Sharks 3, Red Wings 2: Game 7 in review


Holy shish kabob!

That was one of the best playoff series I have ever seen. Not as good as Rangers-Devils in ’94, which was the best one in my opinion, meaner, crazier, three double-OTs, that wild ending of Game 7 regulation and a wilder ending in double-OT. That’s another story for another day.

This was one for the ages. … despite all those Euro-pansies on Detroit (I kid, I kid, I kid).


1) Whatever I tell you here is going to be pretty obvious, I fear. None more than this: Jumbo Joe Thornton was freakin’ Godzilla. Did something amazing almost every shift.

2) I hate it when people put “can’t” labels on guys or teams. They did it to Bossy-Trottier-Potvin in the late ’70s. They did it to Raymond Bourque. Hey, players and teams fail. Sometimes they fail until they succeed. Sometimes they go on to win a bunch. Sometimes they never get the ring. But “can’t” is a word that shouldn’t be thrown around as much as it is. I think this San Jose team can.

3) I also hate it when announcers ask players about silencing the critics or the doubters. Shut up. That’s just so stupid. And players who use it — the NY Giants were loaded with clowns like that the year they won, and I’ve even heard high school athletes, boys and girls, talk about proving people wrong, or “nobody believed in us.” Shut up.

4) Pavel Datsyuk. Said it the other night. I wish I could watch him play 82 games plus playoffs. And he was hurt. My God.

5) There was all this talk and speculation about Ryan Clowe returning for the Sharks. I had no idea, to be quite honest, how important a player he is. Seriously.

6) Maybe the Antti (Em) Niemi deal will turn out to be the best trade of the whole 2010-11 season. Guy’s tough.

7) Boy, that Dany Heatley — based on what I saw in this series — is Gaborik-like in his own end sometimes.

8) You really do need a puck-mover/scorer on the back end like Danny Boyle, don’t you?

9) It sure helps to have talent and grit and heart and experience and all of that. But both the Sharks and Red Wings sure do have outstanding coaches. Guys who get it. Guys who keep it together. Guys who, you get the idea, have complete confidence in their players, and vice versa.

10) These first two rounds, you couldn’t ask for more. Too bad there are only three series left.

11) Bad job by Versus (what else?) to miss the handshake between the captains.

12) Well, I guess there really is no momentum carried over from one game to the next in a playoff series. Hate to say I told you so. But I told you so.


AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, above.


By the way, I love the Metro PCS commercial where the guy yells, “Holy shish kabob!” … and that was my first remark in this post, and then I put the photo in and realized that there was a Metro PCS ad in the photo. So I’m waiting for a check.

Hope to get after the second-round predictions contest results at some point today.

Also, sorry this went up a little late. I wanted the Winter Classic post to be up when people went online this morning, in case they missed the news last night.

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  1. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    What a Gutless win by the Sharks. Gutless goal by Marleau. Gutless performance all around!

    I was hoping the Red Wings would pull this off but it seemed apparent with about 7 minutes to go that it wasn’t going to happen. Oh well, they have enough Cups.

  2. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    What a gutless performance by these Cabezas del huesos this morning! Gutless! Donde estas todos las personas? Gutless. Flippin’ Euro-pansies off eating croissants and crepes, having promiscuous relations and drinking espresso. Is it Ciesta time already you panises? This is America! We drink black coffee and we come to work at 6AM and we work until 10PM! This country was built on the backs of HARD WORK!

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I think we might have seen the best two teams just play the best series of the 2010-2011 season. Wow ! Holy Carcillo.
    Boyle = Monster….Thornton = Monster…Datsyuk plays the game at different level than the human race does….Helm is faster than…anyone…Niemi might be the best money goalie we have seen since…Chris Osgood (ok, a little humor there)…where the Byfuglien is the real Heatley ? Absolutley spot on by Carp to call him the current soul mate of Gabby.

    After Zetterberg had his pocket picked by Couture he played amazing the rest of the game amazing. All the true stars were shining (except Heatley) and it was great to watch.

    Boston is good, solid, but no star power (only Chara). TB has star power. Vancouver and SJ have star power. Should be fun watching the conference finals, but like I said, we might have seen the best series we are going to see this year.

  4. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    This series was amazing. Datsyuk is unreal. You are right. He is like …. unhuman. It’s crazy. HE should be the superhero that the NHL promotes! He should have his own comic book. He’s insanely talented. That backhanded goal was like…..wha!?!?!?!? I can’t get enough of it. ( – if you’re interested).

    Sorry for calling you guys Gutless. I was only kidding.

  5. Carp, nice writeup…the Sharks really stepped it up…Thornton was amazing last night….stepped up like a true captain. Marleau was also great…

    Nice to see the Sharks get it done…I want them to win the Cup this year and rid themselves of the “can’t win” label too…

    Give the Wings credit. They are also amazing, coming back from 3-0 lead int he series to tie it. The class and character of that team is remarkable.

    As much as the NHL would probably prefer not to have a San Jose-Tampa final, I think that would surely be one epic series….

