NHLPA Ted Lindsay finalists: Perry, D. Sedin, Stamkos


From the NHLPA:


Perry, D. Sedin, & Stamkos voted by fellow members of the National Hockey League Players’ Association as finalists for the “Most Outstanding Player” award
…All three players nominated for the first time

TORONTO (May 5, 2011) – The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) announced today that Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks, Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks and Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning have been selected as finalists for the 2010-11 Ted Lindsay Award. The Ted Lindsay Award is presented annually to the “Most Outstanding Player” in the NHL, as voted by fellow members of the NHLPA.

The Ted Lindsay Award is the only award voted on by the players themselves, carrying on the tradition established by the Lester B. Pearson Award since 1970-71. The Award honours Ted Lindsay, an All-Star forward known for his skill, tenacity, leadership, and for his role in establishing the original Players’ Association.

This year’s group of all new finalists – Perry, Stamkos, and Sedin – ensures that there will be a new recipient for the first time in three years as Alex Ovechkin won the “Most Outstanding Player” award the last three consecutive seasons (2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10).

The Ted Lindsay Award will be presented at the 2011 NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 22, 2011 to one of the following finalists:

Corey Perry, of Peterborough, Ontario, played in all 82 games in the 2010-11 season for the Anaheim Ducks.  Corey’s selection as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award is his first since entering the NHL in the 2005-06 season. En route to capturing the Maurice Richard Trophy for most goals (50) and finishing third in points (98), Corey was especially dominant in the Ducks’ run to the playoffs. With this nomination, Corey is looking to become the first member of the Ducks to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players, and is seeking to add this to his impressive list of accomplishments that includes the Memorial Cup (2004-05 – London), Stanley Cup (2006-07 – Anaheim) and Olympic gold medal (2010 – Canada).

Daniel Sedin, of Ornskoldvik, Sweden, appeared in all 82 games in the 2010-11 season for the Vancouver Canucks. Daniel’s first selection as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award follows his brother Henrik’s nomination last season. Daniel had an exceptional 2010-11 campaign by all standards, securing the Art Ross Trophy for most points in the regular season (104), tying for fourth in goals (41), and placing third in both assists (63) and game-winning goals (10), while helping lead Vancouver to capturing their first Presidents’ Trophy. With this nomination, Daniel is seeking to become just the second Canucks player to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players (Markus Naslund – 2002-03 Lester B. Pearson Award).

Steven Stamkos, of Markham, Ontario, appeared in all 82 games in the 2010-11 season for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Steven’s selection as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award is his first, and comes one season after he earned a share of the Maurice Richard Trophy for most goals (51). The 21-year-old helped the Lightning return to the playoffs for the first time since 2007, while finishing second in goals (45), placing fifth in points (91) and contributing the second most power play goals in the NHL (17), behind Daniel Sedin’s 18. With this nomination, Steven is looking to join teammate Martin St. Louis (2003-04 Lester B. Pearson Award) as only the second member of the Lightning to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players.

The NHLPA also launched the 2010-11 Ted Lindsay Award Contest today on www.nhlpa.com. Fans are encouraged to select the Ted Lindsay Award recipient, just like the players do. A random draw will take place following the 2011 NHL Awards in Las Vegas NV, to determine the Grand Prize winner, as well as the second and third-place finishers.

Fans and media are encouraged to visit www.nhlpa.com for further information on the Ted Lindsay Award, finalist profiles and contest information.

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  1. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    carped and a repost

    I think you have been okay, I just experience brief moments of clarity every so often!

  2. MannyFried on

    CT – They are a lock for the annual “Best Set of Twins in the NHL” award though.

  3. CTBlueshirt on

    Yeah, even when Joel was in the league, the Lundqvist twins were pretty much all Henrik.

  4. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Nice to see you’ve come out from your drunken stupor Linda!

  5. Manny,

    What did you consume for dinner today?

    I mean lunch, but yes, I said dinner. Since we always ask about our lunches, I figured I would become Southerner for a day, using local jargon to replace “lunch” with “dinner.”

  6. MannyFried on

    Same crappy thing as yesterday Latona. What about you and the others? Anyone eat anything interesting?

  7. MannyFried on

    Latona wasn’t it you that ate Super Pretzels? You’re eating a lot of delicious snack foods for lunch. I am impressed.

    I wish I had Cinco De Mayo food!

