Fittingly, Red Wings and Sharks will go 7


Can’t wait for Thursday night. Game 6 was just tremendously tremendous.

Some thoughts:

1) How much fun would it be to watch Pavel Datsyuk for 82 games (plus a whole bunch of playoff games)?

2) I loved Datsyuk’s little subtle stick-whack to the middle of Joe Thornton’s back after Thornton’s sneaky/dirty shot at the end of the second period.

3) John Tortorella should show his forwards film of Logan Couture and how he fires pucks to the net, even if there’s not much there. Maybe that’s why the kid is probably the rookie of the year, and why he has, what, nine playoff goals in two playoff seasons … and is still a rookie.

4) Ruslan Salei reminds me of Igor Ulanov, circa his Rangers tenure. Or maybe a Michal Rozsival of two years ago. He’s going along fine, skates fine, moves the puck fine, leans on people effectively even if he doesn’t hit them. Then, boom, colossal mistake.

5) I thought Detroit was guilty of a premature substitution, if not too many men on the ice, on the tying goal. But I didn’t see what San Jose saw on the empty-netter.

6) I’m not a big fan of The Joe, but, man was that place loud for Game 6 … which reminds me, a couple of days ago (May 8) was the anniversary of the loudest game I ever witnessed at MSG, the night the Rangers eliminated the Islanders in the 1979 Cup semifinal. The Tank should be pretty loud for Game 7.

7) Dany Heatley had a nice seat for the GWG.

8) I can’t see enough of those History Will Be Made spots.

9) Every time the 1 vs. 8 upset of Detroit by San Jose in ’94 is discussed, I can’t help but recall how that felt here … that the door was really opening up for the Rangers. Because the Wings’ remarkable run as the NHL’s best team over what is now 17 years was just starting.


AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, above.

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  1. Can you imagine what a Tampa Vancouver
    finals would be like?

    The travel! Back and forth on planes, Tampa to Vancouver…hope everyone has first class accommodations.

  2. My wife was watching the game with me last night, and started getting annoyed with the commentators. (big suprise) Her: “Why is this idiot shouting?” Me: “Because they have him at ice-level for no apparent reason” Then he started in on the Edzo’s…and that was enough – we turned on the ipod and watched with the volume down.

  3. Based on a highly-unofficial skim of the Round Two predictions thread, the important news is that I won’t be winning this time (I need the Wings to win Game 7 just to go 2-2).

    Most people got the East wrong, so there seem to be only four people who can go 4-4, depending on the outcome of the Wings-Sharks series.

    If the Wings win:
    Mr Jam and MacksDaddy both would go 4-4 with two correct series scorelines. Mr Jam didn’t offer any tie-breakers, so presumably MacksDaddy would win by default. Noah Rangers would also be 4-4 but with no correct series scorelines.

    If the Sharks win:
    True Blue Mike would be the only one to go 4-4.

  4. Joekuh - Can I Get Another Question? Ptooey! on

    People actually guessed TB/Boston sweeps? Impressive. I voted Sharks in 7 and Nucks in 6. I’m glad enough I got half of this right!

  5. It looked to me that the Red Wings had too many men on the ice for the empty netter. One guy was going to the bench, but was still far away from the boards when his replacement joined the play.

    I’m in awe of what the Red Wings have done. I thought they were finished even after they won their first game. The Sharks just looked a lot better. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Wings win game 7.

    This series has been a joy to watch. It’s hockey at its best. Very entertaining.

  6. I really hope the Red Wings can pull this off because I voted for them in our poll for who will win the cup now that the Rangers are out.

  7. Teek – I do the same thing. iPod with no volume on the TV. Makes for a very soothing viewing experience.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Datsyuk is just unbelievable. I’m angry and relieved that he doesn’t play in the East. Angry because I don’t get to see him more often. Relieved that he doesn’t get to torture the Rangers 4 or 6 times a year.

  9. Hey The Coyotes are staying in Phoenix? Does this mean that the Thrashers are going to Winnipeg? Why doesn’t Thunder Bay get a team? They have a cool name!

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sure Winnipeg will turn its attentions to Atlanta as will the NHL in an effort to keep the team there.

    But it may be too little, too late. Honestly NHL, a team has left Atlanta for Canada before. If they leave for Canada again this time, promise not to try there again.

  11. Yea you’re right Doodie – People have to give up on Atlanta. All professional sports organizations should leave. It’s a horrendous sports town.