  6. Lifetime,

    I don’t think Boston minds if it doesn’t have the star power that the other teams have. If they continue to get timely contributions from up and down their line up (Ryder, Bergeron, Marchand) and of course Tim Thomas they can match up against the other remaining teams. And even if St. Louis and Lecavalier have contributed greatly to the Bolts this postseason, guys like Bergenheim and Downie have had some pretty big goals for them. The Canucks have gotten by with more than a few subpar performances from the Sedins, Kesler was very quiet in the series vs the Hawks and then of course there was Luongo-gate in the latter games of the Hawks series. It certainly makes it easier when the best players on the team are playing well, but Ovechkin looked great in the playoffs this year but got very little secondary support and right now he’s beasting it on the golf course or maybe on a yacht in Adriatic.

  7. 4generations 4 cups on


    The point of the playoffs is exactly what youre talking about, timely contribution. Star power really doesn’t pay many dividends when they dont put the puck in the net. Devin Setoguchi was criticized all year for his lack of production in SJ, for only putting 22 in the back of the net this year, and his 6 goals this playoff (2 OT winners, mind you, and some seriously important goals, game 7) couldnt be more important. This is the explicit reason that the playoffs are for anybody and any team, because if your team is willing to come and play the type of hockey that playoff hockey is, working your a$$ off even to get to the puck when its in a corner, or wherever it is on the ice, matters. Every second of this hockey matters, and thats what real hockey observers can see. The small plays count. Zetterberg gave Couture his goal on a silver platter. That was their entire season, that one play. Everything matters. Ovechkin, I really feel for him, because he has a soulless team minus Knuble. The Rangers have Mr. Coast in Marian Gaborik. I really can never see him playing the type of hockey I’ve seen in these past few rounds. I cant see him wanting it enough to play through his injuries or to be strong enough to even do that. We have the backup team though, Boyle, Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi, Staal, are all guys i can truly see playing this hockey. We need backup for them.

  8. What the HECK on


    I do still believe that there is momentum carried from one game to the next. You could see it in the SJS in games 5 and 6 (and for that matter the beginning of 7) that they just looked defeated. I’ve played hockey for quite some time and anytime we have two games against the same team, if we lost the first time it is harder to come back against them, and if they win its much easier to face them. Obviously this is professional, but you also hear players talk about momentum all the time.

    That being said, I think that sometimes in series like this, players get to complacent with how they are playing and think that they “deserve” to win and that it is almost “god-willed”. They just expect things to happen.

    And one last opinion, I also do believe that better coaches are able to erase memories of past games out of your head and therefore there is no momentum carry-over.

    See Bruce Boudreau. His team was clearly the better team and had nothing to show for it. The series was finished once Washington had lost that first game. Momentum completely swept that series away from Washington (the much better team)

    The fact that there have been 2 series in which the team came back from a 3-0 lead to tie it 3-3 shows truly that momentum is a true factor. Also you can see it when lesser teams destroy greater teams.

    Anyway, I feel that I have beaten this horse to death and every one is entitled to their own opinion. On that note, I do respect yours and understand why you say what you say.

  9. Ovechkin is in Slovakia playing for team Russia! Zero points in 3 games so far and he does not look as good as he looked in playoffs.

    Great playoff hockey! I am still rooting for Nucks to win it all!

    Vancouver – Tampa! Let’s make it happen!

  10. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    CCCP – Ovechkin is a Euro-Pansy. He spends too much time scoping the chicks in Monaco! It rubbed off on him. Curses.

  11. Right, I forgot Ovechkin went to play for Russia. I’m sure he’d rather being playing somewhere in North America though.

  12. Those damn pansies! can’t hide from them!

    Of course Ovechkin wishes he was still playing in NA! He just doesn’t look comfortable playing for team Russia right now…i bet he’s still suffering from the sweep hangover.

  13. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Enjoyed your Sharks/Wings impressions. Terrific hockey, indeed.

    But, you need a bold new paradigm-shifting hockey theory (the Momentum Denial thing gets sillier and sillier with each repetition).

    You can borrow this one, ’cause it uses the same “logic.”

    Call it “Goaltending Denial Theory.” Goes like this: Since the best goalies don’t ALWAYS beat the inferior goalies in the playoffs (see Lundqvist v. Neuvirth, Miller v. Filthy Fire Drill, etc.), therefor, ipso facto, it follows that GOALTENDING DOESN’T MATTER !!!

    Like your Momemtum Denial, this one is foolproof as long as you insist on goaltending as the ONLY factor in the playoff equation. Have fun with it.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Grabner signed a 5 year, 15 million deal with the Islanders. He is the one Islanders forward who’s stats from this year I think are somewhat legit.

    The rest have no sense of defense, whatsoever. Who cares how many we give up, let’s just score as many as we can.

  15. Wow! The Isles locked up Grabner for 5 years at $3m/year …That is a great deal for them…

    For the NYR, not so much…

  16. Grabner locked up with a deal a couple of years longer but for the same annual money the Rangers gave to Kotalik.

  17. Winter Classic on MONDAY Jan 2nd????? What happened to New Year’s day?? I am sleep deprived so maybe I misunderstood.

    I’m a little torn on this. I’ve been wishing for the Rangers to be in the classic. It just sucks that we’ll have to deal with the Flyers and their carcillo-head fans. I lived in Philly for 6 years and tried to get into the local team (as a second in my heart to the Rangers) but the nasty bully style…not sure if I mean the team or the fans…was a total turn off. I actually adored several players while they were on the Phantoms during the lock-out, but watched them turn into typical Flyers within a year of being called up.

