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THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  What does it say about Ryan to not take the bait at the opening faceoff in Game 1?  Would there have been a time in his career when he would have taken that bait?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Hockey is an emotional game.  I’m not going to get into every little thing that happens on the ice.
It’s two players that want to win.

Q.  How important do you think speed will be in determining the winner of this series?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Well, I think both teams have a tremendous amount of speed and like to play fast.  Both teams have a good rush game where, you know, D joins the attack.
I think the one that’s going to be able to execute at the highest level is going to give themselves the best chance.

Q.  You’re certainly looking for as much speed in the lineup as you can.  Is that fair to say?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think it’s an element of our game that when we have played north/south, gone up the ice real quickly, we’ve been real effective.  It’s probably one of the things we’d like to do.

Q.  Game 1 maybe didn’t get the fourth line guys the minutes you might have expected to start the series.  Is that a goal for you to get them into the action a little bit earlier on tonight?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Yeah, we had a lot of time in between for us, in between games, like we do now, in between games.  Sometimes you play your top-end players a little bit more.
Obviously, you know, you’d like to be able to throw that fourth line and give them their seven, eight minutes because that enables us to have a better pace on the ice.
We’ll see what they do and figure it out after.

Q.  Did you watch the game last night?

Q.  What is it like when an NHL coach watches a 6-5 fire wagon game?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I thought it was a pretty good game really.  Maybe you saw some interesting moments from both teams.  Boston giving up the goal in the first minute, the goal in the last minute.  That’s always challenging.  That’s momentum shifters, obviously.
Then they come out and they score great goals in the second period, get a 6-3 lead, then give them two goals.
It’s momentum.  It’s playoff hockey.  You could feel the tension on the ice.  Great game for the fans.

Q.  Would you be pleased to see a game like that in here tonight?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  I just want to win.  Doesn’t matter how.  We want to win.  That’s the bottom line.

Q.  Alain, do you expect Samuelsson to go on the road with you this series?

Q.  Do you have an update?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  No, not yet.

Q.  They’ve talked about being much more physical in Game 2, especially on your D with their forecheck.  What can your forwards do to help?
COACH VIGNEAULT:  Come back quick.  Get available so that we can get out of our end as quick as we can.  That was one of the key ingredients for us in both our first series.  It’s obviously going to be a huge one in this series.
San Jose is a team that comes at you real hard.  The quicker we’re back, the quicker we’re out of our end, spending our energy in their end.

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An interview with:

MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  When you come off of a loss, most coaches say I want to see something specific in the first 10 minutes.
COACH McLELLAN:  I don’t think it’s going to be the first 10 minutes.  I think it’s going to be the full 60.
I didn’t mind the first 10 minutes of last game.  It was the back end of the last game that concerned me.
I want to see our overall game, see where it needs to be, where it was in the Detroit series.  I’d like to see us skate better, be stronger on the forecheck.
At the end of the night, we were shorthanded for eight minutes, only had a minute of power-play.  If we’re working and skating well, we’d like to swing that in our favor a little bit.
It’s our overall game.  I can’t pinpoint just one thing for you.

Q.  Physically is it a matter of being stronger on the forecheck?
COACH McLELLAN:  Puck placement.  This is the fourth time we’ve met since we played.  My story really hasn’t changed.  Mentally we weren’t very strong.  We didn’t give ourselves an opportunity to forecheck.  They’re a very mobile group on the back end.  They have the ability to break out.  You certainly make it a lot easier on them when the retrievals are in spots where they can get to them efficiently, get their eyes up and get going.
In turn, that makes it tough on us because we expend a lot of energy for nothing.

Q.  To what do you attribute Dany Heatley’s decline in goal totals?
COACH McLELLAN:  Over the season we’re talking?

Q.  Yes.  Is there maybe a comfort level that’s lacking in the playoffs thus far?
COACH McLELLAN:  I don’t think there’s a comfort level that’s lacking for Dany in the playoffs at all.  I think flat out it’s harder to score goals in the National Hockey League right now.
A lot of players, league wide, had declines in their production.  Some were able to keep it up there.  We use him in a situation that he’s on the second power-play unit or gets second power-play minutes.  We like Setoguchi, Marleau and Thornton together.  That takes him away from an opportunity where a lot of guys do a lot of offensive damage.
Other than that, we’ve asked him to do some other things in a team concept:  skating, checking, penalty killing, being more physical.  That may take a toll on him as well and in turn see his goal totals fall a little bit.

