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THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Vigneault.
Q.  Can you tell me what you like about Chris Tanev’s game?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  When we’ve used Chris this year he’s real steady, can make a first pass at the forecheck.  He’s a kid that is playing in Manitoba, and we got in injury trouble and he came up and did a real solid job for us.

Q.  You said you were being untruthful about your power play being ready to get there.  Are they ready to get there tonight?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I certainly hope so!  (Laughter.)  We all know that our power play has been one of our weapons all year long.  It’s kept the opposition honest.  We’ve got some really skilled players that can make it work and go to the areas where it can work, and it’s been real good all year.
Right now, obviously, we’ve run into a patch here of a little bit more of a challenge.  But I’ve got a lot of faith in these guys, we’ve spent a lot of times looking at different options here and I think like I said last game, I think tonight’s the night.

Q.  Alain, it seemed as if the first two games were played more on your team’s terms and the next two the way Boston wants to play.  What are the elements that will decide whose terms this game gets played by?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  In Boston our first two periods were real good.  I think we came out real good in their building.
But for whatever reason the second periods have been a little bit more challenging for us and we’re aware of it.  It was challenging in the second game here and it was challenging in the two games there.  We’re aware of that, we’ve talked about it with our group here.  You’ve got to make every shift and every period count, and you’ve got to play to your strengths.
Boston has a game that they like to play.  We like to play fast paced game and that’s what we’re going to try to put on the ice tonight.

Q.  Coach, what are you seeing from Kesler’s line right now, 5-on-5, what do you need from them tonight?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think they’ve got to try and get on the inside a little bit more.  That whole line has great speed and when they do get the puck on the fly, they can take it to the net.
But you’ve got to take it to the net, stay in front and, you know, compete for that net front presence.  And all those guys can do that.  They’ve proven it at different times this year, and I’m confident that we’re going to do that tonight.

Q.  Would you comment on Christopher Tanev and how you think he has progressed to this point?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I just did that.

Q.  Have you changed your mind since then?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  No!  (Laughter.)

Q.  Is Hamhuis going to make the trip to Boston?

Q.  So he has a chance of returning in this series?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Day-to-day.  You always come through, right?  (Laughter.)

Q.  I know you’ve told me many times you’re not going to discuss your lineup, but Christopher Tanev came off with the players who were playing and Keith Ballard stayed out late.  Can we read something into that?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  We’ll see tonight.

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  1. Other than 2 50 point seasons, one 25 goal season both of which were on offensively loaded Capitals teams, what’s everyone see in Laich?

  2. bull dog line on

    a potential power forward CT,
    they do tend to develop late. me, I would not be upset if they signed him, or bothered if they did not. I also think if they go the trade route that Weiss is the more likely target. he would come cheaper that Stastny. I do think Stastny is the better player though.

  3. You don’t have to win a cup to be a leader. He can have a good influence and teach some of our younger players some skill. My friends that are Caps fans really love having him on their team and they all say really good stuff about him.

  4. Who the hell are the Danbury Whalers? I thought Espo was the play-by-play guy for the Lightnings?

  5. I would just think that if he’s going to have his breakout season he would have had it already. 3 of the most prominent power forwards in the league, Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan are all younger than Laich. He’s not old, but he’s not exactly young either. This is not saying he’s set for a rapid decline but I don’t think he’s going to start producing more by leaps and bounds.

    I’m just wary that he’s been a product of being on a high scoring team like the Caps, where is career highs in points in goals came during the run and gun seasons for them.

  6. CT – I am wary of basically anyone we could bring to this team. But we need a Center and if we are going to get one I think he is a nice mix of talent and skill and cap hit.

  7. You don’t have to win a cup to be a leader. He can have a good influence and teach some of our younger players some skill. My friends that are Caps fans really love having him on their team and they all say really good stuff about him.


    Aren’t we all hoping that Cally becomes the next captain, or we applauded giving an A to Staal. Or hope that Dubinsky and Stepan might also get consideration wearing an A? So you want to import another leader? Let alone the “leadership” qualities that have been noted about Lundqvist? I’m not the biggest fan of intangibles, but I do tend to believe that the guys that command the most respect in the lockerroom are guys that have been with the team for a couple of seasons.

  8. bull dog line on

    just for argument sake CT,
    in Washington Laich was a second tier player, and scored in the teens, and twenties. with first line minutes maybe he breaks out.

  9. I’d be very surprised if you place Laich on a team that isn’t finishing top 3 in the league in scoring that he ever scores more than 55 points.

