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“Must win:” We tend to throw that term around pretty frequently in the playoffs.  The “Best-of-7” format really lends itself to the cliché.  Well, the Bruins were in a must-win situation.  Winning 4 straight against the Canucks is as close to impossible as you get.  The Bruins came out of the gate strong, lots of offensive pressure.  They put it together in the second and overcame the dreaded 3-goal lead to take a 4-goal lead, then a 5-goal lead, then…etc.  They killed penalties and they protected their net.  That said, here are some reactions, or talking points if you prefer.  If you want to have some fun you can guess which reviewer (Manny or Latona) is responsible for each.

• Man, the first period of this game was one of the best periods of the playoffs.  Both teams were forechecking and playing an overall physically intimidating game.  The Bruins looked doomed at first.  Like it would be one of those games where they just can’t net anything despite pressure upon pressure.  Boy…that changed in a hurry.

• Jimbo brought it up: what is with the flies buzzing around the Cameras up in the rafters?  Any zoologists that specialize in insects around here?  Is anyone here a marine biologist!?

• “Bobby” Luongo: Boy he gives them up in bunches, doesn’t he? To beat Luongo you have to get him off his game.  He is fragile (French Canadian = EuroPansy).  Once his emotional state is unstable he is in a physically vulnerable position.  CTBlueshirt actually said it last night, “time to pull Luongo.”  I agreed.  I thought the Canucks would pull him.  Goal 5 has got to be an absolute confidence killer for Luongo (as were 6 and 7 and 8 and…and pull him already!).

• wicky?

• “Timmy” Thomas:  What can you say?  To beat Tim Thomas you have to get him moving side-to-side.  He isn’t technically the soundest goalie on the planet and because of that he makes a lot of spectacular saves.  If you can get him flopping around you can start using his aggression against him.  But man, he was technically sound in this game (until the last 8 or so minutes when the Canucks got him moving). His athleticism is his greatest strength.  If he tweaks his positioning, he may feel the need to abandon that aspect of his play, which would only be more detrimental that his current style is and his current style is hardly detrimental at all.  What a night for Timmy.  Too bad he didn’t get the shutout but hey, worse things could have happened.

• Really nice to see Thomas channel Ron Hextall and level Henrik Sedin. I wish every goalie would do that nowadays, as the league has “EuroPansified” the back end’s crease clearing capabilities. Knowing a Ranger’s luck, however, it would result in Lunqhead getting slammed to the ice and concussed. Then the King would be given a penalty for delay of game due to his needing to be removed by gurney.

• We have to address the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton:  First off, all the best to Nate Horton and here’s to wishing him a speedy recovery from what looked like a very serious injury.  That said, I think it’s a clear example of Rule 48.  Blindside hit, to the head, to a player without the puck.  Here is the quandary that defensemen are in:  they have been taught to finish checks since they were first holding a stick.  Hockey is a physical, and often violent, game.  Defensemen now need to learn to make snap decisions about whether or not to finish a check based on how quickly the man got rid of the puck while flying down the ice.  It isn’t going to be easy to learn, but it’s a necessity if the NHL is to cut down on brain injuries.

• Counter(ish) Point: I thought it was late, and high. But it was not blindsided at all. Pierre, I believe, said something along the lines of “It was the exact definition of Rule 48.” I don’t see it that way. I think there will be a suspension, but I don’t feel it should be more than two games.

• That second period really unraveled quickly for the Canucks, eh?  A quick Bruins goal, a quick hooking penalty (drawn by Mr. Difference maker himself, Shawn Thornton) and a crucial PP goal by the Bruins.  The Bruins really caught the Canucks sleeping high on the PK and finally worked a puck down low  where they had a numerical advantage and banged one home.  That had to feel great if you wear Black and Gold/Yellow.

• Canucks PP has not been a great strength for them in this series.  Bruins PK has been strong but, more importantly, the Canucks have looked lost (compared to their old PP selves).  They aren’t passing the puck like they were in previous series and they aren’t gaining entrance to the zone as easily as they were.  The Canucks are putting too much pressure to one side (usually strong side) and, as a result, they are not forcing “Timmy” Thomas out of position (side-to-side) where he is vulnerable.  Look at the goal the Canucks did score – they got Thomas moving side-to-side, becoming vulnerable.  That is what you have to do against a goalie that plays that aggressively and that high in his crease.

• Can’t do a review of this game without reminding myself how awesome it is to see Manny Malhotra back on the ice.  It’s really great that he is getting a chance to play in the Finals after the horrible injury he sustained this season.  What a great guy.  Consummate professional.

• I feel really bad for the closed captioner who has to cover Doc’s games. I discovered this while watching the game on mute in its early stages due to some obligations. I can picture the conversation between the two. Doc simply says, “Paraphernalia scrum waffleboarded away WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! Try me.”

• Get excited guys, this series is getting physical and while momentum might not carry over from game to game, anger and vengefulness does.

• Music at hockey games is really a sore subject.  From what bits and pieces I heard (mostly in the third period), I was rather satisfied with the Boston Garden’s choices. No good hearing pop music during a fight or shoving match and the Garden really delivered tonight.

• Finally, Lady Gaga = Monster (I couldn’t resist).

Do the Bruins have momentum going into game 4? Mike Milbury thinks so, but we all know better.  They don’t have carry over momentum.  What they do have, however, is confidence that they can bring it to the Canucks and effectively control the pace of the game as well as home ice advantage.  I expect the Canucks to come back strong in Game 4. I expect Luongo to be better.  I expect the Canucks to play a tighter, more controlled game and I don’t expect their PP struggles to continue.  I guess we will have to see.  We might be poised for another goalie situation for the Canucks.

Until then Boneheads…it’s been a great season, let’s play 7!

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Very impressive write up, boys!

    Shhhhh….. Don’t mention ” momentum” to Carp :-)

  2. And on the hit- it was late/dirty (3 strides after passing. shoulder to head, left his feet, and it was blindside). Rome will not be playing again for a whle, hope Horton is ok.

  3. OK, what does it mean to “knife the puck?” Doc says it a lot. “He knifes it in. He knifes it away. He knifes it over.” WTB? How about spiriting the puck? Same thing. “He spirits it in. He spirits it away.” Ugh.

