Four new Hall of Famers


The Hockey Hall of Fame today announced that Ed Belfour, Mark Howe, Doug Gilmour and Joe Nieuwendyk are the Class of 2011 inductees.

More in a bit.


Here’s the release from the Hockey Hall of Fame:

TORONTO (June 28, 2011) – Bill Hay, Chairman and CEO of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Jim
Gregory and Pat Quinn, Co-Chairmen of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee,
announced today Ed Belfour, Doug Gilmour, Mark Howe and Joe Nieuwendyk have been
elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in the Player Category. The vote took place today at the
annual meeting of the Selection Committee in Toronto.
“The Hockey Hall of Fame is proud to welcome these four hockey legends as Honoured
Members,” said Jim Gregory. “Their contributions to the game of hockey are well
documented and their election to the Hockey Hall of Fame is richly deserved.”
Ed Belfour, a native of Carmen, Manitoba, played on five NHL teams from the 1988 to 2007
seasons, winning the Stanley cup in 1999 as a member of the Dallas Stars. A two-time Vezina
trophy winner, he also won a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.
“It is hard to put into words what this means to me,” said Belfour. “I would like to thank all
of my teammate and people along the way who helped me achieve my hockey dreams.”
Doug Gilmour was born in Kingston, Ontario and played Junior hockey nearby as a member
of the Cornwall Royals, winning a Memorial Cup in 1981. Doug played 20 years in the NHL,
winning a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames in 1989.
“This is an overwhelming honour and one that makes me reflect back on the teammates and
coaches I have had over years,” said Gilmour. “Larry Mavety, who gave me a chance in Tier
II hockey and Gord Wood who drafted me into Junior at Cornwall, are two people who were
instrumental in helping me establish myself as a player”.
Mark Howe played his Junior hockey in Toronto before turning professional with the
Houston Aeros in 1973. He stayed in the WHA until the merger with the NHL, playing with
the Hartford Whalers, the Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings before retiring in 1995.
“I was elated to have this dream come true given that it is a tremendous honour just to have
my name mentioned with the upper echelon of hockey,” said Howe. “To actually have my
name in the Hall of Fame with my Dad will mean so much to my family.”
Joe Nieuwendyk played three seasons at Cornell University before turning professional with
the Calgary Flames, winning Rookie of the Year in 1988. Joe went on to win the Stanley Cup
with Calgary the following season and twice more – with Dallas in 1999 and New Jersey in
“Every player does their best year after year and strives to play at a very high level,” said
Nieuwendyk. “I truly love the game and love to compete, and I’m pleased to be honoured
by the Hockey Hall of Fame.”
The 2011 Induction Celebration will be held on Monday, November 14th at the Hockey Hall
of Fame in Toronto. For more information regarding the 2011 Induction
Weekend/Celebration, visit
Established in 1943, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s (“HHOF”) mandate is to recognize and
honour the achievements of players, builders and officials who bring special distinction to
the game of hockey, and to collect, preserve, research and exhibit objects, images and
resource materials connected with the game as it is played in Canada and throughout the
world. As a non-profit corporation and a registered charity under the Income Tax Act, HHOF
owns and operates a museum and place of entertainment offering state-of-the-art exhibits,
multimedia presentations and educational programming from its premises at Brookfield
Place, Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Carp’d at a moment of revelation.


    Also, I love when people come on here saying ”(insert name here) has no life beyond this blog.”

    Now, besides 7/1, trade deadline day, and game days, I don’t think there is anyone that literally sits and stares at this site for 12-14 hours a day F5’ing and posting. People come in and out, catch up, post, F5, and go as they please. I like to think of this place as our “Monk’s” (coffee shop in “Seinfeld”). Sure, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer would frequent Monk’s on a seemingly daily basis. But they had lives outside of the place.

    I guess that makes Carp…Monk?

  2. ” I don’t think there is anyone that literally sits and stares at this site for 12-14 hours a day F5’ing and posting”

    Uh…I don’t know about that, Noah.

  3. Not arguing that Gilmour is a HOF. But do you think he’d be such a hockey God if he’d played in Nashville or Los Angeles or Washington?

