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First, congratulations to anybody who made it past the Rapture.

Can anybody tell me how many teams have come back from three-goal deficits in these playoffs? Gotta be at least four, isn’t it? I don’t ever recall so many in a single playoff year.


An Interview with:

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach.
Q.  Guy, would you talk about your demeanor in that first period going into the second period down 3-0.  You were calm, collected, just told the guys:  Hey, listen, made mistakes, caused mistakes, calm down, play the game, simplify it.  I mean, you look at that, would you say that that type of response from you was the catalyst of what happened here in the last two periods of this game?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, I don’t want to take any credit for the players doing well on the ice.  They do it.  Obviously, as part of the staff, I have talk and act a certain way.  Everybody knows we’ve been extremely resilient this year, whether it starts from me or anybody on our staff and our leaders, they’re the ones that do it.
I just think that we came back so many times this year and everybody knows in the third period we just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming.  And we came back by three goals in Florida.  We came back by three goals before that, too, against other teams.  And we knew we could do it.
And I just feel that last game we had no energy.  It was clear we were flat.  And whether it’s because the plane was delayed and we came home real late or because — for whatever reason, the one thing we didn’t want was to be flat in the first period.
And we came out flying.  I thought we were doing really well.  We just gave them — again, just like the previous game in the first period, we gave them three gifts, three turnovers.
And they’re a very good team.  They capitalize on those.  And it’s our job to make sure those are out of the way for the next game.
But if you know that you’ve got legs, and you’ve got ammunition, you just stick to it, because eventually it should pay.
But it’s a great comeback.

Q.  Tim Thomas, after Game 3, said he felt a little too comfortable in that 31-save shutout.  Was that an emphasis tonight to try and make sure he was in his face and in his crease all night?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, some of the players talked a lot about it.  He did say that it was an easy game to play against us last game.  And obviously a lot of the guys were very fired up for this game.  Certainly, I did hear it in the locker room, for sure.

Q.  I know it’s early, but at this point, can you say if you will go back to Roloson or do you consider Smith for starting next game?
COACH BOUCHER:  We have our No. 1 goaltender.  He’s taken us to this place right now.  And that’s the reason why we’re here.  And we have our — Smitty has been terrific.  He’s had an average of over .940 since December 15th.  And the fact that Roli came in certainly helped him with pressure and poise and all that.  And whenever he was asked to play since Roloson has been there, he’s been terrific.  I mean, he’s just been terrific.
So whenever it’s time for him to help the team and try to change the momentum around, I don’t hesitate.  It was the same in Boston.  We put him in.  He didn’t get scored against in the third period.  We were trying to come back.  He played well again.
So I don’t remember the last bad game he’s played.  So obviously, when there’s an opportunity to help the team and try and turn things around, we’re not afraid to use him.  He did a good job today.

Q.  Sorry, to clarify, you said we have our starting goalie.  Does that mean you’ll go back to Roloson or it’s undecided at this point?
COACH BOUCHER:  We just finished this game now.  We’re happy we just beat a terrific team and we’re just happy that we were a lot harder to play against today.  And Smitty was part of it and Roloson is — it doesn’t change the status.

Q.  Talk about Ryan Malone and his impact tonight.  Looked like he had that big hit on Chara behind the net to get the things started tonight on that first goal.
COACH BOUCHER:  I think it’s not just that.  I think Ryan was — he was, I think, very eager to help the team.  He’s a warrior.  He pays the price in so many areas.  Sometimes you notice, sometimes you don’t notice it.
We notice it every game and every shift he plays.  He inspires this team.  And I think tonight I gave him one of our two stars for sure because I felt that he was part of the guys that really inspired the rest of the group.
And he keeps on doing what he’s been doing.  He’s one of those guys that you never know when he’s going to make a difference and it could be with a body check, could be with a goal, could be with heavy stick in front of their net.  He has just been terrific for us and continues to be, so we rely on him heavily.

Q.  Is this another win in the series for you or is this the kind of win that you think it would — it would be the push to actually take the series, comeback like you did today.
COACH BOUCHER:  No, I never changed my mind.  Right now this day’s great.  We’ll have a meal and savor, but tomorrow morning we wake up and the reality is that it’s 2-2 or 0-0 if you like it, and the illusion — the illusion is that we’re really great and we have something, but we’re not.
The reality is it’s 0-0 going into Boston, just like we were the first game played there.  We went in the first game 0-0, and now we’re going there again 2-2.  So there’s no difference in our approach.

Q.  Could you give us an update on Steve Downie?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, he didn’t finish the game, obviously.  And he’s going to be day to day starting today.

