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Game 3 Morning Skate Transcript
May 19, 2010

An Interview With:

Q.  What’s the biggest difference coaching in the NHL Playoffs to other leagues, maybe there aren’t any, but what’s the difference you’ve seen?
COACH BOUCHER:  I didn’t really think about it, to be honest with you.  Maybe I should.  I guess what’s similar is the fact that every day is a very intense day where you’ve got to find solutions and you’re playing against the same teams all the time, and it becomes a battle of details and I don’t think that’s any different from any league.
I mean, basically from one league to another, players are better.  Coaches are better.  And you gotta be better.  But in the end, the same kind of feeling.  It’s a do or die every game.

Q.  Dana Tyrell skated without a red jersey.  Any update on him?  And also anything new on Kubina?
COACH BOUCHER:  Kubina won’t be playing today and Tyrell is ready to go, so we’ll make a decision after the warm-up. Kubina right now we’re going to wait.

Q.  Talk about the role that Dwayne Roloson plays in your offense, having him back there, the way plays, how well he’s been, how good he’s been, what that does for your offense, the attack?

Q.  Roloson, having him back there, the way he’s played throughout the Playoffs and throughout the year, what that does for your offense.
COACH BOUCHER:  For the offense?

Q.  Yes.
COACH BOUCHER:  I was hoping for the defense it would make a difference, but for our offense, to be honest with you, he’s not a guy that’s going to overhandle the puck much, so we’re not waiting for him to transition the puck.  And obviously when you feel secure about your goaltender, it has a tendency to help you be confident about your offense.
But having said that, last game was the game we had the most chances the entire year.  And it didn’t help us.  Our defense is what we needed to focus on last game.  And in both games we scored five goals.
But it’s one we didn’t win.  Obviously it’s because we didn’t play as well defensively.  We gave away rushes.  And so I think our focus has to be defense first like it always has been when we have success.
We know if we have success defensively, we’ve given ourselves a much better chance.  Very good team on the other side, and they can score some goals.  So if you give them break-aways and two-on-ones and three-on-twos, it’s certainly going to help them and gain momentum and the way we gave the puck back from our zone last game, having the puck on our stick and turning it over, we created a lot of offensive zone time for themselves which I feel we certainly could do better at.

Q.  How extensive was the discussion about pulling Roloson the other night?  Was there a lot of back and forth or was it something that you knew?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, I knew what my feeling was.  But you need to respect the player, too.  You need to make sure you do the right thing.  I think if you leave him in, or if you take him out after a seventh goal people in the stands probably screaming at him.  I don’t think that would be right.  It wouldn’t be respecting him.
I know he wanted to stay to battle, but he also understood that by changing something it might change the outcome of the game.  And it almost worked.
He’s the first guy to want what the team needs at that point.  So we certainly didn’t lose confidence in Roloson.  We left him alone with break-aways and two-on-ones and stuff.  It was just about respecting him and trying to see how we can turn this game around, because we were getting a lot of chances, but it just wasn’t turning our way.
So giving a different look.  Smith had played outstanding for us since December 15th.  He’s been a .940 average.  So we knew he would be going in there playing well.

Q.  In the few games you’ve actually pulled him this season, what characteristics did you see in him the following game that you expect to see in tonight’s game from him?
COACH BOUCHER:  Calmness.  For him, he’s built some mental tools over the years that some young guys don’t have.  And that is for him it’s all about a 12-hour thing.  Beyond 12 hours, you can’t even talk to him about it because it doesn’t exist.
And it’s a great mental tool that takes a long time.  And it takes a mature man to be about that.  So that’s where he is right now.

Q.  So much is talked about of that second period in Game 2.  When you look at it, you won five of the six periods played so far in this series.  Is that lost in the translation here?
COACH BOUCHER:  Not for us.  Not for us.  But it seems for a lot of people it is.  You know, we lost a game in Boston.  If you were to tell us that before going there we would win one of the two, I think anybody would have taken it, but now since that’s the last game we’ve played, it’s the weird thing.  If you lose the first one, win the second one against Pittsburgh – that’s how it was.  We lost the first one, won the second one, everything was great coming back home and people say we’ve got momentum.  We lost the two after that.
So I think that losing that game certainly puts us in a position to look at the details that can make the difference.  But it certainly didn’t put us in a place where we don’t feel confident, obviously.  It’s the game where we had the most scoring chances in the entire year, the regular season and Playoffs.  So we know offensively we did some good stuff, but I think we wanted it too much offensively, and obviously five on three in the first period for me killed us more than anything.
You’ve got a team that’s coming off hard.  You give them the puck a few times at turnovers and get a five on three, it has a tendency to hurt you.  Even then it was 2-1 after one.  Martin St. Louis with a break-away could have made it 3-1 right off the bat.
So I think the idea was we were a little too eager in the second period to put the game away at 2-1.  And that’s not us.  When we act like that, we’re never any good.  So we reloaded for the third period; it was a little too late.