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on

    If he got 1400 points playing in Florida, they should rename it the Hockey Hall of Gilmour!

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m totally OK with Gilmour being in. 1400 points a Cup, and a Selke is good enough for me. Honestly, I think Ed Belfour is the weakest guy on this list.

  6. That came out wrong!

    I mean, I sit here at work and refresh and post all day.

    I don’t know what point I was trying to make…I am an idiot.

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    HoF is a great shrine to visit…I liked the older location more, but the newer location more spacious

  8. Oh shush Noah. You’re right. You just blew all of our minds, collectively. That’s the problem. Now Carp’s evening traffic is going to suffer. I will also go through withdrawal…thanks to YOU!

  9. Three memories of Belfour:
    1) Maybe the best UFA signing ever.
    2) The night Joey Kocur clubbed him and got suspended in his first week as a Ranger.
    3) The last game the Rangers played at Chicago Stadium, when Steve Larmer beat him with a slapper on a penalty shot in Larmer’s first game back as an ex-Hawk.

    Belfour, like Dino, got into some trouble, too, didn’t he?

  10. :-(

    I should’ve continued my RR hiatus. Either that or I should think before I speak haha.

  11. Hey, guys, I am sorry to say that if our troll posts any more of his musings, I may have to leave them up for a while so investigators have some evidence to use.

    I apologize in advance for anything inappropriate that might come up.

    Please ignore such comments.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, wins for goaltenders are greatly overrated. CuJo is 4th. Osgood is 10th. Meanwhile, Hasek is 11th.

  13. Of course wins at some point become a “compilation stat” but I’d imagine most people that vote for the HHOF would probably have a hard time not voting for someone that’s so high on the list.

  14. Then again after his 2nd 50 goal season, Andreychuk never scored more than 30 goals in a season. He scored 20+ almost every year afterwards, but other than his 2 50 goal seasons he was never a top 10 goal scorer in the league. He never won any major individual award (not sure whether he was a finalist for any of them). I mean these are basically the same arguments that they made against Dino, so I think at some point he’ll get in but Andreychuk is one of those cases where some people start to wonder whether it’s the Hall of Fame, or the “Hall of Very Good with a long career to accumulate stats”.

  15. “Oh, wait, no, that’s the number of years left on his contract.”

    “Carp, you mean LTIR years?”


    Mark Howe falls into the “Hall of Very Good with a long career to accumulate stats” as well.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, nobody is voting for CuJo. is 3rd or 4th that different?

    And by the completion of his second 50 goal season, he had already accumulated 412 goals. In his final 712 games, he scored the remaining 228. That’s not a slouch’s pace either. He’s also the all-time leader in PP goals.

    And there is something to be said about consistency. The guy scored 20+ 19 times, failing to reach the mark only three times. One of which was a season shortened by injury, the other his final season when he retired halfway through a lousy campaign.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark Howe does not fall into that category. Howe actually had a pretty short career. Less than 1000 NHL games. Yes, he had 400 WHA games spanning 7 years, but was totally dominant during that time. He was also one of the best NHL defensemen of the 80s.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Cut out his last 6 NHL seasons (during which he was injury plagued) and I would still take Howe in the Hall.

    Andreychuk would be a different story. His Cup came at the very end.

  19. Gift of GAB-orik on

    LOL@number of years left on his contract.

    and no need to apologize for some clown who posts ridiculous stuff. We know he’s a tool bag, minus useful tools, and no way to secure it to your belt…. and if his posts can be used against him than so be it!

  20. CuJo gets hurt since he wasn’t on a Cup winning team and never won a major trophy (I see he won the Clancy but that isn’t really a major trophy). I don’t think it’s necessarily a fair criteria to use, but it certainly doesn’t help his case.

    As for Andreychuk, I think he gets in and there is definitely something to be said for consistency but there’s always a certain faction of HOF voters that use a standard for eligible players of “was he one of the best players of his time”. As a whole, yes you could say that the 13th highest goal scorer ever was one of the best of all time. Season by season, that’s not necessarily the case. It also doesn’t help that his Cup came at the tail end of his career where he was a role player rather than a centerpiece.

