NHL entry draft order: First three rounds


From NHL.com:

Round 1
1. Edmonton
2. Colorado
3. Florida
4. New Jersey
5. NY Islanders
6. Ottawa
7. Winnipeg
8. Philadelphia (from CBJ)
9. Boston (from TOR)
10. Minnesota
11. Colorado (from STL)
12. Carolina
13. Calgary
14. Dallas
15. NY Rangers
16. Buffalo
17. Montreal
18. Chicago
19. Edmonton (from LA)
20. Phoenix
21. Ottawa (from NSH)
22. Anaheim
23. Pittsburgh
24. Detroit
25. Toronto (from PHI)
26. Washington
27. Tampa Bay
28. San Jose
29. Vancouver
30. Toronto (from BOS)

Round 2
31. Edmonton
32. St. Louis (from COL)
33. Florida
34. NY Islanders
35. Ottawa
36. Chicago (from WPG) *
37. Columbus
38. Nashville (from NJ)
39. Toronto
40. Boston (from MIN)
41. St. Louis
42. Carolina
43. Chicago (from CGY-TOR) *
44. Dallas **
45. Calgary (from NYR)
46. St. Louis (from BUF)
47. Florida (from MTL)
48. Chicago *
49. Los Angeles
50. NY Islanders (from MTL)
51. Phoenix
52. Nashville
53. Anaheim
54. Pittsburgh
55. Detroit
56. Phoenix (from PHI)
57. Calgary (from WSH-CAR-NYR)
58. Tampa Bay
59. San Jose
60. Vancouver
61. Ottawa (from BOS)

* Chicago will transfer pick # 36, 43 or 48 to Ottawa
** Dallas will transfer pick # 44 or 75 to New Jersey

Round 3
62. Edmonton
63. NY Islanders (from COL)
64. Florida
65. Anaheim (from NYI)
66. Ottawa
67. Winnipeg
68. Philadelphia (from CBJ)
69. No selection
70. Chicago (from TOR)
71. Minnesota
72. St. Louis
73. Carolina
74. Edmonton (from CGY)
75. Dallas **
76. Florida (from NYR)
77. Buffalo
78. Montreal
79. Chicago
80. Los Angeles
81. Boston (from PHX)
82. Nashville
83. Anaheim
84. Philadelphia (from PIT) ***
85. Detroit
86. Toronto (from PHI)
87. Florida (from WSH)
88. St. Louis (from TB)
89. San Jose
90. Vancouver
91. Florida (from BOS)

*** Pick #84 is conditionally traded to Phoenix

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  1. Sinus pressure headache woke me up around 4 and I can’t fall back to sleep.
    What time does draft start?

  2. We pick 15th and have no 2nd or 3rd round picks. So we need to get lucky in the later rounds. Draft is @ 7pm.

  3. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    So with the 15th 106, 134 and 136 th pick the rangers are what ?
    I guess sather gives away draft choices and positioning because the Rangers simply don’t know how to draft.
    Spend money yes.
    So go get Richards.. and in three yrs they’ll be sorry .
    wake up Dolan..

  4. Please excuse my annual pitch, but I have finally finished my 2011 NHL Draft articles and they are all posted on Ranger Ramblings (http://www.rangerramblings.com/). The Draft previews are broken down to six separate articles. The first two are 1st and 2nd Round NHL Mock Drafts. There are three articles focusing on the Rangers 1st round draft pick and the final article looks at some potential 4th/5th round draft picks.

  5. I don’t get excited over the NHL draft. Except for the few top players, it’s not like football or basketball where you expect the guy to play right away. So, they draft a guy today and he might be NHL ready 3 or 4 years from now. Wake me when they sign Brad Richards. lol

  6. Morning gang!

    Up early today for some reason and thought I’d swing by and say hello befoe going off to work. It’s Friday and draft day , and yet, I hate this date for personal reasons. Do me a favor please: If you still have her, give your Mom a call this weekend and tell her how much you love her. You will both appreciate it.

    Be later later for the draft.

  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I hope Bryzgalov is a bust…..The Flyers no longer scare me. Traded away their first and second line centers, two of their three best forwards ?

    Come on Rangers….sign Pitkanen !

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    On the last thread, someone (I think it was CTO) suggested Drury is an asset because of his insurance policy.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but unless the insurance policy is assignable (which it almost certainly is not), then it is worthless to another team.

  9. I expect whoever goes at #69 to be a good one.

    Boom Boom – any time you’d like to acknowledge that Drury blocked shots is good with me…

  10. Player for player the Flyers still have more developed/maturing talent than the Rangers and their prospect talent got a huge boost with acquiring Schenn. The test of whether Bryzgalov was worth for them will come in the playoffs, where he’s been less than stellar being the #1 goalie for PHX.