    What too many hockey announcers do is announce the game as if it’s on radio. That means that they talk too much. I can see a player standing behind his own goal and starting out. I can see one guy “feathering” a pass to another. Just tell me who has the puck, who’s fighting for it in the corner and who is passing to whom. On TV we don’t need to be told every single thing that is going on because we can see it! (This applies to all other sports also – especially football)

  4. I can’t agree more Charlie. I really can’t. I am trying but I can’t. Doc Emrick makes me nuts. It’s too much. So the solution is to pair him with Pierre? Who talks as much? It’s just TOO much.

    What does it mean to waffleboard!? It sounds like some interrogation tactic that our government came up with. “If you don’t tell us who did it we are going to waffleboard you!”

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Great review guys.

    I actually thought at times last night that the Vancouver PP looked great and Thomas was just ridiculous in making saves.

    I don’t think the hit was blindside, and I don’t think Horton was vulnerable. He made the pass, took three strides and then was leveled by the guy standing right in front of him. Was the hit late? Absolutely. Was it to the head? I’m not convinced it was the principal place of contact, but the hit was definitely too high. But was it blindside? No. Rome had established position right in front of Horton and Horton was too busy admiring his pass to see it.

    Besides, the thing that made it so vicious was Horton’s head hitting the ice.

    Definitely a penalty, without the use of replay the call on the ice was spot on. But looking at the replays, I don’t think there should be a suspension. And honestly, if blindside hits to the head weren’t the topic du jour, I don’t think that this hit would have received as much attention.

  6. Thanks Doodie and Ilb!

    I will let you guys guess who took what stance on that hit in the review. Upon watching the replay over 100 times at my desk I can’t really figure anything out. I do know that it was a brutal hit and you’re right, Doodie, Hortie’s head hitting the ice really made it worse. We have seen that a lot this year. I think they should make the ice softer.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Rule 48: “A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact is not permitted.”

    This wasn’t lateral or blind side. Horton was skating north-south and got hit head on.

  8. Isn’t the rule referring to the skating direction of the player doing the hitting? Rome was skating somewhat laterally…(I am seriously asking not arguing)

  9. Disagree. Rome knew very well Horton COULD NOT see him. He hit him late and high. No way Horton could protect himself, there is also no way his body could trigger any protective mechanisms. Whether Rome had any intention to hurt him, or whether he is sorry, whether he is a nice guy who feels bad for Horton (I’m sure he is and he does), is irrelevant. If the league is serious about eliminating head injuries, this is exactly the type of a play that should be punished, and punished immediately and substantially.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, there is no question Horton is going north-south. He had his head turned to the left instead of looking ahead. His blindside would be the left or the right, not right in front of him. Horton was too busy admiring his pass/making sure he was onside.

  11. Right but isn’t ROME moving laterally when he hit Horton? I would assume the rule is referring to the player doing the hitting (the hitter) and not the player being hit (hittee). I thought the rule was specifically developed to eliminate hits behind the net so really there couldn’t be north-south movement back there.

  12. The reason his head hit the ice that violently is because his brain couldn’t trigger any protective reflexes, he didn’t see the hit. That secondary injury was much more damaging than the hit itself. That’s why they should carefully look into what they call a “blindsided” hit.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, it is the type of play that should be punished, but as the rule currently stands, I don’t think it should.

    It says clearly in a lateral/blindside hit. Straight in front of you is by definition neither of those things.

    Also, while you say Horton couldn’t see Rome, that’s totally Horton’s fault. Horton made a pass and just kept looking in the direction of the pass. IF Rome is just standing there not looking either and they collide, Horton gets hurt all the same. The player getting hit has to have some responsibility. “You have to keep your head on a swivel.” How many times are players taught this throughout their entire careers. Him not looking where he’s going is his fault.

    It was a late hit, a high hit, but not a blindside hit. The call on the ice should be punishment enough.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, no, Rome moves laterally to get in line with Horton, but clearly establishes position in front of Horton prior to Horton getting hit.

    When they refer to the lateral movement, they mean when the hit comes from the lateral side. Think of when Savard got hit by Cooke. Cooke hit him while travelling east west to Savard’s north-south. Here, both guys were in the same line as each other.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    dshea, we saw it in Matheson’s article yesterday. And yes, it’s crazy.

  16. Doodie, we had that conversation before. You’re going by precise description of what the rules say. I believe they need to look at that description carefully. Until the league is really serious, they will have multiple head injuries, shorten careers and ruined lives.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Rome will get suspended because it’s the topic du jour, but I think the wording of the rule clearly states that he shouldn’t.

    This isn’t the first hit this season where I thought the wording of the rule exculpated the hitter. They need to change it to cover situations such as this.

  18. They need to have statutory notes. Like Congressional hearings so that the NHL rules have commentary and you can more reasonably infer intent.

    Doodie – this has always been my dream. Teams should have Attorneys at ice lever, or in the dugout or whatever is appropriate to the sport. So after that hit you should have the attorney for the Bruins running out on the ice arguing why it IS a Rule 48 hit and he should be suspended. Then the Canucks attorney will run out and argue against it. This would open up a lot of AWESOME jobs for guys like us. :)

  19. CTBlueshirt on

    Has this been the nastiest SCF in the post-lockout era? I mean any final involving Pronger is bound to have some roughhousing (and there’s been 3 of them), but team for team I think the hitting has been fiercer than any final in recent memory.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, no, not for guys like us. Better guys.

    CTB, I think it is. I mean, having the Europansy Wings in two of the Finals removed all of the physicality.

  21. Exactly my point, Doodie. There are situations on the ice where the player may not be able to look into many different directions after releasing the puck. Rome knew that Horton could not see him, and he still hit him with full force. If the league is serious about eliminating that type of injuries, Rome should be suspended for twice as many games as Horton would miss, plus the team should be fined.

    Doodie, you gave me your fake email some time ago, I lost it. I can send you a few interesting articles from UTD on brain protective mechanisms, and how fast it could be triggered. It’s a lot of medical gibberish, but I think you’ll find it interesting.

  22. CTBlueshirt on

    The irony is that out of almost any player on either team, Chara has had a pretty wimpy final so far. When he’s matched up against the Sedins it’s really a case of “you can’t hit what you can’t catch” and in general he’s given some obligatory bumps and shoves but he’s constantly looking a step behind the pace of the game.

  23. The Sedin’s are a bunch of fakers. There was a lot of diving by the Canucks. Euro-Pansy BS.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I don’t think this was one of those situations. I think Horton could have looked in front of him and didn’t.

  25. CTBlueshirt on

    Henrik Sedin is certainly faking being an “elite” player…to get leveled by Drew Carey too, for shame.

  26. We don’t know, Doodie. But that’s the whole point. Rome KNEW Horton couldn’t see him, and still hit him with full force. Blindsided hit resulted in head injury.

