Brad Richards Sweepstakes: Day 2


B. Rich is going to make his decision today. Or at least that’s what he told TSN as he emerged from his agent’s office last night.

And you’d have to imagine he had already made the decision last night but wanted to make sure and sleep on it … or maybe his agent has a little bit of LeBron in him and thinks this will help perpetuate the circus and the attention.

I’m willing to give B. Rich the benefit of the doubt, that it is a life-altering decision and he just wants to be sure.

As long as he’s not trying to extract more money out of those teams already offering insane dollars and years to a guy who is laps behind the best players in the game but will be paid like Numero Uno.

We’ll see. There are reports that the NYR’s offer is not the top-dollar offer on the table. So if he chooses New York, perhaps that makes it slightly more appealing, that he didn’t go for the final nickel.

I do know this. Those of youse who are full-steam-ahead on this, who are OK with the dollars and the years, you’d better not complain when Year 3 or 4 gets here and the Rangers are up against the cap and can’t make a bid for a better star player because of Richards’ contract. And you’d better not complain if he gets bumped and is out for a lengthy term with a concussion. And you’d better not complain if he doesn’t score 30 goals, because he won’t. Or if the power play stinks. Or if Marian Gaborik still struggles. Or if the Rangers remain a team that has to fight the final week of the season to get into the playoffs, and maybe doesn’t get past the first round anyway.

Because no guarantees come with this contract, other than the guarantee that Richards will be paid.

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  1. well said Carp because for those who want this is exactly what I’ve been thinking will happen because you know the chances are decent that is going to happen.

  2. That is what I mean by saying the rangers have been down this road before and it hasn’t worked out. Please, please, please sign with LA.

  3. Manny Mania on

    ORR – you have to over there and break up the marriage. Teach her what non europansy male looks like!

  4. carp

    best column you ever wrote.

    you couldnt have said it any better.

    go to the kings richards

  5. Carp, I for one am not okay with the money or the years which gives me full right to complain when ALL of these things DO HAPPEN. Besides, I’m already paying for the Gardens renovation and can’t afford to pay for Richards inflated salary too :)

  6. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Should we be wearing outlandish hats and drinking sweet tea for this?

  7. That’s why I call it Drury 2.0. Richards is a better player than Drury. But all of those risks are real.

  8. He doesn’t have to score 30 goals to be worth it. 25 goals and 60 assists in his first season is what I expect from him…

  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    exactly how long does it take this guy to eat his grand slam… lets go, it’s a holiday weekend

  10. Manny Mania on

    Amen. Those risks are real and in a weak FA class they will be AMPLIFIED. Let’s just be smart. We signed Fedotenko which is a TERRIFIC idea. Let’s ride that one.

  11. well what happens if Richards doesn’t sign here. What does Sather do next?

  12. Gift of GAB-orik on

    If he does indeed sign with the Rangers, and the Rangers weren’t the highest money offer, than i’ll be more ok with it than I was a few days ago, and i’ll consider it a ‘good’ signing in relation to what went on yesterday, and guys being overpaid like crazy.

    Do i think Richards is worth $6.5-7 mil a year? No. But he’s a good player, and if he does well for us for less than what other teams were offering… i guess that’s a victory of sorts.

    I want the team to win, bottom line. I won’t root against the guy if he signs here. Signing huge contracts always has it’s risks… but i guess we’ll roll the dice one more time.

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on


  14. >> Do i think Richards is worth $6.5-7 mil a year? No.
    Agreed. But if can produce 80+ points AND get Gabby back to 40+ goals it won’t seem as bad. Both being BIG IF’S though.

  15. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    lmao Gab! He needs to get off the twitter and announce his decision so we can get on with the day.

    never had a mint julep Carp, but I just had some frozen berries and I’m going upstairs to get my hat right now lol….is 9 am too early for the SoCo?

  16. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Ack, if he’s still doing that in years 6-9, then it would have been worth it lol ;-)

  17. “Because no guarantees come with this contract, other than the guarantee that Richards will be paid.”

    So, tell me. What guarantees come with not signing him other than you don’t pay him?

  18. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Maybe just once, we’ll be able to sign a mediocre player – or any player – w/o overpaying for him. Maybe the idea of winning in NY – and playing for his old coach – will sell itself. I know, who am I kidding. I agree, he’s good, not great, and that it’s inefficient to be spending top cap dollars for Richards.