  21. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Congratulations to the Hall of Famers…all the Halls of Fame of all the major sports (Football/Hockey/Baseball) are all completely watered down…so any real good player now deserves to be in…there was a time when you had to be truly a great player…but that time has come and gone

  22. with all the signings lately, there will be very little available on July 1, except for Richards of course. once Richards is signed, the rest are mostly slim pickins

  23. Again, I think Andreychuk gets in but I can understand why he wasn’t a first ballot HOF’er.

  24. Gift of GAB-orik on

    probably true, however I don’t see the need of a Carcillo type player. We have Prust and Avery, and Torts isn’t really keen on using a 4th line all that often.

    Boogey was too good an opportunity to pass up for Slats, but Boogey was one of a kind. (RIP)

  25. Orr, wasn’t it his brother that married the Full House chick? Don’t ask me why I know this.

  26. Yeah, CT, you’re right, it was Valeri, not Pavel.

    Gab, Torts wants Prust to fight less, and Avery isn’t tough, so, I could see him bringing Carcillo in. Avery might not have done anything to Butt-Chin, but Brashyte took a massive shyte on the Rangers over the years, and that didn’t stop Slats from signing him.

    I’m not expecting Carcillo to be a Ranger, but it wouldn’t surprise me, and I wouldn’t be as pissed as I was with Brashyte coming here.

  27. From previous post – Boom Boom

    “Where are the MSG Corp stockholders, and why are they not all over the owners backside?”

    Quite frankly – MSG Corp majority stockholders = Pappa Charly Dolan, L’il Jimmy Dolan, and big brother Patrick Dolan.

    They’re only accountable to themselves.

  28. _Yeah, apparently they do!_


    “Bure shared a relationship with tennis star and fellow Russian Anna Kournikova. The two met in 1999 when Kournikova was still linked to Bure’s former Russian teammate Sergei Fedorov.[125] Bure and Kournikova were reported to have been engaged in 2000 after a reporter took a photo of them together in a Florida restaurant where Bure supposedly asked Kournikova to marry him. As the story made headlines in Russia, where they were both heavily followed in the media as celebrities, Bure and Kournikova both denied any engagement. Kournikova, 10 years younger than Bure, was 18 years old at the time….”

  29. True Blue Mike on

    What a joke!

    “News of the police plans to question Chara triggered instantaneous, scornful reactions from Boston media and fans on Twitter.

    One typical fan comment quipped: “Montreal police are still bringing in Chara for questioning? Waste of taxpayer dollars. I hope he brings the Cup with him.”

    Another Bruins fan joked: “I can imagine the line of questioning now. ‘So, Mr. Chara… What’s it (like) to win the Cup? Can we have a picture?”‘” HAHA

  30. Maybe we should sign him! Actually…..according to Wikipedia Ovechkin is already a flyer!?

    “Alexander Mikhaylovich Ovechkin (Russian: ????????? ?????????? ???????; IPA: [?l???ksandr ??v?et??k??n]; born September 17, 1985) is a Russian professional ice hockey left winger for the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL).”

  31. I know right! Ovi in the flesh! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    Bure didn’t make the Hall? Such bull-klein! Led the league in scoring three times…one of the most gifted goal scores of all time! Russian freaking rocket! Too bad he didnt win the cup and wasted remaining of his career playing in Florida!

  32. yeah he was… he was speaking Russian on his cell after a short nap. But yea, he does look like he has some Asian blood in him. Maybe Kazakhstan or something in that area.

  33. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    Doodie, here are some of the reasons why I think Alex Mogilny deserves to be in the HoF:

    -Member of the Triple Gold Club

    -His 1992-93 season. 76 goals…tied for 5th best all time in a season (tied with Selanne in the same season!)

    -six Time NHL All-Star

    -first Russian player to defect from the Soviet Union in May 1989

    -first Non-North American to lead the league in goals scored (along with Teemu Selänne from Finland),

    -first Russian to be named to the NHL All-Star Team,

    -first Russian to be named captain of an NHL team, and is (as of the end of the 2008–09 season) the second all-time Russian scorer in the NHL.

