Bolts up 3-0; Yellow-out in Music City


What the heck is going on?

I got nothin’ again. Back to my “other” job these days. Had some time to catch a little bit of each game last night, but not all.

Also switched over to ESPN to catch the last inning of Francisco Liriano’s hideous no-hitter (six walks). It wasn’t ESPN’s production, so I’m not putting this on them. But when the final out was caught, and as Liriano was about to be mobbed by teammates, whomever was producing the telecast immediately put the camera on manager Ron Gardenhire. So I think that producer might have a future with NBC/Versus.

So I was kind of doing some work with the Canucks-Predators on in the background. After the Preds tied it late in the third, I’m wondering why Jim Hughson, the fine CBC play-by-play guy, keeps repeating the score. Faceoff to the left of Luongo, 2-2 … The puck goes into the corner, 2-2 … Then I figured it out. He was saying Tootoo.

Ovechkin (=sometimes Monster) sure stunk in the final minute of Game 3 in Tampa. Now they have to play back-to-backs with Game 4 tonight. Vinny Lecavalier=Monster, Martin St. Louis-MiniMonster.

By the way, with the propaganda the NHL has forced down our throats — you know, the HBO series, the Winter Classic, all Capitals-Penguins games being nationally televised, and leading the world to believe the league has only two players — do the playoffs get shut down once Pittsburgh and Washington are out? Does the league go directly to Las Vegas for its awards show?

Or do they bother to award a Cup anyway?

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  1. Go Lightnings! Do I smell a sweep?

    Carp, will Bettman even watch/attend any of the games once Washington is done? All he has to do is show up for the last series once clinching is possible. shame on the NHL.

  2. nbc praying for caps win tonight so they have a game 5 sat afternoon at 1230 before the kentucky derby. however the more i think about it maybe they want tampa to win tonight so they could have 8 hours of pre race coverage. it would prob get better ratings then the hockey

  3. Didn’t see it, but they called a hooking penalty in overtime in the Preds-Canucks game? Really? Hooking? I thought in overtime you had to almost kill somebody to get a penalty.

  4. Did anyone see the interview on the NHL network with Brad Richards? I saw it this morning on NHL on the fly and he looked dazed and confused?

  5. LMAO @2-2, Carp
    Ovechkin is the only one who showed up for this series so far, with the exception of some support players. Backstrom is nowhere to be found, Green hasn’t done anything offensively. And he remains a liability on defense. Let’s go Tampa!

    Good morning, ‘heads!

  6. CTBlueshirt on

    Humpty Dumpty disputing a couple of calls:

    On having a goal waved off due to too many men:

    “Still if you look at that play, the goal was in the net before the referees made the call and it wasn’t the referees that made the call at all. The linesman told Dan O’Rourke that there was too many men on the ice. I don’t know. There was definitely too many men, but he didn’t make it past the red line before they called it. I know it sounds like whining, but if you ask me the question I’m just explaining, but nobody got into the play,” he said.

    On the game winner:

    “If you look at it, Malone’s driving the net, and he pushes our player into our goaltender, and he can’t kick out his right leg to make the save. It’s a no goal/no penalty call,” he said. “It shouldn’t have counted.”

  7. CTBlueshirt on

    Why doesn’t that moron recognize that Ryan Malone has made a career of crashing the net and getting garbage goals? He’s a big guy and overpowered Carlson, no other explanation needed.

  8. MannyFried on

    1. Man oh man. Mike Green is having a tough series.

    2. I am glad the Caps at least look good in this series despite losing. Looks like we passed that crown to them. The – “Lose but have every chance to win” crown. The Caps also seem to have bad stretches within a game that cost them.

    3. The Yellow shirts not only make it look like a high school game but it makes me nauseous just looking at all that spilled mustard.

    4. The Lightning have an answer for everything. A smaller, more determined, craftier answer for everything.

  9. ‘Morning heads!

    I said it last night….Humpty Dumpty definitely gets fired after the Caps lose tonight…

    He has no excuse. Too much talent on that team not to make it to the Final…

    OvechCANT….the nickname is so fitting…

  10. CTB- when they showed the replay, Paul Devorski’s arm was up before the goal was scored. He was in the middle zone and calling too many man already….

  11. CTBlueshirt on

    I actually didn’t see the first two periods, but I figured since it comes from the piehole of Humpty that it was probably an invalid complaint.

  12. Another great post Carp, and great job to the Lightning. They just feel like “the good guys”, know what I mean?

  13. i think Ovechkin is playing great but he can’t do it all by himself…Backstrom should be on the Rangers…once he got his big contract his production went way down!

    Lightning = BEASTLY MONSTER!

