Guest blogger Doodie Machetto: Game 1 in review


1)      I don’t want to spend too much time on the NBC coverage (Lord knows they didn’t) so I’ll just say this: It’s going to be a long 10 years.

2)      What a boring game. I can appreciate a good 0-0 game but this was not one of them. Even if the game was 4-4 it would have been a boring game. So many penalties and there were like 10 icings in the third period. There was just no flow whatsoever.

3)      That said, Tim Thomas=Monster.

4)      Best skater from Game 1: Jannik Hansen by a landslide. Maxime Lapierre was a distant second, and I don’t anyone else was close to him either.

5)      Vancouver singing the national anthem is pretty awesome. It’s not just the effect, but I think about how impossible it would be to get the “18,200” at MSG to do the same.

6)      I had originally written a paragraph deriding Ryan Kesler and was literally in the process of editing it when he forced the turnover that led to the game-winning goal. Still, prior to that, he was once again terrible offensively. I know he does a lot defensively and he ended up with the game turning play here with less than 30 seconds remaining, but with how he talks about himself, you would think he was averaging an Ovechtrick a game.

7)      I said before the series that Boston occasionally has a nervous period defensively. Vancouver can hang a few goals on your team if that happens. It started with the first puck drop, with Vancouver having four GREAT chances before Boston even started playing, but after that, the flow was interrupted a lot since there were so many penalties. Boston’s third period was very bad and Vancouver punished them for it.

8)      I don’t like the Boston PP, and it’s not just because it isn’t scoring. I really dislike Zdeno Chara in front. I get the idea of the big body in front, but you need a guy with hands to make deflections or be quick to jam home rebounds. For all of Chara’s strengths, having quick hands isn’t really one of them. The other big problem with Chara up front is that they use Tomas Kaberle and Dennis Seidenberg at the point. Three defensemen on the PP! And the one with the big shot is in front of the net! Aren’t Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton big boys? Can’t they get in front instead? Look at all of the all time greats that made their living in front of the net: Tomas Holmstrom, Dave Andreychuk, Ryan Smyth, even Adam Graves. None of them are giants (although Andreychuk is a very big boy), and they scored their goals on deflections and second chances, which I just can’t picture Chara doing. Add to that all of the energy Chara has to spend to wrestle to stay in front and there is a significant cost. And to top it all off: it’s not working!!!

9)      Side point: Boston has to now send Toronto a 2nd rounder as part of the Kaberle trade since they made the Final, and Kaberle has been a virtual non-factor since his arrival in Boston.

10)  Everyone talks about how tough and physical the Bruins are, but the Canucks aren’t exactly cream puffs. A lot of strong and tough players on their team.

11)  Paging Tyler Seguin.

12)  Dan Hamhuis “embellished” the cross-check from David Krejci.  Thomas “embellished” the trip from Alexandre Burrows. EDZO even called out Henrik Sedin’s obvious dive when he was cross-checked lightly during a post-whistle scrum. I’d love to see Brendan Shanahan change the NHL review of “embellishment.” Sure, the refs can’t benefit from the use of replay, but the league can. Slap a few fines on some guys for any embellished or phantom penalties, and see how much longer that lasts in the game.

13)  Burrows better be suspended for two games. That was the precedent set for biting when it was Jarkko Ruutu. This will be the first test of whether Shanahan is for real or whether the NHL discipline process will remain a joke.

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  1. bull dog line on

    Shanhan will not be doing the discipline in the final. that would be Murphy.

  2. “Slap a few fines on some guys for any embellished or phantom penalties, and see how much longer that lasts in the game.”

    I’m not opposed to that, but didn’t the league basically try that a few years ago and the policy lasted a few months at most (presumably due to GMs and the NHLPA whining about it)?

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Doodie….We all appreciate your help.

    Totally agree on your PP assessment. Chara is their biggest weapon when he shoots the puck from the point, not when he potentially blocks it in front of the goalie. You don’t have to be 6-9 to obstruct goalie’s view. It’s a long series. Even if he doesn’t score, he wears down the PK players who attempt to block his cannon. And he doesn’t pivot very swiftly to pounce on any potential rebounds. It happened a few times last night- by the time he turned around, the defense cleared the puck.

    Very good observation on #10. I too think Vancouver can easily match their physicality, and then some.

    I attribute Kessler’s relatively quiet offensive game last night to the fact that the game itself had very little flow, and both team’s concentrated on defense, rather than trying to create offensive chances. Both teams looked nervous and shaky for long stretches. But he was still solid on PK etc.
    I’m sure starting Saturday it will all get better. We all saw some glimpses of what it should look last night. I expect good series. Vancouver appears to be able to take it up a notch, as they showed during the third.

