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THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Joe, tonight you saw a lot more of the Sedin line versus Kesler.  Can you comment on that, what kind of difference that made in the game?
JOE THORNTON:  Well, they’re both good centermen, both good lines.  Yeah, we try to play the same way, doesn’t matter which line we play against.
To be honest with you, just a normal game for us.  Go out, try to work hard, try to produce for the boys.

Q.  Did you know before the game who you’d be matched up with?
JOE THORNTON:  Todd never tells us who we’re playing against, to be honest with you.  If we’re not starting, he’ll just kind of yell down and say, Hey, you got this line.  That’s pretty much it.

Q.  Antti, can you talk about what you were experiencing, seeing, what you had to do during that five-on-three?
ANTTI NIEMI:  Well, I think we had a really compact three guys there and we wanted to keep them outside.  We did a pretty good job on that.

Q.  Were you taking experience from past playoffs or key moments or were you saying, I’m comfortable with this situation?
ANTTI NIEMI:  Yeah, for sure, a little bit.  Most important thing is who is on the ice and what they are probably trying to do.

Q.  Patrick, could you talk about the offensive roll you’re on, just confirm the JR thing is a total coincidence?
PATRICK MARLEAU:  Things are just starting to go in.  I’m playing with some pretty good players obviously.  Just getting into some good areas.  The puck is starting to go in.

Q.  Can a player feel his confidence grow in a series?
PATRICK MARLEAU:  Yeah, it’s nice to produce and help a team win.  What it boils down to is wins right now.  Do whatever it takes to win.
I think each line played really well tonight and we’re going to need that again next game.

Q.  Joe, could you talk about the importance of that fourth goal, maybe take us through what you were seeing as the play was developing.
JOE THORNTON:  Yeah, very important.  Five-on-three, they didn’t capitalize on theirs.  You never know.  It’s 3-1 up to that point.  You really don’t know at that point if that’s going to be the game winner, but you take every shift in.
I just really saw Patty and Boiler just kind of work it back and forth.  Boiler had a good shot earlier.  Hit the crossbar.  Patty just laid a perfect pass over and Boiler got all of it, I guess.

Q.  I know it’s all about the game and focusing on the 60 minutes.  How much of that determination out there tonight was just to avoid getting to a place where no hockey team wants to be in a seven-game series?
JOE THORNTON:  Every game for us right now is Game 7.  We realize how important tonight was.  Next game is just going to be more important.  Every game for us is Game 7.  We realize what’s at stake.
The guys showed up and the fans were into it.  They gave us an extra boost.  But we know the importance of winning tonight.

Q.  Joe and Patty, you’ve had other very good first periods in playoffs.  You scored three goals instead of one or sometimes none.  What was the difference?  You can point to the power-plays, but you created them.  Explain the difference.
PATRICK MARLEAU:  Well, I think each line was going good.  We had our forecheck going.  That’s why we were able to draw those penalties.  It’s not just the power-play, it’s the people that draw the penalties that allow us to go out there and score those goals.
JOE THORNTON:  No, we just had our legs.  Put pucks in where we could get them back, drew some penalties.  When we got our power-play, we executed well.
But, yeah, just putting pucks, being hard on pucks, retrieve pucks hard.  We did that early.

Q.  You statistically have dominated the first period.  Statistically they’ve controlled the third period.  Big deal or not?
JOE THORNTON:  No.  We’re just after wins.

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  1. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I’m still here as well (even though I jokingly called into work today stating I wouldn’t be in due to rapturing)!

  2. Apparently it’s at 6pm, wicky, so don’t get too comfortable. Mrs and I drove upstate. I figured it’s a small place, by the time it’s all said and done in NYC, the rapture will be tired. Mrs and I will take the girls, wicky….

  3. Derek will be laid to rest today. Apparently a dozen of players are traveling to attend. So is Sather. Torts couldn’t go, he is recovering from knee replacement surgery. In case someone wants to send something, remember the family wanted the donations to be given, in lieu of flowers, to Derek’s charity. RIP big guy.

  4. Haven’t heard from Australia, New Zealand the rest of the Western Pacific. It’s happening gang, it’s happening!

  5. Once again…


    Ok, who wants to watch Net Worth next? Don’t miss out on this interesting DVD while it’s on it’s 2011 North American Bonehead Summer Tour!!

    After you watch it you should ask on the blog who wants to watch it next.

  6. not me … I read that New Zealand was supposed to be first at 1 a.m. … anybody heard anything about New Zealand?

    my wife said a radio DJ was on the air saying, if you really, really believe this thing is happening, show me. send me a post-dated check worth (I forget the amount). if you really believe the end is coming today, there’s no risk for you, right? So send me the check. Let’s see if you really believe.

  7. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Sorry for the double posts, iPhone going haywire……is it happening?

  8. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Do we have any idea other than prust, mdz, ww. And Staal who went?

  9. You can follow the live blog here:

    Some funny stuff going on. I like the plan that we all pretend the Rapture is occurring so that when it ends and Harold Camping is still on earth he will be really pissed off.

