Another nice moment, courtesy of the Rangers


I’ve told you guys, and most of you know, that the Rangers may only win one Stanley Cup in our lifetimes, or none, in some cases. But that in terms of doing good deeds, they’re perennial champs.

Yesterday before the prospects camp scrimmage, they brought out Liam Traynor of Blauvelt, a wheelchair-bound kid who pretty much joined the Rangers family via the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

And Liam, a sled-hockey player, dropped the puck for the ceremonial start of the scrimmage, as all the players and coaches gave him an ovation.

“Oh, that is … that’s a nice family,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said later. “It’s a family I’ve grown close to. And then, how the boys reacted … the thing with that stuff, that’s a minute or two out of the players’ time. That’s a lifetime experience for a kid like that and his family. So it was terrific. It was a lot of fun. A lot of fun.”

Liam stayed and watched the scrimmages with Tortorella and Adam Graves and others.


Photo: Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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  1. Flyers need to re-sign Voraceck and Simmonds. And that only gets them to 20 players, the minimum 20 man roster. All of their large cap hit forwards have NTCs and they don’t have enough depth beyond their top 6 D to start shipping out guys to clear space.

    Caps need to re-sign Alzner and find a new backup unless they’re ready to go with just Neuvirth and Holtby. Also they traded their first for Brouwer, so I assume they’re going to sign him as well.

  2. Maybe the Caps will throw a curveball and sign Vokoun, but I have a feeling they are ready for Neuvirth and Holtby. Maybe a Biron-type backup for them.

  3. What about Fleischmann as a backup plan? He?s a good player?his value probably dropped and could be a good signing for a year or 2?


    Carp June 30th, 2011 at 5:08 pm e

    CT, I will happily sell you a $400 T-shirt. I’ll put whatever you want on it.
    Carp June 30th, 2011 at 5:11 pm e

    Or, call now and I’ll give you a second T-shirt at half price. That’s two T-shirts for $600. Wait. Order in the next half an hour and I’ll throw in a third T-shirt absolutely free.

  5. Why does cut and paste always mess up punctuation in the comments!?! It annoys me!!

  6. tim panaccio who covers flyers for comcast says flyers will not put offer sheet out for stamkos

  7. well, duh. nobody does offer sheets. it’s a waste of time.

    does anybody still think Flyers won’t be in it for Richards, though?

  8. carp

    you and i seem to be the only ones thinking richards to flyers. i throw caps in there as well

  9. Fleischmann appears to be totally healthy after his blood clot issues. I just don’t see where he fits on this team, aside from replacing Wolski perhaps.

  10. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Garden of Dreams is a top notch charity, and it’s tremendously tremendous to watch the Rangers, past and present, take part in these events that has such a positive impact on the lives of people in the community.

    World Class.

  11. Gift of GAB-orik on

    PHI could be on on Richards. Though, signing him would put them right up against the cap, and still Leino, Simmonds, Voracek with no contracts… and they still need a 7th D for the roster… I just believe it would take a lot of maneuvering to make Richards fit there.

  12. Mister Delaware on

    Carp 1: Isn’t there value in an offer sheet if for no other reason than you’re dictating the terms of a contract going onto a conference opponent’s books? Even if you only bump them up $500K annually, that could be useful down the line.

    Carp 2: My $400 t-shirts have far more clutch abilities than yours. Wear one of these to the store and you’re buying the right lawnmower on the first try. Guaranteed*.

    * Verbal guarantee only. No refunds or returns accepted.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Free agents starting to frenzy !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    WE have Cap Space !!! No Gomez, No Redden , No Rozi ,and no Drury!!! Life is good.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Free agents starting to frenzy !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , I was sleeping did Sharapova win today? I heard they were disallowing the grunts?

  15. I think that Pegula is getting fleeced due to his open wallet policy. Now that players know he’s willing to spend the dough, they’re taking advantage. Ehrhoff is good, but not that good.

