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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    GOOD MORNING ‘HEADS! Just stopping by to wish all youse dads/ grandads/uncles and dads to be a very HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! Hope youse are spoiled rotten by the wife (if ya have on of those) the kids, the significant other (only if you don’t have a wife)!!!!

  2. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    Wicky (Going with the 18″ tires on this thing) June 18th, 2011 at 11:08 am
    Morning ILB and all!
    Druropansy=priceless. You sure like Witt a lot don’t you!?

  3. On the new iPhone boat!how many cup holders does this thing have anyway
    Happy Fathers day Bonehead dads!

  4. “Looks like this is going to be an underwater level” -Stan

    “Don’t forget to? bring a towel…pssshahhahahaha!” -Towelie

    A Rangers Blog. Defending the Core.

  5. Hi Linda!

    Good morning, Sally!

    I’m waiting for tomorrow for Father’s Day wishes.

    Rangers Report: A Festivus Blog

  6. dissapointed with lack of rangers content on site lately. news yesterday that drury may not be able to be bought out. no posts on it.

  7. miked,

    I don’t know what you were reading, but yesterday’s entire thread talked about the Drury situation.

  8. The Drury situation?

    He’s a proud man and he wants his $. His playing career is probably over. He should retire and take a job in the organization…like as an assistant coach. Pay him the same money. Who cares? I would love that. Then he gets his $5m and he’s off the cap…I think it makes sense if he’s really physically unable to play…that would be a good move for all intents and purposes…

    A Rangers Blog.

  9. also, mike, that’s why there’s the widget on the right —-> for breaking news. that news is always carried over into discussion in the comments section. you should know that.

  10. I don’t think Dreary’s career is over. There’s a lot of teams that I’m sure would love to have him.

    Now, his playing career as a multimillion dollar player, in my opinion, is definitely over. He’ll have to play for what he’s really worth. But. he can still play the game, and be effective on some level.

  11. Orr – That’s exactly why I don’t get the people bagging on him. Before the news about his knee, Detroit was licking their chops over Drury. Team-first guy who’s great on the PK, great around the net and would cost less than $1.5 million. I’m sure the knee problem just about killed that prospect. I’m sure if he had his choice, he’d probably want to come back and play for the Rangers. But if it were between getting bought out and retiring, I’d guarantee he’d take the buyout and keep playing hockey. For many of these guys, playing in the NHL is a dream come true and it’s tough for most of them to let it go. Just look at how many guys try comeback after comeback even in the twilight of their careers. For Drury, the knee issues are probably a crushing blow and giving him a real difficult choice: Endure a summer’s worth of surgeries and no guarantee you’ll ever be able to play again or just hang it up. Though I wish I was lucky enough to be in a position to make that call, I still wouldn’t want to make it.

  12. carpwicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    So when does the buyout/waiver period actually begin?

  13. Well, if he’s able to play, then he should play on the Rangers…what’s the big deal? It’s only 1 year…

  14. Exactly! I’d prefer him to be on the team this year. He’s a perfect 4th line center!!

    Then after the season’s over, BOOM, he’s off the books. Or like I mentioned yesterday, maybe he accepts a trade at the deadline. Even better.

    Who knows, maybe we could get a 2nd round pick for him. A lot of GM”s get dopey at the deadline!

    A Rangers Blog

  15. orr, ya know the worst glitch on nhl 11 is if you put the penalties on authentic, you usually gt called for hitting a guy more than twice after the whistle. but at least half the time, the othr team will hit my guy repeatedly, and i’ll get the penalty. my player can just stand there not moving and gt hit like 4-5 times, and i’ll get a penalty. also if the opposing goalieplays the puck an passes it to a teammate but hemiss it and the puck is coming straight for my playe, i can ever get it and shoot it. it just goes right through my player!.

  16. Grabby, you know, that’s annoying, but that’s sort of realistic. They’re trying to make the officiating as horrible as it is in real life!

    LOL! Manny mentioned how that loser “Defending The Core” would always plug his stupid site, and say “A Rangers Blog” after his post, so I started doing it. I’ll stick with it for a month, at least.

    A Rangers Blog

  17. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Tomorrow is Father’s Day? Why, when every other day of the year your “Father” is “Dad?” The names “Father” and “Mother” died years ago, even though they are much more respectful.

  18. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    Didn’t the preds basically lock up weber as well?

  19. Pretty much ,Wicky. Except if the arbitrator awards 1 year deal, he will an UFA next year.

  20. leetchhalloffame on

    If Dreary were a real mensch he’d have given up the C this past season.

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    L3WH – Making up the gibberish that “Chris Drury, led the Rangers in blocked shots,” (at some point), is like my saying that Woody Allen beat Mark McGwire in an arm wrestling contest. Try dealing with FACTS and REALITY, at some point. Being an “agitator” doesn’t become you.

  22. Does the Captaincy really mean that much to you, Leetch? It means shyte to me.

    Everyone knows who the *real* leader of that team is.

    Dreary doesn’t have to give up the “C”, and he shouldn’t.

  23. Drury should take what is owed to him, but give up the C. And not play anymore. I’m sorry for your injuries Chris, but carcillo happens as an NHL player. Please.

  24. Guilty. But the folks who fight, literally, to get seats to the trial make me …well, you know…..

  25. So, in a nutshell, what most NYR fans are saying is, a player that goes through back to back injury plagued seasons, should retire, and give up the “C”?

    Will you all be singing the same tune if the same thing happens to Cally?

  26. When did blogfather start posting as Hey Youse? lol

    A Rangers Blog, love it. What about the guy who posted his website in every post and linked it in his handle?

