Some more reaction to Derek Boogaard’s passing


These player reactions came from the Rangers last night:


Marian Gaborik:

“I found out immediately, like right away…it was late at night here…I couldn’t believe it.  It was weird because I just couldn’t believe it.  It’s really sad, a young guy like that.”

“It was devastating news.  I played with Boogey for a long time in Minny and then in New York.  He was a great guy. We got along together great.  We helped each other out on the ice and off the ice.  We were very close. I tried to help him along in New York, and we had a very good relationship.  It’s just very sad.”

“He was one of the very best at what he did.  Every team would have loved to have him, whether on the ice or off the ice as a great teammate.”

“He was a year younger than me, and you could see that he improved so much.  But he always was such a calm guy, got along with everybody.  We had a lot of good times together.  He was a really easy going guy, really caring. We talked pretty much about everything.  He’s just the type guy who would be there for you whenever you needed him”

“We spoke before the World Championships.  We were in touch a lot.  He was focusing on coming back, training every day.  He was really looking forward to coming back in great shape and prove that he’s the best at what he does.  He was really looking forward to that.  He was always so positive and optimistic. “

New York Rangers Captain Chris Drury:

“On behalf of all Derek’s teammates, I would like to say that he was a great friend and a great teammate and that we are all going miss him dearly. This is a tragic loss for the hockey community. All of our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family”

Brandon Prust:

“I am still in shock.  It keeps hitting me off and on all day as I’m driving home.  Though he was a fighter on the ice, he was definitely a gentle giant off the ice.  He was just a real good guy, a team guy all the way.  I’ve been looking at some of the silly pictures I have from when we were roommates and it just hits me what a good guy he was.  I still can’t believe I am referring to him in the past tense.

Brian Boyle:

“He was a great person.  He really was.  He was such a caring guy, an unselfish guy.  He put himself in front of bullets for the guys.  I had some great talks and great laughs with him in our car rides into the city.  I will remember him fondly, and I think we all will.  There are so many great things Boogey brought to our team and to our lives.  For however long you knew him, it was a blessing because on the ice he was an amazing teammate, and off the ice he was an even better friend.”

Sean Avery:

“As big of a man as Derek was, his heart was even bigger.  I hope that his family, friends and most importantly, those who didn’t know him, understand what a great teammate he was and how much he meant to us all.”

Rangers head coach John Tortorella (courtesy of Blueshirts United):

“The news of Derek’s untimely passing was so sudden and unexpected. Out of respect to Derek and the Boogaard family, the only comment I feel comfortable making today is that my thoughts and prayers are with them in their time need.”

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  1. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Boogaard tragedy is just so sad. It is inspiriing to read about all his personal generousity of time and money to such worthy causes as military families and pediatric hospitals, and such a woderful family that he comes from.

    R-I-P big guy, only the good die young…

  2. does anyone know where i could watch russia czech bronze medal game.

    no versus today for game

  3. Still shocking that Boogard passed away. 28. Man. That is two years older than all of us but we know it’s way too young to have left the world.

    I read that his family is donating the brain to science. I think that gives us a window into the cause.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great game last night, I finished watching it late…But I still find it tough to talk hockey. Classy move by Boston last night remembering Boogaard. The end of the game- not so much..

    I didn’t read the article by LB, nor I want to. And I like LB’s work, more often than not. I do not know him as a person. And I do understand he represents the media and needs to bring the news out when it becomes available. But I have to question the timing of his news. I find it hard to believe that since the organization knew about Derek’s treatment, LB with all his connections didn’t. I could be wrong. And again, I’m not a media person, but in my book some news are better served when they remain not known to everyone.

  5. I’m sure Brooks isn’t the only one to find out aboot this. The fact that he’s so quick to report this goes to show the type of person he is. No class, no respect! Then he tries to play the innocence card. Bouche!

    I’d expect that from someone who doesn’t really know Booger that well, and is desperate to report that type of news before anyone else, but Brooks, to some extent, knew Booger, so you’d think he’d have enough respect to not mention the potential substance abuse, and wait for the results of the autopsy.

    Really pisses me off! If I were a Ranger, I wouldn’t even acknowledge him all year long. Also, If I were a Ranger, I’d probably pull a Tonya Harding on Brad Richards, so Slats doesn’t sign him to a seven year deal!

  6. You’re right Orr. Brooks is not the only one to know about this. If I had to bet, Carp knew about it as well. But Brooks is the only one aasen enough to report it.

