Stanley Cup finals schedule


From the NHL:

2011 Stanley Cup Final Schedule

Game                Date                 Time (ET)        Site

Game 1                Wed., June 1        8:00 p.m.     at Vancouver                CBC, NBC, RDS
Game 2                Sat., June 4        8:00 p.m.       at Vancouver                CBC, NBC, RDS
Game 3                Mon., June 6        8:00 p.m.    at Eastern champ          VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Game 4                Wed., June 8         8:00 p.m.   at Eastern champ          VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Game 5             Fri., June 10          8:00 p.m.         at Vancouver                CBC, NBC, RDS
*Game 6             Mon., June 13        8:00 p.m.        at Eastern champ             NBC, CBC, RDS
*Game 7             Wed., June 15        8:00 p.m.          at Vancouver                 CBC, NBC, RDS

* – If necessary
All times listed are Eastern Time

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  1. Yuck, Orr….

    Great link, LW3H….

    No game tonight…Sigh…Are the Yankees playing? :-)

  2. Sorry! It came to mind, because when I was in 6th grade, some chick threw one at someone in my class. It landed right in his mouth. We all thought it was ketchup, then he started barfing, and it was pretty obvious it was real!!


    ORR… I won’t comment ..but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure .

  4. LW, good stuff. I have a few favorites from the Rangers … but no time right now. I’ll try to get them up tonight or overnight … and feel free to use them.

  5. leetchhalloffame on

    Stanley Cup, Schmanley Cup. Today is one day closer to the start of Rangers hockey 2011/12

  6. Comrade? Manny? on

    Oh man Wicky….That is awesome. I totally forgot about that. What a cool charity idea.

  7. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    IKR, both vids on that link are great!

  8. This thing on?

    Btw, I really don’t care about NBA but I hope the Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavs…

    Let’s Go Bolts!!

  9. Nothing new on Crosby but the same old big juice “ball park” hotdog lips…

    On NBA – i really like Marc Cuban…I wish we had an owner like him

    and of course, nothing will be more pleasing than watch LeBron lose

  10. Ranger prospect Stacjer got shelled tonight in the Memorial Cup tourney. The announcers couldnt stop questioning the coach pon why he started him since the other goalie was better.

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