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Still got nothing. You guys have already talked to death the Drury buyout. I still think it’s possible they’ll do the same with Wolski. And I am still on the fence on Richards … I don’t think it’s a definite no, but I doubt it will happen.

Next week I’m going to be completely unable to blog. No comments, no reviews, no guest blogs. I will schedule a few things to go up during the week, including my pros/cons on Richards; but I will have no contact with the blog or my office or anything, probably including my email. That starts Monday.

I promise I will try to mail out all the prizes from our three (three?) contests we had early in the playoffs. Apologies to our winners for having to wait. I’ll have to fit that in around watching as many minutes as possible of the U.S. Open, my favorite sporting event of all.

Also, something to watch tonight (for those lucky enough to be able to watch it, unlike me) … Vancouver will win tonight. Or at least it will be an ultra-competitive game. Proving once again that there is no momentum carryover from game to game. Because, if ever there was actually a momentum carryover in a playoff series, Boston would sure have it now, right? Not going to be the case. I promise.

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  1. I take the blame and I accept the punishment. I am prepared to be waffleboarded for my actions.

  2. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I think a new post is in order… oh wait, never mind!!


  3. Police Chief Grady: I’m sorry about that delousing. Just standard procedure.
    Farva: It’s powdered sugar.
    Police Chief Grady: The lice hate the sugar.
    Farva: [deadpanning] It’s delicious.

  4. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    awesome movie!!


  5. you promise?

    I tell you one thing that carries over, injuries. Vancouver’s defense is all messed up.

    I did bet $50 on Vancouver though, even before that guarantee.

  6. guys, have u all been subliminally affected by those virtual subway ads they have during ranger games or what? subway?? damn. in ny!!! i eat it out here, but theresgotta be some better delis around where u people live

  7. carp, when go away next week, u can leave me, orr and manny in charge. we will not let u down!!

  8. C’mon Carp,

    US Open? It’s golf – that’s not a sporting event! Vancouver is injured, spent and befuddled. It is over. Bruins in 6!

  9. I swear. Every single day when I take my vitamin I choke. Why are they so freakin’ big!?

  10. Carp going deep undercover as a golfer next week? Can’t wait to hear those stories he really can’t tell, lol.

    Tonight be mighty interesting to see how Luongo plays.

  11. carp is mr buzz, the gym teacher. who was the hippie teacher? one episode he made the class do haikus. it remided me of jpg

  12. Carp, not sure your theory on momentum isn’t slightly off. You seem to think of momentum as a purely positive thing. It seems more like an absolute value to me. Vancouver’s losses are so bad, and their need to win is now so great, that this creates a momentum of its own, no?

    I think there’s a deep relationship between “must win” and momentum.

  13. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    ouch, the dog days of the blog…

    oh well, I did some cap geek work today….my conclusion is that I really like Richards as a player but we need to pass if he is going to cost us more than 4 or 5 mio per.

    we are better off to sign Gagne and Pitkanen

  14. They’re pretty freakin’ big pills. I have a horrible gag reflex (I almost gagged typing about gagging), and they get me each morning as well.

  15. I break mine in half. Still gag.

    It’s a good thing I am straight also because I really love women. Love ’em. I also have a gag reflex and a fear of heights.

  16. I totally thought about mashing into my daily water. I just assumed it would taste bad. I will go rock star tomorrow and blow it up my nose.

    Gay Superman to the Resssscue!

  17. I find breaking them in half even worse. The uneven texture only throws off my esophagus even more!

  18. I never thought about texture in my esophagus.

    This conversation has so much double entendre potential!

  19. Simply stating a fact. No judgments were made.

    I got into an argument with Momma Latona about a non-judgmental comment yesterday. I informed her of my Portuguese-learning, and she asked me where it would be practical. I told her the Ironbound Section of Newark has a large Portuguese-speaking population, and she proceeded to tell me that many people are fortunate to live there and that it’s the best they can do and not to think poorly of them. All I said was that they have a lot of Portuguese speakers!

  20. I realized that right after I posted.

    Sorry, Manny, I am on the lookout for FALSE ACCUSERS. Especially after the incident I described yesterday.

  21. I understand. False accusations, especially from loved ones are brutal. Kind of like all those times we all got called racist by someone….jeez…I can’t remember their name!