  27. ORR, not a comparison, given age etc…..I’m not knocking Dru, but his time as an NHL player is over….

  28. Wicky – The buyout period has begun, and runs until June 30. It’s just that no teams have placed any players on waivers to allow for them to be bought out.

  29. ORR, he had a whole year to heal. At his price, 2 games of healthy is byfuglien.

  30. He had flukey injuries. He broke some fingers, it healed, he came back, and broke more fingers, then his knee was all screwed up. It was a flukey year. It’s not like that’s going to happen every season for the remainder of his career.

    Yeah, two games at his price isn’t good, but that doesn’t mean he should retire.

    And giving up the “C” just make no sense.

  31. The remainder of his career? We’ll see……I feel for him I do….yet. Wow, ORR, never seen you be so behind a player, and Dru no less……

  32. The way I see it, he’s finally playing the role he *should* be playing. If this were two years ago, and he’s still playing 2nd line center, and playing on the 1st PP unit, then I’d be complaining.

    He’s a solid defensive player, his only role on the team is 4th line center, and he accepts it, and he has one year left on his deal.

    So, I wont complain aboot him. I actually want him on the team next season. I don’t want Slats to buy him out.

    I’ll tell you this, I’d *MUCH* rather have him than Judas Fredo! That’s for sure!

  33. blast to the future on

    Drury’s time as a Ranger must come to an end

    Defending the Core: A Rangers blog

  34. blast to the future on

    Of course Orr would rather have a dime a dozen PKer than a player with ability to score. Rangers need scoring and have enough PKers

    Defending the Core: A Rangers blog

  35. blast to the future on

    Oh please, if you buy out Drury and get better first, second and third liners, Judas Fredo can score from the fourth line center spot

    Defending the Core: A Rangers blog

  36. blast to the future on

    You display your immaturity with every post you make. Is Redden still doing coke lines?

    Defending the Core: A Rangers blog

  37. Orr? Are you on drugs? You want Drury back? Why? What has he done to warrant having a salary cap hog back on the team? What it his one goal this season?

    They need to dump Drury to get some cap room so that they can sign somebody that can actually help the team.

  38. Charlie, like who? Richards? Clear enough room to sign him to that seven year deal, which we’ll probably regret, like every other long term deal Slats has handed out.

    It’s one year! He’s a solid defensive forward PLAYING ON THE FOURTH FUGGIN LINE!

    And it’s not like we’re in cap hell, and we *have* to get his money off the books.

    Why is this such a problem?

    Would you rather have EC on the 4th line? Or maybe force a prospect to waste his time in that spot? No! One year! 4th line! BOOM! Then you can all live happily ever after.

    You’d have an argument if there was another year on his deal, but that’s not the case.

  39. leetchhalloffame on

    Orr way too defensive over Dreary and his C. He was a poor choice for captain to begin with. It’s time for him to gooooooooooooooooooooo.

  40. Maybe I’m being too defensive, but, I’m just willing to let a few things slide, now that he’s in his final year, and he’s playing a limited role, I don’t see why everyone is so against him.

    He’s not Blowzy, or Dredden. Those two were detrimental to the team, as opposed to Dreary who is not liability on the ice.

    All he is, is an overpaid guy. But, as I’ve said hundreds of times, he’s in the final year of his contract, so there’s no much to complain aboot. Who’s he taking a roster spot away from?? Anyone significant?

    Honestly, I trust Dreary on the ice *way* more than I would a rookie 4th liner, and there’s 29 GM’s that probably agree with me.

    LOL! You think he was a poor choice as Captain? Who would make a better Captain? Blowzival? Dredden? Naslund? Zherdev? Blowmez? Fritsche? Avery? Dawes? Potter? Voros?

    Ugh! What a depressing team that was!

    Yeah, you could give Callahan the “C”, or Dublowsky, Stahl, etc. But, giving them that letter wont make them any better. If anything it will put too much pressure on them, and make them worse!

    If I were the coach, I wouldn’t give anyone a letter. True leaders don’t need letters to lead!

  41. well Naslund was the captain of the Canucks, and he sure as hell respected the Rangers, a team he knew only for one year, more than Drury has over the past whatever hellish seasons it’s been.

  42. I think playing for the Rangers ruined hockey for Naslund. He couldn’t wait to retire once the playoffs ended.

    I hated that season. Towards the midway mark of the season, I didn’t care. Renney was embarrassing the team, the majority of the players were pure garbage.

    It’s pretty sad when the highlights of a single season are the coach getting fired, and picking up Avery off of waivers. I can’t remember anything else.

    Lev, why do you think Dreary doesn’t respect NYR? Just because he’s not accepting the buyout has nothing to do with disrespect.. That’s how I see it.

  43. carpwicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    what the heck ever happened to potter? isn’t he with pittsburgh?

  44. JimboWoodside on

    Well, on the positive side, Kirk McLean, Trevor Linden, the Vancouver fans, and Canada still don’t have the Cup!

  45. LOL! Fritche! That guy was hilarious! He thought he was so good and complained about his ice time!

  46. carpwicky(grating PIBG)© (Non visor wearing male, 26, holder of 5 LLPs!!) on

    well happy fathers day to all the dads and happy birthday latona!!

    night assens!

  47. someone was actually complaining about a lack of Rangers content on here? unbelievable…

    Cartman: You know the feeling when the huge dump you just took shoots back up your ass?

  48. Boom Boom

    Not wishing to prolong this fascinating debate about Captain Clutch’s shot-blocking abilities, but I posted a screenshot of the official stats from, so it beats me how that is “made up gibberish”. In my book, they are FACTS and REALITY.

    If your personally recorded stats say something completely different, then I apologise for not having those in my possession.

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