  12. I still can’t understand why the NHL is so hell-bent on keeping a franchise in Phoenix. Just makes no sense at all. I mean, Atlanta doesn’t make a lot of sense, but at least they’ve got a steady flux of northerners passing through.

    As for the wings, what a game. I’m still not convinced they’re going to pull it off in SJ. I mean, basically Thornton’s Sharks are facing a firing squad if they can’t pull it together…one of the league’s top centerman…one of the league’s top snipers…the league’s top rookie…one of the league’s top offensive defensemen…a goalie that’s standing on his head…Yet they can’t get out of the second round? Every time I think about them and a team like the Caps, I start to wonder: Is it better to be a Ranger fan? At least we start the season assuming our team is going to suck. These guys get picked for first in the league and true cup contenders, then they tank in the playoffs. That’s a jagged shard of glass to swallow there.

  13. CTBlueshirt on

    Ryan Kesler for Conn Smythe!


    I’d like my Conn Smythe winner to be consistently good throughout the playoffs, not a virtual non-factor in one round and a beast in the next.

  14. Phil – This may get off topic but seriously….I think most sports leagues have expanded in odd manners. Too many teams. It’s getting insane. MLB, NHL and NBA … too much. I don’t really want to lose teams. I don’t think cutting some out would be good for the sport but I do think that these teams that are on the fringe. Where every single game your home team plays feels like a road game for them. It’s just ridiculous. Let’s move some of the NHL teams north and stop trying to force hockey on hot weather climates! It works in Tampa because of migration of northerners but it’s not working in many other areas.

  15. CTBlueshirt on


    The logic behind ill-fitting expansion cities kind of gets pushed to the side when you look at the expansion franchise fees that are paid to the league.

  16. Well I will see what goes on in the next round but right now I don’t see how you can give it to anyone else….

  17. I agree but Kesler is out on everything – PK, PP and everything. He does it all. Really impressive stuff.

  18. I guess we will have to watch both St. Louis and Kesler because those guys are probably the two that will fight it out for the Conn Smythe.

    And yea, fees are incredible. I know that in MLB some of the more profitable teams are the teams on the bottom of their division without anyone coming to the games. Those owners tend to pocket their revenue sharing checks. It’s a bad system.

  19. St. Louis being part of a team that swept the number 1 seed and has a +14 GD and having a hand in 7 of the 12 PPG is equally impressive.

  20. It is impressive. That’s why we are talking about the Conn Smythe! The guys that are mentioned for this award are usually pretty flippin’ impressive. I am sure over the next two rounds (especially if they face each other) someone will distinguish themselves.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Kesler has one good series. Let’s see how the rest of the playoffs play out.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Montoya watching from the stands today. Conklin starting with Dallas prospect Jack Campbell on bench.

  23. Many – couldn’t agree more. My teeth clench every time I think there could be a Tampa-San Jose series for the cup final. I understood what they NHL was trying to do(other than make money) by moving these franchises to such far-flung cities, but the fact is you’re never going to make hockey a big draw in a community where ice doesn’t naturally form.

    You’re right, Florida is a bit of an anomaly because of its snow bird population. But I’ll also relay this story: A friend of mine was able to get rink-side seats for $75 for the Lightning-Pittsburgh series at the spur of the moment. If I remember correctly, he even got them from the box office. Try that trick in any northeastern city, and you’re going to spend that $75 on beers in a bar three blocks away from the venue.

    Were I commissioner with unfettered decision making power, I’d take the two lowest drawing franchises below the Mason-Dixon line(Atlanta and Phoenix) and move them to Quebec and Winnipeg. And I’d think hard about moving the third troubled franchise of the south(Dallas) to Hartford and finally end that city’s suffering.

  24. From what I understand there’s decent support for the Stars in Dallas. Their problem was their previous ownership decided to load up on debt to make acquisitions and expenditures (they also owned the Texas Rangers and Liverpool FC) and then couldn’t pay the piper when the bill came due.

  25. Wow – $75 bucks for great seats. Day of? That is unheard of. I guess maybe Tampa and those places look better because their arenas are filled but ….

    Oh, for example….The [devil] Rays. My friend moved down there (from New York of course) and he goes to tons of games and sits field level for $5. When the Yankees are in town it’s packed and the seats are like $45. So yea. Screw Florida. They are just like all the rest. Flippin’ Miami Heat!