Q.  Your two biggest offensive explosions of this series have come when you changed the style, stretched the ice, got the Bruins out of their cluster.  Is there any temptation to try to start that way off the opening faceoff, or are you still…
COACH BOUCHER:  If you follow the games period by period, in half periods, you’ll see that we’ve changed more than once.  So it wasn’t something new today.  We’ve done it in other games, too.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it didn’t work.  And we change our stuff all the time.
So I don’t think we’re going to change our way of doing things for the next game.  Whatever we throw out there, though, is sometimes new and sometimes not.
But the players all know what to do when we ask them to change things, and they’re very quick to adapt.  And that’s certainly a credit to the type of people that we’ve got on this team.  They’re extremely willing to pay attention to details.
And it means the kind of details you need when you change something up.  So all kinds of plans that we’re going to try to think about for tomorrow.  But I think today, you don’t really plan that before the game that you’re going to be losing 3-0.

Q.  Simon Gagne was a huge reason that Philly was able to come back against the Bruins last year.  I know it’s a different team, different year, but can you talk about how huge he was tonight and what his contribution has been?
COACH BOUCHER:  It’s a different year.  It’s a different team, you’re right.  But there’s one thing that’s never changed and that’s Gagne is a money player.  He’s a clutch player.  He’s always been.  And I guess when he’s not, it’s because he’s retired, because I’ve seen him in junior.  I was lucky enough to see him play in junior, and you saw him at the Olympics, too.  And whenever it’s a big moment, you know he’s there.
And again tonight.  So it’s not the first time.  You look at our last two months of the year, he’s arguably in our top two to three forwards easily.  He was outstanding for us.  So happy for him to get his game back, it was really tough to start the year, move, change of environment.  He played injured, didn’t want to show he was injured.  So he had a very tough start.  We gave him a long break to take care of what he needed to do.  When he came back, he started this uphill climb that I think is still going on.
He’s one of those guys.  So I don’t think he’s learned that here.  I mean, he’s always been that, and that’s why he’s here.  That’s why we got him, convinced him to come down here.  So pretty happy about that.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about Teddy Purcell tonight.  I know you said he elevated his game in the Playoffs.  Are those goals he scored part of — because of his confidence, the poise with the puck on those two goals?
COACH BOUCHER:  He’s always had poise with the puck.  I think what we were discovering with Teddy now is that when it’s a tough game, when it’s a close environment type of game where there’s not much space out there, he can do the same now as what he was doing before when he had a lot of space.  And to me, that’s a major evolution of his game, because that means that what he was doing in the American League and college ranks, he can be doing in games now and not just during the regular season; he was doing it in the biggest games.
So I think he’s progressed so much.  Real proud of him.  And showing up like he did today certainly inspires the rest of the group.  And it falls into what we are.  Every day you don’t know which guy is going to make the difference.

Q.  In a game like this, or in a series like this, how much does coaching make a difference in terms of what you’re doing versus what Claude’s doing and now you’re kind of going back and forth?  In a one-game winner takes all, maybe is not as important in terms of matchups and decisions.  But when you’re playing the same team now, four, five, six, times in a row, does what you do become even more important?
COACH BOUCHER:  I don’t do anything.  I don’t do anything.  The players do everything.  We can direct them.  And as a staff, as a group, we have — we know our players and sometimes we can direct them in directions that can help.  But they do everything.  They’re the ones who deserve everything.  They pay the price on the ice.
They’re the ones who get dressed.  They’re the ones who get hurt to make plays happen, and they get all the credit.

Q.  Roloson, as you acknowledged, is your No. 1 guy, but you’ve pulled him twice now in this series.  Is there something amiss with him?  Is there something you’re seeing that he’s not doing now that he did before?
COACH BOUCHER:  Yeah, we’re giving the puck to — we’re giving gifts to the opponent.  So it’s very difficult for a goaltender.  When it’s a rush, when it’s a power play, it’s a normal situation.  Whenever you give the puck to the opponent like we did last game alone in the slot, or like tonight, turnovers at the worst moment has got a fraction of a second to react, we give him no chance.  So we have to do a better job in front of him.  That’s clear and simple.

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Game 4 Post-Game Transcript

May 21, 2011

THE MODERATOR:  We’re joined by Teddy Purcell and Ryan Malone.  Questions.

Q.  What happened really in that period?  You guys fell in that big hole.  There were some turnovers and stuff, talk about what happened there.
RYAN MALONE:  We gave them their opportunity there and they capitalized on it.  We all kind of talked about that.  Obviously eliminate their mistakes and stick with the plan.  And all year we’ve been pretty resilient and having kept up with some big goals, and the guys stayed even-keeled, which was very important.

