Richards/Sather/Tortorella conference call LIVE (contract UPDATE)


The contract, according to Gord Miller of TSN:

Richards year by year: $12m, $12m, $9m, $8.5m, $8.5m, $7m, $1m, $1m, $1m.

$10m SB+$2m the salary first year, $8m SB + $4m salary the second.

Holy crap. Takes me 12 years to make that much money.


Will update this as we go … please excuse typos. Also will paraphrase at times. Youse know the drill.

Brad Richards:

“The hardest part, you know going in there’s only going to be one place you’re going. Part of the job. Not easy to say no to people. Offers were flattering. It was an experience I’ll never forget. At the same time, it was a long day that took longer than it should have because I wanted to give respect to the people to took the time to meet face to face.

“There’s lots of factors. All of the options were good. Original Six team, Something I haven’t had chance to do in my career. Stable ownership … been bitten by that a few times in my career.

“I’ve seen how Torts operates and it’s worked. I can see way he’s bringing along that young team together, reminds me of what we did in Tampa. It was the right fit for me.”

“It’s going to be a challenge for sure. Something different. If you want to be a great player, that’s something you should relish. What better place to perform than MSG every night?”

“Want chance to win again. Been too long. This will motivate me more.”

“This is my first day of getting involved here, so when I say I looked at the team, I don’t know the insides and outs of the team yet. I’ll get a better idea as summer goes along. I’m excited to meet some of the players I;ve watched and admired, the Callahans and Dubinsky. … when we playd them in January they were a really hard team to play against … they play the game the right way.”

“I finished the season feeling great. Been training now for six weeks, way ahead of any training schedule I’ve been on because my body felt great. … I feel great (concussion) is in the past. I’ll be 100 percent for sure.”

He’s now answering questions in French. Can’t help you there.

“It’ll be the first time (I take a deep breath). The phone will probably get thrown in the lake. …”

“(East Coast) … The huge thing I’ve said all alone was the hockey market, stable ownership. I big thing that was in my mind was getting back to the East. My family likes toi watch me play. I’ve got a grandfather who’s 93 and likes to watch all the games, and the West coast games weren’t great for him.”

“All those things (including Tortorella and Fedotenko) factor in, for sure.”

“I guess when the reality of Dallas Stars and I parting ways in May, you start looking over rosters and different organizations and figure where you’re going to fit. You take Pittsburgh for example and you know they don’t need centermen. … it became evident Rangers would be looking for a centerman … other teams too … Figured if Torts got in touch, it would be a team I would listen to.”

“We talked yesterday evening a little bit, later in teh night. He’s the type of guy who’s, ‘If you want to come play with me, great, If you don’t, don’t bother talking to me.’ I know what he expects. … it’s a bonus that he’s the coach behind the bench, makes it easier for me knowing what he does and his training camps.”

John Tortorella:

“I know when it came up yesterday, he just fits. There are some things that we need on our club and he brings quite a few of those things. I know him, he knows me. It was pretty much straight forward. I did outline a few things as far as what his role would be. Glen also did. I coached Richie his first seven years. he knows me, I know him.”

“When I came here, I don’t think it was a fixer upper. I thought Tom Renney and the staff had done a good job … we as an organization have grown enough as far as keeping our assets … We feel that the process now, the last two or three years, ou8r assets have grown, they’ve developed and now when that piece comes along, you take a run at it. This is where as a coach I’m fortunate to have a GM and an owner that are willing to step up.”

“At the end of the day, we;re a better hockey club than where we started the day. We filled some needs.”

“We outlined some of our needs after we were knocked out in the first round. There were four or five main points. We talked about an elite center, we got that with Richie. We talked about someone who runs the PP, we got that with Richie. But one thing we got is someone who can mentor some of our players … forget about what the stats are, … it’s some of the mentoring and teaching … he certainly fits the bill there.”

“I have no idea (if he’s different). I hadn’t seen Richie, since we made an awful move in Tampa trading him to Dallas, I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. When we went to Dallas this year, it was weird for me to see him with No. 91 on his back. … In talking to him last night, you can see where he’s matured. He’s done some great things in this game. I’m looking forward to seeing him every day now.”

“We haven’t gotten that far (as him wearing a C) … it was a long day last night … I haven’t even given that any thought. All that stuff will come along once we join in September and start our camp.”

“I think, Richie and I had some ups and downs in Tampa when he was a young guy and we were both learning…. both starting our careers. Hopefully we’re still both learning.

“Coaching and watching him in Dallas, you know what situations you can put him in where he succeeds. He has a tremendous amount of responsibility. … mentoring our players, but also on the ice. Because I know he an handle those situations now.”

Glen Sather:

“If you’ve been following what’s been happening last cuple of days, the NHL cap situation has changed, the floor has changed. … if you look at analysis of teams like ours, there’s only two ways you can go. You can go free agency, or you can draft someone in the first round and it takes a while to develop.

“I know he’s left a lot of money on the table to come to New York, There were people offering more than we were. I’m happy he decided to come here and happy he agreed to a lower rate than he would have gotten somewhere else.”

wouldn’t say if there’s a NMC or NTC.

“His agent Pat Morris knew we were serious about it. There’s always a tweaking of every offer and every demand. It’s not unusual it can take a long time to do a deal of this magnitude.”

“We’re still looking a little bit. There are some thngs we are still contemplating. The plan is to get the rest of our players signed. That’s going to be taken care of, I think, the next couple of weeks. … It’s a matter of negotiating and getting these things done.”

“It started. I think we were the first ones to get on the telephone at 12:01 or 12:02. We made our presentation of the offer at that time. We were also watching TSN at the time, with ownership and management trying to get into the building. I didn’t want it to turn into some kind of scene and that’s why we didn’t go.

“I knew John knew Brad, so I felt I knew him as well as John did. I didn’t want to get involved in a circus thing. We made our presentation straight-up and they probably enjoyed the way we did it. I think it worked out for us.”

“I think the competitive growth this team has gone through … it’s the comepetiveness of John Tortorella to push this team to be as good as it can be. I think we need a little bit more of a push now. You have to be ready to play. … You have to play through things and a great player like Brad is going to show people how you play through things. This is just going to help everyone move forward and it’s going to bring  a lot of confidence to our room. This helps in a  lot of places where we need help.”

