Happy Christmas Eve!


Well, hockey Christmas, anyway. And you know that the GM of your team likes to put big, expensive presents under your tree and in your stockings.

So we’ll see. Judging by the traffic here this week — idiots aside — youse all seem pretty excited about tomorrow’s holiday. Anybody taking the day off?

Just a reminder, too. NHL Network will have the TSN guys and all their contacts on the air at noon, so that’s a must-watch. But stay here, too. Imagine we’ll be nutso here, especially if the Rangers get involved. Also imagine that they will be involved in a little bit more than Brad Richards.

I’m going to try to head over to the prospects camp today, just to get a hockey fix, some free air conditioning, have a look around, etc. I don’t know how much, if any, I will actually blog about the kids … what with this being a holiday eve and all.

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  1. I’m off tomorrow and feeling kind of nervous what may or may not happen! July 1st is always a scary day for Rangers fans.

  2. Well, the first part of my “christmas” will be spent taking my Network + certification. Beyond that, I am hoping that whatever is under the tree is small and reasonable. However, I know it will be larger that the tree and more gaudy than a Mardi Gras parade. I really don’t know what the Rangers can add. A veteran defenseman? Don’t Staal and Girardi count as that by now? Depth forwards? They have tons of those at Hartford ready to make the leap. I am hoping Carl Hagelin gets a shot as 3rd line wing. He has blazing speed, excellent defense, and is great on the forecheck. The only holes are in the scoring department. If MZA, Artie, and Stepan make steps forward this year, then we may already have some of those answers. Number one center? Well, that is a legit hole. Unfortunately, Glen is going to buy an entire house to patch a hole in the drywall.

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    CALAD!!! Awesome LOTR reference!!!
    Good luck to you dshea!!!

    Just a wakeup away from the latest debacle of a contract! SO EXCITED to share yet another Free Agent Extravaganza with youse guys!!!

  4. Why do I feel it’s the day before a root canal? Root canal eve. Perhaps because we all know the drill. Our duck hunter president and general manager is going to have his moments tomorrow. And after the novacane wears off we are going to be in a lot of pain and saddled with a massive bill without insurance. Maybe it’s that I am taking my six year old on his first hiking trip tomorrow. Deep in the woods. As soon as the complAining starts will make for me metaphorically the spending spree thAt management thinks will justify the obscene prices at MSG

  5. Please stick with a contract of 5 years or under Slats! Anything over that is going to require some major changes to the CBA to be able to wipe it off the books if its a disaster.
    The thought of paying a 38 year old center $8m or more makes me shudder (for reference i’m 38 and although i’m not an elite athlete i can tell you my body does not recover like it did when i was under 35!).

  6. gregm_section403 on

    Christmas Eve? It’s more like Halloween Eve. July 1 is usually a nightmare for Rangers fans.

    Sather’s FA signings have been mostly busts over the years, and I don’t expect this year to be any different.

    I do not see how the Rangers can even be in the hunt for Richards because of our current salary cap woes. Plus, as Carp pointed out, Richards had his bell rung pretty good last year. He’s already damaged goods (especially at the price he demands).

  7. Just finished reading the Drury comments. I have to agree with Carp on the Jagr love. He had great years with the Rangers but there have been better Rangers. Rod Gilbert – 1021 pts, Brian Leetch – 981 pts, Jean Ratelle – 817 pts, Andy Bathgate – 729 pts, & Mark Messier – 691 pts. and thats the tip of the iceberg. Jagr left for the money and to play 30 less games a year probably the only reason he has another year left in the tank. I’m guessing many are too young to remember Gilbert.
    Brad Richards is deja vu all over again. I just feel he is another Drury waiting to implode!
    I don’t want an early Christmas. They do need a good center its been a long time since we had a center as good as Messier & Rattelle.

  8. greg,

    the rangers are $25million under the cap

    no drury+redden whaled=cap space

    they should have about 9-11 million after signing dubi, cally, boyle sauer and AA

  9. I don’t blame Jagr for sticking it to the Penguins. He should. I sure would if I had helped them win two cups, carried their franchise for a decade, only to get unceremoniously dealt by an ownership that couldn’t manage its own money and booed throughout the rest of my career. Good for JJ. I hope he holds out for $5 million.

  10. Parise was offered team arb by the Devils, he’s protected against offer sheets.

  11. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    For the holiday…

    -Take the byfuglien TRUCK out of the garage (is McIlrath that improved ? Is he gonna make the team ?)

    -Let the elves play (are Thomas and Bourque going to be like the very young Gionta and Gomez?) Little smurfs zooming around and scoring and creating

    -Who’s Jasper Faasth ? Isn’t Jasper a name from cajun/redneck/alabami country ?