    I’d say boston’s moment of silence for Boog was expected. Every team would do the same thing in the same situation, and I’m fairly confident that Vancouver will do the same thing tonight.

  7. Good morning all! Is it too late for me to vote for the 4-0 guesser? This Boog story is depressing the heck out of me. Go Bolts!!


    Very emotional History Will Remember, Versus commercial of Boog. We never even knew the guy, and now he’s gone. I wish had the honor of meeting him and thanking him for being such a great role model to all. If there was an enforcer that others could learn from, Boog is the guy. He was an enforcer without being a goon.

  9. That was Derek’s most notable charity work in Minnesota…..

    How are you, Linda?

  10. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    It’s been a rough 2 weeks Ilbzo, with Thursday and Friday being pretty tough. had a death in the family on Thursday, found out also on Thursday that my daughter may need to have some delicate surgery, then the news about Boogey on Friday.

    How have you guys been?

  11. Thanks for the link, Linda. Very sorry about your tough times. Ill keep your family and daughter in my thoughts. Ecstatic that you made it through the tornadoes, hope Dixie wasn’t too scared. Is your mother ok?

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks ;-)

    mom is doing spectacular, thanks for asking! As for Dixie, daddy kept her safe lol, although she did have a little surgical procedure a few days ago. She’s recovering nicely also lol

  13. Great news about Mom, she’s obviously got the fighting spirit of her daughter! Aww, I hope she recovers quickly. Daddy kept her safe LOL. Even though Ive yet to meet him, he sort of reminds me of Boogaard in that he’s a gentle giant teddy bear!

  14. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao you are not the only one to mention that lately “teddy” lol

  15. Hang in there, girl. Life makes tough turns sometimes. We are doing well, thanks.

  16. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Will do ilbzo. After the Boogey news, I told Clinton i was going to stay in a closet for the rest of the weekend so I’d get no more bad news. Instead, he indulged my absolute LOVE for most comic book movies and sat through THOR with me, which I absolutely LOVED! LOL, I am so simple minded!

  17. Linda,

    Very sorry for your loss. Relish the good times, don’t focus on the bad. This, too, shall pass. My thoughts are with you and yours.

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    thanks Latona. Right now, the biggest concern is with my daughter. She was forbidden by her doctor from leaving town, so she’s missing her college graduation today. Just hoping she gets to Tuesday without things getting worse.

    Tampa in 6
    Nucks in 6

  19. going to AHL game today, hamilton at aeros in houston, where Boogaard started his pro career. Hopefully they do something before the game to honor him

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sad in Saskatoon"...says Greg L. on

    That blast of a slapshot will always be remembered by me …Everytime something starts going right …it gets pulled right out from within our feet. Im sad ,angry and hurt .I loved that big guy and now he gone. Team Boogaard RIP.

  21. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Keep your head up!

    What happened at the end of the Boston game?

  22. Aww Greg. He’s not gone. He’ll live on forever in our thoughts and memories. Team Boogaard!

    wicky, Lucic and another bruin attempted to injure the Lightning players. Throwing blind sucker punches with 50 seconds left in game. As any true boston team, they win and lose with crass, don’t have any class! :)

  23. Yes, I needed a change from the lunacy of Tiki. Trying to conduct myself in a more respectful manner. By the way, you look really cool in your beard pic. Loved the glasses, too.

  24. LW3H, Hurry!!! Re-sign Prucha! Two goals in 5 years against non-NHLers!! At once!!

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers rule "...says Greg L. on

    Taker easy Linda , bad news just seems to be following us around , someone stole my bike last night ….I woke up and found it missing a few hours ago .

    Yeah Tiki , he is gone . Boogaard was beefin up and getting in shape for the season ….and now hes gone. Alot of peeps on here said he was over paid at the time and were mad at Sather for over paying him. Well I hope yer all happy cuz now you can save that cash for resigning Drury. Boogaard was one big mutha firetruckah and Blasted a puck right past that goalie BOOM!!! MSG was never louder…my house was never louder , the blog was never louder…Who woulda thunk some guy from Saskatoon could have such an inpact on the Rangers …unbelieveable.

    Yo wicky , I saw yer crazy mug dude , nice beard , good job.

  26. Maybe if Nadal starts placing his backhand beyond the service line, it will look like a match. As if now it looks like me against my pro. Djokovic is just too solid.

