On to another Game 7 …


Thank the hockey gods for consecutive nights of Stanley Cup playoff heaven.

Hey, how about those knuckleheads throwing those idiotic clapping paddles into the ice at the end of Game 6? And how about the jackwagon who thought that handing those things out at a hockey game was a good idea? Got what he deserved.

Remember the year the Knicks and Rangers handed out those Thunderstix at MSG? Remember, even Larry Brown (or was it Jeff Van Gundy) saying how embarrassing that was?

Speaking about embarrassing, how about Jeremy Roenick who, between “unbelievables” said the Lightning “phased off elimination.” He also said that five goals wasn’t going to cut it defensively for the Bruins in Game 7, then insisted that Game 7 will be a high scoring game. I know a lot of you will disagree, but Mike Milbury is a much better studio analyst.


An Interview with:


Q.  Guy, I know you like to talk about a team game and that everybody contributes, but in a game where Sean Bergenheim wasn’t there, you got such contributions from Marty, Vinny and Stamkos, I was just curious what kind of responsibility they put on themselves in this game and how they came through it.
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  I was expecting a big game from those guys, but I disagreed that they didn’t have big games in the last games.  Looking at the scoreboard, there’s more to the game than just scoring goals and having points.  They had very good games before.  It just wasn’t going in for some of them, and for some other guys it was going in.
So for me, they just get the result of their previous games’ hard work.  So I don’t think it’s an on and off switch.  It’s something that you build every game, and they got what they deserved.

Q.  You said after last game, if only you could solve the enigma that is Tim Thomas.  After tonight, would you say you’ve solved that or most of it?
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  I guess we solved it for tonight.  But every game is an opportunity for them and for us.  And I’m sure he’s going to come up big.  He said they were going to win for sure.  So I’m sure he’s going to come up big in the next game.  So we’re expecting that.
And we know he’s a very good goaltender.  So today is today.  But the next day is going to be another story that we have to figure him out.

Q.  Claude Julien seemed pretty unhappy with the calls tonight.  In reference to what you said today, just your reaction to that?  He seemed to think maybe there was a connection.
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  Well, first of all, I was asked that.  I didn’t bring it up myself.  So I was asked.  And people put numbers in front of me.         And those are the facts, the numbers.  If you’re asking me, power plays are 5-4 for them tonight.  And they were 3-0 for them the start of the game in the first period, and it was 4-1 for them before we got our other power play.  So I don’t know who got the advantage today.  We got less power plays than them.

Q.  What was the difference on the power plays for you tonight?
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  First of all, more poise.  The last two games, one of our power plays had a lot of poise and the other one didn’t.  And I think today both power plays had a lot more poise.  And we got the results out of the poise that we had with the puck, managing it a lot better.

Q.  Could you talk a little bit about the development of Teddy Purcell.  He says when he first got here that maybe he didn’t quite understand the intensity it took.
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  No, he didn’t.  He didn’t.  But you know what, that’s the beauty of this game.  And working, I think, with individuals, individuals figuring out with great leaders around him, I think he saw Vinny and Marty, just like Stammer figured it out also coming in, he’s a great hardworking guy, when you see those guys and what they go through and how hard they train and how much they pay the price on the ice every night, you know, you gotta learn.  And I think Teddy’s certainly one of those guys that’s learned a lot this year.
He’s put a lot of effort into it.  It’s not something that just happened.  He’s worked really hard at it.  He’s been through a lot.  We sat him one time in the stands.  After that, had a little tendency to understand faster.
But we always knew he had the skill and always believed that he was a really good player.  And I think he didn’t know how good he was.
So I think when he figured that out, he started to control the puck a lot better.  He started to figure out that he’s got a lot more speed than he thought.  And then he’s six-foot something, and he can certainly manage himself on the ice against the big boys.
And certainly I’m part of a group of people that’s very proud of him right now.

Q.  What’s your assessment of the way Roloson played tonight?
COACH GUY BOUCHER:  We won.  That’s all.  That’s what we’re asking.  We’re asking him for a chance to win, and that’s what we got.


Game 6 Post-Game Transcript
May 25, 2011

Q. Your comment on how the special teams went.
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  Obviously it was a difference maker.  They scored three goals on the power play and it took us a long time to get our first one, and that certainly dictated the game.  And what was more disappointing is probably the fact that, you know, I don’t know if I agree with those calls.  And hopefully what was said today didn’t have any impact on that, because if it did, I’d be really disappointed.
But when you look back at those and you get an opportunity to look back at them and that’s really tough to swallow.  And at the same time, you want your team to kill those penalties, which we’ve done a pretty good job throughout the series.  But tonight that wasn’t the case.  And obviously it was the difference in the game.

