules and possible loopholes to get of bad contracts), but if in 6 years if he’s sucking, it’s quite possible he’d simply retire.

    And retire a very very rich man.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if he told Sather that…

  77. We give up dead weight in drury, and get a much more skilled guy in Richards. How can ppl not be happy. Playmakers are underated and hard to come by really good
    Ones. This guy fills a huge whole on the rangers

  78. Why are people so concerned about the length? I’m sure it’s front loaded like hell and the last few years he’ll be making almost nothing. If he declines at 36-37 you buy him out and his cap hit goes from 6.5 to like 1.

  79. as far as these stories about Richards taking less money, that could be a bit of a distortion. let’s presume that the reports that the Rangers have promised 50 million of his 58 million dollars in the first 5 years, guaranteeing him around $10 million a year, it’s entirely possible that the Calgary contract didn’t frontload as much of the money, making the Ranger deal more enticing. yes, he’d be taking 7 million less overall, but he may very well have had to wait more time to get the money in 5 years from Calgary that he’ll be getting here.

  80. Rod's Revenge on

    Someday TSN will come up with a new headline for a Ranger signing besides ‘Broadway Bound”. They’ve used it in every deal since Brian Skrudland I think.

    Canadiens seem freakin’ weird sometimes.

    Brian Burke decided a good way to woo Richards was from Afghanistan!?? WTF!?

    He’s going to get killed on this one!

    Happy 4th.

  81. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    dont forget they signed Rupp and Tenko yesterday also

  82. Rangers should be expected to acquire a veteran defenseman for around 2.5 mil to play along with either Erixon or Del Zotto on the 3rd pair

    Wojtek Wolski ($3.800m) / Brad Richards ($6.500m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
    Brandon Dubinsky ($3.750m) / Artem Anisimov ($1.900m) / Ryan Callahan ($4.000m)
    Ruslan Fedotenko ($1.400m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($1.750m)
    Michael Rupp ($1.500m) / Brian Boyle ($1.500m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
    Sean Avery ($1.937m) / Erik Christensen ($0.925m)

    Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
    Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Mike Sauer ($1.200m)
    Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m)

    Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) / Martin Biron ($0.875m)

    BUYOUTS: Chris Drury ($3.716m)

    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $60,491,667; BONUSES: $1,487,500
    CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $3,808,333

  83. So now, if Richards lives up to what he’s supposed to be, or what he’s always been, the Rangers have two-thirds of a legit No. 1 line, a very legit second line, and more than six players who can make up legit third and fourth lines. Plus a world-class goalie and a very good young defense. In other words, if Richards produces and gets Gaborik and the PP going, they are maybe a No. 1 winger away from being a dangerous team in the Least. Right?

    And, with Richards and all the youth on the team, and more assets coming, they might be able to make a trade at some point for that one more piece.

  84. when is eric ever happy? no offense to eric, but he is one of the most negative if not the most negative poster on here. i don’t think I’ve ever seen a positive post related to the Rangers from him.

  85. Carp has been saying this for a long time. If you construct this team where cally and Dubi are on the SECOND line, they will be a contender. Gaborik now has a TRUE number one center who can get him the puck. I think he will have a huge bounce back year.

    Goaltending and Defense wins cups. Tell me who has a better young defensive core than the NY Rangers?

    I am very optimistic about this move. Is Richards a SUPERSTAR? No! Did the Boston Bruins just win a cup with any real superstars up front?

    The People rest (as I used to say back in my prosecutor days…)

  86. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    LMFAO Mike Fisher just put this up on twitter under the headline ONLY AT PUBLIX in Nasvhille do you see this:


  87. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    *Nashville for the spelling police

  88. iDoodie machetto on

    To all the people eager to buy a Richards jersey, I think you should. It will compliment your Gomez/drury jerseys nicely in the back of your closet in 4 years

  89. wolski buy out. i am not sure. 1 yr $3.5 mill. he has talent… wait and see….

  90. tru cally anisimov and dubi on 2nd line. then you have a good team. world class goalie and good young D. should be interesting. also more talent on the way.. kreider, hagelin, thomas, etc.

    uncle glennie doing an ok job.

    to much money and time forrichards but frontloading helps and they had little choice needed a frontline non superstar player in bad market…

  91. Rod's Revenge on

    The point shot Carp. Even with Richards on one side, they need that cannon.

    And yes, a sniper. Maybe 2 if Gaborik doesnt awaken.

    and that’s critical to opening the whole thing up.

    Know they like Clowe from SJ and a few others but think that’ll come down the road.

    Or it could be Christian Thomas :)

    Finally finally finally they’ve increased their razor-thin margin for error.

    And this deal shows they now believe it’s time to take the next step towards contention.

  92. not only should Wolski not be bought out but he should be put on the top line with Richards and Gaborik.

    Wolski had 65 points two seasons ago. He has the talent and has the track record of success, he has one year left on his deal and there is noone in HFD or the FA list that has that kind of upside…

  93. This is disgusting…9 years? Manageable cap hit but I still think the Rangers had no business getting in a bidding war. He better have a few 80 point seasons and click with Gabby or this contract is a disaster. So, this makes us _elite_ right?

    Carp, thanks for all your hard work over the last 2 days!! TR, good to see you post!

    Congrats to zZzZ for beating Grabby in the bet!

  94. Rod's Revenge on

    Gilroy gone! Amen.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but Sather’s been just about perfect this off-season.

    Kreider for Bogosian?! Hmmmmm……

  95. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    NYR he will be a great vet mentor for Step and Ani.

    GOD I WISH IT WAS OCTOBER! I cannot wait to see this team on ice… and Cally STILL BETTER GET THE C LOL!!

  96. i’d rather have Hagelin on the top line over Wolski. Hagelin was CCHA defensive player of the year.

  97. The only thing holding that up, IMO, is that Torts wants to tell the players, and present the honor to Callahan in front of the players, before making it public.