“I do have a little bit of experience in this business … there is a relationship you develop with agents, with GMs, our scouts. I had Mark Messier in Dallas watching Brad in October … it’s an accumulation of a lot of experience over a lot of time with a lot of people.

“I think we’ve brought a player who gives us a lot of what we need and at the same time leaves us enough cap room to continue to build this team.”

On Rupp and Fedotenko:

“These were people we had targeted in our spring meetings. Fedotenko is a great pro, works hard, brings leadership and comes to play … Mike Rupp was somebody we decided we were going to go after immediately … as soon as we made our presentation to Brad, we made our presentation to Mike. We’re very happy he decided to come here.

“(Both) had offers from other teams. They know our team, and they’re well-suited to play in this market.”

On LW for No. 1 line:

“You can always fabricate a lineup and I’m not in the coaching businss any longer. John thinks we have people who can play there. We’re not going to pursue another (expensive) player.”

“We feel we have a lot of kids on the cusp of making the hockey team and we don’t want to eliminate those opportunities.”

“I think (Brad) is a tremendous athlete and he’sin great shape. Players today are in tremendous shape. Longevity seems to go on and on. If a player is dedicated to his sport like I know Brad is, he’s going to be abel to continue to play as long as he wants.”

On Gaborik:

“I know Gabbyt is very excited that Brad is here. He’s the kind of player that shouldn’t be handling the puck a lot. He’s the kind that should be going to spots and getting the puck at the right times. I was fortunate to have a couple of guys I’ve coached in my career, and Brad seems to have the same sight lines as some of those players. Marian’s a guy that needs the puck at the right times. … I just think this is going to make him a much better player.”


And now I am getting my sore fingers away from the keyboard for a while. See youse later.

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  1. I think folks are still on the old thread :) Just woke up and am catching up. Is Richards still a Ranger?

  2. Glad NYR was the “right fit” for this Lady Byng winner. A class act, as evidenced by his meeting with teams out of respect for their time and trouble. Can’t wait for this season…

  3. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    I was not “no hub” on the last thread. I earlier told of my desire to not piss off the blogfather, so nope, wasnt me.

  4. Really nice to see an athlete that actually WANTS to come to NY, unlike that Carcillohead Lebron.

    Welcome Brad!!!

  5. LOL BANJ….

    love this quote: If you want to come play with me, great, If you don’t, don’t bother talking to me.

  6. Ive gotta give props to torts. First his ex players play for him in the last game of a season to help us get into the playoffs. Then one of his ex players signs with us partially because of him. You can tell people respect him for what he has done for players careers.

  7. Dantherangerfan on

    good points on the old thread dore…. what you all think if you put a rangers team out there on the ice what would it look like. Like dore id love to see cally step and dubi as our second line but whats the third pair and who goes on first line… kreider? I feel avery is done

  8. Torts giving props to Slats and Dolan….they should give props back. I can’t believe I just used the word props twice.

  9. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Give me the dial in number and I will help translate the French ;)

  10. he is speaking in French—

    I’ll translate for you, Carp.

    “this little piggy went oui oui all the way home”

  11. Just for the record, a curious quick scan of other team blogs has no updates or just marginal tweets. Not this blog! We got it all right here! Carp, you are on fire and the man!!!

  12. Dantherangerfan on

    Its quiet today big pickup… whats up its saturday most people should be off. Who goes to the beach and to bbqs anyway lol

  13. Wonder how much money was left on the table, or what the different terms were. Regardless, I am starting to be happier about this, despite my original no to him, then fence sitting. Just get the job done Richie…:)

  14. I was suppose to be at a lakefront party, but got sick instead. No dis to Carp, but I’d have rather have caught up later :)

  15. Dantherangerfan on

    I should be out catching rays….this is why people call me an albino ha

  16. Thanks Dan….hope to be catching rays myself tomorrow…but it will probably be lousy when I get better, of course :)

  17. Dantherangerfan on

    Have to say richards created a circus over nothing. He knew he was signing here all along. It bothers me when big names do this in sports. Im happy about the pickup just should have went down a little different.

  18. French, schmench. They’re always saying things like: I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

  19. LMAO at the terms of this deal!!!


    $12m, $12m, $9m, $8.5m, $8.5m, $7m, $1m, $1m, $1m

  20. Quite a variety of opinions on who fits where, all I’ll say is the boys better be ready to compete and that’s a very good thing.

    By chance I saw Ripkens last game of his streak at Camden Yard, I think have the ticket stub somewhere.

    Andre Dore? wasn’t that an ocean liner that collided with another ship?

    Carp, you still in your boxers?

  21. Maybe Dan, but who knows what he was dealing with behind the scenes. Besides, after Jagr, maybe, there weren’t any really bigger “big names” in contention. Did he create the circus or did the circus get created around him? Just thinking out loud….or in cyberspace.

  22. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Happy Birthday in advance, jpg sis!

  23. Dantherangerfan on

    got to say id be running the streets naked if we picked up stamkos instead of richards. But im still happy

  24. Thanks Dan, I know :)

    What I really want to know is what kind of clauses are in the deal.

  25. ZzZz NY ZzZz "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    SWEEEEEET!!! New Center , old system , nice contract . I even won my bet with MIKEY!!!!! YESSSS!!! yessssss!!! YES!!!


    RANGERSSSSS !!!!, we will rock youuuuu !!!!

  26. No, you guys are the best. If you weren’t all stampeding all over this place the last few days (years) there’s no way my sports editor pulls me off Yankees-Mets for this. And props to him!

  27. Hmmm. Image of a naked albino running in streets….gee, thanks. But I agree (about the happy part, not the rest).

  28. ZzZz NY ZzZz "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hey NYR_fan you can’t trademark yer name can you?

  29. bull dog line on

    ” He ( Gaborik) is the kind of player who shouldn’t be handling the puck a lot”
    I think I said that in January. this is the perfect signing for Gaborik. I could see him scoring in the 40s playing with Richards. I know most will not agree, but I think Dubi would be the perfect left wing for those 2. is AA trade bait now, or does he change positions.

