Finally, the finals


Happy June.

I probably won’t see a second of Game 1 unless it goes double-OT. Up to my eyeballs today.

I will attempt to put up some morning skate stuff later, but can’t promise.

Also, haven’t had a single volunteer to review any of the finals games.

Oh, well. I guess this is the off-season.


We touched a bit on this yesterday … and I’d have to go back and read the whole thread to see how far it got … but I think this move by Atlanta to Winnipeg could certainly hurt the Rangers (and any other bubble teams in the East) once realignment takes place. I mean, if they get Nashville in the East, that’s one more playoff berth gone. The Predators would be really, really good in the Least. And God forbid if it’s Detroit, though I don’t think that would happen.

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  1. Good game day morning, boneheads!

    Finally, it’s been too long. Let’s go Vancouver!

  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Good morning Heads! Interested to see what happens with realignment. On a side note Carp, I got a sweet new set of golf clubs courtesy of the wife, so I’ll be having meetings with Mr. Callaway this summer.

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Nashville is Central time. I think the team that moves over will be EST. I think it is Detroit (it could be Columbus) because it is better for their fan base to play in the conference with the most same time zone teams. Detroit has the dibs on this if they want it, and I believe they will want it.

    Forget about how it affects our chances of making the playoffs. We need to become a top 5 or 6 team every year and not worry about it !!

  4. Good morning Boneheads.
    Hey BANJ, wake up and make my breakfast! You know I don’t have hands.

  5. If the Rangers are scared that a team is going to come in and take their precious 8th spot then they have real problems. If fans are worried then they just have no faith that the team will improve.

  6. i’ll do a review carp. it wont come close to your reviews or some other guest posters, but i can do any game except for tonights cuz of work or if theres a game next wednesday. so game 2??

  7. Bruins in 6!

    Can’t wait for tonight! Should be waaaay more exciting than that boring basketball game last night. That game reminded me of something! Only tune in to the 4th period, cause the rest is all useless filler!

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I notice, from playing chess, that I play much more focused and better against good competion, and quite sloppily vs. weak competition. The Rangers and some other franchises in the Eastern Conference may find that they upgrade their expectations of themselves, because of the tougher competition they are facing. Starting with building to win the Cup, instead of screwing off “to make the playoffs.” Rangers – Red Wings — how great it would be to see more of that once great rivalry.

  9. Good point Boom Boom. The Rangers did play very well against good competition and very poorly against bad competition.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Kesler wins the Conn Smythe despite again being a non-factor offensively.

  11. CTBlueshirt on

    Maybe Kesler is alternating which round he makes an impact on?
    1st and 3rd rounds: 12 GP, 2 G/5 A
    2nd round: 6 GP, 5 G/6A.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Hat Trick for CTB, which is more goals than Kesler has scored in rounds 1 and 3 combined.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Can the Rangers trade for the Sedin Twins please? I really want to see the Rangers in the Finals.

  14. Good morning, Sally!

    Gab, what are these golf clubs of which you speak? They sound vaguely familiar.

    Grabby, seriously, do you want Game 2? If so, just e-mail me your review the night of the game to

    Anybody else interested?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    But if the game starts getting heavy into OT, it’s going to be like a newspaper that went to print before the game ended.

  16. By the way, these reviews don’t have to be more than a few paragraphs if you want to keep them simple and get some sleep.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Is there a length maximum? I’ll probably just write up my random thoughts as the game progresses and will pare down from there.

  18. carp- yes i will do game 2 ok. ive done a guest post before and it mightve been long, i cant remeber, but i wil keep it relatively short k. especially snce it will be in vancouver and the time zone screws with my beauty sleep!!!

  19. carp- just got home from work meting, didnt see your post about keeping the review short if i wanted. ayway, thanks its always fun to do one of these guestposts.

  20. were all just carps groupies here anyway. the carpfather pimp daddy!! in addition to boneheads, can we be refrerred to as “carpies”??