  98. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    aaaaaah, that name was gettin too heavy to carry it around much longer

  99. wow just woke up from a 3 hour nap here in Israel. I AM HAPPY. great price, hopefully it is front-loaded and no NMC, but still I AM HAPPY.

  100. Former potential power play answer Andrew Hutchinson “joins Barys Astana of the KHL” @emptynetters@

    Justin Soryal to the Hurricanes, per their Twitter.

  101. The only way any team was going to sign him was going to be to frontload it because of the expiring CBA. An average salary of $6.5 per doesn’t really bother me too much.

  102. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    yea i figured that Carp. i was just hoping that the new guy who has not played a second on the team would NOT get the C lol!!

    I will seriously cry when he steps out on the ice with that C on his sweater!!

  103. I haven’t watched Brad Richards enough to know how much better he is, but on paper, he’s not that much different than Gomez and Drury.

    Wolski is a dog. He wouldn’t score in New York if Gretzky was passing him the puck. Be rid of him and find a real player with some guts.

  104. Rod's Revenge on

    Hey, I thought McCabe played very very well considering….

    Considering he’d been weakened by a busted jaw, considering they demoted Zuccarello and lost any creativity that PP had. They went 1-45 after that.

    I also thought Eminger played real well and deserved to come back, though with Erixon it now looks like they’ll only be room for one.

    and I still haven’t given up hope on McIlrath! So I’m not sure what they think…

  105. True Blue Mike on

    I really dont think anyone should be complaing about this deal. It is more of a 6 year contract. The last 3 years will probably be bought out or taken off the cap if Richards decides to retire. You can say Sather isnt the most apt GM when making UFA signings but he knows what he is doing. I said it yesterday, if we could get Richards at 6.5m, then get it done. They did and it will pay off. The Rangers are a better team now, there is no arguing it. On top of it they can still sign Kaberle now.

  106. Brodie Dupont traded to Preds for Andreas Thuresson. @JoshuaCooper@

    Lots of activity!

    Maybe a salary rollback will be the answer to Richards’s cap hit.

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    Darren Dreger DarrenDreger
    Our numbers for Richards are slighly off. It’s 9 years at $60 million. What’s that…$6.7 aav?

  108. Rod's Revenge on

    Oh, the deal just went up according to Dreger.

    9yrs, $60m. 6.7 avg.

    SO WHAT?!!!

    Enjoy life!!!!

  109. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on

    ok, i gotta get ready to spend some time with the man….

    someone text eric when the yearly terms are released

  110. True Blue Mike on

    I was really pissed to see Gilroy go. We should have traded him at the deadline if we were just going to let him go. He has some value still.

    Wolski-Richards-Gaborik – Good line, any line with those two will be a good line.

    Dubinsky-Richards-Gaborik – Very good line.

    Now that Richards is offically a Ranger. What happens if Gaborik and Richards don’t mesh? Dubinsky-Richards-Callahan

  111. BANJ is Thunderbolting! on

    No Carp, I’m giving CPR to my laptop. Where do ya blow on this POS!

  112. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp do you think they will hold a presser next week to “welcome” him to N.Y. ?

  113. I’m pumped up- lot of $ but we should be able to keep our guys in tact and still add a bit more- much better option than trading away assets plus $ to get a number 1 center

  114. iDoodie machetto on

    So we are paying more for Richards than we could have for kovalchuk. Awesome job, glen!

  115. WTF? Nobody could text me?
    Just found out. Still at work. Not sure why are so upset with the length, the cap hit is more important. But the most important thing is the structure of his contract. Does anyone have it? I can bet you the first year is $12.8M. And I’m sure it has NMC.

  116. Carp, who of the prospects do you see having the best chance to make the team out of training camp this year? Hagellin? Thomas? Borque? I assume Mcllrath definitely going back to juniors and Krieder is at BC….

    Of course, things will most likely change if one or more are traded…

  117. Evan, I don’t see a lot of opportunity for those guys to make the jump this year. No point in having them play fourth-line minutes instead of developing in Connecticut or juniors. McIlrath would have to be stupendous in camp to not go back. Kreider won’t be there.

  118. tr – Someone did post the n-word under Carp’s name but it was quickly deleted. I’m waiting on official from the Rangers, not NHL.com reporters. Obviously, we’re not gonna hear contract details from them, though.

  119. Rod's Revenge on

    If they don’t mesh they’re trading Gaborik, which they’ve already looked in to.

    Heard they could have – maybe – had OTT’s No. 6 for him, but it would’ve taken away from the attractiveness for signing Richards.

    And as tight as things got, maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t.

  120. Anyone know the $ on Gilroy? I didn’t think he’d get close to the $2.2 mil that the rangers turned down for his qualifier. Thought he might get more years than 1 though

  121. Excellent point re: Kovalchuk, Doodie. Richards isn’t a 50-goal scorer or in that elite class of player…

    I am glad that the cap hit is under 7…I feared the cap hit would be closer to 8…it could be worse, no question. The number of years is insane…

    It’s a disaster for the long term…pretty good deal for the short term…The Rangers will be in “win now” mode in a couple of seasons when they add the missing pieces….Like Drury, I don’t see B. Rich adding much of anything past age 35, but I could be wrong…

    What about NMC? Does anybody know?

  122. LMAO kovalchuck is garbage. Always has been. he is a more productive zherdev. Never did anything in the playoffs and never will, and his contract beyond the cap hit is more rediculous than Richards.

    Richards led his team in 2004 to the cup with st louis and vinny. He is a proven playoff performer.

  123. Wolski and Christenson should be traded. Waste of roster spot/money.
    I bet Winnipeg, Columbus or Florida would all be down.