    I totally concur about Winnipeg and Quebec – they both deserve a team and why someone wouldn’t move their team up there is beyond me. The Jersey sales alone could make you rich.

  26. Phil – If the Whalers were back…I would have a big problem with Rangers loyalty since I grew up rooting for the Whale. At least I have the Canucks who wear matching jerseys.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    San Jose is doing great as far as hockey markets go. SoCal is becoming a great little hockey community. A lot of quality talent is starting to come out of their youth programs now as well.

  28. The Rays certainly have an uphill struggle. A team that started in a community full of transplants, awful records for their first decade of existence and an egomaniac owner until their current FO took over. Add in a bad stadium location in the less ritzy side of the Tampa-St. Pete metro area and it’s tough sledding. You should read The Extra 2%, really illuminates how amazing it is that the Rays can even fathom of competing against the two richest teams in MLB.

    I was down there last year. Got seats just behind the foul pole for about $12 a piece when the Rays were playing the Jays. A guy sitting next to me said “this is wrong, we’re a first place team and look how empty the stadium is. If we were in Boston or NY this place would be sold out”. Now to be honest, their stadium is like a giant public swimming pool. It’s still got the Life Aquatic theme going from when they were the Devil Rays. And I really don’t like baseball being played in a dome, I’ve been to the old Expos stadium, the old Metrodome in Minny and the Skydome in Toronto, only the Skydome felt like it was close to the right environment.

  29. Carp,

    Now that the beard contest is over, that’s about the only relevant individual award that has yet to have been decided.

  30. How crazy is it that Jimmy Howard is now 5-1 in the playoffs in games when Detroit faces elimination…that is an awesome stat for such a young goalie.

    Btw, the Sharks would be one of the softest teams in the NHL without Clowe and Murray…that team needs to be broken up if they lose game 7…there’s too much scoring talent on that team to not win in the playoffs…how many years have they choked? Jumbo Joke Thorton….

  31. Here is my buddy, Tom DeLisle’s latest blog entry on the Red Wings game 6 win. Tom used do the Red Wings pre-game show on TV, wrote Gordie Howe’s autobiography and used to play wing on a line with Gordie at celebrity ice hockey charity events in the Detroit area. Tom’s a great writer and is mildly opinionated when it comes to his Red Wings. Pretty funny stuff.

  32. Okay, the link didn’t post through in the comments. Just go to and you’ll find the latest Red Wings article

  33. Don’t understand this inane right to “receive” a NHL team that people are placing upon Quebec & Winnipeg; those two cities had NHL teams for years but eventually, the fans didn’t come and the teams lost money. Now, all of a sudden, they are profitable hockey cities? Been there, done that!!!

  34. I bet he did. I am sure you’re right! He has to wear the skecher shape ups when he is doing the terrorist training on those playgrounds that they use for training.

  35. Yeah, Carp, but I’m sure he feels better than ever. Stronger in his legs, his core, his back…

  36. I find myself not wanting this series to end…..The next round will be great, but something tells me the finals won’t be that memorable…

  37. Good afternoon all! Belated congrats to Sally!!!!!! If Tampa doesn’t beat Boston I am so screwed….

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Boston has to give Toronto an additional second for Kaberle if they make it to the Stanley Cup Final. That sucks, considering how much of a nonfactor Kaberle has been.

  39. Really? Didn’t know that. The way it stands now, Toronto should give Boston an extra second for taking him off their roster. Boy, I’m glad Slats didn’t do it…

  40. Sally never abandons us, Manny…First, she’s been busy graduating. Now, she needs to sober up after celebrating. She’ll be back…

  41. so bye bye USA? no medal round, eh…

    Russia vs Canada tomorrow! should be a great match… hopefully Russians will show up for this one

  42. Phil

    Do not sell Arizona too short about interest…you’d be surprised to find out how many transplanted northern and northeastern folks are populating that State. My son was one of them and some very good friends settled in the Phoenix son bought a place (in the north admittedly, near Sedona,) but he had to sell it and move back to CT when his job took him back here. These folks have many hockey buffs among them and do long for the great winter sport. If they are not drawing, it is possible that they have to start making more noise out west there, and I’d make a bet that in the long run they are a better choice than Atlanta and yea, even Miami ( Panthers). ( Don’t you love it that when a team resides in a State that the owners do not trust they adopt the name of the entire State? FLORIDA Panthers indeed. They even have trouble filling their park with the Marlins.

