Rangers vs. Flyers at Phillies’ stadium in Winter Classic?


The Rangers and Flyers on New Year’s Day in Philly, and not in the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes, but in the Phillies’ ballpark.

And also Rangers/Flyers on HBO’s 24/7 …

In case you missed it, that was on Darren Dreger’s Report yesterday. Not official. Not done. Rangers’ participation not even certain.

But that’s the speculation. Sounds like fun to me (though I might have to miss some of the annual Honeymooners and Three Stooges Marathons).

What do youse think?

It was never going to happen here because Yankee Stadium is booked with college football, they don’t want to do it at Bailout Ballpark, er, Citi Field, and they don’t want to do it in New Jersey.


Adam Proteau of The Hockey News did a list of top 10 Game 7 performances, and somehow left out Matteau, Matteau, Matteau and included Mark Messier vs. Vancouver. Even though whether he scored the GWG is still largely debated.


From the NHL:


San Jose Sharks (4-2)

4/22/08, Western Conference QF vs. Calgary (CGY 3 at S.J. 5)
5/15/02, Western Conference SF vs. Colorado (S.J. 0 at COL 1)
4/25/00, Western Conference QF vs. St. Louis (S.J. 3 at STL 1)
5/19/95, Western Conference QF vs. Calgary (S.J. 5 at CGY 4, 2OT)
5/14/94, Western Conference SF vs. Toronto (S.J. 2 at TOR 4)
4/30/94, Western Conference QF vs. Detroit (S.J. 3 at DET 2)

Detroit Red Wings (13-8)

4/27/10, Western Conference QF vs. Phoenix (DET 6 at PHX 1)
6/12/09, Stanley Cup Final vs. Pittsburgh (PIT 2 at DET 1)
5/14/09, Western Conference SF vs. Anaheim (ANA 3 at DET 4)
5/31/02, Western Conference Final vs. Colorado (COL 0 at DET 7)
5/16/96, Western Conference SF vs. St. Louis (STL 0 at DET 1, OT)
4/30/94, Western Conference SF vs. San Jose (S.J. 3 at DET 2)
5/1/93, Norris Division SF vs. Toronto (TOR 4 at DET 3, OT)
4/30/92, Norris Division SF vs. Minnesota (MIN 2 at DET 5)
4/16/91, Norris Division SF vs. St. Louis (DET 2 at STL 3)
5/3/87, Norris Division Final vs. Toronto (TOR 0 at DET 3)
4/15/65, Semifinal vs. Chicago (CHI 4 at DET 2)
4/25/64, Stanley Cup Final vs. Toronto (DET 0 at TOR 4)
4/9/64, Semifinal vs. Chicago (DET 4 at CHI 2)
4/14/55, Stanley Cup Final vs. Montreal (MTL 1 at DET 3)
4/16/54, Stanley Cup Final vs. Montreal (MTL 1 at DET 2, OT)
4/23/50, Stanley Cup Final vs. NY Rangers (NYR 3 at DET 4, OT)
4/9/50, Semifinal vs. Toronto (TOR 0 at DET 1, OT)
4/5/49, Semifinal vs. Montreal (MTL 1 at DET 3)
4/22/45, Stanley Cup Final vs. Toronto (TOR 2 at DET 1)
4/3/45, Semifinal vs. Boston (BOS 3 at DET 5)
4/18/42, Stanley Cup Final vs. Toronto (DET 1 at TOR 3)

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  1. 4generations 4 cups on

    I would absolutely lose it if there was a NYR/PHI 24/7. I would also have to make my way down to the city of Broaderly Love.

  2. It’ll be awesome…if we can burn Philadelphia to the ground afterward…

    Seriously…what the hell is this league’s obsession with Pennsylvania? First it’s the PlayPens in Buffalo, then it’s Philly in Boston, then the Pens get their own classic. Has Bettman ever hear of New York? Yankee Stadium? Hell, the new Shea? Doesn’t the NHL have its friggin’ offices here? And why not, if you really want to stir things up, have the Rangers face off against the Islanders? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. YouveGotGold on

    Hopefully there would be an opportunity for Ranger Season ticket holders to get an early crack at tickets.

  4. phil, can’t at Yankee Stadium, nobody wants to have it at Citi, and the NHL/NBC need separate TV markets involved, thus no Rangers-Islanders or Rangers-Devils (and no Canadian teams).

  5. billybleedsblue on

    Why couldn’t the pinstripe bowl just be played on some other day, like January 3rd? I’m just saying. I’m sure it all has to do with money, but what a joke.

    Here’s a better idea (IMHO): Flyers vs. Rangers at New York’s Central Park! HOW BOUT THEM APPLES BIG APPLE???

  6. billybleedsblue on

    I dunno Carp, build some seating around one of the rinks or take over one of the bigger ballfields. Of course they would have to build seating, but it could happen, couldn’t it? :/ I think it would be awesome.