  27. Great review Guys-

    The Rome hit is really a troubling issue. I understand what the rule states – however, I am not sure that is what happened here – and certainly not ..”This is exactly blah blah blah” – that is BS. Rome did EXACTLY what all D men are taught (and STILL are) about stepping up at the blue line and taking away the middle. Unfortunately for Horty, he was not looking UP – also, looked to me that Rome used his shoulder – which is exactly what we teach young D men – I still do – step up at the blue and hit. The goal here is of course to force the puck wide and out of the middle.

    I at first thought that maybe he let his feet – but that was not really conclusive either. I think I need to see the hit a few more times in REAL time, not slow mo, and see what it looks like again. This is troubling because we used to teach of course the hip check (usually alonog wall) – but those end up taking out BOTH players from the play – thereby negating the man advantage with the check.

    I sure pray that Horty gets better soon – and as far as Rome is concerned, I hope that he watches the tape and gets some feedback on perhaps trying to pull up quicker or around – interference call definitely – Game Misconduct and Targeting the Head? NO WAY IMHO

    Anyone else on what Rome is supposed to do here??? Am I missing something you guys saw?

  28. I didn’t say he wasn’t an elite player. He’s fantastic. He just flopped twice last night. The NHL isn’t the NBA and elite players don’t draw penalties by flopping. LaPierre also….total embellishment on the fake “high stick.”

  29. It looks like almost 2 seconds by my count after Horton got rid of the puck that he got absolutely leveled.

  30. CTBlueshirt on

    I’m being kinda sarcastic about Henrik being an elite player. I think he’s a tremendous player, but he was shut down for most of the Chicago and Nashville series and exploded in the SJ series. Hard to argue against 21 points in 21 games (2G, 19A) but to not even register a SOG in 3 games when your team has collectively put up 111 SOG?

  31. Horton is somewhat at fault here. Watching it in real time he just doesn’t have his head up crossing the blue line. That is a classic no no in this sport. Doodie is right that Aaron Rome establishes himself in front and clearly hits him north-south.

    The big question that I can’t figure out is: was it a hit to the head? It looks like it is but that also might be a reaction on his head snapping back. Inconclusive.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, that’s what I was saying. It looks like the point of contact is an elbow to the chest, but even then, still dirty.

  33. Good morning all! Yikes, this series is insane! I admit, though, I turned the game off at 5-0. Couldn’t take it anymore. As for Rome/Horton…..rule schmule….looked like a late bad hit to me.

  34. After looking at it a couple more times I’d say that the hit was either elbow to shoulder or shoulder to shoulder. What hurt Horton was his head hitting the ice. It was definitely a penalty though because the hit was late.

  35. Here’s how I think the post was written. You did it while Latona had lunch :)

  36. It’s gonna be so nasty tomorrow in Boston!

    Great game last night! LOL! It’s hard not to be a fan of Mark Recchi!

    Mannyfried and Latona – Excellent work, dudes…

  37. Manny and Doodie

    Ok agree I can see that it was about 1 sec or so late and while he did not leave his feet he sort of pushed up with his shoulder -which of course is natural motion. I do Not think this was a dirty hit or an intent to injure – list see how Shanney handles this one.

    Kind of reminds me of the hit by Character on Pax a bit in that as a D man u are doing your automatics in coverage but I guess now have to be much more aware of where u are and what will happen to the other man after – thts LOTS to think about in split seconds

    My guess is a 1 game suspension – Rome, like Character is not known as a dirty or cheap player that I can see -for instance, this hit is NOWHERE like the Pitt dirty man’s hit on McMonster’s head at the end of the season – that is a targeting the head hit – not this hit

  38. Sean: I think Shanny starts handling stuff next year. It is still Murphy, the interim.

  39. Yes, Coach, it’s a lot to think about in split seconds. But if the players had more respect for each other, for their health and their families, it wouldn’t have come to even making that decision. The hit didn’t have any impact on where the puck was going. I guess I should make my point more obvious. The league should expand the definition of blindsided hit. Any time player can not see hit coming, it’s a blindsided hit. Doesn’t matter whether it’s moving west-east, or north-south. There are plenty of hits in hockey, as there were plenty of hits last night, that don’t result in severe head injury. If player can see the hit coming, even for a split second, the injury will not be as devastating. There is a lot of physiology behind that notion. Again, until the league is serious about eliminating it, we will see severe head injuries and ruined lives.

  40. There is the lateness of the hit and then there’s the blind-sided headhunting aspect of the hit. He could have finished his check and probably gotten away with it. He also could have not aimed for a vulnerable player’s head blind-sided but just body checked him which he should have been aiming to do whether the hit was late or not. They are separate issues here. If they’d then called interference we could be having the bigger discussion about defensemen finishing their checks. But here it is more than that he finished his check. Said check was vicious, dirty and illegal and they should throw the book at him.

  41. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I agree with doodie 100% on this. Not suspension worthy, not dirty, but late. In game call was warranted and that should be the end of it. Hope horton recovers fully!

    latona and manny?

    You guys rocked it. That was an EPIC write up!!!

    re the hit…it was just under a second after horton released the puck (30 frames is a second and on nhl live last night they said 29 frames from puck release to contact). I believe 15 frames is what the NHL uses to determine a hit is late (half a second).

    Hi mama!

  42. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    rome is in Italy=euro pansy!!

  43. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    it’s going to be EPIC!!

  44. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    It will make you say WOW!!

  45. Season is over? I’m not convinced he is coming back next season…..He had tonic seizure after he fell….

  46. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I have no comment on that!

  47. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    not making light of this in any way shape or form, but that tonic seizure is what we always called the “praying mantis” like horton was in for a few seconds last night…correct??

  48. Look at his right arm after he falls. It’s straight up in the air, extended for a few seconds, very unrealistic looking….Tonic seizure is when peripheral muscles are stiff and rigid. Clonic- Repetitive, jerking movements. Tonic-clonic ( most common)- a combination of both. It was also a one-sided, or we call it focal seizure, indicating there was a local part of the brain involved most severely. Sorry for the graphic description, folks, wicky wanted to know.

  49. Thanks ilb. That helps me understand. That also sounds way worse than “severe concussion.”

  50. As I said last night, that hit was digusting. Rome is a mental midget. There is no place for that type of hit in hockey. It was a good 3 seconds late and the head was targeted…I don’t care if it was north-south, or that he didn’t totally get his head….it was a stupid play and there is no need for that in hockey…there is no justification for a potential career ending hit…

    Horton was their probably their MVP in the playoffs….