  21. Carp

    If Torts told you that your eyes have balls then your eyes have balls! Torts knows balls when he sees them!

  22. ohh jeez cccp!!! im drinkin coffee man! straiht out of nose thanks. now my keyboard is rally befrugliend!! and thanks to your ball coimment, its gonna be wet and sticky laterr!!

  23. Carp, I think you’re over-rating Nashville and under-rating the Thrashers. Admittedly, Nashville is a formidable opponent. But until they get Radulov back over here, there kind of like the Rangers central: Incredible goaltending, equally incredible defense, but nothing up front and especially nothing in the center. As for the team Winnipeg is inheriting, the Thrashers have some great talent coming in, and that’s before you consider Byfuglien and Ladd. I don’t think they’re going to be cellar-dwellers for long. JMHO.

  24. Nashville had one of the best D in the league playing in a division with the 2nd, 4th and 10th highest scoring teams in the NHL. While they ranked 22nd in goals for, they ranked 9th in goal differential.

  25. Ok – While I seriously doubt my ability to say anything of value to youse guys who know a lot more about hockey than I do, I will volunteer to write a review of Game 3 (Monday June 6). I will try to come up with at least 10 points regarding the game.

  26. No need to make it 10, Manny. Five or six or three or whatever. Doodie, try to keep it within reason length-wise.

  27. Manny

    there is also a Bonehead group on facebook, which you can join as soon as you explain how to befriend you on facebook… your link does not have that option…

    unless you dont want to be befriended :)

  28. lets go canucks.

    however leaving my rooting interest aside i think the bruins will win this series in 6.

    the sedins had a tought time against keith/seabrook and a tough time agianst weber/suter. they got going against san jose who doesnt have shutdown pair.

    chara will neutralize the sedins and bergeron line could play head to head vs kesler.

    the pressure will get to the canucks i believe.

    game 1 winners have won 77% of the finals.

    raymond for canucks and ryder for bruins are my picks for unsung players of the final

    go canucks go.

    also BEST CASE scenario columbus comes east without rick nash.

    the rangers will have a hard enough time with pitt phil wash and boston we dont need the redwings coming east also. if its the preds i believe they will lose suter if weber stays and their offense is limited. i could live with them but please no detroit

  29. I am so stupid. I can’t even figure out how to link to my profile. I am a sorry excuse for 30. More like 30 going on 78.

    My name is “Piano Fingers” to keep employers from seeing my ridiculous lifestyle.

  30. Waseka reports Campbell’s stepping away from his role as NHL disciplinarian. Brendan Shanahan is taking over. ——->

  31. I suppose it was getting a little sensitive when anything discipline-wise needed to be decided and Boston was the team involved, one way or another…Probably the right decision.

  32. I am happy with this decision. Hasn’t Shanny been pretty open about his discourse regarding Rule 48?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, how about how it was getting a little sensitive when anything discipline-wise needed to be decided and Campbell just arbitrarily doled it out with no standards whatsoever and the NHL discipline process became a joke?

  34. sorry Carp

    i’m halfway through anxiety attacks
    and being calm in the middle of a storm
    due to all this work i need to finish in a wekk
    i would have loved to have written a Finals review.

  35. as far as who to cheer for….
    it’s tough
    yes for Manny
    ugh for Higgins
    ugh for nationalistic pride gone overboard
    (but, as jpg’s Grandma used to say, “eh, whatta are ya gonna do?”)

    just hope i can find the time to watch the games
    and enjoy.

  36. just read via Bob McKenzie tweet
    that Shanny is going to take over as NHL

    hoping that he’s more consistent on matters than
    cc was.

  37. Doodie-Shanny will be in the same position. Until NHL comes with more precise and measurable standards, most of his decisions will remain arbitrary to an extent.

  38. a bit late with the Shanny news.
    oh well.

    have a feeling he’ll do a good job.

    just wondering when he gets his memo on crosby/malkin

  39. Wicky (Going with the 18" tires on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Go nucks go!

    Sorry I just don’t have time (loud chorus of cheers from the crowd) with us moving this month and work!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m just rooting for good hockey. A strong Stanley Cup Final to propel the sport into the public consciousness ahead of the NFL and NBA lockouts.

