Guest blogger Grabby: Game 2 in review


First off, i just wanna say thanks to carp and mama and all the “heads” for making this the best damn hockey blog out there. not just for hockey, but for gibberish as well!!   As i type this, the national anthems are about to be sung, and you hear chants of “manny, manny”!!!! no, not you manny 4 fingers, although you are valued team member of this blog. I’m really happy for him just being able to see out of that eye, but to play in the stanley cup finals is simply amazing. i called my sister up and told her, who was the biggest malhotra fan when he was a ranger, and she already had the game on and was all choked up. yes she was his biggest fan. of the 3 signed framed jerseys she has, he is one of them. he was very nice to her and left a lasting impression on her. and yes she had a huge crush on him, which i had to listen to how he was so handsome for years! up until this day actually. ok, enough gibberish, onto the game!!

1)      contrary to game 1, this was a tremendously tremendous game!! boston brought it tonight. even though they lost, they most likely would have won if not for thomas blowing it in ot.

2) well the first 5 minutes were pretty good for boston, but they really needed  a quick goal for their confidence, especially with the chance krejci had alone in front.they didnt get it but they came on in the 2nd, and for a a while, i thought they had this game.

3)  that really must kill boston to see burrows score the first goal when he should’ve been suspended. he irks me almost as bad as crosby with his whining to refs all the time and diving. and now biting. what next? fish hooks? eye gouges? cccp coatchecks???

4) i guess the burrows goal really pissed boston off, and as doodie pointed out about the bruins pp, and many of us as well were wondering why was chara in front with such a great point shot and plenty of big forwards to put in front of luongo? well, it took simple wrister from him to cause a pp goal. and soon after a huge save by thomas on hansen, then chara blocks a shot that would’ve tied it. if boston is to make this a series, they need their pp scoring. it has to be better. if only they had a pp qb like kaberle!

5) we signed blake parlett!!!! (who’s probably better than kaberle right now).

5 and1/2) my daughter wants me to say hi to doodie. she likes his name. so, hey doodie!!

6) kesler being compared to messier?? huh??? yea he’s had a great season, but wtb? i get that he’s hardnosed and gritty, but how do you compare them beyond that? Shouldn’t even mention messer as a canuck.

7)   the canucks  captain only has 2 goals.  and 1 was an empty netter. maybe vancouver should put kesler’s line against chara. because that big tough american chara is too much for those europansies!!

8) bieksa got neutered. damn!!! biting in game 1 and now castration in game 2. hate to see what happens next game. wicky, u have any ideas??

9) and just when i said something about a sedin, his bro gets one.  and with the primary assist from burrows. as much as i do not like boston, that’s bs that he is even playing, and then lapierre teases bergeron waving his finger in bergeron’s face. i agree with milbury for once about the lack of discipline from the league. we all know what happens if that’s avery. he probably bites lapierre’s finger off.

10) oh boy, and that just stings bad for boston. burrows with the gwg  11 seconds in ot. bad play by  thomas. guy has to stay in the net, but again, burrows shouldn’t have been playing.

11) and with that, enough complaining about burrows. the guy was awesome. boston should’ve had lucic knock him into next week or send some kind of message. they need some of their top players to play like burrows did tonight. i know thomas was great throughout, but he blew it on the gwg. bruins must get some goals from their top guys. their d was pretty good but they need goals big time. if their pp doesn’t start scoring, its gonna be a quick series. the one pp goal was a weak shot and deflection too.

12) very proud of malhotra. he  played a good game and was good on the pk. still cant believe how fast he recovered. friggins was good too. although he still can’t hit the net. but he’s a native ny’er from smithtown, long island. few towns over from where i grew up, so i still root for him.

12 1/2) burrows= hungry monster!!

13 ) one last thing. as good a game boston played, and still lost, i think this thing goes at least 6. and with the way we played both these teams this season, we really aren’t far off to contending. but will brad richards will get us there.? i agree with doodie. let stepan grow into that role. i think he’s good enough to. Let’s hope slats keeps up with the youth movement. with hank in his prime, and all the good young d prospects we have, all we need is the offense. we’ll be there soon heads. but not with more overpaid underacheiving free agents. watching these playoffs there is one constant. great goaltending, which we have, great d, which we will have very soon. the thing we need most now is for slats to keep building thru the draft. It’s the players teams get thru the draft that usually become the main reasons for their success. one look at kaberle should be enough for slats to stay away from richards.

well, this was fun, i got to do my first game review, although it was rushed because my daughter won’t leave me alone!! and i rambled a bit. but hey, I’m no pro like carp.  and, u guys saw the game, u know what happened. i’m out. goodnight heads. theres hope for the rangers in the future. we will get there soon.

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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Multiple paragraphs AND punctuated and no dyslexic ‘t’s” GREAT JOB GRABBY!!

  2. Yup. I did very little editing (note the lower case words throughout). Added a few apostrophes (I just couldnt let those go). I thought it was excellent work by grabby.

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Hiya Carpy!!!