  51. Not necessarily, Manny. Seizures on impact are common and usually indicate the severity of concussion, but not the eventual outcome.

  52. What do you think the result is for him? Do you think it’s a short-term issue or more of a long-term, years down the road he ends up with memory loss issues.

  53. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    so it is the praying mantis. Thanks for your input and the time to elaborate!

  54. Yeah, they called it a severe concussion. If Crosby can miss all that time for that subtle shot to the side of his head, then Horton will probably be out for a long time. He’s so concussed, he probably thinks he’s still a Panther right now.

  55. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    it was a late hit, but according to the folks at NHL live (not sure how accurate or how “official” their info is) it was only a second late (a fraction under).

  56. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    off to work, later assens and best of luck to horton!

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re”music” ( a stretch description in itself) at sports events, we just have to accept that the world revolves around the incessant media “13-year old mentality” it has been putting upon our society, going on three decades, now. That is to say, according to them, we have limited intelligence, no taste, no discernment, and by law, cannot be discriminating in anything.

    Saw a pre-game three quote by one of the Sedins, at, referring to how the Canucks planned their travel and meal schedule well, and would come out “fresh” for the game. Maybe they came out “fresh” but “fresh” got stale, quickly. The Rebels at The Bay Of Pigs, looked fresher.

  58. I think he will be out for extended period of time, but I really do not know.I do not remember if he had prior concussions, if not, he might be back next season….Difficult to predict whether he develops PCS or not

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I will take a shot here, and predict the Canucks regroup and win game four, impressively. Revenge games, that is, any game following a loss, particularly a bad loss, are a high percentage play. Really like their chances. They WILL be focused and look sharp. Bruins might be slightly out of synch, the normal letdown following an impressive win.

  60. Happen to agree with Boom Boom. I doubt it will be as physical a game as everyone here is predicting. I think it will be more business like, let’s win it and go home. Canucks is still a better team

  61. I love how much everyone hates the Green Men. It’s so funny. It’s a classic example of, “if you don’t pay them any attention they will go away.” But people don’t learn.

  62. yeah quite a trade-off, indeed! A 6th dman for a top line player! NHL is a joke when it comes to figuring out and eliminating plays that injure players.

    Why not suspend someone of equal importance from the opposite team instead of the actual offender. Because, usually, the dirty players are the ones with limit skill set (excluding Crosby)

    Horton has 17 points, right? Take someone on Vancouver (Kesler or Burrows or even D. Sedin) all of them are top tier players and all of them have similar amount of points. Suspend one of those guys, because suspending Rome does not hurt Vancouver in the same way not having Horton hurts Boston. Hey, it’s only fair!

  63. That’s a REALLY interesting idea, CCCP. I don’t think it would ever happen. But I kind of like the idea because you’re right that usually bad players take out good players.

  64. iDoodie machetto on

    ” The league should expand the definition of blindsided hit.”

    I absolutely agree, but as the rule currently stands, it wasn’t.

  65. Per Waseka: Horton has been released from the Hospital. Now he can go home and feel pain around his family.

  66. billybleedsblue on

    “Paraphernalia scrum waffleboarded away WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! Try me.”

    I’ve ranted about Mike’s fascination with kitchen utensils and his ridiculous hyperbole before. It’s annoying to witness but funny to poke fun at during and afterwards.

    Nice job on the writeup fellas. Boy, this Carp guy really has things figured out. Having minions means more golf. I kid Carp, I think it’s a fine idea to have the inmates running the asylum. Reminds me of oh so many years ago, well, at the asylum.

    After the 4th goal last night, I was of the opinion that Luongo should have been pulled. It was abusive to keep him in there IMO.

    As a New Yorker, no love lost for Boston. As a human being, I feel bad for Horton. That hit was a vicious and unnecessary play.

    One must wonder what kind of payback might surface in game 4. I don’t put it past these guys to be dirty moving forward. Maybe instead of crying about the officiating all of the time the Bruins take matters into their own hands. We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

  67. iDoodie machetto on

    That’s ludicrous. Hate that suspension. You want to apply different rules, fine, change the rules.

    Oh well.

  68. “Two factors were considered in reaching this decision,” said NHL
    Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy. “The hit by Rome
    was clearly beyond what is acceptable in terms of how late it was delivered
    after Horton had released the puck and it caused a significant injury.” – Pierre Lebrun


    I don’t think the resulting injury should be a factor. The suspension should be based entirely on the hit itself. So if Horton is OK after that hit then Rome gets what….1 game? We can’t have a result driven suspension system.

  69. Manny, Ilb and others – thanks for the great replys. I am still not convinced this is a 4 game suspension – I am trying to re-wind tape to see the prior 10 seconds or so to see where Rome was coming from – where he mohawked and shifted to a backwrads stance and trailed to the middle or if he came right up the side boards and pre-meditated.

    Of course, the NHL has done all of this and decided I think here player for player. I feel really bad for Horton – these are very tough injuries to get over – one of my own sons lost an entire season at the Junior A level last year because of a concussion on One Side of his head on the glass by a cross check – he is a D man as well. So yes – they can be devastating and last a long time.

    I still cant see anything in Rome’s past play to demonstrate this – so I sure hope he was not ‘asked’ to level a big hit like that – that BS does happen from time to time and I sure hope we are well past that crap

  70. 4 games is a good beginning, now they have to look at what they define as a blindsided hit.

  71. Sad day for the NHL and the sport we all love. The suspension is ludicrous. I was hoping for at least 10 games but 15-20 would be a better number in a true and honest effort to end this type of unnecessary violence.
    Here’s what 4 games mean. It wasn’t that bad and, in the course of daily hockey events, this particular hit (unconsciously late, knowlingly hitting an uprotected player high and hitting him wit full force) is practically ACCEPTABLE. The league and some posters may want to hide behind the letter of the law and this north-south net that seems to almost legitimized actions like these, but if the league was truly serious, especially as visible an incident on the biggest stage it has, it lost that opportunity.
    They should have thrown the book and the library at this clown.

  72. scottsny51 ,
    I agree, to me the hit looked to be for one thing and one thing only and that was to injure the player. The hit was late, the player left his feet to make sure the hit was high (head shot) but we all know the NHL is a corrupted league, so this is no surprise to me.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    via Waseka: “Murphy: No Rule 48, north/south hit, Had it happened immediately after the pass, it would have been legal. ”

    OK, I’m satisfied.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, the hit was definitely late. If the guy can accelerate three strides before you hit him, it’s late.

