Lightnings morning skate


Game 2 – Morning Skate Transcript

May 17, 2011

Q.  I know you’ve talked about this.  How have you seen some of these players grow and adjust to the Playoffs and maintaining the right attitude in a postseason series?
COACH BOUCHER:  Well, I think every game we’ve learned a lot from ourselves.  We’ve also learned from the other team.  Learned about the situation, the circumstances.  We talked about it in the last days.  Some individuals have learned faster than others.  But I think all around we’ve got a group of players who don’t get too excited now and stay calm.  That’s probably what we’ve been able to change from the first games of the Playoffs, where we said we looked like deer in headlights, and we were expecting that.
But you never know when you’re going to learn.  We needed to learn fast and we’ve learned.  But it’s a whole new series in this one.  New team, new atmosphere.  So we have to adapt to this one.

Q.  Guy, you dealt with this last time with Kubina and Gagne.  Is there an advantage of not disclosing a player’s status pregame?
COACH BOUCHER:  If there’s an advantage?

Q.  Yeah, for an injured player coming back, is there an advantage or disadvantage?
COACH BOUCHER:  I don’t know.  Every time we play, we’re planning for the other team to have their best players on the ice.  So we’re never surprised or disappointed.  So I’m sure the other teams are the same.
When we can say they’re not playing, we’ll say it.  When it’s day to day, sometimes it’s minute to minute, and you’ll know it just after the warm-up.
And we don’t want to state the extent of the injuries, for obvious reasons.  But it’s pretty clear with Gagne and Kubina, we told everybody they weren’t playing the day before because we knew they weren’t going to be playing.  And after that we weren’t sure about Gagne.  But then it became obvious.
So I think it’s a case-by-case, really, because there’s a matter of who is the guy injured and when did he get injured, what type of injury he has, and how far away are we from the game.  So I think it’s case-by-case.

Q.  Head Coach Claude Julien said that he thought the physicality of his team and the physical play of his team slid a little bit in Game 1.  What are you expecting from them in terms of that physicality perhaps coming into Game 2 tonight?
COACH BOUCHER:  We were expecting for the entire series to be a very physical series.  They play physical.  They’ve got some big guys, and they finish their checks.
So we’re expecting it to be present in every game.  So they’re going to be better all around.  And we have to be better all around.  And so if they’re going to be more physical, it’s just going to look like what we’re expecting.

Q.  It’s been a few days.  Is there any update on Pavel Kubina?
COACH BOUCHER:  Yes.  He’s not with us.  He’s not even here, so the update is not very good.  Every day when there seems to be a little progression, it kind of slips back a bit.  So it’s kind of an injury that you never know.
You wake up the next day and everything’s great or just keeps on going the same way so it’s very hard to monitor what’s going on with him.  But obviously we’re missing him.  He’s got size.  He’s got some offensive abilities on our second power play, he made a big difference on it.
But right now we’ve adapted.  Bergeron’s kind of taken the lead on that power play with Purcell.  And we had to adapt because he was doing very well for us.

Q.  Guy, we know the game plan comes from you and your coaching staff, but do you ever consult Steve Yzerman, maybe bounce some game ideas off of him?
COACH BOUCHER:  I bounce everything off of Steve.  We bounce everything with the staff and not just Steve.  Pat Verbeek, Tom Kurvers, anybody that’s around the team, we try to get information from.  And I think what’s good about our group is that it’s not about who is going to be right; it’s just trying to get it right.  And there’s a big difference between those two approaches.
And I think we’ve got a great group of people that can rely on each other, because we’ve got all kinds of different experiences.  And we do try to learn from each other.
And we’ve done that all year long.  So there’s no difference in the Playoffs.  I think there’s a mutual respect amongst all of us.  We’re all there because we bring something to the table.  It’s important that we tap into each other’s experience, absolutely.

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  3. Silly, untimely and unfortunate itself, how STUPIDE will be Laraque comments if autopsy results will point to some concussion’s contribution. Will he comment than that organization took care of Boogie and did everything possible to play safe in that case? Besides, since when other’s team coaches routine business decisions, whatever they are, are subject of another team players discussion, unless it relevant to the case. Is it???

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    feds didn’t look like a player that wasn’t coming back next year didi he? I hope he is back!

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  10. LaCrackhead is a fuggin moron.

    I love Booger, but give me a break! We needed guys who can score goals, skate, or play solid defense. None of which he could do. This guy needs to take a coaching class before he opens his mouth.

    What a shyte-head!

    Anyway, anybody hear aboot the Terminator knocking up some chick behind his wife’s back?? Haha! Not surprising! The guy’s a freak!

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    Another group of brothers named the Nelsons!

  12. I fear for any woman that had to have “relations” with three men because of their sheer physical size and power:

    1. Dwight Howard;
    2. Gary Sheffield (he had hip shattering leg power); and
    3. Ahnold “it’s not a tumor” Schwarzenegger.

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ahnold: stop making the bed and come ova here right now

    Maid: but ahnold, you are married….

    Ahnold: dont worry bout her…i am here to pump…you up

  14. I still can’t believe LaCrackhead said what he said.

    People bitch and moan when you play a guy through a concussion, and now when you do the right thing, and sideline them, it’s still a problem??

    It’s pretty sad that he has to use his friends death to get some attention. Loser!

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    ahnold: maria – i did a bad job….i pumped up the maid…and now she is going to have
    a little arnold, what should we do?