  30. Props to Sean! And to us! But, hey, he made the right decision….If you have to work today, I know you’d rather be here! Hartnell the subway series!

  31. ZzZz NY ZzZz "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Carp is pulled away from Baseball for hockey!!!! Yes !! GOOD job boneheads were own this paper!!

  32. Dantherangerfan on

    haaa I agree def trade bait.. I see AA and a d prospect going somewhere for a winger to pair with gabby and richards

  33. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Hopefully no NMC. In case he becomes a bust, we can Redden him.

  34. ZzZz NY ZzZz "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    YES!!! BIGTIME CARP!!!! Holey Hell yeah baby!!!!! Richards isnt the second comming to Christ but…he fits our mould , he is needed. We need a decent center and if EC was doing it , RICHARDS will excell in the role!!!

  35. I can’t believe, well I guess I can, that he won’t comment on the clauses!!!! Grrrr. Makes me think there is one and he doesn’t want to taint the day.

    Some of his comments just cracked me up.

  36. Dantherangerfan on

    Step should be 2nd line center. and i like prust boyl fedz as third line leaves AA out

  37. The contract, according to Gord Miller of TSN:

    Richards year by year: $12m, $12m, $9m, $8.5m, $8.5m, $7m, $1m, $1m, $1m. $10m SB+$2m the salary first year, $8m SB + $4m salary the second.

    Holy crap. Takes me 12 years to make that much money.

  38. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on



    Ranger rule , We didn’t need to do anything to get this guy …why ? Cuz we are the NEW YORK RANGERS baby, live it , love it , except it!!!

  39. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    A most EXCELLENT job today Carp !!! Your # 1 as far as i’m concerned simply the best is what you are

  40. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Whooaaa wait a min…thats crazy cash , makes Drurys salary look like peanuts. No time to worry ’bout cash . Its adresses a HUGE need . I say we made out like bandits.

  41. Um. Anisimov was pretty damn good with Callahan and Dubinsky last year. They were the No. 1 line for more than half the year, until the injuries to 24 and 17.

  42. OK, not to be a dope, but someone explain to me how the SB vs. salary affects the cap? Or does it not at all? I’ve told you before, this money talk makes me thirsty…..

  43. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thank you Latona!
    ulfie, great post earlier!

    Methinks there is a no trade clause in the contract.

    Did anyone text eric?

  44. Dantherangerfan on

    Carp do you think rangers should put feelers out for a winger now for that first line?

  45. Dantherangerfan on

    Or do u stay pat after we sign our boys and try to fill from within..

  46. Who needs the audio, we have Carp! (but thanks NYR :)

    I think there’s a NTC too. From his perspective, I guess, that makes sense, and maybe why he agreed to less dough because the organization agreed to that.

  47. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Dan – I think the Rangers should be trying to explore the trade market to try and go that extra step. We have a lot of talent in the minors and can afford to part with a couple of pieces.

  48. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Speach speach!!!

    I’d like to thank Carp for all his greatness , all the little people that were close to me, Laurel (Momma) for being an inspirational voice to hear ( see) . Id also like to thank Chris Drury for being bought out so we can afford this MONSTROSOUS contract . All fellow boneheads for making me laugh all the time. Sather , we can’t forget him . He didn’t panick. He just didnt panick…and finnally Torts . Torts is so tough he just says ” Richards get over here …now!!” and he came : )

  49. Dantherangerfan on

    I agree lover. we have a nice looking team. why not explore the option of getting a decent final piece for the 1st line. we have the bait

  50. hello all back from pool have a few minutes before wife and I head out for evening for anniversary.

    i hate the deal think this will be drury 2.0 all over again

    a special thanks to all the boneheads who texted me throughout the day. you guys rock.

    thank you carp for being you.

    im with doodie on this one. its a mistake.

  51. Dantherangerfan on

    I think you will be suprised eric. If he stays healthy it wont be drury 2.0

  52. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Mistake?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! mistake?…hahahahahaaaa!! um did somebody say mistake???? hee hee hawhaw ..trying to contain myself here…um a mistake….newwwwww no way man , mistake? you talk n ’bout practice? Playoffs? Playoffss? A mistake , noway.

  53. Happy anniversary eric!

    Dan and Husky….so what bait would you offer and for who?

    Dan: I agree lover….LMAO!!!!!!

    Greg, oh man, that post makes me yearn to go post in the bonesheads Greg dictionary! But thanks pal!

  54. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    a mistake ?( giggle giggle)

    Momma you might need it fer yerself..ya spelt bonehead wrong!!!! ya said bonesheads , haha no problemo i knew what ya ment.

  55. ZzZz NY ZzZz© "We've won the sweepstakes!!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I haven’t been this happy since we signed Gomez and Drury…..oh no.

  56. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I gotta say, after reading Richard’s quotes, I got respect for the guy.

    So this question comes up… Does Richards keep 91, or maybe does Feds give up 19???

  57. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Not sure what bait we have. All I read on here is what great depth our farm system has. If possible, Id package Anisimov – he’s young and cheap and other teams could get more out of his skill than us – with a couple highly regarded minor leaguers for someone very good.

  58. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Whatever number Richards wants, he’ll get. If he wants 19 and Feds has 19, Feds will give it up for his teammate, perhaps at a nominal price. Happens in every sport. Feds is just a role player.

  59. To replace who? AA? I’d rather keep him…And I don’t want to pillage our farm system (keep Kreider!) But then again, I know something, someone has to give or go. I just don’t like thinking about it :)

  60. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Personally, I want Avery outta here, I just dont want him clogging the team next year. No offense, Mama bear. :)

  61. jpg's sister on

    I agree Mamma, that we should not pillage farm system. remember all the years of trading away the youth and signing veterans who didn’t work out?

  62. with baby at home wont be able to make all games.

    section 330 aisle seats pair of tix 120 face value.

    will put list of games available.

    email me if interested in tix

  63. Catching up but I couldn’t pass this by without my 4 words

    The reason why the Boston Orrs only won two cups can be summed up by

    Montreal Canadiens

    Gerry Cheevers

  64. oh sis, yes I do!!