  75. That’s a good find Doodie. That makes sense to me. You were right that it was north/south and by the rules the only suspendable portion would be either late or a hit to the head with intent to injure. Obviously the league thought it was late and because of the severity of the injury they said….gone for the season like the guy you injured.

  76. Totally with you Doodie. I don’t think the resulting injury should be a factor. The suspension should be based entirely on the hit itself. We can’t have a result driven suspension system.

  77. I don’t know, I think if Horton didn’t get knocked out, and it was shoulder to chest or shoulder to shoulder, it would have went un-penalized. Really my only problem with the hit was that it was a head shot.

    Like I said, based on some of the hits I’ve seen this season, I don’t consider the hit to be as late as everyone is making it out to be.

  78. Murphy says he consulted Brian Burke on deciding on the punishment.

    Huh? Regardless of Burke’s previous position at League HQ, why should an active GM ever have any influence on disciplinary measures handed out to another team? Get rid of one huge conflict of interest and replace it with a smaller one…

  79. Is that true LW? If it is that is horrendous. It might be more egregious than anything Campbell ever did.

  80. I’m satisfied also, the rule, the explanation and the league are a complete joke. If you turned the players involved sideways (east/west) then what happens? A real suspension as opposed to this wrist slap? Would they ‘Hang ’em high’ because it wasn’t north/south?

    As for as whether it happened before or after the pass that’s an interesting point. You can’t dismiss it. That hockey rule was broken and definitely added to the violent result. Horton is shown turning back north / south and ‘accelerating’ right before the targeted collision. If this happened ‘immediately’ the damage, IMOH, would have been substantially less since he was not facing head-on and was not skating as fast.

    So let’s keep patting ourselves on the back that justice was done, the law was enacted properly and we can move on from here with our heads held high. . . . ., oops, I guess it’s Horton’s fault because he didn’t. I hope the next regime (Shanny and crew) involved will be a little more courageous than the current bunch of ostriches.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, Orr, it was definitely an interference penalty. On ice, without replay, it looked like a blindside hit. So I can understand the knee-jerk reaction that a lot of people had, including the officials.

    But I think if headshots weren’t the topic du jour, this wouldn’t have received so much attention.

    LW, definitely, especially since Burke was let go by the Canucks.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    scott, I think the relevant thing is that he was hit by a guy going in the same direction. The hit wasn’t a lateral hit. Saying it was a north/south hit is just the mean to describe that situation.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Pierre LeBrun, via Waseka “Mike Murphy just told me that he’s told both clubs the next player who does the finger wagging in a scrum gets 2 min plus 10-min misconduct “

  84. Doodie/Manny – Fault Horton? What? He never saw the hit coming! It sure as hell was a lateral hit. I had to watch it again just now to make sure, but you see Rome literally moving along the blueline! Also, I don’t know if you guys have worn a hockey helmet before, but your peripheral vision is definitely obscured. Horton wasn’t “admiring” his pass(I actually take a bit of offense to that characterization). He was following his pass(if you want to get technical, in a diagonal movement toward the boards) when Rome, tucked in Horton’s blindside, took a huge stride and exploded into his head. And he sure did hit Horton’s head with his shoulder. He targeted his head. I’m convinced that it was the hit itself that knocked Horton unconscious. Something else, he left his feet! I rank this hit right up there with the one on Savard and the one on Booth. Sheer goonery. The NHL did the right thing by suspending Rome for four games. I would have gone more, but it doesn’t really matter once the season’s over. There’s a chance Rome might never suit up for the Canucks again.

    Peter – I agree 100 percent.

  85. Plus the Leafs have multiple draft picks from the Kessel and Kaberle deals, the precise position of which depend on whether Boston wins the Cup or not. Admittedly only a move of one slot either way, but absolutely a direct conflict of interest.

  86. phil

    I’m with you on the phrase “admiring his pass”. Can’t stand how people use that as if a player deserves to have his brain crushed for looking in the wrong direction for a split second. And Horton’s pass was just a simple pass out to his winger – why would he be looking admiringly at it anyway?

  87. first off
    nice job Manny and Latona

    finally got to watch the hit and WOW!!
    you hear the canadian announcer give the “admiring his pass”
    excuse. i guess that’s the same kind of excuse that if i’m waiting at a red light
    watching traffic pass by and my car gets rear ended.
    sick of it.
    yes, hockey moves FAST
    but rome was gonna smash horton and he what he wanted to do
    if horton still had the puck on his stick it would be different matter.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    “It sure as hell was a lateral hit. I had to watch it again just now to make sure, but you see Rome literally moving along the blueline!”

    You’re right, he does move along the blue line, until he he establishes himself directly in front of Horton and hits him straight on. That is different than Cooke/Savard, where the hit came from the side, as opposed to the player who was standing right in front of him. Even Mike Murphy said that this clearly wasn’t a rule 48 blindside because the hit was from right in front of him.

    As for my characterization of Horton admiring his own pass, it’s more likely that he was looking to the side to see to ensure an onside entry as he entered the zone, but you cant accelerate forward without at least looking in that direction. As for leaving his feet, contact was made with the skates on the ice. You’re allowed to explode off of your skates after making contact.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, can we all agree that having a strict enforcer dressed is useless? Thornton was in the lineup and their guy got creamed. Thornton brings more to the table than enforcing, but his enforcer qualities don’t prevent stuff like that from happening.

  90. But Doodie, when Sather signs multi-talented David Koci to the same contract Boogaard got on July 1, you know it will signal the end of players taking liberties with the Rangers. Again…

  91. I understand your point about north-south, Doodie. The lateral / head-on is a different story and that should not be a consideration for further punition. The current interpretation of that defintion is what players may still be able to use even when an opposing player is helpless and the hit is high, which I still believe fits this situation.

    The thing about Horton admiring his pass and that he should ave known better. Albeit, what I can remember now from last night is he watched his pass and when it was received he turned and reacted to what he thought he should do next. I am not convinced he really put himself in harm’s way, especially considering the time lapse from pass to hit. One problem here that aggravated the situation is that the player was Horton, who ‘was’ playing at the top of his game, fast and unafraid. Back in the good old days before speed and size began to dominate and the rule book (aka no impeding, which I was all for and still am) had not been updated, there are ways to take players out of their ‘zone’ both legally and otherwise.
    Nowadays the freedom allowed the offensive players definitely limits defensive techniques. Body contact in this ‘new’ game is a different phenomena from its previous form and rules governing it needs be addressed for the current style, not by ‘old-time’ standards the current ‘protectors of the game’ seem to abide by.