  14. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey fried! Man I love seeing the Bolts smack around the Craps. Brucie has more excuses than a pregnant nun. Byfuglien whiner.

  15. He is a huge whiner…..This is why the poster should be made of a Rat with Brucies face and then the line “Hey, how about some cheese with your whine”

  16. LOL! Manny, that’s what Elias said about Prospal after the last game of the season…

  17. I can’t believe the Caps are going to get swept and we only won one game.

  18. LOL @ the pics, CT.

    Well, to be clear, he called him a whiner and asked he if liked cheese with his whine…didn’t actually call him a rat…

  19. Jagr and Omsk are working on an extension, according SovSpot…reports that he’s talking to Rangers are most likely false…

    I think he would return to the NHL if there was serious interest…but his time with the Rangers is history…

  20. not to cast aspersions, but I don’t know the radio guy who supposedly has the sources about Jagr. And therefore don’t believe it for a second.

  21. Bet you the same radio guy knew Bin Laden’s whereabouts long before US killed him…

  22. Tortorella would never bring Jagr in so while Sather might have “interest” it ain’t happening

  23. Thanks CCCP – I have been looking for that picture. It’s pretty remarkable. I like the tension in the room and I like that they have regular, news stand coffees.

  24. I think they are looking at the Chopper crashing at that point. Maybe Bin Laden using a woman as a Human Shield?

  25. No problem, Manny

    This is the same look Hillary had on when she walked in on Bill ;)

    BOOM! yes…i am here all week!

  26. GREAT LINE Carp
    about whether the nhl will shut down if
    caps go out after the pens.

    another reason why the (idiot) nhl brass
    should be promoting players
    from multiple teams.

    highlighting Vinnie and St. Louis as well as the success of
    the preds would give more exposure to sunbelt areas
    as just one example.

    putting together scenarios in regards to sharks, canucks
    going for first Cup……

    all not that hard………do you know where i can send in my application?
    could use a job!

  27. assuming the caps lose this series they will now be 0-4 in playoff series not counting there 2 series wins over our rangers the past few years

    flyers in 08
    pens 09
    habs 10
    lightning 11?

    heres my take. the difference is these teams beating them vs the rangers is they all had top 6 talent. when the caps play teams with skill they could easily be defeated. unfortunately since the rangers are offensively challenged they couldnt overcome that to win the series. we almost won game 1 and we all know game 4 was the turning point.

    the caps playing the rangers doesnt bode well for them because they dont see the other side and thats skill factor. now we are seeing it with vinny marty and stamkos.

    throw in the moore bergenheim and purcells outworking the caps role players and you have a 3-0 lead.

    they can change the system all they want but when they go down boudreau needs to get the axe.

    go tampa put these pieces of carcillo out of there misery.

  28. CTBlueshirt on


    Surface level observation about why #1 seeds tend not to do too well.

    Since the lockout, there’s been 12 #1 seeds (6 East, 6 West).

    Of those 12, only twice has the #1 seed come from a division where 3 teams made the playoffs (07-08 Habs and 09-10 Sharks). 8 times the #1 seed came from a division where 2 teams made the playoffs and 2 times the #1 seed came from a division where they were the only team to make the playoffs (09-10 Caps, 10-11 Canucks).

    It’s a small sample size, but it could very be the case that #1 seeds get their point totals inflated by playing in weaker divisions.

  29. MannyFried on

    Interesting info CT. I had no real explanation for it. Seemed kind of crazy to me. I was only thinking that maybe lower seeds get up for those games. There is a lot of underdog stuff in Hockey. But your points are well taken.

  30. MannyFried on

    ORR!! I heard, and I am not kidding, that there is like a Prom event scheduled in the Lightning arena so they had to play back to back. It’s kind of crazy.

  31. Bruce is in trouble big time in DC, BTW the best Cap in the series is Nuevy the goalie not Ovie.

  32. MannyFried on

    Michael Neuvirth has really outplayed Henrik Lundqvist in this series.

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    how is crosby doing?…Ovechkin?……craps are adismal?……i hear crosby will be ready next round……

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    annoywirth may be the best net minder in this and any other worls PERIOD. He has put the craps on his back and is leading them….somewhere….

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    in my life, i love you more…i know i will never lose affection, for people and things….

  36. why on earth is the USA game on a tape delay. I know reruns of wild goose hunting is riveting but seriously i was looking forward to the game today.

  37. CTBlueshirt on

    Conversely, of the 10 post-lockout Stanley Cup final participants (11 and 12 are obviously TBD):

    3 finalists have been from a division where 2 teams made the playoffs
    4 finalists have been from a division where 3 teams made the playoffs
    3 finalists have been from a division where 4 teams made the playoffs

    Atlantic and Central divisions are tied with having 3 finalists. Central division is the only division to have more than 1 team win the Cup (Detroit 07-08 and Chicago 09-10). NE and the NW are the divisions that have had no Cup winners.