  16. If Buffalo inked Air-Hoff for some 5-5.5 million dollar deal, you can scratch them off the BRich Sweepstakes because they’re pretty close to the Cap now

    Philly has too many RFA’s to resign and not enough space to get in the BRich Sweeps

    LA now has MRich now and DD to re-sign still so you can probably count them out of the BRich Sweeps

    TB will not be dishing out any major contracts until Stamkos is signed, so the longer that takes, the less likely they ‘re looking in BRich’s direction

    Really, it comes down to NYR, Toronto, or Any Cap Floor team looking to make a splash (esp. Winnipeg)

    Like it or not …. Richards will be a Ranger in the next few days

  17. Petra Kvitova!

    The next Czech lefty since Martina Navratilova.. and Michal Rozsival!

  18. Mister D, if you make an offer to Stamkos it has to be enormous. Then your own RFAs will use that against you in their negotiations. And the team you attack now might counter-attack and drive up the price of a Callahan or a Dubinsky or somebody down the road. You’re not going to get Stamkos, so don’t bother.

  19. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    face it.. sather doesn’t have a clue… it’ isn’t who is signed but who you sign… just look at all the wrong pieces to the puzzle he has signed .

  20. From Bob McKenzie: $8 million up front!

    Year 1: $8M signing bonus, $2M salary; Year 2: $5M SB, $3M sal. That’s $18M in 1st 2 yrs, or $15M before puck drops on 12-13 season. #tsn

  21. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    Less annually, more job security. Who knows what Erhoff will be worth after 6 years.

  22. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    Btw, I agree, I always appreciated Jagr’s leadership in that he did not take shootout attempts. He probably practiced them repeatedly and knew the team would be better off w. others taking the s/o attempts. So he did what’s best for the team. Sometimes, real leadership is being able to recognize your own deficiencies and not hurt the team :)

  23. Carp, I love that you post Garden of Dreams stuff…..Bravo.

    While researching for my interview tomorrow, I came across this from a friend. If you’ve never seen the movie, shame! This is either Sather in front of Richards or me tomorrow. Either way, best scene ever.

    The Desert Inn has heart.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boy, if what Brooks is tweeting about what the owners want to impose in the next cba deal is true, next season may be the last NHL season we see for a long time. Bettman will have a very hard time convincing Donald Fehr of all people that the league is not making money. He also is going to have no credibility when he really got a lot of what he wanted in this CBA. But as always, the fans are the ones who will suffer. Too bad!

  25. Another joke of a contract. At least Ehrhoff will only be 38 when it expires though. Bob McKenzie says $1M in each of the last three seasons of it.

  26. czech – The league is making money, but some owners aren’t. Bettman’s always talking about record ratings and crowds every season. I understand he is just doing that to try to promote how great the NHL is, but these things are actually true. He is gonna have a hard time.

    So, apparently Buffalo has emerged as a contender for Richard$.

    Ehrhoff contract is 10, 8, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 1, 1, 1 in millions of dollars. And that includes $8 million he makes today.

  27. Does anybody remember the feeling on June 30, the night before the Drury and Gomez deals? Is this a similar feeling?

  28. why would anyone go to Buffalo to be honest? unless it’s all about $$$$$$$$$$. i dont get why Ehrhoff went from the Canucks to the Sabres to be honest. fantastic big city, hockey town, one of the best teams in the NHL, incredible talent…….i know Sally is from Buffalo, (i think?)….and i dont meant to hate on the city, but for me it’s a no brainer if comparing Canucks to Sabres and not taking into the account the slight monetary differences. and he’s German so family relocation is not a problem as they are all in Deutshland. side note, all of these moves will really test Ruff’s job security finally.