    The sad part about this is 90% of the conversation on today’s post is about the hit and not about one of the most thrilling and entertaining (even the finger taunting – ala WWF) SCF games and series in a long while.

  92. iDoodie machetto on

    Scott I get you. I mean, I’m not saying it’s hortons fault. I’m just saying that the hit would have been a lot less fierce if Horton had been looking in the direction he was skating. There’s no question that Rome shouldn’t have hit him, it was late, but what if it was an accidental collision, which could have happened with where Horton was looking. Say they collide accidentally, hortons head hits the ice, and he is out all the same. There is some responsibility on players protecting themself at all times. This wasn’t one of those situations where you really can’t protect yourself.

    And youre right about this taking away from a good game. Although, I thought the game got pretty boring once it got out of hand. What is this, basketball?

    It’s gonna start getting really intense.

  93. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    4 games is ridiculous! Bad decision by the NHL. Late hit definitely, but I thought in game penalty was sufficient. Good thing I’m not in charge of league discipline! I would have suspended lucic a game as well!

    On a funny note, I find this info out about the suspension from mrs wicky calling me at work pissed as hell about the 4 games…love that girl!

  94. Apologize in advance, not knowing the parties involved, (except that I am in agreement about the lenient suspension) so shame on me . . . but I couldn’t resist. Late breaking news !!!!!!!!! Mrs Wicky has been hired by the NHL powers that be to be Czaress of Discipline starting tomorrow night. First order of business? whips, chains and hoods in every locker room.

  95. iDoodie machetto on

    Wonder if horton will be well enough to be on ice for cup celebration.

  96. Thanks for all the nice comments guys, but Manny deserves most of the comments. Mama alluded to myself eating lunch, but, the reality was that I had some unexpected scenarios to deal with. So while my hockey and creative genius are scattered throughout the review, Manny deserves it way more than I do.

    Anyway, I’m kinda angry that I don’t have the time to be here earlier than now. I would have loved to debate and banter about the hit with you guys!

  97. Doodie – we must be watching different hits. That’s my only explanation. Rome:

    1. Leaves his feet before making contact with Horton.
    2. Is totally obscured from Horton’s view(even before you take into consideration the helmet).
    3. Makes contact with his head first.
    4. Is moving laterally along the blue line, striking Horton from the side.

    As the announcers said, it’s text book. All angles I’m seeing the same thing. Look, I could care less about either of these teams. At least before that hit I did. Now I’m rooting for the Bruins big-time. The Canucks are a dirtball team, and what Rome did was a dirtball play every bit as bad as Cooke and Richards.

  98. all of you are saying that 4 games is ludicrous…. meaning, that 4 games is not enough or 4 games is too much? im confused… lol

  99. CCCP – I think four games is plenty. But it still doesn’t change the inequity of the Bruins losing one of their top-five players. There’s really no way in changing that, unless you do suspend one of their star players or make them play a man short for the rest of the series. That seems like it’s going too far. A while back someone suggested the suspension should match the players’ injury. I kind of like that idea.

  100. I’m dead against the concept of a suspension lasting as long as an the injured player is out. As well as it being open to abuse by teams, I doubt there’s a hugely positive correlation between the violence of an act and the physical consequences (see Simon, C. vs Hollweg. R or Crosby, S. vs Nobody).

    A piece by Brooks on Malhotra today:

    The last line makes it sound like Muckler is dead. Is he?

  101. LW- Muckler has been dead for a while. Just ask Carp. Oh, wait…It’s other way around. Muckler thinks Carp has been dead for a while. I’m sure you all heard the story, lol…

  102. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    My view on the incident…the hit was late…it was the kind of hit the NHL is trying to crack down on (like the NFL when those DBs hit those receivers when they are in a defenseless position)…Personally, I thought the hit was borderline but late enough to warrant the penalty that was called. I think that Rome’s history of suspensions was factored in when making the suspension ruling. And I think that a player’s rap sheet should in fact be one of the factors used to determine the punishment. 4 games seems a bit excessive but not totally unreasonable. So once again it all evens out. Burrows should have gotten a game or two for biting Bergeron’s finger, and got nothing. Rome should have gotten none or 1 for the brutal late hit, but got 4.
    I just hope that Vancouver can regroup and play well and that Luongo does not start stinking up the joint.

  103. Rome has a suspension history?

    In my haste, I was marginally off-base in my point about Brian Burke’s involvement. The Leafs don’t actually have a pick influenced by whether the Bruins win the Cup or not (the 2nd rounder in the Kaberle deal is in 2012). An active GM still shouldn’t be anywhere near the decision, even if it was “entirely procedural” as the reticent, media-shy Burke has apparently stated.

  104. Manny, interesting fact about that link.

    The (usually) men’s vairety of facial hair known as the “sideburn” is derived from Union General Ambrose Burnside’s do.

  105. That’s a great factoid Latona!

    Personally I love J.E.B. Stuart because of his amazing use of Cavalry in the woods. That is pretty impressive to me. I think he invented the “Cavalry Blindside Hit.”

  106. I would not call myself a buff. I am interested in history but I am king of a “history out-of-shape” type guy. When I was younger I was obsessed with the Civil War and made my parents take me to reenactments (I feel badly for them now) and I used to go dig stuff up and crap like that. But I am really out of shape now. Not buff

  107. Rome wasn’t built in a day

    but he was suspended in one.

    But how about Lucic punching guys in the back of the head at the end of games? if that is not suspendable as well, if that is not a dirty sneak attack attempting to injure a guys brain, then what is?

    just ask Jeff Beukeboom what a gloved sucker punch to the helmet to an unsuspecting player can result in. career ending for him.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony: the Staal comparison is perfect. It’s literally the same exact play. Only difference is the point of contact and it was a little sooner of a hit than Rome’s.

    “1. Leaves his feet before making contact with Horton.
    2. Is totally obscured from Horton’s view(even before you take into consideration the helmet).
    3. Makes contact with his head first.
    4. Is moving laterally along the blue line, striking Horton from the side.