  11. My guess is that you’re right, Doodie. The insurance policy is only assignable if it was obtained privately by a player ( Lindross did it once because his contract wasn’t insurable). If it is obtained by the team, it will have to be renewed through a different team because of shared risks. The new policy will not cover his preexisting condition.

  12. Ranger essentially swapped 2 2nd round picks and a mid ceiling prospect for a player that was supposedly going to go top 10 in this year’s draft had he re-entered and a 5th round pick, all the while retaining their own 1st round pick. You do that trade every day of the week.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, of course I’m right. When am I ever wrong*?

    *please ignore all of the other times that I’ve been wrong

  14. The Erixon deal was a steal (from a pure talent standpoint) and if he turns out anything like his Dad, the Rangers have themselves a character guy who will be a fan favo(u)rite….

    I really hope that Burke outbids Slats for B-Money Richard$. The fact that he rejected a rights trade tells me that he either wants to go the the Rangers only and/or make an insane amount of money over 8 years. We can make do without him. And, I have a feeling that Sather has more trade magic up his sleeve for a center not named Richards…there has to be a plan B

    If Robin Regehr accepts the trade to the Baby Buffaloes, does that mean that they are going to break up that team even more?

  15. Regehr may be part of a move to clear up cap space for the Flames to acquire Ryan Smyth. There’s been a lot of chatter from the left coast about him requesting a trade. Awful move for the Flames brilliant move for the Kings. Clearing a chunk of Smyth’s cap hit along with a deep prospect pool at center and one of two goalies they could possibly dangle as trade bait, the Kings could become a Bestern conference powerhouse this offseason.

  16. Yeah, the Kings are going to be scary good next season. Orr, is going to have fun being a bandwagon fan…

    Yup, I’ve heard that about Smyth…

    I wonder what the Flames return will be in the Regehr deal…

  17. I bought a Doughty jersey last year, I thought they were going to be a lot better this year but they had scoring issues. I still think they need a top 6 winger to round out that team because Dustin Penner is terribly overrated. But Kopitar/Richards/Brown/Williams as for 4 of your top 6, a top faceoff guy and shootout ace in Stoll ace as a 3rd line center. That’s pretty incredible depth.

  18. If the plan is to keep M. Richards at center, then I believe they should ignore B. Richards and go for a winger like Ryder (Cup experience) or Upshall (fits in with their style), maybe even Andrew Brunette to make up for some of Smyth’s net front presence and veteran leadership.

  19. Does anyone know if LB did any research when he wrote his column about the Flyers getting in the Brad Richards sweepstakes?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, if they can get Brad Richards, I don’t think they have a problem with moving Mike Richards to RW.

  21. Noah – Just a wild guess but I will say he did not.

    Great to have you back around man. And with the shorter handle!

  22. Yes, I don’t think they would have a problem with it either. But none of us really ever had the Kings, or any team for that matter, in the running for Mike Richards, so I don’t know if they’ll even pursue Brad at this point.

  23. Noah, he didn’t. The Flyers have about $8M in space to sign probably 3-4 forwards just to reach the minimum roster requirement or have 1 extra forward in the event of injury.

    The only way they can clear up more space is if they start gutting their defense which is heavily dependent on their top guys remaining healthy. They can’t move their other large cap hit forwards like Briere and Hartnell due to NTCs.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Noah, Brooks is retarded.

    “It is believed the Blueshirts have forwards *Jason Biggs* , Joel Armia, Matt Peumpel, Mark Scheifele and Brandon Saad on the radar.”

    Maybe Stifler is on their list also?

  25. Ryder would be smart to try to cash in on his Cup experience because his regular season numbers don’t justify him earning his last contract. So unless they can get him for a million or so less a year they should pass on him.

    I would think they’d maybe want to go younger than Brunette and Upshall isn’t really that good.

  26. Brooks is the master at looking semi-informed but not really delving into the details of any of the moves he proposes. For instance the Gaborik to LA rumor was heavily based on the fact that LA missed out on Gaborik in his UFA year, Kovalchuk last summer and needed scoring. He forgot the details that LA didn’t want Gaborik for 5 years and really glossed over Gaborik’s NTC.

  27. Alex Tanguay had a bounce back year, and a lot of their forwards have are more physical players than him. A skill player may benefit them.

  28. Sources have told the Daily News that the Rangers plan to go *all-out* to get their man, who had 28 goals and 49 assists for the Dallas Stars in the final season of a five-year, $39 million contract. Nobody seems to know what Plan B is for the Rangers, and one source indicated that the reason is that they are so confident they will land Richards, they don’t need a fall-back option.


