No Richards decision tonight (updated)


The Rangers, Calgary Flames and all the other teams involved were told before 10:30 p.m. tonight that Brad Richards will not be making “The Decision” tonight.

You know what? If Richards really, really wanted to be a Ranger, he could have made that decision today, tonight. This tells me he isn’t sure, and if he’s not sure, then maybe the Rangers ought to just drop out of this thing. Because surely they offered him the moon, and that might not be enough. So, I’d think about saying, “Thanks, but no thanks, Brad. Good luck in Alberta.”

This has “Drury 2.0” written all over it.

So we will carry on tomorrow. I have Yankees-Mets, Saturday which could drastically complicate things. Bryzgalov.

This might have to suffice as your morning post, too.

Thanks to all you nuts for making all this noise today. You were, again, awesome.

Just a thought looking back at the day, though. Is this really what the NHL wanted when it locked its doors in 2004, canceled an entire season and didn’t award a Stanley Cup? It wanted to get a hard cap that included a cap floor that would require teams in financial trouble to go out and drastically over pay for mediocre players in order to reach the mandated minimum?

I mean, wasn’t it better with no cap, when the rich could spend what they made, and the poor weren’t forced to spend just as much?



Here’s the official announcement on Fedotenko re-signing, from the Rangers:


New York, July 1, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Ruslan Fedotenko on a new contract.

Fedotenko, 32, skated in 66 games with the Rangers last season, registering 10 goals and 15 assists for 25 points, along with 25 penalty minutes.  He ranked fourth on the team with a plus-nine rating and fifth with 150 hits.  Fedotenko made his Rangers debut in the season opener on October 9 at Buffalo after signing with the team as a free agent on October 4.  The Rangers posted a record of 9-0-1 when he tallied a goal, and were 17-2-3 when he registered at least one point.  The 10-year NHL veteran skated in his 700th career NHL game on November 24 at Tampa Bay.  In addition, Fedotenko tied for the team lead in assists (two), third in points (two) and ranked second in hits (23) while skating in five playoff contests.

Fedotenko is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion, having helped Tampa Bay capture the title in 2003-04 and Pittsburgh in 2008-09.  He established a post-season career-high with 12 goals during the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and tied for second in the NHL in goals and game-winning goals (three), and ninth in the league with 14 points in 22 playoff contests.  Fedotenko tallied both Lightning goals in the Cup-clinching 2-1 victory vs. Calgary in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on June 7, 2004.  During the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, he established a career-high with seven playoff assists, and tied his career-high and ranked fourth on Pittsburgh with 14 points in 24 contests.

The 6-1, 200-pounder has skated in 743 career games with the Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, and Pittsburgh Penguins, registering 160 goals and 173 assists for 333 points, along with 444 penalty minutes and a plus-24 rating.  Fedotenko enjoyed his most productive season in 2005-06, establishing career-highs with 26 goals, 41 points and 164 shots in 80 games with Tampa Bay.  He tallied a career-high, 23 assists and plus-18 rating in 65 games with Pittsburgh in 2008-09.  In addition, Fedotenko has recorded 20 goals and 13 assists for 33 points, along with 58 penalty minutes in 88 career post-season contests with New York, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh.

The Kiev, Ukraine native originally signed as a free agent with the Philadelphia Flyers on August 3, 1999, and made his NHL debut on October 24, 2000 vs. the Rangers.  Internationally, Fedotenko has also represented his native Ukraine at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, tallying one goal and four penalty minutes in one contest.

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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    or maybe he just wants to really go over the offers still in front of him and get a bit of sleep and wake up and make the best decision for him. He should remember that he won’t be on David Letterman if he’s in calgary though lol ;-)


  2. You know what this says to me? (and I’ll put this up top, too). It says to me, Richards doesn’t desperately want to be a Ranger. Which is another reason for the Rangers to drop out of this thing.

  3. LOL! Idiot is right!

    There’s a reason that Gary Bettman is BOO’d still at every public opportunity.
    Everything comes to an end – and one day he will be gone.