    Why can’t Richie just keep 91? Feds was first as a Ranger!!!


  65. bull dog line on

    if AA is the 2nd line center, then what does that make Stepan. Stepan is a better center than AA. Anisimov changes positions, or becomes a trade piece.

  66. When all is said and done, the best for our hockey fix is CARP! Terrific job. That’s why we boneheads keep coming back for more. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  67. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    I didnt say that Richie would want 19. I said, if Richie wants 19, Feds will give it to him. Thats the way it works with all team sports. Feds is just a role player and will do whatever’s necessary to make Richie feel comfortable.

  68. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Didnt they pretty much say a few days ago that Ani was going nowhere?
    Get rid of Judas/Fredo/Peewee, WoWo and Aves (sorry laurel) if necessary

  69. Pitt has 3 first line centers. So what if stepan is the 3rd line center. It will make the 3rd line better.

    Oh and. The garden is going to have bridges lol? Thats weird.

  70. jpg's sister on

    hopefully Aves has a good camp and stays, he went on vacay with Richards and Voros, helped bring him to NYR?

  71. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    I didnt say AA was going anywhere. I said AA is a guy Id try to headline a package for another team’s star for.

  72. Carp you’re in mid season form! Torts would be proud. Thanks for getting all this out here for us.

    I’m not going to play with lineups and all that but i’ll say this much- if the Dubi Anisimov Cali unit which was our first line last year can play the way they did at times last season that’s a helluva 2nd line. I’m assuming that if Wolski stays with the team they’ll try him on the top line to see if Richards can spark him. Personally I’d rather see them get a cheaper (and probably older) LW that can score consistently. Maybe Prospal will be back? idk. we’ll see what they do. I just don’t trust Wolski and especially not at the price we’re paying.

    I’m going to be the first (i think) to say the following and yous should remember it all season long lol.

    1- Don’t be surprised to see Fredo playing first line center at least a couple times if this team struggles at times. Torts is Torts.

    2- Save yourself some grief and expect 20-25 goals out of Richards at best.

    3-Chances are he’s not going to have instant chemistry with Gaborik. So don’t form a lynch mob TOO quickly. Though there’s a real chance they don’t click and you’ll see the likes of Callahan and Dubi playing with Richards. and the TRADE GABORIK stuff will start.

    4- Idk about you but even if he works out I wouldn’t be shocked if we were still fighting for the 6/7/8 spot come March.

    5- And I’m all for debating lines and combos but let’s let training camp decide who is deemed “2nd line center” “first line LW” and so on. If Stepan or Boyle comes out and scores 30 goals this year I don’t think it’s debateable.

    6- Let’s go Rangers! Do it for Old Coach and Fozzy!!

  73. anisimov is 22, improving every year. shown some real spurts of excelllence. is cheap, moving him would be standard old ranger stupidity.

    how about this concept keep him and watch him improve…………….

  74. bull dog line on

    you mean so what if AA is the third line center, right. you are also forgetting about Boyle, who is the 3rd line center. AA is going to have to find a new position, or a new team.

  75. yes sis! I think that played a role! And yes, AA is staying…..I don’t want to lose Step, not at all, but AA is proven on his line. And agreed, mazzo.

    OK, here’s the deal. I’m sick today, missed a great lake party and have agreed to support Richie. So can we give me a break on the Aves trade talk please!!!! It makes me thirsty and depressed.

  76. James, great post.
    Stuart, agreed.
    bulldog, as usual, grrrrrrr

    mazzo, probably true.

  77. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    stuart – I dont mind watching him grow. To say you’ve seen excellence is a bit much. But if you can – Im not saying it is possible – get someone much better than what we currently have, wouldnt you? Sometimes, you have to pick and choose a couple of your assets to ship off for better. You dont have to always keep every asset.

    Get rid of Avery! Get his clogginess off this team.

  78. more food for thought- They should consider someone big and physical for the top LW spot. Gaborik and Richards are going to get tossed around pretty good by bigger more physical teams with shut down units.

  79. bull dog line on

    I like AA. I am just pointing out how the roster is shaping up. the centers are, Richards, Stepan, AA, Boyle, and Rupp. Boyle and Rupp fill the roles of 3rd, and 4th line center than AA. Stepan is a better player than AA. to me that makes AA the odd center out. position change, or trade bait.

  80. As sis said, we have a silly history of shipping off assets for one-shots that don’t work. I’m with Torts, build smart…if you build it (smart) it (the Cup) will come :)

  81. bull dog line on

    that is why I suggested Dubi in that spot earlier. also Dubi is a pretty good defensive forward.

  82. sigh, my mood is souring…..but if AA is supposed to be a definite re-sign, then what? Oh boy, the options make me want to boudreau.

  83. bull dog line on

    I don’t understand why you would want to get rid of Gordie Avery?

  84. 12 mil!!!!!??????
    Twelve flippin million dollars!!!!?????
    These people are on crack!!!!

  85. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    I didn’t say ship off assets for “one-shots.” I proposed using AA to a headline a package for someone much better than him!!!!!!!!!!! Trading away pieces doesn’t mean not building smart. It depends on the deal.

    Get rid of Avery! He has no place on this team and no skill!

  86. bull dog and Husky, you are teeing me off! And I don’t mean that in a Mr. T meeting way.

  87. it is not a mistake. if you look at what they gave leino and Wisniewski and Connolly and ehrhoff, I would take Richards any day over those guys. it would have been a mistake if they had traded good young Ranger prospects to get Richards,but this way they keep the best of both worlds .

    the question is if sather says that Gaborik has to have a guy to set him up in the right spots, then why did sather give such a huge contract to a guy who needs someone else to make him valuable. while Richards makes other players better, and the PP better, gaborik does not. seems as though gaborik is the overpaid one.

  88. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Come on Mama bear! Ive got a Texas size man crush on JaJa Jarda Jaromir, but I readily admit that he didnt have the most impact on the Rangers of any Ranger in history! Avery will only hold this team back. We cant have stupid penalty committers and guys that dont give full effort every time out there

  89. tb, was thinking the same thing.