    Seems like Burrows was chomping at the bit last night ;-)

  4. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    fantastic write up bro and I love you man!!!

    morning ILB and all!!

    I never commented on the burrows’ “biting” for the most part but it seemed to be such a hot topic last night, here’s my two cents…he shouldn’t have been suspended. If bergeron was crazy enough to (intentionally or not) put his fingers anywhere near (let alone in) burrows mouth (a known yapper in 2 languages), then you might just get bit. End of story as far as I’m concerned. Love the way burrows plays, stick to staal pecans and all!

    Love the lapierre mocking towards the end of the 3rd, Hilarious…absolutely HILARIOUS!! That guy is awesome!!!

    Speaking of the NUCKS (go nucks go), their fans are becoming my second favorite fans (behind the canadiens’ fans) what a classy display with the “manny” chants!!

    I noticed that the 2 TV personalities that everyone here really seems to hate, milbury and cherry both have boston connections so why the hell is anyone here rooting for the bruins?

  5. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on


    hey girl!

  6. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    and can someone confirm for me what was up with keith jones face? Too much makeup, or suntan? the area around his eyes was pale, his face was like cover girl sunkissed beige, and the red on his cheeks looked like someone put a lil lipstick on their fingers and tried to blend it in.

  7. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Dubi initially wants 4.5 mil per season…BUH BYE!!!

  8. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    I thought the same thing Wicky, I wonder if Slats is gonna package him in a trade.

  9. Grabby! Awesome review, man! Thanks for doing it!

    Haha! Lin, he must have missed a spot with his “tan in a can”. He looked freakish…

  10. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR, keith jones is keeping up with the kardashians!

    sorry, didnt realize the link was in French. Maybe Wicky can translate

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao NYR, he looked freakish! And Milbury, wishing Guy LaFleur was soylent green… disturbing

  12. Great review, Mike! Very well put together, and not a single “teh”. I was ready for a much longer version, though :-)

    Afternoon, everyone!

    We will spend much more time discussing Richards within the next couple of weeks. But let’s enjoy the finals for now. As expected, this was a much better played game.
    Agree with wicky, great to hear Vancouver fans chant “Manny”. And I was emotional yesterday seeing his left eye being still smaller than the right one, but plating without fear.

    Go Nucks! And go Manny!

  13. Damn, $4.5 mill for Dubi? I thought he said he “wanted to be a Ranger” and ” to get it done ASAP”?

    That’s not exactly what the Rangers need right now…let him walk if he wants…Callahan should be getting more than Dubinsky…

  14. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    oops. moderation

  15. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    take that moderation!!!!

  16. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I am 100% in agreement!!

  17. anyone else think the singer of the canadian national anthem looks like the ghost of christmas present on “a christmas carol”(any version)?

  18. iDoodie machetto on

    Thanks for all of the compliments grabby. Also, good review.

    I actually missed the whole game except for the OT. Blame Thomas all you want, but chara should have taken a penalty to stop the wrap around.

  19. I disagree about Burrows. Since when are there rules for fighting? As one person (I forgot who) said, “If you don’t want me to bite your fingers don’t put them in my mouth!”

  20. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Ha, just noticed your link above. RDS usually needs some translating (LOL).

  21. thanks everyone for the nice comments. love u guys!! i was trying to watch the game with the kid running back forth in front of the tv yelling and hollering as she was being chased by an imaginary monster. lol, but i got to se most of teh game even if i couldnt hear much. did i miss any “waffleboards” and “pitchforks” and forearm shivers”??? and ya i tried to wrtite it btter than do here usally, except ccccp made me laugh one day and i spit out coffee on te keyboard, so its kinda broken. and it took me 3 hours to go bak and edit all teh misspelled words. dont wory,m im getting an new one today. i get heaaches reading my own posts usualy lol.

  22. np doodie. my daughtr saw me writing your name on teh cmputer and she starts laughing hysterically, and i told hr its just your handle. not real name. but whatever, youre ow her fvorite bonehead, besides me i guess. lol. and ya i think both thomas nd chara screwed that play up.

  23. i did whine about burows a lot last night, its just more that the fact if it was avery he wouldve been banned from the league and certain plaers get away with crap they shouldnt. leaue discipline just is horribly inconsitent. i like burrows as a player, hes great,and showed it last night.

  24. Dubi doesn’t deserve even 4. And I’m glad Slats may actually refuse to pay blood money to Brad Richards.

  25. I wonder what kind of team we’d be by now, if Slats managed the team like he’s doing now. All bias aside, obviously :P

    Seriously, he’s finally making smart decisions. Or maybe I should wait until July 6th, at least, until I come to a conclusion!

  26. bull dog line on

    Staal asked for 4. 5 mill last season. I think he got 3.5 with each year going up to the last year when he gets 5. Dubi will get something close to that. don’t underrate him he deserves a good deal. I think Stafford got 16 over 4.