  124. True Blue Mike on

    This is the way i see this signing play out. Hopefully Gaborik and Richards pan out and become a top scoring duo in the league. That may not happen. Gaborik doesn’t need a first line “elite” center to put up 40 goals. He showed us that. His second year, he was injury plagued and things just didnt work out well. Now,

    Richards comes to our team and takes a whole lot of pressure off our younger guys I.E. Stepan, AA. Step and Anisamov were playing against the other teams top defense pairing because either one of them was considered our number one center. Even if Christensen comes back this should help him as well. Also Richards is going to improve our power play significantly and actually give it some movment and some life whilst at the same time providing veteran presence to a young team and he is pretty good in the face-off circle.

    Richards makes players around him better. Thats all i want him to do this year.

  125. Carp or anyone else,

    What do you think would have been better for the NYR: The contract he got (9/60 – 6.7 per year) OR a contract that had less years (if he is a disappointment) but a higher cap hit per year?

  126. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Just catching up. Guess richards lived up to his word on the interview he gave with reda last night, good for him. And he left jagr on the table, I’m impressed.

    who is the guy we traded dupont for?

    Now resign AA, cally, boyle, and sauer!

    Who is EC?

    Guess this means avery and wolski will be retained?



    Term is a bit long, but the cap hit is good!

    soryal signed with canes I think!

  127. All final teams in Richards race were close in offers. Kings over 60M for 9 yrs too. 50M in 1st 5 yrs. Brad going where he wanted all along – @realkyper@

    Still say these contract structures are jokes, even if they are “allowed.”

  128. i could care less about Gilroy. he was brought here for his offensive abilities and they never presented themselves.

  129. I don’t know if I am happy or sad………I guess it’s over. That’s one plus. We got the best available. That’s a plus. The unknowns are now the negatives.

    Here’s to hoping for the best

  130. Adam,

    Considering how frontloaded the contract will probably be, the length of the deal doesn’t really matter. You’ll be in a situation where the amount of money he’s owed will probably be down to under 10 million for the remaining 4 years of his deal, so at that point, he can be moved or traded. My issue with the deal is that Richards took advantage of an incredibly soft free agent pool, and got way more money than he’s worth, regardless of the length. He’s not going to give you much more than you got from Drury and Gomez, and he’ll be getting paid more. This deal worries me.

  131. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    I don’t get the “pope” reference

  132. I meant to say, “moved or bought out.”

    Anyway, Ville Leino, who I’m sure is a nice player, got a 6-year deal at $27 million after a 53-point season. The free agent pool is paper thin this year and Richards cashed in big time.

  133. Lloyd

    Richards has been a consistent 70-80 point player and has touched 90 twice. The thing that hurts him is the two seasons after the lockout where he only played 50-60 games. Even then he was on pace for over 70 points over an 82 game season.

    Richards is clearly a superior player given how he stacks up with the other forwards in the league…

  134. Carp,

    Absolutely. Wisniewski is another guy who was able to leverage an overvalued contract based on one above-average season. Look at the deal Ehrhoff got. He’s 10 times the player Wisniewski is and Buffalo signed him for less money.

    The Jovanovski deal, well, I’m guessing his agent held a gun to someone’s head because I don’t know how that guy has any value at all. Were teams really wowed by that 14 points he put up?

  135. Even though the last few years he might be making 1-2 million per year because the contract was frontloaded, he still will have a cap hit of 6.67 per year, correct? If that is the case and they buy him out, let’s say with 3 years left on the contract, what will that do to the cap hit? Will it be a Drury type situation? Thanks!

  136. 4generations 4 cups on

    I dont understand why there is any (ANY!) complaint in here. We have needed a #1 center for (HOW LONG?). This guy has been in a Rangers Jersey ever since Dallas flopped their last game of the season (well, probably before that but 100% at that point) and we NEED! him.

  137. iDoodie machetto on

    Adam, you can’t say for sure until you have the actual salary amounts. It’s a calculation that is done year by year based upon actual salary.

  138. Rod's Revenge on

    One of the most overlooked things about Gabby’s season was his missing Del Zotto,
    who not only had sprung him for 7-8 goals the year before, but who looked for him constantly cutting thru the neutral zone and as a result Gaborik always had his legs going.

    Gordie Clark talked about it recently as well.

    Vent; Krieder is an idiot and too stupid to be a Ranger. Had things gone well he could have been a blazing LW compliment to BRich and Gaborik.

    But he’d rather get a worthless degree, after the team told him 3 times to turn pro. Fugm.

  139. he cannot be moved or traded, w/o his permission, if he has a NMC clause, which I am sure he has, because he had one in his previous deal with Dallas. one unknown in the deal is the new CBA. if the cap goes down, as expected and reported, and if the floor goes down, as expected, then other teams will have less incentive to take big contracts off the hands of big market teams who want out , like the campbell deal.

    but, as Brooks said, it is the problem for another GM, another coach, another time, down the road. right now, the Rangers are better, and we might as well relax and watch how it plays out.

  140. We just got around 80 more points a season. Thats huge. Drury had what 3 points last yr, and we still did pretty good without him. Factored in with the young guys taking another step forward, and another wave of good young players.

    Rangers are in a good spot right now, and even though are D is pretty young. I don’t think we need a veteran. They did a great job last year and will do better this yr.

  141. jpg's sister on

    Good luck to Matt Gilroy. Also, Happy Early Birthday to him and me, July 20

  142. Rod

    Kreider is not turning pro because his college numbers are TERRIBLE for a first round pick. He had 11 goals last season. 11!!!!

    What makes you think he will go from 11 goals in college to 20 in the NHL right away????

  143. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    I still think we need a physical D man on the blueline!

    The laich contract seemed to be a bit large IMHO as well if I remember correctly!

  144. I think sauer, and mcdonagh will have thier fare share of growing pains. Stepan will be fine I think though.

  145. agree. no need for vet d man to baysit.

    staal is a 5 yr vet and girardi 6..

    they are fine playing the young guys on d…erixon and dz in last pair… oldest d man is 27………

    the team is better then last year, and was a likeable hardworking improving team last year…

  146. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    that is not being negative at all, just very valid!

    pope thing?

