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THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach McLellan.

Q.  Todd, what is your point of emphasis for your team tonight?
COACH McLELLAN:  Start.  Play with some tempo.  Puck placement.  Composure.

Q.  Changes to tonight’s line-up…
COACH McLELLAN:  We’re still discussing them.  We could shuffle things up a little bit.

Q.  A couple guys in your room said they’re going to treat tonight like a Game 7.  Do you agree with that philosophy?
COACH McLELLAN:  I think when you’re in the playoffs, if you have the approach that Game 1 is like Game 7 and Game 2 is like Game 7, I think that’s a real good indicator of intensity and focus.  Our job is just to win Game 3.  However we want to approach it from the mental perspective, it’s to win Game 3.
We know we’re going to play Game 4.  We’d like to play it with a record of 2-1 versus 0-3.  But we can’t look ahead.  We’ve got to deal with today.  We obviously need a better game than we had in Games 1 and 2.  We’re looking for that tonight.

Q.  You said the other night you need some guys to play with more intensity.  You’ve probably had that speech with some of these guys before.  How do you find a new way to say it this time?
COACH McLELLAN:  Some of the individuals have showed marked improvement over time.  Sometimes just showing them where they were and how far they’ve come strikes a cord with them.  To remind them of some of their achievements, not about goals and assists, some of their achievements, changes, commitments that they’ve made to teammates, to themselves and their careers is a very powerful thing.
It’s not always about rubbing their noses in it.  I mentioned this yesterday.  Everybody responds differently.  Some guys need to see it and they quite frankly need to be pushed.  Other guys need to be sat down and their progress needs to be reviewed.  They need to be reminded where they’re at, how they got there, what some of the cues were on the ice that allowed them to get there.
Each of the individuals, that’s why we spend nine months together, is different.  All playing towards a collective effort, then the results.

Q.  Todd, beyond what happened in Game 2, the third period hasn’t been real good to you throughout the playoffs.  What can you do differently?
COACH McLELLAN:  Funny, first period wasn’t very good to us against L.A., and then it’s changed.  We’re now into the third period.  If we’re fortunate enough to move on and get to play, then we may even be talking about the second period.
That’s hockey.  That’s how it happens.  For different reasons we’ve been good and bad in both cases.  You look backwards, third period’s treated us very well in the first series.  We came back against Detroit.  We’re only two games in here.  In both cases it was 3-2 in the third.  We obviously lost some composure and we’ve been down this road.
Yesterday we talked about it enough that it affected our ability to play in the third period in Game 2.  Game 1, we didn’t skate well enough.  They were much better in the third, so we’ll have to change that tonight.

Q.  All teams go through injuries.  The absence of Jason Demers, has that had an impact on the game plan going in and adjustments you have to make?
COACH McLELLAN:  It has.  Our belief in Jason and his ability is very strong.  He’s played a very key role in our team play this year.  He’s an offensive guy with very good eyes and very good hands, thinks the game creatively.
Huskins is a different player.  When you put Kent in, it changes.  He’s a defender.  He’s more about staying at home and playing in a smaller sheet of ice than the bigger sheet.
So it does change the dynamic somewhat.  You have to ask others to do a little bit more in offensive situations.  But it’s not the end of the world.

Q.  What do you have to do more of or better to get more scoring chances right in front of Luongo and how much does that start in the neutral zone?
COACH McLELLAN:  The neutral zone is a big part of it.  But for me it’s more of a sustained attack in the offensive zone.  We’ve been there.  We’ve thrown pucks to the net.  But all too often we’re one and out.  When we were playing well against Los Angeles and Detroit, we were able to roam around a little bit in their end, have sustained attack, get fresh people out on a line change.  We’ve done a poor job.  Vancouver has done a real good job of changing that.
As a result, it sends the puck back out to the neutral zone, you start over.  So I think a lot of focus is made on the neutral zone.  For me it’s more about the offensive zone and sustained time.

Q.  Did you say you’re considering lineup changes or line changes?

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  1. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I like the approach of the coach. I like changing the lines when a lineup does not work for two games or so or when very important players are doing absolutley nothing. (i.e. Heatley/Pavelski/Marleau).

    Right now it would be hard to pick either Eastern team. These two Western teams both look better top to bottom.

  2. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Drug overdose did in the Boogeyman, what a shame. Accidental death caused by taking too many painkillers in combination with alcohol. What a shame. RIP Derek.

  3. In watching the intensity, the speed, the pure skill exhibited by ALL the teams participating this season, has anyone of you given any thought ( as I know I have) about the wonderful game experience being gained by all participants, that will lift them a good bit above the players of the rest of the league who did not participate.

    Just to be able to see action at this level of performance is something that could never be bought nor taught.Player by player will see his game experience elevated to a point that gives them a distinct edge over all the other non participating teams, come next fall.

    This does not take into consideration who won and who lost…that is not a factor, because there is such a small difference between the winning and losing, is not the point. It’s just the real life participation that is going to make the difference. Keeping in mind that the winner and loser was so close to one another at the end, that often it was just a simple deflection, and skidding the wrong moment, a goalie’s glove not quite nailing the catch, or a bounce off someone not even in the play was the deciding factor in the won lost aspect. Just playing these games brought maturity for young and old alike
    that could never be coached, instructed, exhorted, or paid for.

  4. MannyFried? on

    Deep in the forest, the black forest, there lies a ham so succulent, so rare, that when combined with American (Freedom) Cheese it becomes the holy grail of sandwich bases. Combined with a touch of tangy mayo, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes and shredded lettuce a wholesome flavor explosion helps your internal compass find true north. Served upon a multi-grain hero with a side of pop-chips this delightful meal combo delivers again and again and again and again….

  5. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody raptures!!) on

    I agree with LW

  6. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody raptures!!) on

    For lunch I had a charred pompeii burger on tough vichy french bread smothered in well aged alamo salsa, with a side of krakatoan broiled mushrooms. Washed down with some tasty stalingrad vodka served from a german bastogne stein, all served to me by a canucks fan wearing a frontless sedin jersey.

  7. JimboWoodside on

    Terribly sad news about Boogaard – what an avoidable waste of human life.

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    After you watch it you should ask on the blog who wants to watch it next.

  9. So it finally came out and his death was caused by pain pills and alcohol.He was always in pain and he took pain pills which are highly addictive and also drank alcohol which your not suppose to do.Lets face it how many people who get pain pills actually listen when told not to drink? It’s just something thats done,it’s not smart but it’s done all the time.Unfourtunately it killed a great guy in Derek.Now all you losers can start your assault on Derek,because you are losers. I instead see it as a terrible accident and won’t let it dim or ruin my feelings for a great man who just wanted to play hockey. I will remember all the people he has touched in a positive manner instead of how he died.How he died should be a lesson to all of us but it should never ever ruin his memory and all the wonderful things he did for his teammates,family and fans who just enjoyed watching him.I will remember that silly little song and dance he did at the build a bear store,and of course the giant holdinding hands with the little girl going into the store.If you are a good person thats the Derek you should remember along with being the toughest SOB in the NHL.For all of those who want to throw mud I say your all aholes for doing it and that includes Brooks from the Post. I hope his family can get threw this terrible tradgedy and realish how gret a man there son Derek was and always will be in the minds of true fans who Loved him.RIP Boogyman !!!!!!!

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