    As the announcers said, it’s text book. ”

    1. As Orr’s picture shows, skates on ice at time of contact. You can explode off of your skates afterwards.
    2. Being obscured from view isn’t the metric by which rule 48 operates. It’s the direction from which you receive contact. Just because you are looking the other way doesn’t mean you can’t be hit from the guy standing right in front of you. Otherwise, why not just skate looking the other direction all game. Nobody would be allowed to touch you!
    3. Sometimes I think it’s head, other times it looks like the initial contact is an elbow to the chest. Either way, it’s too high and illegal.
    4. Look at the Staal/Stajan video. Same exact thing. Move laterally to get in the line of the north-south skater, establish position, and then make contact moving in the same line instead of moving laterally.

    Also, while Pierre McGuire was saying rule 48, EDZO was not convinced. He was saying that the hit was coming from straight on, which isn’t a rule 48 hit.

  109. I can just picture Ken Hitchcock in his bed, with a massive chicken parm sandwich, with curly fries smothered in chilli, and cheese, just watching the History channel for hours.

    There’s the Devils new coach. You think he’ll have a positive influence on Broduer? After every game, they’ll go out for a massive dinner, and Hitchcock will talk aboot history, and Broduer will talk aboot having the art of sleeping with ones sister-in-law. Good times!

    Go Mavericks!

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    In fact, in looking at the Staal hit, Rome had established his north/south position more than Staal had.

  111. I was essentially a Chuckie Finster, for anyone familiar with the Rugrats series. Still am, to a certain extent. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a buff either, however history is one of my favorite topics.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone know where I can get a picture (real or not) of Brodeur eating cake?

  113. Doodie – go to Cinnabon at the Mall. Seriously. He’s there right now eating one!

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone capable of photoshopping such a thing? It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow and he’s a big Devils fan. I’d do it myself but I am going to a soccer game tonight at Citi Field.

  115. “Dude, call 9-1-1. I’d do it myself but I’m pumping blood. Might pass out.”

  116. LMAO at Orr’s description of Ken Hitchcock watching the history channel!!

    LOL!!! Great movie C3!! No more g-d damn jerky beef!

  117. CTBlueshirt on

    Don’t get caught up in the Shake Shack hype doodie, the pulled pork at Blue Smoke is also good and the lines there are a lot shorter.

  118. “He was wearing my Harvard tie…can you believe it? My Harvard tie. Like …’Oh sure, he went to Harvard’…”

  119. “Turns out that Bettman, according to my source, has told Balsillie that if he behaves himself and doesn’t create any more spectacles or bad publicity for the league, he will eventually get a team.

    Given the cantankerous history between Balsillie and the NHL, I wonder if it will be the Phoenix Coyotes?

    -Mike Ozanian of Forbes


    looks like he will get his team in southern Ontario eventually

  120. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    rome has a history with suspension?

  121. Billy Ray: I ain’t seen nothing since

    I stepped on that landmine in Vietnam.

    It was very painful.

    Police: You were in ‘Nam? So were we. Where?

    Billy Ray: I was in…Sang Bang…

    Dang Gong…

    I was all over the place, a lot of places.

    Police: What unit?

    Billy Ray: I was with the Green Berets,
    Special Unit Battalions…

    Commando Airborne Tactics…
    Specialist Tactics Unit Battalion.

    Yeah, it was real hush hush.

    I was Agent Orange,
    Special Agent Orange, that was me.

  122. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    home for lunch (we still doing the contest or has that gone the way of rome?)

    well, I’m having mini chimis with sour cream and iced tea!

  123. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    so the NHL will not only penalize a guy in a game but suspend him 4 games for a legal, but late hit, yet do nothing in game or suspension wise for a deliberate intent to injure with a stick after the whistle? Very odd IMHO!

    where’s Tiki with his Boston conspiracy? (LOL)

  124. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    sorry orr, had to!

  125. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    no, thank you carp!

  126. Give yourself a point, wicky. Give yourself a point. That’s how awesome you are.

  127. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    thanks, and you are such the flatterer!

  128. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Is everyone there in the east coast time zone driving home or something? Where the hell is everyone?

    not sure if mrs wicky appreciated the dominatrixesque description earlier or not

  129. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    whew, glad you are here (well England, but you know what I mean)

  130. I speak troof, wicky. I speak troof.

    Surprisingly, Tony Kornheiser on PTI made a good point. (I actually agree with him most of the time, but, it’s the whole NHL-ESPN scenario) For those of us in the camp that the four game suspension was too severe, the non-suspension for Burrows and the hype surrounding that could have played into to the decision.

  131. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    back to work, later assens!!

  132. The Heterodox Economist on

    According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, 0.5 seconds is the threshold for a ‘late hit’. I fully expect they will enforce this to the full extent in the upcoming season *rolls eyes*

    This inconsistency of NHL resorting to crap up as they go along has finally hit critical mass, it’s time to step up or implode.

  133. Has anyone ever been to Alaska? I’m looking to go somewhere on vacation. I think Alaskan getaway would be a great alternative to my usual Europansy vacation that i take.

    Anyone has any suggestions? :)

  134. Tony/Doodie – There’s no comparison here. Staal at least didn’t leave his feet or target Stajan’s head. Watch that hit and he nailed him directly in the chest and came upward, which is why Stajan didn’t suffer a concussion!

    Let’s use this video as a frame of reference:

    Go to 52 seconds and freeze. Overhead view. You see Horton going south toward the net. You see Rome coming directly west. And you say they were facing each other? Now go to 58 seconds. You see the puck leave Horton’s stick. Rome hits him at 1:00. And you say he didn’t leave his feet? That it’s OK to explode out of a hit? Well how about a hit that is way late and where the first point of contact is the head? Horton was out the minute Rome hit him. And then to make it even worse, Horton nailed his head a second time as his body did a free-fall to the ice. Just to go back to Staal’s hit, you can see Stajan was shaken(as he should have been). But he’s moving a round, unlike Horton, who is clearly out.

    Come on, guys. This was a dirty hit, and obviously the NHL agrees. Most all of hockey is agreeing on it right now. I don’t see how you’re still defending this position.

  135. i’m pretty sure luongo is italian by nationality,not french-canadian….and anyone who thinks all euros is an idiot like mr. canada,don cherry…think esa,ulf,sergei,henrik,jaromir and many others

  136. Hit was a bit late – but in a big game like this, you finish your checks. Horton came into the zone with his head down and got cleaned. I agree with the 5 min major and game. 4 game suspension shows the league is serious. But you guys know what is coming – the same way guys hangout with their backs to the play along the boards so they can’t get “hit from behind”, we’re going to get guys skating into the zone backwards so they can’t see the play.

    Keep your head up and give the penalties.

    And IMO – Doc is the best! I’ll show you my waffleboard if you show me yours!