  19. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Ack…. true, if he performs to his career average, or somehow goes above, it won’t be so bad.

    Lin- 9am and SoCo…. that’s a late start in my book.

    I had a kahlua milkshake once… it was byfuglien delicious!

  20. Oh….except I only drink my Mint Juleps the following way:

    1 Cup Shaved Arctic Ice (Must be from the North Pole)
    2 Sprigs Moroccan Mint, Freshly harvested
    1 Tsp raw Cane Sugar from Cuba (must be stolen and smuggled into America)
    3 Oz. 156 Year Old Whisky (Preferably from Michter’s or The Stitzel Weller family)

  21. I don’t know why we are bothering with this guy. Parise MAY be a UFA in 1 year, Malkin in 2 I believe. I mean there is no guarantee that those guys will ever hit the open market, but if they get there and we can’t sign one of them because of being stuck with a Richards that only manages 57 points in a season then we’ll all be up in arms.

  22. knowing sather what i fear most is if richards goes elsewhere he turns around and signs tim connolly and kaberle to 4 mil dollar contracts

  23. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    great point guys !! 3:00 somehwere yea baby!
    Baileys Irish Creme came out with a limited time only Mudslide… i HAVE to get that today!!

  24. Checking out for a while guys. Have a three year olds birthday party to go to. I’ll keep checking in on my phone though. Good day all.

  25. Gift of GAB-orik on


    True, but on the flip side, if we did nothing, waited 2 years, and those guys don’t hit the market, or we didn’t sign them, we’d be up in arms anyway.

  26. hey i am leaving in the next hour to go to pool with wife and baby. somone text me and let me know on richards.


  27. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    eric, if Richards does not sign here, Glen better sign Cally, Sauer, Ani, Boyle and Dubi before giving anything to those 2 guys.

  28. Rod's Revenge on

    Wow, amazing to see the negativity, most of it surrounding the $$$.

    If Jim Dolan, who was on the phone lobbying Richards – and whose money it actually is – doesnt care, who should anyone else? He gave Carmelo Anthony $60m for 3 years!

    Somewhere in Cablevision headquarters they already have you ticket prices and cable rates figured for the year 2025, so why not have the best team possible?
    Or should the NYR again go without a No. 1 C and PP QB, so Dan Girardi can block more shots with his face this year?

    I just see this different than most I guess.
    The numbers are so ridiculous in sports nowadays it’s all Monopoly money. Who cares?!
    Is Richards going to be worth it in year 5-6-7? probably not.
    That’s the convenience tax you pay to get this guy talent-free.

    Unless you’d rather trade 3 young guys for Statsny.

  29. Gift of GAB-orik on

    We can’t worry about who may or may not be available in a year or two.

  30. Richards is absolutely worth 6.5-7 mil. Anyone who finishes in the top 10 in points the past two seasons is worth that kind of money. Not only that, only 7 players in the entire NHL have more points than him, the last two years: Crosby, Ovechkin, Perry, Stamkos, St. Louis, Sedin and Sedin.

    The only question is whether he will be worth it 2-3 years from now???

  31. I say if B Rich couldn’t make up his mind to come to NY yesterday, let him sign elsewhere. He’s obviously not committed to being a NYR and re-uniting with Torts. But that’s just my opinion.

  32. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    The Knicks have cap room. Carmelo Anthony is among the 15 best players in the league, a proven scorer, not afraid of crunch time like “The Decision”

    We’re not complaining about the $$$ money, we’re concerned about the cap and the effect it will have on the Rangers in the coming years.

  33. I understand the negativity, Rod, because these good folks have all been through this so, so many times before. And it almost never works out.

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    I’m concerned with the YEARS, not the money. 5 years max, anything beyond that is a pair of handcuffs

  35. Gift of GAB-orik on


    The money factors in when figuring the total cap space year by year. I understand the disdain for such a large contract for a guy who’s not going to score 40 or more goals. Our history is littered with large contract mistakes, and we’re all left the what ifs regarding moves that could and could not be done. Now in fairness, hindsight is always 20/20.

    And as has been discussed, if in 3 years, Richards isn’t performing like a 1st line center, and not getting 70-80 points a year, or has another head injury, and we still have a huge cap hit, it holds the franchise backs.