    Let’s wait until kreider plays a couple of pro seasons before we label him a stud or a bust!

  147. Carp, you think we can get both dubi and cally signed for 3.5 per/each? or will it be more towards 4.5?

  148. Richards faceoff stats per NHL.com
    10-11: 50.6%
    09-10: 51.5%
    08-09: 50.6%
    07-08: 48.1%
    06-07: 51.4%
    05-06: 50.2%
    03-04: 46.7%
    02-03: 47.5%
    01-02: 41.2%
    00-01: 41.4%

    So he has been getting better, now about average.

    Looks like he doesn’t play shorthanded.

  149. kreider should go pro. learn and develop faster as a pro. he has potential… big, strong, skilled, and can skate. college game is a different game then nhl…power not as important in college.

  150. The thing I like most about Richards is his all around game. In the game this year vs the Rangers he totally dominated the puck/game. He killed penaties, etc. It was impressive to watch-

  151. True Blue Mike on

    I was just thinking that Carp. We were fortunate to have Sauer, McD, Stepan, Zuke and all the other rookies who came in and played well. Doesn’t mean it will happen again.

  152. Mazzo,

    Let’s accept that we just got 80 points for the 2011-2012 season. Give Richards’ history, that breaks down to roughly 24/56. Have a look at Chris Drury and Scott Gomez before they came to the Rangers. Is this move that much of an upgrade? And, who’s going to finish those 56 assists?

  153. Hopeful random fan on

    Prediction…parise gets a 1 yr arbitration contract. Devs still suck come trade deadline. Move parise to…NYR thanks to our surplus of young talent and what should be their need to rebuild. Gabby-brich-zp…its worth a prayer

  154. he is not a physical player, and he is not an allout hustler. he is very similar to Gaborik in the effort dept. but he is much better at passing the puck and quarterbacking a PP, and making his teammates better. he will get about 20-25 goals, but does more passing . he is minus 72 for his career.

    but he has been a very good playoff performer.

  155. LinCalPrustBoylahan© on


    yesterday Richards held audience and teams went to visit. I made a comment that he was sitting on a throne wearing a POPE hat, and people were kissing his ring. So, I just called him the Pope. Wasn’t going to use Godfather, he’s not Italian lol

  156. mike, in that ballpark. Probably higher end. Doesn’t really matter.

    Spider, that’s kind of what I heard. He’s average on draws.

    scouts still say that Kreider is the real deal, an NHL-ready body and skater.

  157. if richards took less money to be here, he endears himself to ny immediately…and softens incorrect expectations. Orr always says as fans we want the team to be fun and interesting, i.e., enjoyable to watch. The Rangers got a tad more enjoyable. ;)

  158. True Blue Mike on

    Richards was coached by Torts for a long time. I am not worried about the effort or his conditioning. He knows where he has to be.

  159. on the other hand, True Blue, if you have a legit No. 1 line (and if your so-called shutdown D pair plays the way it’s supposed to), you can suffer a step backward by one or two kids and not be badly hurt by it.

  160. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    did I miss carcillo signing with hawks?

  161. MDZ is a big wild card for us now. He adds offense, and we get a big boost…not so much if he looks like Finding Nemo again, and continues to make sliding snow angels on 2 on 1s.

  162. Carp,

    How much would an “average on draws” center helped last year…on any of our four lines (save Drury at end of year)!

  163. oleosmirf July 2nd, 2011 at 12:52 pm


    Kreider is not turning pro because his college numbers are TERRIBLE for a first round pick. He had 11 goals last season. 11!!!!

    What makes you think he will go from 11 goals in college to 20 in the NHL right away????

    because in college he wont have GABORIK AND RICHARDS…in the NHL (hypothetically) he could!

  164. Lloyd

    The thing that is different is Richards has consistently had those numbers his whole career. The seasons he didn’t hit those numbers he didn’t play the whole season, or his first 2 seasons were he got 62 points.

    Drury and gomes had final yr of contract yrs. Where they upped there game so they can score a big contract. Drury averages around 50 besides that 1 yr in buffalo, and scott gomez is very similar stats to drury.

    Just look up the stats they will tell you.

  165. Lloyd Braun on


    I sort of misrepresented something in my previous post. What I meant was, let’s project the 80 points for 2011-2012 season. Obviously, if they get 80 points out of the guy, I’ll be thrilled. But right now it’s only an estimate based on past performance. If you look at it that way, Drury and Gomez, two guys with playmaking ability and limited scoring touch, entered New York with similar estimates. How well did those moves pan out?

  166. True Blue Mike on

    And we have a legit No. 1 line and a shutdown D pair. Thank You Sather ;). I just hope this works out, i really cant even imagine what this blog will be like or what Rangers fans will be like if Richards puts up 45 points and Gaborik scores 16 goals….

  167. vibz

    that works both ways, in college he wont have to play against Zdeno Chara or Tim Thomas either…

  168. Btw the rangers were 16th in the league for goals for. Thats not bad at all. The HUGE problem was the PP. If we get that going, then we will be far better off.

    Richards will help the PP.

  169. Rod's Revenge on

    Krieder has all the tools. It’s the maturity of the toolbox in question.

    Oleo, he had 20 the year before if memory serves, and the reason to think he’d get 20 or so as a pro is named Brad Richards. But whatever.
    He had a great tourney but numbers were down as he missed a lot of time with broken jaw, injury being another reason not to wait to get your pro contract.
    Remember Stefan Cherneski?

    Look back at all the players that haven’t followed Sather’s wishes or bucked him in negotiations. None of them are here except for Dubi, and that’s supposedly cause Messier intervened and if you remember, the Rangers actually went back and upgraded the award he was given. Gotta go….