    Braise yourselves, Rangers fans!

  29. Rangers Sign Undrafted Free Agent Jonathan Audy-Marchessault

    With all the news that happened yesterday, the Rangers signing of Johnathan Audy-Marchessault slipped through the cracks. To be honest, I didn’t find out til I went to HFBoards and saw the post on it. JAM –sidenote: awesome initials– played four years with the Quebec Ramparts of the QMJHL, with this past season being his best. In 68 games, he put together an impressive line of 40-55-95, not including his line of 11-22-33 in 18 playoff games.

    The 5’9 175 lb center finished his overage season on a high note, and was signed to a one year, two-way deal. From what I can gather from the French release of the article, JAM is friends with Rangers prospects Ryan Bourque and Kelsey Tessier, both of whom were teammates of his in the QMJHL. The 21 year old center will likely play with the Whale this coming season.


  30. Manny,

    You made me realize that nobody really cares whether or not I come on the blog as long as I get done what needs to get done. So many thanks.

  31. i still think the flyers somehow will be players in richards sweepstakes. i could see more moves coming. i know there situation cap wise but something fishy going on with them now. still shocked by yest.

  32. No, it felt real good, thanks for bringing that up, man. Hey, my parents died when I was ten, would you like to talk about that?

  33. eric,

    Too many NTCs with their large ticket forwards and it would be suicide for them to start dealing guys from their top 2 pairs of D. They also need cap space in the future for van Riemsdyk. They wind up in the exact same spot that led them to yesterday’s trades as early as next year if they try to sign Richards.

  34. From Blueshirt Banter’s cap-ologist:

    There’s no way Philly is fitting Richards under their cap.
    They have $7.57m left. Leighton will be demoted, which moves the number to $9.02m. They need to sign Leino + Simmonds + Voracek + Nodl, just go leave them with a 21-man roster. Those 4 will chew up a large chunk of that space (if not all of it, forcing another move just to pay for them)

    They would have to move Versteeg, Carle, and Hartnell, and that only frees up $10.72m. BR chews up ~$6.5-7 of that, leaving you $4m to replace for two middle 6 wings and a top 4 defenseman.

    Even if they try that, after a year, JVR and Coburn are free agents after that, with no guarantee the cap stays at $64.3m.

    I know we like to think the worst all the time, but I firmly believe BR became a two-team race yesterday.

  35. Since it is likely that Richards does not have an interest in going to Toronto, shouldn’t that bring down his asking price/length? Maybe I’m crazy, but I think Slats has all the leverage in this scenario (you’re right, I am crazy).

  36. CCCP! NO NO NO…..oh man sorry!

    It was a quote from the Wedding Singer. It was stuck in my head after Latona said no one cared about him…

  37. Manny,

    I meant that no one at the office cares whether or not I’m on this as long as my hours and work are completed. Although you’re probably right, too.

  38. So what is everyone’s “Plan B” should we not get Richards?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind simply re-signing the big RFA’s (Callahan, Dubinsky, Boyle, Sauer), re-signing Fedotenko for a year, and simply filling out the roster with bargain guys. After all the young’ns got a great year of experience under their belt, it’s hard not to imagine the team improving upon last year.

    Also, I don’t much know who the other big UFA’s are (besides Jagr <3).

  39. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Happy birthday mama!!

    Moving still sucks, but I see the train/light at the end of the tunnel…one more day!

    Have I missed any ranger or hockey news past few days?


  40. My worry is that since Burke had a couple of misses yesterday, he will go all the way to sign Richards. On the other hand, it could be a positive thing, it may make his contract totally prohibitive….

  41. By the way, I ended up going to the Flying Puck last night to watch the NBA Draft (I could care less, but it was my buddy’s birthday a few days ago so I said I’d join him). They have added some great Rangers stuff on the walls and the ceiling. It made me wish it was October already.

    And yes, the bar was empty for the NBA Draft. That was partly why we went there…didn’t want a crowd.

  42. You are still moving, wicky? Sheesh, it sounds like you have two young kids and four dogs or something…

  43. I don’t know about 8, but there is no way he is signing for less than 7 years, plus NMC. So the contract would have to be heavily front-loaded with whatever the drop off is allowed by CBA. It has to be easy to buy out after 5-6 years.

  44. I’d like to see Namestnikov, Saad, Jurco, or Grimaldi picked by the Rangers…

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

    Go Plan B!!!

  45. Laurel,
    Happy Birthday! Many,many more 26th and please, please, BE HAPPY! You deserve it more than Boston Stanley Cup, that’s for sure…

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