    Showing Burrows bite PB’s finger on national TV doesn’t really help NHL’s ratings, now does it. Not very smart on his part, for sure. 2 games.

  4. I dont think so much its paging Tyler Seguin as much as paging Claude Julien. Seguin didnt see 1 second of that atrocious 4min pp in the first. Boggles my mind. I can understand not wanting to overwhelm the kid, but to give him 6 mins and not a second on that 4min pp i do not understand. But im not the coach so i digress

  5. “With Erixon, I’m all for getting rid of Girardi. Who cares that he blocks shots, he sucks and greatly reaps the rewards of having Staal as his D partner”

    Hmm, remember we used to say the same thing aboot Malik playing with Blowzy? Prust sayin’!

    Girardi was arguably are best d-man in the playoffs. Anyone who says he sucks is clueless. Watch a few star defenseman in the NHL, and you’ll see them make mistakes.

  6. CTBlueshirt on

    I don’t like the Boston PP, and it’s not just because it isn’t scoring. I really dislike Zdeno Chara in front. I get the idea of the big body in front, but you need a guy with hands to make deflections or be quick to jam home rebounds. For all of Chara’s strengths, having quick hands isn’t really one of them. The other big problem with Chara up front is that they use Tomas Kaberle and Dennis Seidenberg at the point. Three defensemen on the PP! And the one with the big shot is in front of the net!

    totally agree Doodie:
    CTBlueshirt June 1st, 2011 at 8:31 pm
    I don’t agree with Chara in front of the net, you’re taking away his shot.

  7. I agree with Ilb. The game had very little flow to it. A few good chances here and there.

    Kesler – 7 goals — 12 assists — +7 — 4 PPG — 2 GWG

    He might not have done much, but he made a great play that led to a game winner. He’s scored a few big goals, and assisted on a few big goals. He’s a strong defensive player. When it comes to the Conn Smythe, I’d think these facts are pretty appealing!

    Krejci, and Horton have some nice stats, and can swing the vote in their favor this series.

    I have a feeling Luongo will win it though.

  8. doodie, great review bud. idk why but i felt the same as you even though i had only watched the 2nd period on and i just thought right away that it was a pretty boring game. and that it wouldnt change. it was horrible with all the 5 on 3’s and 4 on 3’s that neither team could execute and show why theyre the 2 top teams in the league. there was some good hitting though. i’m sure their nerves were an issu for most of them. but still. i agree with ilb and i think game 2 will be much better.

    I also agree with your thoughts on bostons pp. i dint see but half the game but they stunk. they set up recchi few times though he just couldnt finish. with charas shot though, especially since hes scored some of the very few pp goals they have from the point or coming in the from the point, he really should stay there. look at what he did to cally?

  9. CTBlueshirt on

    The one thing the Nucks do on the forecheck that the Rangers need to watch, watch again and have imprinted into their heads during camp and in-season practices is they use the entire offensive zone. That involves heavy pinching from the D but they don’t spend a lot of time with the puck in the corners or behind the net. Now obviously that involves having the right kind of personnel but guys like Bieksa and Rome aren’t exactly MacInnis and Coffey back there yet they get plenty of touches during the cycle.

    Choppy play for long stretches but during the few sustained stretches of 5 on 5 the Nucks looked to have better control of the flow with the Bs occasionally being able to produce an effective counterattack. The one adjustment I’d like to see the Nucks make is the purposely missed shot off then end boards (or in Higgins case his attempt on net) that will take advantage of Thomas’s aggressiveness.

  10. Adding Erixon has nothing to do with Girardi. Different players, it seems. It gives a little more time for MDZ to develop, if needs to, and, perhaps, the team doesn’t have to rush McIlrath in the lineup. Gilroy, however, maybe out.

  11. Doodie? Great review brother.

    I really can’t believe how that game ended. That was insane. All those penalties and icings and bitings and then BOOM – Kesler = Neutral Zone Monster and that’s all she wrote ladies n’ gents!

  12. i just saw we traded horak an 2 seconds rounders for ja erixon son?? do we really need more d men? we need scoring fowards! i thought horak was a skill guy?

  13. I was wondering the same thing about who would be doling out the penalties for biting……how many games did Ruutu get when he was biting folks?

  14. Grabby I said it yesterday – Torts has a new system he wants to try. 4 Defensemen and 1 forward per shift. Brilliant!

  15. CTBlueshirt on

    Erixon probably doesn’t affect Girardi this year but if he has a McMonster type rookie year it might make Girardi redundant for the next 2 years.

  16. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Terrific review Doodie….

    my prediction is that the series will get better…the players will play better and the refs will ref better…as the series moves forward…if not…then what a Byfuglien-ed up final it will be

  17. Grabby, it’s a great chance to take. And this isn’t like trading for someone who didn’t play well, and could be really good with a change of scenery. For whatever reason, he didn’t want to sign with them.