    I know, alot of ‘if’s.

    I’ll put a positive spin on it… with all of the Rangers big contract failures…. ONE of these signings has to work out right? I mean doesn’t the law of averages come in somewhere?

    Regardless of the outcome… come the 1st game of the season, I’m gonna root like hell for whomever is wearing Ranger Blue! (or white) :)

  36. The years don’t concern me THAT much if the Contract is properly frontloaded….AND he is not given a NTC or NMC. Just make it an easily movable contract later and the years are really meaningless.

  37. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Are the handcuffs chained to a prison cell or to a bed?! Inquiring minds need 2 know :)

  38. Bottom line, minus negativity: If Richards comes in and plays like a No. 1 center and gets Gaborik and the PP going, and stays reasonably healthy, then the contract won’t be a concern.

    And he won’t be Drury 2.0.

  39. I still don’t understand why everyone is worried about what happens 7 years from now. The only reason he is getting that long of a contract is to get the cap hit down.

    Kovalchuk signed a 15 year deal which is really only 9 years. Richards will sign a 7 year deal which is really only 5. Thats how these things work.

  40. I think the fact that he didn’t make a decision yesterday bodes well for us. It means we aren’t just doing ANYTHING to get him here. We are holding some sort of line and being competitive but not stupid.

  41. Rod's Revenge on

    How did Gretzky work out here? Gaborik his first year?
    Theo Fleury scored (before imploding) and was a blast to watch.
    There are a few others.

    Of course Rangers history is littered with disasterous signings, no one in their right mind could deny that.

    What’s the alternative? You want Tim Connolly instead, 3yrs, $15m?
    That’s not unreasonable, but he’s not Richards either.

    That said, just got a disturbing email. Uh-oh…….

  42. Carp

    exactly, by the time Richards is no longer a top line center, Gaborik’s contract will be up and hopefully Stepan, Anisimov or another kid (making nothing) is a top line center.

    My only worry is that he comes here and puts up 65 points and never hits 70 as a Ranger…

  43. I think the alternative to Richards is just having some cap space to play with later.

  44. Brad Richards Decision Day…

    Brad-“Not one Championship, not two Championships,…”

  45. Oleo – we just have to make sure that whichever kid develops into a top line center…..we need to have the space to lock him up so we don’t lose him right as he peaks and becomes a FA.

  46. I’m still bitter for a Jagr signing. And not only b/c he went to my #1 hated team, making me hard to watch 6 times a year, but in my eyes, my hero, reduced himself to a petty mercenary, ready to sell himself for lousy 1 mil. more to anyone, who gives…and you’re talking one of the richest guy in the game (who not even have this hungry kids to feed). You think, for the guy of his status, money is not so much of importance, as is things like his name in hockey history, symbolism of finishing where he start or desire to try run for another cup with a legitimate contender winning team. All of that will be totally understood. But that…pathetic!

  47. If Richards can go for 25G and 60A, how many of those one goal losses and OT games turn into wins? What do you think Henrik is saying about the possibility of playing with a few more goals and an actual power play?

    Pay him and keep bringing up the young guys.

  48. Gretzky worked out only because it was Gretzky and people were in love with him and the idea of him being here and finishing his career here. If it had been any other superstar whose skills were so greatly diminished it would have been an absolute failure.

    Fleury and Gaborik worked out at first … Fleury became a complete bust. Gaborik, if he has another year like last year, will be a complete bust.

  49. My thoughts exactly, Carp. I think it’s rather remarkable that someone with Braylon’s sordid past would make that move. Says a lot about him as a person. I am impressed.

  50. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    LOL! I know those 100 students think the world of him and his butterfingers, as do I! :)

  51. That’s an AWESOME thing to do. Charity with an immediate and REAL impact. Kudos to Braylon Edwards.

  52. Rod's Revenge on

    Exactly Carp. Which is probably what the Rangers will get from Richards when all’s said and done. Some good production & some bad years.

    When things really go south the Rangers will have to do what they have to do to keep moving forward.

    But Heaven almighty, if Brad Richards isn’t an upgrade over the Erik Christensens of the world, I don’t know….

    Im just glad the Rangers aren’t so fatalistic in their approach.

    And I’d really like to see this thing announced.