  16. Carp, I like these little tidbits from morning skate etc…Keeps you closer to the playoffs. Good read. Unless it’s too much work for you.

    In terms of what Laraque said. He did an admirable job raising money for Haiti last year together with NHLPA, credit to him. But after reading what he said, I have to admit that I largely overestimated his IQ.

  17. Those are pretty good eddie. Are you a crime scene pyschic? I think I remember you having pretty good psychic powers.

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – i like the tidbits too…..but if it is too much…..i can live without them….

  19. Can anyone really believe Ahnold’s life path?

    Regular Austrian Guy
    Steroided up body builder
    Mr. Universe
    Comic Actor
    Husband of a KENNEDY
    Adulterer (in the dumbest way ever)

  20. Last time I saw Duran Duran, Simon did the jump he does in the Hungry Like the Wolf video and immediately was grabbing at his back. They then took a break and he came out all freshly showered. I am assuming a massage was needed.

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  23. JimCerny: “I’ll be there for you next year” is what #NYR Derek Boogaard told Brandon Prust in their last phone conversation about two weeks ago

    Can this be any more depressing than it already is??

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – impressive….nicotine ranks right there with meth and the white pony in terms of its addictive nature,,,

  25. Thanks guys. I’m having cravings as we speak !
    I can’t wait until it’s over, although i think it’s never over.
    one day at a time.

  26. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I vote yes to these posts

    but no to these comments

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    And this one – should we run all comments by you to get your approval?

  28. re-post re: George Laraque’s comments:

    # Carp May 17th, 2011 at 12:26 pm e

    Let’s assume for a moment that Boogaard did tell Laraque that stuff. Why wouldn’t the team shut him down? If he’s in a state where he shouldn’t fight, what would be the use of having him play? And then there’s the conditioning issue. He hadn’t worked out for months, and he wasn’t in great shape before the injury. And then there’s the simple fact that teams don’t use their enforcers in the playoffs anyway. On top of that, who would have come out of the lineup?

    To pin any blame on the Rangers for shutting him down is just stupid. And that’s if they actually did tell him to shut it down, and if he actually had been cleared to play.

  29. From the NHL:

    TORONTO (May 17, 2011) — Philadelphia Flyers’ forward Daniel Carcillo
    has been suspended for the period covering two regular season games,
    without pay, for his actions off the ice following the first period of Game
    #4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Boston Bruins on May 6,
    the National Hockey League announced today.

    National Hockey League Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations
    Mike Murphy reached the decision following a hearing into the matter on May
    13. The hearing was conducted pursuant to article 18.1 (on-ice discipline)
    and 18.2 (off-ice discipline) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, NHL
    By-Law 17 and Article 6 of the NHL Constitution as a result of an incident
    outside of the officials’ locker room following the first period and a
    verbal confrontation with linesman Brian Murphy at the players’ bench prior
    to the start of the second period.

    “Between the first and second period, while off ice and outside the
    officials’ locker room, Mr. Carcillo engaged in aggressive behavior and
    inappropriate conduct directed at the officials,” said Murphy. “While Mr.
    Carcillo acknowledged in the hearing that he regrets his actions outside of
    the officials’ room, there can be no defense for his conduct.

    “I also reviewed the verbal confrontation between Carcillo and
    linesman Brian Murphy at the players’ bench prior to the start of the
    second period and have determined that, while the verbal abuse may have
    been worthy of a penalty, there is no evidence that Carcillo’s action merit
    supplemental discipline,” concluded Murphy.

    Carcillo will miss his club’s first two regular season games in

    The forfeited money shall go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance

  30. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    eddie times 3…did not mean to offend anyone or any posting…I am the least judgemental person you will ever meet…”mamma take this badge off a me”

    this coach Guy Boucher….man he really is a great story ain’t he ?

    But because Boston has not won since 72, and Vancouver never in their 40 some years, and San Jose in their 20 some years, it is hard to pull for the Lightening cause they won recently.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    And this one….I apologize then…I thought you were taking offense to my inane and immature posts :)

  32. just read Jim Cerny’s article on Boogy, nothing really knew, just another perspective. breaks my heart now knowing how much he wanted to be here next year.

  33. bull dog line on

    from your question last night. yes I did meet Sam Rosen. I met him in New City ( rockland county).

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  35. Dde- I couldn’t get that audio to work….From what you said, it sounds like the author exaggerated what Laraque said. Can you tell what you heard? Thanks.

  36. “He called the Cooke Carcillo!”

    “Old Mans Clemens Hates Carcillo!”

  37. nice to hear that carcillo
    is carcillo-canned……at least for 2 games.

    with his byfuglien self walking the earth and Boogey not…..
    (file under: Life Unfair)

  38. Carcillo…again.

    What is the aura that surrounds this player (or so he is labeled). I took to watching him intensely all during the Boston series, and what I did notice is how unremarkable he was. He was practically the invisible man. It seemed like in every scrum he’d appear in a nasty mood, and snarling quietly to himself, but being largely ignored by everyone else on ice. he did get the puck on his stick briefly on a couple of occasions but then immediately threw it off to someone he saw ( and no one else did). I also believe that he actually scored a goal in one instance but little was made of it. In my estimation he is largely a nonentity, and is not even a factor in combat.

    Why does he draw so much attention.? He could be dumped from this team, and no one would ever notice that he was gone.
    ( And just possibly might not recall that he’d ever been there.)

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