  10. On the rapture thing. I think it’s happening. At least all bass was raptured from the lake. I’ve been trying to fish from this am. Not a single bite. WTB?

  11. I’m still here! Course, I’m an hour behind most of you…

    If this carcillo is really happening, I will be mighty ticked off that I’m here and not in NY with the rest of my family!

  12. Not to rub it in, Mickey, but I’m right around the area you used to live at the moment. It’s gorgeous here…

  13. Got the email that MacHaydn Theater opens next weekend. I loved going there for their summer stock shows.

  14. After rapture, Mickey. I don’t want to upset him unnecessary in case it doesn’t happen…

  15. Good idea, ilb. Not a smart thing to freak out a 64 old man who’s had quadruple bypass surgery…

  16. billybleedsblue on

    Why all the talk about basketball? The Raptors aren’t even in the playoffs!

  17. Tony, we know you’re loving in AZ, as well as living there. ;)

    OK, need some food and coffee now. Hope to see y’all laters!

  18. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Oh hey, I see it is now “The AFLAC Heisman Trophy.” This excites me, because it should lead to our getting a “Geico Stanley Cup,” with goalies becoming better able to makes saves on shots with just one 15 minute phone call, say about 20 times per day just for turning on their radio.

    You think I’m kidding, you think Bettman isn’t salivating over the prospect of pocketing a few extra mill for himself for a Stanley Cup sell-out? And by the way, how did the rally in downtown Atlanta “to save the Thrashers” go, Gary The Weasel? We all know Atlanta is a better hockey town than Winnipeg, so why the pretext about a franchise move? lol.

  19. MannyFried? on

    Can the Rapture be awarded the Cup? Does the Rapture have anything to do with Cindy Crosby?

  20. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The proud winner of 2 Latona lunch points!!) on

    I’m going to say this kudos to those rangers players and organizational members who went to the funeral and shame on those who did not. Kudos to WW for going, having only been a teammate for a partial season!

  21. sharks bruins jumbo joe vs the bruins is the storyline.

    even though i am rooting for canucks i think sharks will win in 6

  22. MannyFried? on

    I covered the heater holes and the cabinet holes (where the pipes lead to the sink) with tin foil….taped it up good and then I made two Mouse traps (one near the heater and one near the stove). Both are baited with a pastry of sorts which is a peanut butter ball with a cheddar goldfish on top. I think this mouse might be kind of Fancy. I have named him Harold Camping in honor of the man who predicted the rapture.

  23. MannyFried? on

    Thanks for asking guys. Your suggestions were all pretty great. Way better than my kleenex box trap.

  24. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha! “Haute cuisine” for your “guest”! I like it – you’ve got flair, Manny!

  25. JimboWoodside on

    You’re welcome! I hope it all works out for you – the kleenex box wouldn’t hold him for more than a minute – he would chew right through it.

  26. MannyFried? on

    Yea My plan was to watch the box all night until my eyes became bloodshot. Then when he went into the box I would attack with my fangs out and bite his head off (ozzy style). It didn’t work out.

  27. MannyFried? on

    I actually couldn’t care less about living with mice. I grew up in the sticks. Mice in my house was a regular occurrence. I guess those were field mice and they were a lot cleaner than these city mice. Also I don’t have a dog here to kill them. My fiance is horrified though.

  28. MannyFried? on

    “You know the nazi’s had pieces of flare that they made the jews wear….” – Peter Gibbons, Office Space

  29. Stamkos looks like a young Freddy Kruger actor Robert Englund? is that his name?

  30. MannyFried? on

    Anyways. I am off to some horrific engagement party where there will be no sports on television. Hopefully I don’t get raptured. Good luck tonight guys. With the Rapture and all.

  31. JimboWoodside on

    “I would attack with my fangs out and bite his head off (ozzy style). It didn’t work out”

    Why am I not surprised!? ;-D

  32. there is no doubt in my mind sather signs kaberle this offseason to big bucks.

    hes a disaster.

  33. Sather is making a call to gagne’s agent right now. Bruins also in panic mode.

  34. 100th.

    I switched over to the PGA event during the commercial and Jim Nantz said that David Toms “is playing like there’s no tomorrow.” hahahaha.

  35. JimboWoodside on

    Hey, what’s the deal with Versus/NBC running a feature on this new movie? I never saw anything like this before – an extended commercial with the commentators talking about the film…

    Does Comcast own the film studio too?

  36. Carp
    i’ve been trying something similar to that dj
    tweets about “you can’t take it with you.”

    did you know that “preacher” is sitting on 72 million!!
    just sad that people want to believe so badly in something
    that they get taken.
    with that i step off the soapbox
    back to hockey

  37. so TonyAZ
    i did it.
    got the 60d.
    still weighing out my options
    with lenses.
    may get a canon
    or go with a sigma or two.
    have to admit i’m going to pay more
    because i need image stabilization.

  38. btw,
    sorry about the BREAKING NEWS
    saw it and didn’t think it was up earlier
    all the best to him in his recovery

  39. rangers and bruins both blow 3 goal leads in game 4.

    will the bruins recover?

    stay tuned

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