    And Marlins have a far better on field performance record historically than many teams now in the league.

    The Minnesota Wild. Doesn’t that awesome name really grab you? It sounds so effete, and almost sissified. And they could have picked any number of better names..How about the Hunters, the Prowlers, or my personal favorite, the Timber Jacks. ……and also their daffy uniform design..oh me, oh my.

  43. WOW! Jags had a hat trick today! Now that USA is eliminated, I hope the Czechs win!

  44. We were eliminated! Krieder is no good! Trade him! McDonagh is no good! Trade Him! Stepan is no good! Trade Him!

  45. billybleedsblue on

    All that excitement from last night, watching the Wings and Datsyuk’s statement game has me asking one thing. How is Crosby doing?

  46. I read an official statement from the NHL that said that *if* Crosby is able to come back and play before the Stanley Cup is awarded, the Penguins will be immediately made active and the lowest seeded team still remaining will be eliminated and replaced by the Penguins.

  47. And that series will immediately be set to 3-0 favoring the Penguins (no matter the current score and position of the team the Penguins replace).

  48. Manny

    That statement is wrong…Buttman said that since Cindy hasn’t been feeling too well for a while now, the cup will be awarded to him to cheer him up a little…

  49. CCCP – you must have gotten the updated statement. I guess mine was a bit outdated.

  50. wanna talk about lame unis? Hurricanes or Avalanche…boy, are those ugly! Though, the new black Hurricanes uniform is pretty good

  51. billybleedsblue on

    Hahaha, nice ones. All Crybabying aside, and in all seriousness, instead of getting Datsyuk in the twilight of his career, and instead of looking to find and/or pick the next Datsyuk, can the Rangers just instead get a DNA swab of him and make a few more? We have the technology, c’mon Dolan, buy some Russian mad scientist and make it happen already. That guy is great for a 30 goal scorer!

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I just looked at every team’s jerseys. All of my favorites were either circular crests or third jerseys.

  53. Didn’t they screw up the Canes third jersey? I remember reading aboot the color of the flag is the wrong color, and it means something other than “hurricane”

    I could be wrong, but I remember reading it somewhere. Might have been here.

  54. Doodie

    yeah…that third Canes jersey is pretty sweet! One of the best third jersey’s in the league, IMHO.

    But the ugliest jersey ever, pick any decade, is Penguins jersey!

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, I never saw anything about it.

    My favorite thing about the Canes jersey is that there are so many cool little details on it that I notice new things all the time.

  56. Doodie, I checked on Wikipedia, the “storm warning flag” is red, with a black square in the middle, but the Hurricanes jersey has a black flag, with a red square in the middle.

    Apparently there’s a difference between the two. I don’t know it though.

  57. and when the Skid is awarded the 2011 Cup he doesn’t have to shake hands with the captain of the runnerup … unless he’s just wiped his nose with his hand and needs to clean it.

  58. What a great series this is to watch. Hockey fans on this site who wanted the Sharks to win this in 6 are nuts. Game 7 might not top game 6 but I hope it does. It’s ashame one of these teams will be eliminated, but the winner will make for a great conference final.

  59. “Country over. We go back to the Brits/French/Native Americans.”

    We don’t want you back. Bunch of no-effort pansies.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Native Americans don’t want us back either. If everyone is the house, how will they make any money?

  61. Actually, I got the whole thing wrong. It’s not the wrong colors, it’s apparently the wrong logo I found this on some site….

    “It has come to my attention that the logo on the third jersey is blatantly incorrect. According to this logo, the Carolina Hurricanes are actually the Carolina Tropical Storms”

    Apparently there should be two flags instead of one. One flag means “storm warning” and two flags mean “hurricane warning”

    It’s really not that big of a deal though.

  62. OH yea! Good point LW. I forgot about VinceA. We probably lost the worlds because it was biased against people with heart, guts and effort. Jerks!

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Also incorrect. Tropical storms don’t have black squares.

    From wikipedia:

    A hurricane watch (HWA) is issued for a specified area for which a hurricane or a hurricane-related hazard is a possible threat within 48 hours[1] (was 36 hours prior to 2010 hurricane season). Maritime flags indicate this with a single square red flag with a black square in the middle.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    A tropical storm watch (TRA) is issued when tropical storm conditions, including winds from 39 to 73 mph (35 to 64 knots, 63 to 117 km/h) pose a possible threat to a specified coastal area within 48 hours[1] (was 36 hours prior to 2010 hurricane season). Maritime flags indicate this with a single square red flag.