Q.  You talked about obviously the series are games of adjustments for both teams.  How much goes into anticipating what Boston’s going to do or teams are going to do to adjust here?  Is that a dangerous area that you go into?  Do you try to fight an anticipation game?
COACH BOUCHER:  You always want to anticipate.  But what the danger is spending all your time anticipating and not focusing on what your team is supposed to do and what they’ve been doing all year up to the Playoffs.  That’s what we did for the third period in Boston, we didn’t add on stuff.  We made sure we did and focused on the things that made us successful for so long and make sure we do that today rather than just focus on who is playing on the other side, are they going to change the forecheck, do something in the power play.  They’ve had some success, doing some things the last game.  We want to be able to defend that.
But beyond that you gotta watch out.  Over the years – I’m a rookie now, but I’m not 25.  At 25 I always wanted to plan everything, and that wasn’t so good.  So hopefully I’ve learned.

Q.  I was wondering what you guys – what you thought of how you played Seguin in the third period and what you need to do going forward tonight as he’s obviously a player you know a great deal about and have scouted him, but just wondering where you think the priority needs to be defensively with him?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, the first two games it’s clear.  I think the players and everybody underestimated his speed.  And that’s the main thing.  His speed is obviously a weapon for him and for his team.  And being a young guy, having success right away, certainly takes a lot of nervousness away.  And for us we know that he’s going to be on the ice.  We have to be able keep on him.
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Game 3 Morning Skate Transcript

May 19, 2011

An Interview With:


Q.        Anything on Bergeron?
COACH JULIEN:  There’s going to probably be a decision made either today if not tomorrow.  He is closer.  He’s feeling pretty good.  Again, not totally up to the coach to make the final decision.  A lot of other things have to happen.
And, again, I can only give you the same answer I gave you the other day.  He’s going to warm up because he’s ready to go and we’ll – I’m sure there’s going to be some discussions on how we move forward today, and it just goes to show you that he’s getting real closer.

Q.  Two games into this series, you haven’t really played a game yet that typifies the kind of hockey that got you to this point of the season, as far as the whole game goes.  Is that something you recover by details, to work up to a general thing, or do you try to start out with a concept and have that go to the details as far as how that works itself out?
COACH JULIEN:  I think we just gotta get back to playing our game.  And the first game I don’t think was bad.  Again, we talked about those three quick goals were goals that I felt we just got sloppy, gave them away.
It wasn’t necessarily how it was structured.  The second game, we were pretty good the first period, and when we took that lead it kind of opened up the play, and when you open up the play, it opened up the play for us as well.  And we got more chances.
So the first thing you know you’re in the run-and-gun type of game.  Both teams are trying to get themselves back in the game, and here are teams taking advantage of the number of situations as you saw in Seguin’s goal two-on-one.
It’s hard to reel your team back in after that.  That’s always been a challenge.  Once you get into those types of run-and-gun games, it’s really hard to get your team back the kind of structure that – I thought the third period was a lot of the same.  I mean, they had to open up a lot more to get themselves back in the game, and we weren’t able to get our proper posture defensively, and then they got a lot of chances out of it.
So those are the kinds of things that I think are uncharacteristic of both teams, to my knowledge, anyway, having seen them play and I know about our hockey club, and for two teams that are relying a lot on solid defense it hasn’t been the case so far in this series.

Q.  Just for a little bit of clarification.  So there’s discussion that has to be had with doctors today, which could leave the door open for Bergeron tonight, or that could happen tomorrow?
COACH JULIEN:  Yeah, I mean, he’s still day to day.  Until I’m told that he’s clear and – obviously he had the skate this morning to see what was going on.  You know, all this protocol stuff and everything that goes on, so that’s all I can tell you right now.  I don’t want to elaborate more because we’re just going in circles here.
As I said, the best thing to do is if you see him up there in the warm-up tonight I’m not just sending him out there to have a skate; he’ll be playing.

Q.  The team – I have talked to some of the players and they know you might have a decision on your hands soon when he comes back, who to sit, how much do you like this team, the fact no matter who it is they’re going to accept if they go up top and they take one for the team?
COACH JULIEN:  I don’t think I want them to accept it.  I think I just want them to understand it.  The guy who accepts it is not what I want to see.  Everybody wants to play.
I think what has to happen is he needs to understand, whoever that may be, help the team right now.  And through a long series you see changes all the time.  And the best thing, whoever that player ends up being, has to be ready to jump into the lineup when you call them.  That’s been the case since day one.  That hasn’t changed.