  53. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    I really needed Sharapova to win this match. But she’s been bullied around the court and overpowered by the Kvitova forehand. :(

  54. Sather have a chance to become an instant hero today, if BR will tell him “I agree!” and Slats with this cool, red face, chomping cigar and moving it from one corner of mouth to another, respond: “You know…after thirty second thought… I would say…NO! No hard feeling pal, you’ll find accomodation and bank outside of NY. Bah-Bye!
    Yeah, morning dreams…

  55. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Exactly, Manny! A hero to those 100 students, and he’s cute too :)

  56. LOL, Tiki. I read that as “bullied around the court and overpowered by the Kvitiva *FOREHEAD* ”

    Which would also be true.

  57. These guys, like Kobe, think they can buy their way into heaven. Yeah, give up a small percentage of the unbelievable riches you have made, and that forgives all your terrible, criminal behavior.

  58. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Hope the Rangers land Richards.

    Another way to look at this: The top available free agent in the league, with lucrative offers from all the remaining suitors, is about to choose the franchise that he thinks is closest to doing something in the playoffs. What does this elite player think about the state of the Rangers vs. Philthy, Toronto, LA and Calgary? Hell, if we polled the top 20 players in the league, who would they choose?

    Does he see the same potential that so many of us do?

  59. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Officer- You were swerving, and i smell alcohol on your breath

    Me- It’s ok, I donated to charity yesterday.

    Officer- Oh, well in that case drive your drunk butt home, you’re obviously a great guy!

  60. Funny, but the prospect of having Erik Christensen as the No. 1 center kind of makes all the arguments against Richards seem moot.

  61. Look – no matter who the person is, you can’t be upset at them for giving 100 students the chance to go to College for FREE. Those kids can come out of College doing better than myself because they won’t have debt. That’s a GREAT experience and advantage for those kids.

    I also think that it shows that maybe Braylon Edwards values the education system and appreciates the education he never got and doesn’t want other kids making the same mistakes he made.

    That’s my positive spin.

  62. I still really want to get BRich but if we lose out on him to LA i say we offersheet the hell out of Drew D because they will not be able to match

    Then we pkg Girardi for a decent center

  63. The Rangers also have around 13-14 mil coming off the books next season and the Rangers will have an infusion of prospects as well.

    3 of our best prospects in Kreider, McIlrath, Thomas will be turning pro, Lindberg and Fasth should be leaving Sweden and who knows maybe JT Miller turns pro as well. Not to mention that Bourque and Hagelin will have a full year of pro hockey under their belt.

    Besides resigning RFAs (there are very few of them) the Rangers will be able to turn to HFD to replace Fedotenko, Wolski, Christensen and Avery, saving 5+ mil in the process.

  64. i can care less how much money dolan gives richards but there is a cap. therfore money given to richards cannot be given to other players…..

    no cap pay richards infinity and i am fine but there is a cap.

    also it is not if richards scores 30 this year and gabby gets 40 it is what happens in year 3….rangers are on the right path, tons of young guys in the nhl and more on the way, cap situation not bad.. if richards does not live up to deal which he won’t it will be drury 2, gomez 2, redden 2 in a year or 2…

    no way he can live up to a 9 year 65 mill deal, he is not cindy crosby

  65. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Gabby – Drinking and driving doesnt make you a bad person. A persons judgment is impaired, and whether we’d like to or not, most of us here have probably had too much to drink and then drove, you’ve probably done it. I’ve done it. As Blogmama says regarding drinking and driving and people not being caught, there by the grace of God go us. :) I got poked with a stick, I poked back, Id like this to be the end of it. TIA :)

  66. My friend Mike Brophy spoke with Richards and reports that his decision will come around noon, “give or take” …

  67. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    If it was Michael Vick who did it, would he be considered a hero also?

  68. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’ll pay a higher cable bill to NOT have foot in mouth be our #1 center. Gladly.

  69. My thoughts ..

    1 Playmaking Centers have a longer lifespan then Power Forwards who seem to decline rapidly after 32.

    2. If he could be a Joe Nuendyke (sp?) type center who puts out decent points for a long time thats great.

    3. If people are offering him big money, then he is worth big money – quid pro quo

    4. How much longer do you wait? All this Parise may be UFA next year etc … you know he might not sign with the rangers either.