Q.  Did you watch the game last night?
COACH McLELLAN:  Absolutely.  What a game.

Q.  What were your thoughts on it?  Would you like to see that kind of game played out tonight?
COACH McLELLAN:  Well, if we’re Boston, I would be happy to see that type of game, obviously (laughter).
I thought the game was exciting.  There was a point where you were going to turn it off and move on to your next task, and all of a sudden Tampa was right back in it.
I think that’s the way it is, that’s the way it will be.  I think that’s great for hockey.  Nobody’s ever out of it.
We talk about giving up some leads in the third period.  I counter with saying, We came back from 3-0, 4-0 deficits.  That can happen right now.  Ton of energy, a lot of passion.  There were a lot of fans not sitting in their seats, but standing in them.  That’s great for our league.  At this time of the year, that’s what you like to see.

Q.  Patrick in the past has shown when he scores in the playoffs, he seems to score in bunches.  Do you get the sense from watching him in Game 7, that winning goal, getting that deflection power-play goal, that’s the spark he needs personally to get it going?
COACH McLELLAN:  That is a trend in his game.  That happens throughout the regular season, as well.  Maybe we’re on the good end of the trend.  Back to back games with goals.  I thought he played in Game 7 against Detroit maybe his best game of the series.  He followed through with a pretty good Game 1.  He was one guy that had some legs, was skating, was involved in the play.
I’m not overall concerned about Patty’s game right now.  I think it will continue to go the way it has.

Q.  You talked about Heatley.  It is safe to say that if you are going to get to where you want to go, he’s going to have to be more of a threat than he was in Game 1?
COACH McLELLAN:  Yes.  That line, Heatley, Couture and Clowe all have to be better.

Q.  (Question regarding Huskins.)
COACH McLELLAN:  We’ll see how the morning turns out here.  Obviously, the team is getting on the ice to skate right now.  I haven’t had many updates from our training staff yet.  They’re doing their things.  We’ll make some decisions as the day goes on.

Q.  To start the game, you were firing pucks from every angle.  As the game progressed, you got away from that.  Is the key to go back to that, create some scrambles?
COACH McLELLAN:  The plan wasn’t to get away from it.  Kind of goes with your forecheck question earlier.  We didn’t get in and get after their D.  If the puck is not on your tape, you can’t shoot it.  We feel at this time of the year, you look at the game last night, pucks going to the net from everywhere.  It’s very hard to defend a shot.  If it comes off a goaltender, nobody knows where it’s going.
It’s easier to be on the offensive than the defensive.  The more it gets there, the more opportunities you have to play in the opposition’s end.
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  1. NYR_FAN

    Disco Biscuits are OK… i like some of it.

    i am more into electronic sound which Younger Brother and Shpongle Live bring in a mix with live instruments.

    Definitely don’t like Phish.

  2. lunch entry: fresh manicotti with (if you aint eye-talian, you might think this strange) tripe…or better put: Got stomach? NOM NOM NOM!!

  3. Cool…I don’t like Phish either…

    I’m more into electronic myself…Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Hot Chip, Royksopp etc….

    I’ve heard of Posford because he played with Disco Biscuits a few times….

  4. billy,

    I entered you as the winner for today. This contest has really died out.. that’s the offseason for ya.

  5. Lunch? Pshaw, I just had a yummy dinner of chicken, green peppers and tomatoes cooked in Italian dressing with a side of rice-a-roni. There were Milano cookies for dessert.

  6. Let’s go, ‘Nucks!

    For some reason that “ShakeWake” makes me very uncomfortable..

  7. sons doing great. 3 months old now. so great to see smile when i get home from work. loves watching hockey. hes mesmorized by the skating i think

  8. Yes Eric. How is he? He should be starting to turn from his back to belly…I’d say, time for the first pair of skates :-)

  9. How great would it be to see Manny Malhotra raise the cup! Another reason to root for the ‘Nucks!


  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know what Vancouver is? It’s a sitting duck, a road apple, Newman. Vancouver is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Canucks.