    -Is Erixon a man among boys ?

    Can’t wait for the report on the kids week of camp

  12. Even if the Rangers give Richards a 7 year contract its not like he is going to be here for all of those 8 years.

    Out of all these monster contracts, has anyone stayed on one team for the entire duration and if there is one GM that can trade anyone, its Sather…

  13. I think you have to take each contract and take 2-4 years off it and thats how long the player will be there for…

  14. That doesn’t mean we can’t have someone unaffiliated with the team (Drury) call him!!!!

  15. If Richards is here for a full 8 years of a 7 year contract someone should probably tell him he isn’t on the team anymore in that last year.

  16. haha ctb. i cant see richards here past 35-36 myself. its not like hes a superstar. if he scores 25g and 40a per season, 65-70 points a year, that is little bit better than what drurys was when he came here. and thats his avg right? if he goes down to 50 points a season in years 3-4, thats a bad signing. this going to be a bad signing. no way around it. he will not live up to the contract. just like all the rest. a guy like jagr in his worst season here at age 36 had 71 or so points. thats what were expecting richards to get. and we wouldnt pay jagr that much for a 2-3 yea deal, or whatever he wanted.

  17. priorities-

    1- fire sather
    2-sign stamkos to a 15 year contract for 100 mllion a season
    3-wake up and live with reality that we have sather still, and 31 year old richards for 10 years!!
    4-seek therapy

  18. If Richards only has 71 points this season then that is not a great sign. With Gaborik and either Wolski or another FA like Erik Cole or Ville Leino both Gaborik and Richards should be around 90 points.

    On a side note, I wonder if the Rangers will stop at Richards or will they make a move for someone like Ville Leino to come with. That would mean Wolski would need to be moved but could you imagine what Leino could do with more ice time and on the top PP unit…

  19. I’d rather have Wolski than Leino. At its worst, Wolski only has one year left on his deal, Leino will require multiple years. Leino had 16:01 ATOI last season so it’s not like he was used sparingly.

  20. How about Eric Cole? I’m not advocating, just speculating that he will be a target.

    Good morning, Sally!

  21. Good call, Grabby. I agree that this signing, if it happens, will be a huge mistake for the long term.

    Richards makes us better, now…Duh! Our leading scorer was Brandon Dubinsky last year…I would hope we can have a few guys have 60 points this year…that should be the case whether or not Richard$ is coming….

    I don’t see Richard$ as an elite player at age 35…let alone, 31….

    Will he help us now? Yes. Is it worth it? No. Are we a contender with him? No.

  22. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Grabby June 30th, 2011 at 9:28 am

    1- fire sather
    2-sign stamkos to a 15 year contract for 100 mllion a season
    3-wake up and live with reality that we have sather still, and 31 year old richards for 10 years!!
    4-seek therapy

    Love the optimism ! Sad but true

  23. I don’t see how anyone can say Richards has not been an elite player the past two seasons. Top 10 in points and would have been around 85 points this season had he not missed 10 games.

    If Richards gives us 3 years of that kind of production then its a good signing regardless of what happens after…

  24. here’s why i think this is a good deal…

    you need to think about the next three years and where this team is heading. every free agent gets signed for too many years and is worthless by the end of the deal. that’s just the way things are in this day and age. if they get richards, they immediately fill a big hole, first line center, pp quarterback etc. but the big reason to sign him is that it only costs money. once they get him in the fold, they’ve filled a huge hole and they didn’t need to trade anyone.

    now you have a better team and you still have your glut of good young defensemen to trade when it comes time to pick up the big power forward that you’re going to need to take us to that next level. if they bring in richards, then dubinsky and callahan are playing on that second line that carp always talks about and stepan/boyle/prust/avery etc… are making up pretty decent 3rd and 4th lines.

    i honestly think that with the experience alot of our guys have gained and perhaps 2 good trades (again we’re able to do it since we kept all of prospects by signing richards) this team is very close to contending in the east in 2 years to be in a conference finals and perhaps winning it.

  25. gregm_section403 on

    I’m sorry to all the Richards lovers, but he’s only averaged 20 goals a season over his career. The most he scored in one season was 28.

    Now, in today’s NHL, those are super numbers, but to spend $7-8m per season on 20-25 goals per year is nuts. Especially, since he won’t score 20+ in the final 3-4 years of his contract.

  26. Stamkos is 21 you can sign him for 10 years and chances are he will be here for those 10 years and be very productive, he is a player that you would hope would fit in with the youth on this team and you still have the chips to deal at the deadline. Yes you lose the first rounders but this guy is worth it. The first rounders don’t even exist yet! This kid as 232 points in his first 3 years in the league and he is still a kid. Be creative Slats and make it work!!