    Apparently he’s not only the Flames best prospect, but he’s in the top 15-20 in the NHL, someone mentioned yesterday.

    Great trade! It’s amazing how smart Slats is when it comes to trading. He’s only screwed up a few times. The Lisin/Korpedo trade instantly comes to mind.

    Looking forward to seeing him in camp.

  18. manny, we need to go full defense this year!!. trade gabby for souray and trade all our forwards for d men. we need to have 5 in the back protecting hank. i wann see girardi slide from one end of the rink to the other on his belly to stop a floating wrist shot from rozy!!!

  19. really orr? i didnt know much about him. thats good to know. i was basing my opinion ofhim on nhl 11’s rating system. my bad!!

  20. Ha! Could you imagine 5 D-Men on the ice at once? Would we be the slowest team ever? Even if that is the plan I still vote to get rid of Caber!

    As Eddie says – it’s not just about who scores more goals but also who let’s in less goals. I think 5 Defensemen would really help not let in many goals.

  21. and orr, didnt we just trade for a guy because he didnt wanna sign with the yotes?? whatsup with these young kids disrespecting teams like that? you would think they wouldbe happy just to play in the nhl. at least before they decide they are too good to play for certain teams.

  22. LOL! He’s probably a 65 in NHL11!

    Blake Lively nudie pics leaked on the internet. It’s pretty rare to see a famous chick “lose” nudie pics of herself, that you actually want to see.

    But, back to NHL11. I’m amazed I still have not played that game. This will be the first EA game that I didn’t buy.

    I’d buy it, but it’s a waste of money. It’s basically NHL10, with a few lame features. NHL12 better step up it’s fuggin game. That’s all I have to say!

  23. I heard those picks weren’t her (shocker! she say’s it isn’t her). It just looks exactly like her. Without her clothes on. I will never, ever understand why famous girls that are as attractive as they come think it’s a good idea to do that. I assume it’s because even those most famous and most beautiful women have insecurities.

  24. Coach Grabby! (I appoint myself Assistant Coach and I order the players to carry swords instead of Goalie Sticks).

  25. Manny, new pics were released. It’s definitely her.

    The pictures show her with tattoos that she had from that Boston movie she did. The Town, I think it’s called.

    I thought they were fake at first, but the new ones look pretty legit. The hacker says there’s more pictures. Sweet!

    How stupid are these chicks? This isn’t new, it happens often. They must want the pics to get hacked. Hey, I have no problem with that :P

  26. I have no problem with it either. I am not her father, brother or boyfriend (Leo Dicaprio?). I will have to find those new pics to “investigate.”

  27. anyways, u hobbits get back to slaying orcs and fondling special rings. i gotta get my hobbit assen to work.

  28. I actually am a dork when it comes to LOTR. I have been trying to convince my Wife that my wedding ring should be the ring from LOTR……One Ring To Rule Them All.

    I think it was an ironic obsession at once but then it became real when I stopped being a hipster and turned 30.

  29. Speaking of “Lords”, the two “Hobbit” movies finally have release dates. I think it was December 2012, and December 2013. Awesome!

    I love the LOTR trilogy. Epic!

    LOL! Grabby, that’s great. A guy named Weiner, showing his weiner. Haha!

  30. i’ll be 30 in july manny. i cant believe i still act like i’m 18 sometimes.

  31. 12.21.2012?? That would be funny. Those movies are SO awesome. When I saw “Return of the King” there was a kid in the theater (of course I saw a midnight viewing) wearing a baseball jersey he had made himself that said “Baggins” as the name and “69” as the number. Nice.

  32. Acting 18 is awesome! They were playing Pearl Jam, “Ten” in the coffee shop I go to this morning (Oren’s in Times Square) and I was like…”Great choice guys.” Then realized they were all about 21. Then I remembered I was in 6th grade when that came out. Boy oh boy did I feel old.

  33. my daughter told me i’m old poop. or i’m old as poop. its funny. she equates grownup with old. no matter if its me or some old man using a walker.

  34. haha my old roller hockey teammate had the number 69. we wereonly about 15 or so. we all laughed about it, but he actually had a june 9th b day and both 6 and 9 were taken. we didnt tell him why we would laugh about it until almost the end ofour 2nd season. cant believe his friends never told him.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, subtract out the Nashville series from Kesler’s numbers and you get:

    13 GP, 2 goals, 6 assists, 0 GWG.

    Seems pretty ho-hum to me.

    Perhaps I’m being a little hard on the guy, but after the fake holding the stick penalty on Weber, and after I hear Kesler run his mouth about how awesome he is, I have just started to dislike the guy.

