Stanley Cup finals odds


Stanley Cup Finals odds courtesy of Bodog.

Series Price
Vancouver Canucks       -235
Boston Bruins                +195

Exact Series Result
Boston Bruins 4-0                      25/1
Boston Bruins 4-1                      12/1
Boston Bruins 4-2                      13/2
Boston Bruins 4-3                      15/2
Vancouver Canucks 4-0              15/2
Vancouver Canucks 4-1              13/4
Vancouver Canucks 4-2              4/1
Vancouver Canucks 4-3              15/4

Total Games Played In Series
Over Games                  O 5½    -175
Under Games                U 5½    +145

Total Games Played In Series
4                      6/1
5                      9/4
6                      2/1
7                      2/1

Total Goals Scored in Series
Over/Under                    30 Goals

Where Will the Series be Decided?
TD Garden, Boston                    +120
Rogers Arena, Vancouver           -150

Total road wins
Over Games 2.5             -140
Under Games 2.5           +110

2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoff MVP?
Ryan Kesler                              7/5
Tim Thomas                              4/1
Henrik Sedin                              6/1
Roberto Luongo                         13/2
Nathan Horton                           7/1
Daniel Sedin                              9/1
Patrice Bergeron                        14/1
David Krejci                               15/1
Kevin Bieksa                             25/1
Zdeno Chara                              25/1
Field (Any Other Player)             14/1

Will a player from the losing team in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals be awarded the 2011 Conn Smythe Trophy?
Yes                  15/1

Daniel Sedin – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over/ Under                   6

Henrik Sedin – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over/ Under                   6

Ryan Kesler – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over/ Under                   5

Alexandre Burrows – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over/ Under                   3.5

Roberto Luongo – Goals against average in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over / Under                  2.15

Roberto Luongo – Save percentage in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Boston Bruins
Over / Under                  92%

Who will score more goals in the Stanley Cup Finals for the Vancouver Canucks?
Daniel Sedin                  7/5
Ryan Kesler                  3/2
Alex Burrows                 15/4
Henrik Sedin                  9/2

Who will record more assists in the Stanley Cup Finals for the Vancouver Canucks?
Henrik Sedin                  6/5
Daniel Sedin                  7/4
Ryan Kesler                  4/1
Christian Ehrhoff            17/4

David Krejci – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over/ Under                   4.5

Milan Lucic – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over/ Under                   4

Patrice Bergeron – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over/ Under                   4

Zdeno Chara – Total Points in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over/ Under                   3

Tim Thomas – Goals against average in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over / Under                  2.35

Tim Thomas – Save percentage in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. Vancouver Canucks
Over / Under                  92%

Who will score more goals in the Stanley Cup Finals for the Boston Bruins?
Nathan Horton               17/10
Milan Lucic                    9/5
Patrice Bergeron            7/4
David Krejci                   7/2

Who will record more shutouts during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals?
Roberto Luongo             -130
Tim Thomas                  Even

Who will a better save percentage in the Series?
Roberto Luongo             Even
Tim Thomas                  -130

Will Roberto Luongo be replaced as goaltender at any point during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals?
Yes                  +300
No                     -500

Will there be a 5 minute fighting major penalty called during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals?
Yes                  -250
No                    +195

How May Games of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals will go to overtime?
Over 1.5            +135
Under 1.5          -165

Will any game in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals go to double overtime?
Yes                  +275
No                     -350

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    I have very little clue what all these numbers mean, but go ‘Nucks!

  2. Morning, all. Have a peaceful day (outside of bonehead land.)

    Thanks for your nice tribute to Memorial Day again, Carp.

    Go Nucks!

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    More odds:

    Rangers sign Brad Richards 50:50
    DelZotto makes the team 50:50
    DelZotto gets traded 50:50
    McIlrath makes the team 50:50
    Thomas makes team or gets returned to juniors 50:50
    Bourque makes team or gets returned to juniors 50:50
    Kreider goes back to college or turns pro 50:50
    Feds re-signs 50:50
    Prospal comes back for yet another season 50:50
    Mats Zucs-Aas makes the team 50:50

  4. So, if the ATL-WPG move happens, can they call themselves the Jets or do they have to pick a new name?

  5. DJK – The NHL, I believe, owns the name to the Jets and they’d probably allow the team to use it if they wanted. Several Winnipeg columnists are saying the Jets should remain dead and buried. There’s some suggestion they would become the Manitoba Moose after the AHL team they’re sure to displace.