  11. That’s great news, eric.

    Game started already? Dang, time to change the channel.

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    If so, Malhotra should sent an autographed picture of himself holding up the Cup to that A-Hole Muckler.

  13. Ha! 3 goals in three games for Marleau. Maybe JR knows how to motivate him….He should start coaching :-)

  14. SJ is shooting from sharp angles and Luongo is letting some very predictable rebounds. Could be a long night unless their forwards start backchecking

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Refs owe the Sharks six minutes in high sticking penalties so far…

  16. Healy just looked at Pang with a classic ‘shut the byfuglien UP, dude’ looks. lmao

  17. Mickey,

    I was thinking the same exact thing. What great passing by Vancouver though, even on the shift before the goal.

  18. “This might change the whole thing of this game.” – Jeremy Roenick

    Aww.. so cute.

  19. True Blue Mike on

    Kevin Bieska 29 – 3.75m VAN GP:66 G:6 A:16 P:22 +/-:32
    Christian Ehrhoff 27 – 3.1m VAN GP:79 14 33 50 19
    Joni Pitkanen 26 – 4m CAR GP:72 5 30 35 -2
    Eric Brewer 31 – 4.25m STL/TBL GP:76 9 7 16 6
    Andrei Markov – 5.75m MON GP: 7 1 2 3 2

    All of those 5 are Unrestricted Free Agents this coming July 1st as of now. Would any of you Boneheads be interested in one of these D-man? I would love to bring in any of them but if i had to chose one i think it would be Christian Ehrhoff and second would be Kevin Bieaska.

  20. True Blue Mike on

    Or would you guys like to see something like this scenario: Rangers sign Brad Richards to a 5 year 6.5million dollar contract. Then they trade MDZ, Ryan Borque and a 2nd round pick for Mike Green.



  21. no mike green please cant play d in his own end. him and gilly would be a nightmare

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather needs to trade EVERYBODY. Rapture in 3 days, people! He can get them back at half price after May 21st.

  23. Higgins again.

    And he couldn’t do this with the Rangers for what reason, we’ll never know.

  24. True Blue Mike on

    ilb, yeah it would be a 7m+ 3rd line but you would have to assume that with the first and second pair would get a large majority of ice time and Green would just control our powerplay. If Rangers even had a subpar powerplay they would still be in the play-offs. If its a no to Green which is more were i am leaning towards then how about this:


    and then trade some of our Defense prospects such as Valtenko, MDZ, Kundratek, McClarth. I don’t think the Rangers assumed that they would have a second defensive pair of Sauer and McD. So i could easily see some of those defenseman moved to bring in someone like Backstrom?

  25. hey ilb

    only saw replay of eager hit on sedin
    is it always boarding when player is facing the boards
    if the player is standing straight up
    rather than crouched down
    where the chance of snapping his neck
    is more possible?

    i could have sworn that i’ve seen plays like that
    not called during the season.

    did you notice eager in the penalty box making a motion that
    sedin turned just as he was about to be hit?

  26. True Blue, I can dig Bieksa (and Wicky would be over the moon estastic!), but Backstrom’s contract is awful. Something like average of nearly $7 million for 10 years. As talented as he is, that contract is just as bad a Redden’s.

  27. To me it looked like Sedin turned to make a play because of puck location, not to set him up. And he got up right away. It was boarding IMO.

  28. JimboWoodside on

    Jeez………………….they’ve got Cup Fever up across the border now…..

  29. if NBC gets a tampa vancouver final the ratings will be awful.

    i know we all will watch but thats not what there hoping for.

    they want the bruins and sharks at this point would have preferred red wings of course

  30. Canucks just look a zillion times better than the Sharks right now. I think the Wings series took more out of SJ than anyone thought.

  31. Why Niemi hasn’t been pulled yet is beyond me. Not saying its all his fault, but one would think that McClellan would do the humane thing for his goaltender.