  27. stamkos probably will be productive in ten years its just too bad we never are in position to draft anyone like that

  28. Brad Richards is a much better player than Gomez or Drury.

    Brad Richards comes in with a Conn Smythe Trophy (which means he EARNED that Stanley Cup ring on his finger)

    Brad Richards can handle Tortorella, who is gonna be testy with HBO on his back this season.

    Brad Richards at his worst will probably give us what Drury gave us at his BEST.

    We DO NOT have a number one centerman and our PP has been atrocious, costing us numerous games and points in the standings.

    I don’t doubt Sather will overpay him…and give him a long contract…but in the grand scheme of things I’d rather pay Brad Richards 7-8 million dollars a year than Captain Dreary and all his propaganda or Gomer with his bad jokes and pathological aversion to competition.

    Brad Richards, in 2011, is the best option for the Rangers right now.

    The Rangers simply don’t draft top line talent. They don’t. But Richards can give us that and, hopefully, wake up Gaborik.

    Get a good, producing top line going and have Cally and Dubi putting their work in on the second line, we might actually have a TEAM.

    Hank’s getting older. We can’t wait much longer. Because soon we’ll be where we were in the first half of the last decade: Hopelessly searching for a competent goaltender.

  29. How many players north of 31 have scored more than 80 points in the last 3 seasons?

    The answers:

    2010-11 …..Igilina, Zetterberg, St. Louis & Selanne…
    2009-10……St. Louis
    2008-09…….St. Louis, Savard, Iglina

  30. thinking we have a shot as stamkos is crazier than thinking that richards will still be productive in years 6-12 of his deal :)

  31. Paul Stastny has never had more than 28 goals in a season or 79 points and people want to give up an arm and a leg for him.

    Richards wouldn’t be brought in to be a goal scorer. He’d QB the PP and be the set up man for the top line, which would presumably include Gaborik.

  32. I think the Flyers would take a flyer on Gagne and he’d probably offer them a (return) hometown discount.

  33. Old and slow Richards would have led the Rangers scoring chart by 23 points last year.

  34. But he played his entire career, minus last year, in Philly and they may be looking for a top 9 winger if someone decides to overpay Leino.

  35. gregm_section403 on

    Oh, plus Richards is damaged goods. Unless the Rangers get a discount because of his head injury, I say pass.

    Richards was never elite. If 28 goals or 79 points is elite … then bring back jagr at 1/3 the price. I’ll bet he nets at least 20 next season, no matter where he plays.

    And to pay $7-8m per to a PP quarterback? That’s crazy. Only the elite players should get that kind of cash…the type of player who can take over a game, carry a team on his back, dominate a game.

    Richards doesn’t do that…not even close. Remember the last “playmaker” the Rangers threw big $$ toward = Gomez?

  36. Mister Delaware on

    Last unsuccessful Rangers offer sheet: Joe Sakic, 1997

    Last successful Rangers offer sheet: Adam Graves, 1991

  37. In a weak UFA class combined with a substantial hike the cap I think we’ll be surprised by how much people are going to get.

  38. Carp…..Eric Cole’s game aint the same outside of the Research Triangle Park area : )

  39. The Rangers have never contacted Jagr’s camp. And I remember that their PP was quite awful the last couple of years that Jagr was on the team.

  40. Erik Cole will stay in Carolina for that reason, Liquid.

    Who are the best UFA defensemen available (other than Kaberle)? I didn’t see many.

  41. Other than maybe an affordable 7th D on a one year deal, the Rangers have bigger needs than spending cap space on defense.

  42. “Old and slow Richards would have led the Rangers scoring chart by 23 points last year.”

    Yup. So would have have young and fast Loui Eriksson (by 18 points).

  43. I have no idea what Tampa’s situation is financially and I have only heard what others are saying but if this kid makes it to the market why not give it a shot. Make it tough on Tampa to match. Why are they signing the Adam Hall’s but not this kid? If I’m running Tampa he is priority 1 and you get him signed! If we have 12 million of cap space this year front load it for this kid and put pressure on Tampa to match. If he was our only FA signing no one would take our current roster with Stankos added? I would hope the Rangers know Tampa’s cap situation…

  44. Mister Delaware on

    “28 G and 79 points are Stastny’s career high numbers.”

    You aren’t comparing a 25 year old 5 year veteran to a 31 year old 10 year veteran using best season to date, right?

  45. NYR_FAN,

    I think that underscores the fact that the Rangers need an upgrade in talent. Eriksson would be a nice addition but he’s not available and he’s a wing.

    In a perfect world they get Richards for 4 maybe 5 years at palatable cap hit and no NMC/NTC, but the UFA market tends to dictate how much players are going to get. And I highly doubt the Rangers cleared the cap space by buying out Drury just for the purpose of getting him off the roster.