  65. “8) I can’t see enough of those History Will Be Made spots.”

    Seriously. I don’t even feel as if it’s a commercial.

  66. but seriously how annoying are those flyers unbeaten beard and ovechtrick commercials? my god i just want to rip the TV off the wall and throw it through a window.

  67. Noonan – the Phylers commercial makes me nuts. I said this before but I will say it again……They say the beard gets an assist! The puck goes off the beard and into the goal thus the beard would get the GOAL not an assist!

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, they say that 82-0 is the perfect season. To me, every year some team gets a perfect season by getting 16 wins in the playoffs.

  69. Carp, you better come up with some carcillo to cover over the summer….As you can see, we ain’t going to last.

  70. ilb – we could really use some Stuarts and VinceA over the summer to come in here and rile everybody up. That could help.

  71. IMO, the nicest jerseys are instantly the original six. I also like the teams who are starting a more retro look, i.e. Edmonton and Calgary third.

  72. Also, I don’t think there should have been a too many men penalty on the empty net goal. Filpulla, or whoever it was, was a second away from being on the bench, it was clear he was stepping through the gate, and the puck was not played on the boards.

  73. Today was another boring day for me of Fiber One Whole Wheat bread and Fat Free Smoked Turkey slices. I am having a Cliff Bar now so I don’t kill myself.


  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, Why do the original 6 get a pass? I think The Red Wings Uniform is a giant red nightmare.

  75. Did you guys see the pictures of Patrick Kane sleeping? He sleeps with his chains on.

  76. I just like the simplicity and straightforwardness of them. Too many of the new jerseys are too funky and abstract for me; I just prefer to keep the sweaters nice and simple, no fancy artwork or graphics or anything. I don’t like the San Jose’s or Florida’s or Nashville’s. Add St. Louis and Buffalo to the uniforms I do like, though (minus that hideous alternate Buffalo sweater. That’s my opinion though; doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Manny, I had, keeping with the elbow macaroni theme (we have a surplus), “Irish Spaghetti.” It’s elbow macaroni, tomato soup, and American Cheese.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, did you Boneheads know the world is supposed to end on Tuesday?

  78. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The reason and the motivation behind so many southern cities having hockey teams is television and the NHL jointly wanting to enfranchise every metropolis they possibly can to generate higher televison ratings and higher advertising revenue. It has nothing to do with maintaining any kind of major league product playing level integrity and standard.

    The NHL has always been screwed up, one way or another. Between 1942 and 1967 the league had just six francises, with many NHL caliber players, therefore, being shut out of NHL careers, or teasingly kept on the fringe, up and down, all their career.

    Now, just the opposite, so many third and fourth line players, not deserving of an NHL job, nevertheless making good money for the paucity of skills they have to offer. Why the league could not just expand by two teams at a time, up to 16 teams, maximum, is a good question? (The late Rangers president, Bill Jennings was the architect of the insane doubling in size of the league in 1967, especially lunatic when you consider that social and sporting dumps like Pittsburgh and Oakland were part of the original expansion.)

    But LA is a big television market, and so is Dallas, etc, so they have to be included in the mix. Television controls, not just covers, the sports, politics and entertainment aspects of our lives. There will never be a “golden age of television,” such as with radio. Radio covered events, it did not manipulate the time management of our lives., while trashing our values along the way.

  79. That’s right Doodie – You can’t deny the end is near….or whatever those pamphlets say.

    Latona: You eat some AWESOME meals.

  80. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    MannyFried – Got a diet that is working in my life for you, if you are interested…

    I call it: “The Aerobics Diet.” Quite simply, every time I have a meal, I do an aerobics exercise before having my next meal. This can be walking for 45 minutes, biking, jogging, or using my indoor exercise machine. The biking can be a half hour duration, jogging the same, the indoor exercise machine is a tough 30 minutes, so I sometimes walk for a half hour, and finish with 15 minutes on the machine. By the way, I have just two meals per day and never feel hungry, what with the exercise curbing hunger pangs quite effectively.

    By definition, an aerobics exercise is any exercise which approximates 80 percent of maximum heartbeat rate for 15 consective minutes, or more. Jogging gets results the fastest, but alternating the above is best because if you jog daily, in time, you will lose muscle mass from your chest.