  18. Let me put it a better way, R.I. If you are a player and you believe you will win Game 6, or have even the slightest advantage, because you won Game 5, you will lose Game 6. Likewise, if you believe you will lose Game 6 because you lost Game 5 … you will lose Game 6.

    How the hell did Detroit stop San Jose’s momentum and win Game 4? How the hell did San Jose stop Detroit’s momentum and win Game 7?

  19. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Great news for My Namesake: Mr. Malhotra.

    Question: I know it isn’t possible…just dreaming. How many Rangers (current roster) would you trade for Pavel Datsyuk and who would they be?

  20. nutgirl, Jan. 1 is a Sunday. There’s no way NBC wants to go head-to-head against the NFL with hockey.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think there is momentum if you let there be momentum. Weaker minded teams can be beaten by it.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m a little disappointed that Modano didn’t suit up. Would have liked to see him go out on his skates. Either way, going home to Detroit was a disaster. He should have hung them up and left his North Stars/Stars legacy unblemished.

  23. Thank you, Doodie. I was hoping somebody could put it into English for me. That’s why when I made the original point, I gave credit to Kevin Lowe — six time champion and one of the most underrated contributors and leaders on the ’94 team — for explaining it to me.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    No problem Carp. Actually, I think that’s what impressed me about the Sharks last night. They looked like a beaten ever since Kronwall hit Clowe in game 5. But they came out fast and sharp. That’s the mental fortitude that has been missing in past San Jose teams.

  25. Terribly sad news today. Harmon Killebrew has reached the end of his fight with cancer and will spend his remaining days in hospice.

  26. Grabner has very good puck handling qualities but his real forte is his speed. This guy can reach top speed in about 3-4 strides, and I keep waiting to watch him break away from a pursuer and that chaser come anywhere near him. He is some kind of talent.

  27. Doodie

    that is the funniest article ive read in a while!! all those injuries from falling off the curb? How high was that curb? LMFAO!!!

    Those Marines had whole lot of fun with that poor schmuck!

  28. Carp, I hadn’t thought of that, thanks. Football is only on my radar as the best time to go shopping and have the stores to myself.

  29. btw I have seen several mentions of Malhotra, but I’ve not been on the inside of the loop to know what is wrong. What is Malhotras problem? Is he badly injured?

  30. billybleedsblue on

    Today for lunch, I will be having Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam on some Swedish sweet bread, or Vetebröd.

    I call it the “Ulf Sandwichsson” or the “Ulf-en ansikte smörgås” (translation: Ulf-en face sandwich).


  31. LMAO, Doodie. He is lucky he didn’t get shot above his left eye while landing on the gun one of the marines left by mistake on that curb….

  32. I think it’s been around 6 weeks since Malhotra’s second surgery for retinal detachment. By now they should know if his vision has returned to normal. So I guess, since he is on the ice, it’s good news.

  33. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    I just got my lunch . Post eating it I will describe for today’s preliminaries. Lunch Contest Pre-Season continues.

  34. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Billy- that lunch is starting to sound pretty Euro. You might want to Americanize some of those pieces of food. I suggest adding words like “Freedom” and “Free” and “Eagle” and “Freedom.”

  35. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Here billy: I will do it for you:

    “Today for lunch, I will be having American made Swedish Freedom-meatballs with Freedom-berry Jam on some American made Swedish Style Sweet-Sweet-Freedom Bread, or Vetebröd (Translation: Freedom Eagle Bread that Hates Tyranny.”

    That is an American lunch! Thanks VinceA!

  36. I know the memory tends to fade with time, but is it me or is the quality of playoffs this year much higher than last year’s? Or year before?

  37. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, nice :D what was I thinking? An Ulf Sandwichsson really does sound…weak. lol.

    I’m surprised the Wings didn’t tie that game up last night. Datsyuk is a real pro. What a player! I’m not going to even think about what I would consider trading for him…it would never happen. He’s locked-in to hockey town, just like Zetterberg. The two of them will be up for the big C pretty soon…

    Also, I already know what I’m having for lunch on Monday. What can I say, I like to plan ahead. :D

  38. I think the conversation about momentum is becoming a bit stubborn. My take: there is much more momentum swings during one game. One team makes a great play and everyone’s adrenaline is pumping. Until the opposite team makes a great play, or hit, or goalie save….From game to game- not so much. It could certainly be an issue, especially if the previous game was lost or won on a heartbreaking play. But nowadays you have great coaches, players with big hearts, and players with experience. Those core guys are better than shrinks.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Because I am dieting, I am having another salad for lunch. Today’s salad base is crisp and refreshing romaine lettuce. The lettuce is accompanied by the sweetness of shredded carrots. To completely round out the flavor, there is the bitter note of red cabbage, which also adds an eye-catching purple color. The salad is dressed with a honey-dijon dressing. The Dijon mustard used in the dressing was a stoneground mustard, so there are occasional little pops of mustard seeds when you eat the salad, providing not only a burst of flavor, but a bit of playfulness to the dish as well.

    For a light lunch dessert, I have perfect golden rings of Ananas Comosus (as opposed to Ananas Sativus): pineapple. The cultivar that has been selected today is the Smooth Cayenne Pineapple, domestically farmed in Hawaii. This was chosen over Latin American cultivars such as the Pernumbaco and Red Spanish, as well as the Oceana grown Queen Natal because I believe the high sweetness/low acidity combination will finish the meal best after the flavors enjoyed during the main course.