    This comment made me pause: He’s the kind of player that shouldn’t be handling the puck a lot. He’s the kind that should be going to spots and getting the puck at the right times.

    I guess Richie is now the guy to give him the puck? Still……..

  90. Bulldog I missed that before. It’d make sense for sure.

    As for the center debate-
    Why not let them just compete for the spot? Like I said above- if one comes out and lights it up and the other struggles then the answer becomes much more clear.

  91. guys that don’t give full effort every time out there?

    Are you kidding me!!!!

  92. I still think we need an offensive defenseman somehow if it won’t be Del Zotto. Only Ian White, Anton Babchuk, and Tomas Kaberle are still unsigned, and Id give any of those guys a shot on a 1 year deal.

    A 1st line LW I wouldn’t worry too much about. Dubinsky could always do it, and Carl Hagelin and Christian Thomas will get a shot at it.

  93. This is a disgrace of a move for the Rangers. It’s same ol’, same ol’ with this franchise. I don’t care if Richards scores 75 pts/yr. He’s getting elite money and years, and he’s not an elite player.

  94. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Yes, Mama. Want to watch a guy give full effort out there. Watch LQ, watch Callahan, watch Prust. Avery doesnt.

  95. why did Gaborik get such a big contract from Sather? because if Sather didnt give it to him, somebody else would have. Gaborik > Richards. sometimes i really do think people whine for the hell of whining.

  96. OK all, I’m off for the day. Time for meds and soup :)
    Carp, can’t wait for your report :) on this deal.


  97. Tom- no offense because I see your point and don’t like the contract but if he produces and they succeed you’re going to complain?

  98. Manny Mania on

    I think I am OK with that deal. He won’t be that hard to move at $1M later. The cap hit is NOW when he is supposed to help us. I am OK with this.

    Am I missing something? There isn’t a NTC or NMC?

  99. double wicky, fug! Agreed Manny. But no word on any clauses. Linda and I think, though, that there’s a NT.

  100. bull dog line

    Considering how Stepan is so brutal in the faceoff circle, should Wolski not be able to take down the LW spot, Stepan would be logical choice to move there.

    Also Rupp is listed as a center but in reality plays LW the majority of the time…

    There is also the possibility that Stepan moves to LW right away, should the Rangers decide to move Wolski and use that money to bring in a more talented d-man to combat the possibility that one of the young guys has a bad year…

  101. Team has gone from heavy with Right handed D for most of last year; Girardi, Sauer, Roszi, Emmy (played mostly LD last year) and Gilly to heavy on the Left side ;Staal, McD, Erixon, MDZ

    Currently only two right D, right?

  102. wow !!!

    Washington has signed Vokoun … Damn, They are gonna be really, really good next year

  103. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Avery cares more about his off ice fashion and modeling career, and his bar and restaurants than actual hockey.

  104. Anyone catch the pic Christian Thomas tweeted the other day, it was a gem. I’m guessing the org had him remove it because I don’t see it anymore.

  105. NMC for Richie and Vokoun to Caps…ddeb, i’m keeping all my meds. Sigh….seriously, last wicky….fading to black…….TA!

  106. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    CARPY, outstanding job the past two days!! Boneheads… Hilarious and well thought out posts!!! Always great to share crazy days like these with youse guys!!

  107. Husky Corgi Shiba Inu Chihuahua Alaskan Klee Kai Animal Lover on

    Everything’s about Sean Avery. Sean Avery doesn’t care about team. Maybe if he had the skill of Jaromir, he could get away with carcillo. Unfortunately, it’s always the Sean Avery show. It’s not the New York Rangers against the Carolina Hurricanes. It’s the Sean Avery show starring Sean Avery, costarring Sean Avery, directed and produced by Sean Avery, with a special guest star Sean Avery.

  108. dde!!

    Lin, just to clear it up, Fredo/Judas/PeeWee are the same person, right?

    It’s not the end of the world if Stepan or Rupp (who is more of a winger than a center) have to play wing sometimes. But I do think Anisimov will get a very long chance to be the No. 2 center, and will do so just fine if he’s between the Captain and Dubinsky.

  109. Vokoun just fixed a whole lot of stuff for Washington, which might be the biggest winner of this frenzy this weekend.

  110. ?-Richards-Gaborik

    Yeah, I dunno.

  111. I agree, Carp, Washington did a pretty freakin’ good job. I don’t know how they were able to pull it off.

  112. It is really nice to see SO many familiar faces around here the last two or three days. Glad to be a part of RR with you all.

  113. Hello gang!

    Exceptionally late to the party (sorry, Carp!), but slept in very late, then had to run a few errands in the 100 degree heat.

    So, BRich took less money to be a Ranger? Good on him. That contract, while the length is off-putting, isn’t as bad as I thought it would be- I was expecting somewhere around $8 or $9 million per. Some good quotes from him and and Torts, too.

    As for lines (if we sign the RFAs), how about..

    The 4th could be a mixture of Rupp(maybe he plays top line LW??), Avery, EC, MZA, any kid that might make an impression in camp?)

    That might be how it starts out, but we all know Torts propensity for line shuffling, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see any combination of all players tossed together.

  114. so after all the RFAs are signed the Rangers should have around 2.5 mil in cap space to play with. Something tells me Sather has one more acquisition left…

  115. I forgot Wolski. Darnit, I KNEW I forgot someone.

    Umm, then maybe he gets first crack at LW on the first line and the third line becomes Stepan- Boyle-Prust and Feds shifts down to 4th? IDK. Too many choices.

  116. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    feel better!

    I wonder with the signing of vokoun the caps try and trade semin with someone (that was for you orr)? I wouldn’t have taken a shot at him in the past, but with Richards skill level, could he be a fit on the first line with the other 2 guys? Not sure how all the money would work out, but…

    If not, WW and /or dubi and/or someone else within the organization may get a shot!

    so explain the “pope” thing to me please!

  117. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Ia there any video link of the richards presser?