Q.  Teddy, take us through your two goals.
TEDDY PURCELL:  I was coming off the change on the first one.  And Gags and Bugsy did a real good job causing pressure and taking them in.  And Gags made a real nice play out to me just kind of faked the shot and just put it on net.
And second one was the same shift.  We came down and were putting pressure on them.  And we had guys at the net and I don’t think Thomas saw it.  I put it on the net and luckily it went in.  So it was a good chip for me and it’s one I’ll always remember, that’s for sure.

Q.  Ryan, could you talk about the mindset now going in 2-2 rather than 3-1 obviously back to Boston?
RYAN MALONE:  Obviously we didn’t want to dig ourselves too deep of a hole.  It’s now the best of three, and we know nothing’s really been accomplished and they’re going to be ready and it’s going to be a battle here to the end.
We’re expecting seven games, and last game when their goalie says he has an easy game, that’s our job to make sure we get in there, take his eyes away, and make it hard on him.  I thought tonight we did a lot better job of getting bodies in front of him and whacking away at those pucks around his feet.

Q.  Teddy, Coach said you raised your game to another level in the Playoffs since the beginning of the first series.  How do you feel your game has changed, and is it more of a confidence thing at this point?
TEDDY PURCELL:  I think so.  I think it’s a combination of a couple things.  It’s confidence and just experience in Playoff hockey.  The young guys who haven’t played before have asked guys like Bugsy and Vinny and Marty and Kubes and these guys who have been there before what it’s like, but until you actually experience it, you don’t really know.
The beginning of the Playoffs, Coach said we’ve got to learn quick and learn what it takes, and I think we’re doing a really good job of that.  And everyone always knows that people need to step up in the Playoffs and it’s a lot of fun to contribute and we have a lot of guys doing that.  I think that’s what’s making us successful right now.

Q.  Ryan, we came in a little late.  So Simone said it was a calm discussion after the first period.  But when you go down 3-0, are you thinking in that intermission:  Let’s make it 3-1?  Is 3-3 even in your mind at that point?
RYAN MALONE:  No, not at all.  I think first we knew we had to kill off a penalty and then you can’t think you gotta score three goals and we know we’re not going to score three goals in one shift.  So it’s one at a time.  And we knew we had 40 minutes with lots of game left.
And like I said, we have a resilient bunch of guys here that we’re going to play to that final buzzer, and tonight we got a couple of bounces and that’s what we needed to know for us to maybe come in there and shut the door.
I think it’s great for him.  He’s been working hard, and he’s a great guy and good things happen to good people.

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  12. Brooks is off his rocker talking about them giving up their 2nd 2nd round pick for the rights to Richards before free agency. That’s exactly what the Rangers don’t need to do. When is Brooks and other fans going to realize their is a salary cap, and that a championship team is going to be built primarily through the draft.

  13. Wicky, it’s that 2012 end of the world thingamajig. It’s the end of the Mayan calender, or some shyte? I thought it was in January, but it’s the last week of December.

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  14. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

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  15. That’s a moronic idea by Brooks. First off, wasn’t NYR on Richards list of teams he’d accept a trade to??

    Wouldn’t he be curious to wait and see what we’ll offer before taking what another team is offering him?

    It would be a total waste of a 2nd round pick.

  16. Brooks does this a lot. He’ll lambaste Sather for signing big money free agents then two weeks later have a column about how the Rangers need to go after a certain big name free agent or else they aren’t trying to build a winning team.

    I think the Rangers need a first line center. Whether it’s Richards by free agency or someone else through a trade, they need to add talent to the front line. I’m not going to debate whether they should sign Richards or not, but I will say that they need to add someone.

  17. Brooks isn’t being realistic if he thinks Richards will settle for 5 yr, $6M per contract just because he wants to play for Torts. Think more in the neighborhood of 7 yr, $50M. Not convinced it’s a good idea. In terms of what he mentioned about Derek this morning, I actually thought he did a good job of being tactful and respectful as far as the whole issue is concerned. I’m sure with his contacts he could’ve blown the issue open and expose much more than anyone needs to know. But he didn’t. And I hope he, or anyone else, just leaves it the way it is now.

  18. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks for putting up the OHL semi-finals playoff sked. Maybe I am alone in this, but in all sports, when it gets down to the final four teams, I would rather see a 12-game schedule round robin tournament = two home games and two road games for each team vs. each opponent, rather than the current best of seven format pitting two teams against eachother, in direct competition. Seeing the same opponent seven straight times bores me to tears and is monotonous as hell, however exciting the series is. Plus, with a four-team round robin tournament you have four cities involved in finals championship play, not just two cities, and that is commerically a big boost.

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  23. LB reaction on Richards, was like some people on so called rapture, – kind of knee-jerk. No need to rush things and potentially ruin some development, for something just money could buy and in a worst case scenario, if lose a bidding war, it will be not an end of the world (pun intended), real looser will be who overpays. There will be life after Richards after all.