    -second Russian player to score 1000 points in the NHL, reaching the milestone just a few days after former linemate Sergei Fedorov.

  34. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    Apparently there is real talk of @ Stamkos@ hounding Tampa for more $$…will TB really let hit him RFA?

    We _should_ offer a max deal, if that’s the case! +GET STAMKOS!+

  35. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    My favorite gilmor moment is in 97 (the playoffs I think) when messier cross checked him in the face.

  36. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    I’d rather invest 15 years in Stamkos than 7 years in Richards…Prust sayin’

  37. ^it really is the best. This was our best discovery. Long live the hobbit wizard. He is the king of all men^

  38. you guys should put on NBC! America Got talent is on and they will have Naked Cowgirl from the city on it right now! That woman charged me $10 to take a photo of her!

  39. All I see is Howie Mandel… know… that guy from that movie “Walk Like A Man.” Where he was raised by wolves….

  40. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    97.3 ESPN FM 973espn

    Source tells me Flyers prepared to make a huge offer for Steven Stamkos…Remember he is a RFA, but Tampa has some $ issues.

  41. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    LOL! Centre! nice…

    If the Rangers let that happen, I may have to become a bandwagon LA Kings fan…LOL!

  42. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    Lin, it figures that vid would come from a Caps fan! LOL!

  43. Unless Flyers shipping Bryzgalov to Tampa in the package I don’t think they got what it takes to get Stamkos…

    Dont believe the hype

  44. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    _Me too, Orr_. _I may have cheer on the Kings with you_.

  45. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    NYR, he actually linked me to the Down Goes Brown site, and i got it from there. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! And I’ve been friends with the guy for about 14 years, he’s a good guy.

  46. I agree that they don’t have what it takes but who knows what they are throwing in and who’s carrying the contract load in this whole debacle! PANIC

  47. Lin, still laughing my aasen off. I might use that link tomorrow.

    OMG. I was crying when Tortorella was singing.

  48. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Carp, i can’t take it! It is the most hilarious thing ever on the internet!

    they lyrics are just spot on, and the “HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, where do i sign?” at the end was hilarious! This might actually make me like Brad Richards lol

  49. Yea Latona…Carp was telling us all off and going crazy…..kind of like a Split-Personality….and in the end…….. -David Klein- gone and -Defending The Core- no longer a problem for us.

  50. Carp,

    When I say I haven’t been around, I meant that I wasn’t posting. I tried to skim through the posts, but it was nasty like you said. Not only was I busy, I was repulsed by some of the things being said. But I’m here now. Don’t quit, though; you’re the blogfather!


    Excellent video! It made me laugh pretty, pretty hard.


    Don’t flatter me.

  51. Got this from JT Miller’s _”favorites”_

    NHL team: Pittsburgh Penguins
    NHL player: Pittsburgh’s Deryk Engelland
    Shootout move: “Front fake, backhand, forehand, top shelf”
    Goal celebration: “Arms in the Air”
    Video game: FIFA World Cup 2011
    Movie: The Hangover
    TV show: That 70’s Show
    Actor/ Actress: Nick Swardson, Megan Fox
    Music Artist: Drake
    Book: Tough Guy by Bob Probert
    Pump-up song: “Feel Good Drag” by Anberlin
    Home-cooked meal: Hamburger Helper
    Activity away from the rink: “Hanging with the boys”

  52. Yea you’re right, Latona. I didn’t care. Actually it was nice to have you not here. What a relief Where’s that “Michigan” poster!!!

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Hamburger Helper! LMAO!!!

    I missed all the flying carcillo that was going on here. Should i go back and read it??

  54. And you know what, Manny, I was glad to be away from you and your, your, your, Manny-ness.

  55. It’s weird though, ORR, Kaberle was actually an effective player all his years in Toronto. I always thought he was a tad overrated, but, he got the job done on a pretty below-average team.