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  5. REpost

    Seriously who the hell does this guy think he is? He’s not a superstar. He just happens to be a UFA during an offseason where no one who can make an impact is looking for a contract. He’s just going to be another Drury if he comes here. And that’s not to disrespect Drury. But it’s another situation where too much money is going to go to a guy who isn’t capable of putting a team on his shoulders. I’d rather save the money incase there’s a trade to be made during the season and hope that Stepan and Anisimov increase their offensive numbers up the middle.


  7. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    SLATSAGEDDON 2 Electric Boogaloo

  8. RT @BrandonPrust8: Just wanna welcome @rupper17 to the squad! Good to have u on board. And ruslan, good to have u back! #cantwait

  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    james. we should give the guy some slack, he must have 3 pretty good offers and probably wants to really make the most informed decision he can. We’ll see tomorrow, there’s no rule saying the yearly ‘big fish’ has to sign on the first day.

    I guess the Parise watch officially begins now lol

  10. Richards is a UFA at the right time and is gonna cash in like Kovalchuk did. Well, maybe not to that extreme, but you get the idea.

  11. Lol – Brad could be thinking, hmm Living in Calgary sucks, but 2 MILLION DOLLARS extra PER YEAR is a Bufglyn lot of money. I could buy the best apartment in the city and have a kick ass heated snowmobile and you know I’ll get all those Rodeo Girls … but in NYC I’ll have an unlimited tab at Avery’s bar – and the girls there are even hotter then the were in Dallas and I’ve made enough money know that 5 million a year is still enough … but damn 2 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! to play hockey! How can anyone say no to that? You’d have to be stupid!

    Shit – let’s get drunk and watch Slapshots!

  12. A Not So Secret Blogmama Admirer on

    BRich has nothing 2 do with Lebron James. This is an important decision 4 him. This may be his last contract. There are many different options hes gotta weigh, 1 of which is probably his family. This’s in response to a post on the last thread!

  13. Carp July 1st, 2011 at 10:43 pm
    You know what this says to me? (and I’ll put this up top, too). It says to me, Richards doesn’t desperately want to be a Ranger. Which is another reason for the Rangers to drop out of this thing.


    Nail on the head Carp. In the last 24 hours he’s turned himself into the classic I repeat CLASSIC model of exactly what we don’t need in this organization anymore. It’s about the money plain and simple. He wants to cash in and be set for his career. I don’t want to see another albotrose on this team who has a contract that’s preventing the Rangers from addressing needs and listening to everyone moan about how he isn’t producing when in reality he’s keeping pace with his career stats hes just getting paid double what he used to. Followed by post game pressers where coaches have to come up with the ever clever “believe me. this guy is a competetor and he wants to win. the contract has nothing to do with playing”

  14. Brando Prust does not sleep. He waits. Brad Richards sleeping tonite. Richards not good enough to be a Ranger.

  15. Parise is going nowhere THIS year. However, if he goes to arbitration with the Devs, and he gets a 1 year deal, and if he’s a UFA in 2012, and we pass on Richards, well..

    Parise >>>>>> Richards.

  16. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    well if he does sign HE BETTER NOT GET THE C!!!!!!!!!!! damn it, my eyes are throbbin

  17. czechthemout!!!! on

    I hope he goes to Calgary. I am tired of him and this decision crap. This is nothing but a ploy to get more money out of teams. The Mere fact that he is even entertaining Calgary’s offer proves that he like most athletes are full of crap. There is nothing about the flames that is even remotely what he said the criteria needed to be for him to go there. The Flames suck! They have the worst pipeline of prospects coming up. In fact their number one prospect now plays for the Rangers. They are a small hockey market and they have as much of a chance to win the Stanley Cup as Brad Richards has of growing hair on his palm. The only thing they can offer is 9 years and 64 million, that’s it. It is like Bill Parcellls always says, its always about the money.

