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(ed. note: Just so there’s no confusion, not trying to plug the blog with that headline on top. …. I meant that Michael Russo’s blog was the best spot for Derek Boogaard insight, not Rangers Report.)

Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, who broke the story about Derek Boogaard being found dead in his apartment last night, is also probably the media member who knew him best from his days with the Wild. The two stayed in touch even during Boogaard’s injury-wrecked season with the Rangers.

Here is Russo’s blog, in which he remembers Boogaard.

And here is Russo’s story in the Star-Tribune today.

Included are some tweets from other NHL players, including Brandon Prust and Michael Del Zotto, and some great photos of Boogaard. Russo also talks about Boogaard’s charitable endeavors.

Also, here is a feature story done by Kevin Clark for the Wall Street Journal back in September.

From Blueshirts United, here is video of Derek Boogaard’s only goal as a Ranger, which broke his 234-game goal drought, and, by the way, was scored against Michal Neuvirth, the goalie the Rangers couldn’t beat nearly enough during the playoffs.

Blueshirts United also has this photo gallery of Boogaard’s one season with the Rangers.

Here is Jesse Spector’s story from The Daily News.

Blueshirts United has posted this video of Boogaard doing charity work … and also has player reactions.

As you can see, we will continue to update here as things become available.


Here is the statement from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman:


NEW YORK (May 14, 2011) — Gary Bettman, commissioner of the National Hockey League, today released the following statement regarding the passing of New York Rangers forward Derek Boogaard:

“The news that we have lost someone so young and so strong leaves everyone in the National Hockey League stunned and saddened. The NHL family sends its deepest condolences to all who knew and loved Derek Boogaard, to those who played and worked with him and to everyone who enjoyed watching him compete.”


Jesse Spector is reporting that the Minneapolis medical examiner’s office is saying it could take weeks for a cause of death to be determined.

So, just a suggestion, let’s not jump to conclusions or try to play doctor, OK? We all have some ideas of what might have happened, but until we know, we ought to keep those to ourselves.

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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    still in shock over this. I can’t even think of what to say.


  2. That’s the most touching video I’ve ever seen. What an unbelievable guy with an unbelievable heart. Bye Boogeyman. RIP

  3. repost:

    ye in that Star Tribune piece, someone in the comments section wrote that there’s a video of Boogy and Frolov at the kid’s charity, and he was holding the hand of a little girl when she asked him who he was, he told her “Im Derek Boogaard, I play hockey for the NYR”, she told him ” Oh ye, I know you, you score a lot of goals.” He got a big smile on his face and said, “No, that’s not me.” This just breaks my heart.

  4. I know, because people are asking me what I think. I know what I think, and I shouldn’t say because I’m probably wrong.

  5. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    IF it is hockey related, I hope the NHL doesn’t do some knee jerk stupid reaction. What an absolute tragedy regardless of the cause!

  6. I read Michael Russo’s blog before coming over here and through his words you could tell that Boogaard was more than another hockey player to him and to many others. I’m not sure if most Ranger’s fans felt the pain of Boogaard’s passing when they read about it late last night or early this morning; he just seemed like another player at whom Sather threw a lot of money for no apparent reason but there is more to the man than what we saw last season. Condolences to his family and all those that knew him as a special person in their lives!

  7. I’m just so sad about this because of who he was outside of the game of hockey… a death is much bigger than any sport or what it means to the game.

    He was a human being with a heart and passion for sharing his time. So sad…

    RIP big guy… you will be missed by more people than he probably knew….


  8. I still can’t get over this. Hopefully we’ll get full disclosure and know how this happened.

  9. billybleedsblue on

    Regardless of how he died, 28 is too young… the important thing here is to make the most out out your lives people, don’t make something out of this before you even know what happened. Channel that energy into something productive in your life, or in the lives of others. RIP Boogaard.

  10. If we don’t get full disclosure, it’s none of our business. I wish public figures, upon their death, would be able to have theirs and their family’s privacy maintained. Just because they led public lives doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to rest in peace. This is going to be tough to deal with for a long time. We all should be able to keep his memory alive forever. I cannot even imagine how this must be for Aaron and Ryan.

  11. Such a sad turn of events!

    Carp, can you inform us of opportunities to do something (gift/charitable donation) in his name?

  12. LOL! White playing game 7 while his wife’s in labor. That’s a lot of pressure to have on your mind.

    It would be nice if the Bruins can have a moment of silence for Booger tonight. That would be a nice gesture.