  46. the concussion is overblown. What NHL player hasn’t had a concussion at some point in their career????

    I don’t care how long the contract is because if the Rangers ever want to get rid of him they can do it. Sather has proved time and time again that he can get rid of anyone. I care about what kind of production we get from him in the next 3-4 years.

    If Richards is going to only give us 60-70 points then I don’t want him here. If he is going to give us 80-90 points right away then I give him whatever it takes.

  47. Mister DE,

    Ok then, well when Richards was 25 he had 91 points vs Stastny seeing his production drop to 57 points this season at age 25 (where a 30 year old Richards had 20 more points).

  48. i would definitely take a chance on gagne for a 1 yr deal worth 3 mil. we gave frolov that last year and he was a disaster. maybe go 1 yr 4 mil for gagne. \

    as for eric cole i would pass. his best years are playing in carolina. hes a perfect fit for that team. when hes been elsewhere he was terrible. especially in edmonton. hes getting old and would want a 3 yr deal. not for my liking

  49. CT, there is no doubt a talent problem within the NYR organization. My point was that no matter who you bring in to center Gaby next year, the Rangers still are a young team and aren’t in “win now” mode. I think in 3 years, the Rangers will be a contender when our prosepects and kids turn the page as NHL players. I project Stepan to be a 70-75 point guy in a couple of years…He should be the guy we surround with young talent. We should not bring in Richard$ who will eat cap space and probably top out at 75 points next year and then see his numbers drop after that…When our team is ready to make a run, he’ll be too old and won’t be the go to guy…it’s a stretch to think that he will be in “Conn Smythe form” by the time we are a contender…

    We now have cap space to sign a player or make a trade. Stamkos is the only long term signing that makes sense to me and if we don’t get him, it’s not a big deal. Let’s have Slats make a prudent UFA signing decision for once.

    I agree with Oleo “If Richards is going to only give us 60-70 points then I don?t want him here”

  50. with richards getting prob a 7 yr deal for 7 mil per year the rangers are still a long way away from competing with wash pitt boston and prob phil. we are no where close to being a contender so i would wait until 2012 and see whos out there.

    i have a feeling slats signs kaberle tom

  51. Can somebody break down where this $25M in cap space is going to go for me? Who do we need to resign?

  52. Mister Delaware on

    “Can somebody break down where this $25M in cap space is going to go for me? Who do we need to resign?”

    Dubinsky, Calllahan, Boyle, Anisimov and Sauer are all RFAs.

  53. czechthemout!!!! on

    Four years @ $32,000,000 is the most that the Rangers should offer. If that dies not get it done, than he can go to. Toronto and get more years and lose. But than, he may not care as long as he gets oUr.

  54. Mister Delaware on

    “Ok then, well when Richards was 25 he had 91 points vs Stastny seeing his production drop to 57 points this season at age 25 (where a 30 year old Richards had 20 more points).”

    Far more fair comp. And if we were deciding between a 25 year old Richards and a 25 year old Stastny, I’d say its a pretty compelling reason to go with Richards. But we’re a young core with a couple good prospects (hopefully) coming up soon. A 25 year old with less of a track record but big upside is a much better fit than locking up a more proven vet’s age 32-37/38/39(???) seasons, even when there’s a prospect cost involved.

  55. There is zero chance Stamkos is coming to this team. Zero!

    You know Sather is going to spend as much of the cap as he can, so I’d rather he do it on Richards than overpaying spare parts (See: Kotalik, Ales).

  56. Dubisnky: $4M
    Callahan: $5.5M
    Boyle: $2M
    Anisimov: $3M
    Sauer: $2M

    That’s about $14.5M……Maybe $7M to Richards so that’s $21M which leaves us with about $4M in free space??? Where am I wrong?

  57. Man, I doubt Tampa would let him walk, but I really would be all about getting Stamkos. He is young enough and good enough to give up those first round picks for… easily. No question. No hesitation. I don’t think Gabby’s biggest issue is/was a lack of center. I think it was meshing with Tort’s system. Gabby has always produced regardless of who he played with, then he suddenly runs into issues last year when it is the first year of really solidifying the Tortorella system? I think if Torts loosens the leash a little bit, Gabby is back to 30+ goals without much issue. Asking Gabby to play the same physical game as Prust is pointless. You wouldn’t ask that of Gretzky, Sakic, Yzerman or the like.

  58. Ah! My math is pathetic… *Correction*

    Dubisnky: $4M
    Callahan: $5.5M
    Boyle: $2M
    Anisimov: $3M
    Sauer: $2M

    That’s about $16.5M……Maybe $7M to Richards so that’s $23M which leaves us with about $2M in free space??? Where am I wrong?