Q.  Just to follow up, if you can take a positive, obviously Lucic and Krejci and Horton had a great game, and Krejci especially.
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  They were very good tonight.  That line needed to be big for us.  And they were.  And that’s certainly something that you can build on heading home, that if those guys played like that again, you like our chances.

Q.  Vinny, Marty, Steven Stamkos, any surprises there that they turned it on in a big game situation?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  Power plays, that’s what they excel in.

Q.  What do you think having Chara out there on the power play?  There was one I think you had containment for about a minute forty.  Didn’t score on that one.  The one you did, he was right around the post there?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  Yeah, he did a great job again tonight, and just in that second period, we had some power play time.  And then somehow there were times we should have shot because he was there and we had the shooting lane and we chose to pass.  And that certainly took away some momentum from our power play.
And sometimes it doesn’t have to be a big shot.  It’s just a wrist shot that’s got to go through.  With him in front of the net, you’re giving yourself a chance.  And again, he did a great job in front, and that’s something that we need to hopefully capitalize on with the job he’s doing up there.
And our guys have to make sure that they shoot the puck a little more.  I thought in the second period we stopped shooting the puck.  And that really hurt us as well.

Q.  Back to that top line thing.  When they’re bad, they’re bad.  When they’re on, they’re unbelievably good.  Lucic, why is he first to the puck so many times tonight?  Is that just determination?  Or what’s going on?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  He was skating tonight.  It’s as simple as that.  When he skates and comes at you hard, certainly puts everybody on their heels.  I thought he was skating well tonight and created the stage for himself and also created some turnovers for the hockey club, and that was a big difference maker as far as that line was concerned.  It made a whole lot of difference.

Q.  You worked all season to get home ice advantage.  Just your thoughts on going back Game 7?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  That was my comment after the game to our guys.  You play 82 games, and a lot of times people say:  What do you play those 82 games for?  And I think that’s one of the key things that if you can get home ice advantage this time of year, you need to take advantage of it.  And we did against Montreal and now we need to do the same thing against Tampa.

Q.  You referenced that Montreal Game 7.  If you can think back, what was it like for the guys heading into that, just the attitude, the feeling in the dressing room, and do you think you’ll have that this time around?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  We’ve had the experience of it, obviously, and we need to take that experience and utilize it again.  And I thought tonight our guys competed fairly well.  But, again, those penalties ended up costing us.  Their power play was successful.
At the same time when we got to within one goal, we got a D that caught in and give him a two-on-one right after he gets within the goal.  So again it’s a mistake that becomes costly in the Playoffs.
So if we can minimize that stuff and come out hard next game and then take the lead and hang on to it, no doubt, we’re going to be winners.
But we’ve done well against Montreal.  And I think we had a lot of pressure not just because it was Montreal; it was also the first round, and we needed to get through it.  And we did that.
So I think our guys are going to be fine for Game 7, I know our guys will be ready and positive and our job is to make it happen.

Q.  You brought it up, the comments today about the referees.  On the one hand, do you warn your players there might be extra sensitivity about what they do out there?  And secondly, is there any place for that in the game, are you disappointed that something like that would come up in a conference like this?
COACH CLAUDE JULIEN:  I didn’t say anything special to our players.  We went out there and played the game.  I thought we were very disciplined tonight.  And again, it just seemed like it was one of those tough nights when you look back at some of those penalties, whether you’re allowed to agree or disagree.  I’m one of those guys tonight that probably disagreed on a lot of them.
When you hear what happened today, I guess it certainly makes things look even worse.  So referees have a tough job to do.  One thing you don’t want to do is criticize them.  You’re allowed to agree or disagree, but they’ve got a tough job to do.  My job is not to criticize them.  But it was something that was tough to swallow tonight.
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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Another great, high pace game last night. This year we are seeing some of the highest quality of hockey in years, IMO

  2. Rhode Island Ranger on

    What a whiner Julien is! Bruins get 5 power plays (on the road) to Tampa’s 4. They get all three calls in the first. Lucic trips a guy on the rush in the middle of the neutral zone that the refs ignore, Bruins are delivering blows to the head in every scrum, and Julien thinks they got robbed. Loser talk.