  40. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    btw, kronwall=monster

    GO NUCKS!!!

    So why all the non-nuck support here? Is there a player on the team that everyone hates and I missed it? I’d love to see a Nucks-TB final! Is that bad, too many French Canadien pansies (are we considered euro-pansies as well?).

    Little embarrassed to say this considering the movie isn’t that great overall, but alan rickman’s role as the sheriff of nottingham in robin hood with kevin costner is just AWESOME!!

  41. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Nice job Doodie…..Sounds delicious. I want to eat it and the Pineapple especially sounds great. It’s very American to take over countries and enjoy their fruit.

    Remember though we are not supposed to start the contest until Latona shows up and tells us.

  42. For lunch: Leftover from last night’s dinner … whole wheat Penne Pasta tossed with grilled seasoned chicken strips, grilled eggplant, grilled asparagus, grilled grape tomatoes, a few thin, sliced and grilled pieces of prosciutto de Parma, black olives, and sprinkled with grated Pekke Rinne (romano) cheese and crushed red pepper.

  43. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Wicky – everything is Euro-Pansy that isn’t based on America and Freedom and Eagles and Jean Jackets and Motorcycles and War and Domination and being Awesome.

    Just ask VinceA!

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I only participate to somehow make myself feel better about the fact that I’m eating a bag of lettuce with fat free dressing and some pineapple that I cut up this morning.

    Gotta lose the weight though. Doctor’s orders. For the record, I’m not obese or anything, just having an unrelated health problem that losing weight could really help. It’s not even a health problem. It’s something that could be a health problem much later on.

  45. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    only the general population leaves detroit, not the hockey players!

    I know I’m going to get ripped for this, but I would love to sign shane o’brien as one of our 3rd pair d men.

  46. re: momentum, ask yourself this about the Red Wings and Sharks.

    In a 7 game series that had one game decided by more than 1 goal (including 2 OT games), regardless of the sequence of wins and losses, does it really feel like many of those games “could have gone either way”?

  47. If it’s been asked before I apoligize. Has there ever been a goalie win consecutive cups on different teams, or is Niemi potentially the first?

    Can you believe Higgins is playing in the finals?

  48. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Doodie – Just like we support Tony quitting smoking we (definitely “I”) support your quest. I have to eat healthy because of a ridiculous congenital heart defect and I will always be around to support your eating. My dad was told to change his eating habits and he said he would rather “die happy” and although he didn’t die and didn’t even have a heart attack, a 90% blockage was found in his heart and the implantation of a few heart stents are what saved his life. I would not like to see that happen to anyone as it’s scary for the person it happens to and their spouse. Long story short – I support you!

  49. For lunch: New England Clam Chowdah, Grilled chicken/Fresh Mozz/Arugula on a french baguette…

  50. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    for lunch….pancakes and coffee!! Late breakfast time here folks, sorry!

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Gerry, I don’t believe so. In fact, I have a hard time coming up with any player that has won in such a fashion (although I’m sure it has happened).

  52. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    NYR – “FRENCH baguette!???”

    VinceA disapproves!

    Doodie and Gerry: It’s not an answer to the question but: Cliff Lee pitched in the losing and clinching game of the world series in back-to-back years for two different teams. I thought that was cool. He lost Game 7 for the Phillies and then Game 6 or 7 for the Rangers the following year. That has to hurt.

  53. You’re serious about the lunch contest, aren’t you? WTB? Well, have fun, I guess…

    Wicky, I’m going for the ‘Nucks. In fact, I want them to win the Cup. Unless, of course they meet TB in the finals. Then, for obvious reasons- let’s go Tampa!

  54. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    that’s why you are the best ILB, THE BEST!!

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny: Marian Hossa did that in 08 and 09, for the exact opposite teams.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, well done. I knew it has happened, I just couldn’t come up with the player.

  57. Legendary GM called Grabner *elite*. Controversial. I thought a player had to single-handedly lead a crappy team to the Cup to earn that title?

  58. Back-to-Back Winners

    Many players have won consecutive championships in their careers, but few have ever accomplished the feat with two different teams. One player, Eddie Gerard, won the Cup with the 1921 Ottawa Senators, 1922 Toronto St. Pats and again in 1923 with the Senators. A total of 11 different players have accomplished the feat:

    Cory Stillman 2004 Tampa Bay 2006 Carolina
    Claude Lemieux 1995 New Jersey 1996 Colorado
    Al Arbour 1961 Chicago 1962 Toronto
    Ed Litzenberger 1961 Chicago 1962 Toronto
    Ab McDonald 1960 Montreal 1961 Chicago
    Eddie Gerard 1922 Toronto 1923 Ottawa
    Lionel Conacher 1934 Chicago 1935 Montreal
    Eddie Gerard 1921 Ottawa 1922 Toronto
    Harry Holmes 1917 Seattle 1918 Toronto
    Bruce Stuart 1908 Montreal 1909 Ottawa
    Art Ross 1907 Kenora 1908 Montreal
    Jack Marshall 1901 Winnipeg 1902 Montrea

  59. Claude Lemieux wasn’t a goalie. Although he might have been the starter between the pipes for the Flyers around 1999. I forget.

  60. More odd than the Marian Hossa odyssey: three straight finals, including with Pitt when it lost to Detroit, with Detroit when it lost to Pitt, and finally a ring with Chicago … in three straight years.