  59. Maybe there is a 0% chance of Stamkos but if we are going to dream might as well make it big!!

  60. NYR_FAN,

    As much as I think the Rangers are moving in the right direction with building a strong base from their farm system, the strength of their team as currently constructed is on defense and goaltending and not in the forwards. And while we’ve seen some great strides made by the kids that have been brought up to the big leagues, we also have to remember that not everybody in the farm is going to work out as an NHL player, let alone a quality player that puts up 60-70 points a year (which the Rangers haven’t drafted and retained in a long time mind you).

    And as far as building around a particular player, I think the goal should be accumulating as much talent as possible. Now there is the obvious risk with UFAs which typically has to do with the aging curve (vis a vis production) as much as the nebulous quality of “he can’t hack it in NY”. The cap situation beyond this season is fairly manageable. Given that Avery, Wolski and Christensen who combine to count nearly $7M (plus a reduction in Drury’s buyout cap hit) against the cap will see their contracts expire. Assuming the replacement of those players is primarily with players from Hartford/prospect pool then they shouldn’t find themselves in a situation like the Devils where they can’t bring up reinforcements in the event of non-LTIR injuries. So unless they make a dumb trade, they’re still able to retain the core players everyone wants to keep for at least another 2-3 seasons.

  61. NYR_FAN

    im on the fence about Richards just for that reason. We know that a drop off is coming but we don’t know when it will be. A line of Wolski-Richards-Gaborik has the potential to be one the best in the game and if that line plays to its potential, there is no reason why the Rangers can’t be true contenders this season.

    There is no reason why Wolski getting 65 points, Richards getting 80 points and Gaborik getting 85 points is not realistic. They all did it 2 seasons ago and neither had the type of linemates they will have playing together.

  62. So angry that I haven’t been around, damn appendicitis!

    Had surgery last night, and the doctor asked me whether or not I wanted to stay at the hospital tonight. I said I needed to be at RR for July 1st!

  63. Yea I was trying to be reasonable to not get too excited about Cap Space…..If I dial it back….

    Dubisnky: $3M
    Callahan: $4M
    Boyle: $1.2M
    Anisimov: $1.8M
    Sauer: $1M

    Now we are spending $10M to get these guys and have $15M(ish) to play around with?

  64. Latona? Is that true? The appendix surgery thing…..you know you don’t need that organ anyways.

  65. It’s very true! I got really sick Tuesday night, went to the hospital Wednesday afternoon, BAM! Appendicitis!

    I’m home now; very sore, but otherwise no pain. Dilaudid is my new best friend!

  66. I tend to look at the RFA signees in aggregate, I’d say they take up about 12.5M-13M. Add in Erixon’s cap hit of 1.75 and you’ll have a little over $10M for the FA market.

  67. Oh man. Sorry Latona. I bet ilb is upset you didn’t pick him to be your DR. for this surgery.

    I hope you get better soon and never, ever stop taking Dilaudid.

  68. Thanks, Manny. I gotta sleep, though, I’ve been up for a long time. I’ll join you all when I can. Go Richards!

  69. Mister Delaware on

    “You know Sather is going to spend as much of the cap as he can …”

    This is what terrifies me. We have about 12 guys on this roster that count as more than interchangeable parts …

    Gaborik/Staal/Girardi/Lundqvist: $21.7MM … pretty much exactly 1/3 of the cap through 2013-2014 (with Staal going for one more year)
    Dubinsky/Callahan/Boyle/Anisimov/Sauer: I’ll use the estimate above but go a little higher, about $18MM, since I think the Dubinsky number is low and someone else might require a bit more AAV if signing beyond next season … 28% of the cap

    9 players, 62% of the cap. If you add Richards at $7.5MM, that’s 75% of the cap on half the minimum roster and its not an elite core.

    Prust is unrestricted after this year, Stepan and McDonagh have two more seasons before being restricted. Smart cap management, I’d think, would be locking up atleast the last two early (since Prust’s style isn’t really conducive to more than a 2 year at a time risk). The absolute last thing (I’d bold this if I knew how) I want to see is Richards signed and giving us 25 and 45 with a NMC and us having to move a younger, perhaps better, member of the core in order to protect our RFA rights on Stepan or McDonagh in 2 years.

    If the risk is on a guy in his mid 20s with star potential, I’m all far it. Bigger window. But Richards, while giving us a better short term chance to fluke into a nice playoff run as a 5/6/7, also basically kills our chance of building a strong, young core.

  70. CTB, I completetly agree that the jury is still out on our young forwards and prospects…there’s no guarantee that these kids will turn out to be great players or even NHL players for that matter…

    I do beleive that Artie’s ceiling is huge…I think he can transform into a dominant player with confidence and more strength.

