Rangers sign Jason Wilson, 5th-round pick in 2010


From the NYR:


New York, May 12, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Jason Wilson.

Wilson, 21, skated in 64 games with the Niagara IceDogs of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) this season, registering 18 goals and 25 assists for 43 points, along with 94 penalty minutes and a plus-20 rating.  He established career-highs in games played, goals, assists, points, and plus/minus rating.  He also recorded a career-high, 10 multi-point performances, including three, three-point efforts.  Wilson posted 19 points (seven goals, 12 assists) and a plus-15 rating in a 16-game span from December 10 at Sudbury to January 28 at Plymouth.  In addition, Wilson tallied career-highs with five goals and seven assists for 12 points, along with 19 penalty minutes in 14 playoff contests.  He tied for the team lead in penalty minutes, third on Niagara in power play goals (two), fourth in goals, and fifth in points and assists.  Wilson tied for the team lead with eight points (three, five assists) in five games to help lead Niagara to a 4-1 series victory vs. Oshawa in their OHL Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup.  He notched his first career playoff goal in a 5-1 win vs. Brampton on March 29 in Game Three of their first round series.

The 6-3, 208-pounder has skated in 162 career OHL contests with London, Owen Sound and Niagara, registering 47 goals and 48 assists for 95 points, along with 299 penalty minutes and a plus-16 rating.  Wilson has registered 29 fights in his three OHL seasons.  In 2009-10, he ranked second on Owen Sound with six power play goals and 101 penalty minutes.  He tallied a career-high, four points (one goal, three assists) at Oshawa on December 20, 2009, and notched his first career hat trick vs. Sarnia on December 14, 2008 as a rookie.  Wilson made his OHL debut with London on September 17, 2008 at Saginaw, and recorded his first career point with a goal on November 7, 2008 vs. Oshawa.

The Richmond Hill, Ontario native was originally the Rangers fifth round choice, 130th overall, in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. LW3H

    Lunch contest? Won’t Sally just describe somebody else’s lunch and win in a landslide?


    lmfao!! :)

  2. billybleedsblue on

    got carpd:

    Nice, I like it when a plan comes together! Good work guys!

    Count me in! I will participate when I am able to, and may this count as my registration into the contest! Hopefully extra points will be awarded for creativity and tom-foolery, both categories at which I naturally excel!

  3. MannyFried a/k/a The Dread Pirate Roberts on

    Yea good one LW. S.S. Sally has sneaky ways of beating us all!

  4. So I have myself, Manny, CCCP, Doodie, and Billy so far.

    LW3H makes a good point. Sally is the ultimatum. Elected winners can be overruled by Sally at any point in time. If Sally out-describes someone else’s lunch, she gets the win. Even if they weren’t initially the champion. Also, if nobody has a worthy lunch, Sally automatically wins for that day.

  5. I don’t care what the stats say. Jason Wilson is a solid North American name (so is Jason Williams). He should be in the line-up ahead of all these Euro pansies.

  6. MannyFried a/k/a The Dread Pirate Roberts on

    That’s a good rule Latona. Maybe we should come up with a Rule book and number all the rules so we can refer to the rule Book. Much like Sean Avery, the only rule with a name rather than a number shall be the “Sally Rule.”

  7. MannyFried a/k/a The Dread Pirate Roberts on

    Didn’t Jason Williams shoot somebody and play basketball?

  8. MannyFried a/k/a The Dread Pirate Roberts on

    Oh yea. Another good point LW. Anyone who eats a “euro-pansy” lunch will IMMEDIATELY be disqualified and suspended from tournament eating for 2 days.

  9. MannyFried a/k/a The Dread Pirate Roberts on

    I think Panini’s are OK if they are americanized – i.e. made with beef or some “American” meet. None of this mortadella, spec or other delicious, er…….I mean Eur-pansy meat!

    As for Gelato – Just call it Iced Cream and we will be good to go.

  10. wait, what? lunch/creativity/tomfoolery? I’m in. What are we doing?

    Good evening, Sally!

    fran, from previous thread. He’s around … if you want more info, drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com.

    Johnny, the stars of the ’70s weren’t as hygienic as they appeared to be; take Mannix for example.