  8. MannyFried on

    Oh Bagel! I am an idiot. I thought it was a CinnaBon! I am so stupid.

  9. I just realized that we haven’t seen Izzy for a while. And I immediately that last year on this date he posted one of the funniest posts ever on this blog. So I went back and found it. I still LMAO reading it. Here it is, Izzy’s version of why this holiday is called Cinco de Mayo:

    # Izzy Mandlebaum May 5th, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    In 1912 the Titanic set sail for New York, but what few people know is that it was scheduled to continue on to ports all along the eastern coast. One of these stops was Veracruz, Mexico where believe it or not was consigned a shipment of 50,000 gallons of mayonnaise. The shipment was due to arrive on May 5th. As we all know, the Titanic sunk, but the Mexicans still celebrate the event on that day as, Sinko De Mayo.

  10. MannyFried on

    Puckdaddy Radio made some good points today about the Capitals being out-coached this year and last year and the year before, etc. Good points about bad line changes, sulking and panicking by changing their system on the fly when things were bad.

    Worth a listen if you guys get the podcast.

  11. True Blue Mike on

    Jussi Jokienen(3.5m)-Anisimov(2m)-Callahan(4.5m)



    Cap Hit: 54.5 Cap Hit w/ Drury and Redden: 68m
    Thats the team i would love to see next season. No more big contracts that don’t work. Im scared to sign Richards.

  12. CTBlueshirt on

    Laich made $2.4M with a cap hit of $2.06M this year. He is going to cost more than $2.5M.

    I’d be wary of whether Jokinen’s 30 goal season was more of an outlier compared to his more typical 20 goal/50 point type production.

  13. No to Jussi Jokinen. He had one good year and this past season was pretty pedestrian. He wouldn’t be an upgrade over the players that are already on the Rangers’ roster.

  14. CTBlueshirt on

    Also, if you’re concerned about Richards being a FA bust then Markov probably shouldn’t be under consideration.

  15. Markov is also finishing his contract at $5.75M. He would be too expensive and very injury prone. None of mentioned players ( Laich and Jokinen) can be called a top end talent, that is what the Rangers are lacking…

  16. CTBlueshirt on

    Laich to the Capitals is what Dubinsky/Cally are to the Rangers. They bring an edge and “jam” and can score enough to play top 6 minutes but adding Laich doesn’t appreciably make the Rangers better.

  17. True Blue Mike on

    Im not down for anymore Drury, Gomez, Redden contracts. I rather come in last place next year than have Richards become one of those.

  18. Then why sign anyone, Mike? We did much better than last place this year….

  19. CTBlueshirt on

    I understand the hesitancy to sign Richards, but just because Jokinen and Laich and their ilk aren’t superstars doesn’t mean they’re not going to demand top dollar for their skillset. They’re also young and productive enough where they’re not going to take just 1 or 2 year deals.

  20. I don’t doubt you Mike, but very often when people say stuff like, “I’d rather come in last place next year …” they usually get pretty ticked off when ninth place looms … not to mention the first three-game losing streak. This place would have been ballistic in this very good rebuilding year if the Rangers had missed the playoffs.

  21. I’ll say this, too. Looks Like, I mean Brooks Laich, can play on my team any day. But he’s not what they need right now.

  22. CTBlueshirt on

    Well Cally and Dubi aren’t going to be quite as cheap next year. They are young, but they’re in the “young veteran” category. Getting the appropriate bump to the $3M-$4M range means the onus will be on them to produce.

  23. MannyFried on

    I like the way Brooks Laich plays the game. But as you say, he’s more of the same.

  24. I laich Brooks Like, but like CT said, he’s going to cost a hell of a lot more.

    Hell fuggin no to Jokinen, and Markov.

    My two cents..don’t sign anyone. Let the kids play. Leave room for another kid or two to make the lineup.

  25. Does anybody know … did the NHLPA just carcillo-can the Lester B. Pearson award and rename it the Ted Lindsay Award?

  26. carp—great job this (and every) year….great stuff from all….and that ovie picture hoisting the cup…oops,i mean clubs,is absolutely priceless….but i along with most,think ovie is just fantastic….go b’s,then go bolts

  27. CTBlueshirt on

    C’mon Manny, everybody knows that Ovechkan’t blew it for the Caps. The internetz is never wrong.