  170. I think a guy like Fedotenko would work well on that line. he could do the grunt work, be the backchecker, and still chip in about 15 goals playing with Richards and gaborik. and they will certainly need a good backchecker with them.

  171. gabby richards wolski? (or do u put stepan here?)
    dubi anisimov cally
    prust boyle rupp
    avery ec stepan? (or wolski?)

    staal girardi
    mcd sauer
    erixon del zotto / pashnin / valentenko etc

  172. Lloyd,

    yea but gomez was always a 50 point getter, and drury the same besides the 1 yr before his contract ended. Richards has consistently scored around 70-80 pts a season for his whole career. Not just 1 or 2 seasons, and he is a proven playoff performer.

  173. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    feds might be a good fit, but I would really like to see wolski there

  174. there is zero chance Torts would put Wolski, who he does not like in the checking dept, on the top line to give them 3 non-backcheckers in his mind

  175. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Is there another scorer out there besides gagne? Simmonds would add a physical presence to that line

  176. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I think wolski is good on checking, just not back checking

  177. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hypothetically, if a buyout situation had to occur in the final years of the deal, It wouldn’t have big cap hit implications because the majority of his salary would have already been paid. I don’t know the exact figures, but it would be 2/3 of his salary for the remaining time he had left, unlike Drury, who’s money was the same each year.

    Frontloaded=lower buyout cap hit.

    I know it seems confusing because he counts the same 6.67 against the cap each year.

  178. caro, i wouldn’t say zero. look at who played with Gaborik last year. Wolski. Christensen. Avery. None of them could find the defensive zone without a GPS, and Wolski might be the best of all of them.

  179. Rod's Revenge on

    Kreider had 15 the year before, in only 38 games.

    11 in 32 games last year.

    Guess NYR can’t put BRich on their site until papers are finalized?

  180. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    the pole has shrunk 40ft. I just meant available!

  181. Rod's Revenge on

    Gordie Clark, Torts, and Sather all thought Krieder was ready.

    He might’ve been Colorado bound if we didn’t sign Richards.

    Good riddance.

  182. lev, ur right…sorry….so then what do the 4 lines look like and where is there room for a prospect forward??

  183. right, I should not say zero, because they all will end up there at one time or another, with the line shuffling in today’s NHL. but Wolski is not a good choice if you want a backchecker or a complementary player who can do the things the other 2 will not.

  184. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    The other day it was mentioned that JaJa was the greatest Ranger, which I disagreed with. I love JaJa as a person and a player. But arguably the best Ranger and my fave of all time is Gravey. Always got his hands dirty, never gave up, gave 100% effort every time out there. As opposed to some of the sports heroes that I mention frequently because Im a fan – short for fanatic – of NY teams, Gravey was a sports hero on the ice and is a hero off the ice, and has been up until this day. He’s dedicated his entire life to charity, something i hope to do someday!

  185. Lloyd Braun on

    Ok, so I looked up Drury and Gomez’s stats for the years the played prior to joining the Rangers, and computed their average scoring. Gomez played 7 years prior to signing in New York, and Drury played 8. (I rounded up in the case of an average like 16.57.) Their scoring totals break down to roughly:

    Drury 24 goals, 34 assists, 58 points
    Gomez, 17 goals, 48 assists, 65 points

    Next, I took the higher totals from each player and combined them. We can assume that Drury was believed to be more of a goal scorer than playmaker and Gomez more of a playmaker than scorer. In a sense this could be unfair since Drury’s assists counted for his team as did Gomez’s goals, but we are comparing two player to one here.

    So, we arrive at:

    24 goals, 48 assists, 72 points

    Now, let’s look at Brad Richards’ average scoring over his career:

    22 goals, 50 assists, 72 points

    Seem familiar?

  186. There’s really not room for a prospect forward this year. Unless somebody just has an explosive camp, or one or more current guys are injured or fall flat on their faces.

  187. from nhl.com

    Left Wing Center Right Wing
    Ruslan Fedotenko (10 G, 15 A) Brad Richards (28 G, 49 A) Marian Gaborik (22 G, 26 A)
    Brandon Dubinsky (24 G, 30 A) Artem Anisimov (18 G, 26 A) Ryan Callahan (23 G, 25 A)
    Mike Rupp (9 G, 8 A) Erik Christensen (11 G, 16 A) Derek Stepan (21 G, 24 A)
    Sean Avery (3 G, 21 A) Brian Boyle (21 G, 14 A) Brandon Prust (13 G, 16 A)

  188. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Basic cap buyout rules are currently such:

    The buyout is 2/3 the remaining money on the contract, spread out over twice the amound of time left on the contract.

    …So if the Rangers had to buy out Richards with 3 years left on his deal, the remaining money would be spread out over 6 years.

    But i’m thinking this line of convo is moot… as i’m thinking Richards will retire before this deal gets to buyout territory. Though anything is possible.

  189. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    hey Bing…he won a Conn Smythe too…just sayin…

  190. i still feel brian leetch is the best ranger ever and will always be in my mind….the reason i started watchin / playin hockey and wore # 2 and played defense lol………graves is a class act and def up there….but i give it to Leetch bc he was homegrown and shouda played his entire career here………….FIRE SATHER!

  191. carp, thats what im assuming in regards to prospects fitting….not really a whole lot of “infusion of youth” but i guess i dont mind since feds avery and richards are only forwards over 30

  192. also, Feds may have played with Richards in the past in Tampa. I assume he did, and Torts would know that better than anyone.

  193. Lloyd,

    You have to do career averages. Not the best yrs career averages. That goes agains’t everything I was saying. I was saying richards key word consistently hit around 70-80 pts per season in his career. You can’t jus add up gomez’s and drury’s best seasons and compare. If you average every season you come up with different numbers for all players you come up with different averages.