    5. Put the best team you can on the ice; and with Richards and Torts relationship the key word here is team.

    6. As Glen says – go for it. He could be a bust, but man if hey and Gabby click it could be awesome.

    7. Rupp = Monster is something I want to read a lot next year!

    Go Blue

  70. Drinking and driving, repeatedly (he was arrested last season), or just driving erratically (as he did when he wrecked his car a couple of weeks ago) after having been a passenger in a car with a drunken NFL player when said drunken NFL player killed a person, does indeed make you a bad person.

  71. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Lastly, Kobe never committed a crime, but I guess facts shouldn’t matter to a member of the media. They rarely do :)

  72. Sometimes “bad” people are the ones who can really turn around a potential “bad” persons life. Personal experience and wisdom goes a long way.

  73. Rod's Revenge on

    Oh, so we agree Carp? LOL.

    BTW, if you’d love to talk with me as you said, try NOT banning me! hahaha.

    This is the contents of an email a buddy of mine just sent which has me wondering what’s going on with these last minute offers;

    “Holmgren is a LUNATIC!”

  74. drinking and driving makes you a bad person because your behavior can negativiely affect other people.

    drinking a ton at home on a daily basis just makes you a drunkerd….

  75. Gift of GAB-orik on

    True, the act of drinking and driving itself doesn’t automatically make you a bad person, just a person who makes bad decisions.

    And when you are a pro athlete, and your team has car service for you, and you could afford any limo/taxi in the State of NY, and you choose to drive drunk, after already having been arrested for DWI… that makes you a complete fool.

    And the impairment you spoke of is self inflicted, so he has nobody to blame but himself. He should consider himself fortunate he didn’t kill anyone.

    But then again… the player who did kill a pedestrian served what… a month in jail? If it’s me, i’m still in jail, probably for another 15 years.

    The air of entitlement these players get with all their millions is digusting. We put them on the pedestal… so it’s us who should take them off.

  76. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    M*****l V**k murdered countless amounts of innocent animals. Somehow, I think that’s different than making a mistake with *impaired* judgment.

  77. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    he won’t be for long DJK

  78. No, Kobe bought his way out of that crime, just as Edwards’ drunken friend (and other NFL players) bought his way out of his murder.

    But this is how the story goes, and we all know it to death: If it’s Kevin Garnett or Tom Brady or David Ortiz, they’re criminals. If it’s Lawrence Taylor or Alex Rodriguez or Braylon Edwards, well, they’re heroes.


  79. Oh god. Give Vick (and everyone else) a break. Can anyone comprehend of the upbringing he had and how abused he was as a child? Sometimes parents and others can be responsible for people’s actions. You can’t just innately assume people will always do the right thing. No one is that perfect. Vick is turning his life around.

    In America we believe in the prison system of which the point is to REFORM a person. Once you fail to believe that person can be reformed you have undermined our system.

  80. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Don’t talk to me about Kobe.

    While he may not have been *convicted* of a crime, he most certainly engaged in immoral behavior. At BEST, he only cheated on his wife. At worst, he sexually assaulted a girl, or worse. But because she’s not a nun, she got ripped apart in the media, and Kobe got off. And then got off in court.

  81. Right now, I feel so many pros and cons whether he signs with us or not that I’m just sitting back and sees what happens rather than get wrapped up in it.

    I know winning the Conn Smythe is a great achievement, but I never felt he was the player to stop. That was St. Louis’ and Levavalier’s team and BR benefitted from not being the player to stop. He will be counted to be that player ala Gomez and Drury and they couldn’t be that player.

    My competitiveness and part of me wants him here and my head will be happy if he signs elsewhere.

  82. Ok, so what about this French dude that runs the IMF? Use that example….no race issues are involved.

  83. the reason Kobe got off is b/c the girl bragged to her friends that she got with Kobe and showed off her bruises to show how “fun” it was.

    Just like the Duke lacrosse kids, didn’t believe this girl’s story for a second…

  84. Gift of GAB-orik on


    The difference with Vick, is that he’s a great athlete, and came out of jail to a job that pays him millions. So he goes right back to a great life.

    Other convicts aren’t so lucky, and all the research and stats show most offend again, and land back in jail.

    Like OJ. But he didn’t do it right?

  85. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    It turned out that Kobe’s accuser had a history of falsely accusing others of rape, she also suffered severe mental problems. I do agree about the immorality of cheating on his wife.