  38. CTBlueshirt on

    Average number of games 1 vs 8 seeds
    East: 5.5
    West: 6.167

    Only 1 sweep in a 1 v 8 matchup for either conference (BOS vs MTL in 08-09).

    3 game 7s, (MTL vs BOS 07-08, WSH vs MTL 09-10, VAN vs CHI 10-11) 1 seed is 2W/1L.

    No 1 v 8 in the West has gone less than 6 games.

  39. CTB, any idea the last time two No. 1 seeds met in the finals? If ever? Or how many times it’s happened?

    No update on Manny Malhotra that I’ve heard.

  40. CTBlueshirt on


    It looks like the last and only time was 2000-01 with Devils and Avs. If we’re going by the current format of the top 8 teams in the conference qualifying which started in 1993-94.

  41. I’m sure it has a lot to do with #1 seed playing in a weaker division in general. But also oftentimes, first seed becomes a bit complacent by the end of the season and enters the playoffs not in their peak, as opposed to a lower seed…Most of them play playoff type hockey for weeks before the actual playoffs start.

  42. what a great day i am having! Today is just a great great day!! YES!

    btw, i had baked ziti and grilled calamari for lunch and downed it all with kvas (bread drink) :)


  43. Carp, pay attention to what CCCP said. What it actually means that Italian places in Brooklyn now sell kvas- a typical Russian drink. What is this world coming to?

  44. C3, good for you. That sounds amazing (compared to my lunch special from the Chinese takout place)

    I love grilled squid…so much better than fried…

  45. MannyFried on

    Since we are once again talking about lunches…

    I had two pieces of fat free turkey, a piece of low fat cheddar cheese (white kind) on some BS Fiber, whole wheat bread that was a few weeks old.

  46. ilb

    no no… i actually had kvas at home! my mom brought it yesterday!

    and no, i am not having a great day because of the lunch i had…

    I AM GOING TO ODESSA (MAMA), UKRAINE IN JULY!!! First time in a long long time!

  47. MannyFried on

    That’s awesome CCCP – Trips to motherlands rule. Take lots of pics and don’t forget to Dominate!

  48. MannyFried on

    Haha no. I think I am more miserable than you guys. I am just too poor to buy lunch so I buy crap at the store and eat it here. Bread + Turkey + Cheese = lunch for the week for $10. It also = me being hungry non-stop!

  49. I would save so much money if I brought lunch to work…buying lunch in Midtown everyday is a clutterbuck…

  50. thanks guys! couldn’t wait to share it with the world!

    now, lets hope all goes as planned!


    what’s your address? I’ll send you a gift basket :P

  51. Good afternoon all! C3, congrats on the trip! Just keep the coat checking to a minimum.

    So, what have I missed around here? GO BOLTS! I want them to take it all……

  52. MannyFried on

    Are you guys rooting for the Baltimore Bolts? The indoor soccer team?

  53. the lamest (is that a word? the most lame…..) sport has to be arena football. Is that still in existence? oleosmirf already said that wild goose hunting is riveting. Prust sayin….

  54. MannyFried on

    The AFL! I think it closed. The UFL is still in existence and they are inviting all players out of work to join them during the impending strike. Also, they get $150K whenever a player leaves the UFL for the NFL.

  55. Hey Marji! Lamest is indeed a word. What the heck is arena football? I suspect it’s different from stadium football?

  56. I’m here, Manny. I’m here.

    I scarfed down a homemade sausage, pepper, and onion sammich, along with some homemade macaroni salad. Delicious.

    It’s strange, however. I love macaroni salad, yet I find mayonnaise deplorable in its many other food-appearances.

  57. Jeez….Montey has let in four goals vs. the Swedes…its 4-1 in the 2nd…

    Stepan had an assist on Fowler’s goal…

  58. indoor soccer FTW! I played it when i used to live on avenue Z… i had indoor soccer and indoor tennis tents right next to my building! Its a lot of fun! But then someone decided to build new freaking condos in the spot of those two huge tents and now its gone.

  59. Hi, Mama! Nice to ‘see’ you. :) Arena football….. I saw some on tv a number of years ago. I was emptying out my parents’ house and it was on the tv. Had I not been preoccupied with way too many other things, I would have changed the station.

    They play football in an arena! Imagine playing it at MSG. I couldn’t get over the fact that there were fans watching the game.

    Go here and look at the scores across the top of the page! If you dare, have a peek at the multimedia. Maybe you can catch some not so live action.