  28. By the way, speaking of Ted Lindsay and Jack Adams and such…If you haven’t seen the movie “Net Worth”, ask CCCP. He’ll send it to you. It was originally sent to me by Fran so I can watch it and send to any bonehead interested in watching it. Great movie, gives you a real idea of what the hockey business was like back in the days. CCCP has it now.

  29. Poor Lester. I guess he’s just not important enough.

    The NHL should have awards for the crappy players. Sort of like the “Razzie Awards” or what ever they’re called.

    We’d win three

    Most overpaid defenseman [Redden]

    Most overpaid goon [Boogaard]

    Most overpaid 4th liner [Drury]

  30. i was wondering the same thing…they double secretly renamed the LBP!!!

    as for Marchand mentioned on another post…he reminds me of Pat Verbeek. that’s a pretty high compliment too, Beeker was awesome

  31. ilb

    i dont have the film anymore… i passed it on to BANJ…he’s got it now… so if anyone wants to watch “Net Worth” ask BANJ! lol

    btw, i’ve had dolphin tartare and panda steak for lunch :P

  32. Dubiii, that’s who I meant when I said the Little Ball of Hate. … who, by the way, is scouting for the Lightnings. I saw him several times late in the season and in the Washington-Rangers series. Had some good talks. He obviously isn’t a fan of the pansification.

  33. ohhhh, my bad on not recognizing the nickname. for some reason i thought of theo…

  34. See, CCCP, your name appears above your comment, so I already know it’s you knocking.

  35. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    Hi Carp. Hi ilb. Hi CCCP. Hi Orr.

  36. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    I cannot believe that piggy swine piggy piggy swine swine swine piggy piggy is keeping his job according to Leonsis. How much more failure must it take for that swine to be put to pasture?

  37. hi, Uce Oudeau…..You’re apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins :)

  38. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    Woohoo! There it is!

    The hometown of Ted Leonsis, Captials Owner, and his family is Lowell, Massachusetts.

    He was born in NY, but they moved shortly after back to their hometown of Lowell.

    No surprise. As long as Bruce continues beating us, he’ll have his job. Had they lost to us, I 100% guarantee you he would have been FIRED!

  39. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    Well, I’d like it if Ovechkin and the Capitals, along with Sid, Malkin and the Pens, could make it more difficult for the bruins to come out of the East each year. With Bruce as coach, the Caps will always be failures, leaving the door open for the bruins. Also, I don’t like the guy for beating us in 2 playoff series and nobody else. – Tiki

  40. yeah but Bruins knocked out Montreal and are about to knock out Flyers… so then according to your “iron” logic, you want to see every Eastern Conference team get better coach so in case they play Boston at any time they make it difficult for Boston to advance? – CCCP :)

  41. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind each Eastern conference team getting better for that reason. But I specifically refer to the Capitals and Penguins because they have the 2 best players in the NHL, players that are single-handedly capable of taking a game over by themselves.

    My fallback each year is always OV and Sid.

  42. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    I wouldn’t mind if the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Senators, Sabres got significantly better to keep the bruins out of the playoffs.

    And then have the Penguins, Flyers and Devils get worse to make it easier for us. Flyers should be crap next year. If the Penguins suffer after effects of 2010-11 injuries next year, that should open the door for us. Without Lemaire, it’s questionable how the Devils will do next year. And as always, the Islanders will always be crap.

  43. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    Doc Emrick is

    Doc Rivers has in the past played for the Knicks, and has a son playing at Duke next year. I’d like Rivers better, though he whines about everything to the referees.

  44. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    ….with no offense intended to

  45. Uce Oudeau.....You're apparently not Fired, so you can continue beating us and losing to the bruins on

    CCCP – I just want the East teams, especially teams in the bruins’ division, to be better and make things more difficult for the bruins. That’s all.

    Oh come on, ilb. It’s all in good fun. Everyone can say what they want according to the Grand Master Carp. Remember the phrase, “Too bad. Deal with it.” I can say what I please about Doc Emrick. I wasn’t looking for trouble, though, so I’ll cut it out.

    Go Nucks!

  46. I don’t think you believe that’s true, Carp. I think you know I was merely responding to “I’m trying to figure out which Doc I like better, Doc Emrick, or Doc Rivers.” Don’t be aggravated, just laugh and have fun with it.