  29. it is a similar feeling, but im actually excited for tomorrow. i want to have Richards. and I want to have Gagne or someone of that sort. i also want Feds back. all tomorrow. Prospal/Emmy/Gilly can wait a bit. cant believe Eklund actually said the Rangers made some really big offer to the Devils for Parise…there’s no way Parise is traded here unless both Cally and Duby are going the other way including some of our D men.

  30. Buffalo only has about 7 mill in cap space and they still be to sign Enroth to a backup deal, plus 3 RFA Dmen that includes Sekera

    I dont think they have the space to go after Richards

    Besides NYR and Tor, id put NYI, Winni, and maybe Flordia as darkhorses. Esp Flordia since you know … theyre in Flordia and Richards still has his houses and charities down there

  31. Carp

    I remember the feeling on June 30 the night before the Drury and Gomez deals… i was feeling cold. ;)

  32. I got my money on Richards and Konopka (to replace Dru and Boogey’s “intangibles”)

  33. orr …

    Led the league in Pims and 2nd in the league in fight behind Parros

    Plus he had the 3rd best FO % for Players with 1000+ Draws or more

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Good evening gents and ladies!!!

    Nervously excited, or terrified… not sure which!

  35. Czechthemout!!! on


    Good point I forgot about the Isbister,Rismiller garbage signings.

    I like Ben Eager as someone who is a bad Arse who can also play and is a good fighter.

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Nasty, if you’re still here, i highly recommend the Friendlys Butter Crunch ice cream

    ORR stop the carcillo with carcillo lol ;-)

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    Eager also has a ring which I think is important and he is only 27. I am afraid that Sather throws
    8 year 70 million @ Richards tomorrow. I have to say, Richards is certainly very fortunate the way things have shaken out. He may get offers from the Rangers,LA, Buffulo,,Toronto,Philthy, maybe even Tampa, and no one really else out there in his league to get offers. WOW!

  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks Czech, you just made me decide…


    gonna be another ReddenGomezDruryesque nightmare of a contract.

  39. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Konopka definately is tough, and plays with an edge. Perfect faceoff/tough guy/penalty kill forward for Torts. Wouldn’t mind him one bit.

    Konopka had the 2nd most fighting majors last season.
    Prust had the 5th most.

  40. LOL! 10 years for Air-Hoff?! That’s hilariously disturbing!

    What’s to stop the Baby Buffaloes from going after B. Rich? They may (probably will) give up on Connolly…

    LOL! B. Rich’s given name is *Bradley Glenn Richards* !

  41. Paul in sunrise on

    B Rich – my guess is 9 years 54M
    $6M cap hit

    do it every day and twice on sunday
    I want the rangers to win – B Rich helps them do that on a regular basis

  42. Carcillo is like brashear. Beats the you know whAt out of one of our guys and slats signs him to big cash. Let’s say 1.8 per for four years. He will play like dung beatle to go along with the nine million a year we send to brichards. It’s gonna be a root canal tomorrow. ThAnk God I am hiking for this nonsense

  43. Paul in sunrise on

    by the way – don’t know how you feel about this but…
    I hate the islanders – grew up in new york a rangers fan and the islanders were winning the cup, beating the rangers year in and year out. That said it is my favorite of the local rivalries. SO I hate players who refuse to sign there. I don’t want the islanders to fail and want them to stay on the island. great local rivalry and tradition. Players who say no and take less money elsewhere is carcillo. I feel bad that the greatest rivalry of my youth will be non-existant when they fold and move to Quebec or Kansas City. just my thoughts.
    go rangers

  44. Carcillo is not Brashyte.

    The only thing that comes to mind with Carcillo, is the Butt-Chin beat down, which Butt-Chin deserved.

    With Brashyte, you have the Betts incident, the Shanny incident, the Kaspar incident, and so on, so forth.

    I mean, if Stamkos beat up Step-On, would you not sign him?

    Not that I’m trying to make a big case for Carcillo. I don’t even know what he’s worth. But, I’ve always been a fan of his, since his Yotes days.