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    Brad Richards should NOT be sleeping if Brandon Prust is in town lol

  19. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    you guys do realize i was being sarcastic right lol

  20. I understand that it’s an important decision. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t about the money. I’m not cutting him anymore slack Lin. You can’t tell me the guy didn’t have preconcieved notions about what he and his family would prefer to do or what the realistic situations are before today. Just because today was the first day to receive offers doesn’t mean he didnt have a pretty good idea of what was a workable situation and what wasn’t.

  21. Paul in sunrise on

    This is simple. Money doesn’t matter. He made 50 mil on his last deal. If you want to play for rangers just sign the contract. Otherwise don’t use NYR to max out a deal. He should have just announced it today. I don’t buy the potential “wait for day two so no one complains of tampering”

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    wow brando prust… he coulda been a contendah

  23. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    james the guy has probably known for a while where he wanted to go! then calgary comes along with crazy assed money and he’s thinking now lol

  24. lol sorry Lin. I’m a little rusty with my posting and didn’t detect the sarcasm. It’s my offseason :P

  25. When Brandon Prust goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe – he brings it frozen from the ice!

  26. Also, think about this: what UFA signing ever carried his team to a Cup?

    The only one I can think of that even remotely fits that description is of course Chara.

    Hossa kind of helped CHI win but that team was so loaded with high quality players at all positions that it wouldn’t have mattered whether he was there or not.

  27. again, if he wanted to be a Ranger and the Rangers were either the best money offer or close to the best, then he should be a Ranger right now. And not need to sleep on it.

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    i’ve never wanted him here anyway, because i was afraid the terms of any potential contract would be a killer after the 3rd year. IF he doesn’t sign here, it won’t ruin my July 4th. I’m sure Sather has something up his sleeve, you KNOW Mike Rupp is not going to be the only activity.

    I expect EC will be gone before long, possibly Wolski ,and possibly Dubinsky (that would perturb me).

  29. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on


  30. All you guys got relax! This is a big decision, and just cause he is considering a team that has offered him a carp load of money doesn’t mean all he cares about is money! The fact that the Rangers did NOT offer the most money and are still in contention means a lot! He’s a quality player but it sounds like Sather has learned from his mistakes and isn’t matching the other offers. He is not drury 2.0, he does not only care about money, he is just weighing his options. THe fact that calgary offered him the most money makes them a big sleeper but the rangers are still the front runner!

  31. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    well we’ll all wake up and know whats up then! either way CALLAHAN AND SAUER NEED TO BE SIGNED PRONTO!

  32. parise is better then richards. 3 or 4 yeaqrs younger and a better player.

    richards can fill more roles but parise plays at a higher level and is a better goal scorer no question.

    been out how much are they paying Fedetenko????????????????

  33. bs. the earlier post said it all. calgary has nothing to offer him. except money. they are a team on the downside, and they have few prospects coming up. just because his old tampa GM, Feaster is wooing him. big deal.

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    stuart 1.4

  35. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    his old Tampa coach is wooing him too, as is his teammate for 3 months in dallas lol

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    lmao they won’t bring him overseas lol

  37. TSNBobMcKenzie On Richards, my sense is NYR frontrunners. Offer may be for 9 years, maybe around $63 to $65 million. Obviously front-loaded.

    that is way too much. 9 years

  38. All this talk of 9 year contracts… If we sign Richards to a 9-year contract (especially if it has any sort of NTC) my head will explode with rage.

  39. Czechthemout!!! on

    Calgary is giving us payback for the fleecing of Prust and Erixon by driving up Richards price.

    Payback’s a b….tch!!!

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© GET STAMKOS!!! on

    good night ‘Heads, it’s been an interesting day!! See ya’s tomorrow for Richards Decision!!