  118. Caps are much better now. I had a feeling that the Caps could be in on Vokoun after he was still not signed. There were not really any other options for him out there. Pretty crazy that Vokoun gets 1/1.5 and Brzygalov gets 9/51. Could the Flyers have hung onto one of Carter/Richards and signed Vokoun, instead of trading both and signing Bryz?

    Vokoun career: 2.56 GAA, .917 SV%
    Bryzgalov career: 2.53 GAA, .916 SV%

    Vokoun is 4 years older. 35 to 31

  119. Wolski – Richards – Gabby
    Dubi – AA – Cally
    Feds – Stepan – Zucc
    Prust – Boyle – Rupp

    Sean Avery / E. Christensen / Vinny Prospal all spare parts and question marks.

  120. I know most will think this is ridiculous but if I were Torts rather then reenforcing that Avery is not a good defensive player I would challenge him and put him on PK. I think he has the ability (discipline might be an issue but I think he has the tenacity) I think it aligns with his mindset. He will be recognized and appreciated, probably more so than others, even.
    He’s done it pretty well before under Renney. The third and fourth line players have to take the load off of Cally and Dubi etc. Otherwise he’s becomes expendable.

  121. I think Paul Holmgren really messed up with the Bryzgalov/Vokoun calculations.

    Liquid, I don’t think you’ll be seeing Vinny Prospal no more (in a Clemenza voice)..

    Mickey, I like your idea. Give Stepan a shot on the LW of the No. 1 line. The kid gets dirty, has hands, can score goals, and is reasonably good defensively. Better than Woofwoof, I mean, Wolski.

    Also agree with you that it was good this week to see all the old names in attendance.

  122. Carpy….You don’t think Torts will bring back the tri-fecta of B Richards, Feds and include Prospal for the Bolts re-union party? This is like the Rangers in the 90’s and all the ex- Oilers…..heehee

  123. worse teams in the nhl are; colorado, florida, and edmonton(still).

    rangers improved themselves, so did the sabres, bluejackets, and cap’s. jury is out on philly they made so many moves ….

    rangers are moving up, are they there yet??no but they will only get better over the next 3 years unless they have some serious injury issues…

  124. Washington picked up a high first round pick in 2012’s “Draft for the ages” and an elite goaltender for $1.5m/per, this weekend…not bad

    Philly also did well, IMO. Bryz is a decent goalie. Their team is better with Voracek, Jagr, Schenn, Talbot, & Simmonds MINUS M. Richards, Carcillo, Zherdev and Carter…And if this Sean Couturier kid is any good, watch out…

  125. Well, obviously Vaclav Prospal is getting old…he is 36….he was injured last season with knee issues…..But when he played he did put up points (23 pts in 29 games I think)….

    One thing I love about Prospal is his enthusiasm and excitement. He is a team player and never took it for granted in respect to putting on the NY Rangers sweater.

    If he is healthy, great….I welcome him with open arms….If not healthy or the Rangers look to replace him with an up- and -comer like C Thomas, Kreider, Hagelin….then I will still give Prospal some props’pal……..Not the worst Ranger in their history…..(that may have went to Willie Huber, may he RIP).

  126. George McPhee. Sigh.

    What, NYR? You think Jagr is going to be the ’05-06 version? And you don’t think they took a huge hit losing Zherdev? Just kidding. I am not sold that the Flyers are much improved today than they were when the season ended.

  127. LIQUID, though the fans hated Willie (probably mostly because he was so big, but not tough and tumble), he was NOT the worst Ranger in history.

    Heck, there are a few guys on the roster now who are worse than he was.

  128. I think the Flyers are nuts….they had two above average some what young guys in Carter and Mike Richards… they got a 39yr old Jagr…and a goalie who hasnt one anything……I think they jumped the shark… they lost Leino as well….and even Carcillo ….actuallly I do not think Car Bomb was such a pivotal piece of the puzzle….lol

  129. prospal was a very good signing for the rangers but time to move on..

    the rangers need to stay with the plan. sign all there RFA’s mid 20 tyr old guys and continue to infuse young guys when they can.

    supplement this once in a while with a big time player/signing…

    need kredier, hagelin, thomas, and others to grow and force themselves onto the ice…. obviously for kreider it will be another year…

  130. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I missed out on the top 5 all time players discussion earlier, so here are my ranked top five


  131. Flyers trading away Carter and Richards is far more detrimental than the Rangers trading Ridley and Miller for Bobby Carpenter……Of course, we got Marcel “the Beaver” Dionne for Carpenter…..I think Jags is better than the Beaver though….lol

  132. Love Vinny, for just what you said, his enthusiasm and excitement. Although when it gets to the locker room, the no nonsense, tell it like it is approach. Oh, so wish we had him in his prime, what a professional. I would never count that fugger out.

  133. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I really do not see how the flyers are any better now. I mean zherdev and jagr are a wash at best and bryz is an upgrade at goalie so losing carter and m richards are a step backwards compared to voracek and talbot (no offence to those two). simmonds isn’t signed yet and they may have to lose someone else to sign him.

    IMHO, they are not better at all and with jagr, the lockerroom is just as unstable as before!

    I agree with mama here as well, nice to see richards not go for the jagr.

    The question in French basically just reiterated going to an original 6 team, closer to PEI, and playing in NYC (paraphrasing btw).

  134. Mess # 1?? Love Mess but Gretzky was DOMINATING! Come on more assists then the next guy has points! The Greatest one in any sport IMHO!!

  135. Wasnt Dean Kennedy voted the worst player in the league on year by the Hockey News?? Wouldnt that make him pretty bad?

  136. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Many will agree with you. I just happen to believe in something called a “complete” player. To me, there is more to hockey than just points (hitting, playing D, standing up for teammates, etc) so gretz and one dimensional players like him, will never rate as high to me.

  137. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I love you too man.

    I was just being honest

  138. Our top line may stray from the identity this team has established but the team’s success will be determined by the other lines maintaining it.

  139. JimboWoodside on

    I may regret it in a few years, but as of today I’m happy that we landed Richards – I was getting sick of seeing the Comcast Flyers making all the news during this free-agent session.

    They can buy NBC and the NHL contract, but Jim Dolan’s bucks landed Richards, and I hope he does great for us.