  45. I’d take Konopka in a minute over that piece of cooke Carcillo. He’s a big, dumb fighter, but he can kill a penalty, stir it up a bit, win draws, and fight so Prust doesn’t have to fight so much. Carcillo just takes bad penalties, the stupid piece of cooke.

    ps, do you think anybody will go after that piece of carcillo Cooke this year?

  46. Gift of GAB-orik on


    agreed on all fronts.

    I don’t think the Rangers this season will look to initiate with Cooke… though i’m sure there might still be some bad blood.

    Should make for good television!

  47. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    props galore to our friend noremy and her quip “SLATSAGEDDON”

    Paul, I agree with you

  48. NOOOOOO! to carcillo cooke meat!!!!!

    I’m prepared to settle my intestines, if I have to, for BR, but not if we lose a lot, now and in the future….hmmmmm. maybe it’s best I’m not here till after tomorrow.


  49. Gift of GAB-orik on


    talking about the idea of signing Carcillo or Konopka and if there will be retribution against Cooke.

    Cooke is a piece of Carcillo, and Carcillo is a piece of Cooke. Capiche?

  50. There’s no difference. tomayto, tohmahto, carcillo, cooke….

    Lin, which I could laugh, my intestines are in twisted knots!

  51. Gift of GAB-orik on

    That’s sound medical advice ;)

    I don’t think I’ve come across a situation that couldn’t be solved by drinking heavily.

  52. However, Cooke, IMO, is so much worse than Carcillo. Cooke really headhunts players. He is a disgrace…

  53. I don’t get all the hatred for Carcillo, especially if you’re an Avery fan.

    Cooke, I could definitely understand. I wish Booger was still around. Maybe he would have had the chance to end Cooke’s season!

  54. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Doc- You’re blood pressure is unusually high.

    Patient- I’m a Ranger fan.

    Doc- That makes sense. I reccomend heavy drinking.

  55. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i am helping the man study for his GRE, we’re doing vocab words.. hmmm i might have to throw some of these out there to make you guys think i’m smart lol

  56. Gift of GAB-orik on


    When is the last time Avery went laterally airborne with an elbow and tried to take someone’s head off?

  57. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Or for that matter, when is the last time Avery went after a non fighting sniper?

  58. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Carcillo and Cooke are equivalent to the slimy layer of film that forms between the ground and a steaming pile of horse dung.

  59. eric and Gabby, mama love :) (Except for the Aves chat)
    OK all, gotta go ,continuing prep for interview tomorrow. See you then, when I hope I can say LGR without crying or screaming (in a bad way)


  60. Has Carcillo ever headhunted?? I don’t remember that.

    And Avery has went after Kovalchuckles a number of times, so Carcillo and Aves are the same, at the end of the day. Carcillo is just 10x more tougher.

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t wait to see how the Black Hawks make out tomorrow.

    Sather will do as always… Overspend, Underachieve, Buyout, Repeat.

  62. Truth be told, I only hate on Carcillo because he is a Flyer…liked I hated on Avery, when he was on Dallas…I’m an Avery fan because I am a Rangers fan.

    I said the other day that I would think about signing Carcillo for the 4th line…The guy can skate and has some skill….We could use a guy that can scrap and stir the carcillo…

    I think Konopka will be expensive…

  63. Paul in sunrise on

    guys – rangers have too many guys for the fourth line – i like weise better than any of those guys and he is home grown tough enough has scoring touch at least in the A. give him a chance before you sign a piece of carcillo like carcillo – trash is trash not treasure here

  64. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    I think konopka is more in prust’s weight class than a “heavyweight”!

    LMAO saying jagr had leadership. that’s like saying souray is a fast skater (sorry tiki)

  65. I think it’s a good idea to bring in a tough guy, who can fight *and* play, Paul. I don’t want Weise filling that role. He wont last long. Just like Dublowsky. He lasted 55 minutes. LOL!