  61. Ty Conklin has played on the losing team 3 times post-lockout. Oilers, Pens, Wings

  62. Thanks, wicky….But don’t get too excited. The reason I want them to win isn’t because they are from Canada, but because they have European twin-pansies and one American as their best players :-)

  63. Cliff Lee: Started the last All-Star game in the last year of Yankee Stadium, started the opener at the new Stadium, started the first World Series game at the new Stadium … I think that’s all true.

  64. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    as stated in one of my previously used poster call sign, I DO NOT wear a visor!

  65. LOL. LW. I’m sure Claude Lemieux was between a lot of Flyers’ “pipes” in 1999…..

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Did you know Andrew Ladd has already won two cups on two teams? He is becoming one heck of a hockey player.

  67. do you know that, from our special vocabulary: bryzgalov, byfuglien, abdeklader and cooke have all been on Stanley Cup champions?

    anybody else?

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  68. CTBlueshirt on

    I really hope Cliff Lee never gets to start another WS game (not due to injury). My hope is some law of inverse relationship between the quality of pitching staffs and playoff runs goes into effect against the Phillies.

    2008 – Phillies win WS with only Cole Hamels as part of their current “4 Aces”
    2009- Phillies advance, but lose in WS with Hamels and Lee
    2010 – Phillies lose in NLCS with Hamels, Halladay, Oswalt
    2011 – ?

  69. You just know that the Winter Classic is going to be played in the same ballpark by the same two cities who were in the previous World Series, right?

  70. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Interesting note. I am reading a case right now called “Hooker Chemicals” in which New York State sued a company called Hooker Chemical because, “Hooker’s Chemicals polluted the Love Canal” and Hooker Chemicals as Defendant, “was liable as a matter of law for the creation of a public nuisance at the love canal as well as the costs incurred to clean up the love canal.”

    Pretty funny to my juvenile mind.

  71. And because I’m a pedant, Niemi wasn’t acquired via trade, Carp. The Hawks walked away from his arbitration award and was signed as a free agent by the Sharks.

    Jofa Gretzky-style bucket helmet for you then, wicky?

  72. Yeah, LW’s right.

    In my opinion, the best trade was the Byfuglien/Ladd trade. Two monsters all season long.

    San Jose vs Boston! That’s my pick!

    Should be interesting to see the West Final. The Sharks have more firepower than the Preds, so we’ll see if Luongo will be able to handle it.

    Two awesome series!

  73. Good Lord …hit in the eye. What a disastrous thing to happen. And I never could figure out why Rangers were so eager to dispense with him.
    I hope and pray that he’s able to have his eye saved…and these things often seem to happen to the good guys. I’ve heard that he was always well liked with his team mates.

  74. CTBlueshirt on

    LW, although you can maybe attribute Chicago’s further cap constraints due SJ’s offer sheet to Jar-mul-sun that the Hawks matched?

  75. just had soft shell crab roll, eel avocado cream cheese roll and spicy shrimp roll accompanied by “tree” shots of Don Julio Blanco tequila! Life is good!

  76. CTBlueshirt on


    Soft shell, soft cream cheese. Why don’t you eat a tough American meal?

  77. LW, right. I meant acquisition, transaction, whatever. But it wasn’t a trade.

    CT, the previous World Series to the ’12 Winter Classic will be the ’11 WS. Phillies vs. Yankees.

    fran, they finally gave up on him because his salary was in step with his draft position, thus he was making too much money for a young third-line center. … and because, probably, he was a leftover from the previous regime.

  78. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Great point CT. Great point!

    Hard Cream Cheese, Hard Crab! Hard Work = Freedom.

  79. czechthemout!!!! on


    8) Dan Boyle is the reason why I wanted the Rangers to Draft Power.

  80. CT

    i thought i balanced my meal out with spicy shrimp roll… which was so spicy it felt like my tongue and lips were literally on fire!

  81. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    CCCP- “Americans do not like Spice. We find it to be foreign tasting and since we are xenophobic in general, we despise and suspect spice of being an agent of the enemy” – VinceA

  82. CTBlueshirt on

    You really think it’s going to Phils vs Yankees in the WS? Phils I can see making it(despite my hope for the inverse rotation to playoff success principle) but you’re that confident the Yankees can rely on Colon, Garcia and Nova to keep up with the arms of the Rays?

  83. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    I agree with CT although I doubt that those three guys are going to remain in the Yankees rotation – I see a trade coming along….

  84. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Ulf samuelsson style cooper, sans shield of course!

  85. CTBlueshirt on


    Maybe if you didn’t eat pansy soft foods your tongue would be better equipped to handle the spice.

  86. CT

    Blame Canada for the spicy shrimp! They tried to set me on fire!

    Speaking of Canada… the good old Canadian boys got eliminated by those pansy heartless Russians! And the brave Americans didn’t even make it out of the group play! It must be because the tournament is in the pansy Euro country! it rubbed off on those fine lion-hearted boys!

  87. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    “Americans don’t worry about the results of contests to prove who is superior. We will find a reason that we are superior to those pansy euro weenies who played in this tournament and purportedly “ousted” the Americans. There was probably a conspiracy against this free country because those euro-queers were jealous of our freedom.” – VinceA

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Dan boyle is a punk assen slew footer and one of my three least favorite NHL players!

    can’t remember who posted feeling bad for ovi earlier about no one else having heart on his roster besides knuble, I would certainly add laich to the having heart as well list!