  27. Mister Delaware on

    Put me in the F Brooksie camp. He’s know “breaking” that story writes the book on Boogaard as far as many fans are concerned. Maybe good for his resume or something, but morally awful. Should be done in the lockerroom.

  28. bull dog line on

    I am not looking to get into an argument on this, but I don’t see the big deal about what Brooks wrote. all he said is that Boogard was in the NHLPA program. left the team with a week to go in the season. I have to believe most of us hear had heard some rumors with regards to Boogaard. I guess his (brooks) timing could have been better, but I don’t think he wrote anything that bad.

  29. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thanks bro, one ugly mug eh??

    I missed it had to work until 0100hrs last night! Crap, wasn’t supposed to tell you!

  30. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    LMFAO about prucha!

  31. bull dog line on

    aren’t you the guy who likes make comments on Wade Redden, and his rumored drug use. I know it is not the same thing, but it sorta is.

  32. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    the hell with prucha, how about immonen? Didn’t we used to have him?

  33. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    I vaguely recall some mention about Boogy leaving the team just before the playoffs started, thought maybe he went home seeing as he wouldn’t be on the team for the playoffs. Probably around the 1st week in April. Just my thoughts. RIP Boogy

  34. Yeah Bull, when Redden dies, I’ll let the world know he was in rehab, not even 24 hours after he died. Maybe I’ll even tell his wife he had an affair and died of alien herpes.

    There’s a big difference. I don’t know why you even brought that up.

  35. 4generations 4 cups on

    Why is there an argument in a section remembering a byfuglien player that was a RANGER that DIED! Show at least a LITTLE class people come ON! Even if Wade Redden died, it’d be tragic. He’s a new father, and I hope some of you take your words more seriously because everyone has problems and things to deal with, im glad youre tabulating your favorite (or not so favorite) hockey players deviances.

  36. LOL! Wicky, totally agree about Immonen! He was a beast in the tourney! Yes, we used to have him! Not sure that Renney liked him…

  37. 4generations 4 cups on

    NYR_FAN, he got a little to Immo on the bench, so they sent him packing.

  38. leetchhalloffame on

    RIP Boogey! Wish we could have seen him perform his “duties” as a Ranger minus the injury he sustained this season. Sad, sad ending at an all too young age. Don’t want to seem uncaring, but just curious how his death affects the Rangers salary cap. Does anyone know if his salary still counts against cap until the end of the contract term?

  39. 4generations 4 cups on

    Leetch, i didnt even want to bring this up since it’s been so soon, but I really dont think the salary can be counted against the cap. Unfortunately, we really needed the space too, but not at the expense of a players life. that 1.625 will go into paying Sauer, Anisimov, Callahan, Dubinsky

  40. leetchhalloffame on

    4g/4c: Believe me it’s certainly not my preferred way to clear cap space.

  41. ilb musta been watching the Tennis Channel! That’s why I love the guy! Djoko with 39 in a row! A couple years ago, I didnt like the Djoko! Now, I love the guy and his emotion. He was dominant much of today. Kept pinning Nadal back with power and accuracy. Also has a terrific drop shot! Beating Nadal on Nadal’s surface 2 straight times! DJOKO!

  42. bull dog line on

    Sweeden should have added Avery. he would have played with an edge, and kept the Finns off there game.

  43. He had two goals, two assists, and was a +3. I didn’t actually see much of him, however.

  44. Orr, I lied. TSN directed me to the WJC site although I had entered WC. My bad.

  45. ILB – what book did you write? I haven’t been on this blog long enough to know.

  46. billybleedsblue on

    What do the stars represent? Why are there 16 total? Why are there 9 on the front and 7 on the back? Is this thing on?

  47. billybleedsblue on

    BTW, now yahoo has an article up in which the 2nd paragraph quotes Brooks…

  48. bull dog line on

    the jersey looks like the old New York Americans jersey. the only difference is it said Americans down the middle.

  49. billybleedsblue on

    MSG Countdown in 60 — ’94 Eastern Conference finals, game 7 — perfect for commercial breaks.

  50. Kind of off-topic, but did anyone watch the Swedish feed of the CZE-RUS game? The play-by-play guy would go “AY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY” every time there was a hit or a missed opportunity. It was mostly excellent.

  51. So is Carcillo getting suspended for using his Twitter account to talk about sexual settings and women in a demeaning way? Why is nobody mentioning the injustice of it? Where is Bettman?