    But, I’ve said it before, Weise, I wouldn’t mind playing on the 4th line. His game fits that role. I just don’t want him dropping the gloves.

  66. Weise got beat up pretty bad a few times, as I recall. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a tough kid. I just don’t think he brings enough intimidation for that role…

  67. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    weise fights like byers, and that is bad!!

  68. Paul in sunrise on

    Orr – team toughness is not enough? – cannot waste a spot with a non-contributor – Konopka can fill a role and kill a penalty /take a faceoff – but I would rather fill spots with players in the system. weise may not be a heavyweight but how many times do the heavyweights actually go. i love hockey fights but the staged goon days are over – rangers need to fill the roster out with depth and skill – just my opinion

    this team needs a first line center and a power play specialist – richards fits that description – i hope they sign him – i hope that is all they do this off season ufa-wise

  69. Weise didn’t do all that bad, I think. He beat Carcillo in one fight. He took a few hard punches from Ott in one fight, but gave a few back.

    I don’t remember any others.

    His problem is, he picks guys that are a little too tough for him. Just like Dublowsky did. That’s a bad habit that is only broken after a massive beat down.

  70. Ive mostly been pushing for Konopka for his FO ability 1st, his PK ability 2nd , and his Fighting/toughness 3rd

    Although I’m sure Prust wouldnt mind having the extra Fighter/toughness around 1st

    Rangers were 25th in the league at Faceoffs last year

    Konopka was the 3rd best FO man last year … for a million bucks he is really worth in, despite his middleweight/heavyweight status

  71. Carcillo = Cooke = Meat = Hartnell = blech.

    I’d rather have Richards or anyone over them.

    That’s my intelligent wicky for tonight :)

  72. Paul in sunrise on

    not saying weise is a skill guy – he is tough physical and can pitch in with some offense – just to clarify not saying he is a “skill guy” or “elite” lol

  73. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    Quite alright, wickster, lol! Reasonable minds can disagree! Jaro should be the leader of the free world! :)

  74. Konopka and Carcillo are basically a wash on this team. If we’re signing either one, it’s for their physicality. I think the roles are pretty much filled, as far as the PP, and PK go.

    I just like the idea of having guys like Konopka, Carcillo, Eager, etc, playing that role, instead of Prust having to do it.

    But, I wont complain either way.

  75. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    We don’t need anymore players with limited to no skill. Weve already got Avery, and while 16 used to be effective, he isnt any longer. No need for anymore ineffectiveness.

  76. Paul in sunrise on

    taking the whole day off. have a date with Mr. T at Dr. Greens office. Carp gets it…
    then its glued to twitter for the B RIch to new york for the national debt signing

  77. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    I’m thinking about it Orr! Leaving work early so I can be here, but food may have to wait until night time

  78. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    LMAO, you are a riot bro!

    I agree with orr about having those guys around to lighten prust’s workload if you will. I don’t mind prust having 15 or 20 fights a season, he just needs someone to fight the heavyweights instead of him!

  79. LOL! Dale _”The Whale”_ Weise did beat Carcillo!

    I do remember him taking a lot of punches from Ott…like I said, he’s a tough kid….I just don’t think he should be fighting the goons of the League right now…I agree with Orr that we could use a tough guy with some skill…

    What is Konopka’s expected cap hit? $2m?

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Free agents starting to frenzy !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Carsillo is the biggest scumbag in the league . I don’t want him!!!

  81. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    Let’s all stop expecting the worst. How about we all change our mindset and start expecting the best? I For Byfuglien’s Sake, we’re the greatest city in the world with the greatest teams in the world. No more hoping for the best, expecting the worst carcillo; Expect the best. I expect Sather/Messier to add the right pieces at the right prices to make us better in the near and distant future! I’ll be eating Manhattan Clam Chowder with New York Cream donuts and a salad with New York Lettuce while following on the internet as our 2011-12 winners are built.