  41. Addendum: I would sign Stamkos for 9 years. Anyone else can go scratch themselves in their nether regions.

  42. of course, these are the same reporter guys who said that Jagr was going to sign with Pitt, or Det, or Mtl

  43. i let richards go. 9 yrs is insanity.

    i look for lower cost and risk options.. they will have asurplus of forwards and develop a package to try to get another forward with some skill.

    sometimes it is better to walk away…with richards they would be better but at what cost and for how long. keep on building the way they are….

    save $$$$$$$$$$$make a move before the season or during the season…………

  44. I said it before and I’ll say it again: what we should be looking at is getting a few complementary pieces that upgrade our talent level and will be the right players to play with our young guys.

    Brad Richards is not worth going all out for. Zach Parise, of course. Same for Stamkos or Evgeni Malkin. Those are top players.

    Brad Richards worked best throughout his career when he was not the biggest star on his team (TB).

  45. McKenzie is saying that basically the last 3 years are “bogus” as he calls it. it is basically $60 mill for 6 years, and all the teams are offering similar totals

  46. $10 million bucks per year. you would think he is the second coming of Gretzky and Lemieux all rolled into one.

  47. A long term deal like 9 years makes sense, doesnt mean he will play all 9 years, and id imagine the last 3 or 4 are for like 1 mill/ per. kinda like the erhoff deal

  48. leetchhalloffame on

    Maybe Richards has to consult with his mommy, but it was too late and she was asleep because she was bored with the day’s proceedings.

  49. Parise is just a wish… everyone said the same thing about Joe Thorton.. and look what happened, he didnt hit the market

  50. Rod's Revenge on


    Your post is incorrect in several ways; I don’t have time to correct them all.

    For one, Chris Drury NEVER produced offensively like Richards has. To say this is Drury II in the making is ridiculous, as Richards has’t even pulled on the sweater yet.

    You also seem to base your diatribe on Richards not having ‘decided’ tonight.
    As I understand it, Richards HAS decided, and will in fact be announced as a New York Ranger tomorrow, sometime before 2pm.

    So Richards hasn’t ‘announced’, it’s not that he hasn’t made up his mind.

    I was also told it may well have been the coach who conferred with Richards at the end, but that despite months of speculation on numerous teams being serious bidders, few people envisioned the hot n heavy sweepstakes that took place today.

    If this proves inaccurate, Im sure Ill be called every name in the book (and a few that arent), because the pigs here have done so frequently without any provocation whatsoever.
    And should it prove true, no one will remember I took the time and effort to provide a service. Whatever.

    Lastly, I was told while the entire Ranger ‘internets’ would go batty over a ‘9-yr deal’, it really isn’t being looked at that way by the GMs. I believe McKenzie alluded to this as well.
    We shall see.

    But my understanding is it’s in the bag. Go ahead, go crazy.

  51. It’s too much for too many years for a 70-point guy. Way, way, way, way too much. Will be a disaster less than halfway through the contract.

  52. the richards deal is like the drury deal. richards is better then drury was at the time but not that much better and he is 31 years old coming off a concussion.

    he is a good playe on a great team he is the 2nd line center.

    on detroit he is there 3rd line center!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on pittsburgh he is the 2nd line center. eric staal is a better player… he is maybe a top 10 center….think about it is he better the nkipitar???? sedin??crosby???backstrom? datsyuk???he is not better then those guys and I can go on….krecji is not better yet but 6 years older….

    richards is a nice player a guy who is going for a 100 points???no…….


  53. It’s Drury 2.0 in that this guy is not a top-20 player in the league, he’s an 80-point guy, who is going to be paid like he’s Crosby or Ovechkin if they were unrestricted FAs, for a term that is going to take him into his late 30s.

    Just say No.

    Or regret it later.

  54. Carp – you are absolutely right. There is a long list of players who came for the money and every single one of them were huge disappointments. You either want to be here or you don’t and this delay is clear. And c’mon, he must forget that he’s still only Brad Freakin’ Richards!

    Of course, now that we all don’t want him – he’s guaranteed to pick the Rangers.

  55. Rod's Revenge on


    Don’t think I can’t hear the sarcasm dripping!

    Just passing along what I was sent.