    I wonder if the Lightning and Sharks will also have a moment of silence for Derek? It will probably be a week after the tragic loss when they both get their first home games since.

    ilb, I sent you another fb msg. I sent you one too, 3C.

  52. Did you see what Carcillo typed? He gave a graphic sexual description along with the demeaning of a woman.

  53. Orr,

    It was almost said disapprovingly, like a grandfather would put a grandchild on their lap and wag their finger at them. But there was a degree of excitement.

    And while I don’t think that Carcillo should be suspended for that, simply because it’s off-ice and not directly related to the NHL, if Avery was suspended for “sloppy seconds” or whatever he said, that is definitely suspension-worthy.

  54. My point exactly, Latona, re: Avery. Why aren’t guys like Cooke required to undergo anger management for attempting to injure players? Where is the logic in sending Avery for anger management for sloppy seconds but not a guy who deliberately tries to injure others?

  55. Well, first off, Carcillo accidentally made the Tweet public, which apparently wasn’t his intent, which is why it was removed before most people saw it.

    Secondly, sloppy seconds, as funny as it was, was moronic, because it takes trash talking to a level it shouldn’t be.

    Avery deserved the suspension. Carcillo doesn’t deserve any punishment.

  56. I agree with tiki/teddy…carcillo should be suspended…I can’t believe he wrote that. You people are forgetting these players are held to certain morality via their contracts and representation of teams and league..if you want to degrade women on twitter then you shouldn’t be under contract to the NHL or its teams…Sometimes you guys just dont get anything through those thick skulls.

  57. I got it, Tiki.

    Looks like Sedins are finally ready to play. Bad news for Sharks. Let’s go, Nucks!

  58. JimboWoodside on

    Looks like SJ is the only team that is going to get penalized tonight.

  59. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    In regards to Brooks, Jesse Spector also mentioned it today in his article.

  60. the sedins are useless right now. were invisible for preds and barely notice them tonight

  61. This is what Spector said…

    “It is important to note that neither of those news items should be seen as a hint at the cause of Boogaard’s death, and that we really won’t know what happened until the autopsy results are made public in two weeks”

    And this was Brooks’ original tweet…

    “Post has learned that Derek Boogaard was receiving counseling through NHL/NHLPA Behavorial Health/Substance Abuse Program at time of death”

    *Then* he tweeted this…

    “Story that will appear in Sunday’s editions will be posted on….No inferences should be drawn as to cause of death”




  62. the voice of reason is coming a bit unhinged since Rangers got knocked out…if only that ref would have blown the whistle sooner this would never have ..j/k

  63. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    how bout that bieksa, going to look great in a ranger sweater playing alongside staal!!

  64. billybleedsblue on

    If Woody had gone straight to the police none of this would have ever happened…

  65. This one is in the books. A little sloppy at the beginning, but it’s looking like we’ll have a nice, long series. Go ‘Nucks!

  66. Anybody else having issues with NHL Net? Mine says I’m not authorized to watch it, even though I had it on hours ago.

  67. JimboWoodside on

    Mine is working fine, Latona – I’m on Time-Warner Cable here in Queens.

  68. Who needs a tie-breaker when you know you’re right? I think I nailed the whole thing, and unfortunately I didn’t go to Vegas, so the least I could do is get a prize!

  69. JimboWoodside on

    Disappointed in the Sharks tonight. They’re my last hope for knocking off the Canucks, because I don’t think whoever wins in the East is going to be able to beat them.

  70. JimboWoodside on

    Hahahaha, 3CP!! Steve Jobs is out to get ya!

    I thought that was a funny one, though – give some props to your iPhone!

  71. JimboWoodside on

    Sorry about that Latona – Dolan is still screwing with you, long after the NYR season is over!

  72. JimboWoodside on

    Leetch, that’s one of the reasons I don’t want the Canucks to win the Cup – I can’t stomach Higgins winning one, especially after he stunk up the joint here for the Rangers.

    Also, I’d like to keep the streak going of a Canadian team not winning the cup – nothing personal against Canadians, but the fans up there are pretty obnoxious, especially when it come to USA teams that play them in international tournaments…

  73. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Leetch – you would think that they would be proud that the whole world has taken their game and admired it so much that they integrated it into their national team’s repertoire, but instead, they seem to begrudge any other nation from being good at their game.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pat Hickey, ranger left wing, #16, is live tonight? He scored 40 one year…

  75. I know this is a bit late to the party, but I’d be more than happy to have Prucha in camp on a tryout next season.

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