  56. $$ NYR_FAN $$ Richard$ is coming on

    Kaberle pretty much played like Blowzy during the playoffs…

  57. Just saw the Brad Richards video! Pure gold! I’m crying!! so painfully true! Thanks, Linda for sharing! LMFAO!

  58. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i could never keep a nugget like that from you guys, although I’m surprised it had not already been posted up! that is going to start my day for the rest of the week lol

  59. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay

    Did the Islanders trade him to the Rangers? Since the Isles acquired his rights?

  60. Shia Leboof apparently likes her too. Today he admitted that he, how do I put this delicately for Kleins daughter, entered her pink zone, while filming Transformers.

    Best part was, she was dating that 90’s has-been at the time! Bwahaha! I hope he’s telling the truth!

  61. I was LMAO watching Linda’s link. What totally cracks me Fedotenko face, who obviously wasn’t impressed by Torts singing at all, to say the least…Just look again…

  62. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol 4ever,it was a pained expression for sure

    and then Pee Wee sitting there

  63. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    the lyrics are just so incredible!!!

    ‘can’t be any worse than the deal i gave to droooory’

  64. CCCP,
    BTW, mayby I missed something, but who is Leonid The Magnificent, mentioned by you above? I’m very curious.

  65. And even if we win, if we win, HAH! Even if we win! Even if we play so far above our heads that our noses bleed for a week to ten days; even if God in Heaven above comes down and points his hand at our side of the field; even if every man woman and child held hands together and prayed for us to win, it just wouldn’t matter because all the really good looking girls would still go out with the guys from Mohawk because they’ve got all the money! It just doesn’t matter if we win or we lose. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!

  66. What is it Jeff? Losers Anthem? Or professional complainer’s secret cry for unwarranted dreams to come true. Poor karma? C’mon – LGR!

  67. Besides, you’ll have a privelege next season to watch live Whale(s) and their superstar Wade (RoadCone) Redden up close and personal. Envy sigh.

  68. sorry someone said erhoff to the rangers obviously they were wrong. wonder if ehrhoff will sign with the fishies. the yare going to need to throw a ton of money at him..

    fishies are moving in the right direction. all those high picks sooner or later will make you better…

  69. Unless Ehrhoff really REALLY is all about the money then he will sign with fishsticks…otherwise, why would he go to a team that is light years away from being any kind of contender

  70. CCCP,
    LMFAO, just English pronunciation is not one of his talents, obviously. But his body would make our Tiki ecstatic, if not jealous, I think. LOL.

  71. I’m going to make a scary prediction.

    The Isles will make the playoffs! I’m not saying they’re going to be a great team, but they’ll sneak in, and make it.

    It’s the Leastern Conference. Anything’s possible!

    They’ll get swept in the first round though!

  72. Isls might make some noise if they manage to stay healthy… they do have some nice top picks in the system…their goalie situation and defense is pretty crappy, though

  73. 4everanger

    Leonid is a character! He used to have man-crush on David Haselhoff and used to bug him to tears lol

  74. If Montoya can play a whole season like he did in his brief stint last season, then they have a good shot. Monty looked pretty good, but there were also games where he looked like shyte, like the game against NYR.

    The Isles just need to put DiPietro out of his misery. The guy’s a has-been. It’s time to move on!

    I hope the Devils miss the playoffs again. Ahaha! Kovalchuckles!

  75. Even though I like Kovalchuk, it would be insanely hilarious and hugely satisfying if the Devils miss playoffs again!

  76. I don’t know if I can root for Jagr if he signs with Pen()s…but I am definitely excited that he is coming back.

  77. Jagr is one of my all time favorites, and what he did for Rangers and its fans was amazing and unforgettable. But he better go to Red Wings for my mental sake.

  78. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    man am I glad pitkainen and erhoff are off the board, no need for more play doh on the blue line!!

  79. wicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    oh well, night assens! Have to be back at work in 5 hours (yes, I just got home from work)

  80. Please let one of Eklund’s eight thousand rumors finally be true………..
    via twitter
    Eklund Hockey Buzz Eklund
    The Rangers may have a deal to send Redden out west.

  81. ORR….instead of trying to get me banned with childish tactics by rubbing up against Carp’s leg and doing figure 8’s like a kitty cat….you should be thanking me : )

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