    However, as far as prospects, I like Kreider, Hagelin, & Thomas…they look like they have what it takes to be skill NHL players down the road…I have no idea if they will be though…

    A line of Wolski-Richards-Gaborik has the potential to be very good, Oleo. I can’t deny that.

  71. Mister Delaware on

    “I think you overshot the estimates on everyone of the RFAs.”

    On one year deals or getting these guys to give up some of their unrestricted years, especially with the cap up and what I imagine will be a huge market for average to above average players? Like Boyle might jump at $2MM over 3 or 4 years but would be pretty dumb to do the same at double his 2010-11 deal (which would be $1.1MM).

  72. i think arty can be a good 2nd line center. the kis needs to mature and get stronger. he has the skill.

  73. Dubi and Cally are the only ones I expect to get deals of over 2 years.

    AA I would imagine gets something similar to what Dubi got in his first year of RFA, a 2 year deal a little south of $2M. Sauer getting $1M essentially doubles his pay from last year. I wouldn’t lock Boyle into a multiyear deal just yet.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-four hours to gooooo. Then Doodie will need to be sedated.

  75. i would love to be on the phone listening to sather has he calls richards agent at 1201 tom.

  76. Mister Delaware on

    “I have no problem locking up Boyle long-term so long as its a two-way deal.”

    More than that, I want it to be a mutual risk deal. If he didn’t peak this year, he’s giving up a lot of FA money. And if he did, we’re overpaying for a 4th line center / PK guy but not to the point that it hurts our cap, just maybe prevents us from taking flyers on guys like Frolov or something.

  77. >>i think arty can be a good 2nd line center. the kis needs to mature and get stronger. he has the

    I also love his willingness to drive to the net.

  78. the thing everyone seems to forget is that next season 8 mil comes off from Wolski, Avery, Christensen and part of Drury’s salary. That will be enough to take care of all internal needs in the immediate future.

    Once the recent draft picks like McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider etc. need to be signed long-term Gaborik and Girardi will no longer be here opening up another 10.5 mil…

  79. Mister Delaware on

    “Once the recent draft picks like McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider etc. need to be signed long-term Gaborik and Girardi will no longer be here opening up another 10.5 mil…”

    They open up money, but they also open up needs for a 1st line wing and a 2nd pair d-man.

  80. NYRanger4Life on

    Oleo – good point, that seems to go unnoticed as FA approaches….

    As I just tweeted (@lpresser23), never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. Uncle Glennie will most certainly outbid himself for the 1 top tier UFA, and Richards will be ours for 6 yrs at 8m per.

    Write it down.

  81. Come to think of it, I haven’t been giving too much thought about the Brad Richards question. I suppose I wouldn’t be too upset with “three years, at 6.5 million per season”. If that won’t do it, let him go get more somewhere else. I’m not willing to pay more for guy with a fragile head.

  82. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    take it easy and feel better soon!

    I wouldn’t touch kaberle with jagr’s stick!

    where is LW? I must not be talking about physical d men enough to bother him!

    speaking of physical d men, still think obrien is a reasonable contract that should be signed!

    if you can sign stammer to an offer sheet, you have to do it. Richards is/would be a good fit. The only reason I would trade for stastny is to move a few roster players to open up some spots.

    gagne on the cheap would be worth it

    konopka, yes!

    cole is def a torts type player!

    No RFA signings yet?

    Has jagr signed somewhere yet?


  83. Sather has a 100% chance of blowing it again this summer.
    Richards wants way too much and Sather is going to make it happen…
    Oh happy days…

  84. i dont get the whole panic about concussions. way overblown in my opinion. who’s the best player available tomorrow? Richards. Will he make our team (or any team) better? Yes. Will he make other players around him better? Yes. go out and get him. Gagne, i dont know his exact numbers but do know that he’d be fantastic on our 2nd/3rd line. if money is reasonable, get him. you go out and get the best that you can. sorry if im in a Yankees state of mind, i just know that it has been working for them.

  85. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    the thing about cole is he only seems to play well with the canes (played mediocre in edm), went back to canes played really well.


    I would keep WW over getting leino just because I think he is more physical and IF we get richards could statistically improve quite a bit. Plus he seems to be doing the right things in the offseason!

    I would trade about anyone to get iggy!

  86. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    uh oh, souray bought out…sather will sign him to a feds type contract 1yr 1 mil

  87. Lev – the sentiment is great and I completely agree about Gagne. Go get him. He can’t be looking for more than 1 year at about $1M. Just give it to him.

    Richards scares me. Since you brought up the Yankees, I can go down lists of contracts that are horrible and that the Yankees are stuck with because of that thinking. It works in baseball because there is no cap. The Yankees can bury Kei Igawa in AAA. He’s only getting money. Here we have to be a bit more careful. Long Term, high priced contracts really hurt in hockey.