  194. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Leetch is not only the greatest Ranger ever, he is the greatest American born NHL player ever

  195. vibz

    the Rangers don’t have any NHL ready forward prospects in HFD though. Theoretically, Hagelin or Bourque could be but them starting in HFD can never be a bad thing…

  196. @oleo lol…..i was thinking the same thing……….and it doesnt help his point that richards is like gomez and drury bc ur showing richards avgs the same points that u woud need two guys to average

  197. i guess not…..especially, like Carp always says, they’ll only be getting 4th line minutes here…..if any…

  198. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    I previously wasnt excited about next season. With BRich and our young and maturing team, I think we should be a top 8 team in the East easily – of course barring significant injuries. Hopefully, the NFL and NBA dont have seasons, but if the NBA does, the Knicks will be a playoff team and the Rangers should be a playoff team. Could be fun.

  199. And This One Will Last A Lifetime July 2nd, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Leetch is not only the greatest Ranger ever, he is the greatest American born NHL player ever


  200. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    I definitely agree with Leetch – without him, we’d never have won – but I just love what Gravey did on the ice and what he has done since retirement, especially with all the kids that suffer illnesses. I know he doesnt do it for the accolades, but I wish he’d fairly be recognized by the national media for the great things he does.

  201. In other words.

    If i went to school for 10 yrs and got c’s the first 9 years and then an A the final yr. Isn’t a person who consistently gets A’s for 10 yrs better.

    Anybody can be a bust, but with Richards its less propaganda, and more proof he will produce. Thank god he wasn’t a little league star, or a mexican from alaska.

  202. what is the word on Prospal? is he healthy? did anyone pick him up? will he be back?

  203. Rod's Revenge on

    I seriously doubt Torts would break up his ‘3rd’ line and try this, but it’d sure be interesting to see what Brian Boyle could do on the LW with BRich and Gaborik.

    Boyle should’ve had 30+ last year except he was on one of the least offensively talented lines in the league. And that’s not to knock Prust or Feds, who were great.

    And for once in Rangers history are we going to protect our assets?

    Or let them get abused, like Gretzky shamefully was his last year here?

  204. The Rangers are making room in HFD for prospects…

    They moved out Soryal, Grachev, and DuPont. UFAs like White, DiDiomete, and Williams are gone. I don’t see them re-signing V-Tenko. Hagelin and Bourque will be Whale(rs) this coming season, as will other propects…

  205. Tik, that’s why his number is in the rafters.

    I would like to thank the Rangers and Brad Richards for getting me out of the Yankees-Mets assignment this afternoon. God bless you.


  207. the question was who was the most dominant, not who was the best or most important.

    Jagr’s 05-06 season was a masterpiece. Leetch, Messier, Graves were great players but they never dominated like Jagr did. Plus they all played together where Jagr was essentially on his own.

  208. Lloyd Braun on


    Those averages are based on every season Drury and Gomez played, not just the best ones. I used all of their stats for the years they played prior to joining the Rangers simply to point out what the expectation was prior to them joining the club. The projection wouldn’t be accurate if I used their stats as Rangers because we had no way of knowing what they would do after they signed here. But other than that, nothing else was thrown out. I obtained Richards’ average scoring the same way.

    And to address the point about needing two guys to do what Richards did, my numbers actually tossed out an additional 51 points of average scoring. The Rangers signed two guys that season, so, ostensibly, they should have been receiving contributions from both guys. I only took their best attributes to knock them down to the stats of a single player. If we took their average stats in both categories and combined them, you were actually getting a total of 41 goals, 82 assists, 123 points when you signed Gomez and Drury.

  209. “If i went to school for 10 yrs and got c’s the first 9 years and then an A the final yr”

    ah, you perfectly describe my decade in high school

  210. I mean, yeah, Jagr had a great season for the Rangers. Whoop. They were a middle of the pack team that got swept by the Devils in the first round.

    How any of that compares to what Leetch did is ridiculous.

  211. Lloyd

    so basically all you did was show that Chris Gomez would have the same numbers as Brad Richards.

  212. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    If Cally-Dubi-with either AA or Derek centering is the seond line
    If Boyle-Prust-Rupp is the 4th line
    Then AA or Derek centers the 3rd line with Wolski/Avery/Feds ? (someone is not here)

    I think MZA is out of the picture…I think all these hot prospects (Thomas/Bourque/Hagelin/Faasth) do not get on the team unless we trade some rostered players)

    We still need a first line winger !

  213. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…can you think of an American born player in NHL history that was better than Leetch ?

    (Modano ? Chelios ? I don’t think so)

  214. It’s arguable. Chelios maybe. Won some Norris Trophies.

    If anybody was better, it wasn’t by much.

  215. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Jagr did play with nobodies. He made Nylander look good, lol. fyi, Ive been changing my life around, Im not out to piss off the blogfather or anyone else. Im a NY sports fanatic and I have strong beliefs, and Id like to share my beliefs in a respectful manner, remain a part of this community, and not be banned. Im actually coping with what happened in hockey 3 weeks ago a lot better than i had expected. Not watching ESPN for those 3 weeks has helped a lot!

  216. of course Keenan took great pleasure in yelling at Leetch (in an attempt to motivate a self-motivated guy): “You’re no Chelios.”

    which isn’t as bad as a certian GM signing Vladimir Malakhov and declaring “he’s the best defenseman we have.”

  217. agree, Jagr played with virtual nobodies and carried a team that had not made the playoffs for what felt like a century, and it was a fabulous year.

    But to compare that to what Leetch did, either for his career, or in his Norris years or in his Cup/Conn Smyhe year, is ludicrous. Makes Leetch’s career sound cheap.

  218. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I do not think jagr’s season was more dominant than graves’ 93-94 or mess or the little ball of hate in 95-96. Just saying!