  82. Great Post … I’d do the same but I live in Jersey and would just be faking all the “New York Food” pride

  83. I really would like to add someone to our PK that doesnt make 3-4 million dollars and is the backbone of the team like Dubi and Cally.

    PK duties are for the Prusts, Boyles, Bettses, and dare I say it …. Konopkas of the world

    After Cally’s injuries last season – He and Dubi shouldnt even sniff the PK next year or any year moving forward

  84. ORR, I’d take the puppy, some money for the puppy, thank him and run…then tell him he’s a carcillo. Taxi!!!

  85. And no matter what happens, in Prust I Trust….damn, that’s a lot of wickys…..

  86. A Not So Secret Laurel Admirer on

    Im breaking up Mama’s impending hat trick, HAHA! TA TA!

  87. I think its funny that no one is talking about the Panthers. Even with the Campbell trade they are 22 million under the CAP FLOOR !!!

    With the amount of trouble they have acquiring UFA’s … How the hell are they gonna make up 22 million dollars ??

    We might be sending them Redden after all.

    Imagine that … Campbell and Redden at the points on the PP

  88. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    somerset, the big slap in the face would be that Redden becomes the pp qb

  89. Dredden, Avery, prospect, and pick for Booth! BOOM! Make it happen! They don’t have a say in the matter!

    Weiss could be a plan B.

    If Richards signs elsewhere, the day will get very interesting, I imagine.

  90. Rangers have a very crazy schedule on their trip to Europe…

    Sept.29 at Prague/Czech Republic
    Sept.30 at Gothenburg/Sweden
    Oct 3 at Zug/Switzerland

    and then its to Sweden/Stockholm again on Oct 7th and 8th…

    They will be very exhausted when they return back and then they go on the road again because of the renovations…

    That´s going to get very difficult for Torts´ troops…!!!

  91. prague to sweden to switzerland is like going from boston to buffalo to philly. not long travel between most sections of europe

  92. I like the Konopka idea and I also like ORR’s proposal for Booth. Both sound good to me.

    Then again, I am on Percocet right now..

  93. I am dissapointed they dont play a game in Germany, my place….

    They could have played one game at Cologne Arena in front of 18500 the biggest arena in all over Europe as in contrast of the province of Zug…!!!!

  94. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    wow Latona, you’re a regular pharmacy today

  95. ha ha. Redden QB’s the Panthers PP to Top 5 in the league and he has a come-back season with 50 points and wins the Bill Masterton Award at the end of the season for “those who exhibited, to a high degree, the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey”

  96. Hacklund has B-Rich to Toronto now (E4) – trying to stir up the Rangers fans, i guess

  97. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Jagr to sign with the Islanders.

  98. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    ORR, I am looking forward to your antics tomorrow!

  99. An Edmonton Blogger has us trading them Dubi if we sign Richards.

    His proposal is possibly: Dubinsky to Edmonton for Linus Omark, Andrew Cogliano, and a 2nd rounder in 2012

    would anybody take that ??

    Omark is nice and 2nd rd picks are always good, but Cogs sucks

  100. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Linus? Will Slats give him a New Blankie Clause?

  101. LOL! Somer, that same ol’ Dublowsky for Cogliano trade has been going on for three years now.

    At some point, the people behind the rumor need to realize, it’s BS!

    Someone confirmed, on the widget, that it was a BS rumor.

  102. Wow, NYR, sorry all, but so what. Time has passed…Not sorry he’s not one of us again. Jagr is in name only…….shoot me if you will, but it’s true, as far as NHL and Rangers go……

  103. yeah Orr, They throw Cogs into every Trade Proposal. I Dubi is good, but what is the Oil’s obsession with him ??

  104. Lin – I helped the woman study for the GRE but in math, her weakest subject, but then she ended up scoring higher in the math section than the verbal. Good luck!