    Hear there some very happy (and weary) people in NYR front office tonight.

  56. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    did you guys see this tweet from rupp? AWESOME!

    Rupper17 Mike Rupp
    3 things will stay true…. 1) I won’t like the Miami Heat (LBJ) 2) grown men shouldn’t ride scooters 3) I will hit the Mullet,for all fans!

    Maybe brad is all about the jagr?

  57. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    I love all the people here that “complain” about the vanity of richards so to speak, but have no problem with jagr??? Odd.

  58. Rod, I am a sarcastic S.O.B. I admit it. But if you are passing along good info, then I am seriously thanking you.

    Part of me wants to believe you really are plugged in to some degree. I’d love to talk to you about it. If you care to do so, e-mail me at

  59. Rod's Revenge on

    BTW Carp, your instantly snotty remark ticks me off.

    You are wrong in making that comparison, not to mention shortchanging Richards and poisoning your readers before the guy has ever laced up his skates here.

    Chris Drury has never had a 70 point season in his career.

    Brad Richards has had (6) 70-points-or-better seasons in his.


  60. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    personally I think jagr is a prima donna and gave his word to the pens he would sign with them and then was offered more money from the flyers and took it. Sorry, that just doesn’t sit well with me. I could really care less about the pens (and am definitely not a mario fan at all), but to me jagr showed his true colours yet again. Just my opinion though. Besides what the hell do I know, I want to sign shane o brien!

  61. Rod's Revenge on

    The one other thing I was told is no one is truly going to breathe easy until the announcement because the Flyers are on some kind of Jihad no one really understands.

    K, night.

  62. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    as far as richards, IMHO about 6 or 6.5 per year for about 5 years would be the max that I would want to go with him, but I’m not making the calls. Higher than that I would be trading for weiss or statsny or another centre and clearing a log jam at a few positions in the process.

  63. also, if he signs tomorrow and says the Rangers were his first choice and it wasn’t about the money, then he’s byfuglien lying.

    Because if they were his first choice, and the money was what we are led to believe it is, he could have made this decision early today.

    Drury 2.0.

  64. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    latona? (appendix??)

  65. Rod's Revenge on


    I was just signing off man. Ill give you my take, real quick.

    I NEVER give a flying hoot what they pay for players, never have.
    Except for how it affects the cap – and the Rangers (with Redden and now Dru) have shown an unflinching ability to bury their mistakes, one way or another.

    No one knows what the next CBA will bring, but it’s a good bet there’ll be a trap door of some kind, because these GM’s are about out of their minds!

    That said, my cable bill increases are basically set in perpetuity, they’re going up no matter.
    And I don’t pay for tickets.

    And the Rangers really need this player. He’s not perfect (and Im worried about his head!), but they MUST keep improving at this point, for the sake of their kids if nothing else.

    With BR and 1-2 more pieces, they should be right there.

  66. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on


    Well, I said richards, rupp, and o brien were who I would sign initially. Richards may be out of my “comfort” price range and not a peep about o brien, so I’m sorta 1 for 3 I guess.

  67. Just looked up some numbers regarding Drury and Richards:

    At the time that the Rangers signed Drury he had played 628 games. He had 193 goals, 271 assists for 464 points. (0.74 PPG)

    Richards as of right now for his career: 772 games, 220 goals, 496 assists for 716 points. (0.93 PPG)

    Interesting stat: Drury at the time of his signing averaged 0.31 GOALS per game for his career. Right now Richards is at 0.28 GOALS per game for his career. Obviously Richards beats Drury pretty handily in the assists category

    Bottomline: Richards is not a big-time goal scorer. Yes, the Rangers need an upgrade in skill but is it worth the contract he will get, considering he is not a big-time scorer? Ideally, you want the TOTAL package if you are going to give a guy a boat load of cash. Richards is not that guy.