  41. I just added a lot of you on Facebook thanks to CCCP pulling through with the recommendations….So don’t be freaked out.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Sure sounds like him and he used to play for the Blues, so I think it is.

  43. fyi, and sorry if this has already been posted:

    According to Renaud Lavoie, of RDS, the Rangers have signed defenseman Blake Parlett to a two year deal that is worth $1.05 million over two seasons. From Not announced by team yet.

  44. just so you know, I got that info from facebook group, not from reading another blog!!!!

  45. Either Canucks in six or Boston in seven. I think it ultimately comes down to who has the better goaltender. I tend to think Luongo is overrated, but Thomas sure looked weak at times against the Lightning.

    Boston was able to contain Lecavalier, Stamkos and St. Louis…applying logic to the Canucks, say they can shut down the Sedins and Kesler. That still leaves a dangerous weapon in Borrows.

    Gotta say, I’m rooting for Boston. Vancouver got enough of a treat last year when Lou won them the gold medal. Manny isn’t playing game one and I couldn’t care less about Higgins…If we’re playing former Rangers, the B’s have Savard, who is technically on the team, right? I’m rooting for him to get a chance to lift the cup. Damn shame he’s not playing for them.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    phil, I’m pretty sure that if the Bruins win, Savard’s name would not be Cup eligible.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Although I’m sure they will make an exception in his case because of the injuries.

  48. Carp,
    With complete offseason fast coming, I have some suggestion to you.
    Reading your articles for many years now, I can confess that I’m not necessarily always (but more often than not) agree with all of your points of view (there is no need for that, as long as your task is to generate thoughts and responses), and I find you being extremely professional and knowledgeable, as well as observant, with “sharp eye” on personalities and events. Having this qualities, and having lucky opportunities to personally see, talk and observe hockey personalities (i.e. players, coaches, etc.), I thought it would be tremendously interesting to me and probably to all your readers, (who are not so fortunate in direct communications, but fortunate enough to be at your blog) to know *your personal * analyses, characteristics, opinions and *your thoughts* of personalities you observed so closely for many years. Considering how many of them you met for years, you could do this posts one in a time, something like RR series of CPO (Carp’s Particular Opinion) or Distinctive Carp’s Point or whatever you’ll like, it just have to be yours *personal*, because with your unique experience and journalistic talent, we, your privileged readers will be rewarded twice – to learn more about described personas and persona who describes. Sorry for long and supposedly poor articulation, but I just wanted to ask you for that long time ago. Thank you.
    P.S. I for example, am dying to know what you really think about Torts “up close and personal”, etc., however there is some “underwater rocks” and politics, I understand, sometimes you can’t (can you?)be too honest in your opinions, risking to get in LB position. (not sure though, anyone of “big boys” reading our blog.)

  49. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy lunch hour boneheads!!! Long time no see!
    One month from today you guys willmost likely get your wish!

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Linda, is that wish crippling the franchise with another bloated long-term contract for a 31 year old?

  51. Campbell was doomed in that job due to the alleged emails to refs re: his son. In truth he should not have held that position while his son is playing in the league at all.

  52. I am not looking forward to getting a team such as Nashville in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference just got luckier as they will get the Winnipeg franchise in their conference in the next couple of years.

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Doodie, thanks for that!!’n. Lmao for sure!!

    Jason Krog!!! Hell yeah Lol ;-) i kid

  54. Doodie – I was listening to some radio show out of Boston and Savard’s name will indeed be on the cup if they win it. There’s a provision that allows injured players to appear on it.

    4everanger – Agreed, it would be nice to get candid bits from Carp, and he gives us some here and there where he can. But you have to realize he’s a journalist. If he gives you an unbridled opinion of a player and/or coach, he could end up risking his relationship with the team, or worse, his objectivity.

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