    Good luck. The results, I can attest, are dramatic and good health and life affirming, also.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know… apparently crazy theories can only get as specific as the date.

  82. Boom Boom – that is a good idea. I try to get some exercise in. Having a heart problem makes me a bit afraid to do aerobic stuff but I am supposed to be doing more. I think that’s a great idea. I find that when I do more cardio I become less hungry then when I am completely Sedentary. I just try to eat healthy to keep my heart from becoming any more of a problem.

    I am sure if I had to do cardio before eating I would eat less!

  83. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just walk as much as you can, between meals and after your dinner meal at night, and you will see vast improvement, Manny.

  84. Well I am Six Feet tall and 165lbs so I am not really concerned with getting “thinner.” I just want to have more endurance. Walking as much as I can would be a great!

  85. Tony you’re back! I will just assume you were away somewhere doing Peyote. How was it? Who is your Spirit Beast?

  86. I really only walk. My cardiologist told me to begin with just walking. I am not an invalid or anything. I can walk 2 miles at a brisk pace.

  87. CTBlueshirt on

    So are you allowed to run?

    If you are, I’d try with running a mile at a pace you’re comfortable with, 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks. Then increase it to 1.5 miles for another week or two. Then up to 2. Worry about pace later.

  88. Yea I actually should do that. I am really….how do you say….lazy? It’s so hard for me to get motivated. I heard if you run and walk and run and walk (combine the two) you can get your pace sorted out and get your cardio going.

    I will get on that ASAP.

  89. just saw some pictures of the deconstruction of MSG on facebook! damn!! they are not messing around! if you have facebook, come to my page to see the photos

  90. Also – I get really nervous that my heart is going to explode if I try to run. I used to be really active but the older I get the more anxious I get about just dropping dead.

  91. CTBlueshirt on

    Yeah that’s how to start out. I’m not 100% familiar with good running/jogging routes in Brooklyn. In Manhattan the best place for keeping a consistent pace was the reservoir in the park. If you belong to a gym that’s not a bad way either to start out to monitor your pace and distance. I do understand most people’s aversion to running, it can be boring.

  92. I do understand most people’s aversion to running, it can be boring.


    not if you read and run :)

  93. “IMO, the nicest jerseys are instantly the original six.”

    I understand being a tradionalist but don’t be a complete phony.

  94. Red Wing /Shark series is similar to the Ranger Canuck series in 94 where we were up 3-1 at the Garden planning to celebrate and then lose the next 2 games. There’s just got to be more pressure on San Jose at this juncture. It’s house money with the Wings after being down 3-1. Man did they blow it.

  95. True Blue Mike on

    LW3H May 11th, 2011 at 7:34 am
    Based on a highly-unofficial skim of the Round Two predictions thread, the important news is that I won’t be winning this time (I need the Wings to win Game 7 just to go 2-2).

    Most people got the East wrong, so there seem to be only four people who can go 4-4, depending on the outcome of the Wings-Sharks series.

    If the Wings win:
    Mr Jam and MacksDaddy both would go 4-4 with two correct series scorelines. Mr Jam didn’t offer any tie-breakers, so presumably MacksDaddy would win by default. Noah Rangers would also be 4-4 but with no correct series scorelines.

    If the Sharks win:
    True Blue Mike would be the only one to go 4-4.


    On that note, LETS GO SHARKS!

  96. Tony: The White man makes many bad decisions. This is one of them. I do not agree.

  97. It is a pleasure to watch 2 good teams play instead of watching the Ranger’s minor league team forecheck for 5 minutes to set up shots from 30 feet away.

  98. I forget the poster who said that he’d like to see Hartford being given their Whalers back again. i was an avid Whaler fan from the time they were with that renegade league that eventually was taken over by the NHL, and I do not think that Hartford per se can support an NHL team and it’s prices.
    One has to realize that Hartford is a very small city in area. Most of the fans that Whalers drew came not from the city itself but the surrounding suburbs, and unfortunately there were simply not enough of them. It was also not a very intelligently run franchise, although they brought some great promotional conditions to it ( Brass Bonanza was one which they went was unique. Instead of fog horn siren etc.They also had some magnificent Anthem singers which they drew from the great school of music there in Hartford, and it was straight forward ( like Canada does it), no histrionics, no deep wailing of soul and slow drawn out “interpretations” ..the way it is traditionally done by those who know what they are doing. We had some fun times at the old Civic center, and saw some great hockey ( usually by the other team). No – you can’t go home again. Hartford suffered the same fate as did New Haven..the ethnicity of the city changed and the type of sports that the predominant residents tilted toward basketball…hockey was rather foreign to them.
    However, times have changed…and who knows, with the right leadership and promo, it just might work again. ????