  68. accdg to Shawn Roarke of , Keith Yandle may be up for trade

    “It’s been a quiet day on the restricted free agent front, but things might get a little warmer now that a few dozen of the UFAs have found new homes. TSN’s Bob McKenzie is tweeting that the Phoenix Coyotes is likely to weigh its options on All-Star defenseman Keith Yandle, an RFA. Yandle is due for a big pay hike, and the Coyotes could decide they’d rather let someone else pick up the tab for Yandle’s breakout season.”

  69. Rod's Revenge on

    Why couldn’t the Rangers have been Richards first choice but he also wanted to extract as much as he could from them?

    Is that not the game?

    I cannot sit in judgement of a guy and condemn him or doubt his word because he had his agent choreograph a Twitter-fest among Darren Dreger, McKenzie, etc, in order to get the maximum.

    What would anyone else here do for the dollar difference alone?

  70. JimboWoodside on

    Uncle Glennie didn’t deliver any big birthday presents on Friday after all……. :(

  71. adam do not be rationale. as stated by Carp and others Richards is a good player. not an elite player.

    richards would not make the canadien olympic team. he would make the US team but not the canadien team…..

    save the money, something will drop in there lap when it does they need money to catch it…….

    hold your powder………

  72. yandles is a very good player but they will pay a tom for him in players and prospects. the ranger problem is the frontline not there defense. there defense is young and talented………….

  73. Not about the money and a possible 3 Million dollar a year difference are two different things.

    I mean if the Rags pay 6 million and the flames offered 9 – then I think the guy can take 1/2 a day to mull-it over.

    If the offers are the same, then you can wind.

    I mean this is a pretty big deal in the guys life and you are all giving him Carcillo for not making a choice in 3 hours?

    I mean – did he even know Calgary was going to make an offer this morning? Maybe he was like cool – no philly, no tornonto – I like NY. And then his boy feaster called and said – Hey we’re willing to go long on you and you can huff it up with Jerome – pas mal, no?

    So now he says to his wife – hey honey – I wasn’t expecting this but Jay called and woudl you rather live in Calgary?

    I mean we have NO IDEA what went on today and everyone is projecting. So if the guy comes to the Rangers, it obvously because he wants to. Duh.

    So don’t cry about cap and gack and put the best team you can on the ice.


  74. Rod is right. Richards has 716 points in 772. That is pretty close to a point per game guy, and Gomez or drury’s stats are nowhere near Richards. I understand after a couple of big free agent signing failings people would be opposed to take another chance, but Richards is a very talented player. He will make the pp better, and the team better. So why if doesn’t have the same status as ovi or Crosby. The numbers speak for themselves.

  75. Initiation for Rupper: after first tough scrimmage tell Prust he has a wrong jaw bite, turn around, step on Rangers logo and simultaneously loudly ask Torts about his taste in choosing ties.

  76. Listen, isn’t so called *Rod’s Revenge* A.K.A. notorious *Rod Lurks*???, a.k.a. Jerk Lurks.

  77. 1. Brad Richards is single there is no honey to consult.
    2. If he does cone out and say NY was his first choice and it wasn’t about the money, I’ll buy that. 3 teams dragged their behinds all the way up there AND the guy who gave Jim thR ginormous contract that just ran out called and asked him to sign. Purely out of being considerate person you would wait a day out of respect for Feaster and the other teams. Or at least for Feaster. I mean Carp, that’s what you’d do in that situation right?

  78. Richards has better stats than Gomez or Drury had when we signed them. That is fine.

    The issue is: Will Richards continue having significantly better stats in years 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of his contract? Or is age 33 when he begins his very likely slide towards mediocrity?

    No one is debating that Richards is a good player. The problems is whether he can keep it up with his age and concussion to continue being worth 10-15% of the team’s salary cap for the next 6+ years.

  79. That is why I brought up his career stats. He is much more consistent in his career than even gaborik. I think he would be consistent for another 4 or 5 yrs. Especially playing with gabby and some good young talent for the coming yrs.