    Maybe this coming season we can knock Philly out of playoff contention on the last day of the season, after Jagr muffs the last Flyer shootout in OT! ;-D

  140. Yeah I hear what your saying wicky – but Gretzky was soo dang good and he wasnt the fastest or biggest player he was just magic on the ice…Mess was the complete package! Tough, skillful, fast, etc…I wish Gretzky was still around just for my fantasy league! : )

  141. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    LOL! And there is no denying gretz’ vision and overall uncanny offencive ability!

  142. wick, philosophically I usually side with you … but anybody over Gretzky is nonsensical.

    Worse than Purinton? How about the big McKenna kid, like 6-8, who would fight anybody and lose? Or Jay Caufield? Or Seldom Beaton? Tough call.

  143. While I definitely think Jagr went to Philly partially motivated by the bucks, I think he also realized he would get a lot more playing time with the moves they made, and more of a chance to be the center of attention.

  144. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I know you do and I completely understand why most would not agree with me on this and I am fine with it. He is known as the great one for a reason, I just don’t agree with it.

    and thank you!

  145. “gretz and one dimensional players like him”, please give me a break I can see where your coming from but one dimensional never!

  146. no, wicky and NYR, thank you and thank you.

    no, thank you, too, CCCP.

    I’m taking a break for a while now. my eyes are bloodshot.

  147. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    try a bloody mary!

    and no no, thank you!

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers will be #1 in the east" ...says Greg L. on

    I won the bet MIKEY!!!! I won!!! I finally won one….yes!!!

    Latona is exactly right , Jagr is a one man show and in Philthy Philly he can be the top guy. Claude Girioux may think hes good but when hes beside Jagr he’ll be pissN his pants.

  149. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers will be #1 in the east" ...says Greg L. on

    TOP 5 players all time

    #1 Wayne Gretzky

    #2 Gordie Howe

    #3 Mark Messier

    #5 Bobby Orr

    #6 Guy Lafluer

  150. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve gotta say, if you never saw Bobby Orr play in person, and how he revolutionized the game, you wouldn’t have him at number 5, I don’t think. Gretzky is probably #1, but Orr would be my #2, definitely……

    And as much as I hated him, “Mary-O” was very good, too…….

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers will be #1 in the east" ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Bobby Orr was goood BUT he didnt play very long…. Cam Neely was GOOOOD but again didnt play that long. Mike Bossy was a awsome .

    good point Jimbo …

    #1 Gretzky

    #2 Mario

    #3 Howe

    #4 Messier

    #5 Bobby Orr

  152. bull dog line on

    I understand your concern about Stepan on faceoffs. I happen to think Stepan is not only a better center than AA, but also a much more complete player. Stepan is a better passer, and backchecker than AA. about that AA, Dubi, Cally line being the top line last year, and the number 2 line for this upcoming season. what they call those kind of lines are doughnut lines. a big hole in the middle.

  153. Oh no, Joe Beninati is doing Lacrosse on ESPN2! He hasn’t thrown a “Backside Bullseye” yet, though he did manage a “Shortside…”

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers will be #1 in the east" ...says Greg L. on

    Top line all time

    Lets see here put Gretz here…

    Rw Messier

    C Gretzky

    LW M Lemieux

    D Gordie Howe ( no not Mark)

    D Booby ORR

    Goal Ken Dryden / Grant Fuhr

  155. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Greg – Bossy was excellent – such a “nose for the net”…….I can’t praise him though, because of the sheer hatred I had for him and his team during that sad Ranger decade of the 1980’s…how many times did he burn us? – it seemed like hundreds of goals! :-(

  156. Anyone else think AA needs to get a little swagger to his game?? I think this kid has all the talent in the world but I think he needs a little more self confidence…I obviuosly dont know him from Adam but I just think he looks a little self doubting looking from the outside…

  157. JimboWoodside on

    And we’re not giving credit to the real old-timers like Maurice Richard, Geoffrion, Doug Harvey, and so many other players who were overwhelmingly dominant in their eras…..not many of us have ever seen those guys play.

  158. Am busy getting together a pool as to against which rival and when precisely the season ending concussion will occur. Also as to what, if any, penalty will be imposed. Been a blueshirt fan too long not to know the drill… this is a HIGH RISK signing…. we never get away with those for a full season.

  159. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    I had rocket 3, but in all honesty I think he should be 2 and orr 3!

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Rangers will be #1 in the east" ...says Greg L. on

    AA needs to put on 30 pounds of beef . He need to strength train so hes a beast !! Then he’ll be the ticket .

    Bossy is the only player ELITE to play for the azzlanders . Thats it!! They couldnt even get Eric…they had to settle for Brett Lindros. Azzlanders won alot of cups BUT now adays that’s all behind them cuz they suck and will never win the cup again. Ever again . They had Bossy and Billy run over our team … BUT history will be made and it was . We won the cup last , and today they are losers and scum . Rangers NOW are the classiest and most famous team in the world . WORLD WIDE , the azzlanders can’t say that .

  161. To me AA is the puppy with the big paws. I think he’s been very honest, I think he is very self aware Either you give him the time or you don’t. I don’t see him as being someone that you can push too much but he may hit that stage of maturity and boom. That’s my Pop Psych Analysis. : )

  162. I agree – I really think he can be a horse for this team…He has to play a little more with his head up or he is going to get hurt…he takes some hard hits…But I think he can be a solid player for a long time…at least I hope!!

  163. wow just back from dinner to see vokoun to caps. easily the most improved and best job these past few days.

    caps may get over the hump now and get to final

  164. The thing with AA is that 1)he’s all of 22 and B) from what I can tell, he has a slight frame. Yeah. he’s tall, but I think he’s just built to be tall and skinny. He can weight train as much as he wants, but I don’t think he could gain more than many 10-15 more pounds on his frame without the use of illegal stuff.

    He’s also not afraid to go to the net or go to corners. Just give him some time.

  165. LOL Carp didn’t Mckenna wind up going to Pittsburgh and put up a decent season playing with Mario? That guy was horrible.