  99. No, I am, in fact, one-hundo percent serious when I say my six favorite sweaters are those of the original six franchises. Legit.

    Alright boneheads, those of you who’ve been following, I’m off to the service for Brooke’s father. I’ll let you guys know what I see.

    Thanks for listening.


  100. is canada russia on versus tom.

    jutt watched jagr he was awesome.

    trade stepan lol

  101. @fran

    I would love to see the Whalers back in Hartford, but your completely right when you say it just wouldn’t work out. Hartford is too small a market and on top of that, its wedged between two very successful and very popular original six teams in the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, so there is just no way they’ll be able to compete. Unfortunately, Hartford will have to do with the AHL’s Connecticut Whale, but with the recent talk of the relocation for either the Coyotes or the Thrashers, which team would everyone like to see go and where? Personally I’d like to see the Coyotes go back to Winnipeg, but Winnipeg is such a small market and Glendale just voted to keep them for at least one more season. While I’d like to see the Thrashers get a little more time in the Southeast, I think there most likely to go and the best fit for them would be in a Southern Ontario city, such as Hamilton or Brampton.

  102. iDoodie machetto on

    Ugh. No hockey tonight. Season is winding down. I can’t take another summer without hockey!!! Last year the world cup kept me occupied until it was time to prepare for fantasy football. Now I might now have either! Argh!!!!

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting in that Winnipeg is a small market, but – it is hockey country and they support their team, in up and down years. Nashville is the AA or AAA at best minor league sticks, and what the hell is with having a team at Ohio State, – the Ohio State Blue Jackets. Can’t they find a slot in the Frozen Four for this team? Impossible that the NHL would do this, how was it ever going to work out?

    Now that the NBA is vacating Sacramento, maybe we can put an NHL team in that peanut-sized arena, right, Gary?

  104. Atta boy, Tony. Still smoke-free for three days and still refreshing.

    CCCP, i had soda coming out my nose at 5:14 p.m.

    Boom Boom, it wasn’t so insane when Jennings drove the expansion. Expansion fees were like $50 million per new team, which was an enormous amount of money to be split by the old teams back then. The WHA expansion brought in the Oilers and all those Hall of Famers and got rid of a competitor league. Further expansion was all about being in the bigger US TV markets.

    So, bottom line, it was all about the bottom line.

    I’ve seen those May 21, 2011 things all over the city, and the other day I saw a billboard about that being judgment day. So I made sure my bananas were yellow, not green, when I bought them.

  105. Moving any team to Winnipeg or Quebec City wouldn’t make sense. They’re not only small markets, but they’d immediately be the poorest markets in the NHL. Hartford on the other hand, is way ahead in population and wealth. While I’d definitely love to see the return of the Jets and the Nordiques, it just wouldn’t make economic sense for the NHL. I do agree that the Blue Jackets haven’t been the most successful franchise, on the ice or in the seats, either, but they are still relatively young and because of that I’d give it a little time. Also, if anyone is interested, I currently have a blog ( ) that covers the NHL as a whole, but I mostly focus on the New York area teams. Check it out if your interested.

  106. I never heard of this May 21st Doomsday thing. When the fugg did they start this thing up?

    Apparently some of us will be a”Raptured”! What ever that means…..

    I’d like to be “raptured” by Debbie Harry, circa 1977!

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    Watching the Czech-USA replay. So don’t anybody tell me the Czech’s won, I want to be surprised.

  108. iDoodie machetto on

    Then don’t read the comments from earlier today.

    Tony, be strong. It’s tough as he’ll, but totally worth it

  109. Isn’t “Rapture” a Blondie song? Maybe we’ll become the men from Mars and eat Subarus and dancing men and women at the bar.

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    Arizony Tony- you only have 10 more days to go. Then the world ends, and you will have quit forever.

  111. Yup, it’s a Blondie song.

    I was reading aboot this thing. It’s so stupid. This guy thinks people will “ascend to the sky, and meet God”

    Bwahaha! I’d pay to see the looks on their faces when it doesn’t happen.


    in reaction to the upcoming Rapture
    on may 21
    nhl commisioner gary bettman
    plans to hand over the Stanley Cup
    to sidney crosby
    just because “he probably would have
    won it somehow someway if the world hadn’t exploded.”