  88. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Been reading the ‘blog, so here are my thoughts about Richards, Drury and the rest…

    1) All in all, I have to come down with getting Richards, and I think we will, but question is how much we overpay. Can’t we do something that inflates the first years of his contract and then goes down (like $10m in Year 1, $8m in Year 2, $8m in Year 3, $6m in Year 4, etc.) so it reduces the cap hit in later years when he will arguably be past his prime and a buyout candidate? Not sure how the cap hits work, but maybe we can be creative?

    2) With Richards signed as a FA, we can maybe move Girardi for another offensive piece?

    3) As far as Drury goes, I think had he come in without Gomez things might have been different. I say that because I think the team could have been constructed differently with more complementary players that were a better fit.

    4) Even with Richards (and maybe because of Richards and the resulting cap hit), we will still be young (and have to stay with our youth… which looks bright.)

    Looking forward to seeing what Slats has up his sleeve. I know we generally like to “smoke” him pretty good for his moves, but the last 12-18 months have been OK in my book. Hope it continues. (And I’m ready for the Canadian/US national media to hit us hard if we land Richards (same old Rangers), but we’ve been doing things a bit differently the last year or two…)

  89. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    that’s it, Im taking tomorrow off of work, it’s just too important of a day!

  90. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    JoshuaCooper JoshuaCooper
    by TSNBobMcKenzie
    Preds won’t re sign Shane O’Brien

    GO slats GO!!

  91. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    at this point, I hope he doesn’t. It wouldn’t be a bad deal term wise, but I agree don’t want him at any price (slats just seems so intrigued by him). I rather use that money to sign a physical D man like o brien.

  92. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    I hope we sign john mitchell…oh wait

  93. Manny, i get the difference between MLB and NHL with the whole salary cap issue. if the money is acceptable, you get him. by acceptable im saying pray for 5-6 million, but still give 6-7.5 million. anything more than that you pass. but im saying that i would not, under circumstances, not consider to sign him simply because of the concussion risk.

  94. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    LMFAO!! probably not, but we love you!!

  95. now that souray has been bought out if you were the rangers would you sign him for 1 yr at 1 mil. they have always had interest and passed on him last year becasue skating wasnt up to speed but also they would have to get him on re entry waivers. now they could sign him to there terms.

    i offer 1 yr 1 mil.

  96. The Rangers are not in cap trouble at all so there is no reason why Richards will become an albratross unless they sign someone else in the next 2 years to a big deal.

    Again the only question here is how good will be in 2011-2014. Once Gaborik’s contract is up, Richard’s contract will no longer be an issue…

  97. Lev – fair enough. i am just really worried that a horrendous Contract will be announced first thing tomorrow.

  98. Gift of GAB-orik on

    As it worked out, I’m off from work tomorrow… and will have my tv, computer, and phone all monitoring traffic throughout the day to see what happens.

    And once what we all know is going to happen, happens…. i’ll stop.

    It won’t be the end all be all of my day, but as a fan of course i’m interested.

  99. Mister Delaware on

    “The Rangers are not in cap trouble at all so there is no reason why Richards will become an albratross unless they sign someone else in the next 2 years to a big deal.”

    Don’t we want to maintain the option of signing someone to a $7MM+ deal over the next year or two without recreating the albatross situation? Best of the market doesn’t mean worth the market price.

  100. Manny it wont be announced first thing tomorrow morning. Slats will wait till 7 pm :D. in all seriousness, i dont see any BAD contract being given out. i see 2-3 moves tomorrow.

  101. Mister Delaware on

    Torts: “Dru gave absolutely everything he possibly could give to this organization..& I know he’s had influence on many people in that room”

    Breaking news: 6 new athlete run pizzerias slated to open in tri-state area this summer

  102. there are no FA coming up next season that are even remotely close to Richards.

    2013 has some interesting names: Crosby (will 100% be resigned), Getzlaf, Perry, J. Staal, Roy but thats a really long way from now. No way to tell who will actually make it to FA by then.

    Also with only 1 year left on their deals, Gaborik and Girardi would be extremely easy to move should they want someone that badly…

  103. there’s no use for Kaberle on this team right now. not happening. but i will throw up as well if it does happen.

  104. Mister Delaware on

    “there are no FA coming up next season that are even remotely close to Richards.”

    Wouldn’t Parise be a UFA after this season?

  105. Good afternoon all! Heal up fast Latona! I guess no lunch for you today?

    My stomach is already hurting over what may happen tomorrow.