    Here’s another question: I believe Phoenix has all the old retired Jets numbers hanging in their rafters. If the Thrashers do become the Jets, do they pick up the old retired jerseys?

  6. Looks like the Thrashers to Manitoba will become official today. according to A. Gross, no realignment this season, so the Rangers will travel to Manitoba twice —–>

  7. Well, welcome back Jets. I hope they keep the name and I hope they take away the banners from Phoenix (Sorry Tony).

  8. Clarification: I hope they refer to the team as the Winnipeg Jets (Not the Winnipeg Thrashers). There is a limited amount of “cool” names out there so let’s not try to come up with something that ends up sounding lame.

    Any Suggestions?

  9. I still have Net Worth and things are getting out of hand. Net Worth never gives up the remote, and Net Worth snores at night. Yesterday it drank my last beer and wanted to go walkies two times in an hour. None of my other DVDs do this. In fact my Legends of Hockey set is threatening to walk back to Amazon, and my copy of The Rocket has been screaming something in French and my copy of Slapshot is threatening to go Old Time on Net Worth.

    Does someone else want to watch Net Worth or does the owner want it back?

    Hey Net Worth, stay away from my Jenna Jameson DVD!

  10. How about “Winnipeg BeenThereBefore” or “Winnipeg HowLongTillWeMoveOutAgain” or “Winnipeg ButtmanSucks” not too catchy but oh so true!

  11. I rejoined facebook. So my name is my link if you guys want to be more than just “blog friends.”

    This weekend I saw three people wearing Rangers shirts. That’s more than I saw all season.

  12. 4generations 4 cups on

    It cant be the Jets, the Jets are in Phoenix, they cant just change what the franchise is. Unfortunately, the Coyotes didnt move back and will prob be moving in a year. Shame..

  13. It is a shame. I guess that’s why it was the Thrashers that went North and not the Coyotes. The NHL would look pretty silly if they moved a team back to the place from where they originally moved them.

  14. LOL, check out the Puck Daddy’s story about Thrashers still selling their season tickets as of this morning —–>

  15. LOL. Nice find Ilb. That conversation is hilarious. Could you imagine being a loyal employee at this moment? You will probably be red-slipped at Noon.

  16. Hey, those tickets may be worth a fortune in the future. Imagine in a couple of decades someone could sell tickets for the team that didn’t exist. A very unique item.

    On second thought, the Islanders have been selling them for years….

  17. thats the thing…people in Atlanta have no clue wtf is going with Thrashers…

    so question… if Winnipeg’s opening game isn’t sold out…does that mean – fail?

  18. The Thrashers have been in the league since 1999 season. Not a single playoff game won by the team.

  19. they only made it in once and got swept by the Rangers!

    I was at both home games… boy, was those games sweet! Nylander was a beast!

  20. Atlanta franchise will be remembered more as a franchise whose goalie fainted on the ice than for anything else lol

  21. Wait so….The Coyotes will continue to be the Winnipeg Jets memorial team and the Winnipeg BLANKS will not fly any Winnipeg banners or anything?

  22. Yes but it’s WEIRD. Winnipeg will have a team that has NOTHING to do with the Jets…….??? People will probably wear Jets stuff to their games….

  23. CTBlueshirt on

    Thrashers have more division championships than the Rangers since they came into the league.

  24. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I really wish a team had moved to Quebec, but there is always next year (I hope)!!

    All those numbers, “but what does it all mean Basil?”

    Manny you are on FB?


  25. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    over under on trade demands from thrasher players?

  26. CTB- they won one Dvision Championship. And got promptly swept by the Rangers right after. Not much to write to Winnipeg about.

  27. Manny

    would it be weird if you got a new gf that somehow reminded you of your old gf but had a different name and came from a different place? would still want to call your new gf by the name of your old gf just because your old gf was your first one? lol

  28. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Is it bad that I am actually understanding one of my favorite Ukrainians?

  29. Nice pic – Love the Selanne Jersey.

    CCCP: It would be weird if the new girlfriend was the old girlfriends weird cousin and the old girlfriend, the other cousin, was still hanging flags to our relationship and cheering us on and dating a new guy that was me but with a worse name and stupider uniform. …… (I am confusing myself now)

  30. CTBlueshirt on

    Well the old Jets weren’t exactly successful either so the fans up there will have waited 15 years to watch more mediocre hockey.