  22. Latona: I like the idea of you saying you want to learn Portugese and your reasoning is that it would be helpful in an area of Newark and then being yelled at for looking down on people. She should have asked what you would be doing in that neighborhood in the first place!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Uh yeah… uh, we couldn’t run an ad that said “no Portuguese” but umm… no Portuguese.

  24. That’s not gonna be good for business………

    That’s not gonna be good for anybody.

  25. And This One Will Last A Lifetime – Richards will never come down to $5 million. Not unless he does a Paul Kariya and signs for peanuts for a year just to be with his bud Torts. There’s two chances that happens: Slim and none,

    I’d be interested in Pitkanen or Gagne, but I don’t think either of them will really fit the needs of the Rangers and both will likely cost in excess of $4 million. At that price, I’d rather take a stab at Brooks Laich, who would be a perfect fit with guys like Prust, Dubinsky, Callahan and Boyle. But again, he solves no issues.

    Really, I think it comes down to whether the Rangers want Richards or not. I don’t see any other UFAs out there that will significantly improve the team. I think signing guys at this point will likely harm the team’s development more than it’ll help it. You need to keep a couple spots open to give the young guys something to work for and if the Rangers sign all the RFAs, they’re pretty much down to a couple spots.

  26. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Good and valid point re “no momentum carryover,” Carp. Most the time, in baseball, I see teams which get blown out in a game by 10 or more runs, coming back to win the next game. Blowouts aside, I have seen years in the NFL where the best bets on the board were “revenge games,” whereby the team which lost the first time the two teams met in a season, wins and covers a really high percentage of the time, second time around. It is a profitable play because you get the best of the odds in the rematch game, as the books and the public go overboard for the first result to be repeated.

    Also, in revenge games, there is a very strong “letdown factor” on the part of the team that won, previously. It’s almost as though they think they can win by just showing up and stepping on the field. Don’t have numbers as regards hockey where this reverse-momentum factor is concerned, but it appears that this premise has universal application.

    The Bruins won game four on almost fanatical emotion. A team can stay sky-high for just so long. They might come out flatter than a pancake in game five. Or not, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Canucks take over this series once and for all, at this point.

  27. Can anybody explain to me what Pitkanen brings other than experience?

    I don’t understand why the Rangers would have interest in the guy…it’s not like he’s a great PP QB…and he would command $4.5-5m per season…No way!!

  28. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Problems if the Rangers do sign Richards – primarily health, expense, and term of contract, but also there could be a problem if they do NOT sign Richards, and that is that Slats, almost predictably and magically will surely be opting for the next Blowmez, Dreary, type signing. As I have stated before, if I owned the Rangers, I would take Slats’ carte blanche checkbook away from him from July through September. Just when we are celebrating the dumping of Dreary, God knows the next mortgage-the-house, dung-heap signing is just a few weeks away.

    Wish this feverish and compulsive craps-shooter had to invest HIS OWN money in his signings, because he surely knows how to milk other people’s resources dry.

  29. If Slats wants to sign Richards to that seven year deal, then go ahead! Just don’t give him a NMC. Worse comes to worst, he could always dump his ass in Connecticut with our main man, Dredden.

  30. Chris, all I’m saying, and have been saying, is that whatever happened in the prior game(s) has no bearing on what happens in the next game(s).

    It doesn’t.

    And if we’re going to be Beavis characters, and Cornholio is taken, then I want to be Mr. Anderson, the neighbor with the toolshed.

  31. Yeah, it’s pointless to talk aboot any d-man. Unless it’s Souray, of course :P

    Seriously, there’s no room for D-men. Stahl, Danny G, Sour-Power, McDonut, Del Frisco. Then you have Erixon, and V-Tank who’ll battle it out for the final spot.

    No room for D-men. I’d rather have all those guys than Pitkanen.

  32. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny, are you straight because your love women, or do you love women because you are straight? Which came first the woman or the egg? lol

  33. Other than 2 50 point seasons, one 25 goal season both of which were on offensively loaded Capitals teams, what’s everyone see in Laich?

  34. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I am happy to say that I am a bachelor who doesn’t “love” women, I lust them! “Love” is strictly a concept for filing clerks and the sale of dollar store book shelf novels, and has no basis in reality. “Love” ranks with “The Law of Attraction” for bogus and fanciful folklore.

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