  80. Rod thinks he gave us some sort of info that we don’t already about…

    “Richards will announce his desision tomorrow. Most like will bs a Ranger”


  81. if we dont sign Richards, then we might as well write this season off to “rebuilding” and waste another year of Lundy and Gabby

  82. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    just watched the richards video of the 1 on 1 interview with reda, sounds to me like he has already decided and was just done with the sideshow for tonight. If he would have announced it tonight who knows how much longer how would have been at it. Probably wants some sleep to deal with the fervor once he announces his decision!

  83. Carp

    i disagree with you here. This is a life changing decision and there is no reason to make the decision in one day. Also if he’s married, his wife has to have some input no?

    If i were in that situation, i’d wanna sleep on it first especially since teams he didn’t expect like Calgary have been in the mix…

  84. so what does ecklund have to say about all this? Im at work at it wont let me go to hockeybuzz

  85. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Pig #13 according to the Rod Ranking System!!) on

    he would have been at it, not how. Sorry getting late here!

  86. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “If he is married his wife has to have some input, no?” NO! Not if he is his own man.

  87. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You mean he can’t play where he wants to play and take the offer he wants to take if he doesn’t get a note signed from home?

  88. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    He may be single, but if he comes to New York, well, you never know, he might meet the man of his dreams, right Sean? lol

  89. I get the idea he is close to his family. Especially his father. Makes me think he wouldn’t want to play too far from home. Getting flights to Maritime Canada is difficult enough from NYC let alone LA. Toronto would be the best place for him in that regard.

  90. cw if a player signs a deal for 8-10 million, i dont think they have to be concerned about a $300 flight

  91. all that talk yesterday about whether Richards is a top-10 or even top-20 player…..well in the last 2 seasons he has been in the top-10 in point production. Last year he was 10th in the league with 77 points in 72 games. 2 years ago he was 7th in the league with 91 points in 80 games. you may name 20 other guys that you think are better than him and may enjoy watching more, but facts are facts, he produces and makes others around him better.

  92. Just woke up and no announcement of $tamko$ signing an offer sheet with the Rangers! They still talking to mr overpaid???

  93. alright and i dont have a problem with that, since it looks like he deserves it. i do have a problem with Redden being top 10 in defensemen salary.

  94. I believe that it is down to NYR and LA. Calgary is no where near a contender or young. Toronto is in worse shape than Calgary. If Richards goes to LA, he has to be wondering what his playing time will be. Will he be a 3rd line centre there? He comes to NY and hes bonifide #1 playing top PP unit. That has to be going through his mind.

  95. czechthemout!!!! on

    Mdz for Handle. Make it happen Glenn. The Rangers have noone who can shoot the puck from the point. Handle is a very good player who can make things happen.

  96. Chris from Albany on

    Morning everyone. I really hope that Bradley got his beauty sleep last night. Wouldnt want him to make a life changing desicion without sleeping on it first. Although I thought he knew he was leaving Dallas at the end of the season. He prob counted his offers to put him to sleep.

  97. Good morning, have not posted in months. My 2 cents is we are going to hate this day for a very long time if BR signs with us. Not at all a fan for anything over 4 1/2 million for 4 yrs. Yea I know that is so unrealistic but that’s all I would tie up in him. Just say no and move on with some options and breathing room for once. 10million are you guys kidding me?

  98. If Richards is going to be a Ranger, then regardless of how we feel about the contract, we need to be pulling for this guy to succeed. We need to hope that he and Gaborik develop some crazy chemistry and that he brings our PP, along with a “fixed” MDZ, into the top 10.

    I could care less if they throw lots of money at him for 3 years, but if he has a 9 year contract with a NMC, ouch! That will hurt later when the Rangers either have a player to replace him, or have the opportunity to get one to replace him.

  99. Carp – Another reason you should be in the front office – at least to organize some quality golf time with Uncle Glen and slap him aside the head from time to time when whe wants to do things like the Richards contract – I would rather see us splash for Jagr (Good for you Philly) – IF the big man understands his role, there is no telling how he could have improved our dreadful pp – and I mean horrible. However – 3 mil – that is way overpriced for his services –

    I really dont understand the Rupp signing either – I get what some have said here, but really – what does he bring that we cant get out of others already in the organization? Its not like he is going to suddenly discover how to put the puck into the net – the only tream he was able to score on is the Rangers – so there goes that idea!