  219. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I think MZA was “Tortsed” at the end of the year/playoffs….hard to get out of that place once you are banished. I actually like MZA’s game. But then again you only dress 12 forwards…If you start counting forwards you run out of room unless between AA, Wolski and Avery two of them are gone…

  220. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Oh and Prince Harry is dating his cousin, 8th removed! And Pippa was at Wimbledon the last 2 days – each day with a different ex boyfriend!!

  221. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    You make an argument for Chelios …3 Norris to Leetch’s 2 plus a Conn Smythe…close but the edge to Leetch

  222. Carp

    thats not what dominate means though. Leetch was not a dominating player. He was the best Ranger player of all time and had one of the best playoffs a defenseman has ever had.

    Leetch was unquestionably better but he didnt take over a game like Jagr did. When Jagr was on the ice that season, the entire game belonged to him. It was Jagr and then everyone else…

  223. Disagree about this assumption that when Torts sits somebody, or demotes somebody, that they are done or banished. He’s about development. That’s why Gilroy got another chance last year, and why Del Zotto and Zuccarello will get second chances this year (to be earned, of course).

  224. Jagr to me is a top 10 player all time. Leetch is a top 10 if not 5 defenseman all time…different players, different positions cannot compare!

  225. Lloyd,

    Gomez’s point total for his career in the nhl before the rangers is 64 pts, and drury’s is 59 pts before the rangers. I did the math straight up with no funk. Its harder to come out with an average for Richards because there was 3 seasons he didn’t play a lot of games, but you can tell his numbers were going to be the same.

  226. Leetch – great passer – great skater – THE BEST at keeping the puck in at the point – Great vision on the ice – Great at hip checks – he wasnt flashy and NEVER played with a Mario or Gretzky in their prime. He could have easily done what Coffey did if he was on that team!

  227. 1. Gretzky.
    2. Orr (not Colton).
    3. Mario.
    4. Howe.
    5. Messier.

    the rest? Jagr’s not too far behind.

  228. Yes, two conference calls, I imagine. But the Rangers won’t offer even a hint that this deal is done until all the i’s are dotted.

  229. My Favorite all time player – had the pleasure of meeting him back in 83 and I had his jersey on and he said that was the first time he ever saw anyone with his jersey…Gave me a couple of autographs…seemed like a nice guy – is he?

  230. Lloyd Braun on

    716/10 = 76?

    Interesting division there

    And Mazzo, your “straight up, no funk math” is exactly the same thing I did.

  231. Thanks Oleo.

    that is a good 14-15 points more he has recieved on a consistent basis. Drury’s and gomez’s numbers were also up and down a lot.

  232. czechthemout!!!! on

    Carl Hagelin will be on the rangers this year when the season opens. Take that to the bank.

  233. Carp

    that’s really not fair since Jagr didnt have the opportunity to play all those playoff games or have a team full of HOF and all-stars.

    What Jagr did with that team, i think is more impressive (on an individual level) than what Leetch did…

  234. Leetch is the greatest on

    forget the cap hit. Richards will reportedly get an average of $10 mill per season for the first 5 years of the deal.

    if he does not produce like a $10 mill player, then he deserves to hear about it. we’ll see

  235. czechthemout!!!! on

    In fact, he is very creative and very responsible defensively. He is also very fast and goes into the corners. Don t be surprised if he is on the top two lines real fast.

  236. I use points per game, not points per season since the former doesn’t take into account games played in each season. you take total games played divided by 82. that’s your multiplier. you then divide total points by the multiplier and you get a true statement of points per game.

    Richards: 76.04
    Drury: 56.53
    Gomez: 64.04

  237. Leetch is the greatest on

    “Jagr conference call breaks the BS meter”

    Jagr is a punk. look at his press conference. the Pens and Wings are even more livid now at him. he tried to claim that he did not make any promises, and tried to weasel out of the money angle by using a phony comparison with Russia. and then get this, he tried to claim that the Pen centers being lefthanded would be a detriment to him. what BS. lefthanded centers pass to the RW on their forehand, so it is easier for a lefthanded center to set up their RW. the righthanded centers, like Philly has, are on their backhand to pass to the RW, so he is a complete liar on that subject.

  238. LinCalPrustBoylahan©SIGN CAPTAIN CALLAHAN now please! on

    don’t forget to update Eric when the terms are finally released!!!

  239. miked, did you see Orr?

    oleo, nor do I think it’s fair to detract from Leetch’s dominance just because he was surrounded by a great team. What he did over those 23 games was beyond belief. I also count only one HOF on that team other than Leetch.

    czech, where is Hagelin going to play?

  240. Carp,
    i’m too young to have actually seen Orr, I’ll give you that. I just can’t remember a player with the skill, stats, accolades, toughness and leadership that Messier had.
    I know Orr revolutionized a position. i’d rank him 3rd or 4th IMO

  241. Why did Brad Richards sign with da Ranger??? My guess is he’s been leaning this way for a while and while he listened to all the wonderful sale jobs they were an afterthought. It’s pretty much come out that if he went for da money he would not be playing on Broadway next year.
    It certainly did not hurt that he already had a connection with Avery. I started feeling this could happen after the Jamaican tweet photo of BR, Aves and Voros. You can say all you want about Aves personality on the ice but off, outside of a couple of comments I am sure he would like to have back, he seem focused on making the most out of NYC. Your can get the BS from management about how great their cities are but a player’s perspective, especially a bud who’s truly lived the experience, will trump that every time.
    The other key is winning. He’s won with Torts. While that’s nice I think Torts is a much better coach now then when he was last with BR. Last year’s accomplishment with all the injuries and kids is, in retrospect, brilliant and, knowing Tort’s personnae, unexpected and shows how he has matured as a coach. BUT, the biggest key to winning is the direction of the team. First off, Captain Clutch is dead (figuratively, of course and I still respect him), long live Cap’n Cally. Check out the Rangers web site and the quote from Rupp on what he thinks of our next captain (get the hankies out). I think this is feeling that is not only felt within the clubhouse but around the league and could can be used as leverage when looking for a team to play for. Beyond the future on the ice leadership, this current team’s youthful experience and, of course, solid goaltending make it a place where good things could happen.
    So, for whatever reason, I, for one, am giddy to see him on board. Forget the stats for a second, please. Hockey is soooooo much more than that. It’s truly the intangibles, and the multi hole-filling (No 1 center, PP igniter, etc.) that make him the best fit in a long time.