    Bruins only generate 19 shots and score 4 on Rollie! The veteran keeper is the obvious weak link in Tampa’s game and will probably cost them Game Seven. He certainly did everything he could to cost them Game Six. Of the three keepers that have played in this series, Smith has the best numbers, Thomas the second best, and Rollie easily the worst.

    Why does Boucher want to sacrifice a trip to the finals for the sake of seniority? Crazy.

  3. Re: Boom Boom’s comments about home/road scheduling splits on the last thread

    I don’t understand the problem. So what if some teams play (marginally) more home games at the start of the year? Thanks to my mathematics degree from CCCP Internet University, I reckon that a team that plays 15 of the first 25 at home then has to play 31 of the last 57 on the road. Why is that more advantageous than the other way round?

    And the Rangers will presumably be catching up on the home/road split all year next season, given MSG’s refurb going on until November.

  4. JR is and always was a classless schmuck. I won’t choose the lesser of two evils(Milbury vs. Roenick), but will acknowledge they’re both bad…

  5. Carp, I can understand your opinion of JR’s inability to be a polished, intelligent analyst but Mike Milbury??? I’d listen to JR for a solid 24 hours rather than listen to Mike “The Shoe” Milbury for one minute!!! He is the definition of baffoon. JR’s just a nut job.

  6. Comrade? Manny? on

    Carp: I like Milbury. I think he’s pretty funny. I also like JR. I think he’s funny. You got to have the straight guy and the color guy. JR is there for color. Milbury called the Russians “Euro-Trash.” That was funny.

  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Western conference teams were/are better than the Eastern conference teams (this year).

    Entertaining game last night, but some brutal goaltending.

    Many coaches try to “work” refs in press conferences, for a game 7 ?..forget about it.

    TB looks like the better overall team, but Boston has the “potentially” stronger netminder.

    Vancouver heavy heavy favorite to win finals, easily.

    We (Rangers) all hate Milbury so even if JR sounds like “Norm Crosby” half the time, we like him better

  8. i’m feeling pretty phased out watching the unbelievably adismal dibockle milbury and pierre. JR is a goof but i like him bettr than those 2. i mean cmon, the guy is basically tv’s version of greg!!

  9. and all 3 of those stooges are beter than keenan. holy crap he cant say one word right. its embarrassing trying to watch him attempt to form words. let alone a sentence. and he just boring to listen to.

  10. hi ilb! i emailed you man. writeme back before i think u dont like me anymore!!! haha

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp: I think Milbury is more biased and more prone to making intentionally stupid comments. Roenick is just an airhead.

    My wife was reduced to tears last night when during the first period intermission he said “he comes with speed, and I know all of you people out there like it when I say that, but he comes with speed…”

  12. What has surprised me a lot during this entire series ( east and west) is the very broad interpretation of what off sides means in the game. I

  13. I recall that Espo did a fairly good job of color commentary and so did Barnaby for a brief period ( til he self destructed.) Errey is not bad either. ( spelled right?)

  14. Go Bruins! Good game last night! They better win game 7!

    I don’t get how Julien can complain. The refs missed a high stick seconds before the Bruins scored the go-ahead goal.

    But, the refs have been terrible in the playoffs, like I said last night. It seems like they’ve been worse than ever. They need to get their shyte together for the Cup Final.

  15. Comrade? Manny? on

    Hey guys…I need an authority:

    Does Elaine ever sleep with J. Peterman?

    My fiance says yes but I say no! Help!

  16. billybleedsblue on

    LOL RR — your one-stop source of Rangers news, hockey talk, and Seinfeld facts.

    Manny, wish I could help… I haven’t seen ’em all…

    Let’s Go Lightning!

  17. Manny, no. Kramer asks her if she’s sleeping with him in one episode. And in another, to get herself out of trouble, he suggests she sleeps with him. But she never does … as far as we know.

    Voice, I fear a Cup final game will be determined by this officiating about which you speak.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this: with the way the refs have been calling every Vancouver game, I feel bad for either Eastern team.

  19. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    Morning ILB, Manny, and all!!

    WOW! looks like the bag lady was in full effect last night!

    I agree with manny, I don’t mind milbury for the most part (not even sure if I was alive when he went into the stands with the whole shoe incident, but after seeing the incident several times on video, he seems like a guy you would want on your side during a scrap…just saying) despite some of europhobe (that a word or did I just JR?) things he says occasionally.