  89. IMHO, the Czechs and the Russians have the advantage over USA and Canada on the larger ice surface, as well as, with their skills and experience…

  90. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    are the WC games on NHL network today?

  91. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    The good ruutu is having a great WC, love that guy!

  92. maybe if you guys weren’t such Euro-pansies, you wouldn’t mind a little spice. As Elaine’s father said, “not afraid of a little spice, are you?”

    he also said, “Pipe down, chorus boy.”

  93. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    as well as “you wanna piece of me”?

  94. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    “Water ruins seude? Aren’t cows wearing suede? When it rains are the cows running up to the farmer yelling, “hey! let us in! We’re all wearing suede out here!” – Jerry Seinfeld

  95. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    And….who could forget ……..”We had a comedian on my plain. Tailgunner. Blew his brains out all over the pacific. Nothing funny about that.”

  96. So, it seems like your lunches have caused you all to vanish entirely from Bonehead Land.

    And here we go.. the preliminary..

  97. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Hello Latona – you ended 1 complete hour of silence. I will not waste a description of my lunch on the exhibition round. I will simply say-

    “Today I dined with the utmost refinement and exquisite (accent over the E) of a kingly gentlemen. As each morsel of food and chip crossed the threshold of my lips my stomach rejoiced as Mr. Camping will rejoice upon the arrival of The Rapture. The food rode down my esophagus just as the flaming wheels of Mr. Campings Chariot will ascend to heaven. My food smote out the heathens and raised up the righteous as The Rapture will on May 21, 2011.”

  98. Billy’s was most descriptive, and Carp’s sounded the best. Manny’s description of Billy’s lunch was also good. Wicky had breakfast, which should garner him some consideration. THE AGONY!

    Oh, my lunch. Right. I had the family halusky recipe. Except, it isn’t real haluski, because my great-grandmother was a poor Eastern European immigrant (gotta love her though.) I don’t even know how I would begin describing them, except that they’re delicious and probably highly unhealthy. My mom, the only one with the recipe, prepared a batch, so I took some extra.

  99. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Latona – it’s important to remember that the contest was not to begin until you show up and either fire your guns or flash your breasts. That was the rule.

  100. That was at your description, Manny, not your latest comment.

    I did forget I am the trigger. I’ll just ask “Lunch?” in a different Euro-pansy language every day.

  101. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Thanks Latona. I knew what your disbelief laughter was about. Disbelief is pretty much my comedic wheelhouse.

  102. My comedic wheelhouse is mostly me laughing at my own ridiculous jokes no one else finds funny.

  103. it is amazing but team Russia doesn’t have a legit center! They have Ovechkin taking draws on PP!!!

  104. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    I will laugh with you Latona. That is my friendship promise for life. Laughing with you.

  105. That’s one thing off the bucket list Manny! Actually two. Someone laughing with me and someone being my friend.

    Self-deprecating humor is the best kind!

  106. did any of you seen the goal Mikael Granlund scored against Russia in the second period?


    Kind of embarrassing to give up a goal like that… but, it is pretty much unstoppable!

    I personally feel that goals like that should not be allowed on professional level…

  107. Sick, CCCP.

    I agree that they shouldn’t count; however, since they do, I don’t understand why more players don’t attempt them.

  108. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Self-Deprecating humor IS the best. I was sent home from Hebrew High School for being what they described as a “Self-Loathing Jew.”

  109. As exciting as the actual Winter Classic is, I may be even more excited for the alumni game. Looking forward to seeing The Four Horsemen lace ’em up one more time. Really hope Richter is well enough to suit up.

    By the way, which team gets Lindros? He might be better off staying home.

  110. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Remember on Saved By The Bell when Jessie Spano does speed because she wants to pass the test? Also on Fresh Prince of Bel Air Carlton did speed. I think both characters were outed during a “prom” type dance.

    Sitcoms used to take on the “big” issues….

  111. Manny, it was caffeine pills for Jessie Spano. And she passed out prior to the filming of a music video with Kelly and Lisa. And it was scary, just like when she and Zack snuck out on their bikes to go see ET.

  112. Jason Allison has had a decent NHL career

    Immonen doesn’t look like he has any problems skating… And if Boogaard can skate in NHL I don’t see why Immonen can’t

  113. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Oh man. Thanks Doodie. Great clip! Sorry I thought Caffeine Pills and Speed were kind of the same thing. Jessie and Zack were Crazy!

    I was eating at a restaurant downtown called Yerba Buena one night and I heard Tiffany Amber Thiesen’s voice. I wasn’t wearing my glasses but i nearly lost it. I used to have such a crush on her. (I know…Used to? Still do). Anyways I alerted everyone from her voice and without seeing her and it really was her.

  114. billybleedsblue on

    wow, you are all nuts. Doodie’s lunch was pretty ridiculous! What was that, Euro-pansy latin? also, i’d like to trade lunches with Carp please… although, did my Sandwichsson really exist in the first place? Well, I can say that it sure does now…it sure does now. :D

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    thanks billy. I almost didn’t write it today because I thought your Ulf Samuelsson sandwich puns were so clever that you should be the winner for today.