  60. MannyFried on

    Latona – that is the EXACT reaction my fiance has. I love mayonnaise and would bathe in it if I could. (Sorry for the visual).

    Your lunch also sounds better than mine. My only redeeming act today will be eating the Chicken Tacos my fiance is making.

  61. CCCP it is American football played in an arena. I’m not referring to soccer.

  62. MannyFried on

    Soft Shelled. I really like Soft Shell. She usually makes Hard Shell Fish Tacos. I like Hard with Fish and Soft with meats.

  63. You are a champion, Manny. Your selection of soft-shelled tacos has vaulted you into the realm of good food choices. Keep up the good work.

    Now, hockey?

  64. billybleedsblue on

    Double Decker with guacamole in between :P

    Great, again, I come to the blog to check in on some hockey buzz, and now I’m starving. WTG boneheads. Carp, I almost choked on my iced tea from the “tootoo.” Funny stuff.

  65. Marji, think I’ll pass :) I really don’t care about football no matter where it’s played..

    and fish taco shells should be soft.

  66. They play football indoors? I’d think half of those guys wouldn’t fit…

  67. MannyFried on



  68. btw, I haven’t had lunch yet, but thanks to the mayo chat I don’t care. blech.

  69. Latona, this is what you get in off season (well, the Rangers off season anyway). P.S. The knitting class begins next week :)

  70. ilb, that’s a good one. lol! A normal punt would put a hole in the ceiling. The final scores are 70 – 69 and stuff like that. It’s nuts.

  71. MannyFried on

    Yea it seems like no one plays Defense in the Arena Football League. Looks like offense and cheerleaders. Kind of like the NBA!

  72. I’m already enrolled in knitting.. Blogmama. I mean, uh.

    Anyway, Deb Placey really annoys me.

  73. CTBlueshirt on

    Humpty Dumpty really feeling the heat. Getting a little testy with the media:

    Job security
    Boudreau bristled when asked whether he thought his job was in jeopardy given the 3-0 deficit.

    “Listen, you guys have been asking me that. But what, is your job on the line? Well then, I don’t know how to answer that,” he said. “Stupid question. Stupid.”

  74. Excellent Latona. I’ll take my Christmas sweater in size medium please, very soft expensive wool. OK all, gotta run…..til next time. Go Bolts!!!

    P.S. Dear Lord Stanley, may the Bruins please lose in next round so my beloved cousin will STFU!!!!

  75. MannyFried on

    Yea that call was “ticky-tacky” to say the least. Kesler had a good game and drew a big penalty.

  76. MannyFried on

    Why are all the Caps fans whining so much about the 1-3-1? Everyone seems to be saying that these games are “boring” because of the way the Lightning are playing them. They have seemed hardly boring to me.

  77. MannyFried on

    Oh look. Long time no talk. Hey Latona.

    My friend is a Caps fan and he was saying “if the Caps play a 1-3-1 next year I will quit watching Hockey.” I also heard a Caps fan say that the 1-3-1 should be illegal. I also heard someone say that the 1-3-1 is the system the Caps should begin playing NOW.

    Whine much?

  78. Maybe Capitals fans should show up when their team isn’t very good at all. Maybe their arena shouldn’t take cues from the Devils and post ridiculous on-screen instructions in order to get responses and create noise. Maybe their coach shouldn’t weigh two metric tons. Maybe it would be nice if someone other than Ovechkin showed up this round. And lastly, maybe I’m a lion.

    Game, set, match. Championship point.

  79. MannyFried on

    The not showing up thing is interesting because they may look to unload some of those “stars” they have laying around. Could make for an interesting off season.

    Who do they hire as their next coach? And, as a follow up, how much does he weigh?

  80. I dunno who they hire. Hopefully it isn’t someone competent like Kirk Muller.

  81. Lol. I just found my high school public service announcement. It’s the most excellent thing ever. For computers, we had to make a PSA, and mine pertained to Neighborhood Watch movements. The tag line was like “Neighborhood Watch: Just hope he doesn’t have a gun!”

  82. Not only the Rangers mess up on draft choices, but Steve Yzerman went 4th when Brian Lawton was picked 1st by North Stars, Whalers drafted 2nd and chose Sylvain Turgeon, and Yzerman went 4th. How was that for collective dummies?

    And if memory serves me didn’t Brian Leetch go rather lower down in his draft by NY? I recall that Craig Janney got taken by Boston, … he was a gifted player, but didn’t last long with the Bruins. h
    He and Leetch were contemporaries. Leetch was from Cheshire CT and Janney was from Enfield. My son used to play in make up games during their vacation period at home. Janney was quite a prolific scorer and skater but he turned out to be terribly shy……not in Boston you aren’t.

    Mike Milbury couldn’t stand him.

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