    But my point was that as much as we can chastise a team like Atlanta for their limited success, we’re essentially sitting in a glasshouse while doing so.

  31. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    How about the Manitoba Magpies?

  32. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    The Winnipeg Wasekas? (did I get it right Latona?)

  33. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Or the WINNIpeg POOHS?

  34. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    of course its Feds, just don’t tell ILB or porta potty…oh wait, DAMN!!

  35. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    you are too kind

  36. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Didn’t eager play for the sharks?

  37. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    The RFAs are interesting for sure…

  38. another thing i dont really get… what’s this love for Winnipeg Jets team from all hockey fans? i just dont get it… can someone explain?

  39. Any idea if they’re going to re-align the divisions being that about five western conference teams are farther east than the now eastern conference Winnipeg Whatevers.

  40. Don’t forget Brad Isbister. Or Isbeaster, as I used to call him.

    Remember that one time where he made an amazing pass to Jagr, who scored a goal, and then Isbister smiled? That was the coolest!

    Good times!

  41. Carp – On the Cleveland Browns … As part of the agreement to let Art Modell move the team to Baltimore, all records, history etc stayed in Cleveland since the NFL had promised the city an expansion team down the road.

    As for Winnipeg, while the Coyotes might “own” the history, the NHL owns the rights to the jets nam so it is possible that the Winnipeg Jets could return.

    CCCP might be on target with the Falcons. In fact, I told a couple of friends that this morning when talking about the franchise move. It would honor the 1920 Winnipeg Falcons amateur team that won the very first Gold medal in Olympic hockey in Antwerp, Belgium. For anyone not named Bud Greenspan, the Antwerp Olympic Games were the SUMMER Oly,pics. Yup, ice hockey’s first appearance was during the Summer Games!

  42. They should name them WPG Frequent Flyers, at least until the teams are realigned a year after….

  43. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I remember reading that the rights of all things “Winnipeg Jets” are owned by the Coyotes.

    They will probably be called …Manitoba Something…so that a greater number of fans will feel a part of the new organ-I-zation

  44. Today I ate a “Manitoba Murderer” as I call it. A Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with so much Jelly it bleeds out the sides as you devour it’s soul.

  45. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    What about the Winnipeg Rangers…then we can all have two teams to root for and double our chances of making the playoffs and winning the Cup

  46. While I understand the Falcons idea, True North is the company that owns and markets the Manitoba Moose. Much has been made recently about how they’ve really worked that brand name up in the city and made it a household name. Then of course you have the league-wide recognition of the Jets, which frankly, I’d prefer. Now think about it logically: You have a team that wants to sell 13,000-some-odd season tickets BEFORE October(I don’t know how the hell you do that in a city of 750,000, but…). True North is going to need all the name-recognition help they can get, so why would they choose something where they need to start from scratch?

    As for the realignment, Nashville would be the two I’d consider. Nashville would slide seamlessly into the South. Columbus, I suppose, could be another…they’d be nice in the North East. But I don’t know who you’d move to the south.

    As for players, I can’t see any sort of exodus out of Winnipeg. Most of those guys are from north of the border anyway. I’m sure they’d rather play for a small city where they’re superstars than in Atlanta, where they were pretty much ignored unless they were named Kovalchuck.

  47. Just something I came up with.. Let me know what you think..













  48. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The best bet on the board may be one which has not been posted yet, but which is traditionally quite profitable. And that is to hope that that underdog wins game one, then jump all over the pre-series favorite to win it all. So if Boston wins game one, Vancouver, at about even money, at that point, is a solid play. If Vancouver wins game one, no subsequent action.

  49. I have have not looked at this site since last Thursday. Marji and Carp, thanks so much for the link the Derek Booggard article. I must of read most articles and stories about Derek but this one really put the humanity in perspective. It is most frustrating that we didn’t get to see him play his best or to truly get to know the man. I was looking forward to him getting well and playing again. I would have loved to see him and Prust out on the ice together. We New York fans really missed out on what he was like and just how special he really was. We did not get to fully appreciate him. I think it’s a good lesson to Ranger PR that they need to let us know more about the players we love so much because quite honestly I know very little about any of the current roster players. I hope someone will pursue letting us know our players better! Happy Memorial Day!