  20. Orr and Carp, totally agree about the refs but I do appreciate that they, for the most part, have been letting the players play….even if they let blatant penalties go uncalled…I don’t think it has been one-sided…

  21. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I also think don cherry says some really off colour things at times, but he also really gets it and I honestly think he is a pretty good human to be around (he gets so choked up about things with the military and is a staunch USA supporter, which i’m sure is why orr loves him)!!

  22. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    One sided officiating really does not happen in my opinion. IMHO if one team gets 6 penalties called on them and the other gets 1, seems to me that one team did a better job of not getting penalized.


  23. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know, some of the penalties being called in Vancouver’s favor are pretty ridiculous. The holding the stick call on Weber comes to mind.

  24. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 3 Latona lunch points!!) on

    when is the draft again?

    And anyone have any thoughts on who we might be taking?

  25. Yeah, they weren’t calling anything in that Sharks/Canucks game the other night in OT….

    but the three 5 on 3 goals were ridiculous in that Sharks-Canucks game….

    inconsistent officiating….

  26. Wicky, according to the latest mock draft, we’re either picking…

    Vladislav Namestnikov [Center] [6ft 170 lbs]

    Mark McNeill [Center] [6-2 201 lbs]

    Mark Scheifele [Center] [6-2, 182 lbs]

    They all sound like Jessiman’s :P

  27. I don’t think the officiating has been biased or one-sided, just terrible. Letting them play decides games more than calling fouls, IMO. It becomes a game of who cheats better, who can get away with more stuff. I’d rather they call it by the book, with some leniency on the rough stuff but none on the trips/hooks/holds or the cheap-shot elbows, etc.

    No, you’re welcome, CCCP.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  28. JR should not be allowed speaking roles in front of a camera. MM may be an assen, but at least he can convey his thoughts coherently.

  29. So Rafalski decided to walk away from $6M. He was playing hurt most of the season, I’m sure hockey wasn’t too much fun. He wants to spend more time with his family. Smart move. And a classy one. Some players just now how many millions is enough.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    TheDude, I’d rather hear someone incoherently babble than coherently present nonsense.

  31. ok i’ll play!


    – Today for lunch (5 minutes ago) I had a very hot, freshly brewed, very big, bold, and full-bodied real Colombian cup of coffee (no milk, but two packs of brown sugar) with an aroma that lingers all day. To go with my insanely delicious, black freshly brewed real Colombian coffee, i had two sheets of whole wheat matzos (baked in Jerusalem, btw) broken in half. I spread each side (four in total) of whole wheat matzos (which was baked in Jerusalem) with organic goat milk creamy cheese. Then i added organic black currant jam on top of one sheet (broken in half) and the other sheet (also broken in half) i spread with organic apricot-raspberry reserves jam. Then, i laid one side onto the other making it into two whole wheat matzos sandwiches!

    All of the mentioned above was consumed with heavenly pleasure!

  32. CCCP- if I read it correctly, you had coffee with matzoh…

    I’d be very careful mentioning “coherent” and “Milbury” in the same sentence…

  33. billybleedsblue on

    Apparently in reaction to the Tampa Bay game 6 giveaway noisemaker, The Bruins are having a little giveaway of their own, a 32 oz. can of baked beans.

    Seriously though, Krejci handled that really well, ignoring it the best he could. Good for him.

    I skipped lunch today and am too tired to make something up.

  34. McNeill is what I think the team needs right now…big, hard-hitting center who goes to the net…I’ve heard Mark Scheifele is the safer bet…and Namestnikov…he makes me nervous. Glad he’s in the OHL, but I always worry about whether skilled Russians are going to bail for the KHL the minute they hit a bump in their development. But suffice to say, I’d be somewhat happy with any of those three.

  35. Johnny LaRue on

    How about a snow tire day at Yankee Stadium. Just as long as they don’t throw them on the field.

  36. Comrade? Manny? on

    I just ate at 11 Madison Park. I had the best lunch of my life. I win.

  37. BWAHAHAHA!!!

    “Tennis balls – The annual college match-up between Dartmouth and Princeton includes the ritual of Dartmouth fans hurling tennis balls onto the ice after their team’s first goal of the game. The continuation of that tradition at Madison Square Garden for each goal scored by star New York Rangers forward and Dartmouth alum, Hugh Jessiman, is believed to have extinguished the entire stock of tennis balls in Manhattan.”

    Now I feel like crying…

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