    For the first time in a long time I can at least start to rekindle the vision of brilliant silver being held aloft by our boys . . . . . . or, most realistically, getting out of the first playoff round.

  242. mike, having seen both, IMO, Orr is the only player I’ve seen that is even in the argument with Gretzky as the best ever.

  243. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Not happy about having two “concussed” not-so super stars on the team. Sather behaves in the business world like he is a glutton and a rummy in his private world – a compulsive consumptive.

    Well, I have said since April the Rangers will be one of the top-four teams in the NHL, this coming season, and now, for their sake, they had better be. If this works out we win the division. That would be nice, but now just that will not be enough. The Rangers have now reached the elite level whereby anything short of winning the Cup will be a disappointment. No more biting our nails at the trade deadline with anxiety as to whether we can pull off a deal which will propel us into the round of 16. What has this taken – 10 years?

  244. Rod –

    I agree. That makes sense.

    If Boyle’s game has continued to improve, there’s no reason not to try him on the wing with Richards and Gaborik. He has a lot of what that line is missing.

    Then Rupp can slide into Boyle’s place alongside Prust.

    Prust and Boyle can still do their thing on the PK.

    And while we’re at it, I’d skate Stepan with Rupp and Prust. They can crash the net and give Stepan the room he needs to do his thing.

    And Stepan will round out his minutes on the point of the second PP

    The only alternative to Boyle, I think, is a trade. And I think we finally have the assets in place and in the pipeline that we can put together a pretty nice package and not touch or deplete our most important prospects.

    But I’d give Boyle a run first.

  245. Lin, I think it was you who asked about all-time traffic records here … I think we’ve hit 40,000 plus once or twice. Yesterday was about 25,000.

  246. B. Rich makes it official. $$$$$$


    Very happy to become a New York Ranger today!!! Playing at MSG will be amazing and looking forward to working with a great young team

  247. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The Bruins won “only” two Cups with Bobby Orr, for good reason. In his selfish quest to amass individual points and honors, he got caught up ice more times than Carter has little liver pills. Orr stays home, the Bruins win at least four Cups during his tenure. End of story. Damn, in this FA age, Orr NEVER would have won a Cup.

  248. jpg's sister on

    Brad Richards tweeted that he’s happy to be a Ranger and looking forward to playing with a great group of guys

  249. Chris,
    Even f you took the best of Boyle’s game from last year (which clearly peaked mid-way probably due to nagging unseen injuries and overuse), I think you’ll see a player mosre suited to the grind and that of a role-player. I was certainly impressed by his play and as a PKer, shutdown center with the capability of scoring and effective forechecking he has a critical role for hopefully years to come.
    I just don’t see his skill level meshing with 1st line expectations.

  250. I’m back, not for long though…Still no contract? 9 years makes sense so he doesn’t go above forty- no team wants to invoke Kovalchuk-like clause. I’m sure his first year is $12.86M to protect him from roll back. And NMC, no doubt. What’s in between is more important.

  251. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hoping Gilroy’s departure does not mean Eminger sticks around. Plug city.

  252. Olga Folkyerself on

    I give it 3-4 years and then Richards name will join the likes of Redden, Gomez, Drury, Brashear, Kotalik and even Gaborik,

    First as a “why did they give him THAT contract? we can’t even move him” secondly, with congratulations from Ranger fans all around as “Great job Slats, you finally got rid of him”. and ultimately, “We got Cap Space again, sign (insert old UFA name here).

    I’m optimistically thinking- 7th place, here we come.

  253. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Boom Boom – You’re my new favorite poster! I honestly dont know much about hockey then, but that’s a story you’ll never hear from the national media. You’ll always hear how great they all are or were, and then we’ll hear how all of our guys are bad in one way or another. Brings me back to my earlier note, nothing is ever mentioned about Gravey by the national media. Gravey may be – I say “may be” because there may be others that Im unaware of – the most fan friendly, charitable athlete in the history of sports, yet he gets no national appreciation. What other athlete was as respected during his career, and as into charity and helping others as Gravey has been?

  254. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Think about it, Carp. Not nearly so many teams in the NHL in Orr’s day, as now. You’ve got Espo going nuts offensively, Cashman, Sanderson, Bucyk, etc., that all-star supporting cast at the peak of its game. And just two Cups to show for it.

    As commendable as that is, it still represents under-achievement, given the overall talent level. All the strengths masked the fundamental weakness of a lack of team-style play. Orr was literally out of control in the way he tried to take over hockey games, and the team paid an ungodly price in killer odd-man rushes going the other way.

  255. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    WTB! I didn’t say anything bad! I wasnt alive to see baseball then, but Ted Williams had an eye like Barry Bonds (without the PEDs) and was from all accounts, the best hitter in history. However, he was selfish in that he refused to go out of his zone to help the team, even when he had a carcillo hitter behind him – like a modern day pitcher batting behind him. He also never won a World Series, while Yogi Berra is a 13 time champ.

  256. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Wish the Richards’ signing could lure Kreider our way. And agree re Hagelin, he would be great to have here this coming year, too. Better numbers than Kreider, last season, looks like a hockey player.

  257. Rod n chris please stop with the Boyle to first line stuff I got indigestion. He is a 4th liner on a Cup contender who made a good improvement last year and is above avg.on PK and very soft. Never will be a fav of mine

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