  105. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Thanks Spider. He’s really studying big time. Bought a GRE math book and is taking the practice tests. This weekend he’ll go online and do a full practice test, so i have to leave the house for a few hours.

    Laurel, you still here? I have a coffee question for you

  106. Renney has a massive boner for Dublowsky. He wants him like Anthony Weiner wants to sext.

    I wonder if Jagr might consider the Oilers. It would be a waste of time, if he wants to win a Cup, cause he’s not winning one there.

  107. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    somerset, makes ya wonder how the Oil feel about “cogs” if his name is bandied about so much

  108. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Orr, maybe the Canucks! lol

  109. Jagr is Plan M for Mullet

    At least the Rangers get to go “home” after the Europe trip, having the first game in the States against the Islanders.

  110. You should have seen me with the practice books for the SAT. My dad making me take all the tests in the book in silence, which is a rare thing in my house with the TV always on, haha.

    If he focuses and does the practices, he should do great. What’s he doing with the completed GRE, as in what’s he trying to study at school?

  111. I could be over Dubinsky if we got the better end of the deal, and I would prefer Dubi over Cogliano and Omark and whatever else. But he’s a good player, and I’d like him, Callaman, and a someone to be our second line for a long time.

  112. Hopefully every time will get their home game out of the way, before we verse them. I hate having to sit through their annoying pre-game roster announcement garbage.

    Speaking of which, I’m dreading the home opener “festivities”

    Between Blue Man Group, and Ace Frehley, I can’t imagine it being any worse, but I still have a bad feeling.

    Probably Dee Snider, and a Power Rangers mascot singing a lame song.

  113. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Spider, right now he’s in a Clinical Lab Tech program, but he’s also applying NOW to Physicians Assistant school. If he gets into the one he wants, we’re on our way to Nashville next May lol

  114. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    lmao Dee Snider.

    I was thinking about the home opener festivities the other day, and damnit, I think they should just play the Ranger State of Mind video

  115. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    L!!!! M!!!! F!!!! A!!!! O!!!!

    Orr, i’ve missed you

  116. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    how do you put the copyright symbol after your name?

  117. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    LMAO SPIDER! I told Noremy she has to copyright that word!

  118. So the real question is … what current Rangers would make up The Hockey Sock Rock Funtime Band ??

  119. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    don’t have a mac lol, i guess the @ is close enough lol

  120. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    Avery, Hank, Zuccs and Tenko

  121. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    NYR- yea ya big showoff lol

  122. why would we trade Dubinsky, let alone for two players we have no use for. Neither Cogliano or Linus fill a need for us.

    More importantly, Tyler Kennedy and Matt D’Agostini will be available and both are relatively young and productive. Either one would be a great fit with Stepan and Zuccarello on the third line…


    Now thats a pretty damn good (and young) team…

  123. LMAO! We should just make the trade already. We need Cogs- first time, long time…LOL!

  124. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    dude, you’re holding out on me with that symbol lol!!!

    first time long time

    whats the over under on people who ORR pisses off tomorrow with his trades/signings?!

  125. LOL, Lin! The newbs aren’t going to be ready for what Orr does! Haha!!

    Lin, for me it’s: ALT+0169 (all four keys)

  126. LinCalPrustBoylahan is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON on

    i should just call in sick lol! i’m gonna hate missing 5 1/2 hours of his antics

  127. LOL!!!

    Brad Richards BRichards_1991

    Big day tomorrow. Very open minded to all the situations that will be presented. To bad I couldn’t try them all…. Will be good to move on

  128. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    lmao i just went to word and typed my name with it! DUH took me long enough to figure THAT out

  129. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on


  130. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    LMAO ORR! Hank would definitely be in that new group, he of the skinny jeans trend

  131. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    HOLY HELL how did i forget about that?? No wonder why Shaggy was such a bust.. he was into puck licking! no wonder why he seemed stoned all the time!