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    So we need regional and state names “So that a great number of fans will feel part of the organization.” This, of course, is why no one in New England outside Boston gives a plop about the Boston Red Sox, because they are not the “New England Red Sox,” or the “Massachusetts Red Sox.” How about “Quebec Separatist Canadiens” or “Lake Ontario Maple Leaves” so that no one will feel politically incorrectly excluded. What a joke, these regional names are.

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    And who the hell, as a sports fan, feels like a part of the organization he is rooting for? If you and I, as fans, are part of the New York Rangers organization, believe me, it is news to the Rangers and the MSG Corporation.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Need we rehash that if Gary Bettman says, up, the answer is down. Guess Gary will be taking in a few hockey games in Atlanta, next season, with or without anyone else in the building.

  53. Look…I know he can skate, he can’t score, and he can’t fight but I want to bring back Voros!

    He brings a lot to the table in terms of comedic value (constantly falling down, for example) and being a good teammate…I’d rather have him than EC!!!

  54. NYR_FAN- Betty White brings similar hockey qualities, but more comedic value…

  55. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    After the failure of the Flames, in Atlanta, why was it necessary for Butthead to successfully lobby for a return of NHL hockey to that town? It makes no sense, other than back-door bag deliveries.

  56. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Go Nucks Go!!

    I would still take a shot at rupp (although I would not really consider him a heavyweight), a trade for carkner? neil (who I think is paid too much)? Eager?

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I move we change the name of the Boston Red Sox to: “Massachusetts Stocking,” so that the good people in Marblehead will feel like they own stock in the team.

  58. The Winnipeg Wasps?

    The Winnipeg Winter?

    The Winnipeg Wackos?

    The Atlanta Flamers of Winnipeg?

  59. Haha! Yeah!

    I just think it’s funny that there’s another NHL team going to Winnipeg!! LOL! How is that even possible? Aren’t their bigger cities in North America that want a NHL hockey team? I find it hard to believe that Winnipeg was the highest bidder…

  60. Manny, can’t figure out how to friend you on your site. Friend me…..or not :)

  61. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I have the same issue as mama!

  62. Also, I’d like to have 220 lb. of fast moving red, rough pure rage – Raffi Torres on line with Prustie .

  63. Carp:

    What’s more of an appropriate comparison than the Browns is adding in the history of the Colts. The Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis and took their Baltimore history with them ala the Coyotes. The Ravens moved into Baltimore from Cleveland and did not automatically assume the Colts history just because they are now in Baltimore ala what is being suggested by some here today. And as Anthony pointed out, the city of Cleveland was allowed to retain the Browns history because they were promised the next expansion team. So when the music stopped, the Indianapolis Colts had the Baltimore Colts history, the expansion Cleveland Browns were allowed to retain the Cleveland Browns history, and the Baltimore Ravens assumed the non-history of an expansion team.

    If that’s not confusing enough, one last item for those suggesting that the new Winnipeg team gets their history back from Phoenix – Atlanta Thrashers did not re-assume the Atlanta portion of the Calgary Flames history so why should Winnipeg if they really had nothing to do with the Jets.

  64. Wow!! I just turned on the NBA Finals….I had no idea Jason Kidd was still playing basketball…amazing! Go Mavs!

  65. I don’t know, Scott. I don’t understand any of that … All I meant was, the Cleveland Browns left Cleveland, and when a different team came back, they were the Cleveland Browns. So that seems to me like a better comparison to Winnipeg than Baltimore-Indy.

    I’m just glad I don’t have to go to Winnipeg. Or Atlanta.

  66. Net Worth was donated by me to the Bonehead fraternity, and I did it largely because it was so well done, and is a part of NHL lore, which many youngsters of today are not aware of …namely the treatment of the NHL players back in those earlier years when the Owners ran roughshod over the players, and it took the courage of one man who stood up to them ( and whom they tried to destroy)…Ted Lindsay. There’s no need to send it back to me. I suggest sending it to Carp and he can be permanent custodian.

    There will be many new boneheads coming into the fold, and they will all ,I am sure, want to be aware of the origins of this NHL as it stands today. It’s really a historical item, and belongs with the Bonehead literature.

    I’m simply gratified that those of you who have see it appreciate it.

  67. As for the name of the team in Winnipeg, it doesn’t always have to have a bearing on the particular city…(what’s local about the Detroit Lions, Tigers,…….or the New York Rangers, for example?)

    if they want a rugged animal for a namesake, what’s wrong with the Rhinos?

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