    Manny, I agree 100%

    This is Brad Richard’s Day. Can we please get back to Brad Richards, future Ranger?

  86. Mister Delaware on

    Not to get into some weird debate about this, Carp, but humans atleast can instigate what leads to a murder. Dogs really can’t, atleast in the capacity Vick was killing them. Maybe not worse, but horribly sadistic. And that’s why I don’t want to give Brad Richards 9 years.

  87. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    In terms of legality, Vick paid his debt to society. As far as we know, he has not done anything outside of the law since his release.

  88. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Mister Delaware, your last sentence to sum up your post = hilarious

  89. Tiki, you and I are going back to our agreement starting now. You won’t talk about these clowns as heroes and I won’t ban you. You do talk about them as heroes and I will ban you.

    How’s that sound?

  90. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    ok kids the decision should be soon… is everyone excited?

  91. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    andystrickland Andy Strickland
    Told Brad Richards has decided to sign with the New York Rangers…details to come #Rangers
    5 minutes ago

  92. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Brad Richards just told me no set time for decision, but it will be around noon, “give or take.”

  93. immoral behavior is irrelevant. an affair who cares. it is behavior that can hurt innocent bystanders and 3rd parties. cheating on your wife is between the 2 parties or 3 parties ..many athletes are schmos’ shocking. many really rich people live in there own worlds, shocking.

    how about some hockey talk.

  94. Gift of GAB-orik on

    And what did Kobe do to try and make it up to his wife? Bought her some multi million dollar diamond ring or something.

    Speaks VOLUMES to the mentality of it all. Well i’ll just buy my forgiveness.

    They get away with tons of stuff because of the money.

    If i did any one of the things that Kobe did, or Plaxico, Or Ray Lewis, Or OJ, Or Braylon Edwards, or Lindsay Lohan etc…. I’d be in jail for the better part of my life.

    Sickening is right.

    And i say again, Charity doesn’t excuse the bad behavior. You can put a bow on a pile of carcillo. It’s still carcillo.

  95. Rod's Revenge on

    Richards needn’t be a world-beater here.

    He just has to play his part on what will increasingly be a very balanced team, provided they add a heavy point shot (Babchuk).

    They’ll need a scoring wing, but that can wait till the deadline.

    Good-lookin’ team if it happens.

  96. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    international monetary fund Carpy

  97. Babchuk is terrible. He’s got a bad attitude, plays terrible defense and will cost a decent amount.

    Those are type of signings that put you in cap trouble…

  98. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Rob Niedermayer leaving NHL. Signs with Lugano, Switzerland.

  99. Freddy Hamptons on

    Incarcerated Blob says Rangers or Kings …decision in a few minutes…… Anybody believe this guy?

  100. strickland, whoever he is, is guessing.

    I can do that too: Richards has decided to sign with the Rangers … carp has learned.

  101. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    where is ORR???

  102. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    Deal not signed, but Richards chooses Rangers.

  103. well we will see how bradley does. he wants the big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. newsflash you better produce…………….

  104. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    The POPE is a Ranger, now lets see the killer terms

  105. strickland on ecklund hockey buzz and the nhl network big hockey know it all in the midwest…

  106. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    Lin 10:51 a.m. – I agree.

    Andy Strickland – Radio Host 590 The Fan St. Louis/NHL writer.Founder of

    That was so ambiguous. Can I still call LQ a hero? Kobe since he’s not a criminal? Eli Manning? The Williams sisters? Non criminals?

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    9 years at $6.5 AaV for Richards and Rangers

  108. Andy Strickland apparently has a website called and blogs on hockeybuzz.

    so clearly he knows nothing although he might be a good guesser like Bob and Hacklund

  109. Bring Back Straka on

    Don’t sign him. Haven’t we learned from Redden, Gomez and Drury? We are nearly finally rid of those contracts and now we are going to do it all over again. Look at the past cup winners….most key players were brought through system (Boston-Thomas, Bergeron, Lucic, Krejci) …(Chicago-Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook).

    Keep going with the youth that will play hard. We have sat through these veteran signing big contracts for years and what has been the result? This guy will handicap us in 2-3 years when we need to resign our young guys. I’m as frustrated as any fan, but the youth movement is the way to go. Sick of watching 30+ year olds get paid big bucks to do nothing.

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