  47. Tiki I have no freakin fun whatsoever with any of this bullcrap. And you know it. You broke our deal, too.

  48. Can you guys both stop and can we just watch the Nashville-Vancouver game?

  49. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Oh, ilb! You say the nicest things. I know some worse jokes though….

  50. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “I’m also chomping on pizza with one hand, typing with the other, and petting my cats neck with my big toe. ”

    That’s exactly what the Captain of the Titanic was doing just before he hit the iceberg.

  51. You know I don’t want to aggravate you. I just don’t feel that it’s fair to be the only one censored. Don’t be aggravated, just forget the whole thing. I dont want it getting out of hand.

    This could be the shortest ever Conference Semis, I think, with only 17 total games played.

  52. Looked like the Rangers’ shutdown pair there, letting the guy get behind them for a tip and then a rebound.

  53. censored? do you have any idea how many people have been banned for a lot less, and a lot less frequent, garbage? do you remember the deal?

    And I’m letting you know now, so there won’t be any misunderstanding. I get aggravated every single time there’s a nonsensical anti-Boston reference, every single time there’s a ridiculous referee-consipiracy theory, every single time you put 56 or LT on my screen. And I made that very clear to you, and you still do it. OK? So now you’re getting close to a warning again. Or maybe there won’t be a warning when I’ve had a tough day and you push and push and push me. OK?

  54. OK. Respectfully giving you my point of view…I see plenty of referee conspiracies on here every day re: the Penguins or the Capitals, etc. I don’t post “Obama is worse than Osama,” or type vulgarities with asterisks in the middle, or use words such as “vagina” on here. I keep the majority of my posts clean. As long as I keep my posts clean, there should not be a problem, IMO.

  55. Anyhow, I wasn’t looking for trouble as I previously stated. Hope you have a better day tomorrow, Carp. Night!

  56. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    This is feeling more and more like being trapped in the room with Avery and Torts at the same time. Someone find the trapdoor quick!

  57. No. The Voice of Reason is right. Just cut it out, Tiki. All of it. And it has nothing to do with what kind of day I’ve had. It aggravates me on my best days.

  58. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Are we allowed to say “Pekka Rinne”? It sounds like it’s Carpese for something really dirty.

  59. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    God bless you Carp, you’re a good man. I need to get out of this rubber room.

  60. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What if it’s a Luongo-Pekka Rinne battle? That’s gotta be italian for SOMETHING…

  61. Thanks, Cape. This is why it all bothers me more than it should. it makes people leave the rubber room, and I hate it when people leave.

  62. CCCP- not only that. Remember what happened a year after the last time Canadian team won a SC?

  63. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    CCCP- You know what the Ukraine is? It’s a sitting duck, a road apple. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Ukraine.

  64. Carp,

    The best nights are when you’re the most frequent poster. And I must say, I left as well after I posted my comment earlier.

  65. Latona, I assume you mean when I’m talking hockey and gibberish (jibberish) and not bursting blood vessels in my neck and forehead.

  66. No, bursting of blood vessels in the neck and forehead are allowed. It’s when they work their way to the forearms that gets me.

  67. So, no more use of “scum” then. Why exactly do you keep me around, Carp? A eensie teensie bit of you must like me?

    If Orr was a number, he’d be Number 2, or “the Deuce” :)

  68. bull dog line on

    there is one team that has advanced to the conference finals. is there goalie elite? Miller, and Hank, gone . Luongo benched in 2 games. Price gone. Fluery, without Crosby, and Malkin, gone.

  69. It just occurred to me, is Versus going with a play-by-play guy (Strader), a between the glass guy (Pang) and no color analyst tonight? Isn’t it much better when there are two voices?

    Though somebody at Versus ought to tell Pang not to scream every time there’s a chance in close.

  70. ilb

    I know last Canadian team to win the cup was Montreal but I do not remember what happened…1992 (April) was the year I came to USA. Kind of hard to remember what really happened that year.

    I assume Canadian fans had a “peaceful” gathering on the streets of Montreal? ;)


    I you think you Bette than Ukraine?? ;)

  71. If we’re thinking the same thing, then I’m hoping nothing changes so it can happen!!

    Seriously though, If I were you, I would have banned him after he called you a racist. So, nobody can see you’re not a fair guy.

    Also, if I were you, I’d probably not go to any highschool basketball games :P

  72. Montreal was tge last Canadian team to win tge cup in 1993, CCCP. I hope you do remember who won it a year after..

  73. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Carp, I was just joking about being trapped in a rubber room with our main pugilists. It’s not that bad. We have all learned the value of ignoring people.