  27. You have to wonder who was pulling the strings 5-10 years ago, who is pulling the strings now, how did reality strike someone or an organization so seemingly out of touch or misguided (and blind) at the time. Problem I have with Dubi is that his attitude/ego does not match his play. He talks the talk. Love to see him healthy and motivated come playoff time. We need more than BR.

  28. Great review, Grabby! You should try doing it professionally! ;P Sorry about the keyboard.

    Re: Sather — None of us know how much of the organizational turn around can actually be attributed to Sather. Up to even 5 years ago when he signed Gomer and Dru, it showed that old Slats was still alive and kicking! Obviously, he is the GM, but we cannot deny that arrivals of Torts, Gordie Clark and Messier significantly changed the way NYR organization have been doing things in the last few years.

  29. hahah proffesionally my carcillo!!! but thnks cccp. for both laughs.

    well, attributing the recent success of the turnaround in philosophy might have tp=o do wit sather having no choice when the salary cap was instituted. you see how many scouts theyve hired the lastfew years? and im guessing the ahl coaching staff should be commended for development of alot of players as well. not grachev but guys like redden have really blossomed down there ;)

  30. no but the ahl coaches and shoney have done great with the defeseman, an yea, our top fwd prospect in hartford, grachev, hasnt been great, but i still think hes got a future with teh team. arti,duby an cally all came up from there and are now key members of the rangers

  31. yeah Slats had no choice when salary cap was instituted… that’s why he signed Gomer, Dru, Redden and Rozi to cosmic contracts! Yeah…Sather *really* gets it! lol

  32. Dubinsky’s terrible 2nd half cost him the big contract he’s asking for. He deserves around 3.5-3.8 mil. Callahan deserves a bit more around 3.9-4.2

    When its all said and done i think Dubi gets 3.75 mil for 3 years and Callahan gets 4 mil for 4 years…

  33. ok ya got me there. but alot of teams were giving out bad contracts too. 7 millfor brian campbell? 5-6 mil for huet? how about bouwmester? it took awhile for sather to figure it out, lol. yea, nothing was worse than our deals, but at least we were able to get out of most of them.

  34. cally and duby deserve the same amount imo. no doubt caly is the leader on this team and is more of a total package but duby showed alot of leadership as well. he was getting into fights with other teams stars and leaders, he had a career season in all categories, and he became a clutch player down the stretch while gabby,wolski and others were floating along. him and caly both are equally important to teh team. i say give them 4 mill each and make cally the captain, an duby one of the alternates. as long as the buyout droopy, they shoulnt hav a prob giving the two heart n soul guys on the team a fair deal. in reality, duby only gets 3.5, but the stache deserves the 500k!!!

  35. oh yea, forgot about teh 2nd half he was pretty inconsistent oleo. s yea, until he puts full season together, id say give cally teh 4mill, and duby 3.5. stache gets a nice combing and trim

  36. Nice review, Grabby! I even could follow along with most of it, lol.

    I’d bet anything Milbury is STILL whining about Burrows.

  37. I laughed when I saw Dubi was asking 4.5 per, then realized it was the start of negotiations. Better to aim high early on, I guess. He’ll definitely need to lower that a good deal, though.

  38. And for the hatty…

    wicky, were you here when the damn cicadas are out? I’m convinced they’re out to get me. Bugs, ewwwww.

  39. bull dog line on

    when Cally can stay healthy for an entire season I will give him more than Dubi. until then Dubi is worth more. if you were paying attention this season, you saw who the real leader of this team was. through all the injuries, and the rookies in the lineup, the player that lead the entire year was Dubi.

  40. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting to see the Boston goalie located somewhere in the rafters on the winning goal. At least the popcorn up there tastes good.

  41. Its Grabachev from cowpatttie land. Excellent work! You know you can write as much as you want right? We want more!

    I agree Dubi is asking too much, but thats how negotiations start. Staal started out too high last year too.

    Definitely a better game to watch. A friend who is a B’s fan texted me the same thing right at the end of regulation. Poor Guy. and last game he said a tornado missed him by 5 miles.

    I dont feel Burrows deserved a suspension at all. SOB shouldnt be rubbing his glove in someones face in the first place, he deserved what he got. I got kicked out of the league once when some SOB was trying to cross check my throat when I was lying on the ice. I didnt have a problem with planting my sklates on his chest and launching him.

    I agree Thomas got burned by the sword a few times. He wont change now, he probably shouldnt either. He kinda took Chara out and missed Burrows at the same time in OT.

  42. nice write up Grabby
    as far as Dubi
    yeah, aim high

  43. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    yes, they are pretty brutal there!!

  44. thnx latona, jpg,tomb(my hockeystreams buddy),mickey and evryone. it was very fun. i gotta get up at 4 cowpatty time for work. sucks!!! see ya guys manana!

  45. no way dubi makes more then staal. dubi is a nice player but.

    stafford got 4 years at $4 mill each and dubi wil ge tless then him. dubi is better on the PK and puck possession then Stafford but stafford is a much better swcorer and that counts most.

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