  113. iDoodie machetto on

    May 21: Sidney Crosby reveals he is the second coming of Christ. Bettman says he ha been telling everyone all along.

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey, this Jagr guy looks pretty good. Did Sather send scouts to Slovakia?

  115. The Rapture everyone is actually talking about can be found in Thessalonians.

  116. Hugo Folkyerself on

    They should just give each basketball team 100 points and start the game with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

  117. That was just a really obvious travel by Lebron.. is he the Crosby of the NBA? I don’t really follow the basketball-type game-sport much.

  118. JAGR!!! Jaro-licious! At 40, still using his size and superior skill to dominate the opposition! Jaromir the Great! Jaromir the Wonderful! Jaromir the perfect! Jaromir the beauty! Jaromir the delcious!

    BIIIIG!!!! LEBRON!!!! WADE!!! Jones!! A couple days of rest, and then on to job #2. Whine some more ESPN and media about the injuries that keep the Celtics from winning! Who cares about the Rondo injury! Rejoice! Rejoice! Boston Bill Simmons tweeted 15 minutes ago “5 against 8” meaning the 5 celtics against the 5 Heat and the referees on the Heat side. LMAO! The Heat stepped up and beat the refs and the Celts!!!! WINNING!

  119. sportsguy33 Bill Simmons
    Wade in Rd 2: 30 ppg, 7 rpg, 5 apg, 53% FG, maimed Rondo in Game 3, got PP thrown out of Game 1. Now that’s a great series.

    Paul Pierce got himself thrown out for mouthing off to referees, a major no-no. Rondo injured himself by grabbing Wade around the waste and trying to take him down. Accept responsibility like a man Simmons, instead of acting like a whiny mouse.

  120. I think I’ll take the rest of the night and savor this! Then get back to work tomorrow! A sense of relief mixed with a sense of joy mixed with a sense more work to be done. Oy! Oy! Oy! JAROMIR!

  121. billybleedsblue on

    fran wrote (of the national anthem): “…no histrionics, no deep wailing of soul and slow drawn out “interpretations” ..the way it is traditionally done by those who know what they are doing.”

    I say, Amen.

    iDoodie said, “May 21: Sidney Crosby reveals he is the second coming of Christ. Bettman says he ha been telling everyone all along.”

    I say, LOL.

    200 some-odd posts on a Wednesday in the off-season with no other games being played? Wow.

    ok, new South Park.

  122. billy, that’s why youse guys are the best, why this place is the best … and why I wish I really did get paid by the comment.

  123. Party going on in here?

    Has anyone ever used the UserName of “Dread Pirate Roberts”? It’s a good one.

  124. Tiki,

    Didn’t notice your comment, but I thank you kindly. I don’t consider myself a great person; I just try to do the right thing, and give without expecting anything in return.

  125. Oh my god. I just read those comments about Crosby and Jesus and the Cup and the Rapture. You guys are the best.

  126. Datsyuk for Conn Smythe!

    Quick…w/o looking, who is the only three-time Conn Smythe winner?

    (answer given in more than 2 minutes will be considered cheating)

  127. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    if not then roy, I know its a canadien

  128. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ok cccp and manny list your top 5 NHL players of all time

  129. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now you must know that no team where the goalie is the best player will ever be a winner…

    No, Never.
    Well hardly never ever.

  130. 1. Crosby
    2. Crosby
    3. Crosby
    4. Crosby; and
    5. Crosby


    1. Wayne Gretzky
    2. Bobby Orr (Number Fooooor)
    3. Mario Lemieux (pre ownership)
    4. Gordie Howe (how can you not mention him)
    5. Mark Messier!

  131. Hard to name top five…Ill give you top five I wish was still playing





    Kamensky ( pre Rangers days)

    These are just the guys that I’ve actually seen playing live…

    My current top five




  132. shoot! Submitted too early! Damn iPhone



    I would also add to favorite all time NHL players list (that I’ve seen playing live)

  133. Correction: I’ve never seen Tretiak play live but he is my all time favorite hockey player

    no, thank you, Carp.

    You liked my post earlier? lol

    I felt like something is about to happen and reacted naturally!

  134. billybleedsblue on

    “I wonder if she’ll be vegetarian after this.”

    wtb is with people’s morbid fascination?

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