  166. eric – we put your phone number on several lists that we thought you might be interested in.
    Pessimist Monthly and Dreaders Digest were a few :)

  167. ha i really am the true pessimist. hey this ranger franchise does it to you. i do like the caps a lot now with vokoun.

  168. eric,

    Happy anniversary! Wishing many more years of health and happiness to you, your wife, and your child. Future children included!

  169. leetchhalloffame on

    How did Caps get Vokoun for peanuts? Philly really overpaid for Bryzgalov.

  170. Paul in sunrise on

    AA is a center. Not strong enough for the wall. Step is a right hand shot. Off wing may be difficult but worth a look.

    Steve Richmond easily worst ranger

  171. I thought The General Richmond was OK when he got a chance. Fought everybody and anybody.

    I like right shot on left side, especially with a good disher in the middle.

  172. So some folks are complaining about this signing, saying it’s too much money.

    Were these the same folks who agreed back at the deadline that it would be useless to give up picks or young cogs just to make a push when we could just pay him in the summer?

    And now, we’ve done it: upgraded and filled needs for nothing short of money. A lot of money, yeah, but money. What’s the problem?

  173. I dont think we’re giving WW enough credit to be our top line LW. He’s on his 3rd team and in a contract year. He’s getting skating lessons from Barbie.

    He’s not messing around this year.

    Crazy prediction time … He gets 30 goals this year playing with BRich and Gabby

  174. Well….the $$ is coming from NY Rangers fans no matter what…..especially with this renovation which has made the price of tickets jump @ MSG.

    So this 2011-12 Rangers squad could be a good mix. Just need a well oiled machine. Should be fun to watch.

    Just think….with B Richards signed now…..Sam Rosen may say, “IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL!!” a few more times this year.

    Now they just have to get rid of Joe Michelleti…..maybe he will take a buy-out like Drury…..

    or maybe just fire him……bring in Dave Maloney

  175. Somerset….I agree wholeheartedly….

    Wolski has the skill set… he has a first class puck feeder in B Richards and a dangerous other winger in Gabby….

    If I was Wolski….I would do everything possible to make it work this year….and I think he will come through…..30 goals is not out of the question….I think he will do it.

  176. Two people in the poll voted that they hate the deal…I bet one of those people is Doodie. Wonder who the other person is? Carp? ;)

  177. wicky(grating PIBG)© (HIT the mullet!!) on

    Happy anny eric!

    I could see WW with 30 if he is given consistent time on that line

  178. It’s the other guys that will determine if this is a good signing. If anyone thinks their job has gotten easier because of it, it’s destined to fail and that includes guys that will never be on the ice with Brich.

  179. Just caught up on some comments… I figured it out! The other person who voted that they hate this signing is eric! LOL

    why am I not surprised? :)

  180. If you’re going for all time points leaders, my top five are:
    1 Wayne Gretzky 2857
    2 Mark Messier 1887
    3 Gordie Howe 1850
    4 Ron Francis 1798
    5 Marcel Dionne 1771

  181. All time goals:
    1 Wayne Gretzky 894
    2 Gordie Howe 801
    3 Brett Hull 741
    4 Marcel Dionne 731
    5 Phil Esposito 717

  182. All time assists:
    1 Wayne Gretzky 1963
    2 Ron Francis 1249
    3 Mark Messier 1193
    4 Ray Bourque 1169
    5 Paul Coffey 1135

  183. True Blue Mike on

    I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about him getting paid so much. Who cares its not our money (well technically it is, i guess.). The Rangers will win the Stanley cup and then trade Richards and his remaining 3 years and 3 million dollars to the Phoneix Coyotes, which by then will be known as the Kansas City FireCats.

  184. Stranger Nation on

    With lady bing centering for gabby, we need some size and grit on that line. Like step, but he wore down in 2nd half. Both he and Artie party need to visit A-roids favorite doc in Toronto.

    Dubi and the Capt will get Artie back on track!

  185. ddebened

    No carcillo?! Awesome! I had no idea you were into something like that! Did I hook you up? :)

    First show? You gonna love these guys! Where is Red Rocks? Montreal?

  186. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    3Cp that was one of my favorite comic books when I was young wish he was my boyfriend back then lol

  187. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    A big THANK YOU to Sean Mayer also for allowing Carp to stay here all day instead of going to bailout ballpark as Carp likes to call it

  188. CCCP – What do you think? I say we book’em

    U2 Live at Red Rocks, look it up

  189. ddebened

    You’re a jerk! ;)

    And I thought I finally hooked someone from the blog and wanted to hook you up with VIP access! ;)

    But you should definitely try to catch Infected Mushroom concert! Very innovative band that has it’s own sound. Today, no other band in the world mixes many different styles together like them so successfully.

    Ria, Richie Rich is cool {thumbs up}

  190. ddebened,

    You’re going to get high from the exorbitant amount of pot being smoked there. Even if you don’t roll any yourself, the amount of druggies there is INSANE. But the place is really awesome. You’ll have a great time.

  191. JimboWoodside on

    ”Bossy is the only player ELITE to play for the azzlanders . Thats it!! They couldnt even get Eric…they had to settle for Brett Lindros. Azzlanders won alot of cups BUT now adays that’s all behind them cuz they suck and will never win the cup again. Ever again . They had Bossy and Billy run over our team … BUT history will be made and it was . We won the cup last , and today they are losers and scum . Rangers NOW are the classiest and most famous team in the world . WORLD WIDE , the azzlanders can’t say that

    *BRAVO*, Greg!!! :-)

  192. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, Latona – things are going well here! How’s by you?

    Goodnight, Carp – great work, as always!

  193. Give Mr Prokhorov a call CCCP, I think this is a great idea, you get the cash, I’ll supply the good looks

  194. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " We got Brad!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    TYTY Jimbo !!! Its all the truth!!

  195. They’re going, Jimbo, they’re going. Resting easier now that the Richards frenzy has settled.

  196. Hmmmm, worst Ranger ever?

    Sandis Ozolinsh, or Shane Churla.

    We’ve had many, many stiffs over the years, but those 2 are the worst I can think of off-hand.

  197. oleo

    worse player in history on Rangers?

    Too bad you weren’t around for the season of Anson Carter…

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