  132. Sad that I will be in the car when it hits noon tomorrow but I will try my best to track on my BlackBerry.

    LoHud needs to make a mobile site that’s easy to navigate!

  133. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    good luck Noah. We should all just have the day off… Free Agency and Trade Deadline days should be automatic vacation days for hockey fans!

  134. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    bacon burger and banana quik?

    i have missed most the the David Klein brouhaha… should i go back and read, and if so, how far back do i need to go?

  135. Nah, I’d skip it. Actually, Carp might have deleted most of it.

    No, I’ll be skipping the Banana Quik. It didn’t sit well with me last time!

    I think I might get some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream also!

    Of course, Slats might make me barf it all back up.

  136. Yeah Lin. I came back a few days ago. Right at the bitter end of the “defending the orr” melee.

    Pretty entertaining stuff

  137. Not worth reading, Lin. Asshat of the highest order.

    Good night, kids. Get some sleep. Big day tomorrow.

    Good night, Sally!

  138. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    Oh yea thats right, didnt you get sick from it?

    have you tried the Volun- Tiramisu Ben and Jerrys yet?
    the bonaroo buzz is yum also

  139. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    Carp, maybe we should coin the term DavidKleinhat

  140. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    man the gibberish is in full force…tomorrow is going to be epic
    i wish Carp would do a live chat!

  141. No, I haven’t, but I must!

    Ben and Jerry’s Berry Voluntary ice cream is awesome! Raspberry cheese cake ice cream, with raspberry swirls, and white chocolate chips! Oh baby!

    Only problem is, I can only find the small sized ones.

    I’m done for the night. All this food talk will keep me up! Big day today! +Weee!+

    Night, gang!

  142. Thanks Linda. Heading up to Lake George for the holiday weekend.

    Hoping Richards to New York gets the celebration started early (AS LONG AS IT’S NOT A SLATS SPECIAL).

    Why is Stamkos not signed yet??

  143. I’m gonna go out and get one of those Little Caesar’s $5 hot and ready pizzas that they kept advertising behind the plate at the Mets-Tigers game at around 11 a.m. and be comfortably back at the computer for the festivities. Unemployment rules!

  144. Is it safe to say:

    The people in the anti-richards camp are gonna be upset if we get him at any price

    The people in the pro-richards camp are worried about length/term

    But honestly, i dont think there are really any players out there this year that Sather could give a bogus contract to that doesnt deserve it. Richards is a #1 Center and WILL get 6-7.5 million like all the other upper-echelon players

  145. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    somerset, i think its the years that everyone is worried about. we know he’s gonna get drury money, just hoping its not beyond 5 years

    LITTLE CAESARS, the man LOVES that pizza.

    I might pick up that new Baileys Irish Creme Mudslide bottle of goodness!

  146. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    Freeu Ageunt Dauy

  147. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    To all my EAST COAST PEEPS! HAPPY JULY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slats will be rising from his coffin, placing the cigars just so, and opening a fresh bottle of Jameson any minute now!

  148. I remember the Zherdev-Stamkos fight. It was completely random and happened for no reason at all. I think they just wanted to mess around.

    Konopka would fit in perfectly on the Rangers and I have a feeling he’ll sign with us to spite the Isles. He also has an awesome name- what kind of name is Zenon?

  149. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    Zenon \z(e)-
    non\ as a boy’s name is a variant of Zenas (Greek) and Zeno (Greek), and the meaning of Zenon is “hospitable; gift of Zeus”.

  150. LinCalPrustBoylahan©is hoping tomorrow is not known as SLATSAGEDDON© on

    to all our Canadian Boneheads


  151. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    wow, lots of laurels for the bag lady!!


    Night assens!

  152. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    nice Lin, you beat me to it

    A laurel for Canada Day!!

    Happy Canada Day!

  153. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see the College World Series is really heating up, Texas is leading Florida 2-1 in the seventh inning – oh, wait, it’s an MLB game!

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