  13. I had tears ln my eye’s reading Russo’s blog. This is so sad. I had no idea what a good guy he was. RIP.

  14. Dreary statement, regarding Booger…

    “On behalf of all Derek’s teammates, I would like to say that he was a great friend and a great teammate and that we are all going miss him dearly. This is a tragic loss for the hockey community. All of our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family” – Rangers Captain, Chris Drury.

  15. im sure they will have a moment of silence tonight, and the Rangers (hopefully) will do it on opening night, and probably will wear black patches next year.

  16. Wow, just found about about Derek. How shocking and sad. Condolences go out to his family and friends. I can’t believe it.

  17. I hope to continue to update the current thread above as more info/video/reaction becomes available.

  18. Even though Frolov did nothing with us, it’s great to see him in the video, it’s great seeing the human side of these guys and wonderful things they do for others.

  19. One thing about the Rangers, especially since the 1990s, they pretty much all are involved at very high levels in charitable work. And most of the time, unlike some of our other sports teams around here, they’re not looking for any publicity about it.

  20. I agree. The Rangers do things just to help. Like George M. Steinbrenner III said, if more than 2 people know about the good deed, then you did it for the wrong reasons. He set an example for all of us to live by, by helping others and not looking for approval. Hope Week 2009 was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in all of sports history. The amount of children that had their lives touched was extraordinary. Adam Graves is another, spends much of his life helping just to help. And Boogaard, just a lovely, wonderful, teddy bear with a heart of gold. RIP Mr. Steinbrenner. RIP Boogaard. You’re God’s Booguardian now.

  21. You know, with all these videos, and stories, it makes me realize how little I really knew aboot the guy.

    All the useless stuff MSG shows during the pre-game, they should do a better job of showing what all the guys are really like outside of Hockey.

  22. Just heard, such sad news, such a young guy. This brain injury stuff is very scary, if it turns out that was a contibuting factor. RIP Boogie.

  23. so far we’ve heard from Biron, Prust, MDZ, Cally, and now Boyle on Boogy’s passing. looking forward to Torts, Gabby, would like to hear from Voros too. seems like he touched a lot of lives. wish we knew him more.

  24. If we knew more aboot Dreary, besides the fact that his voice puts you to sleep, and his pizza looks plastic, then maybe we wouldn’t think he’s so overpaid??

    Or maybe if we knew more aboot Sather, we’d *want* him to spend a lot of money?? Or not :P

  25. Sad day, indeed….Not much to say. I’m with Carp, let’s not play doctors. It’ll take time to sort things out. The young life is lost, that’s all we know.

  26. Good grief all. This is such horrible news. RIP Boogey Man. You should have lasted in the world and NHL a heck of a lot longer. Hearts out to all his friends and family.

  27. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think it would be awesome if Prust wore #94 next season and then the rangers retired it!

  28. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Hockey aside, it’s terrible when anyone dies, especially someone so young. I hope you are at peace, Boogey. It’s very sad, and I really didn’t know anything about him before his death, but it looks like he touched a lot of lives.
    Protect us from above big guy.

  29. Sad to hear about Boogey. I got an autographed Boogey puck from the Rangers as part of a fan package last year, so I guess now it has a little more meaning. RIP

  30. 4generations 4 cups on

    I think there should absolutely be some sort of ceremony commemorating his life, regardless of his short tenure with the rangers, as a part of the season opener. Its so wrong that this guy in the prime of his life gets it taken from him. This sucks.

  31. More from Del Z…

    “Boogy was such an amazing teammate and more importantly a caring, beloving friend. Anytime anything happened or if you needed anything, Boogy was always there. He was always a pleasure to be around. Always joking, and having fun. He will be truly missed!”

  32. We’ll get back to hockey talk tonight, in about an hour, OK? I’m always uneasy about changing topics at a time like this, but given that the conference finals start and I’m sure a lot of youse will be watching, we should have a new thread.

    Everybody fine with that?

  33. onecupin72yearsand counting on

    Sometimes Life smacks you across the the face to remind you that there is more to life than just winning and losing.

  34. “As big of a man as Derek was, his heart was even bigger. I hope that his family, friends and most importantly, those who didn’t know him, understand what a great teammate he was and how much he meant to us all.” – Sean Avery

  35. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him – may he rest in peace. Amen.

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