  36. Wife, Manny? Already? Did you get married over the last two days? Or did I miss something?

  37. ilb – Yea. We had a civil ceremony. The wedding celebration is actually on New Years Eve but we thought it would be nice to have the Civil Ceremony at City Hall on our actual anniversary.

  38. Wow, I don’t remember you mention that at all. Congratulations to you and your wife!

  39. Thanks! We really didn’t mention it or tell anybody. I have over-sensitive parents. But since I tell you guys everything….there you go.

  40. Guess who’s buying the first round at W77 when we all meet there next time? :-)

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Congrats Manny. Celebration is NYE? My wedding was January 2. Now we just need someone to be New Year’s Day and then…. profit?

  42. Great idea Doodie. Maybe we can make a “365 days of anniversary celebration” type thing. That could make us rich somehow.

  43. My favorite itdbit from Scott Cullen’s article:

    “Tiny Norwegian Mats Zuccarello only played half the season with the Rangers, playing just 14:10 per game, but was effective enough, scoring 23 points as well as far-and-away leading the Rangers in five-on-five shot differential per 60 minutes, according to ”

    Hobbit Wizard!! The numbers don’t lie!!

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Saw this on Waseka:

    stevezipay Mentally, too? RT @nev_ev: @stevezipay Lundqvist I teach the position, that is absurd. #Lundqvist is best technically sound goalie in NHL.

    My response would be that for all of Lundqvist’s technical soundness, how many Vezinas has he won? Tim Thomas is one of the least technically sound and he is about to win his second. Dominik Hasek was the least technically sound, yet he was the best ever. “Technically sound?” Get real.

  45. Doodie, you’re definitely too hard on him. Kesler always runs his mouth. He’s always been an agitator.

    Yeah, the bulk of his points came in the second round, but take a look at the superstars in the playoffs. They didn’t step up like he did. What aboot Crosby? Where was he? You can be hard on them, and rightfully so.

  46. Come to think of it Crosby just did not show up in these playoffs. I can’t even remember 1 shift he played.

  47. I don’t think Lundqvist is the best technically sound goalie, certainly one of the best but he still has issues with his glove (which did get better this year) and going down too early on shots. Also if they’re including puck handling ability as part of being technically sound that would certainly exclude him from being the best since he’s arguably one of the worst goalies in the league at that facet of the game.

  48. This is interesting:
    *MLB looking into actions of A-Rod’s cousin*
    MLB is investigating the relationship between Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and his cousin Yuri Sucart, who has been traveling to cities where the Yankees have been playing.

  49. My favorite Kesler stat was from the regular season. I think it was something like only 7 or 8 of his 41 goals against teams that qualified for the playoffs.

  50. CT is right. Hank might be one of the worst stick handling goalies in the league. He does go down early and he does play deep in his crease.

  51. A-Hemroid Rodriguez!

    Imagine sex between A-Roid and Cameron Diaz?

    A-Roid: Baby, let’s juice up!
    Cameron: Yeaaah! What kind of roids should we use?
    A-Roid: I don’t care, let’s inject each others butt cheeks!

  52. “Technically sound” is probably overrated when it comes to keeping the puck out….But I bet Hank would win a couple of Vezinas already if he played behind Charas, Webbers, Bieksas etc…And his forwards would be able to posses the puck for long periods of time, and, god forbid, put a few more goals in the opposing nets.

  53. It’s hard to imagine him really having sex. He’s so roided up, his weener must like like an egg in a birds nest.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, if good defenders and forwards are the keys to Vezinas, how did Hasek win so damn many?

    CCCP, I almost put Tim[my] Thomas, but I didn’t want to play into it at all.

    Timmy Thomas, Marty Brodeur, Ricky DiPietro, etc.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I just don’t want to picture dudes. I don’t just limit it to A-Rod.

  56. LMAO @ Bongo Luongo and Garthy Snow!

    btw, that post picture looks as if Torres punches Boychuk in a jaw!

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Looks like Burrows is going to walk.

    NHL Supplemental Discipline: the greatest joke of all!

  58. Maybe Shanny will make a statement saying what he would have done had he been in charge. Restore order Shanny!

  59. do you guys really think what Barrows did deserves 2 games suspension? or any at all?

    i mean, sure he bit the tip of his finger (slightly) but Bergeron put his fingers in Burrows’ mouth!

  60. If they didn’t suspnd him for what he did to Stahl, why would they suspend him now?

    Some players get free passes…Burrows is one of them….Don’t think he’s ever been suspended and he is one of the dirtiest players in the league…

  61. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    morning ilb, old poop, and all!!

  62. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I agree with cccp re burrows

  63. “Rangers agree to terms with free agent defenseman Blake Parlett. The 6-1, 205-pounder skated in 24 games with the Connecticut Whale this season, registering 2 goals and 10 assists for 12 points, along with 17 penalty minutes.”

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