Q.  Steven Kampfer you just talked about conditioning a couple days ago.  Wanted to get a little update.  Is he ready to go if you had to use him in a game?
COACH JULIEN:  He’s pretty close.  I talked to him after practice.  We had a chat on the ice and talked about what he’s been through the last little while and how he’s felt and everything else.  So I think he’s getting pretty close to that.  So, if anything, I think we’ll – pretty soon we’ll be able to say he’s the guy that can jump in if something happened.

Q.  Doesn’t happen too often where you see Tomas giving up nine goals in a couple of games.  Is that more indicative of the guys playing in front of him, a lot of opportunities, or is that something you see in Timmy right now the last couple of games, or is it more usual?
COACH JULIEN: Everybody has to take responsibility.  As a team I think we’ve given up a lot of scoring chances, way more than we’re used to giving up.  On our account, anyway, we had them for nine  scoring chances in the third period, which is sometimes what we give up in a whole game.
So certainly we have to take responsibility as a team, and still the goaltender is part of the team, so everybody takes that responsibility and together we can make it better.

Q.  We talked about it a lot during the regular season, but to be 4 and 1 now in the Playoffs on the road, certainly not an easy thing to do, is there a reason, is there anything you can point to?
COACH JULIEN:  No, I think the question has been asked this year because we have been pretty good on the road even during the regular season.  We’ve played some pretty solid games on the road.
And having said that, I think our team’s gotten better especially in the last month of the regular season and in the Playoffs, even better at home.  We played some decent games, but no doubt the road’s a place for us to have been very successful.
And the team we’re playing tonight is one of those teams as well.  You saw the kind of challenges they gave us, and hopefully we can give them those kind of challenges in their own building.

Q.  Can you just evaluate a little bit Marchand’s game in the last couple of games skating without Bergeron?  Seems like maybe at least offensively there’s been a little bit of an adjustment there with other guys he played with since December?
COACH JULIEN:  I think through the Playoffs everybody at one point, you’ve seen it, a player maybe not being as good as we’ve seen him in the past and somebody else steps up.  And that’s been the case for a little bit of everybody here.
So I think we forget sometimes I think that he’s a first-year player and what he’s accomplished has been above what anybody expected of him.  So sometimes the expectations may be a little too high.
I think he’s been a pretty good contributor so far in the Playoffs.  If he has an average game once in a while, I think it’s expected, and what we like about him is that he knows when he has an average game, he’s the type of player that wants to do something about it.
So I think he’s been average the last game, which I think he was, I anticipate him to bounce back.

Q.  Do you think there’s a link to Bergeron being gone?  Is there something to that?
COACH JULIEN:  I think when you lose a player like Bergeron, anybody playing with him will be affected, there’s no doubt about that.  That’s how good Bergie is.  And hopefully Bergie comes back at some point and it helps his game.
I think probably you’re right in regards to that.  A guy like Bergeron certainly makes a player like Marchand a lot better.

Q.  The Lightning were talking about Seguin and how for a young player he uses his speed so very well.  What kind of adjustments do you expect them to make to that, and if you could just talk about how Tyler at his age in the NHL has used his speed so well?
COACH JULIEN:  Well, Tampa has been very good at complimenting our team.  They do a really good job of that.  I think Tampa has got some pretty good speed themselves, St. Louis and those kind of guys.  Stamkos.  They’ve got the same kind of players.
So my answer to that would be I think they’re pretty well served on their side.  I don’t think they’re worried so much about Tyler more than they want to flatter him, and we know that there are the mind games that teams play, and right now we’re just focusing on what we have to do here.  And, if anything, I would be more tempted to compliment my own players such as St. Louis and those guys that are just as good as Seguin when it comes to speed.

Q.  Coach, Milan was not out there today, any issues there at all?
COACH JULIEN:  No issues.  He’s going to be in tonight.  During the Playoffs certain things you do and give guys time off for whatever reason.  He’ll be there.  There won’t be any excuses to his game at all.  And you’ve seen Recchi get some time Recchi this morning wanted to go on.  So there’s very minor issues when it comes to that.
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    My wife has a long time girl friend whom she went to school with and on a visit with her and her husband, she related to us how Bergeron took a special shine to her grandson who was born without kidneys! Bergeron spends a lot of time with the boy and brings him to Bruin games, and he mixes with the players and the kid actually plays hockey and other sports. he must stay close to a dialysis machine because of this condition. One of the things that she told us was one day when he asked her, ” Grandma – am I going to die?” god when I heard that I had to leave the room, because it choked me up so much.

    All of the Bruin players love this little guy for his joy of being around them, and his spirit. ( The condition is eventually becoming fatal.) His grandmother also keeps a dialysis machine in her home for when he visits and stays with her.

    If the Bruins win the cup I would not be surprised if he celebrates with them. The incredible courage of this little guy and his love of life, and his Bruins. God have mercy.

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