  7. as a season tix holder if i get shut out of getting tix i will raise havoc.

    as for tonight the storyline is this.

    if the sharks lose thornton and marleau careers will be remembered for collapsing once again.

    the fallout of the sharks fading again will be much better then if they win.

    i want drama

  8. by the way redskins at eagles jan 1st.

    no way league has game at the citizens bank park at same time. they share same parking lot. i go there for eagle games.

    doubit nhl plays on new years day with nfl scheduled

  9. billybleedsblue on

    It’s really just hockey fans that watch it anyways, isn’t it? Hockey’s not really considered a real sport, is it? So what does it matter that it’s up against anything?

    There do exist companies that install temporary tiered grandstands…how awesome would Central Park be? I’ll never stop dreaming…

  10. My big issue is that it isn’t all that cold on New Years in philly. At Least consistently. Ice is going to be a disaster, although it will give NBC a chance to film a lot of “Here’s how we make ice” promo video montages.

  11. yes ilb its go timeeeeeee

    go wings.

    i want a storyline tomo morning. sharks choke again.


  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " FOURR !!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its NOT “GO TIME” . Go Time is exclusively only for New York Ranger games ilb.

    Sorry but its a no go for go time.

  13. LMAO @ Clowe’s undisclosed injury. In other words, he wasn’t sure what hit him…

  14. Red Wings win this game. But I’ll gladly have Carp be right this one time :)

    Fire Sather! Fire Micheletti! Fire Maguire!

  15. Is everyone that’s big, called big? Big Hal Gill, Big Ben Eager, Big Harry Wiggles.

  16. If Datsyuk plays more shifts against Ben Eager, this one will be over by the first intermission…

  17. Not only are the Wings good, but, they almost all have great beards. Although Sally tops all.

  18. Emrick isn’t so bad when he’s not immaturely and bitterly throwing digs at the Rangers every 2 minutes.

  19. So, Olga, Sather is going to be visiting with Rangers fans this weekend at the Buffalo Wild Wings near Main St. in White Plains. You gonna go shake his hand? :)

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    Teddy, I guess I will have to miss that one. I have something more important to do. I have to worm the cat.

  21. RIP Gallo. Carp, you ever heard of Frank Brown? When reading your newspaper stories, you have a similar style compared to Brown.

  22. Why does Versus consistently embarrass themselves by allowing JR to attempt to speak English?

  23. Melrose the clown probably still thinks there is no home ice advantage in Game 7’s after watching the 1st period.
    What is this guy smoking and how does he and Barnaby have jobs on espn? They contribute nothing that we already know.

  24. True Blue Mike on

    If this score holds, 2-0 sharks, then i will have won the round two prediction contest. I really thought i would never win a contest on here but my odds are looking good right now. Im surprised nobody chose bolts,bruins,sharks and canucks to advance besides me

  25. is it really any surprise that philly is involved
    since comcast owns the team and the tv network.

    hope someone bothered to count the number of
    cursewords from boudreau
    i think there could be an over/under bet
    happening in regards to Tortorella

  26. Yes, good news jpg. It’s been about 6 weeks, so by now they have a good idea whether his vision fully recovered. Playing is probably less important for him this year.

  27. Wow, Edzo!



    Blaspheme. He’s definitely missing the Rapture now.

  28. if there is two thing we learned tonite

    datsuyk is unreal

    marleau=gutless= most overrated player. i wouldnt touch his 6 mil dollar contract

  29. update

    according to phillyburbs.com via ranger rants rangers/flyers mon jan 2nd at citizens bank park

  30. how disrepectful!!
    what! we’re not good enough to
    play on New Year’s Day!!!
    either that
    or i can actually
    sleep in that day.
    good deal!!!!

  31. on another side note.
    watching joe thornton
    not take the shot
    reminds me of how the
    media really really really
    goes out of its way to praise him.
    that was a great pass to setagouchi for the first goal
    and he is having a better series against detroit
    i think this may be the first year he’s actually showing some
    life rather than a marleu-ness about his play

    and yes,
    i’m still peeved that he received the player of the year award
    over Jagr. (a good player craps out and gets traded to an
    even better team and SURPRISE he does much better
    whereas Jagr put the Rangers on his back ALL year!!)

  32. The Sharks are a bunch of Euro-Pansies…….screaming for the penalty call on the Slash. Come on! Kill that PP like an Powerful American Man!

  33. I have no problem with calling a guy overrated. But to call a guy gutless, like Marleau, is beyond stupidity. Stick to calling cheap shot artists like Cooke and Carcillo gutless. Not Marleau. Gutless Marleau with the Game 7 winner.

    YES!!!! Last year’s 3-0 collapse remains!!!!

  34. JimboWoodside on

    Ah, well – they tried……I have lots of respect for that Detroit team. They always come to play the game.

  35. Carp, I recorded all the games in the 94′ Cup run and I replayed that Game 7 goal by Mess and I will emphatically state it was Adam Graves’ goal!!! Quick story; took my 6 year old daughter to Cronies to meet Gravy & donate a Toy For Tots. So, we sit down next to him and he’s all talkative and nice to me & my daughter. She loved him even though she was only 6. But I couldn’t help myself and said to him, “You know you scored that Cup winning goal, not Mess.” He ended our time together and said, “Next”. If looks could kill, I’d be a dead man!! True story.

    Nick Kypreos TWEET

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    I’m saddened to hear #Rangers Derek Boogaard was found dead early this morning. A formal announcement is expected as early as tonite.

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