    And screw you Carp, for your Shark lust….

    j/k…but you gotta believe man! The Wings!!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    How did you stay in Tuscany? I heard there was really nothing available.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    The houses are passed down from generation to generation, it’s very hard. Booked solid!

  14. I put in an order for an MSG seat! Maybe Mark Messier’s wife sweated on my future seat! Good for Dolan! Not everything has to be about charity. The Rangers do a lot for charity…..still gotta make money, it is a business. Too bad there’s a salary cap, though.

    I wish Jaromir would come back to the NHL, even if he went to and won a Cup with the Penguins. Him coming full circle and winning with them would be special!

  15. I read an interesting Wall Street Journal article not too long ago about New York teams being detrimented most – and by a much larger margin than any other sports city – by salary caps. I’ve gotta find that article.

    In the meantime, FIRE SATHER! FIRE MICHELETTI!

  16. Mannix?!?!?!
    whatta reference!!

    i know the hair was slicked back but how do you know more?

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " FOURR !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Oven baked to a light golden finish ,sliced to perfection with a stainless steal knife . Now toasted evenly upright and then spread perfectly with rich creamy butter …..ahhh high end Toast!!!!

  18. Very free today! It’s a nice feeling to have one monkey off my back!

    Gotta fun game 7 tonight, though I do not want the Wings to win, despite my admiration for their organization and players. I do guarantee, though, that the Wings will win. I stake my life on that.

    And I was only joking about getting an MSG seat. I’d get one, but for the fact I’m sort of a clean machine! And those seats have gotta be infested with god knows what!

  19. I did a couple of favors to this pretty well known shrink in Midtown….I think I can talk him into doing some free sessions for you guys, before it’s too late….

  20. Russia won, CCCP? How was the game? Darn, I’m so behind with this work stuff….Almost done, maybe another week. Lunch contest? WTB?

  21. Fire Micheletti! Send him down to the minors!! Does Shmoe have a NMC? Get rid of him, he’s a mockery! FIRE Micheletti! FIYAH!

  22. Carp,

    All you have to do is post what you ate for lunch in the most descriptive/ridiculous way possible. We’ll all vote up the winner later on in the day. I’m keeping score; it’ll carry on until opening day. In case of any dispute/misunderstanding, Sally wins. There are also other Sally-related rules.

  23. All are welcome to play. Just let me know if you’d like to; I’ll add you to the chart.

  24. ilb

    yes Russia won! The first two periods were very frustrating! Russia played well but was unable to finish! Had plenty of chances! Canada scored first and for 40 minutes it felt like Russia just won’t score at all! But then they scored two (one of which was a beauty!) in the third and held on to win! They’re playing Finland tomorrow in semis.

  25. Yeah, I found it. Kovalchuk and Kaigorodov. Kaigorodov was signed by Ottawa a few years back and was suspended later for not reporting to AHL, iirc

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " FOURR !!!"...says Greg L. on

    Latona, I did mine!!! I did mine!! Im in!! im in!!

  27. bull dog line on

    watched a lot of the Canada, Russia game today. Canada lacked an edge, and intensity. they should have added Avery. they probably didn’t because Hitchcock doesn’t like him.

  28. All you have to do is post what you ate for lunch in the most descriptive/ridiculous way possible. We’ll all vote up the winner later on in the day. I’m keeping score; it’ll carry on until opening day. In case of any dispute/misunderstanding, Sally wins. There are also other Sally-related rules.

  29. How do we factor “The Rapture” into our lunch contest? I guess it goes on until the Rapture or Opening Day. Whichever should come first

  30. oh so it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you describe it better than anyone? Don’t forget that we have ESL people on here :P

  31. Well CCCP – Latona has devised a very complicated scoring system and points will be given for both eating an incredible meal and describing a poor meal well. Really it’s a day-to-day contest in which people will eat whatever they please, write a J. Peterman style description and the winner will be chosen on a number of criteria including quality of meal, non euro-pansiness (VinceA) of the meal, and description of the meal. How these factors are to be weighed will be determined by Latona. I think ESL could be an advantage for you in the end.

  32. We can either do a points-based system (with a skills competition), or just a lone winner. Thoughts?

  33. On May 21, eat lunch early … you know, just in case.

    Doodie and Johnny, I got the keys from Mr. Ciccio. Two million lira. Molto generoso.

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