  74. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Remember the nice chats we were having about lunches. Ah, the good ‘ol days.

  75. Sometimes I do, bull dog. But tonight, I didn’t. I just need to breathe! Where’s Michelle Branche or Faith Hill when you need her?! Breathe! :)

  76. Roenick: “Angers are going to be flying high.”

    Maybe he should use your iPhone, ilb.

    … as long as he doesn’t drive on it.

  77. bulk dog line

    We know why Hank is gone

    Miller just blew game 7

    Fleury went down in 7 games and Penguins played a good game and had a chance to win even w/o two of their biggest stars

    Price faced another ELITE Vezina nominee goalie Thomas… So if not Fleury then it would have been Thomas.. so this isn’t a good example to use

    Loungo is still here…Rinne is still here…even Niemi is still here, while Boucher and offensively gifted Flyers are to get knocked the frek out

  78. billybleedsblue on

    Hey, I was catching up on the last thread and fran got carped so I’m reposting his post because it’s fran and yea, some food for thought. So, here’s fran’s post from the last thread:

    YOu know I mentioned earlier on that Chara’s skating style was unusual, because he doesn’t move his legs fast, and he reminded me of someone from years ago that I was trying to recall, and in that game the other night I got a look at his stride when he puts on the speed.
    ( and here speed is a relative term). He reminded me of Gordy Howe in his younger days. He always looked like he was out for a leisurely skate but when he got into stride he would out distance himself from pursuers.I think that what he (they) must have done )( do) is thrust deeper into the ice, because you could see the territory open up for them.

    When I have to go back into yesteryear to recall players I really feel my age. Those big time stars of years ago, were no where near the conditioning of today, but they could dish out punishment like you have no idea. Find out sometime, in the annals of the game about the Ted Lindsay stick duel in center ice between him and Bill Ezinicki that left both of them bloody and the ice along with them. It was like a scene from ancient Rome. The NHL doesn’t like to recall that..sort of pretends it didn;t happen. And Lindsay was one of the toughest hard nosed players I ever saw. That film Net Value really blows the whistle on those owners in those

    Jack Adams, Con Smythe The Norrises etc. what a bunch of bandits. (all in the Hall of Fame btw)

    Get hold of Ilb2001 he knows where it is I think.

    It’s being passed around the blog.

  79. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, what’s got you so chatty tonight? BTW, great Ovi pic, don’t know if you saw my comment about him golfing yesterday, but the pic is hilarious. :D

  80. man…iPhone blows!


    It was a 92-93 season when Habs won the cup ;)

    and yes, I do remember who won the year after…I didn’t really understand ba k then what it meant exactly… Now I know :)

  81. Doing an exploratory case study of RR may prove to be extremely beneficial to society.

    But, we come here to leave society. Mostly.


  82. Yes, I know where it is, Fran. BANJ has it.

    I’m out for tonight, ‘heads

    So if there anything else I can do, please do not hesitate to….try and find my number.

  83. Ahh, another summer night on the blog. And it’s only May. (sigh)

    Dang, Preds lost and on the brink. :(

  84. JimboWoodside on

    Disappointing performance by NSH tonight – looks like the second round is as far as they will go – I was hoping for them to knock off the favorite…

  85. Good morning all!! Prust got robbed, prust saying…..Go Bolts! What have I missed?

  86. Hi Jimbo! ummmm. OK Carp, guess I’ll review tomorrow. Just checking in and now must go niters:)
    Sorry I’ve been so lazy here lately :( Life, ya know…..

    GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Preds looked adismal tonight. Van/SJ has the makings of a cup final. Too bad it’s merely to make the final.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR may be the funniest guy on TV. He speaks a version of the king’s English never before heard. Absolutely adismal.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Flyers should go empty net and play 6 attackers. As it is, they are empty net with only 5 attackers.

  90. bull dog line on

    my point has always been you can find goalies, you need skill to win. right now your only argument is Rinne. Nashville does not have that much skill, and Rinne looks to be on his way out. the rest of the teams left are skill teams. there goalies are not there best player. so my point still stands. and I will remind you again, the Flyers were in the finals last season with 2 of the same goalies,. a big difference is Pronger being hurt, and Carter for that matter.

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