  106. thats only if Parise is not signed long term which he will be. They have plenty of cap room so there is no reason to suggest the Devils wouldn’t bring him back…

  107. If anyone did buy a Richrds jersey take it back and demand they put the extra letter on.

  108. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    (That deserved more than just LOL)

  109. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Did anyone else click the link from Cerny’s twitter and read Torts comments? Anyone else wonder why THAT was the picture they chose?

    Drury and Cally are chewing their mouthpieces, Prospal looks like he just saw a hot woman undressing, Boyle looks baffled, and Gaborik has a creepy smile going on.

    The whole thing is just odd.

  110. Firefox has been horrible at work (on a PC) and at home (on my Mac). I recently made the switch to Google Chrome.

  111. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    SpectorsHockey Spector’s Hockey
    Time once again for every NHL fan’s favorite guessing game: Where’s Jagr? I think he’s hiding under the coffee table…;)

    what a bouche

  112. JimboWoodside on

    It’s Jimbo Birthday Eve here in the big city, and we’re all waiting to see what Uncle Glennie is getting Jimbo and his bonehead friends as birthday gifts!

    Uncle Glennie already cleared some closet space for the presents by disposing of an Old Clutch yesterday, so we have some room in the aforementioned closet to hide some surprises…..!

  113. Atta boy, Tony!

    Feel better, Latona.

    Graves wasn’t really an offer sheet. It was a compensation deal.

    Speaking of which, I got to see No. 9 and No. 11 this morning. Will have Torts transcript in a while.

  114. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Woohoooooo its almost July 1!!!!!!!

    I cant wait until i am able to join youse guys tomorrow

  115. CTBlueshirtJune 30th, 2011 at 1:32 pm
    If anyone did buy a Richrds jersey take it back and demand they put the extra letter on.

    Actually make that 2 extra letters……

    Sew an “A” on the back…..and one in the front

    ; )

  116. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Get well soon Latona, and i hope slats does not add to your pain starting at 12:00:01

  117. “The Rangers are not in cap trouble at all so there is no reason why Richards will become an albratross unless they sign someone else in the next 2 years to a big deal.”

    That is true for this year, but going forward all bets might be off. With a new CBA looming, no one knows what the cap will be. If the cap goes down, then the Rangers have to start jettisoning contracts and we don’t know how “lenient” the new CBA will be in that area.

    I’m not saying the Rangers shouldn’t go after Richards, but there are lot of variables to consider: cap implications both this year and forward, the impact his deal would have on other Ranger FAs and of course their is the 800-pound gorilla in the room – Richards’ concussion aftereffects.

  118. Ok in seriousness I don’t know what’s going to happen with Richards but I feel like it’s going to be bad either way. I wish there was a legitimately feasible plan B out there who could help improve this team immediately. In this FA scenario you take the only guy out there that addresses your biggest issues and you hope for the best.

    As for other UFA’S- I really hope they don’t give some ridiculous contract to Ehrhoff to continue in the legacy of awful blue line busts with unmovable contracts that Sather loves to bring in.

    I said it before the season ended and i’ll say it again – 32 years old or not I’d take a chance on Eric Cole. He can probably out skate some of the 20 somethings on our current roster and he’s consistent and has size.

    Other than that let’s just get our rfas locked up.

  119. A decrease in the cap that isn’t tied to a decrease in league revenues would probably have to be accompanied by a salary rollback like they did before returning from the lockout.

  120. Anthony- not to mention- that if they DO sign Richards and he actually turns out to be one of if not the most important forward in this team- I would think it’s other contracts that would have to go. Especially if you have guys like Dubinsky making between 3-4 million a year to do play half a season like an allstar and half a season like a 3rd liner.

  121. Mister Delaware on

    “Especially if you have guys like Dubinsky making between 3-4 million a year to do play half a season like an allstar and half a season like a 3rd liner.”

    After a fracture in his f’ing leg.

  122. Someone just offered me a part-time gig at $500 a month. WTB? I made more than that when the ink was barely dry on my diploma. That won’t keep me in kitty litter! Sather, help me!

  123. Wow, I didn’t realize we had @SO@ much cap space. Of course, only 13 players are signed at this point. 8th most amount of space with $25.5 million according to Capgeek article on ESPN.com, and I trust their numbers. We have to spend to reach the cap floor! LOL

  124. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    You guys see this?

    BrandonPrust8 Brandon Prust
    It was an honor to skate n lace up beside chris drury. What a hell of a competitor n even better man! We will miss u buddy #warrior #beauty

    umm yes so tell me again why rust should not have an “A”? Leadership, class, grit, heart and soul, work ethic, teammate…etc.

  125. >>And tomorrow is a great day to be a work-at-homer.

    We call it WFH [Work From Home] where I am. Too bad I won’t be able to WFH tomorrow.

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