  116. JimboWoodside on

    Not that anyone gives a carcillo, but I’m pulling for the Sharks in the WC Finals……I think they’re due, and I’d like to see Thornton get to the SC Finals. Also, who wants to see Higgins play for the Cup? Not me…

  117. JimboWoodside on

    And Carp, sounds like a great lunch and an even *better* dinner – I have reservations about the whole-wheat pasta, but if you like it, that’s all that counts.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    jimbo, whole wheat pasta dries out faster, but when its fresh you can’t tell the difference.

  119. Immonen is just another Krog.

    It sucks that the Winter Classic will be in Philly. We’ll probably have to wait another three-four years to have it in NY.

    Good thing is, we might actually be a Cup contender at that time :P

    I hope they have another 24/7 Winter Classic. This is a must!

  120. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    Doodie – I just thought it was the most absurd thing I had heard of pretty much ever (medically speaking). So it obviously stuck in my head. I put her up because people always say we need help and if we have to get a therapist in here I would hope that it would be that one.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m pissed that it will be on 1/2 instead of 1/1 (although I fully understand the reasoning).

    1/2 is my wedding anniversary, so I can’t even make the trip out to Philly for the game.

  122. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    I made the switch to whole wheat pasta and putting aside the restaurants that make FRESH pasta, I actually prefer Whole Wheat. If you live near a Whole Foods they actually make fresh whole wheat pasta that you can cook and it’s really delicious.

  123. I actually don’t mind that it’s in Philly. The important thing is that the Rangers are involved and that Torts will be on 24/7 uncensored!! It may be worth hanging on to Aves just for the antics on 24/7! LOL!

  124. Like the whole wheat pasta for dishes like I described earlier … and really have no choice but to get off the white pasta and sweets, etc. But with a good tomato sauce, got to have the old fashioned white pasta. Got to.

  125. “Very Special Episodes” were the best of television in the Nineties. Now it seems like every show on the old networks are about young pop stars or something.

  126. MannyFried a/k/a Fezzik on

    You’re Right Latona. As Sting says, “Those days are over. You don’t have to sell your body to the night…..”

    And with that I bid you all farewell. Have a great weekend and get ready for the lunch contest. We have many weekdays to go.

  127. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Carp – then we agree. I know the health benefits of whole wheat, but I must admit that I don’t like the taste so much. To be fair, though – I have not tried many different brands of the ww product.

    I’m not crazy about the “toothsomeness” of fresh-made pasta. I prefer dried pasta cooked correctly.

    And yes, there is some Italian in my ancestry!

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m a fresh pasta kind of guy. I’ve even made it myself a few times when I’m really in the mood. I have to be in the mood in an amount that is greater than how much I don’t want to clean up the absolute mess it makes, so we’re talking 3 times a year, tops.

  129. JimboWoodside on

    I getcha, Doodie – yeah, it’s a total mess to make, and the few times I’ve purchased “store-bought” fresh pasta, it didn’t taste very “fresh” to me….that might just be a fault of the manufacturer or the store that kept it on the shelf too long.

    You’re OK with the non-“al dente” consistency of fresh pasta? That also is a negative for my tastes.

  130. Latona, did you say haluski? It’s actually pronounced Galushki in Ukrainian. Carp, if it makes you feel better, Galushki makes any white pasta with Alfredo sauce a healthy dish.

  131. Yup, it’s the same dish in Ukraine. I forgot all about it…Haven’t had it for years.

  132. The variety I eat is really nothing like traditional haluski at all, it’s my great-grandmother’s “poor woman’s haluski.” Still delicious however, as is the traditional preparation.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    jimbo, it can still be al dente, you just have to cook it for much less time.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    Although, I’d say I make a regular pasta only once a year. The other 2 times I’m usually making gnocchi, which is different.

  135. billybleedsblue on

    What has become of this blog? OK, I’ll chime-in… I can deal with most pastas and actually like the whole wheat varieties. They may take some getting used to, but when it comes down to it, it’s really the sauce that’s key when it comes to these foods IMHO. Oh and, a good gnocchi is to die for. Great, now I’m starving.

    Tonight on cooking with Rangers Report…

  136. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Ilb – potatoes and pasta – a double starch deal! Cabbage sounds like it goes with both of those, though.

  137. JimboWoodside on

    Well, this is what happens when there are no games to discuss – it’s gonna be a long off-season.

    Never got into the gnocchi experience – Probably because we didn’t have in my family when I was a kid. I should give it a chance, though, but I won’t be making it from scratch myself.

  138. billybleedsblue on

    Jimbo, I think it’s great that lots of everyone still hang around. I usually come here for a good laugh anyways, and this stuff is hilarious.

    I sure can’t wait for the game tomorrow night though, I hope it’s a good one. I’ve got nothing to do but watch the hockey this weekend (and think of what I might have for lunch next week). I’m really psyched!

  139. has any of you ever tried rice pasta? it’s mad delicious! no worse than regular pasta and it’s gluten free!

  140. Seems like our friend, the walking amoeba, Dan Carcillo hadn’t grasped the fact that @ messages on Twitter are visible to everybody.

    Can’t really go into detail here and he’s deleted it now, but sure to be a few screenshots out there and some media coverage impending.

  141. CCCP – yes. Chow Fun noodles (from Chinese restaurants) are made with rice. They are mad delicious! I’ve also had rice vermicelli (angel hair noodle) which is also very good.