  10. For the record, I don’t think Laich is a bad player, but I don’t think he’s going to provide more than what Dubinsky, Callahan, Stepan, etc are going to provide.

  11. I would give Stepan the ‘A’ before Dubi…Just sayin’

    But I really don’t care either way!! As long as Ryan Callahan is captain…

  12. We don’t necessarily have to get anyone right now because I don’t think this team is contending this year or even next. Assuming Staal/Girardi/McD/MDZ/Erixon form the blueline, the defense is still going to be very young. AA and Stepan are still going to grow and the contributions from guys like Thomas and Kreider are to be determined. Even getting the Tampa GM to deal us Stamkos for EC still isn’t necessarily going to boost us into likely favorites yet.

  13. IIRC, most of Laich’s points came on the power play on rebounds and his strong presence in front of the net….I think he could help the Rangers but he is not 1st line material, IMO…

  14. On a PP that was centered around Ovechkin/Backstrom/Semin/Green. Although for whatever reason they fell flat on the PP this year.

  15. JimboWoodside on


    Never mind – I followed Carp’s link – I never hears of the Federal Hockey League – wasn’t that the name of the league in “Slapshot”!?

  16. CT,

    Do you think any current FA’s would be a good fit for the team? What about the upcoming class?

  17. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, Latona/Daria! Are you a female-type bonehead, or did they reassign your sexual identity by making you into Daria?

  18. My sexual identity was reassigned. The consequences of RR and a genderless username.

  19. I think genders can be figured out by what people are saying around here. Also there is like a 90% chance a person is male.

  20. Latona,

    It’s all depends on how much they’re asking for. I think Richards would be a good fit at 3 to 4 years, but he’s going to want a deal almost double that. The problem is that I think Grade B or B+ FAs are going to get their salaries inflated because of a weaker FA class, unless the entire league decides to sit on their wallets and wait for 2012.

  21. CT:

    So your advice to Sather would be….wait. We have some guys in the pipeline that are as good (or proportionally good based on money) and we can develop them and wait for the perfect piece. We aren’t a NOW team so let’s build effectively and not impede ourselves.

  22. Alright, CT, let me phrase it this way.

    Regardless of salary/years and the like, who, in this FA class, do you consider to be good players?

  23. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Latona – hello, and thanks for the clarification! Since I’m a relative “newcomer”, I didn’t know – and yeah, a genderless username makes figuring things out a little difficult.

    Manny, it would be easy to figure out that Orr is a male (or a horny lesbian!) but most of the other comments by boneheads are pretty gender neutral! ;-D

  24. Manny (30, Male, Brooklyn) on

    It’s a joke jimbo! You know like…

    Guy #1: Calm Down
    Guy #2: I’ll show You Calm!

  25. JimboWoodside on

    I was hoping that was the case, Manny!

    Well, I hope that Uncle Glennie does something this summer to try to get us a better scorer – we may not be a NOW team, but the rest of our division is improving themselves, and if we don’t improve, we may end up in tenth position this coming season.

  26. Manny,

    My advice to Sather would be to retire.

    But yeah basically what you said.

  27. Latona,

    A good player for the Rangers needs or just in general? There’s very little out there that I think the Rangers would be in the running for that I think the Rangers should consider.

  28. What in the world is the moderator infatuation with Chris Tanev?

    Re: Laich. No, he is not the type of FA that you want to sign. The Rangers already have players like him. He is not what they need. It’s not that he isn’t a decent player. He just is not the type of player that they need.

    Re: FA players. I remember looking through the list of free agents a while back and there is really nobody worth picking up. If they don’t get Richards and still want to upgrade the talent level at forward then the only way is to do it by trade. Otherwise, they have to wait to see if Stepan becomes a big time scorer or wait for Kreider or whoever is in the pipeline.

  29. Boom Boom wrote in the previous thread: “Wish this feverish and compulsive craps-shooter had to invest HIS OWN money in his signings, because he surely knows how to milk other people’s resources dry.”

    If you remember, when Sather was with Edmonton he said something like “If I had the money to spend that the Rangers have I’d win the championship every year.”

    Well, he had that chance in the pre-salary cap era and how did he do? The only ones that were thrilled were guys like mush-head Lindros and pay-a-third-liner-first-liner-money Holik. When they instituted the salary cap that cemented the idea that Sather has no idea how to build a championship team much less be accountable for the money he spends.

  30. Grabby(30, male, cancer, whig party, iowa) on

    latona, my bad on ssuming you were a chick. your name sounds like it would be a girls name. but u can be someone else besides daria. gym teacher mr buzzcut?? linda is lolita, and sally is tanqueray

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