  100. Sean, we didn’t sign him for goal scoring. Nobody would have signed him, if that were the case.

    He’ll take over for Prust on most nights, so Prust can be on the ice, instead of wasting time in the box.

    I’d rather have Konopka, or Carcillo, since they’re more of a fighter than Rupp, but I still like the signing.

  101. Leetchhalloffame on

    Just woke up. Had a bad dream last night that Jagr signed wit Flyers and scored winning OT goal to knock Rangers out of 2012 playoffs.

  102. I’m not getting behind BR so he feels better for 9 yrs and maybe plays better, what are we in jr. High?

  103. its my anniversary today. i wont be on every second like yesterday. please richards sign before noon so i could go on with my day. pick a freaking team. every time i woke up last night i check the computer.

    end this misery already and allow us to vent

  104. Lobster is the key:

    L.A.- No Lobsters
    Toronto- No Lobsters
    New York- Montauk had TONS of them. Blue ones too.
    Boston- Not in play…but plenty of lobsters.

    I hope Sather has reminded Richards of this.

  105. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on


    Richards was spotted at Denny’s having a grand slam and unlimited coffee. Announcement forthcoming!

  106. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    welcome back Hedberg! good to see you septemous and happy anniversary Eric

    great to see NHLNetwork is still in the same loop of video from last night… blah

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    PLEASE tell me this 9 year contract is a rumor… oh please

  108. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping today is not known as SLATSAGEDDON©STAMKOS PLEASE on

    ORR, that is way too many years!!

  109. Manny Mania on

    Signing Fedotenko is a GREAT move. Let’s just resign the other boys and move on.

    Heck No We Won’t Go! We Won’t Offer 8 or more Years!

  110. Is there a capologist in the house who can explain the benefits of going front-loaded and easy to escape at the back end contracts? is the cap hit the average, or the actual number?

  111. eric

    You mean you won’t be here, by the computer waiting for B. Rich decision like that rest of us just because it’s your anniversary (happy anniversary!)?

    Well, according to Boom Boom (who seems to be living in primordial times) you are not your own man! Because a mans man ignores his wife and family and does what mans man want! Get with times, eric! ;)

    Is B. Rich a Ranger yet?

  112. If it’s 9 years chances are he’ll get his 60 million in the first six years. Either way, pull the offer off the table and let him rot in Calgary. Seems to me the decision should have been pretty easy since he’s the one who said he wanted to play for a team that was ready to contend. You had the team and the money and you still can’t decide. Doors is over there pal, pull it hard cause the knob sticks.

  113. I’ve been saying no to Richards from the beginning because the rangers have been down this road before and how did that work out. Please Richards go to Toronto or whatever but stay away from the rangers.

  114. Manny Mania on

    You know, ORR. You have to give it to Sharapova. Women are so infrequently relevant for so long in this sport. She has been around for a LONG time (as have the Williams Sisters). Very impressive.

  115. Manny Mania on

    Well double faulting away a CRUCIAL game does not bode well. I still want her to win but yea…..these are the ones she loses.

  116. Manny Mania on

    Ack has a great point. It isn’t like we are bidding against a team we are going to face a bunch of times over the season. Let him go somewhere we play once a year and don’t waste the money!

  117. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Front loading the contract is most beneficial to the player. The cap hit is the total contract amount divided up by the term of the contract, so the cap hit is consistent year in and year out, as is the case with Kovalchuk and recently with Ehrhoff.

    Actual salary dwindles down each year, but cap hit remains constant.

  118. Mister Delaware on

    Front loading also makes a guy easier to trade down the road. $4MM cash for a $8MM cap hit is better than $8MM cash for the same hit.

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