  142. i actually meant brown rice rice pasta…sorry

    last few times i cooked brown rice spaghetti with some delicious puttanesca souce and mixed it with langoustines tails (you can buy frozen ones at Trader’s Joe) and i gotta tell you… it was one of the best pasta’s i ever had!

  143. Er…let’s just say he was describing something Gary Bettman wouldn’t want to explain to his children.

    (Disclaimer: I’m not deranged enough to follow Carcillo – just noticed the reaction to it from others.)

  144. billybleedsblue on

    Uhm, wait, WHAT? Was that really Carcillo tweeting that? Wow. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  145. Carcillo is a dope…no surprise there…

    LW, calling him an walking amoeba is too nice…he’s more a like a dope with skates…piece of carcillo

  146. Yeah, Carp pretty much won.. except today was the exhibition. Official contest begins Monday.

  147. Has anybody bothered to tabulate our second-round prediction contest results? I have, but I wanted to see if anybody else came up with the same results I found … and the dilemma that I discovered, which will be up for discussion tomorrow.

    Good evening, Sally. That figures. I had my best lunch of the year today and it didn’t count. Monday will probably be a 98-percent fat free bologna on wheat bread with mustard.

  148. If Sally requesteth it, it happeneth. So if she says Carp should get a point for today, or even if she should get one, I am contractually and morally obligated to do so.

  149. billybleedsblue on

    “I had my best lunch of the year today and it didn’t count.”

    I know the feeling, but something tells me I’ll be eating very funny, I mean, well next week…

  150. I mean there is nothing wrong with having part of yourself inside of another self lol

    But if you don’t know if it’s a turn on or not and have to ask someone publically about it then you are even more carcillo for brain than ever before lol

  151. jpg's sister on

    Is it true?Nick Kypreos just tweeted that Derek Boogaard passed away. How Sad!

    Nick Kypreos TWEET

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    I’m saddened to hear #Rangers Derek Boogaard was found dead early this morning. A formal announcement is expected as early as tonite.

  153. Stan Grossfeld of The Boston Globe: “In October 2005, Torpy asked an Oklahoma County judge to tack on three more years to his 30-year prison sentence for armed robbery and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. ‘He said if he was going down, he was going to go down in Larry Bird’s jersey,’ Oklahoma District Judge Ray Elliott told the Associated Press back then. ‘He was just as happy as he could be.’ But after sharing a 10-foot-by-15-foot cell at the Davis Correctional Facility for the last six years, Torpy regrets asking for the extra time. ‘Now that I have to do that time, yes I do,’ says Torpy. ‘I kind of wished that I had 30 instead of 33. Recently I’ve wisened up. That three is a big deal, you know? Three years matters.’ Torpy will turn 33 this year and is not eligible for parole until 2033. The 33 imagery doesn’t end there. Put his arms together and the tattoos on his elbows read ’33.’ He also has a small green shamrock tattooed near his eye. *’I’ll always represent Larry Bird,’* he says. ‘He’ll always be on me.’ Why Bird? ‘Larry Bird is a legend,’ he says. To me, he supersedes all basketball legends.’ ”

    via ESPN. This is a hysterical story! LMAO! The bold part, I agree with completely. He represents Larry Bird well! :)

  154. may he rest in peace.
    i replied to Kypreos that i wonder if his
    concussion was involved.
    i’m trying to find a news item on it.

    another tweet
    Shocking and sad news! RT @Russostrib: Awful news: Derek Boogaard was found dead today in his Minneapolis apartment by members of his family

  155. Huh? Boogaard is dead? Oh my god. I dont believe it. i sort of liked him. this is so sad. I love the Boogaard, now I can’t in good conscience make playful jokes about him. R.I.P. Boogaard. You were a lousy hockey player, but a good guy. :(

  156. maybe someone can put up the link of his Ranger goal and the celebration.
    can view it tonight
    Carp can put link in as part of a Boogie Man post

  157. what a terrible day. i do not believe this. Hopefully, we can all keep Boogaard’s memory alive forever. He must have been a fun guy to be around. I hope it was not anything related to his head or concussion.

  158. That’s terrible. From everything I’ve heard, he’s a great guy. And he did score the same amount of goals as Drury.

  159. MichaelDelZotto Michael Del Zotto
    Boogy, you will be missed! Condolensces to the Boogard family. The world lost an amazing friend and teammate!

  160. strange that i read he was discovered in the morning
    but word hasn’t really spread til now.
    no matter.

  161. oh man. this is just so sad, boogaard’s Booguardians. what a class and caring guy. ill miss his rare smile.

  162. i hear ya ORR!!
    the sicko in me
    and dark humorist
    is trying to behave.

    luckily, whatever thought feel out of my brain and
    on to the floor.

  163. I complained when we signed him, and yeah, he was overpaid for a guy who can’t do anything other than fight, but I’d be lying if I didn’t get excited every time he dropped the gloves.

    It’s a shame the way his season ended, and it was pretty obvious his career was over. But, who would have thought up this scenario?? Just tragic.

  164. Niklas Backstrom on Derek Boogaard: “Unreal guy. Just a really big teddy bear. Outside the rink, he didn’t want bad for anyone.”

  165. also ORR!!

    we’re not in the room
    maybe BoogieMan was a great teammate for MDZ.
    ya never know.
    MDZ didn’t say outstanding passer or shootout scorer.

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