  32. JimboWoodside on

    5 PP goals in a game! Were it only the NYR that could perform such a feat.

  33. JimboWoodside on

    McCLellan might be out of a job if the Sharks don’t advance……SJ has this playoff monkey on their back…

  34. well, like i said,
    i saw a replay and
    the cut to eager in the penalty
    box making that motion with his hand

    still amazed that the sharks
    have lost their minds so far
    in this series and are getting toasted.

    speaking of which, if vancouver fans
    torch their town after losing a Cup final
    against Us
    what will they do if they actually win it all.
    (go TB!)

  35. True Blue Mike on

    Anyone want to help me with my paper?

    Analyze a past or recent historical event, revolution, or constitution in terms of Plato’s analysis of degenerate poleis.

    This paper has three parts.

    You must give a brief description of the event, revolution, or constitution’s salient features. (I.e., the features that you want to analyze in terms of Plato’s description of the degenerate poleis and their degeneration.) CITE ANY SOURCES YOU USE.

    You must give a description of the Platonic analysis of the different types of poleis and, if relevant, the sources of their degeneration relevant to your chosen real world example. Quoting passages of Plato to justify your understanding of Plato will be helpful here. DO NOT USE THE WEB OR ANY SOURCES.

    Then you need to show how the real world example exemplifies the point Plato is making (and almost certainly in what ways it is different from what Plato’s analysis predicts). Again, DO NOT USE THE WEB OR ANY SOURCES.

    Note: In the real world, as Plato was well aware, degenerations didn’t happen in just one direction or order and often all the degenerate poleis would show up as aspects of the same polis. So it is fine to find many aspects of degenerate polies in a real world example. It is also quite possible that a real world example may be of a state getting better not worse.

  36. Christian Thomas signed his entry level contract according to nick kypreos. Here’s to hoping he makes the team!

  37. True blue….but if you spent half the time from that post on your paper it would probably be 1/4 done already

  38. So, how soon til Orr sees the NSFW pin on Deadspin from tonight’s game? Or has he already seen it, hmmm

  39. True Blue Mike on

    first paragraph is complete!

    World War I marked an important period in German history. One in which led to the defeat of Germany to British and French forces. Germany was “ faced with fierce resistance from the British and French armies, the entrance of the United States Army, political unrest and starvation at home, an economy in ruins, and mounting defeats on the battlefield, German generals requested armistice negotiations with the Allies in November 1918.” (History Place) Although it seemed as if the Germans had know other choice but to surrender and admit defeat, “the British and French allowed the German army to stay intact and did not force them into admitting defeat.” (History Place) This led to a frustrated militant class of people who believed that “Germany could have fought back and won the war if it were not for being betrayed by those who called for an armistice at home.” (History Place) One of those frustrated citizens was Adolf Hitler – the leader of the Nazi party that would later form in Germany. After the armistice was signed Germany would go on to become a Democracy under the Weimar Republic, “The new German Republic would eventually have a constitution that made it, on paper, one of the most liberal democracies in history. Its ideals included: equality for all; that political power would be only in the hands of the people; political minority representation in the new Reichstag…” (History Place) With such freedoms and such easy access to the government by anyone, including minorities, citizens such as Adolf Hitler could easily have an impact in government. The idea that “To Hitler, and so many others, the German politicians who signed the Armistice on November 11th, 1918,” (History Place) were ignorant and the decisions they made had to be reversed and that a new form of government needed to be born. With this and the fact that “Germany was also a nation in political and social chaos”, Hitler, who was a poor lower class citizen and a soldier in WWI for Germany started to furtively and easily make his way into the political system that Germany had created. During his time in the Army, Hitler, learned of a new talent that allowed him to infiltrate Germanys government so easily, he “had discovered much to his delight that he could speak well in front of a large audience, hold their attention, and sway them to his point of view.” (History Place) With this the degeneration from an extremely liberal democracy to a total and complete tyranny was inevitable.

  40. Was the higlight of Eager’s night, I’m sure.

    And on that note, good night all!

  41. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Had a going away get together for a friend tonight and I’m going to just say three things…

    wooo hooo go NUCKS!!

    Anyone who doesn’t want bieksa is nuts (IMHO) and yes definitely over erhoff!

    Who flashed who with what??

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