  24. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Richards, just not in a hype about notion of savior who will solve all problems and if not, I would rather look for a strong power forward, *former* Jagr/Iginla/Nesh type and hope for further development of smart passers like Stepan and even MZA (who nevertheless impressed me personally with his vision and passing ability this season).

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    Again, Orr gets it right!

  28. JimboWoodside on

    Whatever happened to Dany Heatley’s talent? He’s playing like he was traded to the NYR!

  29. JimboWoodside on

    Higgins – couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when he was with NYR – and now scoring GWGs in the conference finals…..that’s just about par for the course for us…

  30. All this constant complains about “NY syndrome” when former Rangers (Higgins, for example) start producing after leaving NY (even worse, when against the Rangers), are just indicators of our traditional “patience” while they were here and understandable, general envy after. I’m first guilty of that.

  31. JimboWoodside on

    Dang! Sharks are in trouble – all those PPs and couldn’t buy a goal, and now this…

  32. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 2 Latona lunch points!!) on

    woo hoo, I took lunch at the right time 2-0 nucks!!

    so in the pick from the funeral on the link that banj posted earlier, I see aves, boyle, gabby, and cally (I think). Not sure about anyone else that went (other than prust, WW, staal, EC, and MDZ).

  33. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 2 Latona lunch points!!) on

    3-0 GO NUCKS GO!!!

  34. JimboWoodside on

    Well, the ‘Nucks absolutely sucked the life out of SJ and their fans in that period…..

  35. How can the Sharks be so nonchalant in basically a must win game on home ice by taking all those awful penalties in a row? With the talent of the opponent, I think it’s safe to say this is their season.
    That’s one of the biggest blunders and mental lapses I’ve seen in a playoff game in awhile.
    Three consecutive 5 on 3 goals? I can see giving up even strength goals, but what the F were the Sharks thinking about? They’re not facing the Ranger’s PP!
    I love hockey and especially the playoffs, but I hate to see these games be decided on special teams.

  36. JimboWoodside on

    I think the Sharks were showing their frustration at not being able to do squat during their PPs, and lost their composure completely in taking all those penalties…

  37. Higgins success is attributed to his separation by 3000 mi with his favorite Lindenhurst “O’Grady” bar. He stopped drinking and started scoring (not just at local girls). Eyes are not so puffy and actually could see more of a court and net. As for a character, it was always there for local boy, hardened in a bar’s brawls as well as on ice. Glad for him, really. Always liked him and had a high hopes when he played for us.

  38. JimboWoodside on

    I had high hopes for him too, 4ever – I knew he was a local boy, and I relished the thought of him going into the Isles’ barn and beating them regularly – and it was all the better since we got him from the Habs in exchange for Gomez…….but it just didn’t work out, unfortunately.

  39. JimboWoodside on

    Sharks would have to really pour it on in the remaining time to get back into this game….

  40. ORR!!
    from some of the stuff i read
    the Mayan calendar simply ended at 2012
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    maybe they were lazy
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    maybe they were too busy fighting
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  41. still don’t think the sharks can tie this up.
    i’ll be surprised if they do.

    shows how much the pp can be a MAJOR help
    or really mess you up.

    none for sj
    and 3 for 3 for van

  42. JimboWoodside on

    If the Mayans were so prescient, why couldn’t they ward off whatever ended their civilization!?

  43. didn’t anyone bother to tell kesler that the game
    was over? seemed to stay down an extra
    long time
    and funny how his many of his
    teammates didn’t bother to check on him.

  44. JimboWoodside on

    Clowe just told Kesler, “Here! Take that back to Vancouver with you”

    Sharks will be lucky to get the next win – “backs against the wall” and all that jazz……

  45. good one Jimbo
    if that preacher guy was so convinced of
    the rapture than why didn’t he
    give his tens of millions of dollars away?
    he could have helped lots of people.
    he still has it and is able to continue
    to fool more people.

  46. the real stupid are those who follow his
    every word………alright i’m done with this.
    i still would like to sue him and bankrupt his
    evil aasen

  47. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, jpg……I agree….what makes HIM so doggoned special that he can figure out when the world is gonna end? You would think that after he blew the call in 1994 that he would have kept his mouth shut! The cugliones on this guy!

  48. WOW!!!!!!!
    watching Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel
    right now and he’s praising Avery
    in regards to his support of marriage equality

  49. it’s the 5/17/11 show
    and he gives a short commentary at the end of
    the show, praising Avery in regards to
    his support for marriage equality.
    there’s more to it than that but
    i was very surprised
    and pleased.

  50. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 2 Latona lunch points!!) on

    ORR got raptured? I thought he was rejected when I was?

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