Manny Malhotra at the morning skate


Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A with Manny Malhotra today:

Q.  Manny, can you end the suspense and tell us if you’re playing tonight?

MANNY MALHOTRA:  It’s gone from day to day to game-time decision right now.  I’m honestly not trying to send you guys on a wild goose chase.  That’s just the nature of the situation right now.

Q.  At this point in the day, do you feel healthy enough to play?

MANNY MALHOTRA:  I feel really good, yeah.  I felt good yesterday skating.  Felt good this morning.  So, again, hopefully I’ll continue throughout the day.

Q.  Manny, what were you looking for from your game to give you an indication that you’re ready?

MANNY MALHOTRA:  It’s tough to say.  Obviously being good in the circle is going to be a big part of what I do.  It’s always tough to say how your legs are going to be responding in a game.  I felt good the last few days of skating as far as my wind goes.

I think early on, things we’re going to talk about if I go, is just simplicity, getting my feet moving, getting pucks in, making smart decisions with the pucks, keeping things real basic for right now.

Q.  If you do play, what do you expect to feel in terms of the emotions, whether it’s first games in different situations, how will this compare to other firsts in your career?

MANNY MALHOTRA:  It’s obviously an incredible position to be in.  I think everybody that’s on the ice tonight has dreamed about this at some point or another in their career, growing up.

I realize the significance of the moment.  At the same time, once the puck’s dropped, I’m going to have to just, again, bring it back to basics.  Just another game, got to do the things I’ve done my whole career.

Q.  If you do play at some point there’s going to be a shot of Manny Malhotra on the big screen and the crowd is going to be pretty emotional.  How do you react?

MANNY MALHOTRA:  For me, it would obviously be a very touching moment, I guess.  I realize how privileged I am to play in a market like Vancouver.  We have incredible fans here.  They’ve shown me nothing but support this entire year and through this entire last couple months.

So it’s a privilege to play in front of them.  I thank them for all the support that they’ve given me thus far.

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  1. carp, u still need me to do game 2 review tonight?? i am assuming you do, so just letting you know i am. incase the world ends though, i might not be able to.

  2. Hartnell Carp! Say new post! Grabby, do it…..:)

    from before:

    AV, I didn’t see wick’s comment, but from yours I’m not sure who I agree/disagree with :)

    Here’s my thoughts: if we sell great or future/growing assets for a one-two-year- shot deal = dumb. This team has proven (even, forgive me, in 94), that we work best as a whole unit, not just with one or two “stars” (hello, where are the Caps and Pens now?). If we keep building and growing = smart. I think we’re going in the right direction. Do we need some help in some areas (heck yeah!). But let’s not bulldoze the foundation for a rickety top….

    hmmm, idiot metaphors aside, them’s my thoughts….:)

  3. I wish Manny best of luck from the bottom of my heart, and if nothing else will root for Nucks just b/c of him alone. This Man and team deserve it.

  4. i have my daughter spending the weekend though, and shes 5. so just letting you guys have fair warning, i might be a tad distracted. so if i do a crappy review, go easy on me!

  5. hey, anom, id yourself to me at my private e-mail eh :) no harm no foul, but be cool, eh? :) mama says thanks….

  6. ha! my fave Firefox comment….You are posting too quickly. Slow down.

    wtb!! how else can I trick!

  7. Yes, Grabby, I’m counting on you … and you sound like a veteran journalist, building up your excuse before you actually even write. :)

  8. Carp,
    speaking of journalists, was my idea to you, writting characters impressions, really stupid?

  9. Carp, LMAO!

    4ever, meant to respond to that a while ago. I thought Carp always did that? besides, there are limits, as a good journo would know, not to go too far while covering a team. Call be biased…”Hello Biased!” but I think Carp’s been doing that all along here.

    And I swear, I get no part of the $1.50 per post for saying that. (although, Carp, we should talk :)

  10. 4everanger

    just felt like saying it :)

    USA National team (soccer) is getting their butts handed to them by Spain on ESPN right now

  11. OK, Laurel Carpiniello, thank you. Taken off…satisfactory enough.
    CCCP, I don’t mind, but you could wake up transvestite parrot…

  12. bull dog line on

    where are the Caps and Pens now,
    well the Pens, when they had there 1 or 2 star players went to the finals one year, and won the cup the next. the Caps, well they have been home early every year. Vancouver, with there 1 or 2 stars, are 3 wins from the cup. you need 1 or 2 stars to win, more times than not. Toews, and Kane. Datsuk, and Zetterberg. Crosby, and Malkin.

  13. bull dog line on

    while we all wait for all of these prospects to become stars, Hank gets older. how long do you think it is going to take for Thomas, Kreider, and the rest of the prospects to mature,and become stars, and whom do you suppose the goalie may be then.

  14. bull dog line on

    I’m guessing that superstar Sean Avery isn’t keeping a roster spot away from a good prospect now, is he.

  15. bull dog, don’t sugar coat your feelings, tell us how you feel :) I’d respond, but gotta run (lucky me:)

    however…. a goalie don’t make a team, a star center/forward don’t make a team, one d-man don’t make a team.

    Dare I say it…a team makes a team. Here endeth the lesson. :)

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