  137. iDoodie machetto on

    I’m being a Greek Europansy at citi field. question: what are south Americans?

  138. Rhode Island Ranger on

    I found it a bit rich listening to a human wrecking ball like Cam Neely complaining on the radio today in Boston about how late Rome’s hit was. The Camster left a long trail of smashed bodies over the course of his career and, shockingly, a fair number of those crushing hits were early and some were late. He never apologized for any of them.

    The margin of error here is less than a second. Factor in (as an unrepentant hitter like Neely ought to do) that the decision to dig your skates in and step forward into a hit doesn’t happen instantaneously, and you’ve got a timing play on a north-south hit that’s too tight to punish with a 4-game suspension. Clumsy PR trumped justice in this case.

    The Canucks have their share of sneaky and dangerous players, but the Bruins are the furthest thing from the Vienna Choirboys. They’re punching and slashing after almost every play. It happens so often (a la the Flyers of the mid ’70s) that the refs simply accept it as the new normal. How many hits have the Bruins delivered this spring that were .85 seconds late?!

    The good news is Wednesday’s refs will actually have to call the game by the book. Bad luck for the Bs.

  139. Yeah, hope you’re right. it seems impossible that the Flyers would actually have a good goalie!

  140. Say what you want about the hit, but do not say that his head was down his head was looking to where the puck was, which is usually where you are looking when you do not have the puck.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    Great review, Guys!!! You both may have a future in sportwriting! Same goes for Grabby, too.

    Thanks for passing along my “flies” puzzlement – I don’t know why those high cameras are so fly-infested – maybe Pierre Mc Lightbulb’s observations are rising up there to camera-land? After all, he’s definitely full of hot air…

    Or maybe it’s all those “waffleboardings” and “knifings”…….*consummate* professional notwithstanding…

  142. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    Kronwall is such a europansy!!

    Didn’t a europansy end kneely’s career?

  143. JimboWoodside on

    Oh – and yes, Roberto Luongo is an Italo-Canadian – there are lots of Italian-ancestry folks in Quebec Province.

  144. I’m getting here late and have not read all the posts but I am wondering whether the fact that the game was televised on NBC is a factor in the suspension ruling. If the game was on Versus, same suspension…? any suspension?

  145. yeah – he was watching his pass — good for him. Should have been watching the defense who were lining him up. On ice awareness.

  146. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    c’mon folks I thought Kneely was creative!

  147. Watching it again, I really think the play Thomas made on Henrik Sedin was brilliant…I wish Hank Lungfist would do that…

  148. Haha! Yeah, he does…

    Hey Orr, did you see Horton’s wife? Tammy Plante. She’s a former Playboy model, I believe. She’s great-niece of Jacques Plante,

  149. Here is another reason why I don’t watch basketball…tattoos

    The cheese tattoos that cover basketball players from head to toes. I dont like that…It makes them all look stupid

    At least the NBA makes those players wear a tie and a suit now before and after games.

  150. and it wasn’t just any face…it was Lincoln’s face in between two number 5’s!

    But I’m just saying in general, those tattoos are cheesy! Sure they might mean some stupid crap to them but it makes the game seem unprofessional… I don’t know… at least that is how I feel about it.

  151. I agree, CCCP…it’s not a good look for the game…not exactly the image of the “professional athlete”….

  152. I read one tatoo tonight on a player’s arm that said “Only the Strong Survive”….

    So cheese!!

  153. I saw that too. It sounds cooler in the movies with the melodramatic music. But, reading it off of some guys arm, while you hear popcorn kernels pop, that’s pure cheese, with a nice serving of corn on the side.

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Binghamton Senators claimed their city’s first pro hockey championship with a 3-2 victory over the Houston Aeros in Game 6 of the Calder Cup Finals…

    First Pro Hockey Championship ever for Bingo, since 1973.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    phil, I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree. Pretty much all media and the NHL accept that it was not a lateral hit. If you don’t see that it isn’t, then you see what you see.

    Anyway, now that I’m done being a Europansy, can I get some hockey tonight? I expect the game tonight to actually be pretty lame. Just so many emotions from game 3, I think they are all drained for game 4.

  156. “did you see Horton’s wife? Tammy Plante. She’s a former Playboy model, I believe”

    And they say that money can’t buy happiness. BS! He didn’t get that chick with his looks.

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    From Jim Cerny via Waseka: “Brian Boyle says that he will once again train in off-season with Barbara Underhill, and that Wojtek Wolski will be joining them”

    Glad to see Wolski taking the offseason seriously. I just hope that this year, Underhill can teach Boyle to play 82 games instead of 41.

  158. I was hoping that MZA would also train with her…he could definitely benefit from that…

  159. Seeing all these comments about concussion brings to mind something that occurred when was still in the Corps back in the forties. A Tech Sgt whose real name I never knew, was always called just “Punchy”. He was an old China Marine who had served almost 20 years, but he had some type of brain damage due to his youthful days as a prize fighter. I wondered why they never gave him a medical discharge, but learned that they wanted him to retire with his tech Sgt rank for better income for the rest of his life…they made a cook of him…and he was good at it. He was THE mess sgt.

    He could not walk turn around he could not make a routine foot movement and turn, he had to take about 4-5 tiny steps and walking with his weight on his heels. Every one knew his story ( even the commanding General called him “Punchy’ A figure head he had become. And when talking to you ( he called everyone under 40 “chick”) his gaze was always a bit off center.

    I was told never to make sudden hand movements near him.
    I found out later what they meant. A new guy came into the mess hall, and Punchy was there to greet him ” Hi Chick’ got
    a tray? Good..(the kid started to smile and suddenly put his hand up to his mouth to conceal it, and Punchy’s hand came up in an open handed wallop that floored the kid. ” Did I hurt you chick”

    Punchy tried to help the kid up but couldn’t get the proper foot alignment to do it. He really didn’t think he’d done any thing bad, and we all tried holding our laughter, but it was a funny sight. Old Punchy finally got his retirement just before I left the
    unit and God bless him wherever he is.

  160. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I hope everyone has a fabulous game day and Go Nucks Go!!

    fantastic story, thanks.


  161. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 4 Latona lunch points!!) on

    who is this gretzky you speak of??


  162. Some dude. Married a c-list actress from one of the Police Academy movies. I think your boy Ulfie exacted society’s revenge by knocking a pane of plexiglass on her.

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    He was the coach of the Coyotes for a few years. They never made the playoffs.

  164. Smart kid. He knows the only way he can do better than his father is to try a different sport.

    Nice story, Fran….

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